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"Jewish" Control - Fait Accompli 126 Years Ago

July 25, 2016

La Civiltà Cattolica (Italian for Catholic Civilization) is a periodical published without interruption by the Jesuits in Rome, Italy since 1850 and is among the oldest of Catholic Italian periodicals. All of the journals articles are the collective responsibility of the entire "college" even if published under a single author's name. It is the only one to be directly supervised by the Secretariat of State of the Holy See and to receive its approval before being published.

An 1890 article in an official Vatican publication 
clarifies what the New World Order is really all about. 

(Updated from Jan 29, 2015 with new conclusion)
by Henry Makow Ph.D

We need to go back to 1890 to understand what has taken place. An article in the official Vatican periodical La Civilta Cattolica dated 23 Oct. 1890 reveals how Catholics perceived Jews 126 years ago. The article confirms that a satanic cult, Cabalist Judaism, has colonized humanity by leveraging their control of credit and FreemasonrySociety is indeed  "satanically possessed." 

Our political and cultural leadership are "straw men" -- fronts for the Cabalist (i.e. Illuminati Jewish) central bankers. This is why our "leaders" are such perverts, criminals and non-entities. To ensure they toe the line, they are filmed in compromising sexual situations. To ensure the whole rotten structure doesn't collapse, the bankers have erected a police state, using terrorism (which they instigate) as a pretext. "Democracy" is an elaborate charade.

Multiculturalism and diversity, feminism and homosexuality, Muslim and Latin in-migration are employed to divide and destabilize. Most people "go along to get along", to collaborate in their own enslavement.  

Success generally depends on support for the Judeo Masonic (Illuminati) world government agenda.  Ordinary Jews are not aware of this agenda. Jews and non-Jews alike suffer from a false consciousness, although they don't know it.  


The 1890 article begins by decrying the "invasion of Israelites into every sector of public and social life" in Europe and Russia. Christians are rallying to stop "the spread of this plague" and "its most pernicious consequences."  

"Once having acquired absolute civil liberty and equality in every sphere with Christians and the nations, the dam which previously had held back the Hebrews was opened for them, and in short time, like a devastating torrent, they penetrated and cunningly took over everything: gold, trade, the stock market, the highest appointments in political administrations, in the army and in diplomacy; public education, the press, everything fell into their hands or into the hands of those who were inevitably depending upon them....the very laws and institutions of the states hinders Christian society from shedding the yoke of Hebrew audacity, imposed under the guise of liberty." 

The article reviews the malevolent goals of the Jewish leadership. The people crying "hate" in fact are the real haters. They aim for "the extermination of Christian civilization" which 126 years later is nearing fruition.   The Talmud views all non-Jews as subhuman, i.e. beasts.  Talmudic Jews see themselves as "the highest race of mankind"  entitled to "lay claim to all the wealth of the universe..." Their Messiah must be "a great conqueror who puts the nations under the yoke of the Jews." (This is where Christ failed in Jewish eyes.)

The Talmud "teaches that an Israelite is more pleasing to God than the angels of paradise; that to strike a Jew is to strike God..." 

Ordinary Jews like myself know nothing of the Talmud and do not share these views. However I suspect they do inform the NWO agenda which is to manage humanity like a modern factory farm.

The article attributes anti Semitism to this demented Jewish megalomania, their immorality and "insatiable appetite for enriching themselves via usury..."


The article asks, 'How to defend Christian civilization when all social institutions -- government, media, education and the economy-- have been taken over by the Illuminati Jewish bankers and their Freemason agents?'

 The Hebrews "are a plague on Christian society."  War against them is justified. Unfortunately the Christian lacks the necessary means and ruthlessness. He doesn't wish to "resort to bloodshed." 

The author argues Jewish wealth should be confiscated: "It is absolutely legitimate...for the plundered nation to recover the ill gotten gains from the thieves...Gold is the most powerful weapon by which the Jews exterminate religion and oppress the people has at least the right to seize this weapon from them." 

Jews should be considered foreigners and not allowed to own farmland, which is fast falling into their hands. But they could still own urban property. He contemplates expelling all Jews as a solution.

The author recognizes that not all Hebrews are "thieves, cheats, usurers, Freemasons, cads and corrupters of customs...a certain number are not complicit in the trickeries of the others. How could these innocents be "included in the punishment?" The author cites counter arguments that the urgency of the situation justifies overcoming all moral qualms. 

Then he does an about-face and says: " Even supposing that the remedy of universal banishment of the Hebrews was feasible now, it would not accord with the Roman Church's way of thinking and acting." 

(left, Free speech for Masonic Jews -i.e. Charlie Hebdo -but not for their critics. Australian newspaper forced to apologize for this cartoon.)

