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Feminism Can be Cured (If Diagnosed Early)

December 5, 2019


(Left, Modern womyn, Communist dupes, go feral without healthy heterosexual intercourse. These are incurable,  up a creek without a paddle, but there is hope for less severe cases. See also, Women's Protests are a Cry for Male Love

The New World Order is a fait accompli.  They put "mission accomplished" (annuit coeptis) on the US dollar in 1929.

The Illuminati bankers control the life-blood of the economy, government credit, i.e. currency.  Yet no one is suspicious of their motives for promoting feminism and homosexuality in general? Feminism is Communist in origin.  The goal of Communism has always been to destroy the "bourgeois" i.e. nuclear family.

Most women need a husband's passionate devotion and the intimacy that comes from lifelong marriage.  Anonymous sex cannot compare to married sex. Women (and men) have been sold a bill of goods. 

But the cancer can be fought without radiation. 

Nicole writes:

 I have cited your Rockefeller/Feminism article hundreds of times over the years and I re-read it frequently to counteract the programming! One of my other favorites is your Politically Incorrect Advice for Young Men, which nearly all of my young male friends have received.  An article like this, aimed at women, could be equally powerful as the men's advice.

(updated from Nov 26, 2006)

By Henry Makow Ph.D.

I've had many emails from young feminists cussing me out for things I never said. So I was surprised to hear from "Megan" who actually read and understood my website. She realized feminist indoctrination had made her dysfunctional and she wanted help.

man_asking_woman_to_smile.jpg.653x0_q80_crop-smart.jpg"I am a woman, 20-years-old, who is grossly independent, and grew up with a "no boy can be better than me" complex. I was very capable in school, which my environment encouraged, pushing me to always be smarter, better, faster; having heard all this from such a young age, nothing seemed out of place. An eating disorder, troubled marriage, broken relationship with my mother and other problems later (which the few female friends I have managed to keep also share), it's obvious I need to rethink certain elements of my life: your work has found words for the silent, internal chaos which plagues my generation.

It is ironic to think that people, after having reached full physical maturity, could still need to READ to learn to become something as basic as the gender they were born with--but if we've been raised to be broken, we have to start somewhere.

I've noticed that ... you say [feminists] are lost causes. For all of the lost causes out there, you may want to consider publishing an essay or some material which points to the road of redemption: God knows there are a lot of us, and I'd hate to have the opportunity to heal, written off as "too late," and nothing more."

Megan, congratulations for being so wise and articulate for your years. Here are some ideas:

1. Find a feminine woman, a wife and mother, who is willing to act as your role model and mentor. This is a woman who is glad she has built her life around her husband and children. You might find such a woman in traditional settings, church or ethnic community center. This may be an opportunity to learn about Islam or Hinduism or Christianity. Get the pastor-person to help you find a role model. Obviously, you will decide whom you like.

2. My mother-in-law advised my wife: "Find a man to look after you, but be able to look after yourself." In other words, make husband and family your first priority while pursuing your career interests. If you go to university/college, focus on acquiring a marketable skill. Humanities are an indoctrination in feminist Masonic dysfunction. Ideally, you will marry and start a family before going to university, if you go at all.

3. Don't sleep with anyone unless you are in a loving long-term relationship hopefully leading to marriage. Consecrate yourself to your future husband and children. Date men five-or-more years older who want to get married.  

For intimacy, you must have exclusivity and permanence. Sex is an act of possession. You cannot be possessed by many men and ever belong to one. The ability to love/ trust dies. Your womb is not some stranger's spurinal. [More on sex later.]

4. Stop being "smarter, better, faster" than the men you meet.
To some extent, a woman self-effaces and lives through her husband and children. 

Find a man you naturally look up to, respect and trust. Don't waste time with boys. Men want power; women want love. Heterosexual union involves the exchange of the two: female power (in the worldly sense) for male love (his power expressed as love.) 

A woman loves a man by acquiescing and trusting, not challenging and competing. She gives him the power to grant her wishes (i.e. love her). Of course, he will consult her. Find a man with a powerful positive vision of life in which you have a central place. There is an implied message here for men. Men have to know what they want,  provide leadership and earn trust.

5. Two people don't become one by fighting over the same territory
. Generally speaking, the man "makes the house, the woman makes the home." This division of labor is natural and complementary. Women are designed to have and nurture children. They need men to support them. Learn how to be a homemaker and mother. Develop your personality and skills to be more desirable as a wife and companion.

