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Young Man Declines Masonic Offer

January 28, 2016

joinfm.jpgThis testimony was originally posted by "Technoir" 
in the David Icke forum in May 2010 and updated in December 2010. 

They offered to set him up for life 
but the price was too high.

"I told him straight up to his face 
that I don't believe in sacrificing 
children to Satan."

This account provides insight into the reptilian character of the satanic cult that controls the West. 

Makow comment: I always felt society suffered from a spiritual malaise. Now I know the cause.  

by "Technoir"
(Slightly abridged by 

I am a Male 25 years old living in Canada.

Approximately four years ago when I reached the age of 21, I was asked to be become a Freemason, an offer which I declined for a number of reasons. Before I get into more details, I feel I should give some background information as to why I was selected.

I am Canadian, and I had recently graduated from The University of Western Ontario (UWO) in London, Ontario with a degree in Economics. UWO is nicknamed The University of Wealthy Ontario and is w
ell known for its non-stop party atmosphere. In the 1980's, Playboy Magazine named it the school with the sexiest women in North America, to give you an idea of what kind of a school it is. 

My father is a multi-millionaire who made his fortune through a combination of investments in real estate and equities. My education was financed entirely by my father, but I still had a part-time job at the local daily newspaper, The London Free Press. Even though it is a local paper, it [dominated] the daily newspaper market in London and the surrounding area with a circulation of approximately 150,000.

This is an important piece of information, since we all know that Masonry is prevalent even in local media. We also know that anything that is published even on that scale is heavily censored and used to manipulate of the readership.

I had heard about Freemasonry before, and knew that they were an immensely powerful organization, but I never thought I would become one since I always considered myself a maverick-type personality, an independent thinker who didn't even join clubs at University or even support school sports teams.


When I was 17, [in 2001] it was suggested to me that I become a Mason when I was older. I was told that Stephen Harper would be Prime Minister of Canada one day as a taste of the kind of knowledge I could have access to (and he did become Prime Minister [in 2006.]) ... Believe me, the Freemasons are very good at playing the game like that and covering their tracks while making you think long and hard about what is really going on. 

Whether it was the newspaper job (rubbing shoulders with Masons on a daily basis) or the fact that I had recently graduated and was looking for work (financial vulnerability and a demonstrated willingness to accept and succeed in elite programming) for some reason they saw me as someone whom they wanted. Interestingly enough, it was the superintendent of my building who made the initial offer.

I feel I should warn readers that from this point on, events take an extremely freaky twist...Basically, the superintendent (who had the keys to my unit by the way and could enter it at any time or let anyone else in for that matter) told me straight up that he was a Freemason, that he wanted me to become a Freemason, and that he was friends with the President of the University.

He told me he could arrange for girls to come over and sleep with me through the lodge, give me free cigarettes and alcohol, get me out of any trouble with the police, get me into any graduate program and ... teach me to read other people's minds and levitate, among other occult arts.

child-s.jpgHe said there was something I would have to do first though. So, naturally being intrigued, I asked him what. And he told me straight up, and I mean he was totally blunt with me with no beating around the bush, that I would have to sacrifice a child as part of the initiation.


Immediately, all those offers he had made became meaningless and hollow in light of fact that I would have to live with the guilt of killing an innocent child, something I could never do.

I politely declined his offer and said although I was intrigued I could not in good conscience become a Freemason knowing what I would have to do. He then told me that it was entirely my decision and that everyone who becomes a Freemason must do so of their own free will.

I was more than a little freaked out at this point knowing that the super of my building killed children and I asked him how he could live with himself. He said that he had a daughter of his own that he did not have custody of. The mother was a former stripper who was into all sorts of drugs. He became a Freemason so he would get help from the court system to regain custody of his daughter.

He said there was nothing he wouldn't do for his daughter, even if it meant killing someone else's daughter. He gave me a DVD filled with Masonic e-books, included transcripts from a lodge meeting so I would have a greater understanding of what went on at the lodge...

