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Anti-Semitism is Zionism's Bread and Butter

August 26, 2014


Mercifully, Zionist terrorists have reached a ceasefire with Hamas whereby
the Jewish terrorist state will supposedly relax its blockade of the Palestinian enclave. I doubt whether world opinion had much to do with this.
Historically, Zionists have thrived on anti-Semitism, to the extent that they
actively organized it. Now, with false flag terror and ISIS, they are using the same tactics
to frighten and manipulate Westerners.

george-orwell-8-obvious.jpg(Editor's Note: "Are Israeli Policies Entrenching Anti-Semitism Worldwide?" This is the subtitle of a May 2010 article in a Jewish magazine when Israel last pounded Gaza.It expresses a naive Jewish misconception that Zionism is there to protect them from anti-Semitism. In fact, Zionism is there to create anti-Semitism in order to force Jews to carry out the Illuminati agenda, i.e. central banker world government based in Jerusalem. Israel is the Rothschild's private fiefdom; their private army, secret service and nuclear arsenal. All these are being used to advance the Rothschild world government agenda.

The brutal unwarranted Israeli attacks on Lebanon in Aug. 2006 and Gaza in Dec. 2008, May 2010 and July 2014 created widespread anti-Semitism, as intended.  In this light, I am updating and re-posting an important Dec. 2005 article: "The Zionist Protection Racket." )

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

A "protection racket" is a scam where an aggressor instigates an attack, blames a bogeyman, and then offers to protect the victim from this bogeyman in return for money and power.

 "Terror" is a protection racket. The aggressor is the world financial elite known as the "Crown" based in the City of London. Their instrument is the Zionist project, specifically Israel, the Mossad and its Neo Con allies.

The victim is the people of the United States and the West in general. The goal is the overthrow of Western Civilization, and the establishment of a Luciferian (Masonic) world police state called the "New World Order."

"Zionism is but an incident of a far reaching plan," said leading American Zionist Louis Marshall, counsel for bankers Kuhn Loeb in 1917. "It is merely a convenient peg on which to hang a powerful weapon."

(Louis Marshall: Champion Of Liberty: Selected Papers and Addresses, Band 2, Jewish Publication Society of America, 1957, S. 721f)


The Zionist Jewish leadership regards the Jewish rank-and-file as a pawn to be manipulated. "Anti Semitism is indispensable to us for the management of our lesser brethren," says the author of Protocols of the Elders of Zion (9-2) a "forgery" that reads like the blueprint of the New World Order.

The holocaust took place in order to create Israel.Jews had to be terrorized into setting up Israel as a "national home," i.e. colonizing the Middle East. World Finance funded the Nazis. Zionists actively collaborated with them. See "The Holocaust as Mental Paradigm." See also "Zionism: A Conspiracy Against Jews" and Hitler: A Godsend for Israel.

Zionist betrayal is the reason Jews went passively to their deaths, says Rabbi Moshe Shonfeld in his book "Holocaust Victims Accuse." Non-Zionist Jews were worth more dead than alive to the Zionist leadership who, Shonfeld says, reaped the moral and financial capital from their forced "sacrifice." "Zionism: Compulsory Suicide for Jews."

The Jewish elite has a long history of manipulating Jews. For example, in 1950 a wave of anti Semitism and terrorism in Iraq made Naeim Giladi, 21, join the Zionist underground. Giladi was imprisoned, tortured and sentenced to death by Iraqi authorities.

He escaped and fled to Israel only to discover that the bombings had been engineered by his fellow Zionists to dupe Iraqi Jews into going to Israel. An ancient community was deprived of its wealth and reduced to second-class citizen status in Israel, replacing Palestinian labor. "Zionists Double Crossed Iraqi Jews"

Israel provoked attacks from its neighbors in order to "retain its moral tension" according to the secret diary of Prime Minister Moshe Sharett. The state must "invent dangers" to start war and thereby "acquire our space," he wrote. See "The Zionist Roots of the War on Terror."


The pogrom on Sept. 11 2001 was designed to stampede Americans into forfeiting their civil rights and invading the Middle East, like Zionists.

There is a drumbeat in the media to convince Americans that they are victims of Muslim fanatics. This propaganda campaign is carried out by Neo Cons (a.k.a. Zionists.) In his book, "The New Jerusalem: Zionist Power in America," Michael Collins Piper writes:

"In the build-up to the Iraq war, Zionist propagandists and the media increasingly began touting the message to Americans that "the whole world is against us"... and the Israelis are our only real solid dependable ally ...The theme that anti Americanism had run rampant was instilled in Americans for the very purpose of making them "anti" everyone who refused to support the...Iraq war...and the more broad ranging Zionist agenda." (157)

Sound familiar? This is the tactic they use on Jews.  "How Jews are Brainwashed and Manipulated."

Piper says that Zionism is being equated with Americanism. Zionist agents like Nathan Sharansky crafted the overblown and specious rhetoric of Bush's second inaugural speech that committed the US to advancing the Zionist agenda using force.

