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Surviving the New World Odor

February 23, 2024

The world has become a scary place.

If I am an indicator, we are letting an obsession with what's happening twist us out of shape. We need to restore balance by shutting out the news and focusing on our personal lives. I'm talking 50% world/ 50% just you and yours. Fear is one of their weapons. It brings us all down. 

If we restore the balance between our external and our inner lives, we can restore sanity. 

Restoring Balance
from 24/12/2010 and 10/09/2018
by Henry Makow Ph.D.

[Memo to Myself]

This isn't about storing silver coins or canned food or getting an AK-47.

It's about saving your soul, not your skin. It's about the tendency to obsess over the New World Odor, get depressed, and become unbearable.

The situation is depressing. A satanic cult controls the credit of the world and rules through myriad proxies. It is determined to destroy civilization and institute an Orwellian police state.

You spend your hours addictively watching for new developments. Your face is pressed up against the shop window of the world.

You are "externalized." You can't go into the kitchen without switching on the radio.

You try to squeeze your sustenance from the world. But much of what you imbibe is poisonous: depravity, corruption, duplicity, and tragedy. (Is that the point of the mass media? To demoralize and brutalize?)

Mankind is in the grip of a diabolical force that constantly strives to legitimize itself through deception. You can't overcome this demon. But you still control your personal life. Ultimately, the battle is for the soul of humanity. Why not begin by defending your own soul?

igloo.jpgThis means erecting a wall between the soul, and the world, and establishing a balance between the sacred and the profane. You need to shut out the world (the profane) for set periods of time and focus on what inspires you. That means turning off the TV, Internet, and media in general.

Just as you nourish your body with food, you feed your soul with thoughts, sights, and sounds. Your soul reaches out for beauty, grace, harmony, truth, and goodness. You become what you think about.

What lifts your spirit? It might be a long walk, nature, hobby, sport, or music. It might be time with your family or friends. It might be the Bible, religious writing or meditation.

"Do what you love," Henry David Thoreau said. "Know your own bone; gnaw at it, bury it, unearth it, and gnaw at it still."

You agree with the mystics who say happiness is within. It involves the possession of your soul, and not wanting anything else. By looking outside yourself, you displace your soul and become addicted to the thing you want. This is the source of unhappiness.

The occult elite controls us with sex and money- the North-South of the mind. The courtship stage is a period when sexual feelings are strong so two people will bond and start a family. Sex/romance was not meant to become a lifelong preoccupation and panacea.

The same is true of money. The stock market is a giant casino addicting millions. The central banking cult has unlimited funds. To make us feel good, (while it trashes civil rights and wages senseless war) it makes the market go up. To fleece us, it crashes the market. Don't be their puppet.

The diabolical powers have been here for a long time. You have discovered their existence only because they signaled their endgame on Sept. 11.

Don't let them stunt or degrade you by obsessing on their iniquity. Restore balance by attuning yourself to the things you love. Be an outpost of happiness.


Part Two: Making Your Own Heaven

The world often seems like a stuffy public toilet without ventilation. This is because Protagoras' dictum "man is the measure of all things" is the official religion.

Modern culture mostly consists of reflections of our degenerate selves, a "wilderness of mirrors" as T.S. Eliot said. We inhale our own fumes. The religion of man is "humanism "or "illuminism" which deifies man.

Plato tried to correct Protagoras. "God and not man is the measure of all things."

We didn't listen to Plato.

God is now banished from public life. When was the last time a Divine Standard was applied to anything? When is humanity's highest self ever celebrated?  That would be like a breath of fresh air.


This is about spiritual survival in a world gone insane.

We have a tendency to feel helpless, unable to affect faraway events. In fact, we are on the front lines. The New World Odor wants our minds and souls. We fight back by dedicating ourselves to God instead.

First, we have to short-circuit their two main control systems: sex and money. We can direct our sex drive by confining it to a monogamous relationship. We can escape the money compulsion by living within our means, and disciplining ourselves so money is a minor concern.

Henry David Thoreau said, "A man is rich in proportion to the number of things he can afford to leave alone."

The truly rich man is the one who does not think about money. By this standard many billionaires are paupers. In fact, the more money a person has, the harder it is to think of anything else.


Why should we obey God? God is really the principle of our own development and the path to our happiness and fulfillment. We serve ourselves when we serve God.

