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Syriza -- Playing a Double Game on Greece?

July 5, 2015

(l. Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis)

Yanis Varoufakis' doubtful resume 
raises suspicion that Syriza has lead 
Greece down a path to suicide.

 (Martin Luther King Murdered by US Shadow Government will be reposted tomorrow.) 

Greece has rejected bailout terms with a resounding "No." Since no alternative has been prepared, this is like a sky diver rejecting his parachute. 

If the Germans call their bluff, the euphoria will quickly turn to consternation. Greeks are playing a game of chicken.

"Were Varoufakis the man he pretends to be before his Greek countrymen, he would have set forth a strategy of Greek exit from the Euro and a strategy akin to that of Iceland to declare a debt moratorium, freeze all debt repayments to the Troika-IMF, ECB and EU. Then he would put Greece on a national currency, impose capital controls and seek strong economic ties with Russia, China and the BRICS countries."

What Stinks About Varoufakis and the Whole Greek Mess?
by F. William Engdahl
(Abridged by

Something stinks very bad about Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis and the entire Greek mess that has been playing out since the election victory of the nominally pro-Greek Syriza Party in January. I am coming to the reluctant conclusion that far from being the champion of the hapless Greek people, Varoufakis is part of a far larger and very dirty game.

The brilliant psychologist Eric Berne, author of the seminal book Games People Play, would likely call the game of Varoufakis and the Troika, "Rapo," as in the rape of the Greek people and, ultimately of all the EU, Germany included. How do I come to this surprising conclusion?

When the left-right coalition was elected by a Greek population desperate for change from the several years of austerity, pension cuts, health and education cuts demanded by the IMF in order to insure that Greek creditors be repaid their pound of flesh in terms of state debt, I was among many who held out hope that finally a government that stood for the interests of her people was in office in Athens.

What we have witnessed since is what can only be called a clown show, one in which the laugh is on the Greek people and EU citizens as a whole. The ones laughing, as often is so, are the mega banks and Troika-ECB, IMF and EU. 

Behind the Troika, almost invisible, are the Greek oligarchs who have robbed the state coffers of hundreds of billions over the years, tucking it away in numbered Swiss and Lichtenstein secret bank accounts, avoiding paying a single penny tax to support their nation. And it is looking more and more as though the "leftist" economist, Varoufakis's role is that of a Trojan Horse for the destruction of the entire Eurozone by the bankers and those Greek oligarchs. Next after Greece, Italy looks poised to become victim, and that will put the entire Euro in a crisis that is today unimaginable.


A man is known by the company he keeps, so goes the adage. By this measure Yanis Varoufakis keeps very bad company for a finance minister who claims to be defending the living standards of his people. 

Before becoming Greek Finance Minister in the January coalition government of Alexis Tsipras, Varoufakis spent time in the United States working for the Bellevue Washington video game company, Valve Corporation, whose founders came from Bill Gates' Microsoft. In the late 1980's he studied economics and game theory in the UK at University of Essex and East Anglia and taught at Cambridge. Then, he spent the next eleven years in Australia teaching and even taking Australian citizenship....

He pretends to be against austerity but his record shows the opposite. Varoufakis was the adviser to Prime Minister George Papandreou and PASOK when Papandreou made the disastrous draconian austerity deal with the EU on behalf of Greece so that French and German banks could be bailed out. Varoufakis also has at various times heaped praise on Mario Draghi and the ECB, suggesting solutions for how to keep Greece in the EU, a track that pre-programs Greece for self-destruction under the current Troika regime of austerity....

Varoufakis has repeatedly argued that Greece must "grin and bear" the measures imposed on it by the bankers and the German government as a member of the Eurozone. He has insisted that a Greek Euro exit is not going to take place.

With official Greek unemployment over 30% of the workforce and economic losses because of Troika-imposed budget austerity the government's tax-revenue shortfall in January alone was 23% below its €4.5bn target for the month. The government in Athens has levied crippling taxes on the middle class and made sharp cuts to government salaries, pensions, and health-care coverage. While ordinary citizens suffer under the weight of austerity, now Banks are closed at least until the July 5 referendum on more austerity. Greece is a human catastrophe.


Were Varoufakis the man he pretends to be before his Greek countrymen, he would have set forth a strategy of Greek exit from the Euro and a strategy akin to that of Iceland to declare a debt moratorium, freeze all debt repayments to the Troika-IMF, ECB and EU. Then he would put Greece on a national currency, impose capital controls and seek strong economic ties with Russia, China and the BRICS countries.

