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Illuminati Use Porn in Spiritual War Against Society

August 23, 2018

077-american-pie.jpg(left, a scene from American Pie,1999, porn passing as "teen comedy-drama")

Hollywood served as a crack dealer,
 getting the young hooked on porn.
How much easier to create a police state
if people enslave themselves. 

It's so all-pervasive we don't see it. The deification of the naked fertile female, sex, and romantic "love," 
 is satanic because it promotes an ersatz god which reduces us to animals. This has been pounded into our psyche by pornography which is subsidized by the central bankers. We become what we worship. 

"We aspire to corrupt in order to rule." Giuseppe Mazzini (1805-1872) Freemason leader. 
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(A key article from Oct 11, 2013) 
by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Mankind has been colonized by a satanic cult, the Illuminati, Cabalist Jewish bankers & Freemasons who used their fraudulent monopoly over government credit (currency) to buy the world and hold mankind in debt-servitude. 

So effective is their control over culture that humanity only now realizes it is the hostage of an emerging globalist police state.

We are also recognizing that "sexual liberation" and pornography are political weapons designed to degrade and control.

The Illuminati know that real men supported by loyal wives will defend their families and ensure that their children have a wholesome future.

Better to turn these men and women into sex addicts who betray their families for a cheap transitory thrill.

Porn is literally a weapon of war. In occupied Poland, the Nazis corrupted Polish society:

"The authorities turned a blind eye to the illicit distillation of alcohol. In Warsaw, gambling halls were opened which only Poles were allowed to attend. Prostitution was tolerated. The printing and distribution of pornography were encouraged." ("Poland Under Nazi Occupation" 1961, p.218.)

Casinos. Prostitution. Porn. Sound familiar?

Porn is a favorite weapon of colonizers. When Israel took over Palestinian TV stations in the West Bank, they broadcast porn.  After the US invaded Iraq, porn flourished

For most people, sex has become an addiction. Porn is the crack. In the 19th Century, the British fought the Opium Wars because the Chinese wouldn't take their "medicine."  

For the past 50-100 years this weapon has been used against us and increasingly porn is setting societal norms.

rb2.jpeg(Risky Business, 1983)


Just as "social change" is really "social engineering," Hollywood entertainment is really behavior modification.

"Risky Business" (1983) is described as "a teen comedy-drama" when it was designed to hook a new generation on pornography. Tom Cruise plays Joel "Goodson" an innocent whose teenage fantasy comes true when a comely young prostitute (Rebecca de Mornay) moves in while his parents are away on vacation.

The film contains many steamy sex scenes and implicitly condones prostitution and sex for its own sake. No coincidence, it was made by David Geffin, a homosexual Jew and written and directed by Paul Brickman, a Jew whose "sexual preference" is unknown.

This film about corrupting innocence is bookmarked by the American Pie series (1999-2012) more Illuminati Jewish "teen comedy" which begins with four teenagers who vow to lose their virginity before graduation.

Again, the film contains enough sex and nudity to hook every young male viewer on pornography.

pieguilt.jpegThe "American pie" refers to a scene in which the hero is caught masturbating into an apple pie, a reflection of what Illuminati Jews and Masons think of American values and what they are doing to America. ( "Motherhood & apple pie" used to signify wholesome before it was defiled by Illuminati Jews and Masons.)

In the sequel, American Wedding, (2003), the future bride performs fellatio on the groom under a table in a crowded restaurant.

At the wedding reception, the groom's unruly friend has sex with the groom's grandmother in a darkened closet thinking she is the bride's sluttish sister.

Granny is so pleased she blesses her grandson's marriage to a "shiksa." In the final scene, another friend performs cunnilingus on the unruly friend's mother in a bubble bath.

This crude psychological assault on our morals and decency is part of the Illuminati's hate-filled (Talmudic) strategy to destroy the institution of the family.

In this context, Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982) and Pretty Women (1990) are significant for their nudity and for legitimizing abortion and prostitution.

All these movies played a major role in removing moral constraints and allowing obscenity, porn and Satanism to flourish in the mass media today.


