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The Coming Shakedown of the US and Iran

March 30, 2007

By Henry Makow Ph.D.

If  Russian warnings are correct, at this time next week, the US could be at war with Iran. Let us understand that this war is really an assault by the Illuminati on both countries.

The top rung of Freemasonry, the Illuminati Order is an international satanic cult that aims to subdue humanity by pitting nations in war against each other. It represents a conspiracy of international finance and many "leading families" of Europe and America.

The pictures of Bush and Ahmadinejad giving the satanic "goat's head" sign suggest Iranians are as ignorant as Americans of their President's true loyalty. Illuminati defector Leo Zagami recently called Ahmaninejad a "well known Satanist with no real connection to Islam" and the Iraq-Iran-Israel conflict a "foreign intelligence show." He remarked that the Iranian President awarded the officer who captured the British sailors a Masonic 3-kiss embrace. But Zagami thinks Iran's purpose is to be a long-term bogey man like the USSR, and it will NOT be attacked. 

Empowered by the central banking cartel, the Illuminati Order has the resources to infiltrate both sides of every conflict, and steer it according to the New World Order agenda. They call this a "dialectical process." They were on both sides of  both world wars, the Cold War, Korea and Vietnam.

Iran's nuclear ambitions are merely a pretext. The real object is to degrade both the US and Iran so  citizens will forfeit political, economic and spiritual rights to Illuminati banker "world government."

As early as 1871, Albert Pike, the Grand Commander of US Freemasonry wrote a letter to Giuseppe Mazzini, his European counterpart, foretelling three world wars. He was correct about the first two.

"The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the "agentur" of the "Illuminati" between the political Zionists [i.e. Americans] and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam and political Zionism mutually destroy each other."

I don’t see this conflict as starting WWIII. Like the Spanish Civil War, it is a dress rehearsal. In turn, the Israel attack on Lebanon last July was a dry run for the attack on Iran. It may even have been part of an Israeli-American quid pro quo.

And just as Israel suffered some humiliating setbacks at the hands of the Hezbollah, I wouldn’t be surprised if the US "victory" is also Pyrrhic.

The important thing to understand is that a satanic cult controls all countries and is conducting a covert war against humanity. Thus,  people are too busy fighting each other to recognize their real enemies are their own leaders, the mass media, and the bankers who own both.

This is a possible Iran scenario: Like all wars, the conflict will be orchestrated . It will take place in the next month or two and resemble the Lebanon war. Iran and the US will both suffer serious losses; the price of oil will sky rocket and the stock market will take a hit. Israel and Iran may exchange fire but I don't foresee any invasions. If Iran went into Iraq, all bets would be off.

I'd like to be %100 wrong about this, and free to enjoy the Spring weather.


Here are some articles that suggest the Illuminati is orchestrating both sides:

Some observers have noted that the British female sailor was interviewed by the BBC and The Independent  just hours before she was taken prisoner.  How convenient. At least they didn't broadcast the capture bfore it took place.

Some have suggested the capture is so unlikely that both sides may have staged it, or it was a trap laid by the British. This would explain the lack of resistance. The parallel between the prisoner-takings that started the Lebanon war, and the present situation is obvious.

In a recent article, Seymour Hersh reveals that Dick Cheney has been running an Iran-Contra style operation that includes support for groups linked to al Queda. They are also engaged in clandestine operations in Iran and the kidnapping of hundreds of Iranians.

Isn't it strange that the Iranians have never captured any of the Americans involved in this? Isn’t it strange the Iranians don’t demand a prisoner exchange for their own citizens, particularly the ex-Deputy Minister of Defense kidnapped in Turkey?

Hersh also says the US is trying to repackage the Iraq war (a crude grab for oil and world domination) as a regional Shiite-Sunni conflict in which the US finds itself an innocent bystander. This has put the US in the contradictory position of having installed a pro-Iranian Shiite government in Iraq; and now having to support the Sunni and Al Qaeda insurgents, who are its ostensible enemies. It doesn’t make any sense unless you see the war as an end in itself.

David Icke received the shocking picture of Ahmadinejad  from an aghast Iranian. "What's going on? This doesn't have anything to do with Islam!" he exlaimed.

