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Jewish Comedienne Wants to be Loved

March 10, 2007

By Henry Makow Ph.D.

Sarah Silverman reminds me of myself as a child. I didn't feel loved so I caused trouble hoping to get love. Attention can be confused for love. Of course, my behavior had the opposite effect.

Silverman, 37, is causing trouble too. Her "Comedy Central" TV show is full of heart- sinking cynicism and disgusting references to sexual and bodily functions. In a way, the dynamic is typically Jewish. She sees herself as an outsider and thinks the only way to gain acceptance is to assault Christian norms.

I'll give you a few examples.

"I want to have an abortion," she says. "But my boyfriend and I are having trouble conceiving."

She sings a love song to herself in the mirror: " I tried to be like the others but I pooped instead."

Another song: “I really love my life and I’ll also tell you what / If I find a stick I’ll put it in your mama’s butt / And pull it out and stick / The doody in her eye!”

When Sarah’s buddy Natalie asks for her help moving, Sarah’s excuse is “I stubbed my vagina.”

In a skit, she serenades real seniors…"You're going to die soon, we're all going to die but not as soon as you guys."

On stage she simulates having love with a string bag of cheese cubes. She says strippers should be role models for little girls because they wax their [privates.]

In a recent episode, she has sex with God, tells him to leave afterward, and then knees him in the groin [because he is too clingy?] (scroll down for more detail)

You can see examples at You Tube by searching her name.

Like a willful child that can't get her way, most of her "art" is dedicated to kicking society in the shins. And since Jews like her have been doing this for some time, society has a serious hobble.

Jewish satire often sends up Christian society, in the same way that homosexual culture often is a parody of heterosexuality (i.e. gay marriage.) They have a vendetta against what is healthy and normal, and make alienation and perversity the norm instead. (Seinfeld was mostly clean and genuinely funny, but it did celebrate trivia, narcissism and neurosis, though ironically. Borat is another story.)

Unfortunately, few Jews have remarked on this negative influence. I can only think of Rabbi Daniel Lapin who compares America today with the decadence of the Wiemar Republic. (See "Jews Have Debased American Culture." )

This charge that many Jews are immoral and undermine society is a staple of so-called "anti-Semitism" from time immemorial. (Rabbi Lapin is trying to popularize the term "anti-Christianism"> .)


Socially and even metaphysically, Silverman is an outsider. She doesn’t believe in God.

"I mean, I talk about being Jewish a lot," she told "Slate". "It's funny because I do think of myself as Jewish ethnically, but I'm not religious at all. I have no religion."

Her boyfriend Jimmy Kimmel (a Catholic) is "a good father" and won’t let his children see her movie/ "Jesus is Magic."/ But, "I'd let them because I have no boundaries."

She was brought up in New Hampshire where there were few Jews. Her family, Liberal Democrats, stood out. She feels "it's always best to be peripheral."

What if a genie offered to make her a big star if she would clean up her act?

"I know that I'm dirty, but I don’t feel that way. Sometimes someone will say one of my jokes back to me and my reaction is, 'Ew gross.' Who knows? Maybe that genie would be saving me. Look how I flip. I'm very fickle. But I still believe in the power of the periphery." ("Good Dirty Fun," "Winnipeg Sun", March 1,2007)

She has suffered from depression since she was a teenager and swears by the anti depressant Zoloft. "I don't feel like I don't have highs or lows," she told /Slate/, "but what's missing is that complete downward spiral into despair about nothing."


Both metaphysically and politically, many Jews have got it wrong.

We are chosen people: chosen by our leaders to be excluded from the Brotherhood of Man based on the belief in a universal God of Love. Why?

Our leaders are using us to realize their plan to make themselves god in a "New World Order."

"The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto determination practiced in past centuries," David Rockefeller, the Rothschild's US franchisee said in 1991.

Don’t misunderstand me. God precedes all religions, and speaks to everyone no matter his faith or lack thereof. However if we don’t believe God made us in His image, and that we must obey spiritual and natural laws ("boundaries") to achieve our Divine potential, then we are more likely to be unhappy and dysfunctional.

Don't kid yourself, Ms. Silverman, you are not on the periphery. The powers-that-be want to degrade and demoralize society. They use dysfunctional people like you to make everyone dysfunctional. The preoccupation with sex and bodily functions is arrested development.

