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British Jews Tried to Stop Balfour Declaration

November 23, 2023

220px-Edwin_Samuel_Montagu.jpg(left, Edwin Montagu, a hero for assimilated Jews) 

One hundred years ago, Jewish MP Edwin Montagu 
accused the British government of anti-Semitism 
for colluding with the Zionists.

An assimilated Jew, Montagu regarded Judaism as a religion

and Zionism as a "mischievous political creed, untenable 

by any patriotic citizen of the United Kingdom."

From March 11, 2006 

By Henry Makow Ph.D.

When the British Cabinet issued the Balfour Declaration in 1917, it was over the strenuous objections of its only Jewish member, Edwin Montagu. But non-Jews, including many anti-Semites, tipped the scales. They saw Zionism as a way to advance British imperialism, world government and the Masonic "New World Order."

Montagu, who was the Secretary of State for India, told Prime Minister Lloyd George. "All my life I have been trying to get out of the ghetto. You want to force me back there."

An assimilated Jew, Montagu regarded Judaism as a religion , and viewed Zionism as a "mischievous political creed, untenable by any patriotic citizen of the United Kingdom."

His story teaches us that the New World Order is an elite conspiracy led by specific members of certain Jewish and non-Jewish dynastic families who often intermarried. It is not "Jewish" in terms of the Jewish people as a whole, who historically prefer assimilation.

In May 1917, a committee representing the leading Jewish organizations published a statement in the London Times saying: "Emancipated Jews... have no separate political aspirations...the establishment of a Jewish nationality in Palestine founded on [the] theory of a Jewish homelessness, must have the effect of stamping the Jews as strangers in their native lands." (The Cousinhood, p.260)

The Balfour Declaration promised Jews a "national home" in Palestine. Partly, it was payment to Zionists for getting the USA into WWI on Britain's side. Zionist president Chaim Weismann fumed that Jewish opposition was the main stumbling block to consummating the deal.

The Jewish community was split. The Samuels and the Rothschilds favored the Balfour Declaration; Cohen, Magnus, Mountefiore and Montagu were against it.

"If it had been merely an issue between Zionist and non-Zionist factions within the community, there is little question that the latter would have won," writes Chaim Bermant in "The Cousinhood." "But there were the Gentile Zionists to consider and they carried the day." (262)

These Gentiles, i.e. Freemasons, included Arthur Balfour, Lord Milner, Lord Lothian (Phillip Kerr) and Lord Robert Cecil. Chaim Weismann recognized that Zionism is part of a much larger game: "To [Cecil], the re-establishment of a Jewish Homeland in Palestine and the organization of the world in a great federation were complementary features in the next step in the management of human affairs..." (Reed, Controversy of Zion, p. 249.)

Georgetown University professor Caroll Quigley lists about 100 participants in this world government conspiracy in the Appendix of, "The Anglo American Establishment" (1981) They include the above names and Cecil Rhodes, Lionel Curtis, Wiliam T. Stead, Geoffrey Dawson and Earl Grey. I recognized only three Jews: Nathan Rothschild, Leopold Amery and Alfred Beit.

Quigley relates how a group of aristocratic families centered on the Cecils has dominated British politics for centuries. They spawned the secret society organized by Cecil Rhodes and Nathan Rothschild in 1891, which Rhodes called "a church for the extension of the British Empire." (34) Known as "The Round Table" and the "Milner group," its goal was world domination by the British elite and the recolonization of the US.

The "church" was Freemasonry. The politicians that backed Zionism were all high-ranking Masons. Some were probably Illuminati. "World
government" is dedicated to enthroning Lucifer as God of this world. Zionism and Communism are Masonic organizations dedicated to this agenda.


Edwin Montagu, the second son of the silver bullion dealer Samuel Montagu, was caught between his father's Orthodox Judaism and desire to be an Englishman. He rejected Judaism but was not about to abandon his Jewish identity. "I will always be a good Jew according to my lights," he wrote his father, "my definition differing from yours."