In his exclusive newsletter, Icke recently wrote that Ahmadinehad seems to be playing the Illuminati game: "The propaganda war against Iran really picked up after the election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as President of the Islamic Republic in 2005. After he took office in the August he was soon making speeches that the American propagandists and spinners must have dreamed of.  I cannot believe this was a fortuitous coincidence. He defeated the one-time favourite, the former President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani whose reputation and record would have made it almost impossible to demonise Iran as a threat to America or anyone else."

Icke continued: "Mehdi Karroubi, a Reformist candidate seeking to open Iranian society and oppose the extremes of hardline Islam, finished a good third in the first round of voting. He then alleged that a network of mosques, the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps and Basij militia forces had illegally generated support for Ahmadinejad and specifically named Mojtaba Khamenei, a son of the Supreme Leader Ayatolla Khamenei, as being involved in this election fraud. The Ayatollah told Karroubi that the allegations were below his dignity and he would not allow the crisis in Iran that they could cause. Karroubi wrote back, resigning from all his political posts and some Reformist newspapers were stopped from publication for publishing Karroubi's letter."

Finally Icke says: "British and American military intelligence ousted Prime Minister Dr. Mohammed Mossadegh in 1953 in a CIA-planned coup called Operation Ajax; imposed the vicious Shah of Iran as a dictator; and then removed him for the Ayatollah Khomeini in 1979. Why would the same forces not continue to be involved in election manipulation in Iran when they so badly needed Ahmadinejad to defeat Rafsanjani for their 'Axis of Evil' plan to work?"

On the domestic front, an example of the Illuminati "dialectic" at work is Rosie O'Donnell's recent pronouncements on 9-11. The Lesbian poster child sounds like Alex Jones. Her function is to cast the opposition in the mold of the 1960's anti-war movement, focusing blame on Bush and "the government" instead of the long-term international conspiracy ultimately responsible.

You also see Brzezinski saying the war on terror "has undermined democracy" in the banker-owned Washington Post! That's pretty funny coming from one of the architects of this policy. He is trying to distance himself and his Rothschild-Rockefeller sponsors from their handiwork.

Meanwhile Democrats in Congress try to placate an angry electorate with timetables for withdrawal. This is a diversion. Democracy is a charade. The US will never willingly withdraw from Iraq. The US is the Illuminati's goon.


If the Illuminati have so much power, why don't they just proclaim their world dictatorship now? It's the process which is both incredibly profitable and necessary. Humanity must be gradually transformed so it sees its slavery as freedom: normal, natural and welcome.

It's best to see war as the Illuminati's cement mixer. They just throw everything in (people, cultures, religions) break and mix and then reset in their own mold. They call it "creating order out of chaos" but first they create chaos.

Their vision for the Middle East including Israel is as conformist and vapid as the EU. Middle East- EU union is already on the drawing board. Wars also kill a lot of innocent people whose souls feed these vampires, as well as pesky idealists ("heroes").

The greatest barrier to understanding world events is our failure to imagine the dimensions of evil, and how readily people will serve Satan.

If we have a war against Iran, it will be instigated by an international satanic cult, to further degrade destroy and demoralize humanity, especially in Iran and the US.


See also my"Matrix of Manufactured War"

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Comments for "The Coming Shakedown of the US and Iran"

Andrew said (April 5, 2007):

I discontinued cable TV when I moved to my new home north of Dallas in Carrollton, Texas, so I only watch TV now when I'm at my health club. Last night I watched Bill O'Reilly and the comedian Dennis Miller sling mud at Rosie's Conspiracy Theories. See Conspiracy theories of Rosie here'Donnell#Conspiracy_theories

In that connection, I have known Mark Cuban personally since 1990, but I have recently heard that he and his partner Todd Wagner have joined the 911 Truth Movement. They are putting up the money to have Charlie Sheen act as the voice track for a re-release of Avery Dylan's Loose Change at their Magnolia movie houses.

I think that there is a good chance that Rosie, Mark, Todd may not be stalking horses for the NWO. While all these people may be--as you say--" in the mold of the 1960's anti-war movement, focusing blame on Bush and "the government" instead of the long-term international conspiracy ultimately responsible[]" at the same time, they may be honestly unaware of those ultimately responsible. They are all saying that the official 9/11 story is incredible and that can't be bad.

Yesterday I found my copy of Loose Change and wasted an hour watching it again. The only thing that Loose Change needs is a new and more professional audio track. That is exactly what Mark and Tood are giving it.