Indeed, when Greek Prime Minister Tsipras was in St. Petersburg in mid-June to meet with Russian President Putin, Putin extended a very generous offer of prepayment of $5 billion towards the Greek participation in the Turkish Stream Gazprom pipeline.

That would have given Greece breathing room to service debt repayments to the IMF. Brussels and Washington of course were not at all happy with that. Putin then offered Greece membership in the new BRICS development bank which would allow Greece to borrow to get out of the worst of the crisis without more savage austerity. That of course would bring Greece closer to Russia and also to China, something Washington and Brussels oppose with all their might. But rather than accept, Greece and Varoufakis walked away from a solution that would have avoided catastrophe as it is now unfolding.

At this point it indeed looks as if Varoufakis' role has been to act as the Western bankers' Trojan Horse inside the Greek government, to prepare Greece and the Greek people for the slaughter, all the while posing as the tire-less fighter for Greek interests, all without a neck tie, of course.


F. William Engdahl is strategic risk consultant and lecturer, he holds a degree in politics from Princeton University and is a best-selling author on oil and geopolitics, exclusively for the online magazine "New Eastern Outlook".

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

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Al Thompson said (July 5, 2015):

The problem with all monetary systems is usury. Unless usury is abolished, there will be an unending string of economic fiascos until the end of time. Usury has it's own bad retribution: economic chaos. If I had anything to say about it, I would repudiate all interest debt and just pay back the principle. I would allow for more competition by allowing competitive currencies.

We can see the payback from usury as the banks want to give the Greek savers a "haircut" of around 30% This is like the bank pulling the gun on the depositor, but they don't go to jail. The "haircut" is the bad fallout from usury.

Below-Jurassic World's Family Values Are Deceiving (scroll down)

Joe Sobran: Homosexuality - The Sober Truth

July 4, 2015

(left, Joe Sobran, 1946-2010)

The courageous honesty of Joe Sobran 
is becoming  increasingly rare as a 
leaden pall of Masonic Jewish (Communist)
political correctness descends over the West. 

The West is controlled and defined by a satanic cult, Cabalist Judaism (Illuminati) that
wants you to believe that evil is good, and in the case of homosexuality, sickness is health. 

by Joe Sobran

Getting in touch with my feelings the other day, I realized how I loathe homosexuals. All of them? Of course not. Some of them are funny, kind, intelligent, and otherwise pleasant. But homosexuals in general, yes. I can't stand them. Especially the ones who are organized under the rubric of gay rights. 

I guess this makes me "homophobic." So what? Homophobia is one of those ugly cant-words -- like racist and sexist -- that no self-respecting speaker of the English language would use. (Try to imagine Abraham Lincoln calling someone "homophobic.") It's a verbal badge of groupthink. 

Funny how the people who style themselves victims always want to bully everyone else. Diversity now means conformity. It means making sensible people afraid to contradict nonsense so obvious as to insult their intelligence. 

Normal people find homosexuality, especially male homosexuality, repellent. We're supposed to apologize for that? Our slang words for the anus, and their use as insults, express our disgust with the whole idea of anal sex. Apart from the personal defilement it involves, it's grossly unsanitary. 

My own feelings are intensified by personal experience. Believe me, when a child you love has been sodomized, it takes a lot of the romance out of buggery. What was merely disgusting becomes nauseating. You needn't hate the perpetrator -- who, in this case as in so many others, had been sodomized as a child himself -- to feel utter revulsion at the act, and contempt for those who try to endow it with dignity. 

Will the victim now grow up to sodomize other boys? Will he come down with AIDS? Will he, on his wedding night, remember this first "sexual" experience? 

Another instance of homosexual pedophilia has been in the news lately -- or rather, hasn't been in the news. In 1999, two Arkansas perverts raped, tortured, and murdered a 13-year-old boy; that crime has been almost totally ignored by the same news media that spent a year bewailing the murder of the homosexual Matthew Shepard. Because the boy was a victim rather than a victimizer of homosexuals, his story might hurt The Cause. No martyr he! 