Once the power-for-love arrangement is established, sex roles don't have to be rigid. The key is that a wife is willing to be First Mate to her Captain because he loves her, looks after her interests and is totally loyal. After that, who does what can be dictated by respective preferences, abilities and practical considerations.


(Rendered psychologically unfit for marriage. Groomed to become lesbians.)

6. Not all women need to marry and have children but the majority do. We are a pair-bonding species. Children represent our organic growth. As recently as fifty years ago, the role of wife and mother was honored. After 1960, society was subjected to an unprecedented campaign of social engineering designed to disparage these roles and make women seek fulfillment in career instead.  Led by the Rockefeller Foundation, this media campaign was made to look spontaneous and "modern." In fact, the goal was to decrease the birth rate and destabilize society by pitting men against women. Divide and conquer. 

Women were taught to abandon their femininity and challenge men for the masculine role. They were taught heterosexuality and family by nature are oppressive to women. Domestic violence was publicized to trample on woman's tender tendrils of trust. As a result, the divorce rate doubled and the birth rate was cut in half. 40% of all births are now out-of-wedlock.

Nicholas Rockefeller admitted to Aaron Russo that his family foundation started Women's Lib to get women out of the home, expand the tax base and indoctrinate the children from a young age. In 2000, Rockefeller foretold Sept. 11 and invited Russo to become part of the coming Fascist state.

The Rockefeller Foundation is also the major sponsor of Planned Parenthood (Formerly "The Eugenics Society") contraceptive research and Feminism. There are 87K hits for the "RF and Women's Studies" on Google. Previously, the Rockefellers sponsored Josef Mengele's research on how to make a human slave at Auschwitz. Feminism is also dedicated to this long-term goal. (See this video on the history of Rockefeller Social Engineering)

7. The sex act is sacred. It is the reenactment of Act of Creation. The man selects and prepares the special ground and plants his seed which represents his spirit. The woman receives and nurtures it.  Ultimately, a child is the fruit of love. Sex is an uplifting experience in this loving context. Don't settle for less.

8. Check out Helen Andelin's book "Fascinating Womanhood" which reminds you that Femininity is an art. Not everything will be relevant to you, but it has many useful hints. Also, check out sites like "Surrendered  Wife" and "Ladies Against Feminism." 

See also this website about healthy womanhood and homemaking.

In conclusion, nature does not give rain checks. The Rockefellers trick women into squandering their most fertile years pursuing a career and debauching themselves sexually. They are part of a natural cycle; the ages of 18-25 are critical to starting a family. In the same way as the apple tree blossoms in the Spring, young women who want families should do so when nature intended.   

Marc White sends these suggestions:  

"I don't know if you're aware of several female Christian blog sites that are excellent."

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---------------------------It's OK to be a Woman 

First Comment from Jennifer:

I would add to No. 4 -Find a man you naturally look up to, respect and trust -Spiritually -But before that - First find a Father or Father Substitute (someone who is at least 20 years older then your man) who you naturally look up to, respect and trust who can screen potential husbands for you.  

Young females are incapable of discerning men because of oxytocin bonding. [Oxytocin is a naturally occurring hormone that is made in the hypothalamus and is stored and released by the posterior pituitary gland in the brain. When released it produces a feeling of love and satisfaction.]

 I always chose [I thought] men I looked up to -they had great qualities, moral, smart, hard-working, athletic and I respected them as human beings and trusted them to do the right thing. But later I learned my trust and respect were oxytocin motivated. When a female is oxytocin addicted she cannot see clearly and its very easy for a man to pretend to be a wonderful person.  

Historically fathers always screened their daughter's potential husbands.  That's why culturally fathers gave away the bride. The father gives the bride to the groom with a handshake -which is an agreement that he approves him. This ceremonial gesture came from an actual meeting the father had prior to his daughter marrying the man.  

Oxytocin bonded women are naive today to think they can see through a man's manipulation and lies or simple ignorance, especially if a man is saying and doing all the right things. If we want young women to create healthy families we need to start with The Father in a traditional context of a family.  Instead of telling a young woman to be a man -her own father and do the discerning herself - It's not going to work!  Fathers have failed and abandoned their daughter to blue beards.  