Rosie may be a Lesbian; however she is focusing her comment--at least the ones that I have watched and read--on the demolition of Building 7 of the WTC. That is the weakest part of the 9/11 official story. We would be wise to wait and watch to see how Rosie, Mark and Todd's efforts play out. As far as I can determine, they are moving in the right direction.

Greg said (April 4, 2007):

Good article on the US/Iran situation.
The reason that the "cement mixer" moves so slowly is that the Illuminati endeavor to minimize their bad "karma" by having us do as much bad stuff as possible to ourselves and one another instead of them (the Dark Siders) doing all the dirty work. If they can trick us into killing one another off then they have no blood on their hands directly. Also, if they show us and tell us exactly what they plan to do to us and we do nothing to stop them or prepare for their assault they believe we take on the karma of our own demise because they warned us and we paid no attention or did nothing to respond. This has been going on for quite a long time and appears to be their standard modus operandi.

When I heard that Ahmadinijad visited the CFR hq while in NYC for his UN speech I thought "Oh, he must be stopping by to receive an update or marching orders or timetables for operations." It was a confirmation for my previous assumptions in the matter of his allegiance. You filled in some more holes for me.

Dan & Linda said (April 2, 2007):

To my wife and I the whole Iran situation is yet another cog in the Illuminati wheel. We now are able to sit back and watch these events
unfold knowing the situation for what it is, not what the Illumimedia wants us to believe. We certainly are not as well read as some of your readers are but, the points you make, or many of them, are ones that we have heard about or have read about. We appreciate your ability to clarify and explain topics such as "The Coming Shakedown of the US and Iran" making ithem
accessible to all readers. We forward your articles to all are friends and contacts.

One last note, I had to laugh over this whole lost British patrol, and the argument over who's GPS and maps are correct. All one has to do is go back a few years and put on the movie Tomorrow Never Dies, James Bond, for the answer. In the movie, a British frigate is provided with
intercepted and manipulated GPS data, leading the frigate into Chinese waters, and of course an immediate confrontation. Anyways when I saw the
first headline, it hit me, i've seen this movie before. Thanks Dr. Makow,
an outstanding article.

Lynda from Australia said (April 1, 2007):

Hi Henry,
The Secret Masonry (to use Lucifer's own generic term for the ''We'' of The Protocols) may well choose the high holy days of Christian liturgical year to open world war with "The Clash of Civilizations" script. This war is supposedly fueled by religious fundamentalism and hate. Holy week does remember the hour of the powers of darkness and Tenebrae. The original Illuminus and Rebel may well step out of character and direct the Agentur to stage the opening event/s in one of the hours the Church traditionally assigns to him. And maybe not by choice. There are, afterall, greater powers than Lucifer.

9/11 (Rev 9:11) the masonic watchword 'unleash the Beast' has been on standby for awhile. It is just a matter of time.

The American / Zionist side in the Agentur has obviously decided to play 'the Bad Guy' roles in The Clash of Civilzations as gridiron. This looks like Hook em Horns on the 33rd parallel - Sion's parallel (Deut 4:48) where it all began. This is the parallel of the Supreme Council of the 33rd, ordo ab chao. These people are easy to spot. Bad boy that he is, I can't see the Americans actually hating that Satanist and Texas U fan Ahmadinejad unless he has to do something really awful like bomb Israeli civilians. If all he has to do is preside over an Ooops at a prohibited nuclear facility, with his natural comic ability he might still get some laughs during the commercial breaks. Rather like Geore Dubya choosing to play Dumb and Dumber over the humanitarian tragedy of Hurricane Katrina.

Keep your eye on the ball, Henry and the eyes that are watching from the corporate boxes. And listen to the conversations and relays to the field via The Protocols.

What is important for this war is the outing of the sociopaths and perverts of the social masonry (middle management Agentur) and the whole ratbag of agents, operatives, mercantile banksters, pranksters, dirty tricksters, dyinformants, agents provocateurs. Those featured on the website of the 'Illuminati Rebel' will be the ones to note. They are being fitted out as the Agentur instigating / fighting The Terror proxy. But in the end they have to be left holding their frame in one hand and the bag in the other with the El Diablo over their heads.