According to one 2005 estimate, 12% of all websites and 25% of all downloads are porn. Almost 30% of consumers are women.

slutwalk.jpeg( Left. Young women demonstrate demanding respect for sluts.)

People respond to porn as if they were actually engaged in sex. This cannot but affect behavior. Increasingly, pornography is dictating societal norms. 

Here, the TSA sought to grope the genitals of a 79-year-old woman. Can you see what's happening? This is not about security. This is about making us all porn stars. Where are the defenders of "human rights" now? This old woman is Jewish! 

Recently Illuminati widget Myley Cyrus was photographed panty-less in public. Coincidence? Flashing vagina could become as acceptable as cleavage. With so many young women displaying their pruned privates in porn, it is inevitable.

In this context, the "Vagina Monologues" which sought to "culturally rehabilitate" the female genitals can be seen as pioneering.
(See my "Porn Play Degrades Women"

There is a "Breastaurant" trend where waitresses provide generous portions of breast along with ribs and mash potatoes.

Look on the street. Young girls are responding to media cues by wearing form-fitting leggings which highlight bum and camel toe.

Celebrities like Beyonce are setting the example for public nudity.    

Young women used to be respected for becoming wives and mothers. Now they seek validation as porn stars and unpaid prostitutes. Ultimately, the Illuminati plan is for women to become a public utility like running water. One satisfies thirst, the other lust.

The other effect of porn is arrested development. Sex is important in the courtship and procreation stages of life. However, people in healthy marriages pursue new interests after they have children and get older. 

jones1.jpegE. MICHAEL JONES

Along with Kevin MacDonald, E. Michael Jones, the editor of Culture Wars, is our leading cultural thinker. In his book Libido Dominandi, Jones details how the Illuminati used "sexual liberation" for political control since the French Revolution. I invite you to listen to his interview.

Jones characterizes the rise of porn as a battle between Catholics and "Jewish pornographers" which the Illuminati Jews have won.

In his most recent book, The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit, he characterizes modern history as the hate-filled subversion of civilization by Cabalist Jewish bankers and their Freemason proxies who have usurped Gentile leadership. This interview can be found here.

This process of subversion is now almost finished. Everybody, especially many Jews, are duped into advancing collective suicide, i.e. the "New World Order." Career success depends on it.

The Cabalist bankers who intermarry with non-Jewish Satanists ensure that other Jews will take the blame. They fund anti-Semites and create anti-Semitism in order to conflate this secret Cabalist agenda with all Jews.

Jones quotes  Leon Trotsky: "Pogroms in which the rank-and-file of the Jewish nation suffer serve the useful purpose of keeping them in absolute dependence on their leaders." 

Jones: "This is another way of saying the Trotskys promote revolution and the Braunsteins suffer for it." 


Humanity has been colonized by this satanic cult and is satanically possessed.

Possession partly takes the form of sex addiction and promiscuity. Anonymous sex, separated from love, courtship and marriage is extremely degrading for human beings, especially women. Pedophilia, incest, and even bestiality are next.

"Liberation" is really enslavement. That's how Satanism works. Everything is the opposite of what is claimed. Evil is portrayed as good and vice-versa.

Jones quotes Saint Augustine: "A man has as many masters as he has vices."

How much easier to create a police state if people enslave themselves. 

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First Comment from Dan:

I assume all your readers have read George Orwell's novel 'Nineteen Eighty Four'.   The main character Winston is seduced by a girl named Julia.  In their mind-controlled society of INGSOC, sex is outlawed and love is unknown.   Julia herself is a member of a celibate women's anti-sex society, something like the 60's radical feminazi "Redstockings".   Yet she works in the "Porno Section" producing pornography for distribution under the auspices of Big Brother - presumably to divert people from actual relations with other people.   Before he met Julia, Winston paid for sex with "prole" prostitutes in dark alleys.

