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Is the Israel-Iran Conflict a Charade?

May 8, 2018

Trump is killing the Iran nuclear deal.
Netanyahu has convinced Trump 
that leaving the Iran deal protects Israel. 
But this means that a full-on 
Israel-Iran war in Syria is far more likely.
If all world leaders are Freemasons,
we ask, "Is this conflict a charade?"
If so, what is its purpose?
To start WW3?

As early as 1823, Hoene Wronski wrote: "Secret societies are detached into groups distinct and apparently opposed, professing respectively and in turn the most contrary opinions of the day, so as to direct, apart and with confidence, all parties, political, religious, economic, and literary. They, in order to receive common direction, are again united  to an unknown Unknown Supreme Committee who governs the world."  (Light-bearers of Darkness, p.2) 

The world is in the thrall of a satanic cult. The correct paradigm is humanity versus this cult, its agents and dupes. 

How they Control the World 
(From Oct.15 2015)

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

To understand current events, we need a new paradigm.

The paradigm fostered by the mass media of a 'balanced' world consisting of competing  interests, nations, ideologies and religions only traps us in a false matrix  of "good guys vs. bad guys."

As my readers know, I suspect that most "competing" groups/ideologies actually have been created or subverted by a single force: a satanic cult, the Illuminati (Sabbatean-Frankist Jews and cabalistic Freemasons.) This clique is empowered by a cartel of cartels, beginning with world central banking, based in London. It uses MI-6, the CIA, the Mossad and other "Intelligence" agencies as instruments and controls the media and most politicians.

The Sabbatean-Frankists were a Jewish heresy that captured half the Jewish world in the 17th and 18th Century.

They eschewed all morality preaching that good is evil and vice- versa. They believe that chaos and devastation will hasten the return of the Messiah. They went underground and prospered by intermarrying with non-Jews and assuming conventional Jewish or non-Jewish identities. The "Catholic" half-Jewish John Kerry or Madelaine Albright are examples.

My working hypothesis is that most wars/conflicts are orchestrated by this satanic cult. The same people secretly manipulate events on both sides to undermine  "all collective forces except our own" ("The Protocols of Zion") and establish world government tyranny (a.k.a. "globalization.") In other words, an Occult Elite is waging war on humanity and we don't even know it. 

In the Protocols, the author, who I suspect was the Sabbatean Lionel Rothschild, writes that their goal is: "To wear everyone out by dissension, animosities, feuds, famine, inoculation of diseases, want, until the Gentiles sees no other way of escape except by appeal to our money and our power." (Protocol 10) [And] "... enable us to absorb without disturbance all the governmental forces of the world and thus form a super-government." (Protocol 5)


Creating conflict makes fiendish sense. If they were to declare their true intention, they would meet opposition from all sides.  Instead they create and hide behind competing forces and manipulate the outcome ensuring that "true believers" (the uncorrupted) die in the process.  Everyone is so busy fighting, they can't see the real foe and the real agenda. The conspirators recognize each other through hand-signs.

I'll start by mentioning some random conflicts that fit this paradigm. (Research them and see if I am right.) Then I'll cite some more references to show that this strategy is deliberate.


I suspect the Labor, Women's and US Gay and Negro Civil Rights Movement all fit this pattern.  They were all sponsored by the bankers,and run by Masonic Jews or their dupes. While they addressed some legitimate injustices, their real purpose was to sow division.    

Harold Rosenthal is credible when he says:  "Through our national bank, the Federal Reserve, we extend book credit which we create from nothing to all local banks ...[Thus] we bring industry, management and labour into our debt...and pit management against labor so they will never unite and attack us and usher in a debt-free industrial utopia." (my emphasis)

Through control of the mass media, Rosenthal says we "have put issue upon issue to the American people. Then we promote both sides of the issue as confusion reigns. With their eyes fixed on the issues, they fail to see who is behind every scene. "

Alan Stang deals with the true origins of Civil Rights in his book "It's Very Simple." I touch on it in my article "Red Rosa Parks: Fabricating an American Icon."

Kevin MacDonald does a masterful analysis of how the bankers used Masonic Jews to take over the Conservative end of the political spectrum. "Is Neo-Conservatism a Jewish Movement?"

