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Cabalist Bankers Extended WWI by Three Years

May 1, 2023


(Edith Cavill, 1865-1915) 


All wars are contrived by the Cabalist central bankers for power, profit and to "kill the best of the goyim in time of war." (The Talmud)

Sir William Wiseman, head of British Intelligence and a partner in the bankers Kuhn Loeb, demanded the Germans execute nurse Edith Cavell for revealing the Allies were supplying Germany. 

Germany and her allies did not have the resources to fight for more than a year.



Why does Hollywood make movies about black abolitionist Harriet Tubman but not Edith Cavell?

All movies have an Illuminati political agenda. (The Banker is another recent example.) People of European descent don't learn about their champions like Louis McFadden and Charles Lindbergh. The US is a Cabalist Jewish (Satanist) colony and doesn't even know it. 


"World events do not occur by accident. They are made to happen...most of them are staged and managed by those who hold the purse strings." Denis Healey, former British Defence Minister


(Updated from Nov.22, 2019)

By Henry Makow PhD



On Oct 12, 1915, Edith Cavell, 50, a British nurse and head of a teaching hospital in Belgium, was shot by a German firing squad. Her death inflamed anti-German feeling in the US and caused enlistment in England to double.

She had helped some British POW's escape. Normally her crime was punished by three months imprisonment. Why was she killed?

According to Eustace Mullins, Edith Cavell had stumbled upon some damaging information. On April 15, 1915, The Nursing Mirror in London published her letter revealing that the Allied "Belgian Relief Commission" (charged with feeding Belgium) was, in fact, channeling thousands of tons of supplies to Germany.


Sir William Wiseman, head of British Intelligence and a partner in the bankers Kuhn Loeb, demanded the Germans execute Cavell as a spy. Wiseman believed that "the continuance of the war was at stake." The Germans reluctantly agreed, thus creating "one of the principal martyrs of the First World War." (The Secrets of the Federal Reserve, pp. 72-73)

Pretty cynical you say? No more cynical than demolishing the World Trade Center, murdering over 3000 Americans to start a "War on Terror." Or faking a pandemic, shutting down the world and poisoning millions.

This example of cooperation between belligerents was accomplished because Wiseman worked closely with the head of the US Federal Reserve, Paul Warburg. Warburg's brother Max was Chief of German Intelligence and a close friend of Kaiser Wilhelm.

The London-based central bankers use wars to weaken nations and colonize the world (incl. UK, US Israel, etc.). The difficulty executing WWI was that they had already bankrupted the European states by selling them battleships and other armaments. Europe couldn't afford a war!

The introduction of the US Federal Reserve and the Income Tax Act in 1913 solved this problem. US government loans financed World War One. The American people were on the hook for both sides of the conflict.

This is how it works: The banksters created money from thin air based on the credit of the US government. Every dollar they "loaned" the US government was a new dollar in their pocket.

No nation is free if it cannot control its own credit, i.e. print its own currency at will. We are not free. The central banking cartel controls us by threatening to withdraw our credit i.e. currency causing economic turmoil.



Another obstacle to war was Germany and her allies did not have the resources to fight for more than a year.

As Edith Cavell's discovery suggests, the banksters solved this problem by trading with "neutral" states: Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Thus, the banksters allowed essential resources from England, the US and the British Empire to reach Germany indirectly.


The whole thing is documented in a book entitled, "The Triumph of Unarmed Forces 1914-1918" (1923) by Rear Admiral M.W.W.P. Consett, who was British Naval Attache in Scandinavia. His job was to keep track of the movement of supplies ("unarmed forces") necessary for the continuation of the conflict.

For example, Scandinavia was completely dependent on British coal. So the Swedish iron ore that became German submarines that sank Allied shipping reached Germany on vessels powered by British coal.

Germany needed glycerin (animal fat) for the manufacture of explosives. England had no trouble securing this substance because it controlled the seas. After the war began, the demand for these products from neutral countries "exploded." The British continued to fill these orders. They could have restricted them.