A month or so passed, and I was still living in London, Ont. and working at the newspaper. I felt that the newspaper was my "territory" and even though it was brimming with Masons, it was a union job and they couldn't fire me. I was approached again however, by a co-worker, this time with even more explosive information... This guy laid down some serious information that I found extremely difficult to believe. Some of what he revealed included:

orgies.jpg(l. orgies) 

- The fact that everything you become in society comes down to your bloodline.
 - That the most powerful Masons are actually reptilian shape shifters that drink human blood and eat human flesh.
 - That I demonstrated characteristics of someone with incredible survival instincts and that I was attempting to be the alpha male at work by dominating other men and trying to possess nearly every attractive woman in the workplace, which are reptilian characteristics.
 - That the Masonic initiation ritual I would go through would activate my reptilian DNA.
 - That the blood drinking, flesh eating orgies that I would participate in have roots in the ancient mystery religion of the Egyptians.

He also instructed me to obtain a copy of the Kabbalah and to start studying it. Later, he became totally enraged when I told him I had not. He appeared to shape shift a small amount himself. However, he still [respected] that becoming a Freemason was entirely up to me and had to be my free choice, that I could not be coerced.

I started to think a number of different things after this information was revealed to me. Firstly, I thought they were trying to scare me into becoming a Freemason.

Secondly, I thought they were trying to inflate my ego by telling me I was better than everybody else, that I was a "superior being" of some kind with special genetics that made me better than everybody else.

Thirdly, I came to the realization that perhaps they were testing how I would react to the information and see how strong my survival instincts were, and therefore gain some insight into the purity of my reptilian DNA.

And lastly, but most importantly, I considered the possibility that just by giving me the information they had already, it would result in a partial activation of my reptilian DNA by traumatizing me and warping my sense of reality.

Part II

The months would pass at the newspaper, with my "friend" and I having casual conversations about how once I joined, I would be considered equal to everybody else in spite of the fact that I was of mixed race and that I would enjoy being part of a brotherhood where I would be looked after for life.

BaphometMasonic (2).jpgDuring this time, I was feverishly researching the Masons, Illuminati and the Occult on the Internet and obtained a fair bit of knowledge about these topics. One topic that was particularly disturbing that I feel I should mention here (and scarred me for life) was the topic of trauma-based mind control.

A technique first used by the Egyptians and perfected in modern times, the victim is exposed to all sorts of horrific stimuli designed to create alternate personalities (or alters) within that individuals psyche that can be programmed to serve the Masons/Illuminati.

For instance, someone is thrown into a large container filled to the brim with cockroaches, centipedes, spiders, and other insects and forced to stay there for days. Or the victim watches while their own parents perform vicious illegal abortions on slave women and then are forced to consume (eat) the aborted children with their own parents. It was after reading about these scenarios that I destroyed the DVD filled with Masonic recruitment information, as you can imagine you might too.

Time passed however, and I moved home to Toronto to be with family where I got a job as a forklift operator. I was asked again to become a Freemason by a co-worker (his words were "I would prefer if you joined,") and this time I told him straight up to his face that I don't believe in sacrificing children to Satan. However, that was the last time I was asked and hopefully the last time I ever will be.

Roger Barbour- My Lifelong Struggle with Freemasons 
Freemasonry- The Elephant in the Room

"Technoir" Responds to low level Mason:

Ahem, Mr. Blue Lodge, it is you who are gullible and totally unaware of what your organization is really about and what it stands for. I would recommend you actually take the time to read some of David Icke's material before commenting further. Your rules do not apply to members of the Red Lodge, basically no rule applies to them other than sufficient secrecy and maintaining the facade for those members who are lacking the genetic characteristics to descend into the inner circle of Masonry. Consider yourself blessed that you lack sufficient reptilian DNA and aren't exposed to what really goes on at the lodge in the middle of the night.