Global Warming is yet another created conflict. The Club of Rome talked about using it as a fabricated "enemy" 20 years ago. (See "The Vacuum" in "The First Global Revolution" 1991 by Alexander King.) On one side you have the Al Gore and the Pope, Illuminati in good standing. On the other side, you have films made by debunkers that are featured on the BBC, an Illuminati mouthpiece. Obviously this debate is certified  "Masonic Kosher."

Remember how Stalin exterminated much of the Soviet officer core in the late 1930's on  "faked evidence" from  Reinhard Heydrich? I suspect Stalin knew the evidence was fake and was doing away with nationalists and cult outsiders. Similarly Stalin exterminated the cream of the Polish officer core at Katyn forest. I suspect Illuminati Nazis collaborated with Illuminati Communists.

 I wouldn't be surprised if the Taliban were supported by the bankers through the Pakistani ISI, and the Iraqi insurgency through Saudi Arabia. The Sunnis are now on the US payroll. How does that work?

Vladimir Putin has a lot of fans. I'd love it if he were for real. Unfortunately, I suspect he's been dealt the good guy role in a potential future world war. I suspect the US/British-Russian feud is for show only. The "tell" is the amount of Western investment in Russia and  UK/EU dependence on Russian natural resources.

(See "Kissinger & Putin Hold Secret Meeting")

These folks are eminently capable of creating the illusion of friction. They faked the Cold War, World War One and World War Two. They are behind 9-11 and the War on Terror. See my articles: "Did Bormann Run Hitler for the Illuminati?'  "The Matrix of Manufactured War" and "The Coming Shakedown of the US and Iran."

In "Elite Sets the Stage for WW3" I show how many Rockefeller elder statesmen-for-hire lined up against the Iraq War.


It appears that the Illuminati bankers sponsored the liberal and socialist (revolutionary) movements of the last 300 years in order to wrest power from the nobility and church, and to control society through the guise of "liberal democracy."

(Cameron and Putin in Masonic handshake)

In 1794 the Duke of Brunswick,  issued a Manifesto based on confiscated Illuminati documents.  He said, "The ferment that reigns among the people is their work....They began by casting odium on religion..They invented the rights of man ...and urged the people to wrest from their princes the recognition of these supposed rights. The plan they formed for breaking all social ties and destroying all order was revealed in their speeches and acts. They deluged the world with a multitude of publications; they recruited apprenticeships of every rank and every position; they deluded the most perspicacious men by falsely alleging different intentions."  (Light-bearers of Darkness, p.10)

This is confirmed by The Protocols of the Elders of Zion which is a Sabbatean document. The author scorns ideas of equality and liberty: 

"Far back in ancient times we were the first to cry among the masses of the people the words "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity," words many times repeated since these days by stupid poll-parrots...(26) In all corners of the earth the words "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity," brought to our ranks, thanks to our blind agents,[i.e. dupes] whole legions who bore our banners with enthusiasm. And all the time these words were canker-worms at work boring into the well-being of the goyim, putting an end everywhere to peace, quiet, solidarity and destroying all the foundations of the goy States.

28. The abstraction of freedom has enabled us to persuade the mob in all countries that their government is nothing but the steward of the people who are the owners of the country, and that the steward may be replaced like a worn-out glove. 29. It is this possibility of replacing the representatives of the people which has placed at our disposal, and, as it were, given us the power of appointment." (Protocol 1, emphasis mine)


Our political life is essentially an illusion.  As early as 1823, Hoene Wronski wrote: "Secret societies are detached into groups distinct and apparently opposed, professing respectively and in turn the most contrary opinions of the day, so as to direct, apart and with confidence, all parties, political, religious, economic, and literary. They, in order to receive common direction, are again united  to an unknown Unknown Supreme Committee who governs the world."  (Light-bearers of Darkness, p.2)

The lesson is not to avoid political activity, but to be very selective. The world is in the thrall of a satanic cult. The correct paradigm is humanity versus this cult, its agents and dupes. Unfortunately, these are often people society considers a "success."
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"British Caught Training Taliban for Terror"      

For what I mean by Satanic, see "Our Leaders, Whose Sick Joke?"

