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Leo Zagami: 21/12/12 starts "Seven Years of Tribulation"

December 20, 2012


(Illuminati Defector Leo Zagami) 

In 2006 he said:

"The cosmic alignment on the 21st of December 2012 gives you six years to prepare... So its about time you all wake up and fight for your right to stay free under one God before they take complete control and start persecuting the true believers in the one God. "

Illuminati insider and whistle blower Leo Zagami,42, sounded this urgent alarm on this site in 2007.  The Illuminati seem a little behind schedule in their plans to "Nazify the West," but not by much. On Dec. 20 2012 --  I had a Skype interview with Zagami in Italy. Here are the main points which I report without judgment:

- Despite reports to the contrary, Leo says he returned to the Masonic fold in order to rouse Masons of conscience to oppose its objectives. He says he has garnered the support of 200 Master Masons who have joined his lodge which is opposed to the NWO. He is not welcome in normal Masonic lodges.

-  Europe is experiencing social unrest due to the economic downturn. Leo has achieved considerable recognition in Italy. He has thousands of supporters and has formed an alliance with former PM Berlusconi against the current Bilderberg appointed PM Mario Monti, who has just resigned. There will be an election in late Feb when Leo expects to enter parliament.  In fact he had just concluded a long interview with Berlusconi's TV network when we spoke at 12.30 am Dec 21, Italian time. 

-- Leo stands by the predictions below. He says the world is entering a seven year period of "tribulation" which will include social unrest and turmoil, financial upheaval and war in the Middle East. North America has been sheltered but this will not last. He expects we will "see the light" in 2019 but he "doesn't know how many will survive." He mentioned the plan to eliminate 3/4 of world's population.

-- Leo believes Pope Benedict is the anti-Christ. He says his opponents and the Vatican are in league against Berlusconi. The Pope excommunicated Berlusconi

-- He says the Satanists have immense power and control. "They have the best Cabalists, magicians, exorcists." You have to play the game. Out of bad, good can emerge.

-- Leo drew my attention to Russian PM Medvedev's recent comments about an "alien invasion." He said these demons are living among us. Leo said a delegation of Italian legislators were invited to Moscow to learn more. 

--  Leo has written a trilogy on the conspiracy which has sold 10K copies in Italy and 100K in Japan. He said the visit he made to the USA in 2008 to mobilize resistance disillusioned him. He attracted only lightweights looking for a fast buck. 

-- Leo mentioned the Cabalist concept of the "egregore" - the idea that concerted thought can take a concrete form. Essentially it is the power of negative thinking. He urged people to resist by thinking and acting in a positive fashion. (See, Makow, The God that Serves Elite Jews)   

Here is the 2007 article which he stands by. The significance of 21/12/12

is that it is the beginning of seven years of turmoil. Do not expect to see it right away unless you count Newtown and Sandy and the fact that the DJIA is currently now down 100 because Boehner didn't have the votes to present his Plan B. The economy is improving but it looks like they will kill it. People still in denial about going over the fiscal cliff. 


by Henry Makow Ph.D. 

According to Leo Zagami, the Illuminati plan to "Nazify" the West by the year 2012 and persecute all believers in God, using the pretext of war, terror and economic collapse.

The scion of an ancient Illuminati family, Zagami rebelled in June 2006. He'd had enough of the horrifying Satanic, black magic rituals, mind control and torture that was going on inside the lodges, behind closed doors.

On his website, he posted names of high ranking Masons who are ready to do battle with the Satanists.

"These are the end times; it's no joke," Zagami says in an January 3, 2007 interview on his website. 

"The cosmic alignment on the 21st of December 2012 gives you six years to prepare... So its about time you all wake up and fight for your right to stay free under one God before they take complete control and start persecuting the true believers in the one God. 

"...Get your swords and get ready to fight to defend your faith or perish...This is a war against Satan so please wake up in the western countries or you might wake up in a nightmare one morning in December 2012."

"From 2010 you will start feeling the big changes in the air more and more but in 2012 you will have the clear evidence of the end of this civilization in front of your eyes....the total NAZIFICATION of the western countries by 2010 before the economic situation starts to badly crack for everyone. 

Then social tension will hit a peak never seen before and internal conflicts could eventually become in 2012: CIVIL WAR!"

"Are you ready to die for God and your belief in a positive change for the world or are you all a bunch of cowards in the hands of the devil, just talking and talking with no sense of reality?"

As an ex-member of the Comitato Esecutivo Massonico - Masonic Executive Committee (MEC) of Monte Carlo, Zagami was, until recently, a true insider, a 33rd degree Freemason, and a high-member of the infamous Freemasonic P2 (Propaganda Due) Lodge. 

He was the "prince", prepared to take over from the older Illuminati "king", Licio Gelli.


Zagami describes the world as "a global puppet show in the hands of the usual families of idiots, who usually never change their ways century after century."

"They all work together, including Hugo Chavez who really is helping Bush's agenda by his theatrical performances," said Zagami. 

Chavez is controlled by the Vatican and working with the New World Order as are all other leaders of the world's major government's and religions.

"This is how they operate with the top layers working together for one purpose in what they think is the perfect cover-up. Wahabi or Wahibi [the Saudis] were created by the Zionists and their English friends who think they are the lost tribe of Israel. The same happened with Arafat and the so-called Muslim Brotherhood created by the English intelligence."

Of course, the Muslim Brotherhood also might be behind Iranian leaders and the leaders of the Iraqi Insurgency. It's all theater put on for the yokels.

In an email to me Sunday, Leo called the Iraq-Iran-Israel conflict a "foreign intelligence show" and Ahmaninejad a "well known Satanist with no real connection to Islam."  


He said Putin's conflict with the Rothschilds is also a "charade." He is also Illuminati controlled. 

Zagami challenges his former colleagues in Freemasonry to "go public with your pagan satanic worship and your black magic, you bunch of cowards, that's what I say to them. The European aristocracy has always been ruled by sorcery and black magic ...have always used black magic and evil forces ... for domination over their own citizens. They learned these satanic ways from their Masters in Rome who got them in turn from the Greeks, the Egyptians, the's a never ending tale of constant manipulation...of mankind."

