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The "Matrix" of Manufactured War

January 19, 2007

By Henry Makow Ph.D.

Recently a feud between Donald Trump and Rosie O'Donnell gave their ratings a boost. Mel Gibson and Michael Richards  also made gratuitous attacks that helped their bottom line.

What if the world's great conflicts were just as phoney? What if Bush and Chavez; Blair and Putin; Olmert and Ahmadinejad were all part of a giant Punch and Judy Show?

What if we were riding the roller coaster, cheering and groaning, and biting our fingernails for nothing? What if it were all staged like professional wrestling (only thousands of  innocent people were dying?)

Many of us consider Ahmadinejad, Putin and Chavez the "good guys" in the fight against the New World Order. It's possible they are controlled by the Illuminati as well. Our hidden masters control everything else. Would they leave war to chance?   

I can't prove this grand hypothesis today. However, there is some anecdotal evidence.

First, take past wars. None of them were anything like inevitable. I have shown how World War One was made possible by British food subsidies to the Germans, and ended when this trade stopped. World War Two, which Churchill called the most "unnecessary war in history" was also engineered through loans to the Nazis and the policy of "Appeasement."  The Masonic bankers also engineered US entry into WW II.

The war supposedly was fought for the independence of Poland yet at the end, Eastern Europe was under the heel of the Russians, the 1939-1941 allies of the Nazis. Instead of  Nazis, Polish nationalists were massacred by Soviets. An improvement? Sounds to me like war for its own sake, or for Communism.

Our War on Terror is the natural successor of the "Cold War"; both as phony as three-dollar bills. The war on Iraq? Lebanon? Afghanistan? Iran? Do any of them make any sense? These wars are unwinnable. How do you win a guerilla war without annihilating everyone? They are not meant to be won. Remember Albert Pike's letter? The Zionists and Islam will be used to destroy each other. 

As Dick Cheney intimated, the Iraq War will last 40 years  i.e. as long as the Cold War.   Both sides are subsidized and controlled by the world's central bankers and their secret societies/intelligence agencies.

War is an end in itself. It concentrates money and power in the hands of our Satan-loving elites. It provides human sacrifices to their bloodthirsty god and brutalizes and demoralizes humanity.

It is a waste of energy to discuss the "political reasons" for these conflicts. They are a ruse.

OUR "MISLEADERS" ( term coined by Jordan Maxwell)

After debating for months whether the US was winning or losing in Iraq, someone decided it was losing. As the "decider," Bush stoutly accepted responsibility and even shed a tear at a soldier's funeral.   

That didn't prevent the demonizing of poor George. His opponents assailed his sanity, intelligence, virility and honor. What do they expect of an admitted satanist?

George is not to blame. Every President in the Twentieth Century has been a hand puppet of the Rothschild-Rockefeller cartel of cartels. They wouldn’t let George manage a gas station let alone the "Free World." Luckily, Bush just reads the teleprompter. Henry Kissinger, CEO of the visible NWO, issues the orders.

Derision only gives Bush credibility heightening the illusion the US has a functioning democracy, mass media and justice system. Remember, the US government is ultimately responsible for the slaughter of 3000 Americans in broad daylight Sept. 11. The US ruling class and punditry are complicit in the ongoing cover-up. The most obvious "controlled conflict" is the two party system.


chavez holding chomsky's bookLet's look at the "opponents" of globalization and the New World Order. Chavez, Putin and Ahmadinejad were all obscure figures handed power by a hidden hand.  Like Bush, they certainly lack the stature of real "deciders."

Chavez and Ahmadinejad vilify Bush and the USA, but, like Chavez' mentor Noam Chomsky, cannot pronounce the words "Rothschild" or "central banker."