The same applies to copper, zinc, nickel, tin, and many other essential products. Consett believes that had they been embargoed, the war would have been over by 1915.

The trade of tea, coffee, and cocoa to neutral countries also increased dramatically but these products often weren't available there. They all went to Germany for a huge profit.

Consett's protests fell on deaf ears. The Minister of Blockade was Robert Cecil, a member of the Round Table (i.e. central banker) cabal.

Similarly, the central bankers financed the German side through their Scandinavian banks to the tune of 45 million pounds sterling. (p. 146.)

The Allied nations became the banksters' debt slaves: "Despite the huge revenues raised from taxation, the British national debt rose tenfold. The government failed to use its bargaining power as the only really massive borrower in wartime to get money at low rates of interest. The French national debt rose from 28 billion to 151 billion francs ..." (Davies, The History of Money ) The US debt soared from one billion to $25 billion.

World War I was waged by 27 nations; it mobilized 66,103,164 men of whom 37,494,186 became casualties (about 7 million dead.) Its direct costs are estimated at $208,000,000,000, its indirect costs at $151,000,000,000. And these figures do not include the additional billions in interest payments, veterans' care and pensions, and similar expenses..."

 Can there be any doubt that mankind is in the pernicious thrall of Satan-worshippers??


As mysteriously as it began, the war ended. In Dec. 1918, the German Empire suddenly "collapsed." You can guess what happened. The banksters had achieved their aims and shut off the spigot. (Hence, the natural sense of betrayal felt in Germany, exacerbated by the onerous reparations dictated by the banksters at Versailles.)

What were the banksters' aims? The Old Order was destroyed. Four empires (Russian, German, Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman) lay in ruins.

The banksters had set up their Bolshevik go-fers in Russia. (They sponsor many "revolutionary" movements as a way to eventually control all property themselves.) They ensured that Palestine would become a "Jewish" state under their control. Israel would be a perennial source of new conflict.


But more importantly, thanks to bloodbaths such as Verdun (800,000 dead), the optimistic spirit of Christian Western Civilization, Faith in Man and God, were dealt a mortal blow. The flower of the new generation was slaughtered. (See "The Testament of Youth" by Vera Brittain for a moving first-hand account.)

After a grueling economic deflation and another World War, mankind was sufficiently demoralized to accept the banker-run "world government" dictatorship. Can anyone question that the bankster philosophy is satanic?

The broad sweep of history reveals the pattern. The murder of the Austrian heir Arch Duke Ferdinand by the Masonic "Black Hand" group (which began WWI) was a staged event, an "excuse" i.e. the equivalent of Sept. 11, 2001.

The banksters also supported the Nazis in World War Two as Charles Higham documents in his remarkable book, "Trading with the Enemy" (1983). For example, Rockefeller's Standard Oil supplied petroleum to the Nazis.


Modern history is the account of how the central banking cartel converts its monopoly of credit into a monopoly of power. This entails destroying our connection with the nation, religion (God), race and family. It means substituting objective truth (God, nature) with their Dictat (political correctness, etc.)

It takes courage and clarity to understand we are mice in their lab experiment. We have been sold out by our "leaders", dumbed down by our media and education and spoiled stupid by the welfare state. (Everyone can be bought.) We can't even recognize what is happening, let alone act.

For now, we have prosperity and think we are free. As Aldous Huxley said:

"A really efficient totalitarian state would be one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves WHO DO NOT HAVE TO BE COERCED, because they love their servitude. To make them love it is the task assigned, in present-day totalitarian states, to ministries of propaganda, newspaper editors and schoolteachers."  [Brave New World, Bantam Books, 1967, p. xii. Caps added.] 

On the bright side, the knowledge that our society is a fraud is strangely liberating. No longer do we genuflect to its plastic gods. "The truth does make you free!"


Thanks to Edward for drawing my attention to this information.


