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1979 Illuminati Manifesto - The Plan to Enslave Humanity

July 23, 2023

jroctopus.jpgWith the passage of time, this classic document 

confirms that humanity is the victim

of a relentless campaign of propaganda and social engineering.

"The public cannot comprehend this weapon and therefore cannot believe that they are being attacked and subdued by a weapon," says the 1979 report which was found in 1986 in an IBM copier that had been purchased at a surplus sale.

(From Aug. 16, 2013, and Feb 19, 2021)

By Henry Makow PhD

The truth is at once simpler and more incredible than anyone could conceive.

A shocking document entitled "Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars" confirms that a satanic cult headquartered in the City of London holds mankind in bondage using psychological warfare.

"The public cannot comprehend this weapon and therefore cannot believe that they are being attacked and subdued by a weapon," says the 1979 report which was found in 1986 in an IBM copier that had been purchased at a surplus sale.

It is the product of a discipline called "Operations Research" developed during WWII to attack enemy populations using tools of social engineering and psychological warfare.

According to the document, the "international elite" decided in 1954 to wage a "quiet war" against the American people with the goal of shifting wealth from "the irresponsible many" into the hands of the "responsible and worthy few."

"In view of the law of natural selection, it was agreed that a nation or world of people who will not use their intelligence are no better than animals who do not have intelligence. Such people are beasts of burden and steaks on the table [sic] by choice and consent."

The goal was to establish an economy, which is "totally predictable and manipulable." The masses will have to be "trained and assigned a yoke...from a very early age..."

To achieve such conformity, the "family unit must be disintegrated by a process of increasing preoccupation of the parents and the establishment of government-operated daycare centers for the occupationally orphaned children."

This is accomplished through "silent weapons" (propaganda and social engineering) applied in the media and schools.

"When the silent weapon is applied gradually, the public adjusts...until the pressure becomes too great and they crack up...Therefore the silent weapon is a type of biological warfare... It attacks ...their sources of natural and social energy and their physical, mental and emotional strengths..."

Although not mentioned by name, the silent weapon here is Feminism, which promotes lesbianism while posing as the defender of women.


The document says the father must be "housebroken." The advertising media see to it that he is "pussy whipped" and "taught that he either conforms...or his sex life zero." The female is "ruled by emotion first and logic second...too starry-eyed to see [her child will be] a wealthy man's cannon fodder or a cheap source of slave labor."

The writer concludes, "This mindless school of jellyfish, father, mother, son, and daughter, becomes useful beasts of burden..."


The document speaks of "gaining control of the public" by keeping them "undisciplined, ignorant, confused, disorganized and distracted."

"Keep the public diverted away from "the real social issues and captivated by matters of no importance." "Sabotage their mental activities" by a "constant barrage of sex, violence, and wars in the media" i.e. "mental and emotional rape."

Give them "junk food for thought" and deprive them of what they really need," especially a sound education. "Keep the public entertainment below the sixth-grade level."

"Work: Keep the public busy, busy, busy with no time to think; back on the farm with the other animals."

"Destroy the faith of the American people in each other."

The general rule: "There is profit in confusion; the more confusion, the more profit. Therefore the best approach is to create problems and then offer solutions."


The public wants the government to "perpetuate their dependency role of childhood. Simply put, they want a human god to eliminate all risk from their life, pat them on the head, kiss their bruises, put a chicken on every dinner table...tuck them in and tell them everything will be alright...."

The "human god" is the politician who promises the world and delivers nothing. This public behavior is "surrender born of fear, laziness, and expediency. It is the basis of the welfare state as a strategic weapon, useful against a disgusting public."

The public's lack of resistance is a sign that it "is ripe for surrender and is consenting to enslavement and legal encroachment. A good ...indicator of harvest time is the number of public citizens who pay income tax despite an obvious lack of reciprocal or honest service from the government."



People may object that this document is yet another forgery. However, people who are conscious can see that this blueprint already has been executed.

The promotion of homosexuality and transgenderism under the guise of "tolerance" and "equality" is an example of a silent weapon.