God is synonymous with spiritual ideals: love, truth, justice, and beauty.

Think life has no meaning? Life has intrinsic meaning when we fulfill God's purpose. We need to ask, "What does God want of me? What was I born to do?"

God speaks to us through our spirit and conscience. We don't hear Him because our minds are like mirrors facing the world. We need to turn the mirror around so it faces the soul inside and shows its back to the world.

Instead of blotting up the world, which makes us weary and sick, we focus on things that reflect our desire for purity, hope, beauty and goodness.

Instead of letting the world determine what we think (and therefore feel) we create our own world based on how we want to feel. That's what faith is all about, making spiritual reality paramount.

thoreau-usg.jpeg(Thoreau 1817 -1862) 

"I know of no more encouraging fact than the unquestionable ability of man to elevate his life by a conscious endeavor," Thoreau wrote in "Walden."

"It is something to carve a statue...but it is far more glorious to carve ...the very atmosphere and medium through which we look, which morally we can do. Every man is tasked to make his life, even in its details worthy of the contemplation of his most elevated and critical hour."

By making our thoughts conform to our soul, instead of the world, we create our own heaven. All great religions teach us to control our thoughts. Our minds are altars and our thoughts are offerings to God.

"Muddied water let stand, becomes clear," said Lao Tzu.

In the Hindu tradition, mind discipline is called "Raja Yoga." By learning to meditate, we learn to have constructive thoughts. The key is to treat your thoughts as though they were a stranger's and edit them. If you master this skill of detachment, you will never be depressed, never go mad for the simple reason that  you will not be identified with a negative mental complex.

Christians might maintain their vigilance by asking, " What would Christ do? What would Christ think?" Christianity, in a nutshell, is the imitation of Christ.

Prayer is another form of meditation.  Timothy Leary had the right idea in High Priest: "Prayer is the compass, the gyroscope, the centering device to give you direction, courage and trust..."


How long has it been since you felt happy? Yes, it rankles that pathetic scoundrels control the world. But man is not the measure of all things. No matter what happens on earth, God is the only Reality. The earth is like a postage stamp. Look beyond man and focus on spiritual reality: truth, beauty, goodness, justice and love.

We place ourselves in concentration camps before they're even built.
The Illuminati shattered the illusion of freedom. The masses are awaking. Mankind is on the cusp of a major change of course. 

The key is to ignore the crowd, which is manipulated by the Illuminati. It's good to be aware but we do not dance to tunes tapped out by degenerates. We do not gaze at mirrors made by midgets.

The words of poet Henry More (1614-1687) are also relevant.

"When the inordinate desire after knowledge of things was allayed in me,  and I aspired after nothing but purity and simplicity of mind, there shone in me daily a greater assurance than ever I could have expected, even of those things which before I had the greatest desire to know."

Retiring from the world periodically ensures that we don't forfeit the only sphere where we still have power. It enables us to make a wholesome contribution to society.

As Paul Elmer More (1864-1937) said, "A day that makes me happy makes me wise."

Let's master the art of happiness.

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Comments for "Surviving the New World Odor "

Imran said (February 24, 2024):

I can recommend Calm Moments for Anxious Days by Max Lucado for Christians. Got it recently. It has helped me with some of my fears. Bought it at Indigo after reading some of it. Still reading it. It's out on Amazon also with reviews:

D said (September 3, 2023):

Thank you for the words this morning, Was speaking with my wife last night about being Red/Blue pilled and how it's hard not to go back and forth when life seems normal one day and the next day we're reminded of what is coming.

I believe it is coming in short order, with many of the elites getting older, they are going to want to see their plan implemented even further and at a faster pace. Your article about taking time to enjoy the Now and those around us is what I needed.

Thank you for speaking the Truth on your website. I just wish there was a place locally to meet like-minded people. I live in the Dallas area.

Brian said (September 3, 2023):

I keep a peaceful mind by knowing that I do good for others and that I am prepared for what Evil will bring us. I am prepared with a basement of supplies. Canned and dehydrated foods, lots of water, and medical supplies. I also reach my Soul by being well-armed (prepared) for our questionable future. I have a Russian SKS that is much better than your AK-47.

And I practice. I won't say perfect, but it will take me there.

I am a good person, I know neighbors, and I have little to fear.