"Secrets of the Federal Reserve " by Eustace Mullins (online, scroll down)

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and "Rothschilds Conduct 'Red Symphony' "

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Comments for "Cabalist Bankers Extended WWI by Three Years"

JG said (November 22, 2019):

Excellent article Henry. I believe most of this to be true.
It may be all just a game to these war plotters but for the soldiers involved in these wars, it's a whole
different world.

My grandfather was a young European immigrant that was drafted into WW1 and sent to France and was put in the trenches, literally. He talked about it very little.
I recently spent time in some Veterans Hospitals and talked to soldiers who were part of the 'War on Terror'. It changed their lives dramatically and left many in a state of constant pain and suffering. And, like most wars it was all to support the authorized lies that were given to them.
These people who start these wars and the politicians that approve them don't have a clue of all the blood that is on their hands. They will have to answer for this one day whether they believe in God or not.

I don't blame the soldiers because as someone once told me that we are judged by the intent of the heart. These soldiers believed they were defending their nations and loved ones by going to war.

We all fall short of the mark and have had bad intentions at one time or another. And, usually, our bad intentions were caused by deception.

The road to Hell was never paved with good intentions but only lies and deceit.

Mohammed said (December 4, 2007):

As always, a very interesting article Henry. I have no doubt that the devastation and hate that are caused by wars only propagates a satanically oriented world.

I would like to note also that one of the biggest things that is overlooked in my view concerning WWI is the fall of the Ottoman Empire.

The Ottomans (as corrupt as they were) would never have give up Al-Quds (Jerusalem) and the lands of Palestine to any Zionist planners no matter how much money they paid. Also, the Jews had no power under the Ottomans and could not influence them internally for these ends. Thus, war was the only way to achieve a Zionist state.

Germany, was easily tricked into war, and the Ottomans paid the price for being partners with them. The war of conquest was in the Middle East, not Europe. The creation of Arab nationalism caused many dissenting Arabs to side with the English and in a few years the Ottoman Empire dissolved.

WWII caused the Jews to flock to Palestine but it was WWI which set the stage for the establishment of a Zionist regime by the disintegration of the Ottoman Empire.

Joseph said (December 3, 2007):

Yes,it all makes sense. War is "good business" and war is inarguably "big business". People used to tell me that,but I,a typical hoodwinked dunce,replied by parroting the standard arguments about war interfering with normal trade in consumer-goods,etc. I fell for the standard hogwash that is actively circulated in the media,in academia,in text books,and all that. The bankster regime has all its arguments at the ready,for use as occasion may require. And we just gobble it all up,primarily because there's nothing else to gobble up. Total control of all communication DOES pay off,and very handsomely and effortlessly indeed!

The WW1 watchword of the bankster empire was,"The war must not end too soon !". That is historical fact. The Czar's army was in a fair way of charging into Prussia,with Berlin itself not too far off. But,London and Paris deliberately sabotged such an action,foisting upon Russia alternate campaigns that led nowhere. Promised shipments of vitally-needed armaments from Britain to Russia were repeatedly subject to a whole host of "accidents,delays and mishaps". Britain did not hesitate to lose a heavy cruiser,along with one of the world's finest military minds who just happened to be on his way to Russia to reform,revitalize and modernize large potions of the Czar's armed forces. The banks encourage wars,arrange wars and stage-manage wars,and then make vast billions in "wartime borrowing" by the various governments involved. The U.S.A. became a "war-junkie" in about 1947 or 1948 and has been a hopeless addict right up to the present day. The decades-long Cold War was a chimera,stage-managed just to keep government expenditures on armaments both high and unceasing. And didn't the world public fall for it hook,line and sinker,just like the helpless saps that they are [ I do not exclude myself,either. ] ?