This means trials for war crimes under International Jurisdiction. This means a legislative framework to deal with thought crimes, hate crimes, religious fundamentalism supposedly driving The Clash of Civilizations. This legislative framework is virtually in place now -the laws suspending the Constitutional rights of the national sovereignty and activating international jurisdiction. The Noachide Laws (of the Talmud) are already on the books in the U.S. and many other nations. All that is needed for the heads to roll is the re-establishment of the Jacobin Committee of Public Safety (road tested during The Terror round 1 in 1790) - remember, only one witness against the accused gentile is needed, no cross examination etc. All that is in place now. What is needed to activate it is lots of death and drama in The Clash of Civilizations - clear war crimes, lots of skullduggery (Skull and Bones Masonry in action) captured on CNN, Reuters, phonecam. Then, the solution phase of Problem - Reaction - Solution can come into play. The Solution is already fait accompli at the level of nations. Under Noachide Law all that is needed is for the Sanhedrin to assume presidency over the International Court. This demand will be orchestrated after the skulls and the bones are on the table.

The Church in eclipse, however, is watching the eyes that are watching and working behind the floodlights. A good example is

At the national level, (in the U.S.) the Chad Lubavitch is The Secret Masonry. This organisation is responsible for getting the Noachide through Congress after the first Gulf War. Of course, they oppose the Zionism of The Agentur. As Secret Masonry, they are Sion Dynasts strictly concerned witht the prime object of The Protocols which is "the King of the blood of Sion (Mt. Hermon Deut 4:48) which we are preparing for the world." (3.5)

At the international level, the adoption of the Noachide is being quietly steered by The 'Papal' Commission for Religious Relations - a joint commission of the Antipapacy of the Novus Ordo church and the Chief Rabbinate of Israel convened under Nostra Aetate and the restored Sanhedrin. They also are stricly concerned with the prime object of The Protocols.

They "do not admit of any revelation by the press of any public form of dishonesty". (5:11) No revelation of corruption or wrong will attach to them.
In the "We" of The Protocols, Lucifer is speaking on behalf of The Secret Masonry, Illuminated Masonry of whose faith "when we come into our own it will be undesirable for us that there should exist any other religion than ours of the one god" [Lucifer] "No one will ever bring under discussion our faith from its true point of view since this will be fully learned by none save Ours who will never dare to betray its secrets." (14.2). This is why "we will forbid Christ" (14.2) Because, of course, Christ openly taught about the fallen angels, just as the Church openly teaches the Secret Doctrine.

What is called the novus ordo seculorum is merely the Super Government Administration (5.11) - this is the Orwellian world government of The Bad Guy Script. This pertains to the "period of regime transitional to that of Our full sovereignty." (5:11) Regime change, being another masonic watchword for this time of (Rev) 9 :11. "In place of the rulers of today We will set up a bogey [ my emphasis ] which will be the Super Government Authority. Its hands will reach out in all directions like nippers...and it will subdue the nations." (5.11)

The whole raft of NWO legislation extinguishing national sovereignty, handing expanded power and jurisdiction to international bodies: the UN, the ICC, the WTO, the World Bank is the real business of The Clash of Civilisations Script. For this business it will be business as usual behind the floodlights. There will be no commercial breaks, no El Diablos, no reality tv, no crass made for tv sociopathic antics conducted by the stooges who have to produce the skulls and the bones.

This is The Great Work nearing its apex 6007 A.L. to use its correct Luciferian designation: 'against nature and against God'. But on this Palm Sunday, anno Domini 2007, the Church still hails the one who rode into the midst of the Great Work: "benedictus qui venit in nomine Domini. Rex Israel Hosana in excelsis."

Margaret said (April 1, 2007):

Henry Makow's piece makes a point of connecting Iran's President to the Illuminati Satanic cult simply because he was seen to display a four finger salute.

Perhaps he needs to click on to the link below which shows a group of Azeri Turk nationals similarly demonstrating the Grey Wolves sign (Azerbaijan).

Ahmadinejad is known to speak fluent Azeri Turk.

I cannot see how Henry Makow can possibly make this connection, based on an Illuminati defector's personal opinion with no evidence to support it.

If this "defector" has genuinely converted to Islam, he should know that he is totally responsible for his actions in this life and to tarnish another fellow Muslim's reputation without any concrete evidence is to go against the very principles of his faith,particularly if the target happens to be the President of a Muslim country and already a victim of a Satanic
force - the UK/US/Israel political alliance!


