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The Many (illuminati) Faces of Communism

July 15, 2019


by Rollin Stearns

Thanks to the research of people like Anthony Sutton ("Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution") we now know that the international bankers -- the Illuminati -- financed Communism.
They did so to create a dialectic, a dynamic of opposing forces they could manipulate to advance their own control over the world.

But there's a still unanswered question. What is their end game? Are they Communists? To answer this, let's look at who the Communists are.
Communists have many faces -- and facades. The Marxist-Leninists are just one kind, and they were bitterly divided between Stalinists and  Trotskyites.
In America, the Stalinists were represented by leaders such as William Z. Foster, author of "Toward Soviet America." In the '30s and '40s, he preached social revolution (e.g., women's liberation, no-fault divorce, abortion), but said this would come after an armed revolution by the working class.
The Trotskyites were revolutionaries too, but they hated Stalin. They thought he had betrayed the revolution by working to secure the Soviet Union. They wanted a "permanent revolution" free from any national compromises. (Think of the difference between Castro and Che Guevara.)
In addition to the Marxist-Leninists, there are the Fabian Socialists. Contrary to popular view, they are not just reformers content with a welfare state.
George Bernard Shaw, co-founder of the Fabian Society, wrote that the purpose of the welfare state was to bankrupt society, leading to economic collapse. This in turn would lead to Communism. These days it looks as if Shaw knew what he was talking about.
Today, most "Stalinists" or "Trotskyites"  have morphed and adopted new labels.
It's estimated that 20 percent of Congress are "progressives," a code word for neo-Stalinists. They dominate the Democratic part. They occupy the White House.
The Trotskyites on the other hand are now "neoconservatives," and their chosen vehicle is the Republican party.
As for "liberals" (Democrats) and "moderates" (Republicans), they are Fabian socialists. Most of them may not be as cynical as Shaw, but what does it matter? They're on board.
Antonio Gramsci co-founded the Italian Communist part in the 1920s. His ideas were largely rejected at the time, but today his influence is great. He turned the model that William Z. Foster used on its head.
Instead of working to overthrow the economic "foundation" of society and then change the social and cultural "super-structure," he argued that the cultural level (values, morals, etc.) should be subverted first. The rest would then fall into the Communists' hands "like an overripe fruit."
This view influenced a whole generation of student radicals in the 1960s. Bill Clinton, for example, always maintained close ties to the "Euro-Communist" party in Italy.
Hillary, on the other hand, was a disciple of Saul Alinsky, the community organizer and author of "Rules for Radicals."

He was not a member of the Communist party (the large majority of Communists are not), but he had the same goals: abolition of private property, the total transformation of society, and the total empowerment of the state to carry this out.
Today, of course, the best known disciple of Alinsky is not Hillary but Barack Obama. And no doubt Obama is also influenced by another figure from the '60s: Frantz Fanon.
Author of "The Wretched of the Earth," Fanon was a "French" (from Martinique) radical. Driven by racial hatred, he saw revolutionary violence as cathartic, a means by which the non-white world could not only gain its independence, but redeem its soul from the humiliations it had suffered.
Today there is a working synthesis of all these influences. The old internecine rivalries are muted. Depending on circumstances, and where one is positioned, one can choose an appropriate model or mix them. A "liberal" today, a revolutionary tomorrow. Or vice versa.

