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Satanist Jews Took the Christ Out of Christmas

December 23, 2023


A friend's eight-year-old boy complained that his class cannot celebrate Christmas although 19 of 20 kids are Christian. The twentieth is Jewish, and guess what, they are learning about Chanukah!  The boy made a bewildered face, as if to say, what's going on?  What's going on is that the goyim are being inducted into a Satanic cult called Cabalist Judaism. What more proof do you need? The best response is to celebrate the birth of Christ with more fervour than ever before.

Makow- You'd think Christian Zionists would get the message. Jewish rabbis are responsible for the Crucifixion of  Christ. They have continued this vendetta against God and man until the present day. Aren't the COVID scam, lockdowns, deadly vaccines and Agenda 2030 proof enough? Klaws Swab is a Rothschild. 

Christmas Was Crucified Again
Updated a few times from Dec 23, 2005

By Henry Makow PhD.

Each year, Christmas becomes a fading a reflection of Christmas' past.  What do the Satanist Jews have against Jesus?

He is the antithesis of the up-side-down world they are creating. Jesus taught that God is Love, and he loves everyone equally. He taught that God is a moral force - Morality is the Fourth Dimension. We must ascend the grease-pole of Consciousness if we are to know the true grandeur of human life.

They reject God and hate Jesus. The covidscam is a war against God, Love, and humanity, and it's going to get worse. The "Great Reset" is Communism.    
Agenda 2030 is literally Agenda 1984. They are determined to degrade, dispossess and enslave us.  WAKE UP FOLKS!  (Satanism Explained)

I repost this 2005 article to show that Satanists have been cancelling Christmas for a long time.

"Did you enjoy the Holiday Concert?" the school principal asked my friend.

"Yes, but why didn't you call it a Christmas Concert?'

"Oh I can't. The Superintendent said the concert must be inclusive of all the diverse cultures in the school. We are not allowed to mention Christmas, Christ, or Jesus."

My friend was bewildered. The school is 95% Christian. Yet all the carols with Christian references were performed as instrumentals. Instead they recited "In Flanders Fields," a poem commemorating the dead from World War One!

This humiliating scene was replayed millions of times this Christmas season. Some Christian groups even boycotted retailers who dropped the word Christmas from their advertising. Celebrating the central Christian holiday, and even saying "Merry Christmas" has become a political act.

trad-xmas.jpgWhy has this happened? The answer isn't pretty. The world financial elite wants to eradicate Christianity. Their forerunners crucified Christ. Christianity gives everyone a piece of the pie and elitists want it all for themselves.

According to Christianity, all human beings were created in God's image, i.e. Divine Truth resides in every soul. Accordingly, God loves everyone equally and human life is sacred. Our birthright is to know God by following Christ's teachings. 

On the other hand, the New World Order wants to corrupt and debase humanity and snuff out any spark of Divinity. They want to allot us "human rights" (which they determine) instead of acknowledging our God given rights. You see, animals are better to herd and cull.


In a truly pluralistic society, all major religions would be officially recognized. This is especially true of Christianity, the founding heritage practised by 80% of Americans.

In our society however, some people are in George Orwell's words, "more equal than others." "Diversity" is a devious ploy to subjugate the Christian majority. Christians have to take a back seat to 1.5% of Jews for whom Chanukah is an insignificant holiday that doesn't even fall on December 25 half of the time. (I won't mention "Kwanza" since most Blacks are Christian.)

To degrade humanity, the elite has to dynamite the four pillars of human identity: race, religion, nation and family. Just as it promotes homosexuality and fe-manism to undermine family, it uses Jewish holidays to destroy Christianity.

vintage-xmas.jpgThe truth is that most Jews and other non-Christians would be happy to make Christmas an official national holiday. Some Jews and Muslims even started groups to promote the authentic celebration of Christmas. No one can object to the spirit of Divine Love and human brotherhood that Christ represents. It is the heart and soul of Christmas.

No one objects except the foreign-based central bankers and the monolithic occult (i.e. Masonic) political and cultural establishment that they employ.