As a youth he chafed at having to observe the rituals and marry a Jewish girl. As an adult, he embraced the lifestyle of a highborn Englishman. On his country estate, he hunted and was a naturalist and ornithologist . "There was something... alien in the very depth of his affection for England," Bermant remarks. (259)

A tall nerdy-looking man who wore a monocle, Montagu suffered the gibes of friends and enemies in silence. His "ugliness was obliterated by his charms," wrote his friend Duff Cooper. "He had a huge ungainly body, a deep soft voice and dark eyes that sparkled with kindliness." (253)

An able debater at Cambridge, Montagu caught the attention of H.H. Asquith, the President of the rival Oxford Union. He followed Asquith into politics and after the Liberal landslide of 1906 became his private secretary and friend. An able administrator and persuasive speaker, Montagu seemed destined for great things.


Asquith became Prime Minister in 1908. He and Montagu were both infatuated with Venetia Stanley a friend of Asquith's daughter, and 35 years Asquith's junior. When the Prime Minister's amorous attentions became too much, Venetia married Montagu who was only eight years her senior.

Asquith was non-plused. Montague "is not a man: [he is] a bundle of moods and nerves and symptoms, intensely self-absorbed, and--but I won't go on with the dismal catalogue."

Like Montagu's love for England, his love for Venetia was unrequited. She lived to "get the maximum amount of fun out of life," had many affairs, including a child-out-of-wedlock (which Montague adopted) and burned through his fortune. But he ignored all this and, on the eve of his premature death at age 45, wrote to her, "I am miserable at going. You have made me very happy and I hope you will be happy always." (267)

He also had a daughter out of wedlock. Montagu championed the rights of colonial subjects in India and Kenya and made himself unpopular with elements of the British establishment.


In 1917, Montagu fought the Balfour Declaration in cabinet and circulated a document accusing the government of anti-Semitism for making all British Jews "aliens and foreigners." He said he would "willingly disenfranchise every Zionist [and was tempted to] proscribe the Zionist organization as illegal and against the national interest."

Of course he was right. But despite being a banker's son, he wasn't aware of the Masonic/Zionist plan for world government. They dedicated 1.2 million troops to securing Palestine, almost losing the European War as a consequence. They had to replace Asquith and the Army Chief-of-Staff Gen. William Robertson to get it done.

Montagu was one of those rare Jews who tried to understand the reasons for anti-Semitism instead of blaming "irrational hate."

"I have always recognized the unpopularity...of my community. We have obtained a far greater share of this country's goods and opportunities than we are numerically entitled to. We reach on the whole maturity earlier, and therefore with people of our own age we compete unfairly. Many of us have been exclusive in our friendships and intolerant in our attitude, and I can easily understand that many a non-Jew in England wants to get rid of us.

But just as there is no community of thought and mode of life among Christian Englishmen, so there is not among Jewish Englishmen. More and more we are educated in public schools and at the Universities, and take our part in the politics, in the Army, in the Civil Service, of our country. And I am glad to think that the prejudices against inter-marriage are breaking down. But when the Jew has a national home, surely it follows that the impetus to deprive us of the rights of British citizenship must be enormously increased. Palestine will become the world's Ghetto."

Montagu was probably responsible for inserting the provision in the Balfour Declaration that said: "Nothing shall be done that may prejudice the civil and religious rights of the existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country."


Jews are taught that they are scapegoats but they don't learn it is not the fascists but the Communist globalists who are using them. By way of Zionist, Communist, Liberal, Feminist or Neo Con organizations, it dupes many Jews into advancing policies and beliefs that undercut the four pillars of human identity and social cohesion: race, religion, nation and family. This gives the appearance Jews in general are responsible for the New World Order.

It doesn't help that many Jews ignorantly deny this conspiracy exists and cry "anti-Semite" every time a banker is criticized. It doesn't help that many think they need Israel. In fact Israelis are being used to secure the Middle East for the Masonic British elite. The Israeli Supreme Court building, funded and designed by Rothschilds, is replete with Masonic symbolism.

Some of the Rothschilds and their Jewish allies are part of this satanic conspiracy. But most Jews put their countries first, and would want no part of world government. Edwin Montagu, a gentle, sincere civilized man, is an example of such a Jew and an inspiration to us all.

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Comments for "British Jews Tried to Stop Balfour Declaration "

Eric said (February 28, 2017):

Just wanted to thank you for reposting some of your older material. From my own life I know that things have to be repeated at various intervals. It's human nature for us to forget certain things---things which in many instances are important and need to be remembered.. In fact, a metaphysician who I have heard on the radio frequently Dr. Louis Turi has said that he often needs to repeat many things before they finally sink in with the listening audience.