He says G.W. Bush is the son of "the most powerful man in the illuminati and he was built by his father and the CIA to become the ultimate Antichrist Vatican Zionist puppet;..."

"Anton LaVey founder of the Church of Satan and Mind War controller of the CIA was a close friend of George H. Bush, and they planned together the satanic future of his son George W.Bush and the coming of the age of Satan after 9/11 a long time ago when LaVey was still alive."

He says 666 is everywhere these days: "the Hebrew equivalent of our "w" is the letter "vav" or "waw". The numerical value of vav is 6. So the English "www" transliterated into Hebrew is "vav vav vav", which numerically is 666. 

And you definitely can't have a business these days without a website WWW, then we have the video surveillance and last but not least the micro chipping coming up. 

"The micro chipping will be the ultimate Mark of the Beast and will put us fully in the hands of Satan and his evil controllers ready for Armageddon against the Messiah. So we need to rebel before that to help the coming back of the real Messiah."

"All religions are corrupted by the illuminati these days including most of Islam, the Jews, the Evangelical, Protestant and the Born-Again side of Christianity, all ruled secretly by Freemasonry, the intelligence services, the Knights of Malta and last but not least the usual Jesuits so genuine [religious] dialogue is almost impossible."


Leo Zagami sees himself as "the last idealist in the Illuminati." 

It is a hopeful sign that courageous and decent men like him should appear at this time. It would be a far greater sin to spurn a genuine hero than to be taken in by an impostor. At the same time, the Illuminati has always feigned divisions: FDR, Hitler all championed the "people."

The elite is building an abattoir before our eyes: the New World Order. The events of 9-11 are proof of their intent to use it. 

We have a choice: To go like sheep to the slaughter, or to take Zagami's advice, and prepare. 



Tue., January 9, 2007: This groundbreaking interview exposes the real devious and diabolical activities of the Illuminati, using Freemasonry, Opus Dei, the Jesuits, the Vatican and other secret societies to do its dirty work. Leo Zagami, a Sicilian aristocrat who was a 33rd degree Mason and affiliated with the P2 Lodge of Monte Carlo, broke ties with the Illuminati in June and now is going public with inside information never before told. You will be shocked when you hear Zagami name high level names and places, connecting Satanism to members of the U.S. government, the Vatican and Jesuits. Zagami also told listeners how the Jesuits are the "mind" behind the New World Order and how the puppets of the American government are selling out their country, giving complete loyalty to Rome. Listen to an interview with Leo Zagami on Red Ice 

Here is an August 2012 interview. 


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Comments for "Leo Zagami: 21/12/12 starts "Seven Years of Tribulation" "

Anthony said (December 21, 2012):

There is something decidedly fishy about this guy, but if he's for real, and really a Trillionaire kid, it is clear that he will have a very different mentality then 'normal' people.

But his statement that 'you must play the game, out of bad can come good' is way off the mark. The bad can be transformed (that's why we have 6 billion sinners here), but not by playing their game. As long as we play our own games, or are being played in the games of others, we're dead. The bad become good by stopping doing bad things. Doing bad things will not make us good.

To me he sounds like bad news. He's alive after all. The Rothschilds have killed several of their own that went out of line. What was the name of that guy that ended up in a Hotel tub? Victor Rothschild?

It's an interesting read though. To be honest, in the backside of my mind (where I put stuff I can't solve), the idea that today may be important as indeed the beginning of a new era, but also of the final battles before that new era can manifest, had also been growing and he does confirm that.

Take care today and keep your shoes on, God only knows where we will be going!

Paul said (December 21, 2012):

I’m still here !!!!!!!! – I’m on EST +5 and its already 21 December !

I just looked out the window. No tsunami, mushroom cloud or earthquake – and the only johnnie I see dancing in the road in wierd dress and bright colours aint no Mayan shaman – it’s a drunk dressed as Santa, dodging the rain and trying to lurch back into the boozer (pub)...

We made it
...famous last words..

Tony B said (December 20, 2012):

I don't buy this guy, Henry. He spews disinformation to have people fear every last group, leaving no hope except to act only individually with no real plan and even then to just pray, etc. with no real worldly opposition to the agenda. (This is not to imply that prayer is not the most powerful weapon true Christians have at their disposal, it definitely is that.)

Still, this guy is just too damned anti Catholic with no backup proof of any kind. Dead give away in my book. He knows that know-nothing Protestants will leap on that and milk it forever. I remember "Mady" de Shismareff, who was not part of any organized religion, stating that it was not any army who kept the USSR communists from overrunning Europe in WW2, it was the invincible spirit of the Catholic Church, the Catholic people and no one else. No one else had the power to stop the evil in its tracks.

Granted, the Church has been largely subverted since V2 and its present infiltrator head is anything but Catholic, yet the Church stands, as Christ said it would, until the end of the world.

When someone puts the bulk of the onus for what is going on in the world on the Catholic Church I see a fake with a diversionary agenda.

Joe said (December 20, 2012):

I think this guy is a plant. I have seen his videos and read some of the articles about him. Its to convenient that someone at his level would be aloud to leave such an organization, and still be alive after six years. They killed Alberto Ribera the ex jesuit for far less.

Dan said (March 25, 2008):

Leo's information is most intriguing when he's detailing the earthly organizational network of the European lodges, Vatican banking and associated Catholic orders, and the Mafia. Thats real, strictly human and non-metaphysical stuff. On that aspect he's highly convincing.
He's such a flamboyant character seen through American eyes, though if you've known native Sicilian men that's native behavior. Braggadocio, bold provocative statements, part of the culture. I think on first impression to Americans like me his persona can come off as a bit to mardis gras to be taken seriously. As I said though, I've known a few Sicilians, Italians, Greeks. (

I also think that the north American perception of masonry and the Illuminati has focused too much on the mystical occult questions about them and not enough on the fact that these are part of well established and very earthly networks of covert power. Corruption. I mean there's the public governments - and the hidden government. The established religions as they appear to the faithful - and the hidden side of them as business and political intrigue. Military intelligence services - and organized crime networks. 'As above, so below'.