History provides a sobering warning as to where this could be leading. In his essay,
The Nature of Zionism, Russian author Vladimir Stepin writes,

"During the civil war in Russia, the Zionists also performed another task. Using some units of the Red Army - Trotsky was the chairman of the country's Revolutionary Military Council - they organized the Jewish pogrom in Seversk.

The result of this was the "Law on Those Involved in Pogroms" of 27 July 1918. In accordance with this law, a monstrous Zionist terror raged in Russia for ten years: a person accused of anti-Semitism was, without any argument being allowed, declared to be involved in pogroms and placed against the wall to be shot.

Not only anti-Zionists, but the best representatives of the intelligentsia of Russia, could be accused of being anti-Semitic, and so too could anyone one felt like accusing of it. People saw who was exercising power in Russia and expressed their discontent with it. 90% of the members of the Cheka - the Soviet security organ, 1918-1922 - were Zionists.

Apart from the law on those involved in pogroms, the Zionists practiced genocide against the ethnic groups inhabiting Russia, and they did so by accusing people of counter-revolutionary activities, sabotage, and so on, irrespective of whether or not the people in question really had conducted such activities. It was standard practice merely to put them against the wall to be shot."


My hunch is that the central banking elite, using Masonic secret societies in the military and intelligence agencies, is responsible for 90% of terrorism. The purpose is to manipulate people into advancing the goals of the New World Order, which includes destroying true religion, nation states, democracy, race and family.

In their mind, they have to destabilize and enslave us to protect their monopoly on government credit i.e. money creation.

They are running a protection racket to protect us from their bogus "terror." In the same way,  Zionism is a response to the "anti-Semitism" they create. In the process, Jews are brainwashed and manipulated, while Westerners are losing their civil rights and habits of freedom. 


First Comment from Dan:

Webster Tarpley joked recently, "if the Obama Administration really wants to stop ISIS, they should bomb London".  

The acronym iSIS - being no doubt an Illuminati pun - may be a play on 'iPhone' and 'iPod', with 'SIS' referring to the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS), also known as MI6.  Two British Special Forces commandos were caught red handed by Iraqi police in Basra in 2005, in the act of planting a bomb in Mosque, dressed in Muslim terrorist drag.   A British tank broke them out of jail. 

Later, in March 2011 in Libya, a team of seven British commandos and an MI6 agent were captured by low level 'rebels' in Benghazi  who held them for ransom.  There's a valuable lesson here:  no matter what you see in the news, just remember that whatever they say something is, just think of the opposite.
Orwell called the way they present things as 'Doublethink'.   "War is Peace".

What do you get when you apply this formula to Zionism?   ZIONISM = ANTISEMITISM?    (I also can't help noticing that the only 'Semites' being slaughtered in the Middle East are indigenous Arabs.) 

Growing up I thought the public of the world had learned the folly of believing any 'enemy' is collectively subhuman.   It's really been a shock to see how quickly Jews were suckered into applying the same dehumanized stereotypes to Palestinians as they had just endured from the Nazis.   The explanation is trauma-based mind control.   I think that's what you see with the Zionist capstone's trauma-based control of Jewish minds.    With Americans, the ones always so quick to cheer bombing total strangers have in their history a lot of death from ancestors that fought in America's perpetual wars.

You can find this article permanently at

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Anti-Semitism is Zionism's Bread and Butter"

Dave said (May 6, 2010):

You have convincingly put a lot of pieces together with this article. Who would have thought that the Zionists were, most diabolically, intentionally "sowing the wind." See the related poem I wrote back in February of 2001 at Note that who the "we" are in the poem is not spelled out. Maybe when the U.S. vice president publicly declares that there is no space between Israel and the United States, this is what he means.

gk said (May 5, 2010):

Henry this is your best article on this subject. I believe most Jews will truly "GET" this...

This is what i wrote on my FB page under the posting of this article...

it is so important that good Jewish folks understand what Makow states in the first paragraph...Zionism isn't designed to protect Jews from anti semitism it is designed to create the article to understand why...

Imagine you are a group of friends and one of your friends hates somebody, and that person tells you that that person hates you and said nasty things about you to get you to hate them too...

Happened throughout life hasn't it?


Having grown up in Deerfield Illinois as Catholic I did notice that there was an underbreath dislike for the Jews of the neighboring town of Highland Park...However, we were forced into the melting pot and Archie Bunker was created to convince us that anyone who had some sort of bigotry or prejudice was a dumb buffoon when in actuality there is usually a reason birds of a feather flock together, from tribal custom to herds, packs, and identity defined by skin color, religion, economic status and even sex.

Having watched Defamation on the internet it drove home many well hidden truths...the world Jews who have no intention of returning to Israel contrasted with the Israeli born Jewish children who were told that EVERYONE hates them and they were only safe as a tribe in Jerusalem--- launched an epiphany for me...

MJ said (May 5, 2010):

Your present article about Zionism and anti semitism being its bread and butter is outstanding and powerful. Praise God for the Truth!