We have seen that an "anti-Jewish Conference" of Christian notables held in 1882 conceded that there is no remedy. The Civilta Cattolica also concedes it is a "practical impossibility" as long as our governments are under Jewish control:

"Heaven's chosen instrument for punishing the degenerate Christianity of our time is the Hebrews," he says. Europe will become "one single huge plantation exploited by the Jews through the labor and sweat of the Christians reduced to slavery." 

This vision of the New World Order is 126 years old!


The only way to fight the "plague" would have been to imitate the tactics of the Freemasons and Masonic Jews. Obviously this was "not in accord of the Roman Church's ways of thinking and acting." 

"Anti Semites" have always made the mistake of blaming all Jews in a racist fashion thereby forcing them to act as human shields for the Cabalist bankers. The bankers even sponsor anti Semitism to manipulate their "lesser brethren" in this fashion. Despite appearances, Jews are not homogeneous. Opponents of Masonic Jewish domination should focus on the leadership. And because of Freemasonry, expelling all Jews would make no difference whatever. Society as a whole has completely embraced Jewish banker control. It has bitten the apple. 

(left, New UK PM Theresa May)

Trump and Brexit do offer a glimmer of hope. But, given the people in charge, I believe they represent a change of tactic rather than direction. Obama, Trump and Hillary are all crypto Jews. The Supreme Court is 4/9th Jewish and they want a fifth Jew, Merrick Garland. This is what they mean by "Diversity." 

Consciousness of Jewish domination (aka "anti Semitism") is increasing. What is troubling is that awareness of Freemasonry's role is not keeping pace. It leads me to think ordinary Jews will take the blame for what rich Jews and Freemasons are doing.

Our best real hope is the instant communication afforded by the Internet.

Professor Fired Over Anti Israel Tweet Sues (Remember when universities were about freedom of inquiry and expression?
This is an example of how Illuminati Jews are behind tyranny.)

First Comment from Sid Green:

Good article. I agree that people notice the involvement of Jews more than that of Freemasons. The public is not informed about mysticism and cabalistic religions aka secret societies. As I have mentioned before, a quick glance at "The Western Heritage" a generic history book on western culture shows that the majority of Jews in eastern Europe were lower middle class ("poor"). There was a small number of "court Jews" who involved themselves in the Royal families and became their benefactors. They funded the Europeans kings and their wars. These Jews tended towards antinomian Satanic occult versions of Judaism like Sabbateanism. Not all Jews follow their Satanic doctrines. The doctrines of regular Jews contain Satanism as well but it is not overt and it is disguised as Judaism. The richest Jewish financiers are open Satanists but the majority of Jewish society are secular, atheist or mildly religious. The collusions of the rich Jews with the rich occult Gentiles is the Illuminati. Regular Jews are the riff raff rabble of the Jews. They aren't hip to the plan to exterminate mankind. 

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Comments for ""Jewish" Control - Fait Accompli 126 Years Ago"

Robert K said (July 25, 2016):

The fact that these influences have been so potent for so long should make us very suspicious of all the institutions of our society. For example, you would have to be very slow indeed not to realize that our "democracy" is a system devised to ensure that the popular will never actually determine policy but that the blame for all administrative failures and intentional cultural sabotage can still be attributed to the people as a whole because "they voted in the wrong party".

The ultimate control mechanism in this Judeo/Masonic scheme is the Fabian Socialist precept that everyone should depend on earned or otherwise conditionally dispensed money in order to live. Thus, no matter how spectacular is the progress is made in productive technology, which has increased productive capacity thousands of times over since the days of Marx and Beatrice and Sidney Webb, on no account are people to be recognized as having an inherent right to benefit from it. The Puritans dictating financial policy, be they Communists or Libertarians, are set on keeping our economic well-being tenuous, because, unlike wage slaves, economically secure people are notoriously resistant to being bossed around.

The great 20th century challenge to this costive, tyrannical policy was the Social Credit movement, which was the object of well-funded vicious attack by the Rockefeller Foundation, among other pillars of the Establishment. Soviet Foreign Minister Vyacheslav Molotov reportedly stated, "We know all about Social Credit, and it's the one thing we fear". He understood that the existence of a population of economically independent citizens would spell the end of the coercive central planning that is the complement of "full employment".

Tony B said (July 25, 2016):

Good to see this one again. I had forgotten it - getting old.

The protestant Catholic haters are still in error even though they are more correct than they understand about what is going on in the V2 Vatican. There is no concept of spiritualism in protestantism so they cannot know the worst.

They are wrong because they want to believe that the rot in the Church today was always there. This submerges any guilty conscience concerning their part in destroying the Church created by Christ.

The truth is that if the satanic rot was always there not a single protestant would exist and the name "Jesus Christ" would be unknown for if the Church had begun as it is today it would have disappeared within less than a century. Note how it has descended from a spiritual, even secular in many places, world power to a feeble apologist for its own existence since the masonic takeover in the 1960s.

Gordon said (July 25, 2016):

the article today atop your website today, is very interesting … especially, that usury is one of the main methods of such subjugation by stealth.