In a good interview, he sounds like one of the most rational and well informed people around on these matters. I appreciate that I've never heard him lapse into implications of shape shifters, extraterrestrials, or 'the devil'.
Americans have a justifiable reputation for being more naive than Europeans. Read the comments on most blogs on these matters and they refer to Hollywood occult thriller movies as if these were research references on the Illuminati. I'm sure the American establishment likes it that way, and that's why we've been saturated with - occult thriller movies since the 1950's.

During the first half century of the United States, there was a viable anti-masonic resistance at the level of a popular movement. Anti-masons were a force within the elected government itself prior to the Civil War. I've read correspondence of Washington himself concerning his opposition to infiltration of American politics by the European Illuminati. He made a distinction between American Blue Lodge Freemasonry and the Illuminati of his time - he considered the latter simple political intrique carried out by London and the royal families of Europe to undermine the fledgling independent country, who's aim was 'the separation of the people from their government', ie, our handles on self-government.
None of the Anti-Mason's history or statements were concerned with anything occult or demonic about the conspiracy. For them it was strictly political intrigues, plots, and corruption.

I hope Leo can focus upon writing out as much of his knowledge of the earthly network as he can, and also hope that once he's here that he doesn't succumb to pubic relations considerations of emphasizing what the biggest commercial audience here expects or wants to hear. I mean, it's unfortunate that his best information is too complex for say - the Alex Jones crowd. The average American wants too much Hollywood with their truth. He seems to have details of benefit to serious researchers concerning the nuts and bolts of the machine - though I'm afraid that part goes right over the heads of most listeners, who prefer to hear about secret Satanic rituals and the supernatural than - for example - the complex workings of international money laundering.

Mark said (March 24, 2008):

It's delightful to see more coverage of Leo Zagami's material on your
website. I believe this is definitely someone worth listening to.
Though it's certainly possible he's not 100% above board, I appreciate
many of his insights and the issues he raises. The lengthy interview
he did with Eric Jon Phelps on Greg Szymanski's show was a real treat:

Henry, I get the impression some of your readers don't understand the
concept of spiritual protection. They erroneously believe that anyone
who stands up to seemingly powerful dark forces must necessarily be
destroyed by those forces. God perhaps believes otherwise!

We are co-creators: what we expect, we will tend to manifest. This is
why it's increasingly important (with the acceleration to 2012
underway) to be careful what we give our time and attention to.

I appreciate your maturity in not "overlooking Zagami's invaluable
testimony over an academic disagreement." Touché!

Caroline said (March 24, 2008):

f Leo Zagami is right about anything he is dead-on about the Vatican.

The Luciferian secret society, the Carbonari, known as the Alta Vendita, wrote a set of Permanent Instructions, or Code of Rules, which appeared in Italy in 1818. It stated:

"…It becomes the duty of the secret societies to make the first advance to the Church, and to the pope, with the object of conquering both. The work for which we gird ourselves is not the work of a day, nor of a month, nor a year. It may last for many years, perhaps a century… What we must ask for, what we should look for and wait for, as the Jews wait for the Messiah, is a pope according to our wants. We require a pope for ourselves, if such a pope were possible. With such a one we shall march more securely to the storming of the Church, than with all the little books of our French and English brothers."

From the same document:

"In a hundred years time… bishops and priests will think they are marching behind the banner of the keys of Peter, when in fact they will be following our flag… The reforms will have to be brought about in the name of obedience."

Pope Leo XIII, Dall'Alto (# 2), Oct. 15, 1890:

"It is needless now to put the Masonic sects upon their trial. They are already judged; their ends, their means, their doctrines, and their action, are all known with indisputable certainty. Possessed by the spirit of Satan, Jesus Christ and of His work; and they endeavor by every means to overthrow and fetter it."

Pope Leo XIII, In Ipso (# 1), March 3, 1891:

"Nevertheless, it grieves us to think that the enemies of the Church, joined in most wicked conspiracy, scheme to weaken and even, if possible, utterly wipe out that wondrous edifice which God Himself has erected as a refuge for the human race."

A priest and former canon-lawyer, Fr. Roca (1830-1893), who was excommunicated said: "The papacy will fall; it will die under the hallowed knife which the fathers of the last council will forge." Roca also said: "You must have a new dogma, a new religion, a new ministry, and new rituals that very closely resemble those of the surrendered Church. The divine cult directed by the liturgy, ceremonial, ritual and regulations of the Roman Catholic Church will shortly undergo transformation at an ecumenical Council."


I strongly believe that the Vatican II "ecumenical" Council changed the Church to not only be un-Christian, but it also encourages the worship of man(sound familiar?) Have you noticed that the current and the last pope have both called for the New World Order? Communists and Freemasons have taken my dear Church right out from under my feet and yet so many people blindly follow Satan disguised as a great religious leader. I hope that soon Christians will wake up to the fact that they are right in the center of the Satanic New World Order.