The standard "gay" line on pedophilia is that most child molesters are heterosexuals. This is sheer propaganda. Homosexuals are only 1 or 2 percent of the general population (despite their inflated claims -- also propagandist -- of 10 percent), yet they are wildly disproportionate among pedophiles. [2% of population commit 33% of pedophile acts.-hm]

What is more important, though, is that most heterosexuals are more than willing to punish molesters of little girls. They don't make excuses for them or cover up their crimes. They recognize norms of behavior. 

But pedophiles are an integral part of the "gay rights" movement. Does that movement repudiate them? Not at all. On the contrary, the North American Man/Boy Love Association is a regular and welcome contingent at "gay pride" marches. In England, organized "gays" agitate for lowering the age of consent for sex. 

This stands to reason. Homosexuality is an abandonment not only of the normal, but of any norms. Once you approve of promiscuous anal sex with strangers, how can you draw a line against anything? Why not have anal sex with kids, if that's your thing? 

And once again, the news media -- which love to highlight any "extremists" at conservative events -- refuse to report on pedophiles in the movement. It might embarrass The Cause. If it's "diversity" you want, don't look for it among journalists. 

I used to feel sorry for homosexuals. However they became that way, it was an inclination I could only pity them for being saddled with, since so much of normal life was closed off to them. And I understand why parents who find out their sons are homosexual want to protect them, even if it means denying that homosexuality is a serious disorder. That's natural. 

But no parent is glad to learn his son is "gay"; no parent would wish that condition on a child. This is why all the propaganda of "gay pride" rings false. Normal people aren't even proud of being normal; they take it for granted. But "pride" in an abnormality? 

I don't blame anyone for being sick. I blame them for telling me that sickness is just another form of health.

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

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HH said (July 4, 2015):

in the Hip Hop community, no less. Please check out this article on a pop culture / music website, and some of the comments. The vicious pro-homosexual supporters are out in full force. - PS. I only check out this website for their up-to-date music news.

Everyone & anyone (even if they are a D-List, has-been rapper) is publicly shamed and crucified if they don't go along with the agenda

Also, this woman (who raises some VERY valid points, all of which I agree with) is being ridiculed and shamed across the net after this video was copied off of her FB page.

I'm 23 years old, and even from 2001 until now Western culture has taken a turn for the absolute worse.



In less than 20 years hollywood media has managed to redefine social understandings of sexuality and gender. In 1995 people were 79 percent against now 55 percent for it. Standards that were in place for thousands of years. The corporate heads have just proved they can control your minds. Even the highest courts in the land. The government can use these tools to train you to be too weak to do anything to overturn their power. To not only accept their tyrannical power but to think it's good for you. That the central morality of America can literally be defined by or through MTV and Facebook and that they can raise your children to believe whatever they want them too. You're all being distracted, there are so few transgender people in America most of you will never knowingly have a conversation with one. There are more people with Down syndrome than there are guys trying to be women. In 1995 there were a spate of black churches set on fire, in 2015 a bunch of black churches set on fire. Even with all the power to control minds they don't use it for us, for good, they still don't give a fuck about you.

Al Thompson said (July 4, 2015):

When I was in prison, there were a few homosexuals in the dorm and they would have anal sex in the showers. Every once in awhile we would go into a shower with feces on the floor. Talk about disgusting! A penis doesn't belong inside of an anus. This is not love, but it is an unspeakable perversion. It is an abomination to the natural order and it fouls the land. It actually fouls my mind writing about it. If there was one thing I wish I never knew about, it would be this. These people think they're having a great time when in reality they are destroying their own lives. Their filth spills over onto the rest of society and everyone is affected by it.

Even worse, the United States Supreme Court has ruled that homosexuals can now be legally married. So, it is really the government who promotes the destruction of society under the mask of personal freedom. Homosexuality is a very evil form of bondage to those who engage in it. Being around a homosexual is like standing close to a viper. It can be dangerous.

But what I find even more disgusting are the people who pander to the homosexual as if this was a valid civil-rights issue. By pandering to this group of 1-2% of the population, they are giving them more power than they deserve. Homosexuals are losers. They may be wealthy and have a lot of money, but overall they are still losers, and I'd say most of them know it.

Tony B said (July 4, 2015):

Disclaimer- Posting does not imply endorsement.

Joe Sobran was "right on" on almost any subject. I miss him much.

Old men such as myself are not fooled by any of the present bull shit about faggots and dykes. It's a learned habit that needs to go back to being criminalized if civilization is to return to the now rotten to the core, post Christian, neo-barbaric "West."