I suggest that following-up with an explanation why - after condemning it in no uncertain terms for the previous 18 centuries - the Roman Catholic church made an about-face on that crucial doctrine

did God change His mind ? or did the Magisterium of that church change gods?

Ken Adachi said (July 25, 2016):

THINK about what you can do on a personal, practical level. The NWO planners need you to cooperate with their control mechanisms in order to continue to coerce you to be herded in the desired direction.

Cabal bankers are at the very top of the control hierarchy. Why would you do anything to empower or enrich banks? Why would you use their credit cards, their monthly-fee checking accounts, their no-interest savings accounts, their money management funds, their home loans, their car loans, their student loans, their safe deposit boxes, etc., etc.?

People in Japan don't use checks to buy anything. They pay with cash, even when buying a car, or a home or land. You still have the power to vote.

Why aren't hundreds of thousands of young and middle aged adults, with the determination and interest, not investing their energy to get behind anti NWO candidates to run for congress, state, and local government?

Agenda 21 is a local government issue and part of the NWO control scheme . Why aren't city and town people going after Agenda 21 sellouts on their local city council? The Israeli lobby will approach anyone who runs for national office in this country by offering campaign money and other perks in exchange for their allegiance. They will descend like locust upon anyone who begins to show signs of being electable. The vast majority bow to their offers.

Even the politicians with some modicum of allegiance to America will reluctantly take Jewish lobby money, assuming they cannot win without it. It's not hard to figure out what to do. There are plenty of bright and intelligent people exposing the NWO takeover game over the internet. We need more people to actually take political and economic action - on the ground - to displace the traitors, institutions, and organizations selling us down the river.

Henrique said (February 6, 2015):

"not in accord of Roman Church" - Catholic Lie. Jesuits ( Je suis - I am, old masonic expression ) were a secret society that infiltrated ( and still probably do ) everything, and still have tremendous power. Not to mention Knights Templar, forerunners to modern freemasonry, who were the "inventors" of the traveling-check concept, bankers that almost surpassed the Sephardics in wealth at the time ( who were then still based in Spain, soon to move to Holland then Britain - Jews always financing aryan Empires ). Cecil Rhodes, one of the founders of the Royal Institute for International Affairs ( CFR in the US ) envied their organizational power.

When will people understand that they're all one at the top, coming from different strains ?

Martin M said (January 30, 2015):

@ Jacqueline (below)

"With regard to the cartoon in above mentioned article, it's ridiculous that the Australian newspaper had to apologize. During the attacks by Israel against Gaza, it was shown on the news reports on TV that Israelis, comfortably sitting on couches on hilltops were cheering the slaughter of Palestinian people and the destruction of their homes."

The "Star of David" on the back of the chair and the kippa on the man's head was sufficient to identify him as an Israeli Jew. It was gratuitous and just plain stupid for the cartoonist to draw the man as an offensive Jewish stereotype, short in stature and with a huge nose. It was equivalent to waving a red cape in front of a bull -- it was certain to draw criticism of the cartoon as "anti-Semitic."

“It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong.”

-- Voltaire

Jacqueline said (January 30, 2015):

With regard to the cartoon in above mentioned article, it's ridiculous that the Australian newspaper had to apologize.
During the attacks by Israel against Gaza, it was shown on the news reports on TV that Israelis, comfortably sitting on couches on hilltops were cheering the slaughter of Palestinian people and the destruction of their homes.

I was totally disgusted with what I saw. One must be a horrible and evil person to cheer and laugh when people are being slaughtered.

PS These people are no different from the people who cheered when our Lord Jesus Christ was being brutally murdered!!!
May God finally punish them severely!

Tony B said (January 30, 2015):

For Susan, et al, the remedy has never changed but the people have in their desire for it. It has always been a return to God with the requisite obedience to His dictates. Basically, living for the next world, not this one. That also means returning to the Church which He set up, not any man-made church. Unfortunately, His Church today is so infiltrated and mis-directed it is difficult to know which way to approach it. For the most part, at present, it is just another man centered protestant cult.

Below - Guardian Angels (scroll down)

NY Masonic Control "In Plain Sight"

July 24, 2016

Left. The assassination of William Morgan, engraved by artist Pierre Méjanel.

A satanic cult, Freemasonry, controls Western society yet no one dares speak of it. Richard Kaine observes that after a national scandal 200 years ago, Masonic control is very evident locally.

By Richard W. Keene

In 1826, a signal event occurred in Western New York that shook the nation and the world. William Morgan, a Freemason, printer, and family man living in Batavia was kidnapped and presumably murdered by his fellow Masons. 

In the firestorm that followed, the United States Anti-Masonic Political Party was formed. The Anti-Masonic Party opposed the election of Freemason and Democratic party presidential candidate Andrew Jackson in 1828.