First Comment by Ann Diamond:

i just read the young man's story about being asked to join the masons in London, ontario -- while working at the newspaper, the london free press. it's a great relief to see this young person speaking out about something that is just so obvious...

i have spent time in London but more to the point i used to freelance for the Montreal gazette -- and also (in the mid-70s) was a proofreader working in the basement of the hamilton spectator for 9 months --

all these papers have amalgamated, at least going back to Conrad Black's takeover of the Southam newspaper chain

knowing what i was dealing with back then might have made it easier - but i knew i was dealing with a tight male club with a dark secret side that bordered on something "evil" -- but mysterious

 in the early 90s i was invited to join a kabal of fellow journalists in Montreal and tricked into attended a meeting -- which i found so boring i nearly fell asleep -- so i excused myself and left in the middle

i still had (sort of) a career for a few more years but it was the trauma-condtioned robots who rose to the top and i can give examples and details (as one of them has niw started talking about being forced to kill other children etc as a protegee of MKULTRA doctor Wilder Penfield in the 1950s) -- (Penfield's children and grandchildren often went into media positions where they were powerful gatekeepers)

my final exit from the world of journalism entailed what would have ended in my death at a house party in a fancy neighbourhood of Montreal -- it would have been called a'suicide' -- some famous names in canadian publishing would have been there -- and yes, they really are blood drinking reptilians

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Comments for "Young Man Declines Masonic Offer "

Anon said (February 1, 2016):

I feel that by recounting my experience 20 years ago, I may benefit young people today who might be getting the same invitation techniques sent to them and help them steer clear of all this evil.

To provide some background, this was after I had graduated with my masters at UCSB and worked in my industry for 3 years in the corporate world. I had returned to the Santa Barbara area and had gotten a small studio apartment in a student area adjacent to the UCSB campus as I had friends in the area and really liked the weather there.

Out of the blue, I started getting letters: sometimes one, sometimes multiple, in the mail, from various “organizations” and individuals every day for a month or so. The general theme of the letters was that if I wanted to succeed in life, I had to reply back to these people/organizations who would then reply with more information regarding joining them or next steps for me to take. I vividly remember one letter which was written by a man who described the story of his grandfather on his deathbed who in his last dying breath whispered a “secret” word to him. The author then described that his family had always been wealthy but it was all because of this one “word”. Without this word, they would not have been wealthy and successful. The letter then exhorted me to reply back and take the path to wealth and success by replying back using the enclosed envelope.

Other letters from different authors and organizations also stated that there is a reason that those who have wealth, power and success have it and the ones who do not, don’t. They stated that talent and hard work alone would not get me success. I must have gotten about 60 letters in a month’s time before they finally gave up on me and stopped mailing me.

It was only later when I learnt about the various dark forces in the world and the various satanic masonic activities that are practiced that I realized what had been happening. I am so happy and grateful that I steered clear of all of that and I believe my higher self/intuition was watching out for me.

The reason I think that this information may help others is that the invitation technique was very subtle. No masonic references were made and nothing was stated that would indicate anything evil going on. They may be using superior technology nowadays: email instead of snail-mail, but I think the techniques used may ultimately by similar today.

So to sum up, if any one starts getting any sort of frequent invitation to join an organization or a “secret” word without which power, wealth and success are impossible, you can guess at what is probably going on and steer clear of it.

Fast forward 20 years later and I have to agree that they were right. It has been a struggle all the way by doing things without their “affiliation”. I have no wealth, power or success and could be considered a failure if measured by financial success despite a high IQ and 2 decades of hard work.

I have routinely seen people far less competent than me get treated better and promoted at work while I am treated badly and laid-off. I could write quite a lot on the state of the US corporate world and how it is a complete cesspool of degeneracy, egotism, nepotism and sycophancy but I will save that for another day. Just realize that it is hardly surprising that work is going to other countries with the kind of shenanigans that go on in the US corporate world.

Do I regret not selling my soul for wealth, power and success? Hell no!!!