About 15 years ago, one evening on a Washington, DC sidewalk, a very young man, dressed in garish drag, was making an ass of himself (not a pun) caterwauling like a spoiled little girl for some "reason." I mentioned to those confronted with this display, along with me, that when I was young, that guy would have been castrated before the sun came up next morning.

Homosexuality, of any stripe, is simply satanism in action as a display of hatred toward God and needs to be quashed immediately on sight by any God fearing person.

Toleration of evil is one of the very worst evils.

Robert K said (July 4, 2015):

Of course if you are "just made that way", then it's hard to hold you responsible for becoming different. Homosexuals having secured this rationalization for their behaviour, paedophiles are sure soon to follow.

This notion of being "made that way" is incompatible with the traditional Christian concept that "all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God" and that "sinning" is something to be grappled with and overcome because participating in the glory of God is the whole purpose of our existence. Life is much more interesting when we are continuously, consciously trying to understand the psychological influences that "make us tick" and regenerate those that "make us sick". All things--including actions and relationships, heterosexual ones too--are made new in Christ.

Below- Jade Helm- Are Patriots Being Paranoid? (scroll down)

Jurassic World's Family Values Are Deceiving

July 3, 2015

Jurassic World, which has grossed over a half billion dollars in three weeks has been touted as a return to traditional gender roles.

Aspen shows how the film is a more insidious affirmation of feminism than ever.

by Aspen

Jurassic World appears to be a film about Family Values, True Masculinity, Loyalty, and the Triumph of Good over Evil.

As one critic wrote, "The film did present a pro-male and pro-family perspective with Christ [sic!] Pratt garnering some livid social justice warrior hate for being a male hero... By the climax of the film, [actress] Bryce Dallas Howard's bitchy CEO persona has been humbled, and [actor] Pratt's masculinity has been vindicated".

Nope. Sorry, boys. It's a mind-screw, deliberately designed to sow seeds of confusion and contradiction targeting gender roles and family life -- and every critic missed it.

It's no coincidence that Jurassic World was released concurrently with the supposed "trans-gender" choices of Bruce Jenner. Every male figure in this film is either rotten, weak, impotent, corrupt, overconfident, or is eaten by females


The plot of the film devolves around the reckless creation of yet one more genetically bastardized dinosaur, a multi-hybrid freak that is notably larger, fiercer, and more formidably genetically fortified than the Tyrannosaurus Rex...and which, it is revealed, is FEMALE. This "Indominus Rex" has been succored and fed within a closely-guarded jungle enclosure.

In all of this we see an inverted mirror and mockery of the Biblical report of the creation of Man and Woman, and a bloodthirsty overturning of God's natural order. The enclosed garden area is a type of Eden. The rapacious and murderous Indominus Rex is a vile version of Woman, enticed by the reptilian wiles of the serpent, satan. She is a wicked Eve, who having found satanic "power" in her "liberation" from the natural female stupidity of the natural order, first slaughters all that is Male, and then seeks desperately to escape from the insufferable confines of God's Law.

And that is what happens in this film. The INDOMITABLE FEMALE engages in some highly intelligent reptilian trickery and escapes from her enclosure, whereupon to wreak havoc in the forms of: killing strictly for the sake of the joy of killing; causing general chaos; destroying the local economy; ruining the lives of nearly everyone involved. Steal; kill; destroy: the satanic manifesto.

Who does she eat first, upon escaping? THE MEN WHO GUARD THE INTEGRITY OF THE NATURAL ORDER. The Security Guards.

NOW, to the humans and the "family values" of the film.


The human male lead of the film is actor Chris Pratt, who plays an ex-Navy consultant named Owen Grady. He's interpreted by film critics as representative of Real Masculinity. Why? Let's tally his strong points:

He is handsome and muscular.
He drives a powerful motorcycle.
He is outspoken, headstrong, and incorrigible.
He is the only person who somehow magically understands everything that everyone else doesn't understand.

The female lead of the film is Claire, the Operations Manager of Jurassic World. One aforementioned critic claims, "By the climax of the film, [actress] Bryce Dallas Howard's bitchy CEO persona has been humbled."

That is NOT what this film portrays. She isn't humbled: she's raped by circumstance...and she LIKES it! How liberating, eh?

She's not a feminist. She's not even the CEO. She's just too busy to be a WOMAN.