Inas said (May 5, 2010):

This is very interesting. Nearly thirty years ago while a uni student in Melbourne, Australia I was tuning my radio and accidentally stopped at what must have been the Jewish program. I was really surprised as it was telling the listeners not to be complacent about anti-semitism and that it was alive and well and basically frightening Jews to be vigilant. I was really taken aback I had always felt Australia to be an easygoing and tolerant society. Living in a Jewish neighborhood, near a synagogue, I saw no evidence of anti-semitism. I had a number Jewish friends, including my best friend at Uni, and never dreamed of blaming them for what Israel had done. When I heard it I thought "what was that all about?" Now I know.

Below- ISIS Rise Foretold by Exiled Iranian Freemason (scroll down)

Doublespeak: Ten Illuminati Buzzwords

August 25, 2014


The Illuminati are turning reality on its head. Thus language must also invert truth.

In the Illuminati's hands, language is mind control,
part of their satanic dispensation, i.e. the NWO.

Let's turn language back on them. Let's expose their
terrorism, racism, hate, anti-Semitism and heterophobia.

"We shall purify the idea [of God] by identifying it with the nation of Israel, 
 which has become its own Messiah.
 The advent of it will be facilitated by the final triumph of Israel... " 

By Henry Makow Ph.D.

In the quote above, Orwell did not go far enough.  Political language is designed not only to make lies sound truthful, but to substitute a permanent  bogus reality based on their perverse political and occult agenda. 

This agenda can only be understood in terms of the big picture. The human malaise is due to the fact that the cabalist (Illuminati) bankers wish to depose God.

lya_otto_h_kahn.jpgIn practice, this means reality must be turned upside down. They, and not God (Reality), define "Truth." They define it in terms of their perversions and megalomania. As Otto Kahn, left, admitted above, they are using the Jewish people as their instrument to impose a permanent servitude on the human race.

"We shall purify the idea of God by identifying it with the Jewish people." In other words, the Jewish leadership, the Illuminati bankers, are God and Jews (and Freemasons) are their tools.

A system that turns Reality upside down is satanic. Lies are accepted as truth; evil is good; sick is healthy; ugly is beautiful and unnatural is natural. Cabalist Judaism, i.e. the Illuminati, is a satanic cult which advocates all these things.  Organized Jewry and Freemasonry are its instrument.

As mankind is inducted into this unreality, inevitably language itself is inverted and becomes a part of this oppression. 

Below I will give some examples of the warped Illuminati lexicon:---------------------------------------

israeli-terrorism.gif1. "Terrorist" -  anyone whom the Illuminati banker-controlled media decide is a terrorist. Terrorists who advance the Illuminati cause, (and are trained and funded by them) are not terrorists but "insurgents."  Palestinians who shoot popgun rockets and kill 1-2 Israelis are "terrorists." They have "terror-tunnels" although no terror attacks have emanated from them. Israelis who use airplanes, missiles and bombs to kill over 2000 civilians, including 500 children, and demolish apartment blocks are not "terrorists." They are "defending themselves."

When ISIS is taking down Syria's Assad, they are "insurgents." When they are beheading Christians, and becoming the next Illuminati bogeymen, they are "terrorists" again.

2. "Hate" and "hate-speech"  is resistance to the Illuminati's hateful plan to dehumanize and enslave the human race.  The Talmud which treats non-Jews as animals suitable only to serve Jews is the real hate. But it is never recognized as such. Instead, they invert the truth and pretend that exposing the Talmudic agenda is "hate."

3. "Anti Semitism" is supposedly a racial prejudice. However, Jewish bankers admit to using Jews to replace God, abolish all other races, nations and religions, and establish a satanic dispensation on earth. Using Jews in this fashion is the real "anti Semitism."  The Illuminati buzzword "anti Semitism" is actually resistance to this attack on God and man.

4. "Homophobia" - another loaded Illuminati buzzword is supposedly hatred of homosexuals. It is actually resistance to the Illuminati Jewish attack on gender identity under the guise of "gay rights."  The real hate is heterophobia, the attack on heterosexual institutions like marriage and family. There are four million links to "homophobia" on Google, 25 times as many as to "heterophobia" (160,000.)  Heterophobia is barely recognized as a word, an example of how language is used to reshape society.  

5. "Racism"  supposedly is hostility to other races. An "anti racist" denies there may be differences between races worth preserving and advocates miscegenation so that races disappear altogether. In fact, when they don't claim to be superior, so-called "racists" are the best friends of other races
because they celebrate differences. "Anti racists" are the real racists.

6.  "Sexism" is supposedly hostility to women. To be "anti-sexist" is to deny differences between women and men, and to advocate women behave like men. In fact, by acknowledging the differences between the sexes, sexists are women's best friends. Similarly, "Feminism" pretends to champion women while denying their femininity and encouraging lesbianism. 

7. "Diversity" pretends to celebrate all ethnic and sexual differences. In fact, it is aimed at curbing genuine diversity by eradicating the influence of European Christian (heterosexual) culture.

einstein.jpg8. "Isolationist" is someone who opposes using their country's resources and young men to advance the banker's imperialist satanic agenda. "Fighting for freedom" is actually fighting for slavery (by expending the nation's resources fighting wars designed to enrich the bankers and kill goyim.)