As news of the abduction and murder of Morgan spread, many New York Freemasons renounced lodge memberships, published secret lodge ceremonies, and joined with Anti-Masons in exposing Masonry as a corrupting and controlling influence in government (1, 2).

To this day, Masons proclaim their innocence in Morgan's disappearance, but some facts are indisputable. In 1827, Mason and New York Governor at the time, Dewitt Clinton, removed fellow Mason and Niagara County Sheriff, Eli Bruce, from office for suspicion in the abduction of Morgan and for obstructing justice by running interference to protect his fellow conspirators. Eli Bruce was tried and convicted in Morgan's disappearance a year later.

Anti-Masons at the time asserted that seven counties in Western New York had sheriffs that were high Masons at or above the Royal Arch degree. Most judges and individuals serving on petit juries were Masons. Grand juries were often comprised of Masons because these juries were appointed by the local sheriff who was a Mason.

Anti-Masons complained that Masons illicitly operated behind the scenes of government and, in doing so, acted as a secret unelected influence that violated laws, sacredness of private property, personal liberty, human life, and due process.


Despite the furor of the Morgan Affair long ago, Freemasonry presently exhibits an open presence in New York that suggests it exerts as much influence in government as it did two hundred years ago. Masonic lodges are sometimes built adjacent to, or as integral part of government buildings, and Masonic symbols appear in plain sight on major public structures.

In the Village of Middleport, for example, the local lodge is situated on Main Street where it sits immediately adjacent to the Police Department. The Police Department, in turn, is right next to Village Administrative offices, meaning that the Police department shares a wall with Village Administration on one side and the lodge on the other.

A number of local residents have privately complained about abuse of authority and corruption within the Middleport police department. The head of the lodge occupies a seat on the Middleport  planning board.

In the nearby Town of Yates, the lodge is located within the municipal building itself. Local residents joke that after public meetings are held on the first floor of the Town Hall, Masons then adjourn upstairs where all consequential government decisions are made.

Sometimes Masonic symbols openly appear on public structures. For example, at the Buffalo-Niagara International Airport, a compass and square symbol is 'hidden in plain sight' immediately over the security entrance through which all passengers must pass (Figure 3).

This rendition of the ubiquitous symbol shows a compass set at thirty three degrees and the square set at it's usual ninety degrees. What this particular rendition of the compass and square symbolizes might be worthwhile to explore in a separate narrative.

Despite the obvious conjunction of Masonic symbols and lodges with government buildings, public discussion of Masonry falls into the category of verboten conversation. Whenever I've broached the subject with local residents, a singular reaction seems to prevail: As soon as the word Mason is spoken, there is a hushing of the voice, slight lowering of the head, eyes darting quickly back and forth to see who's watching, and further conversation on the subject of Masonry terminates.


(1) Bernard, David. Light on Masonry. Uttica: Anti-Masonic Party, 1829. Print.  

(2) Proceedings of the United States Anti-Masonic Convention. Philadelphia: P. Trimble: 1830. Print. 

First Comment by Sid Green:

Henry, I like the article by Richard. Masonic signs are not just in New York, although I've seen them there too, but in every state. In the entrance to every municipality in California there are multiple signs for the different Masonic secret societies operating in the town with meeting times and occult insignias. All cities are built according to a Masonic arrangement. Masonry is mystery religion, a mix between Babylonian and Egyptian magic. It dresses it self up as Judaism, just like, well Judaism. Only difference is that Masonry is for Gentiles who become successful enough that they must be controlled. Blue masons are the equivalent of regular Jews. They think they are part of some special group who is wrongly accused of all these things because they don't know about them but really they are the vanguard and pawns of a Lucifer worshiping religion. The United States is a country possessed and controlled by the Devil and it always has been and always will be. Masonry is just one small aspect of institutional Satanism, the aspect for Gentiles who want to talk the talk and then end up getting sacrificed to a naked bull statue while they give each other blowjobs.

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "NY Masonic Control "In Plain Sight""

RB said (July 25, 2016):

Back in 2004 an "accident" occurred in the basement of a Lodge in Patchogue NY which resulted in the death of a new initiate. I remember how within days long articles appeared in the local newspapers explaining what free Masonry is with an obvious intent of dispelling fears of non Masons that this was no accident etc..,
One article appears via the hyperlink below:

I never really believed the report that the 76 year old man had a senior moment and used the "wrong" gun in that he was supposed to use one loaded with blanks but used his CCW permitted one with live ammo instead!

Just thought you might find that interesting.

Allen said (July 25, 2016):

Another ( and probably the last ) indication that the FULNESS OF THE GENTILES (Luke 21:24 ) is indeed NOW.
The NEW WORLD ORDER was completed in 2009-and the US marks 240 years years ( BY PLAN).
Not much resistance to evil these days.
Incidentally-i am from one of those small towns mentioned.