She's a female who has become caught up in a corporate and societal web where at every turn the true authority is by natural order the masculine. Her boss is a man. Her antagonist is a man. The head scientist in the lab is a man. The surprise hidden military uber-mensch in the plot is a man! Even her two young nephews one-up her at every given opportunity.

SHE'S IMPRISONED IN A MALE ENCLOSURE! She's...Homo Indominus Rex!...sort of (her nails are manicured and gosh-darnit, she keeps those high heels ON).

It is not until Claire tears apart her corporate uniform (wagging her buxom cleavage, conveniently), and picks up a rifle, and acts like a soldier (in high heels) that she is offered the slightest modicum of deference by any male character in the cast. She's a compromised woman clinging to her female tokens while pretending to be a tough guy.

Is that "a bitchy woman being humbled"? It is not. It is Hollywood feigning to honor natural gender roles whilst vomiting on a rolling basis against natural gender roles by turning them into cynical and cyclical pornography.

Related- Jurassic World Trailer

First Comment by Dan:

People need to break the habit of looking to movies and tv for their role models and approval.  They're the ones that led people astray in the first place.  They've been at it for over a century.  What does it take to understand that Hollywood is controlled by a Satanic cult? 

Chris Pratt is billed as a Christian white boy from Minnesota. He's married with a son.   There's more to his story though;  he dropped out college to dive into the fleshpots of California and Hawaii.  His resume includes working as a male stripper and drifter.

In Maui "We just drank and smoked weed and worked minimal hours. "People have to work. I just don't want it to be at a fucking restaurant."  From there he was miraculously 'discovered' by a Hollywood actress/director (18 years his senior). 

Most of you can fill in the blanks in that story which is cut from the same template as so many others over the last century.

Articles like  'Jurassic World' star Chris Pratt a devout Christian and a devoted family man'  are nothing but Hollywood public relations bullshit.  Just look at his life, who he hangs out with, and who he works for.   

Hollywood gives us our 'role models' and that includes "this year's Christian" beefcake.   Like Elvis. 

You can find this article permanently at

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Jurassic World's Family Values Are Deceiving "

Peter W said (July 4, 2015):


Perhaps after consideration you may wish pass this gem on to interested parties

It reveals the mindset of the Enemy of Men's souls and the Spirit behind the recent SCOTUS decision - America really is living on borrowed time until God's patience finally expires.

IS: 59: v9
So shall they fear
The name of the Lord from the west,
And His glory from the rising of the sun;
When the enemy comes in like a flood,
The Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him.

Magda James said (July 4, 2015):

Enjoyed the analysis, thanks Aspen. First they started with the animals and the plants changing the creation of the Creator is their forte .

Shaitan said, “Verily, I will mislead them, and surely, I will arouse in them false desires; and certainly, I will order them to slit the ears of cattle, and indeed I will order them to change the nature created by Allah.” ( Quran, Al-Nisa: 119)

Larry C said (July 3, 2015):

Henry, Aspen laments, "Have we seen any celebrity woman, anywhere on the planet, boasting of having been tortured all of her life by the need to be A MAN?"

How could anyone have missed the Chaz Bono media blitz including "his" cha-cha on Dancing with the Stars?



You're right. It's just gender bending- no matter which way.


One Liners about Politicians

July 2, 2015

One Liners about Politicians 

We bitch about politicians but what do we expect when they raise campaign funds privately?  If we wanted politicians to represent us instead of their donors, we would fund elections publicly for the cost of a few jet fighters. Clearly, we are not serious about democracy.

*If God wanted us to vote, he would have given us candidates. 
*The problem with political jokes is they get elected. 
*~HenryCate, VII~ 
*We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office. 
*If we got one-tenth of what was promised to us in these State of the Union Speeches,there wouldn't be any inducement to go to heaven. 
*~Will Rogers~

*When I was a boy I was told that anybody could become President; I'm beginning to believe it. 

*Politicians are people who, when they see light at the end of the tunnel, they go out andbuy some more tunnel. 
*Politics is the gentle art of getting votes from the poor and campaign funds from the rich, by promising to protect each from the other. 
*I offer my opponents a bargain: if they will stop telling lies about us, I will stop telling the truth about them. 
*~Adlai Stevenson, campaign speech, 1952~

*A politician is a fellow who will lay down your life for his country. 
*~ Tex Guinan~

*I havecome to the conclusion that politics is too serious a matter to be left to thepoliticians. 
*~Charlesde Gaulle~

*Instead of giving a politician the keys to the city, it might be better to change thelocks. 
*~Doug Larson~

*There ought to be one day -- just one -- when there is open season on senators. 
*~Will Rogers~ 
* and from HarryTruman:   If you want a real friend - that you can trust in Washington - go buy a dog!

