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Betty Friedan: How Jewish Dysfunction Became Universal

November 16, 2021

Betty Friedan (1921-2006) 
The truth stares us in the face but we are blinded by mental conditioning.

Cabalist Judaism is a satanic cult which subverts its members by

promoting promiscuity and gender confusion. First, it made some Jews sick

and through them (and Freemasons) it has subverted the planet. 

They "corrupt in order to rule." They control us by making us sick, physically or psychologically. This is satanic possession. Sin is their MO.  Illuminati Jews and top Freemasons (Hollywood, etc.) are Satan's missionaries. The goyim have been trained like Pavlov's Dogs to eschew anything that smacks of "anti Semitism." But to identify a pernicious influence is not the same as condemning all Jews.

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(Slightly revised from April 21, 2007 and June 16, 2017)

By Henry Makow PhD

In the 1950's, the founder of modern feminism had a serious inferiority complex. At parties she would introduce herself: "I'm Betty Friedan -- and I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Smith."

sofar.jpgFriedan's mother had made her feel inadequate as a female. In her candid autobiography, "My Life So Far" (2000) Friedan (born, Betty Naomi Goldstein) says that no matter what she did, her mother made her feel "messy, clumsy, inadequate, bad, naughty, ugly." (26)

Friedan spent years in psychoanalysis "talking endlessly about how I hated my mother and how she had killed my father." (121)

"All mothers should be drowned at birth," she used to say in her 20's. (131) 

Isn't this a precursor of feminism? 

Her mother, Miriam Horowitz Goldstein was the spoiled daughter of a doctor who at 20 made a loveless marriage to "an older Jewish businessman" a jeweller almost twice her age. She was ashamed he had "no formal American education and a heavy Jewish accent." He could do nothing right either. (17)

But instead of seeing that her parent's marriage was the problem, Betty Friedan attributed her mother's unloving behavior to her lack of a satisfying career. She compensated for a weak father figure by becoming masculine herself and pursuing male glory.

ugly.jpgOstracized by her classmates for being inept and ugly, Friedan vowed that "they may not like me" but one day "they are going to have to look up to me." (25)

In other words, Friedan was a classic Jewish social misfit, the kind that the elite use to undermine society.

Fame and fortune came her way with her book "The Feminine Mystique," (1963) which devalued the traditional feminine role and stripped femininity of its "mystique."

Husband and children need the love of a gracious young wife or mother. This nurturing feminine charm was a woman's "mystique." In her book, Friedan said family-oriented women were parasites  who had no identity of their own. She compared a housewife to an inmate in "a comfortable concentration camp." A psychological stormtroopers, She devalued the countless priceless things a real woman does for her children and husband.

With the help of the elite media, Friedan convinced women to deny their natural identity as wife and mother and seek it from jobs and employers.
Rather than recognize that she was bent, Friedan made other women conform to her, at incalculable cost to society.


In her autobiography, Friedan portrays herself as a devoted housewife who wanted to avoid her own mother's mistakes. But in fact she emulated her mother and threatened to castrate her husband.

When she claimed to be "a battered wife," her ex, Carl Friedan, started a web site (now discontinued) to give his side of the story. He was convinced to take it down.

He said Friedan was unstable and often attacked him. Her bruises were due to his self-defense. His injuries were worse. He even cites a police report as proof. In another case, he writes: [WARNING FOUL LANGUAGE]

Mystique-Cover-2.xxxlarge.jpg" Quite vivid in my mind is a midnight in about 1967 - a year or so
before Betty and I separated for good. We were living at our Dakota
apartment then - Betty disagreed with something I said (that's all it
took), went into one of her raging uncontrollable fits, screaming, her
face twisted in hate and insane anger, "You fucking no good prick you,
you no-good bastard, you fucking bastard, " meanwhile sprinting into the
kitchen. Back she came straight at me brandishing two large kitchen
knives. "You fucking Goddamn sonuvabitch, I'm going to cut your fucking
cock off - your big cock it doesn't mean a thing to me." At this, I
calmly picked up a kitchen chair, nailed her to the wall like a 

lion-tamer and took the knives away. And that was just a minor incident during that period when her explosive personality was further inflamed  by amphetamines she was taking for weight loss, reinforced by alcohol."