Chavez's Bolivarian Revolution is Freemasonic in origin, as is his Communism. Someone claims he met Chavez at a meeting of the Grand Lodge of Texas in the 1990's. Chavez led a failed coup but got out of jail after only 2 years. Wikipedia reports that he later received campaign funds from large banks. The Financial Times noted sardonically last August, “Bankers traditionally face firing squads in times of revolution. But in Venezuela, they are having a party.”" (Thanks to reader below for this quote.)

Now Chavez and Ahmadinejad are busy establishing an Anti-American coalition in South America: More controlled conflict. But before that happens, we are looking at a war in Iran that will make Iraq look like a picnic. Do we hear Putin warning the US and Israel against this idiocy by drawing a line in the sand?  


I suspect that the bankers set up Nationalist and anti-Globalist spokesmen and groups in order to control both sides. The tip off: are these people  getting corporate/government support and coverage in the mass media? Probable Canadian examples are Naomi Klein, Maude Barlow and Mel Hurtig.

On the other hand, you know Connie Fogal, leader of the Canadian Action Party is legit because she talks about the bankers and consequently gets no media. In the US, Aaron Russo is legit for the same reason.

It's apparent that political action requires money. The bankers mint it. The rest of us are too busy making a living to be anything but bystanders and victims.


These days you can't turn on the media without someone (usually Zionists like Charles Adler or Glenn Beck,) stirring up hostility against Iran and Muslims in general. They keep talking about how war-like Islam is when we are invading them! Any future conflict may destroy Israel, but these highly paid shills don’t care. War for its own sake is the goal.

War is considered "revolutionary" because it advances the Masonic bankers' goal of the New World Order. It "overturns" civilization by destroying nation, race, family and religion. Fabian Harold Laski even referred to the two great wars as "revolutions."

To have a war, the bankers need to create and provision two sides. Thus all wars are waged against humanity by a small satanic criminal network that owns 50% of the world's wealth. The mainspring is the world's private central bankers

The Hindus have a term for the "Matrix." They say our lives are governed by "Maya" or "illusion." 

Who thought  anyone would go to so much trouble to create it? Perhaps liberation lies in recognizing that conflicts are artificially created and controlled.


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Comments for "The "Matrix" of Manufactured War"

Mike said (January 26, 2007):

I have studied the methods and power structure of the High Cabal for quite some time now. I agree with you that the bankers in control of our
money system hold the key to power in the world.

They make use of this and other tools such as secret societies and psychological manipulation
through the media and education system. The problem is not so much that the media lies to us all the time as it is that the events being covered are completely staged. Technology has given them the ability to do this
on a grand scale. That’s how sophisticated the High Cabal has become.

Your article is the best I have seen in a long time, and I can say from my own research that your facts are right on the money. I have wondered
if those leaders who appear to be rebelling against the NWO were really their puppets, but I remained unsure. Your article simply points out the obvious, but sometimes the obvious is the hardest thing to see. The manipulators are good at what they do.

Dick said (January 24, 2007):

Am very interested in your articles and viewpoint about the corrupt central bankers and their power.
I agree with most of what you say but not in this article. True they were a major driving force behind the two world wars. No argument there. But to conclude therefore that they control all opposition sides now in the 21st century is wrong and misleading because it just builds up their image as an invincible power.

Throughout history empires fall. Mostly due to complacency and hubris. The bankers have had their day! Now China, Russia, India and Brazil for example are building their populous countries from within, succeeding ecomonically
and militarily and with no obligations to the established bankers.

You are making a serious mistake by exagerating the present and future role of central bankers and just play into their hands by making them out to be a universal Satanic force.

They are just men after all and their empire is eroding.

Lisa said (January 23, 2007):

You go, HENRY!! Although we know it, it is always good to be reminded that they control BOTH SIDES OF THE DEBATE, whatever it may be.... and both sides of every war. We think we have a choice. Ah, but this is but an illusion.

It's tempting to rally in and cheer when Chavez calls G.W. the devil, or tells our gov't to "got to hell," and Chomsky's and Putin's rebukes of U.S. Imperialism do seem rather lofty, do they not? But this is all an illusion... It reminds me of a movie I watched not long ago, called the Illusionist. It is well-worth a few hours of any of your reader's time. Hey, beats the hell out of watching the news!!