Martin said (February 28, 2017):

Henry, I believe the Cecils were Jews and not non-Jews. The first Cecil being the one that was in Queen Elizabeth's reign and he was a Jew. Check it out. Martin

Jenifer said (February 28, 2017):

The First Freemason was not Egyptian he was a man from Tyre, Phoenicia, named Hiram Abif. Hiram Abif had all the secrets and had some connection with extra-terrestrials as taught in Freemasonry. Beginning Masons pretend to be Hiram Abif, in a death and resurrection ritual where they resurrect as Lucifer.

This "extra-terrestrial” ritual may just be opening themselves to demon possession. The Freemason tale says, Hiram Abif was the man who came along with the Phoenician King Hiram of Tyre and helped him built King Solomon’s Temple and Levites, Hebrew priests, guarded the Temple.

Some historians think Phoenicians were the early Hebrews. Some say they were not and that the Hebrews stole the Phoenician knowledge -Sacred/Secrets Book/Bible used it for evil, destroyed Phoenicia then took over establishing Freemasonry.

The original Phoenicians scattered all over the world with many assimilating into Judaism. Jesus was supposedly from a line of the original pure blood Phoenicians who had the Sacred/Secrets Book/Bible Knowledge and tried to re-establish the knowledge of Love.

The true teachings of Jesus, how to rapture (teleport to heaven) and connect with infinite truth, love, eternity were repressed.

When something of godly Holy power is stolen the spiritual laws flip it to the negative evil side —so instead of teleporting to heaven the Freemasons are actually connecting with demonic spirit realms.

Alex said (March 17, 2006):

Dear Henry, please remember that the leaders of Zionism are neither True-Torah Jews, or Israelites or Judeans or practicing converted Jews, i.e. they are Babylonian Satanists Luciferians apostate imposters as explained in the Harold Wallace Rosenthal interview. Zionism is not Biblical, rather, it is Cabalism from Babylon, just like the modern day fiat money usury based banking system and other immoral values being imposed on monotheists by these new-Sion (Sun) worshippers.

Alex said (March 17, 2006):

Dear Henry, please remember that the leaders of Zionism are neither True-Torah Jews, or Israelites or Judeans or practicing converted Jews, i.e. they are Babylonian Satanists Luciferians apostate imposters as explained in the Harold Wallace Rosenthal interview. Zionism is not Biblical, rather, it is Cabalism from Babylon, just like the modern day fiat money usury based banking system and other immoral values being imposed on monotheists by these new-Sion (Sun) worshippers.

Tim said (March 16, 2006):

[Commenting on Peter Myers' statement that I am "blaming it on the British" and "letting the Jewish lobby off the hook"]

I respect your deep research but I agree with Makow (and Bobby) apparently. To "blame it on the Jews" IS "controlled opposition" modus operandi, because that's exactly what THEY (those who OWN monetarily most of the world) want you to battle against. Do you naively think blaming a race, religion, or creed will be the answer? That's what they want you to think - in their divide and conquer Hegelian methodology. Isn't that obvious? Can't your intellect take the conspiracy to the next logical step/level - they are clamping down on Jewish/Israel criticism as part of the "program" to induce racial war/strife along these lines (and to distract from THEM - as Israel/Jews can certainly be sacrificed for their world totalitarian cause at the right time - just as they were - of course to a much smaller extent than "revisionized"/propagandized, in WW2 and the "Holocaust"). It's the classic cover story - and appears subtle enough to persuade even you.

If the problem is primarily "Jewish/Israeli" in nature, as you seem to be proposing, what do you propose to do about it? Get involved and choose sides in a religious/racial hate war? Promote the "anti-Jew" side (which adds to their cause as they would certainly want more "fuel to the fire"). How can that be the right answer?

Look at Iraq - more terrorists or less when we fight terror/fire with more terror/fire? THAT'S the Hegelian dialectic - create problem, incite reaction, promote solution at work. Cracking down on criticism of Jews IS the "problem creation" seeking YOUR reaction.

Terry said (March 13, 2006):

Henry: Your piece on the anti-Zionist effort to block Balfour is a genuine eye-opener, and they are not easy to come by. The story reinforces a conviction I and a few others have had for some time that the only reason most Jews do not reject the idea of Israel out of hand is the very successful Zionist campaign of intimidation and the self-hating Jew shame sanction.