James C said (September 2, 2023):

Once again you have addressed the heart of the matter.

I again applaud you for who you are.

Your assessment is spot on. All of us must maintain our sense of reality and focus on our purpose during these tumultuous times.

Everyone, please realize you were created for a purpose, find it, and live it out during your lifetime. When you don’t it will be a waste.

Riad said (September 2, 2023):

Every day for more than 2 years I have been reciting The Noble Recitation - the last revelation to all the worlds sent down to Muhammad - the last Prophet.

In Arabic, it is called The Quran. It takes me about 2 hours a day and I complete it every lunar month. Recently I have added a book of praise that I have started to recite for about 30 minutes every day - completing it every week. It is in Arabic (Dalail Al Khayrat) and translated as Guides to Goodness. Every day I get to know God and His Messengers more and more and it has been life-changing for me in time moves at the speed God ordains it and whenever I am in sync with it, my time is blessed and not stolen by Satan.
Thank you with love,

JPW said (September 2, 2023):

Thank you for posting this this morning. It is exactly what I needed to read as yes, this whole NWO crap has got me really I see the end game and watch helplessly as my insouciant countrymen let it happen.

Bruno M said (October 25, 2020):

A wonderful contribution to sanity. One can really get obsessed with all the stuff that's out there on the internet. Some of us were celebrating the Solemnity of Christ the King this morning. There is a whole other world out there than obsessions and depression. It was an absolutely grand experience.

I hope so much, Henry, that you and your readers have such an out of sight experience every so often. It puts everything in such a different perspective. And that peace this crazy world just cannot give you.

Always enjoy all your insights and analyses.

LF said (October 25, 2020):

(after hunting)

As I walk back, I ponder our experience. We had the privilege, of being in this forest, with all of the creatures who live here, which is in a sustainable balance. There is no anger, no tribalism, no jealously, no war, no conspiracy to control, no murder for political gain, only balance, and peace. Yes, there is predation, but that is part of the balance. I am not aware, of the wolves, wanting to kill 90% of the deer population. For the 12 hours, that we hunted and traveled, we had “Restored Balance” in our lives. I was, for a short time, at peace with myself, and my son. I had monetarily forgotten my world, which I now had to return to.

JJ said (September 10, 2018):

The other day at work an immigrant worker came who works for a government sub-contractor in charge of inspections holds power over us. This guy has more addictions than a homeless man and is very jealous of white men (he f***s only white women). He is everything the NWO stands for. Out of jealousy of all the productive white guys around him who wouldn't pay attention to him, he exploded into a frothing rage of false accusations that took a half hour of our time. Thankfully I understood throughout that whole time that it was demonic, and Christ protects me. It's taken many years to understand that, partly in due to this website.

George said (September 10, 2018):

Don't badmouth AK47s, canned food and silver coins. I think of all the mystics murdered by savages, and regard practical preparations as having considerable value. Shotguns and pistols have their place, too.

David said (September 10, 2018):

Mankind is satanically possessed. There are actual satanic entities possessing us. Unless one directly reduces/dis-empowers that darkside force, there will be no change. Thought adjustment from negative to positive changes nothing. In fact, this technique is just social engineering so that we won't look at the unpleasant truths that are ubiquitous in this darkside-created and darkside-supporting system. This positivist nonsense has evolved into mind-control wherein remembering only positive things is being peddled. Positivism is not the language of the soul: truth is! Facing the truth then moving on is what must be done not just dwelling on your warm fuzzy moments. The system was created by the darkside elites for chosen darksiders, not the poor ones. Only the blessed of the bankers are not engulfed by a plethora of negative events and tidings, as was the intent. Negative things are normal for this system. If you hate negative things, fight back and create a soul-based system.

The darkside possession operates a darkside engine within. This engine produces all that is evil and undesirable in any person. This engine has to be noticed and fought with techniques which dismantle it. It begins with destroying the bad bacteria, viruses and fungi in the body. No vaccines. There's the plot! Positive thoughts, attitude adjustments and affirmations are self=programming techniques which are like spinning a top in mud. The root cause is safely left alone, as was the intention of the social engineers. The darkside downloads and prints hell on earth. The soul downloads and prints heaven on earth. You have to destroy the darkside (or conquer it) for you (soul) to take over. Then all the knowledge, bliss, detachment and other good things flow from within. The soul already has all good qualities built into it. HEAVEN flows naturally from it with no effort required. All the negativity of the darkside, which you claim to be yours, disappears. All the darkside obsessions like love of money, love of power, controlling others, ego-building, material accumulation etc disappears. A calm, intelligent, awake, and beautiful soul replaces the dark side as boss of the body. It begins downloading and printing heaven on earth immediately, even by just being here. The darkside elites have to be defeated in order to destroy their possessing mechanism, and their darkside-rearing system. The battle is on!