Masons are behind the spurious division of religion and state. In his book "Unholy Alliances" Dr. James Wardner points out that the Supreme Court had a Masonic majority during the 30-year period 1941-1971 when the court "erected a wall separating the religious from the secular. It was an epoch when prayer and Bible reading were erased from public education..." (P.72)

Paul Fisher (in "Behind the Lodge Door") suggests, "Masons have succeeded in having their religion dominate American society." (P.244)

"Freemasonry historically has been a revolutionary worldwide movement organized to advance Cabbalistic Gnosticism; to undermine and ...destroy Christianity; to infuse Masonic philosophy into key government structures; and to subvert any government which does not comport with Masonic principles." (P.16)

The destruction of Christianity is a main goal of Communism, a spawn of the banking elite through its Masonic arm. Communist/Masonic governments persecuted and murdered Christians in Russia, China, Spain, Mexico, France etc.


The attack on Christmas is part of a wider war on Christianity in the USA.

Incredible as it sounds, a US Navy Chaplain is being fired because he insists on praying "in Jesus' name." He went on a hunger strike to persuade President Bush to rectify this situation. Seventy-three Congressmen wrote Oct 25 letter, that while 80% of soldiers are Christians, "it is increasingly difficult for Christian Chaplains to use the name of Jesus when praying." (Washington Times, Dec. 21, 205)

If Jews were subjected to this persecution, there would be howls of "anti-Semitism" yet Christians meekly accept it. There isn't a murmur when a Jewish judge lets a man blasphemously change his name to Jesus Christ two days before Christmas. But examine the exact dimensions of the Jewish holocaust and all hell breaks loose.

trad-xmas-pic.jpgGeorge W. Bush who claimed to be a born-again Christian is in fact a member of the Satanic (Masonic) "Skull and Bones." He sent a "Happy Holiday" card from the White House. Nevertheless the House of Representative fought hard to have the Capitol Christmas Tree called that and passed a symbolic resolution upholding Christmas "symbols and traditions".

Meanwhile when Homeland Security Commissar Michael Chertoff lighted a Chanukah Menorah, nobody suggested that it be called a "Holiday Candle."

Using guilt generated by the Jewish holocaust, the elitists are conditioning Christians to defer to Jews and meekly forfeit their beliefs and institutions. Naturally, this is causing anti-Semitism.

Happily, some Christians are standing up. There was uproar in a Long Island community when a Jewish town Supervisor interrupted a Catholic priest who evoked Christ when blessing a Christmas tree at a lighting ceremony.

"This is inappropriate," the Supervisor said. "I just want to make it clear that this is in no way a religious ceremony."

"I have to tell you that Manhasset is in an uproar," said Christine Roberts, who is Jewish herself. "It really was the wrong thing to say at the wrong time. There is a lot of hostility going around. Angry letters to the editor?angry conversations. Insanity has absolutely overtaken this town." The Supervisor later apologized.("Christmas Debate at Manhasset Tree Lighting," Dec.9)

In a wider context, a high school student in Pittsfield MA refused to wear a yellow Star of David; similar to the ones the Nazis forced Jews to wear. It was part of an exercise to "teach empathy."

Samantha Gage, 13, said: "Many people won't learn anything except that their religion (if they're not Jewish) isn't good enough and that being Jewish or expressing Jewish symbols is a better religion and the only way to get the grades we deserve."

Not all Jews are part of this ruling caste but only those Jews (and non-Jews) who work for the central bankers through the web of corporations, foundations, media holdings, universities etc. that constitutes the US Establishment.

The majority of Jews like myself want no part of the New World Order, which actually plans to stamp out true Judaism (and Jews) along with Christianity and Christians. (see "seal the door where evil dwells" )

But the bankers would love to deflect hostility against all Jews, not just the ones that work for them. This way opposition to their malevolent plan can be dismissed as hate and prejudice.


We keep hearing alarming reports that the United States is becoming a Christian theocracy. This is funny given the treatment Christmas is receiving. Martin Luther King merits a national holiday but not Christ.

Jay Leno made the point that it's OK to name Halloween. "So we have a holiday for Demons and Witches but not one for Christ?" (Very telling.) He heard the movie "Miracle on 34th Street" was being re-titled "Coincidence on 34th Street."