Carl Friedan, who had an advertising agency told a newspaper that Betty's image as a typical housewife was a ruse:

"She didn't know what I was doing," he claimed. "I won prizes and had full-page ads in all the New York papers. She didn't care."

According to Carl, Betty was no stay-at-home mom.

carl.jpg(left, Carl, Betty and oldest son)

"We had a full-time maid during our entire [19-year] marriage. That's who took care of the [three] kids, cooked - everything," he said. "I would say as a housewife, on a scale of 0 to 10, she was a 2."

Carl Friedan's memories are not motivated by politics. He is proud of his ex-wife's accomplishments: "She changed the course of history almost single-handedly. It took a driven, super-aggressive, egocentric, almost lunatic dynamo to rock the world the way she did. Unfortunately, she was that same person at home, where that kind of conduct doesn't work. She simply never understood this."


When Betty was preparing for her "Bat Mitzvah" (like a Confirmation) at age 13, she confessed to her Reform rabbi that she did not believe in God.

Instead of giving his young ward a sense of what God is, this impostor said: "All right, but keep it to yourself until after confirmation." (22)

Friedan's Judaism amounts to a sense that "I have to use my life to make the world better, have to protest, step off the sidewalk and march against injustice."

Because she was rejected as a Jew by the rich country club set in her hometown of Peoria, she "now identified with the working class, also oppressed by the masters of the universe..."(71)

People like Friedan prefer to "change the world" than heal themselves. Do they realize that "change the world" is code for Luciferian world government tyranny?

They tend to do very well by "doing good." While writing this book, she received a one-million-dollar grant from the Illuminati Ford Foundation. Aren't they the "masters of the universe?" The Friedans of this world are members of this club.

Doesn't it occur to these socialists, feminists and communists that if they were really a threat to the establishment, they wouldn't be hauling in $150,000 salaries as full professors? Don't they realize they are brainwashing the young, destabilizing society and setting the stage for a totalitarian state?

Friedan was a lifelong Communist. In the book, she tries to distance herself from Communism, describing it in terms of youthful idealism. In fact she was a conscious agent.  She knew Kurt Lewin who had been in charge of social engineering at Tavistock. (45) 

Friedan became famous because the Lucifer-loving bankers wanted women to have jobs instead of families. Jewish misfits become role models in a satanic dispensation. Friedan destroyed for everyone what she didn't have, the "Feminine Mystique." She poisoned the well of femininity and sent the family into a death spiral.

In an occult-controlled society, perverts, failures and crazies become prophets.


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Comments for "Betty Friedan: How Jewish Dysfunction Became Universal "

Sid Green said (January 3, 2017):

t's funny that her hometown was Peoria. "Peor" means worst in Spanish. It comes from the Cannanite god from the Old Testament "Baal Peor" In Sanhedrin of the Babylonian Talmud, the acolytes of Baal peor are made to defecate and then wipe their anus on the nose of the statue of baal. This process was called "piur". That is where the word "peor" as "worst" in celto-Iberian (an Israelite language) comes from. There are no coincidences shes comes from Peoria becuse she is La Peor Don't disregard this just because it sounds strange, thats how things work in this reality, open a book

Kathy said (March 24, 2015):

Thank you for a very informative article about the notorious Betty Friedan. She and Gloria Steinem have been the protagonists in my blog, "It's the Women, Not the Men - Surviving Feminism" for nearly 3 years now.

