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Illuminati Playbook: The Phony Opposition

November 28, 2013

happy-canadian-beaver.jpgThe Illuminati often achieve their goals
by pretending to support the opposite.
It's counter-intuitive but they advanced
world government by supporting nationalism
in Canada. It boils down to, if you wish to control
the opposition, you have to lead it.

At a meeting in Copenhagen June 10, 1931:
Arnold Toynbee, "Director of Studies" at Chatham House, London, said:

"It is just because we are really attacking the principle of local sovereignty that we keep on protesting our loyalty to it so loudly.
The harder we press our attack upon the idol, the more pains we take to keep its priests and devotees in a fool's paradise - lapped in a false sense of security which will inhibit them from taking up arms in their idol's defense....
We are at present working, discreetly with all our might, to wrest this mysterious political force called sovereignty out of the clutches of the local national states of the world. And all the time, we are denying with our lips what we are doing with our hands." 

By Henry Makow Ph.D.
(from April 22, 2010)  

My original title was "Confessions of a Dupe."
From the age of 18 to 40, I was an ardent Canadian nationalist and member of various "nationalist" groups, including Mel Hurtig's "Committee for an Independent Canada."  In
Mel_Hurtig.jpg1968, I organized a speech for Hurtig (left) at Carleton University.  In 1988, when I was rich from Scruples, I contributed about $20,000 to opposing the free trade agreement because of the loss of Canadian sovereignty.

It's counter-intuitive but the leftist nationalist groups I supported were a front for the New World Order. Their leaders were actually internationalists. Mel Hurtig belonged to the Canadian branch of Arnold Toynbee's "Royal Institute of International Affairs." Abe Rotstein, Hurtig's co-chairman,  attended the 1971 Bilderberg Conference. Other so-called nationalists like Mel Watkins, Eric Kierans and Maud Barlow were left wingers. The Left is a front for the Communist New World Order, i.e. big government in the service of big business. The masses are bribed with "social services" and fooled by the "Left - Right" conflict. Both Left and Right serve monopoly capital.


fistandrose.jpgCanada's socialist party, the New Democrats, is a member of the Socialist International, a Masonic Banker outfit. Their logo is a fist and red roses, Communist and Masonic symbols.

"Nationalism" in Canada blossomed in the wake of the 1968 Bilderberg Conference at Mount Tremblant. A leaked document outlined a plan where Canadian financiers would appear to own Canadian business, but in reality it would be controlled by international lenders, i.e. Illuminati bankers. Canadian nationalism was another psy op.


I was 18 in 1968 and "looking for my identity." I was looking for it because they had taken away God and religion. They had taken away gender (masculinity) and family. Naively, I sought my identity in "community."  First, I investigated Israel but sensed something wrong with Zionism. Then I devoted myself to Canadian nationalism, majoring in Canadian literature. Little did I suspect i was joining a phony opposition.

In the wake of the 1988 election over North American free trade, I attended a conference of Left-leaning nationalist groups in Ottawa. We had lost. The purpose was to decide on the strategy going forward.

Three things struck me as odd.

1) Fellow organizers here in Winnipeg, who were actually Communists who infiltrated the labor movement, didn't want me to go. I was puzzled that sincere activists wouldn't want to include all the talent (or even money) they could find.

2) I was struck by the demeanor of  the leftist professors and activists at the Conference. They didn't seem angry or disappointed by our loss. Quite the opposite. There was a palpable sense of smug satisfaction. They liked their "performance" and were content to return to misleading naive students. These pious people make over $100K "championing the poor" and "fighting the establishment."

barlow.jpgFinally, 3) During the meeting I suggested some militant actions to continue the fight against free trade. The chair of the meeting, Maude Barlow, (left) who is still the chair of the "Council of Canadians" verbally sidelined me by promising to discuss the matter personally later. She never sought me out.

When I approached her, she said she was busy. l had been "finessed" by a pro.


Clearly the liberal and socialist "left" is part of the phony opposition. They don't represent the people. They are Masons and part of the Masonic two-step leading to banker world government.  The "establishment" is complicit in the enslavement of society.  