Here is a picture of Pope John Paul II with the "bent" or "twisted" crucifix (satanic):

"L" said (March 27, 2007):

Leo Zagmi is OTO - Ordo Templi Orientali. The masters of the OTO, Henry, do not 'come out' and start telling the secrets. People who even contemplate stuff like that fall victim to unfortunate events of the type that befell Lucifer's lovers in Roman Polanski's "Nine Gates." His 'increased security' is going to prevent this?. I mean, really, this is a joke on the materialists, for people who have no concept that the battle is waged and decided on the spiritual planes. Lucifer doesn't need an assassin or a human agent on the material plane to kill someone who has foresworn the blood oaths of the Nos Feratu. You do realise this, I hope. This is just theatre of the "clash of civilisations" and in the script, Zagmi gets to play a good guy for The Secret Masonry,. which reserves for itself the good guy / Angel of Light roles. Alice Bailey wrote about the good guy roles in The Secret Masonry's Great Work script - her book The Externalisation of the Hierarchy. Actually, it should occur to you that Leo gets to play a very good guy vis a vis the resistance to NWO and the Muslim Brotherhood part of the The Agentur. I really like that Illuminati Rebel stuff. Now this is a good script. Lucifer may be ruined entirely but his sense of humour is well - diabolical. And doesn't Zagmi look the part? I guess that would be a foregone conclusion given the Khazar ancestry and an angelic bloodline. And his site is equally steeped in Luciferian humour: lots of thelemic trance mantras, masonic watchwords and names of the people who in the social masonry who are being outed as bad guys in the clash of civilisations script. They are going to exit stage left and right. This is the real wolf Nos Feratu stuff of the Secret Masonry. You can see a pretty good version of it in the film: "Revelation", the fate of the 'traitors'. This movie depicts the gospel of the Anti Christ, but it also depicts certain facts. The death of those who betray the Nos Feratu are one of those facts. This was the fate of the Count of the Bhorghese who warned the Church just after the antipapacy consolidated power after the 1963 Conclave. Maybe, he thought he would get to play a good guy in the Script for the Secret Masonry within the Prieure but when he saw what had happened in the 1958 and 1963 Conclaves, he decided he wanted to be a Catholic afterall. The revelation of Lucifer directly and without the Angel of Light FX does tend to have that effect on people. And he warned the Church and probably helped to get Siri's hierarchy out of Rome. He met exactly the same fate as the Martel family in "Revelation". Only this was reported in the press. Benedict knows this. He has prayed publicly for strength "when the wolves come." The hoodwinked among the novus ordinarians think the reference is to the wolves among the flock of Biblical Reference. But he means the wolves of the Nos Feratu. As in the blunt statement of The Secret Masonry in The Protocols: "we are wolves." So they are. And there is nothing wrong with the truth. Their truth, however, opposes God and his Kosmos and the new heaven and new earth now abourning in these our troublous times.

Zagmi's dysinformation fits in with that part of the Script that calls for the elimination of the social and gentile masonry of The Agentur. The fall of the twin towers being the sign of The Secret Masonry to their Agentur. Jachin and Boaz, the twin pillars of masonry fell as a masonic watchword and sign that the Agentur of the social masonry, gentile masonry will be eliminated. The war of the Kapital, its rationalisation (a Marxist term from vol 3 of The Kapital) into the hands of The Secret Masonry is coming back to their hands with interest, the Order of the Luciferian world throne ab chao is emerging in the politcal apex integrating / eliminating all the lower trapezoids. A good book on the OTO is Craig Heimbichner, Blood on the Altar available from Amazon.

The OTO is currently persecuting the gaiaguys in Australia. They may already have been murdered, at any rate, they can not be contacted by anyone. And Mario over at posted their call for help on Their website is still up, because it would draw too much attention for it to just disappear and could be retrieved from cyberspace anyway. Now the gaiaguys are serious about outing the Luciferians of theOTO on I fear they have paid a terrible price. And they are very brave.

Chris in Australia said (January 11, 2007):

My own BS meter went into deep red on this one! What do we do with this stuff? The "ruling elite" control us by the use of elite mind-control coercion (primarily the mainstream media) designed to push and prod "the talking beasts" into doing what the elite want them to do.

An example of patient gradualism is the mass acceptance of usury (historically forbidden by serious "Christians and "Moslems") argued by its revered well-heeled apologists in the press as an "important fiducial instrument." Usury (minus the ancient customary all-is-forgiven 50 year Jubilee Cycle) has engorged the East and West right down to the "empowered women" of Bangladesh locked forever into the daily cycle of "micro-credit." Another example of "ideal cultivation" is the "glorification of war" as a "nation-building exercise where boys become men," fighting battles for the noblest intentions by "all freedom loving people" who must destroy "the Evil Ones."

Leo's peculiar mix of "cock-on-the-dung-hill" conspiracy machinations and "true" revelations are a juicy (but well documented) tell-all for keen "conspiracy theorists." We were warned in Eric Blair's Big Brother when the "independent thinking" Winston (and his woman) were totally hoodwinked by the anti-establishment diatribes of his clever controller. Leo's "outing" of the "Illuminati" reads like "throwing the dogs a bone!"

The Chavez reference is particularly troubling. Reminds me of the generational psyops, "Gaddafi dunnit" and "Get Castro." Chavez may be a vassal of the NWO, but in the meantime essays written by local "left" writers (who I would describe as "humane, caring and truthful") maintain that the genuine poor in Venezuela never had it so good. But then again, dialectically, the Welfare State is a masterful instrument of control where vast numbers of people become silent sycophantic dependents of State hand-outs and largesse.

Personally, I believe that Hugo Chavez's wealth distribution policies are a real threat to the global autocratic moneychangers agenda who manipulate our collective selfishness with compromised politicians. This could explain this classic piece of conspiracy "disinfo agitprop" designed to tarnish the Chavez 'Robin Hood' image within the "NWO alternative" community. N.B. classic disinfo is a clever mix of fact and selected fiction.

Forgive my cynicism Henry, but something deep inside me says "I just don't buy it."

Keep up the good work,

All the best,

Christopher Day in Melbourne, Australia

Pedro said (January 10, 2007):

It took me a long time and effort to separate an
individual from his/her skin color, religion and
political affiliation; nationalism from imperialism; zionism from judaism. The distinctions of real importance lie hidden beneath the ground and pioneers like yourself help us see them.

Mr. T said (January 10, 2007):

Back in the 80's a rock group / band called, "Mike and The Mechanics",
wrote and and played a song which was immortalized on MTV in video for as well.

Although I am not sure of what the meaning is by the writters and co authors of
this music / song.... It is my deep opionion they were speaking to us all regarding a violent struggle that would eventually take place somewhere in the world. Posibbly considering the New World order or the Illuminati.

