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"The Aim of Freemasonry is the Triumph of Communism"

January 10, 2022

trump-pyramid.jpg(Left. Trump and Hitler make Masonic Merkel sign. Our politicians are all Freemasons.)

Illuminati insider Christian Rakovsky (Chaim Rakover)

revealed that while the goal of Freemasonry is Communism,

Masons will not have a seat at the NWO table.

That is reserved for Jews. 

1938 NKVD Interrogation Part One

Most Politicians are Freemasons 

What is Communism?       Communism is not about the redistribution of wealth. Just the opposite, Communism is the monopoly over everything -- wealth, power, thought -- by the Masonic Jewish central banking cartel. 

The real aim is to "create all the required prerequisites for the triumph of the Communist revolution; this is the obvious aim of Freemasonry," Christian Rakovsky said in 1938.  83 years later, Freemasonry is implementing the covid hoax, vaccine passports and the emerging communist police state. 

This slightly revised key article last appeared here in 2017.

by Henry Makow PhD. 

Freemasons "have to die at the hands of the revolution which has been brought about with their cooperation," according to C.G. Rakovsky, left, a founder of the Communist International, Soviet ambassador to Paris and London, and Head of State of the Ukraine.

"The real secret of Masonry is the suicide of Freemasonry as an organization, and the physical suicide of every important Mason."

This disclosure is from a 1938 Stalinist police interrogation entitled "The Red Symphony" which was never intended to become public.  (Transcript in Des Griffin, Fourth Reich of the Rich, p. 254, and online.)

"It is clear that I know of this not as a Freemason, but as one who belongs to 'Them,'" [the Illuminati] says Rakovsky, a colleague of Leon Trotsky arrested for plotting against Stalin.

Rakovsky's aim is to convince Stalin, a nationalist, to co-operate with the "the Communist-Capitalist International." I introduced this document last week in my "Rothschilds Conduct 'Red Symphony'. "


Freemasonry is the world's largest secret society with over five million members, including three million in the US. It is instrumental in the totalitarian conspiracy. In The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the author (possibly Lionel Rothschild, 1808-1879 ) writes,

"Gentile masonry blindly serves as a screen for us and our objects, but the plan of action of our force, even its very abiding-place, remains for the whole people an unknown mystery....Who and what is in a position to overthrow an invisible force?" (Protocol 4)


(left. Harry Truman and fellow Masons)

Again he writes, "we shall create and multiply free Masonic lodges... absorb into them all who may become or who are prominent in public activity, for in these lodges we shall find our principle intelligence office and means of influence.... The most secret political plots will be known to us and will fall under our guiding hands...We know the final goal...whereas the goyim have knowledge of nothing..." (Protocol 15)

In his interrogation, Rakovsky says that millions flock to Freemasonry to gain an advantage. "The rulers of all the Allied nations were Freemasons, with very few exceptions."

However, the real aim is "create all the required prerequisites for the triumph of the Communist revolution; this is the obvious aim of Freemasonry; it is clear that all this is done under various pretexts; but they always conceal themselves behind their well-known treble slogan [Liberty, Equality, Fraternity]. You understand?" (254)

Masons should recall the lesson of the French Revolution. Although "they played a colossal revolutionary role; it consumed the majority of Masons..." Since the revolution requires the extermination of the bourgeoisie as a class, [so all wealth will be held by the Illuminati in the guise of the State] it follows that Freemasons must be liquidated.


When this secret is revealed, Rakovsky imagines "the expression of stupidity on the face of some Freemason when he realizes that he must die at the hands of the revolutionaries. How he screams and wants that one should value his services to the revolution! It is a sight at which one can die...but of laughter!" (254)

Rakovsky refers to Freemasonry as a hoax: "a madhouse but at liberty." (254)

In Russia in 1929, every Mason who was not Jewish was killed along with his family, according to Alexey Jefimow ("Who are the Rulers of Russia?" p.77)

Like Masons, other applicants for the humanist utopia master class (neo cons, liberals, Zionists, gay and feminist activists) might be in for a nasty surprise. They might be tossed aside once they have served their purpose.


When the interrogator presses Rakovsky for Illuminati notables to approach with an initiative, Rakovsky is sure of only two who are now deceased: Walter Rathenau, the Wiemar foreign minister, and Lionel Rothschild. He says Trotsky is his source of information.