Henry,your efforts are worthy of support,praise and congratulation,since you are one of those who are trying to "get the word out",even to the silliest of the "sheeple".
The answer is more plain exposure via radio,TV,news-sheets,public speaking,etc. But,that is easy to say but pretty much impossible to bring to fruition. Remember that the bankster empire has got us covered. A loan for a radio station? "Sorry,but the market is even now so saturated with product that the bank cannot do anything but conclude that the requested financing would be an unwarrantable risk." A loan to finance a printing operation ? "Sorry,but the bank views such enterprises as hopelessly old-fashioned and the bank regretfully concludes that directing monies toward obsolete technology would be a serious misuse of the bank's limited resources." A loan to market,distribute and circulate your new book ? "Sorry,but the information received by the bank from various support services in New York City,not to mention London,clearly indicates that the content of your book is regarded amongst the best of established scholars as being unconventional,to say the least,if not even worse,being willfully controversial,if not downright inflammatory and hateful."
Henry,your task is a very hard task. But,some of us are cheering for you,and others like you,and are willing to open whatever we have in the way of minds to new ideas,new research,new evaluations and the airing of long-forgotten and long-suppressed facts.

Tom said (December 3, 2007):

These men, of whom you have written so eloquently, have built their house on sand. Yes it has stood, and perhaps will continue to stand for a while longer still. But, as anyone who knows the truth, this sand will shift and the house will fall, thank God.

I remain a man of hope. Orwell's predictions were just that. Guesses at the future that even God does not know.

If this nwo is going to happen why has Ron Paul gotten so far so quickly screaming against the nwo? I thought these great controllers of events would have managed this also wouldn't you? Light is fast, expanding and ordering. Darkness is slow, chaotic and imploding.

I suppose they have also overlooked the internet and the 10's of thousands of sites that present, at least, a little bit of truth. We see a discussion of the CFR and the TRC on the CNN debate the other night. Complete with members of the groups on the stage. I thought this was supposed to be kept quiet. Millions of people all over the world can now add these nwo groups to their day to their day vocabulary. I think this was intentional and I think this was a mstake to add to a raft of errors this group has made in the last 11 years.

Greed for power is a hindrance to success. These men are owned by this greed.

The march to doom continues, but, so very many are out of step.

Ronnie from UK said (December 2, 2007):

Dear Henry, this is by far the most succinct summary of the truth about WW1 and subsequent history that you've written, and I've read. Not that your previous articles were less understandable or beneficial, but this one will be my new yardstick to introducing people to the ' Agenda ' of modern politics. It is powerful in it's simplicity, backed up by hard evidence in the excellent links. It had never occurred to me that Zionist Israel was ' primarily ' set up as a ' fly in the ointment ' or a means to continually propogate war in the region to keep the cabal's ' cash cow ' war machine running. That book by Rear Admiral Consett would be a bombshell of a discovery if there were any truthseekers on the history channel or in the media, yeah ludicrous idea. Good work mate.

Anthony said (December 2, 2007):

I sometimes wonder if having all this knowledge is really liberating or actually a sort of mental imprisonment.
I don't really see any viable solutions for the situation being offered anywhere. I see things haven't changed for decades, if not centuries, so are we just left having knowledge without power?
Every conspiracy leads to another but it's funny how they all lead back to the original conspiracy. Here's another one, you've probably seen it already. After watching, I ask the same question - why would these folks lie? Who in their right minds would want this kind of attention, and how could they possibly benefit?

Are we left waiting for Christ or a messiah to deliver us from this satanic world? Will aliens come and rescue us from the evil-doers? I say that rather tongue-in-cheek, but clearly us ordinary folk have no chance of changing are current dilemma.

Cliff Shack said (December 2, 2007):


Charles Higham, in his book, "Trading with the Enemy" (1983), also points out that Hitler's tanks would not have been able to roll one inch without ball-bearings made in Philadelphia and Sweden. The Luftwaffe wouldn't have been able to lift a single plane off the runway without a particular additive needed for their aviation fuel. An additive quietly provided by Rockefeller's Standard Oil. Henry Ford built the German assembly lines that built Hitler's trucks.