The equation of homosexual marriage with heterosexual marriage is a brazen denial of the uniqueness of heterosexuality. While they blather about human rights, they viciously attack the health and happiness of 97% of the population.

The difference between heterosexuality and homosexuality is one word: children. Homosexuals do not have biological children. Becoming parents is an essential step in heterosexual development. This requires that we form a permanent bond that is unique to us. (see "Relearning Heterosexual Love")

Homosexuals could have a special class of marriage with all the same rights and responsibilities. But they are used to confuse the majority so we don't bond and suffer arrested development as a result. (See "Canada Redefines Marriage" )

Feminism is another example. By denying healthy natural heterosexual roles, women usurp the place of men as providers and have few or no children, often as single parents. Men become redundant or "wives." Family is destroyed and society is destabilized.



The mass media and education mislead, manipulate, distract and deform. "Mental and emotional rape," they call it. While we have material plenty, our minds and souls are starved for truth.

We are conditioned to think about trivia or evade reality altogether. No coverage or debate is given to the insidious progress of world government and the erosion of national independence.

Because there will be no meaningful nationhood or democracy, the young are not taught history or civic virtues. Sex is promoted as a lifelong obsession. Pornography is rampant. We are not supposed to have mature concerns, such as the sort of world our children will inherit.

When was the last time you saw a movie that taught or inspired you? That contained recognizable human situations and emotions? That addressed the real issues we face? That warmed your heart and made you glad to be alive? When did a movie present a hero you could adopt as a role model?

Mankind has the intelligence to create a wonderful world. We are being sabotaged. Satan's disciples are responsible for the murder of scores of Presidents and other leaders, for depression, genocide and war including the bogus "Cold War" and it's successor the "War on Terror." All wars are against humanity organized by this satanic cult.

Their headquarters is Chatham House in London and their branch office is at Pratt House in NYC. The web of control extends through the Rockefeller Rothschild banking and oil cartels, corporations, foundations, think tanks, intelligence networks, and governments. The logos of scores of huge corporations, including mass media, contain Masonic references.

Our political, economic and cultural "leaders" have sold their souls and betrayed society. They are literally servants of Satan. Otherwise, they would not tolerate that both Presidential candidates are members of a Satanic secret society, the Skull and Bones. They would not tolerate the obvious ruse that took place on Sept. 11. They imagine they will be privileged in the New World Order. History has shown that everyone is expendable.



We call ourselves "progressive", but that is another example of doublespeak. The "progress" is being made by the Illuminati.

While man was made in God's image, human life was Sacred. When we agreed God was dead, we became expendable. That's why the author of "Silent Wars" can refer to us as "beasts of burden" and use the "Darwinian struggle" to justify enslavement and genocide.

Satan is not content to destroy us physically. He has a wager with God. Are we made in God's image or not? In order to win, he needs to prove we are nothing but dumb animals.

Lack of resistance signifies our acquiescence. We have been "progressively" demoralized and lulled. We must shake off our stupor and show that we are not jellyfish but men who will fight for our Divine birthright.

This is a battle humanity can never evade. The longer it is postponed the harder it will be to win.

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First Comment from Malcolm:

I clicked on your site and was thrilled to see you drawing attention to this underestimated information. Because this is being fulfilled so profoundly, I find myself quoting the last paragraph almost every hour. To me, it is especially relevant as I watch the sky changing due to the insanity of chemtrails (and the like) whilst people feel secure in their cognitive dissonance. The document correctly forecasts that "People do love their servitude".

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Comments for "1979 Illuminati Manifesto - The Plan to Enslave Humanity"

JC said (July 24, 2023):

Things are getting so bad that even the legally blind can see it. And things are threatening to get a whole lot worse. That being the undeniable truth, I cannot see the logic in encouraging people to reproduce. We need to listen to the words of Christ: "Daughters of Jerusalem, do not weep for me. Weep for yourselves and for your children. The time will come when you will say, 'Blessed are the women who can't have children! Blessed are those who never gave birth or nursed babies!'" (Luke 23:28-29) Based on the events we see unfolding in the world today, I submit that the time Christ referred to has come and that this is not the time to be bringing children into the world. Far from it.