For more on this topic check out:


Max said (September 10, 2018):

Have copied your “Surviving the NWO” as it is beautiful. Keats said that “beauty is truth, truth is beauty.”
I read you and I get informed by some one who is 69 yrs like me and experienced women like me. I have been dragged into court by emotional, irrational women and have twice nearly lost everything. But I know money is not everything, so I do my art to the best of my ability, go to the gym and eat good healthy food. I like helping people my age who have lost their way. I give the encouragement by example. We do forget that God is love and that is really all we have got. I want to be happy for my remaining years and have learnt somewhat to cope with all the societal despair around me. Maybe it is too late to defeat the banker, Illuminati tyranny, but we can, as you say, take control of our own minds and not cave in.

Andrew said (September 10, 2018):

You say, "God is synonymous with spiritual ideals: love, truth, justice, beauty. “

No, Lord God is synonymous with worship and sacrifice acceptable according to His only Son’s sacrifice and His begotten Church meaning His Bride.

Truth is Jesus Christ. And His beauty is the Grace that He bestows to the Faithfully accepted brethren.

Would you say for example that Burt Reynolds is in Heaven? And would you bet your life on that? I wouldn’t. He’s therefore in Hell!

Joe Ortiz said (October 26, 2016):

Henry, both candidates continue to pump the bellows of the furnace that fuels the fan of fire of this country's already existing conflagration as the "elites" maintain their march on the path of total destruction as they attempt to establish their New World Order; even my own fellow Christians have been hypnotized and swallow the Kool Aid all day long, believing that God has chosen Trump and he alone will provide us with the answers and solutions. Hillary is no better choice.

God already told us (Christians what to do) in His word, the Holy Bible:

8 It is better to take refuge in the LORD Than to trust in man. 9 It is better to take refuge in the LORD Than to trust in princes.…(Psalm 118:8:

3 Do not trust in princes, In mortal man, in whom there is no salvation. 4 His spirit departs, he returns to the earth; In that very day his thoughts perish.…(Psalm 146:3)


Joe Ortiz, author, "The End Times Passover" and "Why Christians Will Suffer Great Tribulation."

AZ said (October 26, 2016):

Yeah Henry, that’s what is all about! We can stop the battle for our soul by taking control of it ourselves, by filling it with light, love and laughter from out it’s own inner spiritual source. It’s all about finding a balance between the inner and outer world. When we live according to our spiritual compass this will change the world around us. The world around us will reflect what we radiate into it.

The Dutch word for conscience is ‘geweten’ which means already knowing. So if we live according to what we already know deep inside our soul, the battle for that soul has been won. The metaphor of Plato’s cave shows what the essence of our indoctrinated reality is. We are seeing the shadows projected into the cave of our subjective and limited reality from the outside world as real. But if we step out of that cave in the nurturing sunlight of the real reality, we unite ourselves with Source.

Dan said (October 25, 2016):

This election isn't like the previous ones. Whomever wins, it's just the beginning something else. You don't think that now that so many people are finally off their ass they're going to sit back down?

There's been a lot of talk about 'SHTF' for the last 20 years. But it's already happening. Things won't 'go back to normal' because there's no normal to go back to. This difference is, this time everybody knows that - and they resent the hell out of it.

Al Thompson said (October 25, 2016):

To be attached to the government in any way is to be a slave. The evil boggles the mind and it is destructive to the mind in every way. I just learn enough to know where it comes from and then I try to forget about it. My problem is that I don't like seeing the carnage that it does to innocent people so I continue to write about this hoping it is going to do some good somewhere. In my opinion, all governments of the world should be abolished. There is too much of a potential for death and hell having the government monopoly on violence. Today, the only mission of government is conquest and confiscation. If anyone thinks otherwise, I would be questioning their judgment and sanity.