In this world, NOTHING is at it seems...

l know this and still I find myself being drawn into watching their show. Thanks for waking me back up!

Andrew said (January 23, 2007):

What you’re saying about all the International brouhaha being scripted was proven again today when the news reported that Al-Qaeda’s number two man, Al-Zawahri came to Bush’s rescue by mocking his surge strategy vowing that Al-Qaeda would beat back any new U.S. offensive. Obviously this was calculated to enflame the fighting spirits of all Americans. Bush’s ratings are dragging the ground, so Al-Qaeda doing this PR stunt should give Bush a lift. But this is not the phoniest aspect of this particular stunt. It seems this new video was not posted on any established Islamic web site. It was intercepted by a Jew named Rita Katz and turned over to the news. This is not the first Al-Qaeda tape that Rita Katz has turned over to the news.


This is all so reminiscent of 2004 when Bush was trailing Kerry until only a few weeks before the election when Osama bin Laden appeared on an Islamic web site to mock and thereby breathe life back into Bush failing campaign. It is all such a charade and it is getting very transparent.

Thanks for another great article.

John in Hong Kong said (January 22, 2007):

I have some Iranian friends in Dubai who will confirm your ideas of the puppet leaders. My friends openly wondered how "Are-my-jeans-so-bad" got into the Iranian leadership other than the backing of the banksters. The truth is that "Are-my-jeans-so-bad" was a fashion model for men's clothing back in the 70's for Kmart...who mysteriously "rose up" to become leader. Amazing.

From Japan said (January 22, 2007):

One article from WSWS is well worth reading.

"........The main growth has been in the financial sector in Venezuela, which enjoys among the most profitable conditions anywhere in the world. As the Financial Times noted sardonically
last August, “Bankers traditionally face firing squads in times of revolution. But in Venezuela, they are having a party.”"

Unfortunately I think you are right about Chavez. He is merely a puppet as same as boy Bush. Your readers should watch the video Money Masters.

Bringing down the West said (January 22, 2007):

In your latest essay you wrote: /How do you win a guerrilla war without annihilating everyone? They are not
meant to be won./

I agree. Moderns wars are fought to be lost. They seem to be meant to destroy the leading powers that
start them; France, Germany, England, the USA, the Soviet Union. I wrote about that in the last few days--
my style is semi-poetic, and almost too quick, but that's me. You might consider taking a look:



S in Armenia

Ben in Australia said (January 21, 2007):

Character-analysis tells me that Chavez and Ahmadinejad are legitimate opponents of the neo-cons. Perhaps they are wrong in their ways,
ie: the Noam Chomsky book, but they seem to be peddling a far more acceptable line than the 'leaders' of the western world. Until I see solid evidence of their treachery, I have no choice but to trust them... little difference it makes, anyway. Time may tell. I feel like Winston Smith most days.

Richard said (January 21, 2007):

For some time now I have thought that Hugo was a major tool. He's there to unify S.A. under one dictatorial umbrella. His capitulation in favor of US puppet Panama's accession to the UN Security Council is evidence of this, as are the weekly Saudi flights smuggling cocaine from Caracas to the US. His "I smell sulphur" speech at the UN, while entertaining, stole the limelight from the more serious and interesting speeches by Evo Morales, and even Ahmedinejad.

The latter, I think, is sincere in his beliefs. But I also think he may be bordering on the psychotic/megalomaniacal. His affect evinces "la belle indifference", one of the hallmarks of various forms of psychoses. It seems like he really does believe the Mahdi is coming soon, and he has no fear of a war, nuke-yoo-lar or otherwise. So, while he may be a man of sincere faith, I find his views troubling and dangerous to the world. Some say he was a member of a sect at Tehran university that is the outgrowth of a deep cover Mossad MK operation. Maybe or maybe not. One certainly has to wonder how an obscure engineering professor became president. [His expertise is in "traffic and transportation."]