Allen said (July 25, 2016):

Another ( and probably the last ) indication that the FULNESS OF THE GENTILES (Luke 21:24 ) is indeed NOW.
The NEW WORLD ORDER was completed in 2009-and the US marks 240 years years ( BY PLAN).
Not much resistance to evil these days.
Incidentally-i am from one of those small towns mentioned.

Robert K said (July 24, 2016):

It is remarkable that "the Brotherhood" is so thoroughly installed in the institutions (police, secret services, courts, public administrations, etc.) that are supposed to be impartially protecting the citizenry. How can this duty be reconciled with dire oaths to favour fellow members of a secret society? The contradiction is so flagrant that its never being openly discussed indicates the extreme depth of the institutional rot surrounding us.

Below- Trump- Mossad's Mussolini? (scroll down)

Guardian Angels

July 23, 2016

(left, we can choose to become angels or demons depending on whom we worship)

A guardian angel reminded me that we are our 
brother's keeper.

(Warning- This article may contain statements that are tongue in cheek.)

By Henry Makow Ph.D.

Although I have received scant recognition, I am the Father of the Science of Sociodynamics. Periodically, I am compelled to repeat the Three Laws governing human interaction.  While they may seem cynical, they introduce an article about human altruism and the notion that we are "our brother's keeper." 

The Three Laws of Human Interaction (Cf. Newton's Three Laws of Motion)

1. We are attracted to people who have something we want.
2. We are repelled by people who want something we have.
3. We are indifferent to people who do not belong in the two categories above.

Have you ever been called by someone who wishes to give you something you actually want?  Isn't it usually, "S/he's always there for you when s/he wants something?"

On the other hand I ask, how generous am I?

This topic came to mind because I have spent the month in my hometown Ottawa and have been pleasantly surprised by friendly gestures from strangers. Ottawa is a thoroughly Masonic place. The 666 logo "O" is on every street sign and city vehicle. The football team, the Redblacks, trumpets the colors of Satan. Nevertheless, it is more friendly than Winnipeg where I live.

A guardian angel in Ottawa may have saved me from calamity. I had put down my packsack which contained my Macbook behind my rented SUV. I loaded my bike into the SUV and forgot my packsack. I proceeded to back up. The vehicle started to beep like mad. But I couldn't see the problem and was about to continue when a stranger came running across the street warning me to stop. I'm not sure if the packsack was on the sidewalk or on the street behind the vehicle. In any case, my guardian angel handed it to me and dismissed my heartfelt thanks with a smile. 

Running over my computer, or even forgetting it on the sidewalk, would have been a classic blunder.  I just thanked my lucky stars that this guardian angel saved me so much grief. I resolved to be more mindful in future and not to tell my wife. (Generally, she is less impressed with me than I would like, and this would not help. She doesn't read this site.)

Another incident happened when I was carrying my heavy bike up a long set of steps and paused to catch my breath. I noticed some people looking at me. "We were just going to offer to carry your bike up."

"Not necessary," I replied "but thank you!"

I often forget that to an outsider I look 66, while in my own mind I am 35. 


Later, on the banks of the beautiful Ottawa River I contemplated the role of altruism in our lives.
The best example is parenthood. Raising children is truly an act of love. Giving. Self sacrifice.
Not exactly appreciated in a society run by people encouraging gender confusion and depopulation.

The next best example is pets. That's 'parenthood lite.' Another example when we help wild animals, like Jim Hawkins who helped the bear who had a cheeseball jar stuck on its head for two weeks, and was going to die.

"He was just a little bear with a big problem," Hawkins told the Post Independent newspaper. "He was a two-year-old with a space helmet on." 

I can't think of any other common examples of altruism. "Serving your country" has become a bad joke. Can you help me with some more examples?

What my guardian angel did was an act of love. God is Love. He inspired me to "pay it forward." I like the idea that we are "our brother's keeper." That is Jesus' teaching. Love thy neighbour as thyself. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. 

These teachings are the basis of civilization. Following them is spitting in the eye of the Satanists who run Western society, and disprove my "three laws of sociodynamics."

First Comment from Robert K:

The best story of apparent divine intervention in my family comes from my older brother.  In the 1950s he had taken his 14-year-old brother and his friend into a sandy desert in the USA, where they got stuck.  Their exertions just made the situation worse, indeed clearly hopeless.  It was brutally hot and it dawned on my brother that his imprudence might cost the lives of himself and the young men for whose safety he was responsible.  As he tells it, he finally abandoned any thought of solving their dilemma by themselves and said silently, in desperation:  "I can do nothing.  Please help if you can."  Immediately two husky fellows appeared walking out of nowhere in the desert, got them unstuck, and then walked on.  It was one of those inexplicable "life-changing experiences".

You can find this article permanently at

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Guardian Angels "

Duane said (July 24, 2016):

The "Guardian Angel" article was light and entertaining....A nice shift (for a change...)...
Throw these unusual articles in once in a while for fun...