People should be aware that allegiances to the skull and cross bones are very real,
the Free Mason, Knights of Columbus and other organizatiions do practice and awear allegiance
to Satan. It is true!

I am not a memeber but do know some who are and have told me of secret "knocks" to get in to
meetings, secret information that they swear by that they are never to tell anyone and the rituals
are quite distrubing to ay the least (i.e., being blind folded and passing many tests) with the exclusive promise of never discussing with anyone (not even family memebers).

I will say I am a Christian and will die for my engage the Born Again movement as part of this group is possible, but I only will pray, and give testimony to Jesus Christ. Now there is a great imposter who is coming on the scene who will claim to be God Incaranate and perform great and wonderful miracles onlt to decieve many "even the elect". I agree with the article!

Here are part of the lyrics:

(Mike and the Mechanics)

Take the children and yourself
And hide out in the cellar
By now the fighting will be close at hand
Don’t believe the church and state
And everything they tell you
Believe in me, I’m with the high command

Can you hear me, can you hear me running?
Can you hear me running, can you hear me calling you?
Can you hear me, can you hear me running?
Can you hear me running, can you hear me calling you?

There’s a gun and ammunition
Just inside the doorway
Use it only in emergency
Better you should pray to God
The Father and the Spirit
Will guide you and protect from up here

Alex said (January 9, 2007):

I have guns, guts, and GOD. Even if they come for me in the darkest dark of night, unless they mini-nuke the whole house (which wouldn't go over very well in the neighborhood), I Will take One, Two, maybe even THREE of the misguided sons of some poor Jewish/Christian/Muslim/Pagan/Illuminati/Satanist "mother" with me into the depths of Eternity. If THAT should transpire, I, of course, will leave it up to GOD ALMIGHTY to judge the actions of all of us in that situation.

Bottom line, I may fight them on my lawn, but I refuse to bow down to them in the Public Square, the Marketplace, or the Church/Synagogue/Temple. I leave it up to the Creator of All to use me as HE Wills, and save me and my miserable sinning soul at the Time of HIS Choosing.

James said (January 8, 2007):

Dear Mr Makow,

Re: Illuminati Rebel Issues Dire Warning. Its not that I wish to be a cynic; but how is a simple man to know that Mr. Zagami is not an insider still and remains loyal to group?

In 1996 a NWO card game was released that depicted many of the events to follow (i.e. 911) One of the final event cards* depicted hippies standing over a cop. One hippy had evidently broken a peace sign over the cops back
and he was down like a dog. What is the meaning if this card except to suggest that the masses would be stirred to revolt? By Whom? one may ask.

Recently on Fox News, John Gibson was interviewing Danny Bonaduce and Gibson
let it slip that 30% of the US public believe 911 was an inside job. This is a very odd admission for an agency that wishes to hide the facts of 911 at all costs. - especially when it is not demonstrably true on the street.

But he lent so much credibility to the movement by that statement, I cannot believe it was not in line with planning. There have been many other similar items inconsistent with a crime that was truly intended to remain hidden.

Why does Fox continue to have 911 guests on when they repeatedly get the best of the hosts? And then there is CNN and Alex Jones/Charlie Sheen via
Showbiz Tonight and their online poll. Ted Turner is hardcore NWO . Why should CNN permit this except that it is wanted?

Then we have Lou Dobbs and Keith Olberman fanning the flames. Are they turning around now also?

Re 911. All the evidence was left in the wide open. It seems likely that the 911 truth movement is part 2 of the ultimate pie in the face. Your rebel insider is perhaps a change agent.

David Livingstone said (January 8, 2007):


I agree with what Zagami says. I think he is right. The Illuminati is likely headed in the Vatican. I believe Phelps did some important research, but he was wrong to suppose that the conspiracy was Catholic. It is occult, and directly against anyone, including any sincere Catholics.

The Jesuits came before the Illuminati, and derived from the Allumbrados, the precursors of the Illuminati. Loyola was a conversos Jew.

This also conforms to Svali's account of Satanic rituals beneath the Vatican. She also mentioned the date of 2012.

Actually, from my studies, I've come to realize that the Illuminati are not just the bankers. More importantly, they are the aristocracy. Specifically, the Order of the Garter. This is an order of Witchcraft, of which the Queen is the head, and which goes back to the fourteenth century. It was started by Edward III.

More specifically, it is believed to go back to John of Gaunt. Interestingly, Rowling, author of Harry Potter, though she denies any affiliation to the occult, features a family of Gaunt.

Their descendants were all involved in the war of the Rose. The Illuminati is also known as the Order of the Rose.

The rose is a Kabbalistic symbol, mentioned in the Zohar as being a symbol of the "Jewish congregation".

It's all about the rose. It means rose-cross, or red cross of the Templars. It is found in rose-line, or Rosslyn, the Chapel of the Sinclairs. And, as strange as this may sound, red hair is their characteristic feature. It is a sign of descent from the Edomites, or more specifically, the Scythians of southern Russia, who were the Lost Tribes. They were known to the Jews of the Middle Ages as Red Jews. They later became Khazars. All the leading bloodlines of Europe descend from them. That's the point of Brown's book, that Da Vinci, painted the Magdalene with red hair, it is the ultimate signal.

The rose refers to the Satanic bloodline. This is the essence of it, because from it is supposed to issue the anti-Christ. This is what I have followed in my book. I know it is intricate, but this is how we discover it. You will find that a single bloodline, through intricate intermarriage, has shaped much of modern history, as part of an occult conspiracy to overturn the worship of God.

It's like Svali said, the Illuminati is headed by the Rothschilds, but also the English royal family, and the Habsburgs. It's all about the bloodline.

Phil said (January 8, 2007):

Dear Mr Makow, it's always a pleasure to read your articles, especially the ones exposing feminism. In regard to the latest I read about Zagami and the Illuminati, and your mention of 666, are you aware of the co-relationship between 666 and FOX news ? Virtually the only word in the English language that could be created from these numbers is FOX.