Either way, with or without Israeli influence, he certainly seems to be playing right into their hands, whoever is writing his script. For clarity, however, he never said that Israel should be wiped off the map. He specifically said that the "regime will, like all regimes, disappear from the page of history." Quite a different observation.

Daniel:Letter from Brazil said (January 20, 2007):

Lula is a true man of the people, emotional and with sincere intentions to help the poor, as he was a very poor man himself. But, having had little formal education, he ended up surrounded by corrupted aides and got himself into trouble last year, almost costing him his re-election.

The difference between Lula economic policies and the previous government? Economists say it is so similar, it is sometimes qualified as being the same. Very little has changed for a man determined to change things big time in favor of the lower classes. My opinion is, this is due to lack of capability, not lack of good intentions.

A frequent debate in Brazil is about turning the central bank into a fully independent institution, although it already operates with a great deal of independence. The experts believe it would be a sign of maturity.

Business people and everybody else have been asking one thing in the past years: lower interest rates. In Brazil, oddly, there is one of the highest in the world, around 13% year, lowering at a very slow pace.

It is interesting to observe, for instance, Brazil’s vice-president, who happens to be the owner of a business conglomerate and also seen as an honest person, frequently voicing against the high interest rates himself, joining other people inside the government who ask the same thing, but the central bank remains sovereign and insensitive to all appeals.

I think that, sadly, the above demonstrates that your hunch [that socialists are controlled by central bankers] might be right.

Stephen said (January 20, 2007):

Being a former service member... I recall like it was yesterday, standing on a field with
thousands of soldiers during a forth of July ceremony... saying the Pledge of Allegiance,
And repeating our vows of service... With generals and the rest of the brass looking on..
The sound of the young male voices were like thunder...

I was thinking to myself " Who can lay waste to this force?" I was 18... I was proud..
I was strong....I would have given my life for my country..

I was ignorant...

I ask folks now " If this country was invaded by another force or country, Would you be
called a freedom fighter or an insurgent terrorist?" You can see the wheels turning as they ponder.... It is all a matter of semantics the "elitists" use to sway the public...
It is a rare thing indeed to find folks who are self motivated to find and search for
truth... To "think outside the box"

When you really break it down.... Most are full of fear...
What will my family think?
What will my friends think?
What will my co-workers think?
So the fear of the unknown and constant entertainment... I.e. Survivor, Desperate housewives,

Etc. Etc. Keeps them at the grindstone... While they are meticulously, and methodically
enslaved with their own earnings through taxation...

All the while putting their faith in some candidate who they feel will liberate them from some problem, or war, or economic struggle.... Who once in office, will serve himself and his/her
corporate buddies or secret society brother... And laugh with their satanic friends about
the ignorance of the masses... The point that completely blows me away is, It is a very
small percentage of folks who are doing this to not only this country, But the world!!!

In my mind this will not change until people start to go hungry in masse, or Messiah comes
In either case it will be an extreme revolution!!!
May we be found worthy to stand in that day

Matt in Rochester said (January 20, 2007):

There is no doubt that everything we see unfolding in the world today is unfolding according to script, and was planned that way long ago by those behind the curtain. I can only once again revert back to the statement made by FDR, when he stated that nothing happens by chance in politics, and if it happens, it was likely planned to happen that way. This is probably one of the most, and one of the few truthful statements made by any president in the past hundred years.

There is no doubt that people like Ahmadinejad are total puppets for the Elite's globalist agenda, and were put into position to do exactly what they're doing now. Most people who buy into this farcical, so-called "War on Terror," don't take into consideration that Iran is a third-world country, is ten years away from developing a nuclear weapon, and, to this date has no system of delivery for such a weapon. Yet, Ahmadinejad continues to shoot his mouth off with one of the most powerful militaries in the world just two countries away to the west, who are just waiting to sink their teeth in. This would lead most of us to believe that either Ahmadinejad is insane or stupid, or is doing exactly what he has been told by his globalist NWO handlers to do.