I am making a concerted effort to stem the tide of radical, second and third-wave feminism, in hopes of saving young women from making the same dreadful mistakes so many of us ( female baby boomers) made when we substituted the ideology of radical feminism for the tenets of our Christian faith while attending college in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

We have made a total mess of things and I believe that the only solution is to admit our mistakes and espouse the total repudiation of radical feminism, as examples by our own debauched and depleted lives.

Thank you again for exposing the truth behind the smoke screen.

Sallyann said (March 21, 2015):

Betty Friedan - Self-hatred, repressed, thus projected onto women and society. Very damaging consequences.

Regarding her behaviour to her husband, I don't know a lot about it, but wonder if the personality may have been suffered from the mental illness, bipolar? Not implying all those with bipolar would take on this particular impulsive behaviour of course.

Jennifer said (March 20, 2015):

I was born in 1963 to an early feminist mother who won a full ride scholarship to University of Chicago law school. She graduated in 1959 at the age of 21. Soon after, she married my father, a car dealer. My parents were workaholics. They dumped their 5 children on a merry-go-round of caretakers. My mother was constantly touted by the press as "Mother of The Year!" Generally my friends had stay home moms that did things with them. I yearned for a mother and realized at 15 --Feminism didn't work! But by college a huge shift had occurred my female peers were going to law school, business school, med school etc. They were becoming professionals and I was saying it doesn't work.

Men looked at me like I was a spoiled taker and flake for wanting to stay home and raise children. Instead those professional men in grad school passed me up for marriage and married professional women only to later see the majority of those women drop out of the work world to be full time moms. One woman said, "Grad-school was the new M.R.S. Degree. Didn't you get the memo that we are faking being career women to snag a husband?" Ah No .... Many of these professional men accepted the loss of their double income realizing the children needed a full time mom. One x-husband I met wanted his wife to quit working and stay home with their young children - she refused saying, "I love my work -you wanted a career woman! Now you are changing your mind?"
Yes many men "woke up" once they were in marriages and saw that the feminist model did not work.

However many husband/fathers and their spouses did not "get it" - they were/are disconnected/disassociated from their children.
When my mother was away on business trips my father raped me.

Later my mom admitted knowing and said she swept it under the rug- so it wouldn't hurt her reputation as a lawyer- because she worked too hard to build it!

I really didn't understand why my mother put up with my father until I learned about oxytocin bonding.

So between her all-important-reputation and oxytocin -I was the victim. I felt - if a man wants a career woman - then he is a wimp because he needs his wife to do a man's job. Yet he is simultaneously emasculated! In my father's case he acted out on me. Thus I was out of sync with my generation and missed a healthy loving marriage and family as I couldn't find a man that shared my values. They thought I was trying to get a "free ride" My upper class east-coast "educated" peers were brainwashed!

Magda said (March 20, 2015):

“We had a full-time maid during our entire [19-year] marriage. That's who took care of the [three] kids, cooked - everything," he said. "I would say as a housewife, on a scale of 0 to 10, she was a 2.”

I find it ridiculous that Friedan had a maid to take care of the family hence the reality is that she needed a quasi wife and mother in her own home. This is the reality of the real world bumping its head against utopia. Feminists who denigrate motherhood, fatherhood and marriage should beware of the time when "patriarchal" governments run out of money and can no longer cover their lapses with benefits and services.

And We have enjoined upon man concerning his partners - His mother beareth him in weakness upon weakness, and his weaning is in two years - Give thanks unto Me and unto thy parents. Unto Me is the journeying. [Quran, 31:14]

Anon said (March 20, 2015):

I find it interesting that during her time in New York, Ms. Friedan occupied, of all places, the "Dakota Building", which is well known as a hot spot for New York's elite in those days. Apparently it's where so-called "champions of the oppressed" like to reside. The building, has a long history of paranormal activity as well as a long list of famous occupants, known for their subversion of society and activity in occult pursuits: i.e.. Yoko Ono and John Lennon, the latter being murdered outside the building by the usual "lone nut." What a great surprise, that a violent sociopath, like Betty Friedan would have chosen to hole up there as well.