You are no more a rebel than Ronald Reagan. You are not defying some evil hypocritical social authority. On the contrary, Liberal Democrats and Conservative Republicans are funded and controlled by the same people, the "world bankers" who own the mass media. You are helping them take us all down.


As a child I saw that causing trouble wasn't working so I became a model child instead. At age 12, in 1961, I started writing an advice-to-parents column called "Ask Henry" syndicated in 50 newspapers. I appeared in LIFE magazine and on the "Tonight Show." I still didn't feel loved but I had the ersatz Jewish substitute: success. (I am not successful now but I no longer feel unloved.)

Success won't bring you love Sarah. You admit you'd say (or do) anything for a laugh. Would you sell your soul to the devil for success in the New World Order? That's what it takes today. I'm afraid this question applies to a lot of Jews, and people in general.
See also my "The Jewish Century"

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Comments for "Jewish Comedienne Wants to be Loved"

Dan-2 said (March 13, 2007):

We heard it was going to happen and now it is. The Illuminati is pulling up stakes and relocating to Las Vegas East, Dubai.

It's not just Haliburton, the cat's out of the bag. The Louvre is splitting it's collection and setting up a second Louvre in Dubai right

I learned that a major energy law firm here moved to Dubai late last year, and it's now announced that Houston is no longer going to be the
energy 'capital' of the world. Saudi Arabia is.

Let's be honest. Saudi Arabia's not a soverign nation, it's owned by the same guys that own the United States. The nomadic Saudi Bedouins
were, as they say, 'camel jockeys' with no standing army, no economy,with about as much clout against the Illuminati's juggernaut
civilization as American plains indians. They were created kings by their Illuminati masters, and nothing but jr. partners.

Michael Jackson moved to Dubai last year, where he's free to simply purchase boys like a Sheik.

It's an incredible thing that's happening. I've read about it coming--but only through the 'conspiracy theory' writers. That the big
boys were going to pull out of the US once they'd finally pulled the plug on it, and it's all downhill from here.

Those who live here don't see it yet. To me, such movement has been one of my predictors for knowing when the dollar's going to fall. And the
controlled fall of the dollar is my predictor for how close we are to the North American Union--as it must be brought down as Mexico's is
brought up. Our three currencies must be par, you see, for the switch to the 'amero'.
So this is on schedule. That's the scary part. Things are moving right along toward the 2010-2012 shakeup that will occur as they inform us
that there's no America anymore. When we reach that point, I could tell all the Republicans "I told you so".

Guy-2 said (March 13, 2007):

Thank you for printing my letter

However, do you think it might be opportune as well to remind your readers of all the wonderful Jewish entertainers there have been down the years, who upheld good American values almost by instinct - Irving Berlin, Al Jolson, Jack Benny, the wonderful Jackie Mason (genuinely funny without having to resort to overt crudity) and all those moguls of Hollywood’s Golden Years who were tough nuts and maybe no better than they should have been but as a matter of course upheld patriotic family values and would have been horrified to do otherwise.

The Spirit of the Age is evil, so people like Silverman and Sacher Baron Cohen are simply fitting the accepted template - they couldn't thrive in this manner without a depraved and brainwashed Western population.

Michelle said (March 12, 2007):

Boy did you go easy on Sarah Silverman. I can live with that, even though I find her show and her character to be heartless, foul-mouthed and vulgar. She is the worst example of womanhood it has been my displeasure to behold, over my entire lifetime.

Inasmuch as you have the ability to make public my proposal, here it is: Everybody please send as much love to this Sarah Silverman creature as you possibly can, and perhaps together we can make the disgusting "Sarah Silverman Show" disappear from the airwaves quick, fast and in a hurry, forever and ever, amen.

Guy in UK said (March 11, 2007):

Hi Henry – I have never heard of Sara Silverman before but just these last few days the newspapers in Britain have focused on two Jewish female entertainers who suffer from the same tortured exhibitionist syndrome . The elder, Ruby Wax, was a similar deliberately cruel me me me attention seeking comedienne (by her own admission) – she is now training as a psychotherapist and is seeking to escape from her comedic past – however she did speak of her very unnatural relationship with her father – although she says no actual abuse was involved, she revealed that it was regarded as natural in her household to share his bed, and that he loved her in an unhealthy way.

The other and much younger entertainer is Amy Winehouse – recent winner of the Brits Best Female Singer Award and the most fashionable female Pop Artist here in Britain at the moment – ...she specialises in unravelling in public – abusive boyfriends, public drunkenness, eating disorders, ever more tattoos (a real sign of sickness in a young female)...sometime down the line there will be the revelation from this particular quarter of similar childhood abuse.