9. "Human rights." These are privileges conferred on people who can be used to deprive other people of their human rights. "Gay rights," for example, are used to undermine the heterosexual and family identity of 98% of the population by convincing them that sick is healthy and unnatural is natural.

10. "Patriot" Act. The name uses the 9-11 Illuminati false-flag to gut real human rights and justify constant war and surveillance. It is the "Treason Act." Truly we have entered an Orwellian era of doublespeak.

Cabalists are reality creators. They make reality through their ownership of the education system and the mass media. Naturally, they use language to invert the truth and slander their opponents. In their hands, language is our enemy.

Let's reclaim those buzzwords and say, I am proud to be an "anti Semite, homophobe, sexist and racist" because it means I am resisting tyranny and defending my identity. I demand real diversity, human rights and patriotism, not doublespeak. 

George-Orwell-quotes.jpgThe only real "hate" and "terror" originates from the Illuminati who hate both God and man. 

I welcome your suggestions for the  Illuminati lexicon. 

Note:  Thought of another Illuminati buzzword. "Conspiracy" - According to the Illuminati media, "conspiracy" denotes the incredible and ridiculous concept that some people might target others without advertising the fact and providing ample advance warning. (In fact, Western society has been shaped by a Masonic-Jewish conspiracy against God and man.)

First Comment from Michael G:

A few words I would add to your lexicon are these.

discrimination:  If you do not accept all forms of evil at all times, you are "discriminating".

globalism ("global warming", "global economy"):  The globalists are tacking the word "global" in front of everything these days.  Even before "global warming" was revealed as a hoax, it was never truly "global" because it did not occur across 100% of the globe concurrently.  There is no "global economy", only sovereign economies being attacked at the same time.  Another favorite phrase of theirs is "this affects us all" (i.e. "We are all one").  Does the death of Robin Williams really affect the citizens of Myanmar?  No.

empowerment:  Performing half-naked on stage and simulating sex acts is called "empowerment".  It is actually enslavement to handlers, immorality, and demonic forces.  Notice how the feminists never protest the sexual objectification of Miley Cyrus.  That is because she is promoting the same thing as they are:  Sexual immorality.

You can find this article permanently at

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Doublespeak: Ten Illuminati Buzzwords"

Peter C said (August 26, 2014):

The average voter who helps elect those who don’t belong in a government by and for the people are already completely surrendered victims of the Illuminati language and habits and believers of the Big Lie. All this does is reinforce the “The Business as Usual” mode to preserve the Big Liars Club that supports the current front man who distracts us further with his lies and flap- ping his ears so we don’t notice the “ram up the butt” from this gangster. Aiding and abetting in these Enslave the People crimes is the mainstream media and its rotten “political correctness” to reinforce the lies.

Alan said (August 26, 2014):

As you know - less is more. I have not seen such a clear and concise article written with so few words that speaks VOLUMES of what you have been teaching your readers about the Illuminati Bankers.

They want to hijack our True God and the Torah Old Testament and substitute it with all the vile teachings in the Talmud.

Every one who has not yet woken up, just hears the repeated simple lies and accepts these carefully crafted words as truth and wants to obey the politically acceptable mantra.

Woe to us miss-fits who disobey! Well i'm in your camp and could not agree more with your simple message, the graphic's help a lot too.
Well done, this one will be a classic at some point in the future when the hundred monkey syndrome kicks in.

Doug P said (August 26, 2014):

This goes much deeper than what is suggested here Henry.

If people only knew what the word "attourney" meant, "represent"...the whole Legal system operates on words with double meanings, one meaning the common understanding and another the courts understanding. "Understanding" is a perfect example. "Legal" is another one. Speaking with a "forked tongue" is how its expressed.

Asim said (August 26, 2014):

I would add 'international community', cited whenever America goes to war and tries to imply that it is doing so with the backing of the' international community', when it is simply a nauseating euphemism for America, Britain and Israel.

Also, America's 'national interests', sorry but who's interests???? No, not the people of the nation state of America, but the global elite.

Pass me the bucket Henry!!!!

Peter N said (August 26, 2014):

How about substituting the words "Sickcare Management" for what is now called "Healthcare?"

The FDA was originally called the "Division of Chemistry" and then later renamed the "Bureau of Chemistry." Makes sense since it seems to me the real reason for this agency is to provide legislative muscle to the chemical companies, i.e. "Croney Capitalism."

Conventional farmers, via chemically supported ag schools and the USDA, have been taught to use chemicals to produce grains and vegetables resulting in nutritionally deficient plants more susceptible to pests which, of course, need to be controlled via pesticides made by those same companies. (The USDA has collected nutritional data for years which demonstrates the decline.)

Thus the population gets to eat nutrient deficient foods tainted with nerve agents which I believe contributes to ill health. So now the "healthcare" provider steps in to prescribe more of the same to "cure" the illness.

Personally I refuse to subscribe to this warped medical model designed to profit big pharma and insurance while doing little to provide true health to the "cattle." Now that more are waking up to this disaster, the government is trying to force the cattle to participate whether they want to or not; for the good of all because "everyone should have access to healthcare." Brilliant! Have the cattle pay for their death food!