Next year Christians must boycott all events and stores that pass Christmas off as a generic holiday. They must organize counter events, which are authentic celebrations. 


Christ said: "So every one who acknowledges me before men, I will acknowledge before my Father who is in heaven; but whoever denies me before men, I also will also deny before my Father who is in heaven." (Mathew 10:32-33)

Then he said:"Do not think that I have come to bring peace on earth; I have not come to bring peace but a sword."

We can no more take religion out of national life than we can take light out of a room without being left in darkness. The new treatment of Christmas is more proof that we are being subjected to a stealth campaign of behaviour modification. The only way to stop the downward spiral is for the US to accept Christianity as its official religion, as part of a religious revival that would involve putting the current criminal satanic leadership in jail and getting out of Iraq.

In Israel, Jews have no trouble mentioning Passover. Christians also need a national homeland where they can officially observe their beliefs. What better place than the United States?

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Comments for "Satanist Jews Took the Christ Out of Christmas "

Jason W said (December 26, 2020):

The reason why the Moneychangers and Pharisees hate Christmas is that the story of Jesus and thus Christianity is ALL: about God being your only master. People have forgotten the purpose of Jesus was to set the "Jews" free from the Pharisees and Moneychangers, the traditions of men.

As long as you have God alone above you, you are free and no man can be above you. This is the worst thing possible for the slavers, which is what the Moneychangers and Pharisees are.

You Jews and Freemasons and everyone else who follows them are SLAVES. They will throw you under the bus whenever it's convenient.They will offer you power and make you sick and you will never escape their grasp. When your usefulness is gone, so are you. Remember the devil has no friends, only useful idiots.

Only Jesus can set you free, and this is done by making God your only master. Christianity and freedom are one and the same.

with men, freedom is impossible. With God, anything is possible.

Chris R said (December 25, 2020):

For some time I have been wondering why Christianity is singled out for attack by the establishment. Considering that Islam also recognizes Jesus as the messiah and a large proportion of Muslims are prepared for war and martyrdom, it never really made sense to me until now with all this talk about vaccine passports becoming a requirement to access basic services and even work. It sounds too similar to the mark of the beast as described in the book of Revelation to be a simple coincidence, and Christianity is the only religion that includes Revelation among its scriptures.

The fewer people who take this seriously, the more who will be willing to take experimental vaccines in exchange for easing of restrictions on out basic freedom.

Christine said (December 22, 2019):

Yes, the hatred is intense.

But they won't win, because Jesus Christ is Lord of Lords and King of Kings.

And as the Old Testament repeatedly shows, God always choses to fight with a tiny, seemingly completely overwhelmed human army because it demonstrates His divine glory.

How utterly foolish it is for mortal man to strive against his maker.

Rob said (December 22, 2019):

Have to say that your site is the best on the net! You give factual information as well as philosophical truths.

Keep it up brother!

Jean said (January 4, 2006):

If the purposee of eliminating Christmas is, as you say, "To degrade humanity, the elite has
to dynamite the four pillars of human identity: race, religion, nation and
family. Just as it promotes homosexuality and fe-manism to undermine family,
it uses Jewish holidays to destroy Christianity." This could be but how to
explain that the Jewish traditions are not targeted, in contrast with the
Christian and the Muslim traditions? Not only are the Jewish traditions left
intact but the Jewish collective identity is even reinforced by a never
ending and self-insulationnist commemoration of the Jewish "Holocaust". It
looks like everything is done to destroy the cultural, national, ethnic and
religious specificities... except in the Jewish people. So, what is going on?


Dear Jean,

Apparently the banksters do not fear Jewish holidays because presumably they celebrate historical events rather than uphold universal standards.


Carol said (January 4, 2006):

Luckily for me, I live deep within the folds of Quebec society, in Montreal which not too long ago was referred to as ‘la ville de 300 clochers’. A city of 300 church bells chiming every Sunday, at a time when the city was contained within a smaller space. No Anglo-Saxon/Jewish authority would dare jeopardize the fragile adherence which exists between Quebec and the Canadian confederation. As a result, the Christmas spirit explodes into action from the last week of November, where radio stations play progressively principally Christmas songs and where even today one talk radio station continues to play them in the evening. And the ensuing effects on pluralism is that everyone, Jews and Muslims included are showered with the religious impulse from Christianity. How could this be a problem? Everyone is ennobled with the esthetic and passion of love inherent within Christianity. And this is just another day in Montreal.