Elizabeth from UK- a feminist view said (April 26, 2007):

Of course it's good if women wish to stay at home and raise their children.Just as it's good if men wish to do the same. But nobody would suggest it's either intellectually stimulating or emotionally entirely fulfilling for a
grown adult to spend his/her life as a childcarer/spouse, especially in these isolated days of the nuclear family.

Why don't you try it sometime? and see for yourself?

Children need a LOT more than a frustrated and guilty mother/carer, twelve to eighteen hours a day.
The idea of women as the angels of the home is a comparitively new phenomenon - dating mostly from the Victorian era. The idea that women were
too 'fragile' for the evil business empire did a great injustice, not only to women, but to men as well. In many ways, the Victorian attitude to men
and women and sex and the world was skewed and unhealthy - as well as completely unrealistic. And it's their ideals your generation inherited, and which poisoned a lot of the twentieth century. Empire building, genocide,
snobbery, chauvinism, homophobia, sexual guilt, terrible fear - and of course the gender problem....

The world, in being deprived of women as doctors, lawyers, scientists, etc,has lost an immeasurable amount.

Children, of course, do most desperately need their mothers. But it takes a village to raise a child, and it probably wouldn't hurt most men to get closer to their own offspring, and to take more responsibility for them.

Children desperately need their fathers too. A lot of men, deprived of good fathers themselves, have no idea how to relate to their own offspring, and so the cycle continues.

To say women's lib was funded as an attempt to bring about totalitarianism, just (sorry) takes a lot of credibility away from the conspiracy theorists. You may as well say that the Illuminati sponsored the end of slavery ...

It's the other way around. If you're going to believe in an over-reaching conspiracy to hurt humans, why not accept that it will probably work through the old divide and conquer routine, and will attempt to create as much
frustration and hurt as it possibly can.

Indeed, in the paranoid world of the conspiracist, one could argue that you - in refusing to see the positives of women's freedom - are actually a part of the conspiracy to keep humans divided from, and causing misery and suppression to, each other.

Either that or (forgive me) like a lot of men your age, you've simply been brainwashed by the Victorian 'ideal'; your unconscious mind sees any threat to that ideal as too dark and dangerous to deal with, and so translates the inner threat to itself into the outer threat of: monsters.
Dear Eliz-

"It takes a village to raise a child" -all you can do is regurgitate the party line. You exhibit all the prickly feminist views that make your kind so obnoxious to men.
Raising your own children is "not intellectually stimulating or emotionally fulfilling"? Have you lost the ability to love? And what's so stimulating and fulfilling about a 9-5 job?


Anne said (April 23, 2007):

Thank you for your article on Betty Friedan, who along with superior backing and influence from the Tavistock Institute brought down all that was positive and desirable about being a female. Later Gloria Steinem was introduced as "salvation" to the female gender.Loving your husband while raising a family is not demeaning, nor is it a sign of being less ambitious. It takes tremendous skill, organization, patience and love to raise a child properly, and having a love affair with your husband at the same time.

Countries in Europe value the female contribution to families on a very high scale. For instance my native Norway makes it a priority, and the male contribution to the family is assessed equally. We have a long road to recovery in USA.

Your articles should be read by the vast female population who are in therapy due to the likes of Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem as well as the Tavistock Institute, which the majority have never heard of. Yet its influence is impacting all of our lives.

Rick said (April 23, 2007):

Excellent article on Freidan. I think things are swinging back the other way to some extent. Even though the universe is the product of intelligent design, Man has a peculiar habit ot trying to change the design, but so far the Designer always seems to come out on top.

Darleen said (April 22, 2007):

In response to one of your reader's comments:

As I tell my son who worships Dylan because he
supposedly opened his eyes to the "corrupt"
government, Dylan, Springsteen, the Stones and all the others within the music industry who are a part of the AGENDA may write lyrics about THEM (Dylan in particular with "Masters of War") that "sucked" almost everybody in, but this doesn't threaten THEIR POWER or agenda whatsoever.