Others he insists are speculation:

"As an institution, the bank of Kuhn Loeb & Company of Wall Street: [and] the families of Schiff, Warburg, Loeb and Kuhn; I say families in order to point out several names since they are all connected ... by marriages; then Baruch, Frankfurter, Altschul, Cohen, Benjamin, Strauss, Steinhardt, Blom, Rosenman, Lippmann, Lehman, Dreyfus, Lamont, Rothschild, Lord, Mandel, Morganthau, Ezekiel, Lasky....any one of the names I have enumerated, even of those not belonging to "Them" could always lead to "Them" with any proposition of an important type." (272)

By allowing bankers the privilege of creating money, we have created an insatiable vampire. If you could manufacture money, imagine the temptation to own and control everything, including thought! This is the ultimate meaning of Communism.

depression1.jpgCOVERT REVOLUTION

Rakovsky refers to the 1929 Crash and Great Depression as an "American revolution." It was deliberately precipitated by the Illuminati for profit, to break the "classical American" character and to take political power.

"The man through whom they made use of such power was Franklin Roosevelt. Have you understood? ...In that year 1929, the first year of the American Revolution, in February, Trotsky leaves Russia; the crash takes place in October...The financing of Hitler is agreed in July, 1929. You think that all this was by chance? The four years of the rule of Hoover were used for the preparation for the seizure of power in the United States and the USSR: there by means of a financial revolution, and here [Russia] with the help of war [Hitler, World War Two] and the defeat which was to follow. Could some novel with great imagination be more obvious to you?" (273)

Rakovsky proposes that Stalin cooperate with the Illuminati, (which he subsequently did.) The first condition is that he stops executing Trotskyites. Then "several zones of influence" will be established dividing "the formal Communism from the real one." There will be "mutual concessions for mutual help for a time while the plan lasts...There will appear influential persons at all levels of society, even very high ones, who will help the Stalinist formal Communism..." (276)

Rakovsky outlines the Illuminati plan to blend Communism and Capitalism. In each case, the Illuminati will control all wealth and power.

"In Moscow there is Communism: in New York capitalism. It is all the same as thesis and antithesis. Analyze both. Moscow is subjective Communism but [objectively] State capitalism. New York: Capitalism subjective, but Communism objective. A personal synthesis, truth: the Financial International, the Capitalist Communist one. And above all, 'They.' " (276)

In the case of Communism, the State owns the corporations, and the bankers own the State. In the case of Capitalism, the bankers control the corporations, and the corporations control the State. In each case, you have monopoly capitalism with increasing political and cultural monopoly in the West resembling that of Soviet Russia.


The Red Symphony confirms that our political and cultural leaders are mostly dupes or traitors. The subversion of the United States is part of a plan for world tyranny.

An occult cabal of bankers is bent on enslaving humanity.  Most religions and groups have been subverted by the Illuminati plan to rule the world and usurp all its wealth, as outlined in The Protocols.

scourt1.jpgThe common denominator is Freemasonry. A manifestation of the emerging Rothschild Luciferian tyranny is the Masonic design of the new Israeli Supreme Court building, left.

Most Freemasons and Jews are not aware of this plan, would oppose it, and are themselves victims of it. The charge of "Anti-Semitism" is used to distract us from the real issue, the creation of a global police state dedicated to projecting Cabalst Jewish wealth, perversity, and power into every sphere of life.

The "war on terror" is about establishing this authoritarian control. What are they planning that requires a police state and gun confiscation? 

Another Great Depression? Civil war? An American gulag? A nuclear or biological "terrorist" attack? Sept. 11 demonstrates they will slaughter innocent Americans without compunction.

We have been born into the seventh or eighth inning of a nine-inning Game and God is trailing badly. The Illuminati have defined God in nonsensical terms and thus banished Him from our universe. God is synonymous with spiritual ideals. Instead of man making his rendezvous with the Creator, we are being degraded and turned into animals, better to serve the Illuminati.


Part Three: "Central Bankers Seek Totalitarian Power"

(The Red Symphony Part 1  )

Related -  Marxist Communism won't look like how it did before. It's more than coincidence that what we see now is straight out of a Communist Handbook in 1966.




I visited my old college, since some of the guys I know there were participating in a literary reading of their own work. After the reading was over, everyone was mingling, and I hear this one guy, no older than 22, speaking about the Masons. He is apparently a member. I walk over, listen, and start to ask basic questions. We laugh about the "conspiracy theorists" and their ideas.

Masons, he says, are good for raising money for their communities and giving members a sense of being a part of something that actually matters. Only two rules apply to join, he says: 1) You must be male. 2) You must believe in a God/higher power.

The guy gives me his business card and invites me to partake in a personal tour of the lodge where he is a member. In fact, he then offers me to join the Masons. He would be the personal reference I would need, and after an extensive background check, I would be good. Within a year, I should be able to move up to 3rd degree Mason. I took the card, said thank you and left. I have not contacted him.

Weeks later, I spoke to a friend of mine about this experience, and he reminded me that the Masons are, after all, the avenue to fame and fortune. Was I tempted to join? Absolutely. The thought still runs through my head. I still have the guy's business card. This avenue would probably solve problems and bring comfort to my family's life. But at what price?