                                                      Similarly in the US and Europe, all political parties are run by Masons and ruled by the Rothschild cartel. I doubt if any individual or group gains visibility
Truman Show SE.jpgunless they are puppets.

Our political and cultural life can be compared to the movie "The Truman Show." (left) We are the Jim Carrey character. Everything is orchestrated and "under control." 

Certainly Ron Paul fits the category of phony opposition. He is a Mason. His wife is a Mason, Eastern Star. His daughters are Masons, Rainbow girls.

The John Birch Society does great research but apparently they were started by the Rockefellers who gave the founder a sweet deal for his grape juice company.

The purpose of the phony opposition is to co-opt the opposition and discourage any genuine grass roots political movement from starting. Their mission also is to fight trivial battles and distract us from the stealth establishment of world government. Remember the year the Republicans  spent trying to impeach Bill Clinton over Monica Lewinski? Government ground to a halt.

Do we have any real leaders? You can recognize them if they are marginalized and anathema to the mass media. Our real leaders are the people they slander, bankrupt and imprison or kill.  


My source on Canadian Nationalism: "Rockefeller, Rothschild and Mel Hurtig: An Examination of the Committee for an Independent Canada"
a 1972 article by "The Canadian League of Rights."


Maude Barlow's UN Agenda  

paulreagan.jpeg(left, Ron Paul in the checkered pants, in the 1980's.)

First Comment from Dan:

They've reduced nationalist consciousness to the level of sports.  Franklin Roosevelt liked to refer to himself as 'the quarterback'.

What a joke - to learn that Ron Paul's wife and daughters are Eastern Star.  I remember an internet radio host asked him point blank, "have  you ever been a member of a secret society?"  That was 2007.  Ron gave a little laugh and said, "I was a member of a fraternity in college, but that was just more like playing pranks on each other and horsing around".   That's not exactly an honest answer, but it sounds like one.
Now I see that the talk show host was in on it, because the way he asked the question left room to dodge giving an answer.  I really don't think Ron or any politicians goes on cold interviews.  Their handlers will require a list of the questions so they can prepare answers.  A media entertainer is in the position of weakness because they want to get hot or controversial names on their show.

Later I saw a video of Ron Paul on Morton Downey Jr's TV show back in 1988 when he was that year's Libertarian candidate.   Aside from being two decades younger, he displayed a completely different personality.  He was aggressive and hostile.  Too much contrast with the Ron Paul RELOVELUTION of the recent past.  He definitely playing a character, just like an actor. [1]

Ron was a pied piper who made people think he was a nationalist Constitutionalist when he's really a disciple of Ayn Rand.  Rand was Rothschild propagandist.  Next time you see a bumper sticker that says "WHO IS JOHN GALT?"  you'll know it was Philip Rothschild.  Rand was groomed by him before she was sent to America to preach the Rothschild evangel, with The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged.

I was always the skeptical devil's advocate about so many conspiracy theories about the Rothschilds,  But when it was revealed that Ron Paul named his son after Ayn Rand, that was the straw that broke the camel's back.

[1] Ron Paul on Morton Downey Jr. - 1988


Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Illuminati Playbook: The Phony Opposition"

Jackie Patru said (December 1, 2013):

Hello, Henry. I just read your article on phony opposition. I experienced the same thing back in the '80s, here in Amerika. Wanted to comment, and then as I read the comments, realized it was written quite a while ago. Couldn't find a place to comment. Thought you might be interested in this - my experience and awakening to the Wolves in Sheep's Clothing.

Dick P said (December 1, 2013):

"Illuminati Playbook: The phony opposition" is quite accurate and timely.

I didn't know everything in the article about Ron Paul but I did associate with his politics for some time until I realized something was very wrong with what he said and what he actually did. My questions were and are still unanswered. I broke all contact with him years ago. Your article mentions his son being named after Ayn Rand fits in with my observations of Ron Paul.