Dear Margaret,

If Bush has his "Texas Longhorns" alibi I am not surprised Ahmadinejad would have one too. Is it not suspicious that Ahmadinejad has played into the hands of the west?


Bert said (April 1, 2007):

The key psychological congruence between Bush and Ahmadinejad, is that they both believe that both their ’llumin-notties glow in the dark. Their fear is one day, someone might discover that the sacred ejaculate of their little ’llumin-notties, has suddenly stopped glowing in the dark, for this would bring grave embarrassment the treasury of bank frauds (the trust fund, a.k.a. hedge fund) upon which they have grown to depend.

Kevin said (April 1, 2007):

When I tell people that we need to realise that our governments are controlled at the top by people who are active occultists and followers of Satan/Lucifer, I am almost always regarded as a 'nutcase'. I rarely say as much any more.

I tend to stick to 9/11 evidence (some, but increasingly less, hostile reactions) and the issue of money creation (people are almost universally willing to recognise that our governments are fed their policies from think-tanks funded by the international bankers/Corporatists).

They mostly agree about this and take little if any persuading that our governments are not our true masters, that democracy is a 'con' etc. The Iraq War has opened many eyes but.....what next?? Are we really helpless against these people?

What do you think?



Spreading the truth can make a big difference since they need us as cannon fodder and tax payers. You are helping the cause by telling people what you know. -Henry

Harry said (April 1, 2007):

I understand your point of view and have thought similar.
It looks like we have an evil bunch of people who have leadership and power in all countries of the world. They are probably in the same group and are planning all the wars and spreading fear amongst people. When it all goes off they probably have some sort of strategy to preserve themselves and live in what will be left of the world after a probable Nuclear War. I question these things regularly.

The one thing that all good people need not fear is that these people are human and will also die. They may think they are invincible but they are not. Chances are that they and their families will suffer the worst fate.
They are not as intelligent as they think they are because if they were then they would not behave the way they do.
I truly believe we are coming to a time when all this will end and Good will win over Evil.

Charles said (April 1, 2007):

Mr. Makow, generally speaking, I agree that
international Capital calls the shots.

The famed letter is a fraud and was written after
World War II. It never was in the British Museum. I know it makes for a good story, but some facts are necessary ones and that letter is not.


Charles, You are entitled to your opinion, but that letter has been public since the 1950's and it does seem strange that things are evolving now as foretold. At the height of the Cold War, the Third World War would look more
like a confrontation between the USSR and the US.


Jim said (April 1, 2007):

Dear Dr. Makow, I am writing you to commend you
for your excellent article today about the apparent coming US/Iran "war" on the website.

I like all your articles and your website. Top notch writing and a true grasp of the root cause of all the confusing world events. I've always felt that anyone who understands the opium wars, the russell trust and its worshipping of death and
"administering death to purify and protect the human species" and the masonic fronts groups really gets it. You do to the Nth degree.

Thanks Jim,

I have connected the dots but there are alot of the details left. The subject is so toxic that one can only stomach a little at a time.


Josh said (April 1, 2007):

Excellent read as always.
I don't usually comment, but your reference to Rosie and Alex struck a nerve. The Hegelian dialect. , thesis -anti synthesis to Synthesis. Is that in effect what you make them part of? If so, why would I not find you in the same (dark) light?
Just curious as to your reply.


First, I am NOT saying Alex Jones is part of the dialectic. He is doing wonderful work. The key is--do they get serious mainstream media? I get NONE. I get no mainstream recognition whatever--no academic teaching, no money, nothing etc. I am sandbagged.

Lies fly first-class. The truth hitchhikes. That's how you know who is for real.

Best wishes, Henry

Mark said (April 1, 2007):

Another informative article Henry. I do think you are being to hard on Rosie though, she obviously recently discovered the truth about 911 and is pissed off! Not everyone has the courage to confront what is really going on behind the scenes (Satanism)because it is so ugly and so hard to believe. I certainly did a double take when I started to get the picture. I am not as depressed over it all as I used to be however. Everyone is ignoring (including the satanist illuminati) the God factor. Jesus Christ will clean this mess up, and guess what? The Satanists Lose!