Dr. Dennis Cuddy- Phony Wars Past and Future

First Comment by Mohammed from S Africa

it's quite frustrating to keep on trying to make people understand that the Shia regime of Iran & the Zionists of Israel(& the West) are on the SAME side.
their common enemy No1 is Islam.

Shias are NOT Muslims- they may claim to be Muslims but any sane person who studies their beliefs and then compares it to the rest of the Muslims worldwide, will realize that these are two different religions.
yes, there's differences among Muslims but what we differ on are issues that don't clearly take a person out of the folds of Islam.
on one hand Shias claim to believe in what we believe but at the same time, they have beliefs that INSTANTLY take a person out of the fold of islam.

it's like saying a person is a Christian Jew or a Christian Muslim- u cant be both.
same with saying Shia Muslim. theres Shias & then there's muslims.

if we trace the history of the Shias, their so-called religion was started by a Yemeni Jew who pretended to accept Islam- Abdullah bin Sabah.
there's also many convenient disinfo Shia sites that deny and ridicule this fact.

today, most Shias are very secular and basically don't follow any real religion at all- u could say they're neither Shia nor Muslim.

for all their talk of hating the Zionist regime, the Shias are secretly working very closely with them & the west to weaken & destroy Muslim countries. the danger of Iran is that many Muslims still seem to think they're not our enemies & this makes them more dangerous.

Shias like to talk of unity, a LOT but every year the Shia regime hangs Muslims in Iran solely for speaking out and challenging the regimes lies about unity & fighting for equal treatment by the Shia regime.

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Comments for "Is the Israel-Iran Conflict a Charade?"

Luis said (May 8, 2018):

No Dr Henry, it's not a charade.
Historically, and i believe you should know this, Syria and Iran are Israel main enemies.
In these end times, Israel has managed to destroy Syria using the typical 'shock therapy' (have you read the book with the same title?)..
Now, what left between now and the conflagration of a WWIII that international Jewry is seeking, is the destruction of Iran. It's the very last piece of the puzzle.
The synagogue, through Freemasonry, has managed to control all the governments of the earth. There was just one left...but now Bergoglio took it.

Having said that, most of what we witness in international politics is a theater for public's the putting in practice the Hegelian dialect on the balance of power.
They just pretend that Russia is against the US and vice-versa...or north Korea this and China that...Dr, they are all communists...they have to pretend all these scenarios in order to get public acceptance. The patterns of behavior are always the same.

Even the killing of Jesus, the Jews used these same tactics..they couldn't just kill Jesus or either would be arrested by the Romans or hanged by the Jewish they had to conspire, to influence the masses against Jesus and when they had enough numbers brainwashed, they complained to the Romans and used the Romans to crucify Jesus - same typical tactics.

WW said (May 8, 2018):

In response to the lead sentence of your 8. May 2018 post "Is the Israel-Iran Conflict a Charade? - How they Control the World" may I suggest that in order to "understand current events" what is needed is not a "new" paradigm but the Biblical paradigm or Biblical world view so ably articulated by Gary DeMar in "Is Satan The 'God Of This World'?" and "I Am Who I Am" authored by John Piper, as well as David Moses's "Is The Conspiracy View Of History Biblical" & Gary North's book "Conspiracy: A Biblical View"?

**Is Satan The 'God Of This World'?*** - Gary DeMar

***** "I Am Who I Am" ***** - John Piper

Is The Conspiracy View Of History Biblical?

Conspiracy: A Biblical View - Gary North

JG said (May 8, 2018):

The Iran Israeli conflict is not a charade at all.
Whatever President Trump's decision might be concerning Iran he will be criticized by Israel regardless.
If President Trump breaks from the treaty with Iran against the EU's wishes and everyone else it could jeopardize America's political standing with the world community.

This whole 'War on Terror' campaign was garbage from the start. It has cost millions of lives and has damaged the prospects for peace in the Middle East. And, maybe that was the whole game plan from the start.
It's time for America to work with the world community once again.

Israel's wars cannot be America's wars forever.