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Feminism Can be Cured (If Diagnosed Early)"

LH said (April 22, 2018):

The image you used for this article is grossly misleading......
For one that person can never be cured of feminism.
You selected a tranny.
It has an Adam's apple easily discernible once our mass programming has been broken
Second, it has a longer left-hand ring finger than the index finger. This is 95% male indicator along with brow ridge, sunken inset eyes within the socket which a woman does not have the deep sunken eyes.
Strong angular jawline male traits.

I had to look for these details to share with you. I did not need to look closely for myself. It shouted I'm a man in women's get up.
It has taken me over six months of studying the transgender / Baphomet worship cult of Hollywood and all entertainment media.Now the hypnotic spell is broken and spotting trannies is getting easier for me. It takes time but more people need to be made aware of this huge deception.

This is a topic I do not think you have covered in detail. There is a whole medical industry that supports the transition, rib removal nose jobs boob jobs hormone therapy etc. . There is also a clothing industry that supports the baby bump, hips.
It is difficult to find a real woman. Most ALL A-lister actresses are trannies.
Most all Country singers especially grand ol opry, rock stars, etc.

AS said (April 22, 2018):

All these female contradictions create an emotional charge that pushes you down the emotional scale and communism is low on that scale, very low.

In fact, you can cure communism just to raise a person on that scale. Communism is a low emotional charge on the level of hostile in a veil.

EFT is fast, free of charge and easy to do on yourself. Open source and free of charge.
Investment: some hours of first reading then doing.
Extra bonus is body problems vanish in seconds.

Jason said (April 22, 2018):

I really enjoy your work Henry. I have a couple of brief comments to add.

1) feminists are not independent at all since they rely on the government to fight all their battles so all feminists are married to government.

2) if women were to be truly cured of feminism they have to give up their government protector/aggressor in favor of a man.

Since women are generally far more practical and cunning than men I do believe that neither of my conditions above can ever be admitted to, much less given up, and thus there can be no cure.

Skip said (April 22, 2018):

Wow Henry, seems this writing brought in several negative comments , which I see as progress, as it means that they have not only come to your site, but are reading the articles and voicing an opinion.

Now this will lead to communication, which can lead to change. I enjoy your site and articles though agreeing with all of them of course is foolish at best, I tip my hat to you sir for proving nothing is
completely lost, until the fat lady sings. Although Emily appears to be screaming for the Fat Lady to come on stage.

CJ said (April 22, 2018):

Jennifer and I both want to tweak paragraph 4.
4. Stop being "smarter, better, faster" than the men you meet. (Just because you can run circles around a man doesn't mean you should.) To create a successful family, a woman self-effaces and lives through her husband and children.

(This is feminine power, and not a weakness. To think otherwise means you are deceived.)

Tony B said (December 30, 2015):

Always an early complaint of the feminists is that the men they meet only want sex. But none of them seem able to understand that the very reason for that is that feminists offer men NOTHING ELSE. After all, the only surface difference between the feminist and men is her vagina and boobs. What else is there for a man to like?

Nature has created men more apt to try for sex and women to be the ones with the words "yes" or "no." True the pill and other anti life means have put a large crimp in nature and it is now easier for women to say "yes" and not "pay for it" with pregnancy, an action long known as one of the very worst sins for both partners, married or not.

The fact that life worked much better all around before planned nonparenthood shows immediately in all the hell between the sexes today as compared to the past. What is consequently almost completely lost by both sexes today - at least among the young - is the concept of family, and without that concept civilization is doomed. Can anyone deny that the present in-your-face faggots and dykes, a direct result of sex without responsibility, are not a sign of the death of civilization?

Sex selfishness at the expense of real responsible love is not just self-destructive, it is civilization destructive. Feminism preaches the opposite.

Faye (from Ohio) said (November 25, 2006):

You are so right. Men confronted with a question, or making a decision, think it through before answering.. They tend to see all sides.

Women, see through their emotions, and sometimes want quick answers. THats where patience comes in for a man. He needs to show her why. and stand fast when he knows the outcome.

A real man has control of himself and knows his role. He is the provider and protector. He avoids temptations which divert him from his goal, married or not.

Power does not fulfill a women in her deepest needs. They do everything to attract a man, then are at a loss when they get one.

Everything we see is sex, sex, sex..No wonder things are so out of control

Julian said (November 24, 2006):

No, June Cleaver was not on Prozac. Emily [letter below] can't comprehend what happiness and fulfillment is found in devotion to family and children. Working women disconnected from husband and children are the ones more likely to be on Prozac today. Career engagements can be pretty empty, especially for women.