"Slavery is Freedom."

Henrique said (August 26, 2014):

I consider the word "Illuminati" itself imprecise, corny and "Orwellian" - it's basically used by people who don't have the balls ( or don't want ) to attack Freemasonry, and esoterism in general - doesn't seem to be your case though.
Referring to Krister comment below, I think he has a point. The fairy tale of "Good vs. Evil" in WWII has more impact in today's culture and mindset than most people imagine - they ( the establishment ) need that fairy tale to mantain an "heroic" aura around armed forces all over the world and the modern version of imperialism alive, to spread "freedom and democracy" as we all know. This video is interesting:

Also an interesting figure is David Cole/Stein, who recently was outed and denounced for his "evil" past, and came out with a book:

As the standard format, it's the same anti-denierophobic hater, same old, same old.

Robert M said (August 26, 2014):

What I like to call "Gobbledegook." Outstanding article. Yours continues to be the one of the hottest, most important websites on the Internet. Other political language examples? Hmm....I hate the way they use "mainstream." As if only adherents to the agenda have an enlightened outlook, and the majority of society has pretty much adopted it, because we're enlightened in this day and age. Only the backward and uneducated oppose it. Hence, "mainstream."

Krister said (August 26, 2014):

Using Illuminati (Jewish) propaganda-words as "anti-Semitic", "Holocaust", "Gas chambers", "extermination", "hate crime" and others, is in a similar way as 'doublespeach', very destructive for the Internet community and others trying to fight the Illuminati-Jewish hydra.

Very simply, as an example the false concept of "Holocaust" makes an aggressor into a victim, and giving anyone trying to fight Jewish or Zionist aggression, a intellectual 'prison ball chain' around the ankle. In a similar way, the word "anti-Semitic" uphold the lie of an ethnic(race) relation between the false Jews (Khazarians) and Palestine, and so handicapping any individual debating or active in resisting the racist terror entity of Israel.

So why is the activist or community trying to push back this hydra, still letting the hydra handicapping him or her, by using the propaganda-vocabulary of the aggressor? Isn't it time to use the full potential of debate, activity, protests and other measures, by breaking free from the leash of the hydra?

Also, we know that Jewish organisations controlling and driving the Holocaust-train, withhold, falsify or fabricate data or information, to give a false view that suite their agenda. In a similar way state archives in USA, Russia and Germany is doing the same. Therefore, as long as we haven't access to all the available data, and so in non-falsified form, we may also ask another question.

Doesn't the Jewish and other victims of decease and hunger in German work-camps, as well as the millions of victims in the Gulag-system and other labour-camps, deserve a more honorable way to uphold their memory, than accepting the lies and propaganda of the hydra behind their deaths.


I regard both world wars, and most wars, as mainly goy genocides. But I do believe a lot of Jews were also murdered in WW2. I don't believe that the Nazis rounded up children, the aged and infirm in order to offer them free room and board. So I think the focus on holocaust denial actually does a disservice to the cause.


Below - Crypto Jews Feast On Algeria (scroll down)

ISIS Rise Foretold by Exiled Iranian Freemason

August 24, 2014

(left, Bahman Nassiri, 62, tries to get his message out)

Normally I avoid anything that smacks of fearmongering. But exactly a year ago, I posted the article below where filmmaker Bahman Nassiri predicted that the Illuminati would foster fanatical Islamist regimes in order to provoke a world war.  ISIS fits this description to a tee. It appears to have been engineered by the Illuminati to terrify the world and drag the U.S. into a war that will wipe out all fanatic Islamists and lead to WW3.

Bahman wrote: "I have now received information from the same source, that the next big attack on U.S. soil will be chemical and biological, to be carried out soon."   Bahman's warning last year has been repeated by ISIS last week.

Also, Chicago Could be ISIS Target  (Aug. 23)
ISIS Has These News Shows Talking Another 9-11
US Deliberates Airstrikes against ISIS in Syria  (Aug.24)

*Video suggests James Foley beheading was a hoax to justify greater war. Foley CIA, had been "kidnapped" in Libya, helped inspire Libyan intervention.
*Webster Tarpley on the James Foley Hoax 
*Another video espousing Foley hoax view

(From Aug. 15, 2014)

Dear Mr. Makow,

I am an Iranian exile turned into an Iranian-American film maker, and I am also a 32nd degree Scottish Rite Freemason, but I can assure you that if there are Political Lodges in the U.S. , I have not been involved with them.

I released a feature film on 1/1/11 called  "The Golden Veil" which shows the conspiracy behind the Iranian revolution and the U.S. hostage crisis, foreshadowing what is happening today in the Middle East. 

My latest interview with Rick Wiles of Trunews ( begins at 18.25 min) serves to expose The Illuminati as we call it, or "The Eagles" as they call themselves. By releasing such information I may have risked my life, but I have no fear, because the 30th degree taught me not to be afraid of death.

I have a reliable source of information. The identity of the source I shall never release, but my records and predictions speak for themselves. 