I have personally "STOPPED" looking to lightly assist people in the street....
(women in broken down cars at dusk ...for instance..or people who look "lost"...) because they
are usually very nasty, suspicious, paranoid...(I don't look scary either... I'm a 50 YO clean cut, fit, hetero looking White male )...

It could be "LEARNED HATE" towards hetero White males due to anti-White male media bombardment...
or a high incidence of people (especially woman...) ingesting psychotropic drugs like SSRIs......
I do NOT notice this general insane nastyness on foreign born, young pretty Eastern European females who mostly seem normal and friendly towards me, look me in the eyes, smile and actually appreciate honest compliments....

I remember a couple of years ago noticing a nasty 8 YO fat kid bullying a skinny kid half his size (both White...)
in a parking lot....I DARED not intervene (although I had the urge to...) because of the stigma of being branded a "pervert" for talking to children in the street....

Just simply looking at another person today on the street could "freak them out"....
I remember glancing (not "leering") at pretty girls and them usually becoming shy and sweet....
Most of the time today this will usually get you an INSANE NASTY defensive stare from amerikan White girls and women in return....

Larry C said (July 23, 2016):

Years ago, I was stupid enough to run out of gas while driving Interstate-10 through the Florida panhandle. So I left my wife in the car and started hiking toward a gas station I saw miles before. Shortly, a car pulled up behind me with three rough-looking guys inside. No sooner did I think, "Uh-oh, I'm in big trouble." when a van load of young adults from a local church pulled in front of me and offered to help. Indeed, they were literally driving around looking for folks to help in Jesus' name.

They took me to a gas station and even offered to pay for gas and a container but I declined. Over the years I've thought many times about their kindness just when I needed it the most and it could well be that if it had not been for them, I wouldn't be sitting here typing this. I shudder to think what might have happened to my wife.

Needless to say, I never ran out of gas again.

TWH said (July 23, 2016):

Call me a cynic, Henry, but it's your Three Laws of Human Interaction themselves that cause me not to bother too much with anyone.

I've grown tired of people who only see me as a means to an end and only find value in me when they need something I can provide them.

Here in southern Ontario, the vast majority of people are incredibly adept at calculating the "what's in it for me?" factor at every social interaction. In fact, I've never seen a more socially retarded environment in my life. One has to "get to know" someone for years and years before being admitted into anything resembling real friendship. It's just not worth the Herculean effort one needs to put in for the outside chance you might end up with a real friend. You're already severely handicapped if you have nothing of material value to provide to these people.

Don't get me wrong. I played the game in the past and didn't like it. I even resorted to showing people who I really am and displayed my caring and helpful side, but to no avail. People expect you to be around for them when they need it, but essentially tell you (without actually verbalizing it) to go to hell when you need them.

Lately, people are too busy playing that infernal Pokemon Go game to notice anyone else anyhow.

It's for these reasons that I don't like people anymore and I essentially stick to myself.

Marco said (July 23, 2016):

Yes you are correct, to be our brothers keeper is an ancient precept that should be the basis of all good civilization; however, psychopaths rule our societies and these people are diametrically opposed to this notion. They live selfishly, cowardly, only and always looking to themselves. And also unfortunately these demons (psychopathy = demonic) commit a terrible sin by trying to make everyone under them in society psychopathic as well, so as to justify themselves to the people and their ruthless tyrannical rule.

We have to be on defense against this, because if we are not on guard we will easily become selfish and spiritually die. Life is not meant to be lived for your self, true living and life is to be found in living for God and another; having the spirit of self-sacrifice really is the most beautiful way to live life - look at Jesus, look at heroic soldiers and people throughout history:
"Love your God with your whole mind, heart, and soul. And your brother as yourself." God Himself has told us this is the most important teaching. The giver of Life has told us that this is the way life is to be lived, what are we waiting for? Spiritual bliss and grace await us if we just have the courage to deny ourselves and live according to this ancient teaching.

Thankfully though, some people simply are not so base as to fall into this trap. Many people do though, and when the world ends and they stand before God, they will finally be ashamed of their cowardice and selling out to the devil in disguise of their disgusting ego.

But yeah, I am meeting a lot of good people this summer in Ottawa. Maybe the city is experiencing a miracle and going through some sort of spiritual shift. I don't know, but this summer I am meeting a lot of people that put me to shame. I got to try and be more friendly haha.

Dan A said (July 23, 2016):

Where I stay now is with other homeless veterans at a medical establishment in St. Louis, MO. Buildings near us where we live house and treat those with medical needs. Many are in wheelchairs.

I go to these buildings for meetings and am always helping those who seem to be in need of help. This is largely due to the fact that I did patient care in hospitals for a dozen years before my decade doing pharmaceutical sales. When I did pharmaceutical sales I feel I did not help others, so it conflicted with my true nature.