You know that stories such as this only rain more
brimstone on your head. You do have many admirers for your courage, and I am one of them.

Peter said (March 12, 2006):

What's next Henry? Are you going to tell us soon that the other side of the Balfour bargain wasn't Jewish either? That non-Jewish elites conceived of and proposed the Balfour deal? Balfour himself was by no means a Zionist. He didn't like Jews and naively regarded the declaration as a possible way to get rid of Jews in Britain.

I always found much truth in your writings, but I have to strongly object to your desire of exonerating "the Jews" in general of NWO crimes by blending them into a cabal of "mixed elite" groups; as if the involved Jews were not the ones who set the course and their gentile associates merely sidekicks in the enterprise.

So what if Montagu was a decent man, assimilated and against Balfour? At that time Zionism was relatively new and Jews truly were split. Does the fact that the Zionists won make the whole NWO enterprise any less Jewish? That doesn't diminish the Jewish character of today's NWO, nor
does the probability that many ordinary Jews are ignorant about how the world government cabal is using them. The Jewish Zionists were and are the
evil nucleus, no matter how many others.

If the Jews had stayed in Venice or gone somewhere else, it wouldn't have
been the British empire that became so big and powerful. Britain would have remained a simple little island, like Ireland.

I understand that as a non-Zionist Jew it must vex you no end to be thrown in with the evil doers all the time. It would do the same to me. But non-Zionist Jews, ever since Montagu, and who knows, they may even be in
the majority among all Jews, have had practically zero influence on world
events, while everything important had always come out of Zionist quarters, including the Balfour deal, Internationalism, the FED, the World Wars, establishment of Israel and todays generally sick drive towards globalization. It is totally Jew dominated, albeit Zionist ones. They get what they want, all the time. Look what they are doing with the few so called holocaust deniers. Look what they are doing with those pitiful nationlist parties that still exist in Europe against all odds. Look at
all those laws outlawing the mere questioning of the holocaust. Do you know that the holocaust is the only topic in the world today that you can't question, even scientifically? There is nothing in the world you can't discuss, question or deny, except that so called holocaust. You can proclaim that World War II never took place, that 60 million or however many didn't perish during that time... and nothing will happen to
you. People will smile at you and think you are a nut.

But deny the holocaust and see what happens to you in how many countries. Efforts are underway to make it a hate crime in the USA. Even
the UN has now proclaimed a holocaust day. And all Jews are beneficiaries of that, not only Zionists, with the possible exception of activist
anti-Zionists, such as yourself, who are far and few between.

Once people like yourself have made the same impact on world events as the Zionists have in the last 100 years, then I will accept your protestations that our present NWO/globalization drive is not principally Jewish but a truly mixed enterprise. But not a minute before that, Henry.

In the meantime, I fear you are succumbing to wishful thinking in trying to diminish the Jewish role and character of the NWO by rolling off part of their guilt to the shoulders of their non-Jewish junior partners, who are
by no means blameless - but remain junior when it comes to influence.

We wouldn't have had the Afghanistan and Iraq wars if it wasn't for the Jewish Zionists. And we wouldn't have today's saber rattling against Iran, with unforeseeable consequences, if it wasn't for the same bunch of goddamned Zionists. The fact that they were able to convert/corrupt Gentiles into Zionism doesn't change the Jewish character of it one
bit. Remember it is the Talmud from where all Jewish racism and supremacism comes, and which we live today. And who in his right mind
would say that the perverse and obscene Judaic Talmud is even slightly influenced by non-Jews?


Thanks Peter,

I don't think we have established who the "junior partners" are. In any case, there are more than enough non-Jews involved to prevent us from making generalizations. The conspiracy is Satanic, with plenty of Jewish and non-Jewish participation. I do not exonerate the Jews and you should not exonerate the non-Jews.


Steve said (March 11, 2006):




Dan said (March 11, 2006):

I've since read so much about the history of Zionism and began to see some pretty sinister gentiles involved in planning it all the way back to the 1870's. Circumstantial evidence is there, that as long ago as the late 19th century, Zionists were planning on using the old anti-Jewish resentments that festered in Europe to cause a massive Holocaust, exactly as it happened.