So Big Brother was the source of all 'authorized' sexuality:  porno, prostitution, and feminism.  But when Winston secretly rented a room for more intimate relations with Julia than an anonymous poke in the alley, the State went "Waco" on them - helicopters, loud speakers, swat teams.   They were caught in a sting operation.

Pride Parades replace the old patriotic holidays like America's 4th of July, and selected "theoretical pedophiles' like James Kincaid are promoted by the Ontario board of education and are treated like Mahatma Gandhi by the media.   Groups of youth formation like Boy Scouts of America now accept "openly gay" boys - never mind the age of consent.

Television, movies, music, pornography and NEWS are all sectors of the same entity.   It's designed to set up cognitive dissonance between "permission" and "punishment".

All these sectors of the media juggernaut play off each other in an elaborate psychological operation.   The "entertainment" * section has programs like "Family Guy" whose writers compete with each other to see how many taboos they can break in ten minutes.   The "local news" section flashes the mug shots of morons who've been caught actually doing those things.

For instance, while the author of "Child-Loving" receives publicity for his lecture to Ontario teachers,  another headline features a Nashville band member sentenced to 17 years in Texas prison for believing a woman he met in a chat room was actually going to let him have sex with her children.  It was an FBI sting.

I live in a big city where local news routinely reports low-class men caught raping children, or female teachers caught having sexual relations with students.   The driving force behind this madness is Big Brother's pornography.

Serial Killer Ted Bundy explains pornography in last interview before his execution. Said porn was a key facotr in his murder of 35 woman and girls. 
* enter-TRAIN-ment

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Illuminati Use Porn in Spiritual War Against Society "

Robert K said (August 24, 2018):

Did you receive my comment on yesterday's article? I thought it was apposite.

"People should reflect on the fact that police forces, often with Israeli-trained chiefs being the instigators, practically beg to have their representative component march in so-called Pride Parades, where nudity and obscenity are on display. Whereas not long ago indecency in public was a crime that would get you arrested immediately, now the police wink at it (at least in the context of homosexuality) and even ask to be allowed to join in.

"People might also wonder why "sex education" curricula in schools are de facto pornography, directed even at toddlers."

G said (August 23, 2018):

Geez, Henry, any one of those points you make is worthy of a book. One more worrying than the other in terms of our course of demise. It's like you're saying, "Here, let me show you how the last few decades have corroded life into the ugliest perversion, stripping it of all things wholesome and spiritual."

This is Satanism fulfilling itself at our expense and the cost is nothing less than the soul. A few still hold on to dignity and integrity, but many, so very many, especially youth, do not even know what has been taken from them and replaced with base emptiness.

It's the normalization of debauchery, drenched in something not quite as visible: superficiality, the kind that chokes with detachment and pettiness. We are losing our depth, and scope. It's almost like a disappearing dimension or like a song only allowed two notes. And it's boring, even with every grossness trying to trump the previous one. BORING!!

How often you have pointed the way out toward God. Keep pointing Henry, and thank you!!

Rabih said (October 19, 2013):

First it was family, kids best thing in life, now we are diverted by our sexual desires only! "Nowadays, Human are acting like animals, everything is sex" Women became a sex tool instead of a mother "! Modeling, Stars, Celebrities posing on Magazines, internet, everywhere you go you see ads of women posing their body on public.

They became our God's; We are being hypnotized by these ads to start copying them and finally become them! Haven't you ever thought about it? I did... why are they doing this? Blame those people "because they sold their souls to the devil for fame and fortune", it's the new religion for teenagers to make us sex addicted so we can never maintain a healthy relationship, because we are only after sex and later this will destroy The idea of having Family!

Kristine said (October 13, 2013):

Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His Righteousness then all these things shall be added unto you, hallelujah.

If you pray to God and worship Him, you will not care or even think about porn.

Stephen Coleman said (October 12, 2013):

So many claim that porn is harmless, yet I have seen many families broken up because of it. Children grow up without their fathers, which will increase their chances of running afoul of the law. Porn not only harms the addict, it ruins families for 3 or 4 generations. I'm also seeing an increase in women being addicted to porn. I think China has the right idea by outright banning porn.