Few months before the 9/11 attack, I received reliable information that gave advanced warning of it.  I gave the information to the FBI in Palm Springs, CA., but they ignored it.  My lawyer based in Palm Desert holds a copy of my handwritten and dated letter to the FBI.

lightbox_cover1.jpg(left, This 2013 "Person of the Year" TIME Cover is the Illuminati's way of saying very bad things are in store for Americans. See, Grim Obama TIME Cover a Warning?)

Few years later I received information from the same source, that Osama Bin Laden was sick, receiving medical treatment in a secret location in Iran.  I gave the information to the FBI and they told me that the Anti-Terrorism department in Los Angeles would be in touch with me,  but no one got in touch with me and I was ignored once again.

Soon after that, I received information that Bin Laden was dead and buried in a secret location along the Iran/Afghan border. This time I did not bother reporting it.

I have now received information from the same source, that the next big attack on U.S. soil will be chemical and biological, to be carried out soon.  I have reported the information to Deputy Chief Michael Downing, Counter Terrorism and Special Operations Bureau in the form of emails, but as of today he seems to be ignoring me for the third time - WHY ?  - I have even offered to drive for 3 hours to see him in Los Angeles and go through the details with him,  but there is no response.  I would like to ask your readers to save this writing for future reference, should such disaster occur.
WHY do important officials in charge ignore people such as me who want to help ?

My only answer to this question is :

These men are the Architects of Chaos,  these are the men who want such horrific events to take place.  They do not wish to prevent them.
A chemical or biological terrorist attack on U.S. soil, "provoked" by an attack on Syria,  would certainly provide the excuse to begin a large scale war against the Middle East with the ultimate goal of a complete invasion and massacring millions of inhabitants.

It is about time the American people realized that there are invisible hands within The United States who engineer these acts, to serve their agendas.   These men (The Eagles) meet once a month in a secret temple in Washington D.C., they have rituals very similar to Freemasons,  they are no more than a few hundred, and they rule our lives.

The Eagles are the world's most powerful Bankers, Arms Manufacturers and Oil Barons, mainly controlled by the Brits.  Everything you have seen happening in the Middle East since 1979 has been planned and executed by these powerful men, and their Master Plan is what I have explained in my Trunews Interview -  i.e. polarization and invasion.

Perhaps, if this statement is published on your blog, and I send them the link, it may serve to force them to talk to me and analyze the information I have received,  unless they wish for the attack to take place. If enough Americans become aware of this, hopefully it may prevent the biggest terrorist disaster in America's history. 

Only Christ can save us now.

Regards,  Bahman Nassiri
Bahman sent me this info on Freemasonry:

The way the Masonic order is designed, is absolutely BRILLIANT.
They initiate you and make you believe that you are a holy man doing charities and helping your Brethren.
They make you believe that the order is not political whatsoever.
They make you believe there are 33 degrees (all philosophical) , and nothing more.

The real truth is, Brethren reach the 33rd or 32nd degrees and have no clue what it's all about.
The truth is, there's a higher level.
The invisible eyes watching the brethren pick some whom they can trust, who are extremely wealthy, powerful and important, and are useful to them, and initiate them into the higher level, THAT IS THE ILLUMINATI , or to be more correct, THE EAGLES.


Golden Veil Compared to Argo
Mark Dankof Review Golden Veil
Mark Dankof Interview with Nassiri
Iran run by Illuminati?


You can find this article permanently at Warns of BioChem Attack on US City .html

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "ISIS Rise Foretold by Exiled Iranian Freemason "

The Rahnameh said (August 26, 2014):

Re: Bahman Nassiri, obvious LA Persian CryptoJew filmmaker, let's consider some of the facts here:
(1) This man has all the facial heuristics of a typical Persian Jew and has a career in the cradle of filth, California's filmmaking industry;
(2) His claims to be a 32nd Degree Scottish Freemason are unsubstantiated by his clamor for Christianity (another false claim -- he's a Jew), and also his claim that Freemasons do not operate in the US (contradicted by his own allegations in his film and everything we already know);
(3) He clearly contacted you to promote his disinformational garbage within conspiracy circles, your site being a main pillar of such (and other instances of his solicitation to other individuals running such sites can be found through Google, where he, in fact asks for support in overthrowing Iran's government);
(4) Iran's laws ban usury, outlaw Talmudic/Caballistic corruption practices and outlaw Zionism by death -- three things that have made this man a permanent exile;
(5) He's feeding directly into the Zionist Protocol of demonizing the enemy by whatever means necessary (for, e.g., by claiming the target is Zionist as well knowing that the people hate that);
(6) Nassiri spins certain geopolitical nuances and esoteric truths, and omits key facts otherwise, for his own purposes of demonizing Iran's government, like the Iran Hostage crisis; and,
(7) The typical M.O. for Persian Jews who are secretly Zionists is to spread their cultural Marxism by igniting ancient hatreds -- "[target X] has taken this country back to the dark ages, the people need to be liberated". They hug Iranian nationalism while all the time seeking to reign hell-fire upon Iranians heads.



I don't think this applies to Bahman.