These governments have had over 6000 years to prove their worth and they are always failures in providing benefits to mankind. The government as we know it is a curse upon mankind. Of course, I advocate that people learn the natural law and then use it. It applies the same to everyone and it works for the benefit of man.

All of the pain in society is self-inflicted because the people tolerate it. A government like what we see today will destroy itself and it is better to separate from it as much as possible. Mankind generally inflicts the evil on himself so it makes sense to stop doing it.

Austin said (December 25, 2010):

This is a classic indeed, sorry I missed it back in 2007. It is with a certain amount of guilt that we get drawn into the haze of conspiracy and a certain feeling of hopelessness that we succumb to, that causes us to walk on eggshells around this New World Odor.

We feel that we as individuals, can't do anything to stop the rot that has well set into our society, but I say "bring it on" - and get it over with! 'Every dog has its day', is a popular expression, and the NWO beasties will have their day, but according to the good book, it will be rather shortlived.

A pity, after centuries of planning and maneuvering, for it all to come to a grinding halt with the second advent of Christ! Your 'friend' Fozdyke has had a lot to say about what he and his 'friends' are about to do, but they ignore the lessons that history has to teach, so they are bound to repeat the same old mistakes. All previous great empires have fallen, mainly due to greed, corruption and internal conflicts between the leaders, and the same sort of nonsense will ensue with this lot too.

Asim said (December 25, 2010):

You're latest article is beautifully written and a much needed source of inspiration. As a Muslim, I am given the opportunity to detach myself from the superficiality of the outside world five times a day, when I do my daily salah (prayers), spread out from dusk till dawn. Each prayer lasts only for a few minutes but offers a real spiritual awakening and a chance to continuously remind myself of my real purpose here in this world, and of our roles as human beings - that of worshiping none other than God and to do his bidding on earth.

Admittedly, it has been hard at times; as you say, one is constantly bombarded with images of sex and violence and this can easily lead one astray. Consequently, I have missed many prayers and become lazy and distracted easily at times with said images -however, doing my salah reminds me of my moral obligations and this helps me to seek genuine repentance from God.

Your article has been a real source of help as it poetically reminds me of my struggles ahead and the constant need to remain God conscious in the face of an ever-increasing onslaught of sex and violent degradation.

James said (December 25, 2010):

This one is quite a good one. more people need to open up the spirit within & realize there is no happiness in material thought or existence. all is spontaneous/intuitive. the chinese know this as wu-wei, or spirit of KU. you must lose your desire,ego,status,bad attitudes & the such so you can channel to the devine: no man can serve two masters. understanding this it is easy to know what Jesus refers to when he says: with your food & clothing be ye content. anything else is mostly added vanity--

Irish Dan said (December 25, 2010):

Time to close down here in Ireland, country snowed in so a quite Christmas at home with little visiting as it should be, back to the 'Walton' family type Christmas of my childhood, as it should be.

A happy and peaceful Christmas to you Henry, to the other bloggers and to the commentators and readers. May I also wish you one and all a happy and prosperous new year as well!.

In keeping with Henrys article, this was found in an old Quaker Meeting House in Southern Ireland during renovation ' Be still and know that I Am God'

Another such injunction from a Moslem entrance door to a Mosque ' And Jesus, peace be upon him said " This world is but a bridge, use it to cross over, but do not build your house upon it "

Letter of John (The Elder) on 'The theme of life' 1: 5...... " It is very much the same message that we have heard from him that we are conveying to you, that " God is Light and there is no trace of darkness in him" If we say "we have fellowship with Him" and walk in the dark we lie, and are not keeping to the truth. But if we walk in the light we have fellowship with one another and the blood of His Son cleanses us from all iniquity ....."

Duke said (December 24, 2010):

Years ago we stopped hearing the question, "Is nothing sacred?" and for good reason. In the postmodern world nothing is sacred and nothing could be sacred because that implies the existence of a moral standard and law outside of ourselves. Therefore it had to be dropped because the byword 'man is the measure of all things". Wonders how progressive liberals can be so dogmatic about what is right when they preach that everything is relative. Right, everything is absolutely relative, lol. Not.

To answer the question, yes, some things are sacred. Those things set apart for God, including the lives of the believers whose lives are living sacrifices to God. Life and the world God made that we live in is sacred although we treat it as rubbish or a whore for the most part.