James C said (May 8, 2018):

Everybody wants to rule the world. A one-world government has been the pipe dream of tyrants since the beginning of time. All the great empires of the past were attempts to establish a world government. In each and every case, the victims of such attempts eventually formed coalitions to defeat the would-be world dictators. IMO, this present attempt at a one-world government will be no exception.

In our day and age, the primary attempt at a one world government is being made by what I would describe as the Anglo-American-Israeli-Comintern, a three-headed Chimera, a ZioCommuNazi composite, created and sustained throughout its entirety by the money power centered in the one-square mile financial district known as "the City" in London.

"And slime had they for mortar" (Gen. 11:3). The "slime" holding the Anglo-American-Israeli-Comintern together is the dollar's status as the world's reserve currency. But that slime is beginning to crack; the world is in the process of dumping the dollar. The death of the dollar will put an end to this present attempt to create a world government. Couple this fact with the breakup of the European Union and the formation of what appears to be a Eurasian economic colossus and you have the certain end of the ZioCommuNazi attempt at world government.

In conclusion, human nature being as fractious as it is, there will never be a one world government. There is no "slime" strong enough to hold it together.

Chad said (May 8, 2018):

But it makes you wonder. According to some, nukes aren't quite real:

Don said (October 14, 2015):

Henry - great article. I keep reading about Putin being the hero and new savior of the world on other websites. Now I wonder if it's all an act.

David Wilcock had an interview where he compared politics to carnivals and professional wrestling. Maybe Putin is the new Hulk Hogan - once a villain now the good guy?

Bradley said (October 14, 2015):

Just a thought, regarding Russia - when is someone going to point out that the Moscow Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) is the apparent personal head of $ billions dollars in assets - vodka and cigarette interests. I'm not sure that Jesus would approve. Perhaps if it is was wine?

The church builds shopping malls and hotels, bottles "holy" water, owns publishing houses and produces jewellery - some of which is allegedly counterfeit - while Kirill's own assets allegedly amount to $4bn, according to a 2006 investigative report by the Moskovskie Novosti daily.

The church has repeatedly denied most of the allegations, but Kirill admitted his role in the tobacco business.

It seems "400 Years Together" by Alexander Solzhinitzin forgot to mention the "bad habits" the Russian Christians picked up from the Rabbi's.

The Moscow Patriarch has said some good things - but I think we can all agree the man in the sandals who rode on a donkey and didn't own anything might disaprove.

It would seem the concept of "Pharisaism" belongs to us all - "Ye are like whitewashed tombs, all clean and fair without, but within, full of dead mens bones and all corruption."

Are there ANY leaders Henry we can look up to? Who leads by example? I think the Paraguyan President pays himself a $30,000 a year salary and catches buses. Maybe we can vote him in as head of the NWO government?

O said (October 13, 2015):

My take is he used masonic connections to get into power and then turned.

I don't think they have control over him anymore.

Just my opinion.

Al Thompson said (October 13, 2015):

No satanic government is going to do something good without twisting it into the Satanic agenda. They will use their good works as a mask to do further evil. That's just the way they roll. The only way to turn this nonsense around is for everyone to exhibit high moral standards and not be afraid of the criticism that may come their way. A higher moral standard will always produce better results and a happier life.

Communism-socialism-fascism is the tool of choice to subjugate the masses. Religious organizations work overtime to support the delusion of government authority. How can a Satanic organization have any moral authority over anyone?
The only way they can do it is through violence, and they have no problem using it. Government, as we know it today is a system of slavery, and it is anti-social.
Freemasonry is just another tool the Satanists use along with religions. I don't think God approves of any one of them.

Communism-satanism is the main tool of all governments and it is a system that does not work nor get good results for the public at large. It destroys everything in its path. Kissenger and Putin are communists and they always have been. Their policies will always result in more misery for everyone.

Norman said (January 29, 2008):

The proposition that Ron Paul may either be controlled by "them" or is "one of them", is very scary. If he is controlled, then it would appear that no one is exempt from such an influence. If no one is exempt and has the potential of being targeted and controlled, then who do we trust? I am sure most of us would agreee that those political figures spouting the standard agenda, are controlled to some extent by the "establishment". God help us all if legitimate opposition comes along, and in challenging the established order, is somehow manipulated/controlled without his/her knowledge and/or against his/her will.