John said (January 30, 2016):

Henry, I have great respect for you and your work but I cannot buy into your post on Freemasonry in London Canada. I am a third degree Mason, after joining I realized masonry was a control mechanism of Zion and resigned from my lodge the best part of twenty years ago,never to darken the doors of a lodge since. The child sacrifice and open devil worship is nonsense at least in the degrees I attended. No Masonry is much more clever and insidious than the preposterous article purports.

Thanks John

This fellow had a special bloodline and may have been selected for bigger things. On the other hand, it is odd that the offer came from lower rungs.


Chad said (January 30, 2016):

Consider this “reptilian” thing as metaphorical. Referring to the root of our most primitive natures. Anyone who believes people start turning into lizards really needs to do some self-evaluation.

Bill S said (January 29, 2016):

About 2 years ago, a Facebook friend invited me to become a Rosicrucian (see attached). I politely declined and the friendship went away very quickly afterwards.

Reminds me of many instances in the past when I met someone friendly and we seem to share alot of common interests. Invariably they invited me to an Amway meeting, or some other investment or business opportunity. When I joined, i eventually lost alot of money. When I decided not to join, the person moves on looking for new prospects to build their business and i never hear from them again. Sad...

John said (January 29, 2016):

The guy came from money so the mason's goal get as much money out of him or other family members. These days with the economy in tail spin after $20 barrel for oil in Canada bet recruitment sucks just like in the US. They are only recruiting from affluent families these days or individuals that are well off sports figures, clergy, etc. The blood thicker than water scenario fits the building custodian representative nothing new.

Tony B said (January 28, 2016):

Can't go along with this, Henry.

If it were totally true it would obviously be satanists posing as masons. Possibly demon possessed. The always mentioned necessity that the initiate had to come by his own volition would be the proof. After all, the devil's purpose on earth is to steal souls from God which requires the victim's hard to overcome corruption.

But if that were so, one would have to wonder what the writer was not mentioning which really made him a likely target for Satan. If this man is connected with Icke I must agree with another commenter that he lacks credibility.

As a young man in California, a parts runner for a Chevy dealer, I was waiting service in a parts house when a mason came in and recruited everyone who would come up with $100, which was a lot of money in the 1950s at a wage of $1.25 per hour. So masons do recruit.

But they would NOT start off cold with demands of child murder. How does that account for the millions of Blue Masons who honestly think they are in a do-good, social club?


His free will is mentioned. Perhaps this fellow had a special status.


Gord W said (January 28, 2016):

he article topmost on your website, today, comes across to me as suspicious

there are several inconsistencies which don't ring true

when I was about 32 years old, I was scouted for membership by the top Mason in Sidney British Columbia. At the time, I had no idea what was happening. Later, in the midst of a huge political controversy 1994, [ when I just missed pinning the hide of the Attorney General of BC, to the wall, for perjury ] overtures were made to me to come on board. That's the same timeframe when my former brother, joined the Freemasons. Around that same time, I was sent a veiled message soliciting me to work for CSIS

Having studied the Masonic religion for about 30 years, I am sure that they know much more about geneology, than is public knowledge. I believe that somewhere within their institution, they do keep close track of family pedigrees.

I very much doubt that the Freemasons are initiating men of "mixed race"

I very much doubt that he would be told at the start that he'd be "sacrificing a child". I am confident that at some level human sacrifice does occur. Part of the explanation of how it can go on, is, that most of the others outside closed circles in which it's practiced, are unaware. thus those men become a firewall of plausible deniability ... ie. deceived, they can say quite sincerely "if such a thing were going on, I'd know about it"

It is beyond argument that the Freemasons certainly do carry out the ancient rituals when a major edifice is dedicated. When I was investigating the religion of the aboriginal people, here in BC. I came across reports that when a major "big house" was built, the Indians would put a live slave down in the pit with the corner post, then fill it in. No mere co-incidence such rituals involving the sacrifice of a living human being for a building, are found around the world, and go back into the mist of time

my hunch is, that = when we see a ceremony in public, of the cornerstone being layed for a major building in a modern city, a ritual human sacrifice is carried out, the same day, elsewhere out of the public eye.