Often no one notices me helping others which is fine, because I do not help others for recognition. If someone appears to be in need of help in some way I'm glad to help them.

Here I am now going to Catholic masses with a priest named father John. He appears to be fairly healthy for the age of 73, but his knees are shot from activities in his youth. So I also help my priest when I see him for these masses.

I feel helping others should always be done if you have the ability to help others in need.

Dan A said (July 23, 2016):

Where I stay now is with other homeless veterans at a medical establishment in St. Louis, MO. Buildings near us where we live house and treat those with medical needs. Many are in wheelchairs.

I go to these buildings for meetings and am always helping those who seem to be in need of help. This is largely due to the fact that I did patient care in hospitals for a dozen years before my decade doing pharmaceutical sales. When I did pharmaceutical sales I feel I did not help others, so it conflicted with my true nature.

Often no one notices me helping others which is fine, because I do not help others for recognition. If someone appears to be in need of help in some way I'm glad to help them.

Here I am now going to Catholic masses with a priest named father John. He appears to be fairly healthy for the age of 73, but his knees are shot from activities in his youth. So I also help my priest when I see him for these masses.

I feel helping others should always be done if you have the ability to help others in need.

Annette on Christian Activism

July 19, 2016

Annette on Christian Activism

I wanted to add my two cents to both Gary and Glen's remarks about Christianity. This is something I've given a lot of thought to over the years as I've struggled with what seems the lack of spirituality in doing any kind of activist work which seeks to make the world a better place, as opposed to removing myself from it, and just concentrating on my own relationship with God, the world be damned.

Christianity is both here and now, and other worldly. Our souls live on a continuum. It matters what we do here, for this world, and what we do for the furtherance of our soul beyond the here and now! It's a journey. Jesus's very sacrifice was to open the way for us to be united with God even here on Earth, to do God's will, if we so choose. In his life Jesus constantly demonstrated that he did nothing without the will of God. Does anyone really think Jesus wanted to die on the Cross? Surely he could have saved himself if he wanted. But he chose to do God's will and allowed himself to be killed to demonstrate his claims and reconcile us to heaven. 

Doing God's will is not so simple or easy as it takes self-purification, and spiritual work to actually know what the will of God is. If one looks at the Lord's Prayer it says, "Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven". It is plainly saying that we should be looking to do God's will and bring his desires into fruition here on Earth. That does point to Gods' kingdom here on the Earth. However, in the same Lord's Prayer, it also acknowledges that we are only given so much, and we must let our egos go, "Give us this day, our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us". It finally acknowledges that we are up against a whole hell of a lot here and that we need help from on high, "And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil".

The lives of any great saints like St Francis, or a Padre Pio who are united with God in love while here on the Earth also demonstrate that though they are here, they are living in a different world, a spiritual world ( the Kingdom) where they see and act according to Gods will, and because they are united in perfect love, they are given the power to do what others who cling to themselves can never do, whether it is healing, or changing the very events that transpire here on Earth. ( see American pilots testimony who saw a monk in the sky waving them away from their bombing target )

Compare that to the miserable, egotistical Fozdykes who cling to their manipulation and think they will go on forever but succeed only in temporal power, nothing everlasting or immortal.The arrogant Fozdykes running the world have defied God and ultimately they will fall. 

The Latest news from Brazil by Marcos

June 23, 2016

The Olympics will be a failure. Rio is dirty, chaotic and dangerous. Ironically, the scare that everybody is talking about, zika virus, is a hoax, as nobody is sick in the city. It is easier to get shot than to get the virus. Be as it may, the motto for the games has been chosen:   A New World (Order).

by Marcos

Glenn Greenwald now has a good excuse for writing lies in Russian government websites, defending the corrupt Marxist government of Brazil: he did it for love.

His Brazilian gay lover, David Miranda, will run for Rio's City Council by the PSOL party, a radical marxist party which supports Dilma's Workers's Party. It is a bunch of deranged communists. One of its founders was Achille Loro, an Italian terrorist who set fire to the sons of an adversary (one of them an 8 year-old boy) but fled to Brazil. 

This happened in the same week the country found out that another ally, the Communist Party, was getting 30% in bribes in housing construction projects for the poor they say they protect. Becoming a leftist politician means being on the receiving end of a never ending flow of financial help, bribes and all kinds of subsidies for parties and NGOs. It doesn't matter that the country may be bankrupt and people starving. Greenwald's lover has his retirement plan set.

With little more than a month to go to the Olympics, Rio is officially bankrupt and not paying its (too many) public employees. Last week, a gang of drug dealers with automatic rifles and grenades invaded a hospital and rescued one of their brethren, killing a passer-by and wounding others. It was also revealed that criminals patrol the avenue from the airport to town, with machine guns and rifles. Any foreign dignitary coming to the Games will pass right in front of their rifle scopes.