I am reminded of the early 80's movie, Invasion of the Bodysnatchers, with Donald Sutherland, where at one point everyone is suspicious of the other of being possessed by an alien entity. Please say it isn't so Ron Paul! We finally have what appears to be a legitimate political voice challenging the "establishment", and now suspicion that he is either controlled, or one of them; how unrefreshing. I am also reminded of the movie, The Manchurian Candidate. I will be more discerning of Dr. Paul in the upcoming weeks.

Just a little aside. I happened to be watching a news report on ABC just a day or so ago, and one of the guests was democratic strategist, James Carville. During the session, Mr Carville conceded that Obama is the establishment's candidate. Thereafter, the other guest indicated that Obama was not the establishment's candidate, and made arguments in support of his position. The reporter did not once inquire as to whom they referring, in regards to the "establishment". I was quite surprised at the reference, but not altogether surprised by the reporters lack of inquiry.

Sue said (January 25, 2008):

In your excellent article, you raised the alarm, drew back the curtain, revealed the darkness that is trying to surround and overwhelm us... but it is easy ( and more PC) to omit the obvious

If these evil ones are doing tHeir wickedness for Satan, and are empowered by him, if there is a devil -- then there MUST BE GOD.
The Great, Loving Creator God That The Bible testifies to, and Whose Handiwork can be seen in the marvelous intricacy of nature, and all

If this is indeed Spiritual Warfare, powered by dark forces, then, ipso facto, there must also be another side, another Power that those
who refuse to worship the beast /go along with the NWO/satanic agenda can Call Upon.

It is God The Father, His Son Jesus Christ, The Savior, and The Holy Spirit, Who Gives us discernment and wisdom and strength in the face
of evil.

Worship The One True Most High And Holy God.
Jesus Saves!

Jean said (January 25, 2008):

I enjoy reading your articles.

I know you are not a Christian but it seems to me that the Sabatean Frankist Jews you say are the source of the problem are "those who say they are Jews but are not"... but are of the synagog of Satan.

Rev. 2:9: I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.
Again Jesus repeated this statement, in the third chapter of Revelation;

Rev. 3:9: Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.

F in Cape Town said (January 24, 2008):

Your essay, as titled above, was linked to from and of course I'm writing to agree that I noticed sometime ago, ironically
watching video's of Bush's speeches how the words he uses actually mean something else - often infact, referring to himself (a kind of
confession) or "giving away" the game plan to those who can interperate "the code"

I had been thinking for the longest time that the religious idea of good and evil is a contrivance from behing which the masters can swop
sides, take different positions and variously support or annihilate each other. That I had a chistian upbringing only helped me to see
this more clearly.

I have become a 9/11 "truther" if you will, and I take great pleasure in debating the apparent evidence with people who are locked into an
either/or black and white/good vs evil paradigm. It truly astounds me that many people are simply unable to comprehend anything else! Most
are unaware of the rules of logic or the need for them. Constructing a logical argument becomes a pointless exercise. They are unable to
distinguish between proof and evidence and are naïve as to the process of law.

The reality of the world is a 3 dimensional continuum that is invsible to those who only perceive a 2 dimensional linear frame-work
and it is this invisiblity, IMO, that gives "them" the means to control the world!

L said (January 24, 2008):

I'm from Brazil and I discovered your site today. My name is L. in my 20's.

All that you said, especially about The new World order, has been the object of study of Olavo de Carvalho. He is a Brazillian philosopher.

I don't know if you know him, but you can find something of his work on that referred adress.

The fact is, that in Brazil nobody knows about what you and Olavo have been saying. I read the articles about Antony Sutton. Very interesting.

I guess that, in USA, you can find much more information that in the brazillian net. We live, here, speaking in a cultural way, like if we
had been arrested. Like they do in China. It's terrible.

Anyway, congratulations for your website and keep working.