I never consciously linked those two cases until I read your piece on Sara Silverman – I had to mail this as it is coincidental, to say the least, to come across three such similar cases in a few days. What on earth is going on?

Re: Borat - Sacher Baron Cohen - what is unnerving about him is how extremely obscene his performances are and yet how strictly orthodox he is in his private religious practice - how can a person be so devout and so obscene at the same time? I find him much more disturbing than these poor honestly messed up girls.

Tom said (March 11, 2007):

A very beautiful and true piece. I wonder if you might not after all have some serious impact on La Silverman; she might reform? Every word you say about her "posture" seems true to me, but I haven't seen and won't watch her videos. The smarty elites are indeed taking us to destruction, no doubt. Bush it seems checks his stuff with God and gets a go-ahead. With deluded nuts like him among "the elites" what's to do? Pray I think.

Jean from Hungary said (March 11, 2007):

Thank you for this new article on a very sensitive subject. On this subject, Rabbi Daniel Lapin said: “You'd have to be a recent immigrant from Outer Mongolia not to know of the role that people with Jewish names play in the coarsening of American culture. The sad fact is that through Jewish actors, playwrights, and producers, the Berlin stage of Weimar Germany linked Jews and deviant sexuality in all its sordid manifestations just as surely as Broadway does today. Much of the filth in American entertainment today parallels that of Germany between the wars.”

Here in Hungary, all the TV and radio channels were controlled by "Jews" (how can be someone non-Semitic, non-Judaic and non Jewish-culture traditionalist a "Jew"?) during the Communist era and, of course, they used their power to promote Communism. Today, practically all of these media -both State and private controlled- are still under the control of the same people -or their children- and they use their power to promote sex, money and violence. Recently, they eliminated the very last "normal" TV series like "Colombo" or "Sherlock Holmes" and replaced them with products like the soft porn "Sex and the City" or the soft gore "Crime Scene Investigation": most Hungarians don`t like these stinking shows but they have no choice left if they want continue to watch TV.

Brendon said (March 11, 2007):

I'd never heard of her until a week ago when someone directed me to the Hugh Hefner "Roasting" she hosted.

To put yourself and others down like she does indicates a childhood trauma. Usually sexual assault by a family member.

I hate to be a "psychological reductionist" and say that everyone who behaves like this has been sexually assaulted and threatened as a young child, but it pans out when you mix with people who work in the area of abuse and even when you look at yourself in the mirror.

God has "inbuilt" us with an excitement for life and love in our hearts. When the Apostle Paul was preaching to the Gentiles he was fully aware that it was the "circumcision of the heart" & not the genitals that mattered.

Sarah Silverman and the rest of the human race needs to undergo the ritual of circumcision. We need the protective layer of flabby flesh removed from our heart's so it can beat more fully.

Till the time when massive collective suffering exposes the heart more fully, we will continue the downward spiral.

Mental illness like depression and attention seeking behavior is a poor substitute for legitimate suffering.

Chad said (March 11, 2007):

Hello Henry, another good article on Sarah Silverman. I am a mental health counselor. And you are so right. The focus on bodily functions is an arrest in development, which as you say, is their goal entirely.

Mike said (March 10, 2007):

Todays crap from Kabbalahwood seems to have a preponderance of Gay moments (we count how many per show/movie now)

We also count how many Jesus Christs' or just a degrading use of Christ, G-damit, or Holy-shizen per movie or per show,

and lastly how many anal/fart/ass references there are.

Since our country is becoming more JudeoMasonized everyday, the incidences of all three of the above are on a heavy upswing. The more blasphemous crap coming out of the talentless mouths like sarah silverman the better it seems.

ps instead of denigrating the entire jewish race by associating it with the POS Sarah silverman, just call her the Sabbatian wanna be [deleted] that she truly is. :-)

Ron said (March 10, 2007):

I know people like Sara, human nature transcends race and relligion and reveals itself in every tribe, every minute of every day. She may or may not be unloved, but she is no more than an exhibitionist, thankfully few in number, relativitely at least are all around us. There is always some bustling jerk in any crowd, drawing attention to themselves by being over the top loud when unneccessary. Most are not talented or quick witted, and therefore not competing for stardom, but they still ' act the goat ' as my old man used to say.