Today the former Minister of Planning for Dilma, Paulo Bernardo, was arrested. The man is also the husband of a Workers Party senator who is in the front of Dilma's defense. He was stealing from public pensioners and sharing his gains with the party. Dilma is being impeached for one crime, but she has six other crimes that can be used against her. The woman is such a mafia boss that even the motorcycle of a friend who became famous by giving her rides in Brasilia was confiscated by the police.

As predicted in this site, the only potential conservative candidate (not aligned with the globalists) for 2018 elections, Bolsonaro, a former Army parachuter captain,  was framed and may not run anymore. Some time ago, a Marxist Congresswoman called him falsely a rapist, and he said jokingly that he would never rape her because she was too ugly. Bad taste, maybe, but a joke in response to defamation (this, a real crime). The Leftist Supreme Court judges want to strip him of political rights for that. These judges are puppets of the Workers Party and have been sitting on Lula's lawsuit for months.

What is interesting is that we know now why there was so much effort and propaganda from the Left about the fake rape of a girl in Rio last month. It was a frenzy. They needed the public outcry in order to convict Bolsonaro, because otherwise it would have been too clear that the judges were doing the work for political reasons. A masterful plan.

There is no end to the flow of news about corruption and scandals, now that Dilma can't stop the investigations. Huge mobile company "Oi", the one which paid bribes to Lula's son, went bankrupt, leaving debts of US$ 20 BI. Most of the debt is conveniently with state banks (approved by Lula) so the poor citizens will carry the burden. 

In another scandal, it was discovered that the presidential campaign and the jet for Marina Silva (Prince Phillip's darling) and her partner Eduardo Campos were paid with bribes. The jet went down in 2014 with candidate Campos in it. Now the head of the bribe scandal was found "suicided" in a motel in his home state of Pernambuco. The only viable candidate left seems to be Aecio Neves, about whom Lord Rothschild said he would be the future president of Brazil.

The chaos and misery we see in Brazil are prototypes of what is coming to the rest of the world. Marxism creates scorched earth so the new world order can advance quicker. Watch and learn.


June 19, 2016


A talk by Jeanice Barcelo, left, about the plot to effectuate dramatic changes in our sexual behavior and attitudes. Jeanice shows pornography is a product of satanic occultism. 

Description by Jeanice:  

Tonight I came across an article stating that 40% of U.S. babies are born to unmarried women.  This article was rather shocking in its content and reminded me of how important it is for people to understand the forces that have driven the concept of "family" into the gutter and used us to create a world that is filled with single parents, fatherless children and endless suffering from the wounds of abandonment and rejection.

In my double DVD set on pornography and the deliberate manipulation of human sexuality, I show how the Luciferian bloodlines have orchestrated the mind control of the American people and totally altered our beliefs and behavior in the realm of sex and relationships. The dark forces did this with the help of Professor Alfred Kinsey (pedophile and sadomasochist) who, through his child raping "research," claimed that children are "sexual from birth," and can benefit from having sex with adults. Kinsey also claimed that women are like cats in heat -- although the difference between human females and felines is that cats "have sex" in order to reproduce, whereas, according to Kinsey, human women just want to get off -- all the time, as much as possible, and without restraint. 

According to Kinsey, what women really want is unrestrained physical pleasure and to hell with the spiritual and psychic consequences of their carnal activity (which consequences include the murder of infants while they are still in the womb as well as the birth of billions of haphazardly conceived children who are gestated in wombs where they are not wanted and who are imprinted for life with the idea that they are not loved and not lovable and will never be loved or wanted).

Kinsey's "research" was cited by Hugh Hefner in the first publication of Playboy, which was released the very same year Kinsey's book about female sexuality was released (1953). All of this was orchestrated and paid for by the Rockefeller Foundation (i.e., the Rockenfelders who are Luciferian Jews). This was also the basis of the "sexual revolution" and the "women's liberation" movement, which led to the legalization of abortion and the creation of the highly satanic and evil organization known as Planned Parenthood.

In just 50 years after the publication of Kinsey's research (along with the mainstreaming of pornography into American culture by Luciferian Jews), the number of women giving birth to children who will likely be fatherless jumped from 3.8% to more than 40%. This is because women have bought into the lies about so-called "female sexuality" and "women's lib" and have come to believe their carnal activity is good for them and the way the Creator wanted it. Nothing could be further from the Truth. And American children (as well as children worldwide) are suffering.

To learn more about what I have just shared, I encourage you to check out my double DVD set and share the information widely. People need to understand what is being done to us -- and the fact that these same Luciferian forces have now moved pornography into kindergarten classrooms (with the help of Planned Parenthood's "Comprehensive Sexual Education Program," of course) should concern us greatly. This "curriculum" is preparing children for pedophilia -- which is exactly what Kinsey and the Rockefellers were after all along.

Here is a link to check out the DVD set.  Thank you for taking the time to check it out.