F = 6th letter in the alphabet

O = 15th letter 1+5 = 6

X = 24th letter 2+4 = 6

An incredible co-incidence or by design?

Ben in Australia said (January 8, 2007):

An interesting article. I simply can't buy the cheap and unreliable information that Zagami is selling. I agree wholeheartedly with Jean's
comment, and was very impressed with Richard's. It seems like Zagami has demonised so many opponents of the NWO,[Chavez, Ahmaninejad] and lumped them into the same category as the actual evil-doers; surprise, surprise. Secondly, if he
wasn't a paid misinformist, a bullet would've been lodged in his skull before he even muttered the word 'Illuminati'. This whole thing just doesn't add up.

Finally, and to me, most importantly, he actually expects us to believe that George W. Bush is THE Anti-Christ! GW is nothing but a puppet,plain and simple. He doesn't have the intelligence, nor the physical form, to be the Beast. This is just another attempted diversion. I'm of the firm
belief that the Anti-Christ is yet to emerge. He will be of Jewish or Arabic origin, and will be a tall and largely built individual with physical
resemblance to an actual beast. After reading the interviews on Zagami's site, I am totally convinced that he is fraudulent or a paid misinformist. Everyone is entitled to an opinion.


Chavez and Ahmaninejad may not be real opponents of the nwo. There may be other reasons Zagami hasn't been killed, like genuine internal divisions in the elite.


Tony from Ireland said (January 8, 2007):

Demonising all factions, though I notice that none of the recent zionist leaders from Israel were mentioned, which looks very suspicious to me, is all very nice and simple. It effectively says to people, 'there is no-one and nothing to believe in'. This would tend to sow confusion, dissenchantment and fear - exactly as anyone who wishes to stay in control would want. All a bit too convenient.

Frank said (January 7, 2007):

Many thanks for printing the Zagami piece, Henry. You certainly know how to
open the year with a bang!

It's possible for me to withhold judgement on Leo Zagami himself for reasons
he himself gives: If Hugo Chavez can be an Illuminati agent, so can
anybody including Zagami.

His main thrust is sound. Everyone is surprised about the Vatican/Jesuit
connection only because Catholics aren't scrutinized much. Anyone can find
out that the Roman Catholic Church has never given up on what they call
"apokatastasis", the conversion of the entire world. Ayn Rand, whatever
she got wrong, was essentially correct when she noted that Global Communism
and the Vatican were rivals with the same basic goals.

Pulling up lists of European and N. American Catholic politicians who are
also members of the Knights of Malta is a pretty depressing experience.
These people are Vatican-firsters who are also taking money from unwitting
taxpayers who have no way of knowing.

The list of influential Catholics who are also obvious NWO operatives is
instructive too. William F. Buckley Jr built an entire career of being "out
of step" and "conservative" and a "deeply religious Catholic" but even a
quick scan of his resume shows him to be a former CIA operative and member
of Yale's Skull & Bones Society (he was inducted in 1950).

Just think how much Buckey's phoney "conservative values" have influenced
people all over the world, not just America. How the Illuminati loves
bogus rebellion even in the oddest places!

Buckley once ended a PLAYBOY interview by declaring, "I know my Savior

Now we can all rightly wonder: Which savior?

Aaron said (January 7, 2007):

I follow your site and find much of what you post illuminating. Reading over this interview with Leo Zagami, however, I can't help but be a little skeptical. When someone starts talking about the existence of demons (jinn) who can shape change into lizards, I put them right in the crackpot category with David Icke.

Asserting the existence of a power-mad global banking cartel, even one whose members worship Satan, is not totally implausible--you don't need to believe in science fiction to entertain the possibility that there are some very twisted people in power. Asserting that they associate with lizard demons is over the top. Do you really believe this part of Zagami's testimony? And if you don't, doesn't it taint the credibility of his other statements?


I reserve judgment on the reptiles. Zagami says many things that are very credible.


Dan said (January 7, 2007):

Okay, I read through his site and that led to some supplemental research. Hate to say it, but with all due respect this guy's a nut case.
On investigation, he fits the profile of what the head of the OTO in Santa Fe referred to as a 'tourist'. That's someone with no geneological creds to get beyond the outer portal, with a delusion that they're a high adept. They move from one occult group to another, and
when the higher members don't genuflect, they make a monkey of themselves and have to be banned.
One symptom is that he hasn't let go of his occult 'status'. He hasn't rejected any of that, he just seems in a phase of self-delusion that
he's powerful and can 'use magick for good'.

That's a symptom of
somebody who was never as 'connected' as he thought he was.

If you ask me, Zagami also fits the profile of one of those Catholic alter boys ('altered' boys) given delusions of grandeur by a pedophile
priest who remained 'friends' with him into young adulthood. Read the part about who sponsored Zagami's getting into a career as a disk jockey.

That he's gotten into a number of Freemasonic and OTO groups is no doubt true (I saw the photos), but reports are that he never got further than
the 'hoodwink', quickly becoming such a nuisance they had to cut him off.

For instance, he contacted all the high Thelema in Europe, UK, and the US, inviting them to a ritual in Egypt, to acknowledge himself as the
incarnation of Crowley and Jesus in one. (While in prison, Timothy Leary also believed for a while that he was the reincarnation of
Crowley--though Crowley died in '48 Leary said he'd absorbed his 'Ka').

Often the practitioners of the occult given out for the profane go loopy like that.

The gist and dates for what he predicts for 2010-2012 are on the right track, though. But if you ask me, nobody needs a crystal ball or secret
insider information to see it at this point.

Brian said (January 6, 2007):

It is well known that the P2 Lodge was created by the Vatican (Pope Jean-Paul II and the Opus Dei) as well as various influentual European and US Christian figures. This is often used as a proof of the "evilness" of the Jesuits but few know that the main objective of the P2 was to set up an alternative international banking system physically based in Argentina and powerful enough to counterbalance the financial empire of the Rothschilds and their relatives.