I began my study of the illuminati rabbit hole in 1979 as a result of reading the old Gary Allen chestnut, "None Dare Call It Conspiracy". I had to read it three times before I could fit it all inside my head. Little by little I saw that it was all true. The events of the last thirty years have pounded it home.

I wish my dear old dad was still around as he was a 32nd Degree Mason who had a very successful career in the building trades, no doubt partly due to his associations. Our family began as traditional Christians but as years went by we ended up at a Unitarian-Universalist fellowship. Certainly that was no accident. They want to be religious "good people" without God. Extremely illuminati-like. We had many interesting conversations but if he were around now I'd have some better questions.

A joyful and happy Christmas to everybody everywhere.

Tony Blizzard said (December 24, 2010):

[This article] re-enforces for me what I have been writing in various ways for some years concerning the cry for self government.

Self government without God never has and never can work. Americans above all others have been convinced that self government is the be-all and end-all for government.

Absolutely not.

The U.S. has been dominated by destructive war and corruption in high places since its founding. More-so as time passes. As God fades in the American conscience, so does decent government.

Moreover, our vaunted self government has always been largely a farce. Most of the time the U.S. has been run by an oligarchy the people never suspect.

The self government the people think of in theory is a government of justice and fair play. We don't have that. If the people who govern are godly people then you may say that self government is working, but it isn't true. What is actually happening in such a situation is that God's desire for a government is working through godly people in charge who obey His commands and pass them on through government.

Throughout history, the degree of godliness in government has been in direct ratio of the happiness and peace in the citizens under that government. It never changes, regardless of the form of government.

Mark said (December 24, 2010):

"This isn't about storing silver coins or canned food or getting an AK-47. It's about saving your soul, not your skin"

This is your best editorial to date and never truer words written! Fear, apprehension, impending doom & guilt all lead to an bad case of introversion. An introverted society is one that has been rendered ineffectual. The "local" news is an merciless assault of grim negativity that sets one up for the national/world news which is the drum beat of unfathomable insanity that is the knock out punch.

The NWO government has set the individual citizen up for endless defeats (taxes, war, nag laws, police threats) and perpetual hopelessness to bring the person down to submission. The cadence of a steady stream of negative vibes from the "news" is nothing more than hi-tech black magic brought to us by the CIA which is embedded in every state, coast to coast. This hi-tech black magic is a tactic right out of the Protocols of Zion, and the main trick the Cabalists/Zionist use to blind and bind the masses.

One must rediscover the true nature of self. Soul is what we are, not the false self that is shaped by the demands of the ego and it's relationship to "society". When one is abstracted to believing he is his designated part in the drama of the outer world, he has forgotten his true nature as soul. Soul is what is created in the image of God. Our own true self is the direct connection to God. All else is illusion. To "save" your soul is really to rediscover you are soul and the divine connection.

All titles, or imagined self images are conjured up or induced by outside pressures. And it's the nature of tyranny to keep one in a constant stated of voluntary submission...

To rediscover/save one's soul is to shake all the physic parasites that feed off one's introversion.

An easy suggestion: Visualize the illumatated form of the Master, and ask for help and be still within, breath deeply and slowly and be open of the state of grace that is the living waters of salvation and eternal life! Forgiveness is always there waiting for you to accept it!

Jack said (December 24, 2010):

Henry, I'm not a professed Christian, but that is gold. Inspiration delivered with impeccable timing. Thank you and Merry Christmas.

Lloyd said (December 24, 2010):

Thank you sir, for your article today on "the new world odor." i so needed to hear this, and i did. thank you again.

Patricia said (December 24, 2010):

When you realize that the battle is about images, and consciousness, you start to see the big picture. It is flesh and its consciousness
against the spirit and it's consciousness. As long as these elites have the limit of death, they will use it against all comers, and for themselves they have learned to traverse through it, the consciousness of death is static, send a symbol in and it remains there for an eternity, just look at the same red storm on Jupiter, never changing.

Therefore they clear the path
by putting the symbol of their bloodline, say a two headed eagle, and they follow it through the bardo state, to where it is embedded in the psyche of a group of people connected by
blood. That is the essence and austerity of many men who practice this, this is true 'sodomy' it will end when those discarnates succeed in breaking completely the ties that bind
them in the second heaven, and those ties are death. Death keeps them from being here, just as death keeps us from seeing there. In the end we shall see him as he is because we shall be like him."