How could this have happened?

It had to happen. There were really no enemies in the World Wars. True the notion of enemies were implanted in the minds of the peoples within the warring nations. But in essence there weren't enemies fighting one another. The international bankers, on behalf of, and in cooperation with their major clients were re-arranging the world. The world had to be razed and tranformed to accomodate a new source of energy- oil.

The Ottoman Empire had to be destroyed so that Britain could lay claim to the oil beneath it's lands. Oil transport routes had to be secured from the former Mesopotamia to the waterways leading to Europe. The Suez Canal had to be secured. Israel had been created principally for that very purpose. A Jewish military colony loyal to Britain on the banks of the Suez took the pressure off Britain's deployment responsibilities in that area.

In oil-rich Azerbajian, the ethnic conflict between Muslims and Armenians were also dealt with during World War I. The Armenians were eliminated through the infamous genocide.

The Jewish Holocaust was necessary to the banker's plans for many reasons. Not the least of which was that destruction of the masses of Eastern European Jewry protecteed the fledgling Jewish military colony from being over-run by penniless unskilled masses. The threat of just such a stampede was made directly to the Rothschilds by Theodor Hertzl who was neutralized for being a fly in the Rothschild ointment.

There was so much restructuring going on to lay the groundwork of the new Age of Oil.

There were no "enemies". "Enemies" only existed in the minds of manipulated masses doomed to particpate in the bankers' scheme.

As far as the World Wars were concerned, the only "real" enemies of the bankers' agenda were the innocent whistleblowers like Edith Cavell who never realized in whose ointment she was intruding.

P.S. To understand the real beginnings of World War I, look to the making of the Agadir Crisis and the participation of Natty Rothschild on the British side and Max Warburg on the German side. It was all about oil and the marketing of oil. Promoting a Naval build-up of oil-fueled ships between friendly nations is difficult. The bankers had to turn friendly civilized nations into deadly suspicious enemies. It all very sad. It continues to this day.

Henry, your writing gets more and more insightful. More and more powerful.

Watch out for the ointment!


Articles of Interest:

Aminah said (June 21, 2006):

re. Your article "Burka Versus Bikini"

I am completely in awe with your words. This information that you present here needs to be made public to all of the world.

Thank you for putting into words what we Muslim women find hard to say. You are in my prayers.

Thank you again,

Tony said (June 21, 2006):

Before I get into the Libertarian's stuff, "Dutch" [below] is promoting the worn
out myth that Kennedy was killed for putting out good money (U.S. Notes). No, no, no, no, a thousand times, no. This has been disproven
so often but the "patriots" love to believe it.

All Kennedy did was a normal, yearly bookkeeping update on the U.S. Notes which congress at the time demanded be circulated. It had nothing
whatever to do with his assassination. In fact, the treasury just flat did not circulate the notes for many years. They sidelined them
somewhere in their warehouses. Reason is simple - the fed didn't want them around as they were INTEREST FREE and NOT CREATED BY LOANS and thus not destroyed by repayment.

Dutch (76 yrs old) said (June 20, 2006):

The banksters supporting both sides in a war goes back to Napoleon if not further. Your writings are very good, and I miss very few of them. Your references are superb and verify your position.

Unfortunately you are "preaching to the choir" so to speak. Anyone without a history background would not have a clue as to what you have presented, so to speak. Your essays however, have brought many new concepts to light for me, and I hope you are able to continue to write without interference by TPTB.

One subject I do not remember you addressing (though you may well have) is the Kennedy's versus the banksters. As I recall John ordered issuance of a large number of US Notes in defiance of the Federal Reserve System, and Johnson in one of his first official acts recalled them. As a numismatist and former coin and currency dealer I still have a few of the red seal five dollar certificates that officially recalled. Not having the research ability that you have, it would be interesting to see what affect that had on Kennedy's demise.