The Vatican denies this because some members of the P2 were ex dignitaries of the Hitler-Mussolini era (just as Liccio Gelli himself, the official Grandmaster of the lodge.) The operation failed and the world will perhaps never know (I don`t know it myself) how the kabbalist bankers won this secret war with a little help from their Soviet patsies.

People like the Archbishop Marcinkus, Liccio Gelli and Roberto Calvi were mediatised but only as part of a "fascist" cabal or a Vatican Bank money laundering operation. Had the operation been a success, the so-called "neo-conservatives" would probably never have took the White House and entrapped the USA in a suicidal war policy which is threatening to provoke a new planetary slaughter.

Since that time, the Vatican and the Jesuits have lost practically all real political power and will probably never regain it.

Jean from Hungary said (January 6, 2007):

Hello Henry,

Thank you for your latest article I have read with great interest, as always. This time however, my personal opinion differs from your standpoint on Zagami`s "testimony": I`m convinced that the man is one of the many -probably well paid- propaganda agents of the kabbalist "money makers", aka the masters of the western supranational banking system. As you know well, those I refer to are owning the western central banks and stock exchanges and thus control the western economy, including the brainwashing hollywoodian entertainment industry. It`s no more a secret that they also control most of the mainstream media and, therefore, the falsely democratic electoral systems of the western world. Two things point at Zagami as a lier:

Firstly, he diverts the attention from the above mentioned real criminals. Yes, he denounces the „zionists” (he has to, in order to be credible, since they are universally denounced today) but he doesn`t take much risk since few know that zionism is one of the children of the central bankers, just as was communism and is today neo-liberalism” (whose political branch is the unfamous „neo-conservatism”).

Secondly, Zagami is targeting those who precisely resist the elitist and racist agenda of the central bankers and their enemy brothers the western „goyim” globalists: he is trying to smear people like Chavez, Ahmadinejad and Putin who are the worst nightmares of the globalists. Zagami is also denigrating the Jesuits, just as does a certain entertainment industry 100% controlled by people who unfortunately label themselves „Jews”. Believe it or not, the Jesuits are also trying to resist the dark forces although their real power is today close to zero.

It`s not a coincidence that Zagami is most of all denigrating the main resisting forces, aka the main monotheist religions, especially Christianism and Islam: why do you think Zagami is so fiercely doing so, just as did the bolsheviks yesterday and do today those neoliberals, neocons and zionists who constantly refer to their "Jewishness" but do not believe in God?

Norm said (January 6, 2007):

Thanks for all your info... We all appreciate your work...
I just watched a very well done documentary on the history channel about the Mayan culture and history... Seems like their calendar was/is more accurate than ours and their calendar ends in the year 2012..... On Dec 21st... they predicted great turmoil and chaos until the return of "the one" (Messiah) Pretty interesting and incidental taking this story into consideration???? I think we are living in an age of soon coming change...
Exciting and fearful at the same time.... Especially having little ones...
Keep up the good work... I will keep studying and like you try to educate the ones who
will listen...

May you be blessed and protected in all you do.

Richard said (January 6, 2007):

O my, Henry. Was it W.C. Fields or P.T. Barnum who said, “Never give a sucker an even break”? Whichever one it was, it is clear that the illuminati have taken his dictum well..., not to heart, but in hand, and to that cold empty space from which their occult forebears must have ripped it out.

They surely didn’t name the organization [P2] Propaganda due for nothing, my friend.

As you well know, all disinformation must contain elements of truth in order to be effective. Disinformation can be 85 or even 98 percent factual. It’s that last fifteen, or even two percent of lies cloaked in truth where the fatal trap is set, where the dagger is poised to strike. If you are going to be had, that is where it is gonna getcha.

Sure the Jesuits are up there in the power hierarchy, having been a Vatican intelligence agency for five centuries. Yes, the Vatican is in the thrall of satanic pederasts, as is much of the Roman Catholic church. But here in the 21st century, are these institutions even remotely as influential globally as are the controllers of the world’s currency, commodities, military, and media? O gee, let me think a moment...

The church probably takes only second place even in Italy. Divide and conquer: from Sun Tzu to Amschel Mayer Rothschild (né Bauer), it’s the same old siren song. The cabal of bankers and goldsmiths have been using the Jesuits as foils, smokescreens, and agents provacateurs for almost half a millenium, back to the time when the bankers of Genoa and Venice were playing the Ottoman Empire off against the Holy Roman Empire. Recall also that 230 years ago one of the original “Jews for Jesus” was Adam Weishaupt. From a Jewish family, he became a Jesuit prior to founding the Order of the Perfectibilists, later known as the Illuminati. You yourself have pegged him as a Rothschild agent.

In fact, Perfectibilism is a form of philosophical idealism like that espoused by Zagami. The Neocons are also idealists. Muslims are not. Muslims are realists who testify to the unity, ubiquity, omniscience, and omnipotence of the One God, both transcendent and immanent. Zagami, the idealist who claims to be a Sicilian prince (sic), has taken “Khan” as his putatively Muslim surname, Khan being the name or title of the Afghan “royal” or ruling family. That is beyond megalomaniacal. It is farcical. What a poseur. When is his first hip-hop CD being released? Does he have an eponymous line of ready-to-wear clothing yet?

But that is hardly the main point.

There is no way on God’s green earth that Zagami would still be alive if he were truly an illuminati apostate. Illuminati, possibly still. Apostate? No way. Even if he believes he is such a one in his own mind, he cannot be. If he were not in fact spreading the message that his lodge brothers and their puppet masters want him to spread, he would have been dead before you ever heard his name. P2 is not something one gets to leave, even on good terms, ever. And to go public? As if. It is a permanent commitment, a fatal compact of silence.

So Zagami, even if he is simply a fraud or a kook, must be doing the bidding of the illuminati, whether he thinks so or not. If not, if he really were a runaway or a rebel, he would have been found swinging from Blackfriars Bridge in London with bricks in his pocket like Roberto Calvi, or smashed into a pillar under the Pont d’Alma in Paris like Diana of Wales (née Spencer), long, long ago. If he is instead merely an unwelcome outside annoyance, he might suffer a fate similar to Paul Sanford, who was recently thrown from the 11th floor into the atrium lobby of the Monterey Bay Embassy Suites. But he wouldn’t be found flashing P2 gang signs on the internet. He would not have made it out the lodge door.