Colleen said (December 22, 2007):

I have been reading your articles and I have to say, Surviving the New World Order is much needed for those in the know, no worry, no stress, if we believe in God we have to trust he is in control, GOD BLESS HENRY MAKOW! GOD is on his throne and all is acording to plan.
Thank You! and Merry Christmas

Kerry said (December 21, 2007):

I couldn't agree with your article more. The reason being is that I have lived every aspect of it. I began my New World Order studies in 1992, and have studied just about every subject
related to it. The disgust for "Them" as I like to call all Illuminati related secret cabals and
assorted minions carrying out their plans for Global Domination, or the despair suffered looking at the sheer stupidity of the "Average Joe" focused only on football, tits, and beer
made me feel even more isolated.

It only brought resentment, hatred, contempt, and depression. The reason I'm saying all this is because the solution offered in your article parallels my recovery from drug addiction. I did through a 12 Step Program and only did it by admitting my own lack of power, selfishness, and admitting that only a power greater then my self could lead me back to sanity. It's been a short 2 1/2 years since I entered those rooms, but I can not express the freedom I've been given by daily just thanking my Higher Power ( GOD ) for simple things and for giving me my sense of humor back.

The cool thing is I absolutely don't worry about anything that I don't have control over because I've learned to rely on that power. Therefore, as you were saying our minds are places we can chose to look inward for peace through prayer and meditation, so we can survive in the Illusion "They" foist upon us, and be thankful we choose to be light beings in this experiment called planet earth and/or life.


Thanks so much for this reminder that 'they' win if we let them darken or embitter our lives. -H

Sarah said (December 20, 2007):

Dearest Henry,
Thank you for this most blessed and uplifting of recent articles upon your site. it is all too easy to become fixated and hypersensitive once we understand the ugly truth of what is going on in the world around us. Your entreaty to focus upon the beautiful, pure, good, upright and lovely things that surround us (whether they be a sunset, summer blossoms, a sparkling day, the love of one's family, beautiful music beautiful artwork, Holy Scripture or prayer are incredibly effective weapons against the depression the NWO would have us succumb to. Nothing in or about their world is beautiful; the modern music
(whether contemporary classical or pop) for the mostpart is dissonant and depressive, their modern art is an eyesore at best and their modern architecture is nothing short of ghastly.Rats in a cage? Battery hens (or is that sheeple?)

The Bible has a great deal to offer regarding behaviours and habits to cultivate or avoid:-

"...Here is a last piece of advice. If you believe in goodness and if you value the approval of God, fix your minds on the things which are holy and right and pure and beautiful and good. Model your conduct on what you have learned from me, on what I have told you and shown you, and you will find the God of peace will be with you..." (Philippians chapter 4: 8,9).

Some other verses warning about the fate awaiting the Illuminists and their ilk, plus the victory awaiting the humble, pure and persecuted for the sake of Jesus Christ)

Luke 6:20-28
1 Thesalonians 4:3-8
Philippians 1:12-18a
James 4:4-6

Just to name a few.

JB Philips on the Net:



Mo said (December 19, 2007):

Greetings Henry

Your beautiful thesis has found its way to a few of my friends and family.

I agree that our priority is focusing on being spiritually prepared in the present and for whatever may lay ahead. Here's a website you and your readers should know about:

I would start here:

The sheer breadth and depth of the topics and interviews will stretch the imagination of most people. It adds numerous facets to the already daunting challenges we face from the Illuminati yet simultaneously it reveals that, despite all appearances, no one group is in full control.

Kevin said (December 18, 2007):

would like to take a minute of your time to deeply thank you for this perfect article.
I say perfect because I have not read anything that so accurately imparts to us the essential and vital advice and inspiration so desperately needed in these times. You have put together in a brief article, the spiritual food that our souls so hunger for while living through the insanity all around us. This article is a powerful weapon against the darkness and I'm sure it has revitalised all who have read it; enabling us to tarry onward in spreading light and truth. "They" are trying to destroy beauty, art, and culture which are manifestations of the human soul which comes from God. Thank you for mentioning Thoreau's wise words. What a rich culture we have in North America ! Let's not let it be destroyed, for it inspires us. Lets not forget Longfellow, Emerson, John Greenleaf Whittier, Oliver Wendell Holmes and all the others. Thank you again, Mr. Makow, and God bless you ! Our prayers are with you.