When it's understood that the current situation in the Middle East was planned almost a decade ago, and well before 9/11 by the neo-Marxist, neo-Trotskyite PNAC neocons, it becomes even more clear just how staged this all is. How convenient is it that, all of a sudden, almost seemingly on cue, this man comes out from the woodwork only to play right into the hands of the people who have had Iran in their cross-hairs for almost the past decade. I think it seems just a bit too convenient.... for the global elite, that is.

As I am sure most of us already know, all major wars and global events in modern history have been manufactured according to the Hegelian dialectic, where two sides which are apparently opposed to one another (yet are under the control of the same banking elite) are funded accordingly and pitted against one another to achieve the desired outcome, or, synthesis. This has been the basis for every major war fought in the past century, and most likely well before that as well. What's going on today is certainly nothing new.

Dan in Houston said (January 20, 2007):

Recently a feud between Donald Trump and Rosie O'Donnell made their ratings go up.

A grown man who's supposed to be an expert in sales and marketing mentioned the Trump O'Donnell nonsense to me the other day, as if it's a real thing. I said, "but that's just a public relations stunt". He was silent for a moment and looked confused. He'd never thought of that, though I think he realized quickly that it's obvious. I think I embarassed him. He gives seminars teaching entrepreneurs to do similar subterfuges...though the seminar business people don't think of their tactics as subterfuge. Most of them don't. They think it's just business. They rationalize it, and have blinders on to the moral implications. Lying is lying.

As Lincoln said,
"How many legs does a dog have if you call the tail a leg?"
"Four. Calling a tail a leg doesn't make it a leg".

A local PR firm boasts on their homepage:
Once a story is deemed as newsworthy by a reporter, news exposure can be one of the most lucrative means of promotion, reputation building and branding. News coverage secures a third- party endorsement from the news media that gives you instant credibility.

Reality is what you make it to this mindset. They're saying they create impressions of 'news', on behalf of a client, and manipulate that exposure to promote an illusion of 'credibility'.

It's not so much of a stretch consider that war and seige mentality can be promoted by creating an enemy. Just create a little 'news' too.
Blow something up and say that 'they' did it. It's just standard public relations--with the last vestiges of humanity pulled out.

Erol from Turkey said (January 20, 2007):

I agree with your suspicion regarding Mr.Chavez.

As many readers may remember, Argentina suffered a terrible economic crisis in 2002 as a result of the evil policies imposed by the IMF and conducted by the local puppet governments. Argentina defaulted on almost two thirds of
its debt and Argentinians lost a large chunk of their lifetime savings when the banking system collapsed. The people of Argentina were robbed on a titanic scale.

Three years after the collapse, Mr.Chavez came up with the idea of helping Argentina's economy with Venezuelan oil money. Venezuela bought huge sums of Argentina bonds, allowing Argentina to pay off its debt to IMF much earlier than scheduled.

Again, to the surprise of many, Brazil
paid off its debt to IMF, two years ahead of the schedule. It looked as if these three countries had a secret solidarity against the evil IMF.

Mr.Chavez is also using Venezuelan oil money to assist other Latin American nations in developing independence and a more integrated Latin American
economic system. Don't be surprised if one day South American countries decide to use a common currecy similar to Euro.

If you look from a broader perspective, all these South American nations seem to come together against a common enemy, which reminds us of the
ultimate goal of the New World Order: One World Government.

Also, Mr.Chavez held up a book by Noam Chomsky during the General Assembly of the United Nations when he likened Mr.Bush to the devil. That plug pushed the book up to the top of the bestseller's list. Mr.Chomsky is a well known phoney anti-Globalist. He supports the offical 9/11 story.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at