on the frieze of the old Courthouse in downtown Vancouver, in large letters is a spooky phrase : "Standing on the horizon casting shadows"

Andrew said (April 28, 2011):

(Reply to Harry) I find it very significant that the Christian belief system makes people so hostile against the idea of mind-reading. You need to be very careful on this issue because if thoughts can in principle be read by another person - and they already can with MAINSTREAM technology - then by denying this possibility you effectively reinforce the power of the mind manipulators, who clearly benefit from such denials and the belief that ‘you are your thoughts.’ In denying anyone but God Almighty the power to read minds many fawn at the feet of Christian charismatics because they think a mind-reading ability indicates the power of the Holy Spirit. They're making a fatal error.

Debra said (April 27, 2011):

You do realize this author is complicit in the crimes of murdering children after being informed of the fact by a superintendent and does
little besides refusing to do the same, followed by research.

Who amongst us knowing this activity proceeds to carry on life as usual, albeit "scarred" for life?

The article is a red flag to all truth seekers because it attempts to put readers to sleep (spiritually).

How does he attempt to do this? By inferring even if you have the criminal you cannot do anything.

The author attempts a cover-up saying it is like word against word thus need not fear for his life -

"But, as you know, when you're simply talking to another person on a one-on-one face- to-face basis, there is no way to prove that the
event actually happened." - end of quote.

when, in fact, not doing more, increases the reasons for people to fear, and is complicit in crime.

The article is an example of mind control teaching people to continue to be complicit in the crime, which is primarily the reason evil continues because complicity is not
considered as it ought to be.

Regardless of an excuse (expose the evil) this article does more harm than good.

Harry said (April 27, 2011):

I happen to know that no man can read the thoughts of others, nor can Satan. That is God's privilege, alone. (Isaiah 46:9,10) So, unless he has the benefit of a demon whispering things it has HEARD the subject say, there is no mind-reading going on. As for the reptilian thing, it would be the work of illusion as were the 'miracles' performed by Pharaoh's magicians. The UFO and Bigfoot phenomena could probably be explained in large by this, too. After all, God doesn't create abominations, here, or anywhere in the universe. They are either satanic tricks or the work of men.

Levitation? Perhaps, again assisted by unseen forces. These demonstrations serve no practical purpose other than to thrill and amaze the simple. The far greater damage is accomplished through shrewd intrigue and espionage, something the Zionists are well known for. No doubt these elitist freaks have Satan, himself, as a guide and mentor. No doubt that in some shadowy, smoky room, somewhere, there is a liaison happening between Satan and his chosen adept, plotting the next course of action in their bid to enslave humanity. Their power is great and established, but, God's power is greater and will prevail in the end. We have nothing to fear in this regard, only that we do not place our faith in His power and learn to control our fear.

I'm not surprised to see this as coming from Icke's forum, I do not place much trust in anything of his.

Michael said (April 27, 2011):

As someone who came but a hair's breadth from becoming a Freemason, (I did my research and decided Freemasonry was not compatible to my Christian beliefs), up to the point of having 3 separate meetings with the leaders of the local lodge, something seems amiss with Technoir's article. It was stressed to me a number of times that it was very important the I asked to become a Freemason, and that it was strictly against their rules to ask anyone to join. Yet Technoir says twice that he was approached out of the blue and "recruited". This goes against everything I have ever read or heard about the process by which one goes about becoming a Mason, and gives me reason to think something is wrong here. Either the above events did not happen, or those people were not Freemasons.

Don't get me wrong, I am not defending Masonry, it is a satanic organization that deludes many innocent people into their evil society, but the people in the article simply did not follow masonic protocol. Perhaps these people were members of an even darker secret society posing as masons for the purposes of recruiting?

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