The Illuminati -- the Judeo-Masonic international bankers and their minions (e.g. Fearless Fosdyke) -- not only promote Communism, they share its goals.
They believe in the degradation of culture, the abolition of private property, the reduction of the world's peoples to a state of equality (serfdom), and the concentration of wealth and power in the hands of the state (controlled by themselves).
Communism may be defined in practice as state capitalism. The state owns everything and claims to do so in the name of "the people." Of course, the state is supposed to one day "wither away." But it can't and won't, because the communist state is a blind behind which the Illuminati bankers control all wealth and power.
So are the Illuminati communists? Yes, they are, in the sense that they are willing to have the communists take power and to rule through them. But they are not committed to that. They ride all horses, or almost all.
The Illuminati support any movement that promises to advance the New World Order, in which all wealth and power will be concentrated in a global state. By the same token, they support any movement that promises to destroy the values, morals, and faiths that stand in the way.
As a result, they support fascism too. After all, fascism is a variant of socialism. Mussolini allowed private property to exist, but only under the control of the state. "All within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state."
What does it matter if you "own" your property if it can be taken away by eminent domain, or because of property taxes, or cannot be used because of environmental regulations?
Mussolini, like Lenin, was a member of the Second International. Roosevelt's New Deal was modeled on Mussolini's policies. And just as Obama is a racial (anti-white) socialist, so Hitler was a racial (anti-Jewish) socialist.
It doesn't matter who's put into power; they're all puppets (or are meant to be). The Illuminati operate from a higher level, above labels and ideology. The issue of communism or fascism is secondary.
As Wilhelm Reich observed: Politically mankind moves from right to left and left to right, like a man shifting from one foot to another -- but never a step forward!
As Fosdyke says, we should not fear. The Illuminati are not as powerful as they'd like us to believe. Their power rests on two pillars: 1) indirect control through a usurious (and "mysterious") financial system, and 2) deception through control of mass propaganda.
These pillars are inherently vulnerable, as were the pillars that Samson was chained to. They and the temple they support can be destroyed by power applied directly and deliberately.
To put it in terms of another Biblical image: "Mystery" Babylon will be destroyed by the beast she rides. And this beast will be destroyed as well. The Illuminati's doom is sure. One little word will fell them.


Rollin Stearns is a former book editor who lives in Maine.

(from Dec 19, 2010)               

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Comments for "The Many (illuminati) Faces of Communism "

Derek said (December 21, 2010):

just wanted to agree with your correspondent Dick about Ben Franklin. The "human remains" was most likely framed as slander against Franklin; it's circumstantial "evidence" against him anyway.

"You shall know them by their fruits": and Franklin was a true light for liberty (as were Jefferson, Adams, and so many of the brilliant founders). Franklin's writings, recorded conduct, and legacy prove that.

George Washington was another of the "good", pre-Jacobin Masons. The Illuminati Masonic slime tried to claim him as one of their own, after the fact: fat chance. (Just as many "Jews" try to claim Jesus as one of their own: if you can't beat his message, try to co-opt his memory, seems to be the perverse tactic.)

'I would hope you'd apply the same level of skepticism and research to conspiracy theories and satanic propaganda that you would to "official" history.' Wow: that's a good one!

Marcos said (December 21, 2010):

Excellent article on Communism. Little-known Gramsci is, indeed, the main strategist they have. Since it is almost impossible to have a Marxist coup d'état in a modern democracy, they erode it from inside. That's what Obama is doing.
All communist governments pass through five stages:

1) They begin as a criminal organization, in order to get money. Stalin was a bank robber, as was Brazil's Dilma Rousseff. The drug dealing FARC in Colombia are another example.

2) They formalize their activities through elections. Now the FARC wants to become a legitimate political party, after kidnapping and murdering thousands of people. It is time to use their militant base inside the universities, press and government.

3) They pass a law to stay in power forever, with the excuse of implementing social reforms. Chavez from Venezuela has just been granted dictatorial powers for the rest of his "reign". Stalin starts his five year plans.

4) After one generation, people realize that the utopia was an excuse for power, but a huge police state is organized to bash dissidents. Think German Stazi.

5) After two generations, the economy is destroyed and they turn from communism to a plutocracy, where robber barons gather the spoils and start the cicle all over again. Think Russia now.

The New World Order is just stage four extended forever, through the use of technology for alienation and control of freedoms and "public-private partnerships" instead of state controlled economy, which they know doesn't work.

Randall said (December 20, 2010):

I want to comment on the arrogance of A.J. Fozdyke, (Devil Boy) [below].

He calls the Savior of the Christian Church an effeminate. The picture you see hanging in church isn't the Christ. The only description we have of His appearance is Eyes of flames and white hair. Jesus also says we are going to burn the tares up. I agree the Christian Church isn't what it should be, and I blame this on the infiltration of the lowly mason. Get ready for the BBQ, devil boy.

Dick said (December 20, 2010):

I couldn't let Mr. Fozdyke get away with a dig on Benjamin Franklin.

There's an entire chapter in Anton Chaitkin's "Treason in America" devoted to Benjamin Franklin's masonic conspiracy against the
British, in turn countered by the formation of the Scottish Rite, which was Britain's intelligence apparatus inside the confederacy
and certain northern areas.