Troublemagnet said (July 24, 2023):

Hey Henry, check out these lyrics from Megadeth's "Washington is Next" from 2007-Jeremy PS The song kicks much ass.

Doug P said (July 24, 2023):

The moment they let non-Christians in and allowed freedom of religion they created a country with multiple personality disorder. The money was corrupt before the creation of the central banks in 1913 because the banks were organized in buying and selling government bonds at the right times. The instant the USA was created it was created to be the New Atlantis, in mythology Athens held back and won against Atlantis and started creating a philosophy of governance that was inherently good. Atlantis was Luciferian and was buried under the sea due to its inherent evil. (in my own words but from Voelgelin / The New Science of Politics). The only way out is a government-created fiat currency that uses tax to control inflation.

G said (July 23, 2023):

Regarding any "lack of resistance," or any "battle humanity can't evade," I think we must define the words "resistance" and "battle" in terms of what they need to mean in the present day. Otherwise, they remain terms too vague to offer any direction out of the madness and hence, the status quo will keep having its way with us. And the nature of the status quo is to keep growing more perverse and extraordinarily cruel.

Christ advised, "Sell your cloak and buy a sword." I know he'd be with us. Hard as it may be for some to hear, I say think Lexington Green, 1775.

SR said (February 20, 2021):

That document (Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars) was written by Hartford VanDyke. It was not a government document. Hartford showed me the original writing in the year 2000 at his home in Vancouver, Washington directly across from Portland, Oregon. We had just finished four days of one-on-one training. I used to do a lot of that back in the 1990s. Read an author's book, ask questions, hire the author, one-on-one training accelerates the learning curve. He told me that his book was found in a USAF auction copy machine, someone thought it was a government conspiracy and it took on a life of its own. However, the data in the book is accurate. And, if memory serves me correctly, he references a Soviet mathematician who came up with the mathematical formulas for controlling a society - crazy communist AI stuff.

David C said (February 20, 2021):

I read the "Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars" in Bill Cooper's "Behold a Pale Horse" book during the early 1990's, and remember thinking the document is obviously fake, and that it couldn't be true. Fast forward 30 years later, and that same document seems to obviously be the cabalist's playbook. Many other source documents can be found on this one page:

Rick said (February 19, 2021):

The magazine "Paranoia" clued me in to Silent Wars..... years 9/11 with me trying to explain that jet fuel CANNOT melt structural red iron and the REFUSAL to listen.....I find it best to keep to myself......because I know I'll have my moment.....of refusal.....

Kristine said (August 19, 2013):

It´s all right there in your title, Henry: Quiet War against Humanity. The question is, if the war is against Humanity, then what sort of non-humans are carrying it out? Why the anti-semites of course.

Eustace Mullins explains our dilemma brilliantly in "The Curse of Canaan": things in this earthly realm are not what they seem to be: the self-proclaimed "semites" are actually anti-semites (generating from Ham/Caanan > (Can, the snake)) while the rest of us are from Shem, God´s Chosen People, or semites. All turned around, of course, by the god of chaos and destruction, who has the vast majority of fools deceived.

The anti-semites have been trying to turn God´s order upside down at the behest of their god for several thousand years now - and seem to be successful.

However, as things are not actually what they seem to be: the spiritual WILL triumph over the flesh and materialistically evil anti-semites. No matter how many of them there are. In their material world might makes right but in God´s world it´s grace, which the anti-semites cannot and will not partake of.

I´ve said it before and I´ll say it again: it is wrong to condemn the "sheep", and the sheep should not condemn themselves for the deprivation of the non-human pack bent on proving they are mightier than the Almighty. To get us to hate ourselves is an anti-semite trick to re-make us in their image and likeness - to accept their projection of themselves upon us. God forbid!