I once worked in the bush of Sudan in Africa, prospecting for oil ( for a Yank co., whom I bet will find a pretext for invading soon ), where my local labourers, all Muslim, mud hut dwellers, most of which could read Arabic, were a simple, humble race of decent human beings. Most of my driller colleagues from the U.K. regarded them as ' rag-headed ni**ers ', and not worth trying to communicate with, but being a lover of people, and coming from a poor upbringing, I warmed to them immediately.

And what an enriching experience for my first trip abroad, learning to converse in Arabic phonetically, which endeared them towards me, but most importantly, discovering that the only differences between us were superficial. Language, religion and abject poverty, I discovered, were the only differences between ALL of us on earth. Once I was ' in ' with
them, I saw the differing personalities that were hidden to my racist colleagues.

I was tickled to observe in a labour gang of about thirty locals, a couple of exhibitionists, one sublimely worse than the other, and who were both frowned upon by their contemporaries.
What I didn't observe however, was the kind of obscene toilet humour associated with Sara Silverman. An exhibitionist Brit co-worker though, for some reason known only to himself, did occasionally drop his shorts and bend over to show his stupid filthy mentality towards
this gentle, embarrassed people, some of whom giggled out of a kind of insincere applause, like society does today when having Ms. Silverman's obscenities forced on us through t.v.

Trouble is Henry, when it's repeated enough times, it sears the conscience as to what is acceptible. Then, within a generation our standards have dropped, never to be reclaimed until total decadence insidiously rots away our decency, like the Roman Empire.

This is sadly where we are today, through an evil satanic plot, orchestrated by a few generations of immorally rich and twisted families who think they know what's best for mankind, themselves more like it. And stooges like Sara are no more than exhibitionists, who the Elite will use to do their dirty work, whilst she believes her star-status is down to her genius.

I'm so grateful that I was enlightened to this cabal a few years ago, initially from your website, in order that I can now see through the matrix. I was already disillusioned with the dross poured out on us from mainstream t.v., to the point where any canned-laughter sit-coms or talk or gameshows were zapped immediately. Now all I can stomach is wildlife, some sport and the occasional decent movie. It's too late to stop the rot, but we can all switch off the garbage and save ouselves, it would also be nice to see the t.v. companies squirm at their dwindling viewing figures.

Forty-odd years ago, an old frump in Egland, called Mary Whitehouse who worked as an unappointed watchdog for the nation's morality, warned us of the ensuing mire we were heading into. And everyone laughed and scorned at this old lady who must have read the ' Protocols of the learned elders of Zion ', as she ranted on at every lowered level of decency the B.B.C. attained to, telling us it would get much worse if we didn't act immediately.

If the likes of Sara Silverman had suddenly appeared on our t.v. screens then, we would have twigged, but like I said, insidious attacks are rarely spotted. Like the toad who's very slowly brought to the boil in a pot, doesn't realize until he's cooked,he'd have jumped out if he'd been dropped into boiling water.

Annette said (March 10, 2007):

After reading your latest article about the jewish commedienne, I am very saddened to hear about the content of her show, as it is indeed a case of arrested development, but also the cry for validation as a human being, which she will not get in this manner. Just as a child will not be loved by making trouble.

Some children and even adults feel, that bad attention is better than no attention at all.
All I know about jewish people, I have learned through your articles. But I have had contact with other groups of people and with the same scenario. The children do not feel loved. Not that the parents don't love them in their own way, but they simply do not have the energy to focus on their children due to the unreasonable demands, that are put on their shoulders. Demands for perfection, that nobody can live up to or accomplish.

In some societies the peoples' value as human beings are totally undermined and all they can manage is to keep their own heads above water. Never mind tending to their childrens needs or spending time raising them.

To raise a child takes enormous energy and psychological understanding and these parents have no excess energy to deal with their children, hence the children feel unloved.
All the worlds children deserve to be loved unconditionally and many years ago I decided to make all children that I came in contact with feel valued and appreciated for who they were . Even when I meet children in public, that I do not even know, a friendly smile or a wink with an eye can do wonders for their self esteem. At least they know, that one person validated them.
Proof of this I have gotten many times over the years, when a child, who is now an adult will pass me up and say:" I never forget the day when you took my hand and said everything will be ok" or:" Mrs. O I still remember the day you helped me when I fell on my bike".

So you see Henry, there are many different ways of doing things and dealing with children, but loving them unconditionally is a must and a course in childrearing should be a must for all highschool children.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at