(Even for men.) Family and children engage all the faculties. Constant stimulation, steady inspiration, and much more freedom than for working drudges. Women don't know what they throw away for external ambitions.

Emily says "don't go there," so proud of her academic credential. It's pretty obvious that when it comes to a husband and family life, this woman won't be "going there."

HA said (November 24, 2006):

i enjoy reading your articles, they are very refreshing, such a nice change from all the crap that is available everywhere nowadays. First of all, i want to thank you for opening my mind to a lot of things i had not considered or was confused about before. im a 21 year old female college student (in the states) and have only very recently (6 months ago) discovered the truth about the world i live in.

At first, i thought it would drive me insane, but discovering websites like yours helped a lot. It is very hard for me to take classes which i know are intended to brainwash me and keep silent about it while doing 'quality' homework. But, i don't know how else to earn a living nowadays. i know that my boyfriend will be unable to support us both in the future.

Emily said (November 21, 2006):

I'm a graduate-educated female who owns her own business and takes care of herself in the real world. I'm happy. I do what I enjoy, I make a positive contribution to the world through my work. With the world as it is, full of disease, war, and human rights violations, why on earth would I change that and become dependent on my man just because you say that's better?

Save the males. That's hilarious. I don't know what it is about strong women that scares you guys so much.

Have a nice life, crazy.


Marriage and family isn't for all women. I don't know why you find my views so threatening.


Dear Henry,

It's not threatening to me, personally. I just think your message is tired and nonsensical and dangerous for women and girls who haven't yet figured out they have a right to be empowered. No societal good can come of preaching that women should keep to their place in the home.

Dear Emily,

You are not a very careful reader. I am talking about women getting married and having families. This does not mean they are confined to the home after their children are raised. But I guess you don't care if there are strong families, and if society is perpetuated in a healthy way.


reply from E:

I'm an extremely careful reader. In fact, I have a master's degree in writing and literature. So don't even bother going there.

And I'm all FOR marriage and family--hope to have both someday--and I resent the assumption that just because I call myself a feminist I must be all about tearing down families. Or do I not deserve marriage and family because of my crazy feminist ideas?

I don't know where you woman haters get the idea that there are only two kinds of women in the world--crazy man-hating hysterectomy-getting feminists or June Cleaver on Prozac. Maybe you come from a generation when people liked their women compliant and chained to the stove, though. I'm probably talking to a brick wall.


The only women-haters I know are feminists. They want women to act like men.


Sue said (November 21, 2006):

You raise some very interesting points, that even I as a Pagan could find myself nodding along to. I wonder how many men will take this on board. I would LOVE to find a man like that. Fact is, looking at my life and the life of my friends and sisters, he doesn't exist, or not in my neck of the woods. The men I have come across only want sex, heaven forbid you should expect anything more. Sadly I do, so they go elsewhere.

Those that do get married seem to be complete losers who turn their wives into nagging bitches.
My father is a strong man, and I would like to find someone like him. But my mother provided us with a role model that I think was unfair. That of complete sacrifice, with no outside interests leading to a complete loss of identity.

Dear Sue,

My mother was too self sacrificing as well. A woman should never let her family take her for granted.


Ken said (November 21, 2006):

I was deeply disturbed by both your latest column (Feminism can be cured...) nd the posts that followed it on your website. I am continually reminded that for every step forward we take there is someone that wants us to take two steps back. My sincerest hope is that you write what you write for notoriety and publicity and do not actually believe a word of it.

The "sweet surrender" / "oppressed white male" position cannot succeed because it goes against a fundamental truth - as access to, processing and prolifieration of information increases, so does sophistication and, by extension, egalitarianism, equality and civility. As people understand more about the world we live in and learn to recognize the social, governmental and instinctual shackles that bind us, we become free because we then
understand how to cast them off. One aspect of Freedom means, I suppose, to deliberately allow yourself to be subjugated, but I think time will show that those who drink from the cup of information will reject antiquated
notions of human interaction.

Any current generalized stress between the genders is the result of both men and women coming to grips with the reality that, with certain biological exceptions, they can be whatever they want! Women can do science, men can
run day care. Women can ride rodeo, men can bake cakes.

A parting thought - why is it that the societies with the most stereotypical gender roles are the ones where men hold all the power and women have nothing?