Stephen Coleman

David said (October 12, 2013):

Henry, your description of Poland under the Nazis reminds me of a very prevalent trend here in the states: the proliferation of beer festivals and booze "superstores". Control and distract the people by administering a continuous low-level "buzz". Throughout the spring-summer-fall, every weekend somewhere in town there's a festival centered around the consumption of beer offered by a raft of competing breweries, complete with the t-shirt and souvenir glass.

As the weather turns colder, the events move indoors to convention and civic centers. "Whiskey tastings" are aimed at the more sophisticated set but the goal is the same. "Here, comrade, don't worry about tyrants and the secret police! Have another drink!"

Doug P said (October 12, 2013):

I'm wondering if you have watched Masters Of Sex - its a great show with a small amount of porn but its main feature is showing the expectations of science that people had back in the 50's. It also shows how over sexualization can destroy people. You can watch it on a variety of sites.

Its a very well done series and I'm wondering where they are going with it. So far only two or three episodes have been on. I think its really an anti materialism show.

I think it has many viewers and your views on it would be interesting.

C said (October 12, 2013):

A very good piece on pornography as social control. And of course it isn't just pornography as in nudity, graphic sex and so on. Even largely nudity free sitcoms like Friends, Seinfeld and Big Bang Theory relentlessly promoted sexual promiscuity, and played a large role in loosening the morals of recent generations. The more modern sit-coms and soaps are even worse.

There has to be an agenda behind this - it's just amazing that so few see it. But then comparatively few see the media fairytales about 9/11 and so on for what they are. You often hear cultural lefties trot out the mindless mantra that the reason organized religions "hate sex" is because it "empowers people".

In fact addiction to solitary vice (which let's face it usually goes with pornography) does the exact opposite - completely enfeebling the addict - both physically and mentally. And if unrestrained sexual activity kind is so empowering why are boxers and other athletes warned off it before contests?

Richard said (October 12, 2013):

I don't have the proof but I heard from 'reliable sources' 20 years ago that Tom 'Cruise' and Keanu Reeves were 'discovered' by producer David Geffen as teen 'hustlers' in Hollywood. From the late 70's though early 1990's I spoke with a number of youth who'd made the pilgrimage to Hollywood to check it out.
Feedback was that "acting" ability is irrelevant, all that matters beyond youth and looks was willingness to submit to anything for fame. The 'star maker machine' does the rest. Gee whiz - they made an inbred redneck truck driver the 'sex king of rock n' roll' of the 1950's for crying out loud.

Casting homosexuals as 'leading men' in movies as role models for American teens goes back to the Silent Film era with Rudolf Valentino, Douglas Fairbanks and others. Charlie Chaplin was a hebephile (nope, that's not attracted to Jewish girls exactly, but attracted to fifteen year old girls in particular.)

JG said (October 11, 2013):

In this present "Age of Technology", porn has been able to expose and lure millions of people into it's web of "electronic adultery" with numbers like never before in the history of mankind.

Thanks to this "technology" the dehumanizing process for man's demise has been rapidly excelled.

Yes, porn is similar to drugs in that it stimulates the senses and leaves the "user" in a sedated state of submission to the "fleshly desires". A person can be controlled and contained much easier when he is sedated.
Sexual liberation is deviation from the Divine Order of God for the procreation of man.

Lust and love are two different animals.

Love is of the Spirit and Lust is of the Flesh.
And what constantly deceives us on this matter is that we still think that the flesh and the spirit are comparable natures.

Dan said (April 29, 2012):

I researched the history of pornography myself, as a college student with a summer job selling tickets and running the projector at a porn theater during the late 1970's. I learned to my surprise that pornography always belonged to Jewish organized crime, dating back to Jewish underworld domination of human trafficking in Europe during the Industrial Revolution.

I can give a bit of unbiased documentation of this history of 'white slavery' from the Jewish Women's Comprehensive Encyclopedia.

"In 1908, the American consul in Odessa reported that “All the business of prostitution in the city is in the hands of the Jews” (idem. 56)."