C said (August 17, 2013):

Henry, It is very frustrating trying to communicate any of this to friends or loved ones...or anyone! They tell you to be quiet, stop
talking about this, just shut up! And then again,
some leave you never to return. Mr Peak Crackers made a great video "Ramble On" In it a beautiful guard dog is barking for all he is worth,
trying desperately to warn. Cracker's
voice over, "as much as we bark and cry out to others, it seems like sometimes we're just guarding nothing." But for every ten that renounce
you, there will be one who listens,

Dan said (August 17, 2013):

Only a few days ago I heard "those who will not use their intelligence are no better than animals who do not have intelligence. Such people are beasts of burden and steaks on the table by choice and consent." I'd forgotten where those words originally came from.

I've been listening to old recording of Bill Cooper's "Hour of the Time" shortwave talk show from 1994. I think it was Cooper that first disseminated this document in his book "Behold a Pale Horse".

In 1979 and 1986 and even 1994 the mind behind thinking of "Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars" seemed too egregious to believe. People would rather believe that people that think that way are extremely rare psychopaths that 'society' contains in maximum security prisons, or institutions for the criminally insane. It's too horrid to accept that this is the mind set of the councils that are running the world behind the scenes. But it is.

Your take on it is as fresh today as it was in 2004. "This is a battle humanity can never evade. The longer it is postponed the harder it will be to win".


Cooper claimed to have seen the document while he was in Naval Intelligence, I think he said he saw it in 1969. More importantly, he said the document dates to 1954. That sounds about right to me.

It's just my hunch, but the thinking expressed in the document reflects the Macy Conferences held in New York under the auspices of Warren McCulloch and the Josiah Macy, Jr. Foundation from 1946 to 1953.

Adam said (August 17, 2013):

Henry, stunning article !

You raised the possibility of objections to the document in describing it is a forgery. Even if it is and I do not believe it is, that is irrelevant. The reason being that whoever produced this document whether an individual or group (more likely) is or are highly educated and highly articulate. Because of the nature of the document that makes the author(s) dangerous. In Gen.11:6 "And the Eternal said 'Behold the people is one and they have all one language and this they begin to do [set up a world government] ; now nothing shall be restrained from them which they have imagined to do'. "

It is the latter part of this information that illustrates the point about the irrelevance of it being a forgery or not.

The content of this document has been produced by the imagination (the mind) of man ( 'and nothing shall be restrained from them which they have imagined to do') Therefore because it has been "imagined" it can be done and the evidence is plain that it is being done.

To describe its intent as Satanic is no exaggeration.

JG said (August 16, 2013):

Along with Aldous Huxley H.G. Wells had an astounding vision of the future in his book "The Time Machine."

I highly recommend the movie version from 1960 with Rod Taylor.

In this movie Rod Taylor sees a woman drowning in a pool and nobody around the pool tries to save her life. This is because the people of that time have become selfish and insensitive.

He them asks to see their books of history and literature only to find that these books have been forgotten and neglected by the masses. They don't care and have no interest in the "pursuit of truth".

He then is told that only the "talking rings" give them the knowledge they need and they are satisfied with it. This is so similar to the controlled MSM of today.

And finally when a loud siren sounds the people fall into a trance and willingly enter the dungeons of the "morlocks" to be devoured, giving no resistance at all. So very true of today. The public has become cooperatively complicit in their own destruction.

Wade said (August 16, 2013):

Your article is a masterpiece. It brings to focus just how far we as human beings,
made in the image of God, have digressed.

Jesus called the masses "sheep". Now there is no dumber animal than a sheep. I don't think
Jesus picked sheep as an example of the human condition by accident. Jesus also said "Smite
the sheppard and scatter the sheep".

Satan's attack has been concentrated on those in positions of leadership, authority, and influence. Satan uses weapons for his attack upon humanity that appeal to the lowest
levels of our fleshly nature. Against such a formidable opponent mankind must have principled,
moral, and godly men in positions of leadership, authority, and influence.

The fact of the matter is such men seem to no longer exist in these positions, and this fact is a death nail to all human freedom and natural affections. If such a man appeared on the political scene he would be immediately marginalized, and if all else failed...assassinated.

It is something of a curse to actually be awake and understand the things that are happening in this world. Those of us that occupy this awake position are tortured souls groaning together with all of nature for the manifestation of the sons of God.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at