Debra said (August 25, 2014):

America (and elsewhere) has already been chemically and biologically attacked: GMO foods, chemtrails, vaccines, Fukushima, etc. No, Henry. I’m afraid your author is being somewhat misleading when he says it is to come (future tense). The organized-religions are building up in America in response to the Middle Eastern organized-terrorist threats. The majority see the Moslems as the main perpetrators and for those who do not see eye to eye with the organized-religions that are strengthening in America and elsewhere and those not abiding with their false doctrines, I agree with: “Only Christ can save us now” from those organized-religions being molded into terrorist groups by mainstream media.

Let me make this clear: by organized-religion, I’m referring to Catholics and Protestants and anything in between that goes along with all their deviations from The Word of God.

A false flag attack might be used to ignite the situation. It is the 13th anniversary of 9/11.

Phil said (August 25, 2014):

It may need to be pointed out that Dan's comment says that 11/9 coming up is the 12th anniversary of 911 when in fact it is the 13th ie 2014 - 2001 = 13.

Because 11/9/2014 is the 13th anniversary of 911 it is very significant -
11/9/2014 is 777 days from 27/7/2012, the opening ceremony of the London Olympics counting both dates.
11/9/2014 is 33 days before Cliff Richard is 888 months old on 14/10/2014.
11/9/2014 is 7+7+7+7 days after Cliff Richard's flat was searched on 14/8/2014.
11/9/2014 is exactly 1 month after Robin Williams was found dead on 11/8/2014.
11/9/2014 is 8 weeks after the downing (?) of MH17.
11/9/2014 is 3+3 months and 3 days after 8/3/2014, when MH370 went missing.
11/9/2014 is 11x13 days after 21/4/2014 when HMQEII was 88.
11/9/2014 is 444+444 weeks and 4 days from 31/8/1997, the day Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed were killed.
11/9/2014 is 33 days after Michael Brown, 18, was shot and killed by police in Ferguson, Missouri on 9/8/2014.

Henrique said (August 25, 2014):

One platitude after another, silly generic "do-gooder" videos on youtube with sentimental background music and no less stupid self-indulgent comments, pushing Israel's hysteria against Iran, "ex"- freemason "turned" Christian, etc, catering to Alex Jones and David Icke ( the kings/gatekeepers of alternative imbecility ), labeling any naysayer "ignorant", "unenlightened" ( probably a masonic habit that's hard to abandon ), etc.

A passage here: "most powerful Bankers, Arms Manufacturers and Oil Barons, mainly controlled by the Brits" is tremendously incoherent- how can bankers, oil and weapons industry Barons ( essentially internationalists ) be controlled by the Brits? And which Brits is he talking about? Royals? As far as I'm concerned, Britain's native culture is being attacked and destroyed right now with political correctness, multiculturalism, feminism, immigration waves, etc.

But I'm sure the author supports all of these things, given the videos in his channel about "love having no colors" and comment about a coming new world order "without religion and borders"- another hypocrisy for someone who claims to be Christian.

Of course there are esoteric societies in Islam, ( every culture has them, and they all work for the same capstone ), but to single one or two out as "essentially evil, unlike all others" is a childish expedient that's repeated over and over again by charlatans. ALL the esoteric underworld is the enemy; secret societies shouldn't be allowed to exist.

The author can go ahead and call me ignorant and unenlightened as much as he wants, I'm not an esotericist, so I'm not offended by this and don't WANT the kind of "light" he spreads.

Eric said (August 24, 2014):

All the recent articles germane to the rise of these regimes and allusions to WW3 reminded me of the dire warning from William Guy Carr. I'm sure you are familiar with his book "Pawns of the Game". Anyway, he states clearly that the eventual 3rd WW will be concocted between the political Zionist West vs the Muslim countries.

So eerie but crystal clear to see all of these machinations unfold...set in motion so long ago.

Anyway just thought I'd contribute once again and bring the W.G.Carr's warnings into the mix.

Al Thompson said (August 24, 2014):

Neither shalt thou eat eagle nor falcon nor kite nor crow. Thou

shalt not, He saith, cleave unto, or be likened to, such men who know

not how to provide food for themselves by toil and sweat, but in

their lawlessness seize what belongeth to others, and as if they were

walking in guilelessness watch and search about for some one to rob

in their rapacity, just as these birds alone do not provide food for

themselves, but sit idle and seek how they may eat the meat that belongeth to others, being pestilent in their evil-doings.

C said (August 24, 2014):

Just a quick tidbit, Dan noted in the comment sec for ISIS.... that most false flags happen in sept or oct. The new year of the Julian Calendar is Sept 11. The "eagles," would note this and it is of significance. Selassie was last seen on 9/11 and there are other things as well, all orchestrated by them on 9/11.

Dan said (August 29, 2013):

Some of the people I know here have been cracking under the stress of the TV psyops and talk radio propaganda. Others have noticed, and it is with these others that I have been able to speak openly about what's going on.

I've been amazed at what I've been hearing from some people around here this week. I must point out that August through mid September are the heaviest propaganda months of each year. It's a media cycle. I picked up on it in 2005, when I saw they repeated the same fear based stories every August. They change the source and the stories a bit so people don't notice the cycle, but the content is cyclical. Remember it used be "Houston will be nuked" when George Bush was President. In 2005 Lyndon LaRouche pushed "The Guns of August" saying Cheney was about to "nuke Iran".