If Zionists were behind that, naturally that in no way exonerates the perpetrators of that slaughter. But it's more monstrous.

Baby boomers still confuse approval of a homeland and safety for Jews with the term Zionism. Most baby boomer Jews are even less likely to accept that some of the famous figures they grew up thinking of as heroes and rotectors could be coming from such a monstrous agenda as
using collective Jews as pawns in a set up a final Jihad to short out Islam, Christianity, and Torah Judaism .

The so called 'neocons' controlling the US governments appear to be sub contracting for Israel, but they are only one visible tier of the
hierarchy. The coup de'tat of American overnment was effected by a group with Russina Jewish names and Israeli citizenship for the same
reason the Bolshevik's were mostly Jewish. The position of Jews in the world and history is such that Jews make the best operatives, and also
using members of of ethnic groups distracts attention from who's really running the show. They also prop up blacks, hispanics, asians, or
whomever else suits them to run this or that.

Not that the neocons are dupes, or naive. I believe they know pretty well what agenda they are serving, and whom they serve.And it's sure not Israel as a safe haven, nor safey and peace for Jews anywhere.

The agenda is world chaos, to bring the house down. All nation states are to be destroyed, including Israel.

It's monstrous.

Hugh said (March 11, 2006):

I suggest you read "Origins of the Balfour Declaration - Dr. Weizmann's Contribution" by James A. Malcolm. London 1944.

You might be able to obtain the copy of the original in the British Museum, published by Harvard Library, 1964, and reissued by the Institute for Historical Review.

Just minutes ago, curiously enough, I was commenting by e-mail with a friend, on this very document.

Malcolm's family was doing business in Persia since Elizabethan times, and acting on behalf of the Crown as agent. He grew up in close contact with Jews who worked in the family bank as cashiers, and learned about Zionism from them.

In 1916, in London, he happened to meet his friend General Mark Sykes, who was in the Cabinet. He asked him how the war was going. It was going very badly, he learned. The British had not been able to get the US into the war, to support them, and the British were losing. The Jewish bankers in NY tended to sympathize with Germany, as many of them had roots there; they were not interested in helping the Brits.

Malcolm pointed out that if the British offered the Zionists a homeland in Palestine, they would surely convince the influential Jews in the US, to exert all their influence on the US government, to enter the war on the British side. Sykes did not know about Zionism, and Malcolm had to explain it to him.

Malcolm's suggestion was taken up by the Government.

There were, it is true, some important Jews who did not wish to accept the offer; they felt that the establishment of a homeland for Jews might entail the inconvenience of losing their right to stay in their host countries. There was some Jewish reluctance by these important Jews; however, as Malcolm portrays the process of getting the US on board for the war on Germany via the influence of, for instance, Supreme Court Justice Brandeis who was extremely influential with Pres. Wilson, the hesitation on the part of some Jews with regard to the Zionist project was overcome by the religious core of Judaism, to whose opinion the more cautious Jews had to yield. It was certainly NOT the British who pushed the Jews into the Zionist project! It was the religious zionist core of Judaism which wielded the determining influence, overriding the "bitter opposition" (sic) of wealthy bankers such as Edmond de Rothschild and others (who were completely out of touch with the Zionist Jews). The British objective was THE DEFEAT OF GERMANY.

The result of Malcolm's efforts as intermediary between the British Government and the Zionists was, The Balfour Declaration.

I recommend this account by Malcolm, written, as he says, while the "Flying Bombs" were falling near his home in London and violently shaking all the windows.


Dear Hugh,

Everything you say is true but it overlooks the fact that the "Crown" also had an overriding interest in taking Palestine as part of their program for world government and also possibly a Zionist-Islam Third World War.


Barry said (March 11, 2006):

Montagu was apparently an honest man. The rest ofthe cabinet and PM were under the influence of Zionists in the City of London who were working for the Rothschild interests. That is one reason that Jews in the US abruptly changed their allegience from Germany to Britain during the 2nd decade of the 20th century.

Most Jews seem to march to the tune of the richest Jews, even if it is contrary to their faith, as Zionism is to many decent Jews.

Influential Gentiles who promoted Zionism were Masons who served the interests of the international banking elite, just as did Zionist Jews. Both serve the Illuminati New World Order.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at