Michelle said (January 2, 2006):

Liked your latest column on Christmas. I took great pleasure in singing it out to customers, store clerks, etc this year. My Christmas cards are always totally religious, but I made sure all gift tags, etc were also. Oh, how offensive Jesus is. The Gospels show it over and over. But I adore Him; more and more I'm learning to REJOICE when I am condemned and persecuted for my love and loyalty to Him. There will come a day when all is over, and how sorry they will be then. In the meantime, the outrageous lengths of Christ-haters are often pure comedy. Love has no fear. Love cannot be taken away, destroyed, removed from our hearts. They just can't get it.

John said (January 2, 2006):

Good lord Henry how in the world could you have gotten it so wrong?

The G between the skull and crossbones as you describe stands for God. Thats a square and compass too by the way. I have many jewish friends that wear that ring proudly. Shame on you for presenting such lies for what ever your reasons are!

You blaspheme on the Rense site an organization which it is clear you know nothing at all about. Do you think that phd after your name gives you the right to spew such utter senseless lies about the masons?

I'll agree with you about the war on Christmas but this other stuff about the masons sounds like it comes from a high school dropout, or someone who tried to get into the masonic lodge and was maybe blackballed and not allowed in for some dire reason.

The founding fathers of this nation were all dreaded "masons". The boston tea party, a nice guy on horse back with the first name of Paul. Even the declaration of independence was written by masons.

Its really sad to come across such an article as your's. Hopefully all who read it will realize even though you have a phd you don't know your ass from a hole in the ground.

I hate to be so blunt but it just needed to be said that way.

Happy New Year

Dear John,

Have you ever been deceived or proven wrong in your life? You certainly have the confidence (or arrogance) of someone who hasn't or doesn't know it.

The role of the Masons in founding the US may not be as benign as you think. G stands for Gnossis or Generation for the top ranks of Masonry. Do you think the Church of Satan would be successful if it advertised itself as such? It's much more effective pretending to represent God, which in a weird way it does. Its God is Lucifer. Keep digging! I used to be a Socialist and Zionist myself. I gain no benefit from my current views and would gladly retract if convinced I am wrong again.


Leo said (January 2, 2006):

Enjoyed reading your article and think that you are probably right on all points that there is a conspiracy to eradicate Christmas from our culture. But there is a fundamental problem with defending the's origin has nothing whatsoever to do with the birth of Christ. Surely you must know that Christmas celebration has it's origin in pagan roots (as is Easter) and is never mentioned in the Bible, as a event that Christians should celebrate. Are we being hoodwinked into defending something which is fundamentally false from the very beginning?


Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Christ. Nothing else matters. Henry

Harry said (January 1, 2006):

Julius Streicher had a jew in his employ on his newspaper who was a talmudist.
He would take out of context any commentaries that might exacerbate jew and non jew relations.Streicher never would shake hands with his jew employee.
Ghettoized jews like the rothchilds needed guts,intelligence and discipline as well as good fortune to reach the pinnacles of their success.
The conditions to ghettoize the jews by the nobility and church of the time should be condemned for allowing an intelligent and essentially literate people to suffer the humiliation indignities and pain because of christian dogma.
If you are a converted jew that is your business.
To read your diatribes against your ancestral heritage is another matter.
When the greek invader antiochus captured jerusalem a couple centuries before yeshua,he besmirched the temple by slaughtering pigs on its holy alter.To stick it to the jews of his time.
I relate all this to you in order for you to have a more balanced view of history.


I do not identify the Jewish people with Rothschilds' ambitions, as you seem to do. This got millions of Jews slaughtered once, and it could happen again.


Tony said (December 31, 2005):

Christians don't need any lessons in tolerance unless they are being forced to tolerate evil, which is what the "war against Christmas" is really about. Patrick Henry wrote:

"It cannot be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great nation was founded not by religionists, but by Christians; not on religions, but on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For that reason alone, people of other faiths have been afforded freedom of worship here."