Hi Henry,

I've had the occasion of meeting several Masons over the years and my verdict is: Losers all. From what I've witnessed, talentless or lazy people join this "fraternal order" because they want an easy way to material success. It's a haven for deadbeats.

In their system, a Mason's first duty is to one of their "brothers." Thus, when one of them needs a job, he gets one regardless of his qualifications. He then must "perform" for his lofty status by trading in his honor, morals, etc and doing whatever is asked of him. If the task(s) is so done and is approved of, he gets his reward -usually the granting of a wish or desire within the company. Anyone else working alongside the Mason ends up doing all his work. No support from management, no objections entertained.

The Order always has several high-ranking executives under their thumb and these weaklings-in-spirit protect the more feeble and easily controlled ones beneath them.

It was my father who warned me about Masons. He said they were in all the utilities, boardrooms and any institutions where decisions affecting a lot of people were made. Maybe that explains why our society, country, and civilization is so screwed up.



More on track, I read what the young man wrote about being approached to
join the Freemasons.

My advice for him, having been approached over and over since I was 13
(first time was at my grandfather's funeral), is that the lure of 'solving
problems' is strictly material, and as the old saying goes, 'if they make
ya, they can break ya'.
He would find that he would have merely exchanged one set of problems for
another, more complicated set.
As for the price, he would eventually be set up to betray whatever he loves
most. That's an initiation: "never love a thing you cannot bear to watch
And that's only the beginning. Freemasonry is pure
Luciferianism--Satanism--on the inside. And they don't play.
I never did enter a lodge, because my grandfather told me before he died
never to have anything to do whatsoever with them, and the reasons for it.
They ruined his life.

Don't be tempted. Coin is a sorry substitute for keeping the autonomy of
your own soul.


Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for ""The Aim of Freemasonry is the Triumph of Communism""

ML said (August 19, 2021):

I hope and pray the writer of the first post doesn't join the masons. I know of several families that their father (and grandfather) were heavily into freemasonry. It may have had some financial "benefits" for awhile, but with every family there was a residual curse that seemed to follow the children and grandchildren, especially those who ended up remaining in freemasonry.

In the first family, the kids (with the exception of the older son who didn't join) became degenerates- physically, morally and mentally. The one guy ended up finally committing suicide many years after the war, he had been discharged after some incident in the Philippines where he was involved with torturing someone.

The other was a total waste, lived off of women and his whole life revolved around stealing, lying, gambling and abandoning the many children he had with women. The second family the entire bunch of kids turned out to be amoral, with some serious perversion thrown in for good measure. With the third, the 'girls' didn't get involved (no rainbow girls or Eastern Star for them, luckily), but the one can't believe her grandfather was anything but a saint (a 32 degree) because he helped them when the father left town, abandoning them as children.

It may look like a 'great deal' in the beginning, but selling ones' soul for temporary gain is never a good idea. A soul is forever, but the world will someday burn according to Revelations (KJB).

PC said (December 23, 2015):

For Catholics--and for the world--Vatican II is our shame. Vatican II eviscerated the line between good and evil, by pretending (implicitly) the former pronouncements of the prior popes were null and void. Because of this clever tactic, so many souls are lost to the evil of Freemasonry by proxy. If this continues, society is doomed if it does not start to reject this rampant disorder. As for me and my family, on matters concerning morality and living in society, only the teachings of the past popes (aspects of tradition) and scripture can prove profitable and help elucidate the true dangers of what Freemasonry truly is.

Have you heard of John Salza? Find his videos on youtube. He is a former Freemason who now rejects the very principles of Freemasonry in society.

Here is his site info:

Here is a video:

Please, do keep up your work.

Chad said (December 21, 2015):

Regarding Freemasonry and Communism, I’m not sure about that. Those who I know involved in Masonry wouldn’t able to identify one plank of Marx’s tenants. But then, when I was in the military, none, myself included, knew we were fighting for Wall Street and the New World Order. Aside, I would argue that Masonry and its connections are being used to propel us towards Communism. Masons themselves are more interested in scratching each other’s backs and using their connections to get ahead. The price for membership though is to work for the scum of the Earth.

Tony B said (December 18, 2015):

Every true definition of masonry is identical to the definition of satanism.

Kristine said (October 26, 2013):

When reading the article about masonry the movie "the black death" comes to mind: in one of two climactic scenes the tortured "Christians" (amongst them, Sean Bean) can free themselves if they blaspheme the Holy Spirit. One of them does and is hanged anyway. That is freemasonry in a nutshell.

Richard said (October 26, 2013):

It's very important that everyone understand this cruel joke of Freemasonry, and all things occult. The Faustian bargain says it all. The lure of vague promises that all desires will be fulfilled draws them like moths to a flame.