Best of luck to you. May God have mercy on your soul.


Thanks Ken,

I can already feel the heat from hell. Funny how when someone takes a different position from a Talmudist (or Liberal, Socialist etc.) he excludes himself from the human race. Your comments suggest that you have projected your view of "anti feminism" on my article, and failed to grasp any of it. For example, the term "antiquated
notions of human interaction" for natural male-female relations is parroting elite social engineering. You are a good pupil.

I would never stand between a woman and her fulfillment. But the notion that fulfillment comes from career is very skewed. Most "careers" are just jobs, and not very good ones.


La Sure said (November 20, 2006):

The world of work is not much fun anymore. Only women and minorities can be lighthearted and careless in their comments. White men must guard their tongues or be found in contempt of the PC crowd. White men are truely becoming the most persecuted people that live today. Ask any man that has been hauled off in handcuffs after a domestic dispute. It didn't matter that he was the one being hit and yelled at. What mattered was that he is the man, judged always guilty never innocent. I want to escape from this Planetary insane asylum. Any suggestions of where to go?

Yes. The Kingdom of Heaven is Within (your soul). Transportation and moving expenses are minimal.


Annette said (November 20, 2006):

The biggest mistakes parents make is to deny their children an identity. This starts when a child is about 2 years old. Many call this "the terrible twos". I call it identity-developement.
If parents don't want their children to succumb to "feminism" etc. they should put values into their childrens minds instead of ignoring them until the teen-age years because then it is too late.

JS said (November 20, 2006):

I started to read your latest article and had to stop ... I was wondering just exactly what you had a PHD in ?? I was concerned for you and for myself I had to stop reading the crap ...spewing out in your most recent article ..

I immediately wnet to the bottom of the wiritng to the part that said you had a PH D ?? Was that a PH D in Bullsit??

Obviously you are not connected to the Times of Change where things are no longer what they once were getting old and no longer being youthful in thought or looks or your mind ...Get a Grip on your life Henry because everybody is seeing that you are loosing your mind and our attention ...


Dear JS,

By "everybody" I assume you mean those who have been taken in by elite orchestrated "social change"
and "progress."


Pamela said (November 20, 2006):

The young mothers who are starting to raise children today, have no clue. My husband and I watch them in stores and in restaurants and just shake our heads in despair. [They] do not know how to parent because their own mothers worked. They have no role model. Being a wife and mother is the most important job in the world. It is extremely rewarding and fulfilling. The woman is the heart and hearth of the home which lends stability to society.

Children, nowadays, are raised in institutions. When I hear women crying for better "child-care" I say, 'raise them, yourself'. Do without that fancy SUV, your vacations to Disney, your family-wide cell-phones, fancy clothes and jewels and extra junk food and you would be surprised to find that it is possible to survive on one income. Of course, there are some mothers who truly need to work in order to put food on the table, I'm not talking about them.

When my daughter was in high school, she would tell me heart-rending stories of her female friends who had terrible, non-existant relationships with thier mothers. I would always ask if the mother in question worked outside the home and the answer would inevitably be, 'yes'. There were two friends of hers who had a good relationship with their mother, those mothers were traditional, at-home Moms. My daughter and I are very close. It galls me to no end when, here I've spent almost thirty years of my life raising children and keeping house, with all that entails, I am shortly to be a grandmother, and yet, my friends will ask me when I'm going to go out and get a "real job' now that my kids are grown. A lot of people retire from their jobs after 30 or so years. Apparently, mothers are not in that category.

Well, my next 'real job' will be to continue to take care of my home and my husband, make his lunch in the morning and have dinner on the table when he gets home and to be a traditional grandmother (another, over-looked, important job). I am also writing a children's book, an article for an on-line magazine, crochet, am learning to weave, am a voracious reader, am raising dogs, I walk and exercise, I practice and study my religion, meditate and am always learning new things. I've always said that Moms who tell me they get too bored at home, lack intelligence.

If there were less working women out there, then there would be more jobs and better pay for the fathers which would allow the mothers to stay home and raise their own children instead of forcing them to be raised by strangers or spending all day long in school (after-care).

Paul said (November 20, 2006):

EXCELLENT article! I am going through a divorce after 17 years of marriage to a woman whom you describe PERFECTLY. She was more man than woman.