Ass Pride Day in Houston by Byron Adams

June 27, 2015

(left, lesbian Houston Mayor Annisse Parker makes the ass-pride sign)

Ass Pride Day in Houston by Byron Adams

Soon as I went out this morning i kept seeing colorful clowns in dyed hairdos and Fujichrome colored skimpy clothing and glitter in the stores and on the streets. 
Then I realized they were neighborhood queers and dikes acting out for the ass worship parade today.   I checked the news online and found this telling bit of information: 

'Pride Houston' conspired to move the annual parade from it's traditional home in Montrose, to downtown Houston.   This was decided and arranged secretly by the gay elite and announced at the last minute without explanation..or you might say with "no kiss, no Vaseline".  (That kind of ruthless abruptness to prevent debate is the mayors trademark.) 

But it turns out that Houston Pride had attempted to schedule the queer parade to coincide and share the same spaces with JUNETEENTH* weekend - the most important holy day on the NAACP calendar.    Naturally this triggered a backlash response from black 'pride' leaders.   The queers backed the attempt to co-opt Juneteenth -- claiming they didn't know about the black event. 

Seems obvious to me this was an attempt by the gay elite to merge queer pride with black pride.  However the Media won't dare say that.   They present it as "just a bunch of stuff that happened".  

Mayor Parker's fingerprints are all over it. 

*Juneteenth - June 16th, when the slaves were told they were free in Texas, 1867. 
152 years since the Emancipation Proclamation
150 years since Texas slaves were granted freedom

Al Thompson's Advice to "White, Male & Broke in LA"

June 12, 2015

Al Thompson's Advice to "White, Male & Broke in LA" 

I grew up and made my career in Los Angeles.  I was a musician at one time and I was in the similar position although I was married and just 32.  I hated college because of all the libtards, so I had to find something that I could make enough money to raise a family. Reading this article reminds me of those years and so I'm going to give some ideas and advice so Vince can move ahead with his life.

I would not think about the race issue and I would move out of the service industry.  Yeah, he probably made good money as a bartender, but you can't really do that when you're old. My saying is this: "Nothing good happens in a bar."  

The main thing in this situation is to forget about the racial stuff.  The service industry tends to be like that but it's not going to do any good thinking about it.  You need to find a job, and to find it quickly.

There are a lot of companies that need good sales people.  I'm assuming that Vince is very personable, so that would fit in well with any customer service or sales rep position.

I would look for a company that is small to medium size in a business to business environment.  I would stay away from any high pressure type of job.  Sales reps can make good money and it shouldn't be difficult for him to be making in the area of  $70,000 plus within a couple of years.    For instance, with his background, there are quite a few restaurant supply companies who might hire him.  But any supply type of company, manufacturers, and distributors need good sales reps.  So the idea here is to find a company that will give him a chance.  

How I did it was to start calling businesses around my area and ask for the business owner or the sales manager.  Forget the filing of a bunch of resumes, and try to stay away from companies with "human resources" departments.  Do have a resume, but don't put too much hope in submitting them.  He wants a job and he wants it fast.   If they have an HR department, they may be too big to get started without a degree.  This is how I did it and I had a few opportunities from just sitting down for a few hours and calling businesses.  Within a day, I had a commission only sales job with a decent size company and I was on my way. Within three weeks I was making more money than I expected because I worked hard to make the sales. There are also salaried with commission and he may find an opportunity there.  This should be easy for him as he had to be personable to his customers while bartending.  

I wouldn't leave LA until you have a skill set that you can take elsewhere.  LA is tough but it can be done.  It won't serve you well to worry about what is fair and unfair, you just need to go to work at something.  So, if you can make it work in LA, you can make it work anywhere.  It really isn't that difficult and should be for Vince.

I didn't even know about this kind of work many years ago.  It's better than anything else I can think of and he'll be able to do it when he's an old man.

Remember, CommieFornia was stolen from Mexico by the United States government so there's no point in worrying about it.  I would definitely be learning Spanish on the side which will make his skills more marketable.  But he won't need to know Spanish for most of the jobs to which I'm referring.

If he does what I'm saying here, he should have a gig in a week or so.