It is the other religions which are not tolerant of Christianity. And a major one of those religions is atheism, which is a secular religion in a real sense. Like it's god, environmentalism, it is not in any sense a science; it is strictly a faith based belief sans any factual proof whatsoever of its tenets. When explored to its roots one finds satanism, as in all anti God beliefs. That is why gnostic masonry and atheism overlap and are often, but not always, identical.

As a separate thought, it should be mentioned that Christmas is actually Christ's mass. A mass held specifically to honor Jesus Christ, God incarnate. Today it is the rare nominal Christian who is aware of that true origin of Christmas. Even many modern nominal Catholics don't know it.

Dan said (December 31, 2005):

I don't watch a lot of television, though whenever Christ or the institution of churches are mentioned on it, it's nearly always derisive. I participated in the jokes trivializing religion ever since the 1970's, and all the way through 2001. The better educated the company, the more fashionable it is to deride anything sacred, including the concept of the sacred itself.
Christianity is clearly the target, in the US. And for four or five years many Christians are condemning and ridiculing Islam, not realizing how similar these faiths are in essence. They should return to this nation's long standing policy of tolerance, and defense of the rights of all faiths. For one faith to ridicule and persecute another is to undermine one's own position simultaneously.

Television is getting quite viscious toward anything sacred. Those who let the TV drone constantly are numbed to the ugliness of it.
Since I don't watch much, I can see underneath the clever humor, something hateful toward love, peace, and certaintly intolerant.

These are the same writers and personalites who extoll the 'tolerance' of homosexual 'marriage-which is itself just another clever insult against the sanctity of heterosexual union which after all, is the basis of family.

And I've seen people laughing at these shows even after just having returned from their churches.

There's much of what was once called "common sense" removed from people's knowlege about the sacred. I think that the reason Gay marriage can be taken 'seriously' now, is the result of a few decades of corrosion and distortion of what marriage was about to begin with. During the 60's, the first wave of attack was the old slogan that "marriage is just a piece of paper". So back then, the same proponents who now extoll Gay marriage, they were insisting on no marriage for heterosexuals or anyone else.
They attacked the institution, mocking the spiritual aspects, and reducing it to appear as only a 'property' contract through which a woman bartered her freedom away to a man.

Marriage is now considered by many to be an archaic and meaningless form, and it's uselessness is demonstrated easily enough by them by pointing to the high failure rate--which they've been working relentlessly for decades to manifest.

Odd that now they want Gay marriage, using the argument that the State and society are denying the poor homosexuals the right to 'find love' with 'someone special'. I want someone to ask them, the writers and promoters of these notions, which is it? Isn't it just "a piece of paper" for homosexuals too? Aren't they really trying to subject the happy homosexuals to the "hell" that they've been saying for so long that marriage is for heterosexuals?

Tom said (December 31, 2005):

Bravo for you. Israel Shamir, whom I much admire, has said it is up to the Jews to put the kibosh on the whole Israel-Zionist, apartheid,
racist, anti-Christian fog coming over the U.S. and emanating from Israel. So it enheartens me to see you writing from your position of
strength about the insulting sidelining of Christmas. You've said what I would not have "dared" to say: let the U.S. be a Christian
nation (the fact of a myriad of many sects can be counted on to keep a theocracy at bay). We'll be a tolerant land, whereas Israel is an
exceedingly intolerant one, and is never called to order on the point. Strengst verboten!

Garrett said (December 31, 2005):

Thank you for your service to males and humanity through your mental work and resulting articles provided via your web site. Reading your work and personal life experiences intensely has had and will likely continue to have a profound effect on my paradigms and actions as the memes your profess and articulate ring true in contrast to the popular cultural and ideological crap and evilness. Your tolerance and compassion for the small percentage of differing people such as homosexuals and manly women/womanly men without encouraging hate but rather nurturing and support if anything without loosing your judgmental position for what's generally right for most people goes a long ways towards increasing personal credibility with me. Again, thank you and I'll be returning regularly to continue my studies.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at