Martha said (November 20, 2006):

Point 3 in your article, Feminism Can be Cured, reminded me of something I heard Margaret Mead say when feminism was just beginning to enter the
public consciousness.

Mead said that she believed feminism got its impetus from the then new phenomenon of widespread sexual activity of girls in their middle teens. These girls hooked up with their contemporaries, boys who were generally not ready for intimacy. The girls ended up getting hurt several times and learning by their early twenties that men were not to be trusted. Early sexual 'freedom' had made fertile ground for feminism.

Joanna said (November 20, 2006):

I find it incredibly disturbing that a man with a Ph.D. would be so ignorant as to buy into ridiculous conspiracty theories, wishing to destroy a movement that would bring equality to the sexes. I also find it interesting that these anti-feminist sentiments are coming from a white male, whom I would assume has not had to face problems of discrimination and has had an incredibly easy life. In fact, if the Women's Movement was only a shade for Communism, possibly so was the Civil Rights Movement and thus you should be looking more closely at Martin Luther King, he could be have been a Stalinist!

Joanna, What you don't know about this world!MLK did have Communist connections. Read Alan Stang's book on the Civil Rights movement. Consider the possibility that your "education" was false.Do you also think Osama bin Laden was behind 9-11?


Darleen said (November 19, 2006):

I think that a woman who builds her life around her husband and children is engaging in labor of LOVE.

The woman's movements told us that we should enter the work force, receive equal pay, and toss men overboard because we didn't need them. Leaving us alone and unfulfilled emotionally, spiritually and sexually.

We were told to invest our time and energy into a
career and make it our number one priority, leaving the needs of our husband, our children and ourselves unmet.

I find that taking care of someone you love is
nourishment for the soul; especially when it is
mutual, which is the way a marriage was meant to be.

It is the food that sustains a long and lasting
relationship. A relationship built on trust, one
cemented in love and hopefully a lifelong arriage,
but this is not what the ILLUMINATI want.

They desire a DYSFUNCTIONAL SOCIETY and by tearing
away at the fabric of our foundation, FAMILY, they
have acheived this goal to a certain degree.

There is, in our society, an identity crisis. We
don't know who we are because we have been told by
others what to do, how to act, what is acceptable and what is not since the day we were born.

It's about time that we decided for ourselves what we desire to be, what we think is acceptable and unacceptable and cease and desist from following the scriptures that the Illuminati have written for us.

Lisa said (November 19, 2006):

I attended the US Naval Academy in the 1980's and am now a stay-at-home mother of ten.

Even when we become aware of our "programming," we are often unaware of the extent, and HOW it has conditioned us to act, respond, etc. There
are womanly characteristics LOST, and we are unaware that they exist,that we have lost them, and how to ever get them back, if it is
possible, since it is part also of character development of the first seven years of life. It is not as if out culture or society can help us
recover them, as could have been possible in the past. Nancy Levant's new book, The Cultural Devastation of American Women: The Strange and
Frightening Decline of the American Female (and her dreadful timing),addresses women's loss of womanly INTUITION, and I look forward to
reading that.

Sometimes I feel like a legless, blind deaf mute trying to teach my daughters to walk, talk, and run. But it will be more than worth it, as
little neighborhood children have, in the past, asked me such things as, "Why do all your children have the same last name?" (a four year-old who also asked my son who his father was. When my son pointed to my husband, this four year-old said, "No, that's HIS dad (pointing to a
different son), who's YOUR dad?")

Lee said (November 19, 2006):

The new coming Draft Registration for Men and Women will take the wind out of the sails of a lot of Feminists who keep claiming they can do
anything a man can do !!

Soon it will be - You don't want to draft me the little apron wearing homebody cooking and cleaning woman - Do you ?

And of course the whole feminist movement 25 years ago was just done by fake womans groups backed by big corporations convincing women
that a man working and financially supporting her was discrimination. So the big corporations could get women working then pay the husband and
wife together what they would have had to pay a well qualified man capable of doing the job, But now they get the labor of both for the
salary of one man !

Lisa said (November 19, 2006):

There was once a little girl of about 7 years of age, a quiet and good girl but not perfect by any means, a little girl much like the girl next door. She dreamed of one day being a teacher or maybe a secretary, but the dream she dreamed most of was growing up, getting married and having children: Playing House.