Keep up the writing and good luck in the future.

Joe said (June 20, 2006):

Movies,television programs,XXX Adult videos and especially TV commercials are hammering away at the NWO agenda with a kind of frenzied,relentless,fanatical determination. All the issues that you address so very well in your many articles are sickeningly obvious:- feminism , female dominance over males , lesbianism , sexual perversion presented as being ordinary and normal , tasteless public indecency , casual and continuous obscenity and general moral abasement , " one-World-ism " , racial mixing as being the norm , altruistic volunteerism in many a form ( Lenin:-" Every good communist must be a good volunteer. " ). No need to enumerate them all,particularly to you,who are doing so much to help all of us to - " open our eyes,if we can ".

Tony said (June 19, 2006):

People such as Carl [below], who are quick to demand all sorts of documentation from anyone not going along with the kept media, need to be told to apply the same standard to that kept media.

For instance, there has NEVER OFFICIALLY BEEN OFFERED ONE SINGLE FACT ABOUT WHO DID 9/11. NEVER, NOTHING, NADA, NIL. Especially the congressional "hearings" were an obvious white wash by a bunch of pansy prostitutes that pass for congressmen which made no decisions at all that could be called that. Yet that kept media, without any qualms whatsoever, pounds away constantly that Muslims are totally responsible for 9/11 - to the point wherein the majority of dumbed-down Americans actually believe that Saddam and his enemy the CIA created organization of bin Laden, did 9/11. (And Saddam isn't even Muslim.)

Even when ALL THE ACTUAL EVIDENCE KNOWN (but officially ignored) points directly to Israeli military explosives and communications experts (scads of them were "vacationing" in the U.S. at the time) in conspiracy with sections of the U.S. military and the top movers in the Bush administration to bring the towers down by implosions and send a cruise missile into an unused part of the Pentagon.

Carl said (June 19, 2006):

The historical sketches you offer on your website are often titillating, but unfortunately almost always go unsupported by any evidence. Where, for example, is the evidence that proves why Cavell was killed? I am certainly open to the theory you hint at, but I think you actually need to cite documents and so on to make
it seem plausible. Otherwise, you can basically
attribute your enemy of choice, whether they're
bankers, Jews or whoever, with any evil machinations you like. I can't see how this helps anybody.


Dear Carl,

People who refuse to believe the truth when it is presented to them, because of their own self interest or prejudice, always say it is not backed by evidence. Mullins is given as my source for Cavell's death. He doesn't footnote this claim but if you read Mullin's book, you will see he is a thorough researcher who was working for the Library of Congress at the time and had full access to its resources. The bankers don't advertise their actions; that's why it's called a "conspiracy."

Of course you ignore my source for the main theme of the story, that the Allies supplied the Germans, because it is impeccable, a book written by the British Naval Attache in Scandinavia.

Your reference to "Jews" is typical of the bankers' attempt to deflect criticism by characterizing it as anti-Semitism. I would never blame "Jews" for the bankers' deeds.

Don't you think this situation needs to be taken seriously?
Or are you comfortable? After all, you weren't in the WTC on Sept 11.


anon said (June 19, 2006):

I am one who used to believe in what I was taught in schools, in churches, and in the newspaper articles printed locally. It was my belief that governments, and society is based on people who are out for the general good of the populace.

It has been only in the last few years of my own personal research into the causes of 9-11, that I have had my own eyes opened to the truth. The truth being that we are a controlled society. A controlled society where we are socially engineered from birth to serve those of power. The power being both bankers, and evil cartels.

I can only commend you for having the courage to open the eyes of others, so that they can see what I see. The truth is that we must eventually break the evil bonds of these oppressors, and fight back by whatever means is necessary. If we do not fight back, our society is eventually doomed.