Rakovsky's revelations on the fate of Freemasons during the phases of Communist revolution was echoed by KGB Yuri Bezmenov's 1985 book 'Love Letter to America'. I suggest readers find a .pdf copy online and read it.

I also obtained a 1935 edition of the English translation of 'Among the Red Autocrats' by George Solomon (probably a pseudonym), written by an American-born Jew who idealistically participated in the early Soviet government in Russia until he became disgusted with it.

Protocols Workshop Author said (February 4, 2008):

Masonry is basically the scaffolding for the building of a supernational state - the bogey. 5.11 (Protocols)

"Out of the temporary evil (read millenia) we are now compelled to commit, will emerge the good of an unshakeable rule" 1.16 This rule will be a patriarchal guardianship under an absoute Despotism. This is the goal.

Masonry brings under one central administration 15.4 (known only to the Elders and composed from among the Elders 15.4) all the secret societies. The central admin binds together the revolutionary elements of Masonry and the liberal Masonry.

The liberal Masonry is a screen. (15.4) They issue the watchword, the programme. In the West they penetrate all governments to effect changes in the order and economy of existing institutions so as to direct these changes according to the Plan 10.7 for the supernational government 5.11. Through their penetration and subversion of all Western governments and institutions they subvert them as change agents so as to direct these changes according to the Plan and thus destroy "little by little" 10.17 until the time when every form of government will be turned into "our despotism." 10.17. They also organize the phoney oppositional groups to manage the dissent to these changes or infiltrate and subvert legitimate opposition. They oversee national policy directions such as establishment of the Money Trusts that issue fiat currencies, policies that place all industry on a speculative basis 4.4; 6.6 and function as middle management in all programmes that subvert national sovereignty through increasing the complexity and unworkability of laws, debt and the predations of Zion's banks, promotion of monopolies, civil strife. They also promote the international agenda. Most important in liberal Masonry is the way they set up the nation for bankruptcy - stacking up the loans in fiat credit so that gov't funds will evaporate in payment of interest on foreign loans. 21.10 When governments implose, this will be the Crisis which requires an internationalist solution.

The revolutionary AGENTUR or red Masonry (i.e. of the Grand Orient - the Bolshevicki, the Donmeh, etc) overthrows governments with coup d'etat with a view to restructuring the fragments. Revolutionary Masonry has the role of the killing out of the Goyim. 3.7 In states which have undergone a violent or Revolutionary of the former order the new order functions as a base from which the Revolution may be exported. Also a base from which ideas and programmes of collectivism may be promoted 15.6These would be the socialists but also the ones that Rakovsky calls the Bonapartists. Stalin was according to this view a Bonapartist because he harvested the Revolution for nationalist purposes. Whereas Russia was to be a base and a springboard for the Revolution.

In the final coup, however, there is convergence of liberal and revolutionary Masonry. Every social institution will be upended 10.7 when "every form of government will be turned into our despotism" 10.7 This will be the complete economic collapse (the destruction of all money markets 21.10) and the coup d'etat prepared everywhere for the same day 10.4

When the time comes of "our overt rule (the time to manifest its blessing), we will remake all legislatures according to the principle of submission to our absolutism." 15.18

The Protocols does not say whether the Bogey (5.11) or Orwellian superstate will be stacked up on fiat monies and that is the entity that is collapsed at the right time or whether the collapse of all money markets is the scenario that makes it possible to restructure all nations into the Bogey. Wouldn't you love to know. - I suspect the latter. But this ambiguity is in the text and leads me to believe that just as the Protocols is 'all of a piece' - it is also interactive. Only the goals are final.

No matter which scenario prevails, the Masonic outlook is poor. The final goal is "our despotism" will be absolute and have the appearance of a paternal, patriarchal guardianship to "our own nation" (ethne - people, the dynasty of the 13 families) and to the our subjects. 15.20. Subjects - both Jews and Gentiles are kept in a state of unquestioning submission. 15.9

All social institutions are to be overthrown 23.4.

In the convergence of liberal and revolutionary Masonry, the scaffolding of their supernational state is to be swept away. In the time of "the period of the new regime transitional to that of our assumption of full sovereignty, we must not admit of any revelation..of any form of dishonesty." 11.19. The Masons have the bad guy script. This is when then will proceed with the stupid "Goy Masons who know too much." 15.1 They will sweep away everything that might bring their new order into dishonour 3.9 in preparation for the the revealing of their King. Protocol 15 deals with the exile 15.1and execution 15.9 of Masons.

9/11 was a watchword and sign to the Masonic AGENTUR that the scaffolding of Masonry was going to come down. That we are now in that period of Regime Change. The twin towers signified Jachin and Boaz - the twin pillars of masonry. So the Masonic commanders will be getting the bad guy scripts in the world war that will end in the bankruptcy of nations and the collapse of the money markets.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at