Jewish pimps preyed on Jewish girls too.

"Since unscrupulous Jews active in the underworld were familiar with the customs and traditions of Jewish society, they knew how to exploit the innocence of young Jewish girls. The inferior status of Jewish women combined with Jewish religious law to render them especially vulnerable and contributed to their falling into the hands of sex traffickers. Sex trafficking, which developed in the surrounding society, drew Jewish criminals into profitable sex deals. Several contented themselves with local deals while others exported prostitution to distant lands."

Traffickers preyed on the most vulnerable Jewish girls. "In 1929 the World Jewish Women’s Congress in Hamburg, Germany, reporting on twenty-five thousand agunot (Jewish women kicked out by husbands without a divorce) in greater Poland alone, described the situation as the catastrophe of Eastern European Jews (JTA Bulletin, June 26, 1929)."

If you study the history not only of hardcore pornography but the 'progress' of sexual explicitness in Hollywood movies, all the decency leagues and commissions that enforced the censorship codes were Catholic and Protestant organizations. It wasn't until the US Supreme Court decision of Miller v. California in 1973 that pornography became protected by the 1st Amendment as 'Free Speech'.

Jones is almost right to frame the rise of porn as a battle between Catholics and "Jewish pornographers".

In the 19th century a few influential Jewish women joined the battle against sexual exploitation. Constance Lady Battersea Rothschild of Great Britain established the Jewish Association for the Protection of Girls and Women. "though at first they encountered opposition from community leaders, mainly Orthodox men and rabbis." "Jewish [male] community leaders were afraid to mention the problem of prostitution." [Jewish Women's Comprehensive Encyclopedia].

Phil said (April 29, 2012):

First, I’m working on an idea that might be called “The Feminist Trajectory” which plots the path of many modern young women’s lives. It goes:

Liberation à Abortion à Artificial Insemination à Adoption.

What it essentially says is that feminism has rewired/rerouted females’ lives so that instead of following the natural timetable for marriage and giving birth, they pursue higher education and careers, which sometimes requires an abortion or two to keep on track. Then later when they’ve gotten too old and/or used up to conceive, they resort to a variety of scientific procedures to achieve a pregnancy—which either results in a Gremlins scenario of twins, triplets, or more (see the freak show that is Octomom), or the need to adopt. The latter of course often involves adopting a black or Asian baby, and thus we see in micro scale fulfillment of the agenda to convince races of people to die out.

When your article pointed out how elitist Zionists craft agenda-driven crises which throw other Jews under the bus, I had a moment of clarity: this is no different than race baiters like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson manipulating poor black Americans—yet the same general public that lets Zionists dupe them see themselves as superior to these manipulated blacks and can’t conceive that they are indeed just as controlled.

And this is why I love your site. It is a constantly flowing stream of divergent ideas where we come together to constructively hash out the major issues affecting our lives today. Thx!

Brian said (April 29, 2012):

This is probably going to sound like nitpicking, given that your understanding of what's going on in this World is virtually impeccable.(which is greatly appreciated I might add). But I just wanted to mention that it's OK to word it this way: "...real men and women loyally supporting each other in defending their families..."

An indigenous understanding shows that nature in general, and the animal kingdom in particular is a teacher. E.g.; Look at certain mammals like lions and bears to see how fierce mothers can be when defending their cubs. Granted, male bears and lions depart from raising the family, their interest seemingly only to be in the spawning of them. Obviously, you can draw the parallel between humans and animals only so far. Nonetheless, it can be instructive.

Thanks Brian

Haven't seen much cub-protective ferocity from either sex.


N said (April 29, 2012):

I believe you are more correct than most anyone else has ever been. What is more important than house, car, economic well being, than psychological well being. The very first attack, even before children and family, is the individual, and the most gruesome attack is pornography.

The ultimate destabilization tool, this affront to human decency is rarely addressed in conjunction within the framework of the new world order. You ways hit the nail on the head, Henry. Pornography is a demon's tool and must be resisted. It is pure brainwashing.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at