Grace said (June 19, 2006):

In regard to your article, there is a verse that says, "Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known." Mt 10:26

In the past several years this verse has and is being fulfilled. There are countless sites now with the truth of how things really happened. All the secret death squads even more secret that the CIA eliminating other countries governments simply because they were a threat to US interests. President Clinton stated it correctly, "We have no friends, only interests." People are waking up to the fact that things are not like they thought or believed. Our freedoms are gone with only the appearance of it now. And it can't be corrected or saved. "What do you mean?" someone says, "I know a good person who could do it." This country as a goverment, its citizens and all those that live here would have to repent of their wickedness, their selfishness, their self interest. And any honest person knows that will never happen.

I see it clearly. Many are skeptical of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. All I know is that things are happening exactly as written in that work.

I will watch the end of it all.
And I am not afraid for evil is coming to its end once and for all.

Larry said (June 18, 2006):

Your latest reminds me that had the Vietnam War been a real not orchestrated conflict, it could have been over before it began. All the U.S had to do was bomb the huge dredge that kept Hanoi Harbor open. This would have prevented British, European and Russian ships from bringing in supplies.

As a side note, I owe my quest for NWO truth to Eustace Mullins. About three years ago, I stumbled across his "Phony Wars for Phony Peace" article and thought "This guy is crazy!" but it spiked my curiosity and I downloaded "Secrets of the Federal Reserve." I read it rapidly three times in succession and it changed my life.

You may have seen "The Contract Murder of Eustace Mullins" on Mullins claims the Rothschilds are out to get him. He's probably right.

Bob said (June 17, 2006):

Yes Henry, WW1 set the groundwork for both WW2 and WW3. The placement of Israel in the Middle East was the best assurance for WW3, even better than forcing dissimilar peoples together as in Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia, incompatibilities which have been dissolved as no longer needed. Also better than cutting similar peoples in twain, as with Germany and Korea.

We must have our trouble spots, mustn't we? World peace is a terrible threat to the banksters for then we might have the time on our hands to realize just what's going on.
Sept. 11th was the fuse to ignite WW3 but the placement of modern Israel set the stage. How can such a situation ever be de-fused?

Len said (June 17, 2006):

The Empire State Building was completed at the beginning of the Great Depression [1930] - When did it finally recover it`s pre-Depression Value-Price? 1958 !!! [Ha! Real Estate Agents don`t tell you THAT!] FDR`s "socialist policies" were STILL ineffective by 1940 and Hitler`s Germany was doing fine in the 1930`s! - So another war was conjured up. Notice today that the Credit Bubbles have become outrageous again so when the Mega - Crash comes and resulting mega - Chaos - Collapse, Banksters will offer "Communism" as a way out for all of you - actually tricking you - completely Enslaving YOU!

HISTORY has a grim story; EVERY modern Nation that went Broke Got Communism, except Germany and they got Hitler & Socialism. You people need to wake up.

Jim said (June 17, 2006):

Thanks for the interesting information on WW I and the bankers. I recently got a copy of National Suicide, Military aid to the Soviet Union by Anthony Sutton which documents a similar situation. American men in Viet Nam were killed with weapons made possible by the export of US technology to the Soviet Union. Members of the US State Department evidently knowingly worked to have this happen.

In a similar way it seems obvious that we are witnessing the process of setting China up now to be the next "Best Enemy that Money can Buy." If Israel hadn't sold them our rocket technology some other way would have been found. With their control of the Panama Canal and growing steel capacity that will soon give them a bigger navy than we have, it is not difficult to picture them one day threatening actual invasion of the US. Guess we better enjoy our wide screen TV sets while we can!

I wonder, though, if there is perhaps an even deeper hidden agenda in all the people killed in all these wars. Are some of the best and brightest being removed from the gene pool to reduce humanity to dull slaves in the future? Or as David Icke seems to suggest, are various alien groups fighting for control of the planet through their human proxies? Or is mass slaughter a regular result of Satanism? Or are we humans with our seemingly out of control population explosion and resulting ecological devastation a plague on the earth that needs "treatment?"

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at