Once when on a trip with another mother and daughter, the women looked in the back seat and said, "Little girls, what is it you want to be when you grow up?" The first girl spoke up and said proudly, "I want to grow up and be a lawyer." This was met with smiles and nods. They then asked the first little girl, the quiet girl, what she would like to be. "I want to grow up, get married, and be a Mommy," she said. There was an uncomfortable silence and even an embarrassing short laugh.

After the trip, the quiet little girl's mom asked, "Why did you say that? You embarrassed me." The little girl was confused... They had asked, had they not? Why was that answer so wrong?

It has been about 30 years since, and this answer would still be considered inappropriate today. We should all be careful when asking small children a question that we truly LISTEN, because many times they can speak wisdom beyond their years and from the heart of Yahweh(God).

And they brought unto him also infants, that he would touch them: but when his disciples saw it, they rebuked them.

But Yahshua (Jesus) called them unto him, and said, Suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God.

Verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child shall in no wise enter therein. Luke 18:15-17

Guess which of the two little girls obtained their dream that God had placed on her heart and guess which one did not?

True story, believe it or not. Meagan, I wish the best for you in your quest for the truth. If you ASK, it will be given to you, if you SEEK, you will find, and you will know the contentment that comes with being a true woman.

Jane said (November 19, 2006):

The more I read your crap on Feminism the more I am convinced that you fit in with the neo-con Foley crowd. It's quite obvious that you are a misogynist!

Sarah said (November 19, 2006):

Though perhaps somewhat more conservative in my outlook (as a result of my Christian faith) concerning men, women, love, committment fidelity and repairing the ills wrought by feminism, (learnt just in time, praise be to God) I congratulate you upon articulating these special truths lost upon so many today - both within and outside the church.

Daniel said (November 18, 2006):

My wife and I are 44, and when we look back at
our mothers, and aunts we find almost no connection with the modern day women. My wife, as independent and individualistic as she is, has always perceived "Feminism" as a loss of power, and freedom. She had quite the chuckle over your article. We see examples of the modern woman everyday, and in our humble opinion, the social engineering is working to perfection.

This is not to say the males have not been influenced and brain washed as well, but as you stated, "women make the home" and the result and impact of the feminist on the family is undeniable. Ironically somehow women perceive
our perception as somehow robbing them of power and legitimacy. Somehow Dr. Makow I find this almost hard to take, as, and I know this will make ya chuckle, If I would have tried to tell my Grandma how feminism views her, my Grandma she would have went through the roof and been shaking that wooden spoon telling me "I'll show you how powerless and illegitimate I am". As Bob Dylan once sang, "Times they are a changin", the question is if it ain't broke why fix it ?

In closing, once again were back at that familiar stomping ground, the New World Order/Illuminati, fancy that.

Tina said (November 18, 2006):

Through out my life, I have been surrounded by many different men from different ages, going back to my great grand-father and grand fathers from Italy to young men of today.

I was also surrounded by many women throughout my life from different ages, going back to my great-grand-mothers to my grand-mothers from Italy to young women of today.

This is to say that my great grand fathers and my grand-fathers had submissive wives who would keep quiet and never undermine their husbands.

The men in the family, while having the wife who’d cook, look after the children, clean the house, manage the entire budget, have sex when the husband felt like, etc.. would cheat on their wives by having sex outside the home, with other women. Due to the patriarchal nature of the Italian family, women were not to ever speak but simply obey orders.

My mother and the women of her generation did not like what they witnessed in terms of how the men in the family were treating their wives thus in my mother’s generation, they raised their girls according to some of the feminist doctrine ---which was to not be pushed around by any men and to not have sex with any men who were not able to be committed to one women ----This is how our family understood feminism.

In my considered opinion, a cure for feminism is for all women to STOP giving themselves to men who will not ever love them but only use them for sex.

I would like to believe that women of the West have a lot to learn from the Muslims, but we do not know whether men in that religion also find women outside the home to satisfy their “lust” of other women, thus the best solution is to teach all women from different religion, to respect themselves and not sell their bodies for men’s pleasure.

In effect men have relinquished all of their responsibilities for “sex”. In truth feminism was and is only beneficial to men.

Since the time in the Garden of Eden where Adam lost his authority with God, women need to understand that without the true leadership of men, they will never find happiness and completion in anything they do. Subsequently Henry we should appeal to all men who have lost their authority with God and to stop worshipping their phallus and lead women and children to eternity.

Thanks Tina,

The bargain requires male fidelity and love. I'm not advocating what your female family members endured.


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