Jean D'Eau said (December 18, 2007):

Concerning in particular the exploitation, by the elites, of the teenagers who suddenly run amoch, it`s interesting to note two European political developments immediately preceeding and following the recent Finnish school killing on November 7:

- On September 25, Gordon Brown announced that it is going to be given "a personal tutor for every secondary pupil throughout their school years" which means simply that a representative of the State will "guide" (indoctrinate?) children for as long as possible.

- On November 29, the EU Parliament was proposed a new gun control legislation.

For most of us, ordinary people, the existence of such a mind-control device as mentioned above was only hypothetical until today. But now we know that it does really exist because the advertising industry is starting to use it openly! Read this or that, for instance, or type „holosonic research labs” in your search engine. By the way, which Parliament gave the authorization to the advertising industry to rape us psychically? Anyway, we can bet that, if this technology is starting to be used openly on the populations, it was already used secretely for years on a military or intelligence level. We can only wonder what are the other technological miracles we may be subjected to without knowing it; let`s think, for instance, to weather-control, pandemics, infertility or mind-numbing food additives…

John said (December 17, 2007):

Thank you, thank you, thank you. After reading your article, I going to send a couple of emails, shut off my computer and TV, read a little bit of scripture and then enjoy some time with my family doing household chores. It's a beautiful blessed day and nobody can mess it up for me! Praise God!


Pat said (December 17, 2007):

The world often seems like a stuffy public toilet without ventilation.
This is because Protagoras' dictum "man is the measure of all things" is the official religion.

Hi Henry, your words rang a bell within me.

Many years ago I worked at an amusement park and lived in the campground. After work every night I would go to use the washroom. It had several booths that were usually full. There were also a couple of shower stalls in the same room which put a mist into the already congested air.

The range and variety odors had a disconcerting, and somewhat disheartening affect upon my nose buds.

One night as I was going to the bathrooms, it crossed my Mind to take a candle and light it in the toilet stall.

Wala! It worked. It allowed me to use a stuffy high trafficked restroom, and not have to endure a bunch of gross odors.

This event has given me a new perspective on an old adage; It is truly better, to light a candle, than to curse the fartness.


Pat, Thanks for these words of inspiration,


Mark said (December 17, 2007):

Been a fan of your writings for some time. We've all been victims of this absolutely relentless social engineering that's going on all over the globe, and your insights into the "how and why" the Illuminati's various "programs" operate is right on point. It seems that unless you 100% relent and become a slave to the system, you will not be able to live as a freedom loving American.

I enjoyed the picture of the igloo in your December 15 article, but I would imagine that even if it were located in the middle of the Antarctica, you would need some kind of a permit. What a shame that man has taken what God gave us for free, and created a system where behind every resource is some politician, lawyer, bureaucrat, army, or global monopolist, demanding that we pay them to use it.

Seems like the climate change people just might achieve their goal of getting us all back to being hunters and gatherers as the borrow and spend economy is threatening to implode on itself.

Keep up the good work and God bless you!

Mohammed said (December 16, 2007):

A great article Henry. A proactive approach is far more pleasing than a passive one.

I am on a journey to purify my soul and hope I can offer some further advice that has aided me. I am far from perfect but these things have helped me maintain a positive and confident outlook thus far:

I have eliminated TV completely. No movies or shows - I find the messages conveyed corrupt the spirit and are absent of remembering God. If you choose to watch TV, maintain a critical perspective when viewing. I would rather read a book personally as an alternative.

A caution on music, Music can tempt the soul as much as it moves it. I have completely eliminated this too and have found my thoughts more clear. Musical tunes can ring in your head for days and pop out of nowhere. Music with a corrupt message (hate, promiscuity, lust) will have a negative effect on your soul in my opinion. As an alternative, I listen to educational lectures in my car instead of head-banging modern music. There are many substitues I've found.

Finally, worship, reflect and contemplate. Make time for this daily. Be thankful to the One who created you and me. Praise Him. Surrender to Him. Seek forgiveness in your shortcomings and sincerely seek guidance and He will grant it.

Good luck and happy soul searching.

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