Franklin and other famous collaborators like James Fennimore Cooper were, as Chaitkin thoroughly documents, spies working for American
intelligence in Britain. If Franklin was a satanist and true collaborator of Francis Dashwood, why would he help design a Constitutional Republic to throw British interests (including Dashwood's) out of the nation? Franklin, like the saviour, was
"wise as a serpent yet gentle as a dove."


Makow comments-

This view of Franklin isn't consistent with reports of human remains found buried at his London residence.

Dick replies:

That house was rarely inhabited by Franklin, and rented to one of
England's pioneering surgeons (William Hewson), who was running an
anatomy school in the house. From the Sunday Times:

"If [Dr] Hewson did obtain bodies for his experiments and
demonstrations by robbing local graveyards, he risked the death
penalty or deportation. He might have had the help of his students
in secretly burying the remains beneath the four-story house, where
the dissections may have been performed."

I would hope you'd apply the same level of skepticism and research
to conspiracy theories and satanic propaganda that you would to
"official" history.

Don said (December 20, 2010):

Informative, educational, crisp elucidation of the big picture, and ended with a bang. Well done.

A.J. Fozdyke said (December 20, 2010):

Fait ce que voudras

In answer to Rollin Stones (see, I can misspell his name too) The Alpha Lodge and its affiliates firmly believe in the degradation of culture because the culture we're degrading isn't worth keeping. Take off your rose coloured spectacles and have a good, hard look at what you see around you:


Religions that preach love with followers whose hands drip with blood.

An emasculated, effeminate saviour who, with a little lipstick and rouge, would be the darling of any queer club.

Spiritualities empty of honour, self-respect and vigour. Just sin, suffering, humility and self effacement.

Yes we believe in serfdom because that's what the sheeple want. Do you imagine we'd have had our spectacle success if we'd promoted what the sheeple don't want? Liberty was born into a world suffering poverty, superstition and cruelty. Satanists supported freedom. Our Lord is the God of Freedom! In its short life freedom made momentous but ill founded strides that took the Western World from an age of faith to an age of possibilities so numerous as to be incalculable. But it vouchsafed no certainty. It gave choice but enforced unwelcome responsibility. Whilst rewarding the able it was perceived to disadvantage. There were incessant calls for equality as the filth gained their political tongue. We intend to make everyone equal. And mark my words: Liberty will died more friendless than any of you morons can possibly imagine! Liberty's fine monuments will disappear as quickly as snow on the water.

Yes, we believe in the concentration of wealth and power in the hands of the state controlled by us. 'The government must do something...' Well we are about to. Whilst we read Herbert Spencer the sheeple clamoured to pay taxes for a strong military and police force. Don't complain that the bullets have your names engraved on them. You paid for them. It's what you wanted remember?

Breeding like rats on the eleemosynary largesse of deluded governments, the world is full of the fast food fed ignorant, stupid, superstitious and criminal. It's time to cull the herd. It's time to make the streets safe again! Your parents couldn't think of a number so they gave you a name – but that doesn't matter to us. Why should it?

Many years ago I was tutored by great men, including Petor Narsagonan, and was told that our long dead luminaries had tried to give the sheeple freedom. Benjamin Franklin was one. Not many know of his profound and deep association with Satanism or of his friendship with Francis Dashwood. Based upon rational, scientific and left hand path principals he and fellow Freemasons gave the American people liberty. But they traded this away as quickly as they could. Land of the Free and Home of the Brave! My arse!

Yes, we support any movement that promises to destroy the values, morals, and faiths that stand in the way. The sheeple's values, morals and faiths are crap. As Petor used to say, “Their rosary beads are made of bones!” “Lips that would kiss form prayers to broken stone". As for your much loved, indeterminate morals, these are dispensable - like cheap wrapping papers for your inability, sickness and vindictive short-sightedness.

Yes, we “operate from a higher level, above labels and ideology”. That's what our curriculum is about – raising us to Godhead.

We don't care about what your scripture says. We have been planning what is already happening for longer than even I know. We simply cannot fail. There is nothing you or any of you can do except wait for Yeshua – the 2000 year dead Jew boy.

“As Fosdyke (sic) says, we should not fear”. No , that not what I have said. 'Have no fear' is a ritual phrase well-known and appreciated by the initiates for whose benefit I keep repeating it.

People like you, Mr. Rollin Stones, are full of righteous piss and wind. Paralysed by biblical promises like a toddler caught in the headlights. Have no fear – we're driving the road train with the peddle to the metal.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at