Paul said (April 1, 2007):

President John Quincy Adams
Letters on the Masonic Institution, 1847:

"That so many men, at so many separate points, should have acted in perfect concert in such business as they were engaged in, would scarcely be believed, without compelling the inference of some distinct understanding existing between them. That they should have carried into effect the most difficult part of their undertaking, a scheme of the most daring and criminal nature, in the midst of a large, intelligent and active population, without thereby incurring the risk of a full conviction of their guilt and the consequent punishment, would be equally incredible, but for the light furnished by the phraseology of the Masonic oath.

Upon the first hasty and superficial glance, a feeling might arise of surprise that the frivolity of its unmeaning ceremonial, and ridiculous substitution of its fictions for the sacred history, should not long ago discredited the thing in the minds of good and sensible men everywhere. Yet upon closer and more attentive examination, this first feeling vanishes, and makes way for astonishment at the ingenious contrivance displayed in the construction of the whole machine. A more perfect agent for the devising and execution of conspiracies against the church or state could scarcely have been conceived."

Bruno said (April 1, 2007):

You seem to be one of a very few who sees the full picture. Both sides: Iran - US play the same game. Throw into the pot Israel and UK. Okay. Still same game.

It is not total control any more they want. They have that already. True to the nature of Satan, he wants to destroy the earth and humanity in a way that they all curse God going down. That's the
reason for the higher degree of cruelty you see than in previous wars. It always has to be worse the next time. That is how he intends to defeat God's great work of creation and salvation.

If we were still a Christian nation or world, we would know how to defeat this. But we have forgotten that also. They had a much better
method for re-education than the Commies did. Now we call it post-modernism and are proud of our achievements.Thanks for your work.

Dan said (March 30, 2007):

If, as Orwell wrote, controllers of nations have a secret agenda with war in general, and don't invade each other till they're all on the same page, then nothing that happens can trigger a 'real' war, the unpredictable kind. Owners of armies are a very small club in the world. And they all sell weapons to each to other all the time. The same bureaucrats in Washington now sustained Iran's American arsenal during the 80's at least. And when the public found out about it we handed the contract over to the Russians for the time being. And the Russians (and French, and Germans) helped them get the ball rolling on nuclear program development.

What's really going on with all this? Well, for one, word on Wall Street is that it's the perfect excuse for the annual spring price hike in gasoline. This benefits Russia as well.

Jean from Hungary said (March 30, 2007):

Can we really consider that Iran is part of the globalist`s conspiracy since it refuses to abandon its nuclear projects? My personal answer is no and that`s why:

Israel wants to restart a strategically important oil pipeline that once transferred oil from the Iraqi city of Mosul to Haifa. The problem is that, in order to control the Iraqi oil, Iraq itself must be under control which requires the control of the Iraqi Shias; the control of the Iraqi Shias is only possible if the Iranian Shias are themselves under control because, the religious ties being much more stronger there than the national identities, the two communities are closely intertwined.

So, if Israel wants to secure its energy supply with the Mosul-Haifa pipeline, Iraq AND Iran must have governments ready to serve foreign interests; such are also neded by the western (US and EU) globalists who want the Iraqi and Iranian oil ressources for themselves and control Iran as a key geostrategical position between the Middle and the Far East.

Considering this, the only way today for Iran to keep its national sovereignty is probably to have its own nuclear deterrence, just as does Israel. This story is all about national independence vs globalism.

D said (March 30, 2007):

The "Iranian" puppet dictator revealed himself as such shortly after he was elected when he began his threats of "nuclear" build up.

Hence, attempting to provide the "Illuminati" with the possibility of invading yet another country.

This man would be protected if the US invaded Iran
just as we suspect Saddam was protected and a double filled his shoes in the courtroom.

The recent capture of the British military personnel coupled with Sir Blair's adamant stance in Parliament that Iran's actions were criminal, demonstrate the "Illuminati's" desire to convince the world that another one of their puppet dictators is an "evil doer."

In that regard, I would have to agree. Anyone who is part of their "conspiratorial" network and satanic cult is an "evil doer." They do not wear the wings of an angel. They flash the horns of the devil.

I caught a glimpse today on one of the media stations they own and operate of someone within the Saudi Arabia government pronouncing that the United State's occupation of Iraq is illegal.

What shall we make of this?

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at