It makes millions for the music industry which is
owned, operated and controlled by the very forces of evil that these musicians sing about.

In my opinion, "Masters of War" is a very personal
song from Dylan to THEM.

What has Dylan or any other musician/singer/songwriter
done to change the world for the better with their

The answer is simply NOTHING!

Like you said, Henry, if you're rich, famous and
receiving much publicity, making millions, you're most probably a part of the conspiracy to undermine our society.

Guy from UK said (April 21, 2007):

I agree with Dan – Carl Friedan is a real schmuck:
"She changed the course of history almost single-handedly.’

What a ludicrous statement – similar superlatives are being used all the time about so called ‘legends’ – Germaine Greer, The Beatles, James Dean, Monty Python, Elvis Presley, The Rolling Stones, Allen Ginsberg, William Burroughs, on and on and on – what one could call The Progressive Myth – before 1966 we were all living in a dark age of sexual repression and grim oppressive (male) authority, and then these liberating forces came along. Well people of my generation are stuck in a groove– still hero worshipping Right Place Right time phonies like Bob Dylan, talking about occurrences like The Oz and Lady Chatterley trials as if they were historically significant in themselves and not part of a contrived process.

1966 is the benchmark year – Britain’s Independent Newspaper, which editorially blames the VA Tech massacre on conservative forces in America, listed a chronology of these types of shootings but their earliest one was August 1966. Football hooliganism (a benchmark of the growth of violence in Britain) was unknown before 1966 – I remember veteran Milwall player Harry Cripps saying that he saw a bottle thrown on the pitch in that year and that was the first bit of football hooliganism he had ever seen. The Church of Satan was founded in ’66, and the chief Satanist Roman Castavet says in Rosemary’s Baby ‘To 1966 – the year one!’

There you go Henry – I start mailing you in response to a cogent article on feminism and I end up riffing on 1966! But this sort of only occurred to me today – somehow I thought of 1967 as the benchmark year previously. And you have seen a personal revelation (well maybe) developing in a letter!

Dan -2 said (April 21, 2007):

I followed the link to
Friedman's abused husband's remarks are incredible! And like so many men today. (Sounds like my friend Tim...)

"I am incensed about misleading allegations of spousal abuse made by my ex-wife, Betty Friedan. They are all delusions, but in challenging these flights of fantasy I carefully make a huge divide between, one, her historical role in leading the feminist cause and, two, her current revamping of our personal history. I am proud of what she did for the world, but am appalled by her misrepresenting our personal family past with outright falsehoods just to satisfy her own legacy."

Poor schmuck. This shows the brainwashing of most males since the 60's. Still supporting the 'cause', and not putting two and two together. He married a psychopath, and psychopaths do not change society in positive ways. Her behavior toward her husband is the living example of what her gender 'philosophy' reallly was, and the revamping of their personal dynamics is the manifestation in a real interpersonal relationship of her revamping in theory of 'politically correct' relations between all men and women.

Dan said (April 21, 2007):

Evening Henry,

"All mothers should be drowned at birth," she used to say in college.

Such a remark wouldn't be as disturbing had she chosen stand up comedy for a career, instead of social engineering.

This is another good example of pathocracy theory

or, what happens when psychopaths succeed in morphing society at large.

But Friedman didn't succeed in her warped mission all alone. She was supported on cue by Hollywood, movies, television dramas and comedies all through the 70's. Norman Lear's group of social engineering programs, and other TV shows like MASH.

Meanwhile Hefner and Bob Guccioni (Penthouse) were waiting with open arms for the young males fleeing melt down mothers and the new generation of perplexed girlfriends indecisive over whether they wanted to be wives or win the Nobel Prize someday like Friedman told them they could if they only 'questioned' Authority > ie, males.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at