Sheila with Reply from Cliff said (January 24, 2008):

Hello Henry,
I find all your articles extemely interesting..However, at the moment you are focussing on Jews. While undoubtedly they are at the top of the pyramid...and we know who they are, please do not over look the very capstone of that pyramid..the Black Pope -Hans Pieter Kolvenbach who has just resigned as Jesuit General (the first one ever to do so). Maybe too many people became aware of his power and he has slunk off into the shadows to carry on his dastardly work. This is the REAL power and the Jewish Bankers do HIS bidding. Read 'Vatican Assassins' by Eric John Phelps.


Clifford Shack Replies:


People just don't get SabbateanFrankism. This huge ongoing conspiracy that united Jew and crypto-Jew since 1666 controls our little blue-green planet. Controlling the Jesuits was a piece of cake. Ignatius Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits was of Jewish descent. Loyola's lieutenant was of Jewish descent. The Jesuit leadership from the beginning was ripe for infiltration by the power-hungry Sabbateans. Who controls the Vatican Empire? Look to who can murder a pope (John Paul I)and get away with it.

The Cult via Freemasons overseeing Vatican policy. Read "In God's Name" for details. For God's sake, the Rothschilds restored the Pope to power after an uprising against the Vatican that they more than likely instigated.

Jesuits power over the world. Okay. Forget for a moment that the Jesuits are Sabbatean-Frankist at the pinnacle of their power structure. How powerful would the Jesuits/Vatican be without money. That quantified illusionary energy that the Cult cranks out from thin air. Jesuit world power. Give me a break. Smell the Hoummas!

Eric said (January 24, 2008):


Did you know that :-

The federal reserve board currently has five members, four of them are Jewish and the previous chairman was also jewish (Alan Greenspan), .

The chairman (Bernanke) is Jewish the vice chairman is Jewish, two of the other three members are Jewish. One guy, Kevin Warsh isn't Jewish. He's only 35 (therefore a controversial appointment due to inexperience) and his father in law is an incredibly powerful Jewish activist (see below). It's easy to check on wikipedia. At the bottom it says what groups they are members of - for example whether they are Jewish.

You can also check the names on the federal reserve's own website

Ben Bernanke, Chairman
Donald Kohn, Vice-Chairman
Frederic Mishkin
Kevin Warsh
Randall Kroszner

Kevin Warsh's father in law

Kevin's father in law is a mighty influential guy ..."He is the former Chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, President of the Jewish National Fund, and Treasurer of the World Jewish Congress. He is a trustee or member of the board of: The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, the Anti-Defamation League Foundation, the Jewish Theological Seminary, Brandeis University, and the Abraham Fund. He is a member of the International Society for Yad Vashem and the International Board of Governors of the Tel Aviv Museum. As Chairman of the Jewish Heritage Program of the World Monuments Fund, he is involved in stimulating the restoration of landmark synagogues across the globe." says his Foundation at their website .

Jim said (January 24, 2008):

There are two forms of magic: internal (white) and external (dark). Everyone is gray, and it is best to be balanced. Life itself is completely unexplainable in rational terms, so all of life is thereby magic.

Anyone who has studied magic has investigated the correlation of sounds and images to actual physical manifestation. This is the essense of kabbalistic magic. There are two problems with the advanced practice of the Kabbalah.

The first involves the practitioner. If you ftry to force high current through an unclean wire, it will burn. If the invoked current flows too hard through an impure vessel, then it will ignite. The practitioner must be pure or suffer horribly.

The second is karma. The action will have an eventual reaction. No thing in the Infinite Creators' Universe is free. Know ye well what the wish is!


Peter said (January 24, 2008):

re. Cliff Below

There was only no contest as long as humanity was ignorant about it. With a well informed citizenry this could suddenly turn into a contest. And hopefully one that ends like all uprisings of oppressed people, namely the entire tyrant camp without their heads.

That would finally permit the development of pockets of goodness in various places of the world. The possibilities are endless.

Cliff Shack said (January 24, 2008):

No, the correct paradigm is humanity thwarted by this cult, its agents and dupes, witting and unwitting. The cult's methodology is so sophisticated, so stealthy...humanity never had a chance. There is no "versus" between a hunter and a sitting duck. "Versus" occurs only when there is a contest. There is no contest between the cult and the sitting duck that is humanity. Foie Gras anyone?

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at