The dark foreboding people feel is from deliberate triggering of 911 PTSD as we near the 12th anniversary of September 11.

Have you noticed anything 'disturbance in the Force' in Canada? It seems to be directed at Americans - the race baiting psyops this summer, and whipping up blood lust to howl for striking Syria.

Following the Rothschilds on Twitter

August 26, 2014

rothschild (1).jpg

Following the Rothschilds on Twitter

mr_burns.jpgThe resemblance to Mr. Burns of The Simpsons is purely coincidental. Both are misanthropes but the one on the left is
Jacob Rothschild, 78, the Fourth Baron Rothschild. Both have a pack of angry dogs, but Jacob's apparently are stuffed.

Our boy wonder Scottie Spencer has been following Jacob and his son, Nathaniel on Twitter. 

Scottie writes: "I was thinking the other day, why not confront Rothschild and his Masonic cronies on twitter ???!!! So I decided to do a quick search for "Rothschild" on twitter, and low and behold, there they were ! We don't have to fight violently, but only with our fingers and hands on a keyboard to make all the difference ! I myself have taken a few tweets to Rothschild myself...take a look at the few below (Scroll down.)

RothschildSmolokoTwitterMeme.jpg(UPDATE - )


Disclaimer: I don't agree with spamming these people. I do think it interesting that they put themselves out there where they can be contacted.

Related:  Tracking the Illuminati on Facebook
Also by Scottie Spencer - Young Man Fights for His Rustbelt City

Russian advisor part of the Charade?

August 20, 2014

Russian Advisor Part of The Charade?

This interview by Sergei Glaziev has received great interest. An adviser to Putin, Glaziev's message is that the current technological cycle is winding down, and that a new one is needed. He says Putin was trying to create an economic zone stretching from Portugal to Siberia and China. However the US wants to dominate Eurasia, and is sabotaging Putin using Ukraine as a linchpin. 

I stopped watching because, like Noam Chomsky, he acts as if the US is a sovereign nation rather than a sock puppet of the Illuminati Jewish bankers agenda of world domination. For this reason, I think he and Putin may be part of an Illuminati false dialectic, which in the end will advance the Illuminati agenda by fomenting a world war.  

Putting America Last by Philip Wyeth

August 6, 2014

obama-illegal-immigrants-610x400.jpgPutting America Last

by Philip Wyeth
This situation on our southern border has me asking myself, do our leaders have any remaining interest in or loyalty to America at all? How else to account for the slavish desire to accommodate a seemingly unlimited number of foreigners from Central America who are attempting to move into the United States without following the formal immigration procedures that people from Asia, Africa, and Europe must abide?
Our own people here at home are hurting right now. With no manufacturing base our economy and national purpose are like a rudderless ship yet instead of making a plan to get America spiritually and physically back on its feet, the politicians are fawning over a large potential new voter block to take under their wing. Last century our leaders inspired us with an optimistic vision of America to build dams and skyscrapers and bridges--today cynical politicians and their retinue of lobbyist barnacles see us only as serfs who need to be ruled and as sources of tax revenue for their pet projects and lavish lifestyles.

The everyday dupe looks at the "crisis on the border" as a chance for us to show our compassion as the most generous nation in the world. He is oblivious to the implications of what anecdotes like one-third of births in an Ohio county being born to illegal immigrants means for the future of our country.
Furthermore, why not just let everybody in? What if a million children from China, Russia, or Saudi Arabia were at the border? What if the entire 77 million-strong population of the Congo had fled civil war and was knocking at our door? At what point does generosity give way to the psychotic exit of a people through its own cultural suicide?
And I say this as someone who lived in Los Angeles for a long time. Not only do I have sympathy for the experience of the "anchor babies" who I knew personally, I've conducted business with a man who snuck across the border back in the early 90s. Illegal immigration is a longstanding fact of life in Southern California, and anyone who sees the new strip malls popping up in the once dangerous black ghettos that Latinos have taken over can't help but acknowledge the improvement in these areas.
But no nation should be required to take in any number of foreign citizens for any number of heartrending reasons. It doesn't happen in Canada and it doesn't happen in Mexico, so why is it allowed to happen here? Is it simply demographics--white people aborting and "waiting" themselves out of existence? Black people aborting and gangbanging themselves into a bloody epitaph? The need not just for labor but new consumers to replace the dying out whites and blacks?
Have you noticed all the semantic games the media plays when referring to the people sneaking into the country? They employ a selective and suggestive application of descriptive terms as part of the agenda to shape public opinion. These Central Americans on the move are referred to very gently in context-neutral terms like "undocumented immigrants," "migrants' and "dreamers."

I say hell, why stop there? If calling someone an invader or illegal alien is considered offensive and judgmental, let's cast that treacherous journey across jungle and desert in a more heroic light. Not mere refugees, these brave people are adventurers...and pilgrims...or better yet, young explorers!!!  The merit badges and green cards are in the mail...

Obama's Cloward-Piven Strategy