The relevant question is CUI BONO? Who benefits?

Let’s look at Zagami’s message: “Prepare yourself to fight. Be afraid. Get angry. Arm yourselves. Watch out for the December solstice in 2012.” (By the way, the solstice that year, coinciding with the end of the Mayan long count calendar, their year which marks the alignment of the ecliptic of our solar system with the center of the Milky Way (our) galaxy, looks to be on December 22nd, not the 21st. I guess the P2 illuminati can’t afford the services of a competent astronomer, or even an almanac. But why quibble?

ORDO AB CHAO. That’s the motto of these Kabbalist masons. That, along with BOVI QVIPPE BARI, the Talmudic doctrine inscribed in marble over the fireplace in the inner sanctum of the Skull and Bones tomb on High Street in New Haven, Connecticut.

So they seek to foment chaos to strengthen their rule. And they see us, the Barbarians, the “others” who are not they, the “useless feeders” as Kissinger put it, as Indeed Cattle. Goyim = cattle. Straight out of both the Babylonian Talmud and the Egyptian Talmud, the two canons of Jewish law. To cheat, deceive, and even kill the goyim is not merely permitted, it is a Talmudic obligation. A promise to commit such deeds in the coming year is incorporated into the men’s prayers of Rosh Hashanah, the most sacred day of the Jewish religious calendar, lest there be nothing to report on the next Day of Atonement.

So, regardless of whom you see as the arch-controllers, their goal is all the same – to create chaos: to make people terrified and full of hatred, and to get the maiming and killing going, big time. They see it as their most “sacred” duty. And that is basically the message being spread by Mr. Zagami, self-professed Muslim or no. His message sounds exactly like that of a dutiful, high-ranking lodge brother, rather than any rebel.

Who does he suggest that we the masses prepare to kill, anyway? No doubt, whoever it is, it won’t be the puppetmasters, the only real legitimate targets. Does anyone actually think that the elite will be in the line of fire? Of course not. They will be safely hidden away, as they are now, in the walled enclaves of their estates, lodge fortresses, and military bases. Whether in seaside mansions or mountaintop bunkers, whether on yachts, destroyers, submarines, aircraft, or possibly spacecraft, they will seek to indulge in the same depravities they do now, sodomizing one another while quaffing champagne and snorting coke, while innocent people die at their behest all over Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Sumatra, Nuevo Laredo, or your home town.

It is not by any means just political theatre, Henry. Real people, living, breathing, crying infants, sobbing children, terrified teenagers, baleful women, dismembered men and our mangled elderly are left bereft, suffering horribly, maimed for life or dying agonizing deaths, melted to a black crisp by white phosphorous, or deformed in the womb by depleted uranium, while the masters of war and chaos get off on it. It is a spectacle only to them. And the earth is being poisoned by it physically and spiritually for untold generations. The half-life of depleted uranium, of which the U.S. and Israel have used hundreds of tons in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Lebanon, is 4.5 billion years – longer than the time that earth has existed as a planet.

We ought to be reminding and teaching our own nation’s soldiers and our national guard and police to remember their commitments to protect and serve us, We the People. The fact of our brotherhood and sisterhood under One God is our best and only protection. There aren’t enough private mercenaries available for hire by the war mongers to quell the citizens of Baghdad, no less New York City. They can’t possibly prevail if we just stand fast in the solidarity of our common humanity. It is really that simple.

But fear and panic and the premature ejaculation of hot lead from a gun barrel will surely sow the chaos these evil bastards desire. And no amount of angry, gun toting mobs, or lotus-eating pacifists for that matter, are going to save us from being blasted with depleted uranium artillery shells, or from being nuked by our own cruise missiles. Could the masses have prevented the inside job that was 9/11?

No. Only people inhabiting the highest echelons on the inside could have done that. Inside the Pentagon. Inside the White House. Inside Skull and Bones. Inside Mossad.

Or God.

God could have stopped 9/11. Indeed, with the downing of flight 93, the occult ritualistic mass killing and tower toppling that was 9/11 failed in its mission to decapitate the Capitol Building and the lesser shadows of the U.S. government. As a result, today we still enjoy a very limited measure of residual freedom. But it won’t last for long if we fail in our charge from the Almighty.

God is testing us, testing us to see whether we deserve to survive, whether we are worthy.

How can we demonstrate our worthiness? We can refuse to believe the lies. We can refuse to hate and fear people who speak Arabic, or English, or who are Muslims, or Christians, or Hindus, or Jews. We can refuse to pick up a gun and shoot unless we can see the whites of an enemy’s eyes standing armed before us on our own ground. We can stand that ground together and say “No” to hatred and fear. We can emphatically reject them with our words and by our deeds. That is indeed what we must do, if we wish to survive and ultimately prevail as a human race, to re-assume the mantle God originally offered to Adam.

No pious Muslim would ever call on people to go to war when they are not under attack. The Qur’an explicitly and exclusively endorses only wars of defense. There is even a well known Qur’anic injunction that if one’s enemy offers a truce, even on unfavorable terms, one is obligated to accept the truce rather than to resort to war.

So let us be true to God’s message. Defend our families and ourselves against an enemy that comes to us in person, face to face, if the actual occasion presents itself, yes. But that is a far cry from the satanic suggestion to “cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war” that seems to be “Prince” Zagami Khan’s whispering shtick, which is exactly the same ignoble thing that the exploiting evil ones in our midst have longed for, planned for, and plotted for in recent days, and across so many centuries.

We must be better than that. We must be true to the, yes, One God, by whichever of God’s infinite number of beautiful names we know and accept. That is the task at hand. It is both our greatest challenge, and truth be told, it is as easy as falling off a log.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at