I've observed that Rand Paul is also someone I won't be aligned with because he, just as his father, doesn't do what he says he will. He's proven to be a crypto-internationalist New World Order operative in service to the Zionist international banking interests.

I wonder how the Paul family is related to the royals in Britain and elsewhere? There likely is a connection somewhere in the ( is it Burke's Peerage?) peerage. I don't know how to find out or I would find out and put another connection in place to explain his behavior.

Ronald said (November 30, 2013):

per: " Later I saw a video of Ron Paul on Morton Downey Jr's TV show back in 1988 when he was that year's Libertarian candidate. Aside from being two decades younger, he displayed a completely different personality. He was aggressive and hostile. Too much contrast with the Ron Paul RELOVELUTION of the recent past. He definitely playing a character, just like an actor. [1]"
this misrepresents the truth completely !!!

years ago this was known that the handlers of that show "requested" that

the participants "act" in an aggressive entertaining way ... i'm sure of this and

Ron lamented later on it and explained the matter in a convincing way IMO

it was the style of the show the 'directors wanted to convey'


Also include this for the record :

Douglas said (November 30, 2013):

Thank you , Henry for this excellent article!

This subject has been very much on my mind lately, in particular with regards my involvement with CFST (Citizens For Safe Technology) headed my ex president Microsoft Canada, Frank Clegg. They are the national voice of opposition to wireless technology. Obviously the Microsoft connection is suspicious, as well as the way the organization is run, very much top down.

All the focus from Clegg is towards a revision of Safety Code 6- Health Canada, although smart meters are currently being installed on everyone's homes.

However they recently made a big deal about the City Of Toronto proposal to have wifi in Toronto's parks. Most of the damage to our nervous systems is being done while we sleep, according to Dr Deitrich Klinghardt, an internationally recognized authority on toxicology.

Laurence said (November 29, 2013):

Mike who commented below in defense of Ron Paul calls the American Constitution Part of his reason for his position.(Reason #4) I suggest he should get the new 2012 copy of the US Codes Title 1-4 with Title 5 and research the truth.

Every President including George W took an oath that dealt with that US document Not the USA one that was sold to the colonial cannon fodder. The Organic Acts and especially # 3 created an
Entity named the UNITED STATES a Commercial Military enterprise of 6 and ½ States, the beginning of the 2nd UNION all Under that US CONSTITUTION.

So many have no idea of the truth and I understand for the scheme was brilliant.
The bottom line is America has 2 Presidents, 2 Unions and 2 Governments one being a Republic under Common Law and the Democratic one (Greek for Mob rule ) under Statute written Laws. Now find a map( )on each State and ask yourself What gives? Yes the truth will set you Free when you demand the rule of law.

Now Canada is another story with shills and puppets up front finding a home after the BNA Act was discarded to memory bank of history. Immigration laws and Multi-cultural crap have now torn Canada asunder.

I know this is politically incorrect now but how about 3 hail Mary’s and 2 our Fathers and help?

Mariel said (November 29, 2013):

Great article and great comments!

Many citizens among the American people support candidates with common sense from either party, Democrat or Republican.
These common sense candidates may achieve some success in early primaries, but run out of money. These candidates may not be "perfect", in
our sense, but they seem to want to try to improve things in "obvious" ways, such as restoring homegrown manufacturing. They are always squashed. I won't name names because
you or anyone who might read this might reply "That candidate is imperfect, he/she did so-and-so".

I have never supported a winner. I have supported a number of presidential candidates who succeeded in early balloting, but always ran out of money.

Mike said (November 29, 2013):

The conclusion that Ron Paul is a stooge, and everything he stands for is a crock based on his Free Masonry ties is disturbing. I find your web site great at pointing out the problems but lacking in Solutions. Ron is

1. Against the Federal Reserve (Currently the most powerful tool in NWO arsenal)
2. Against Foreign Wars (All Wars)
3. Wants a decentralized Government (No NWO unless you have a centralized government)
4. Follow the constitution (One of the greatest papers for a free society ever written)
5. Wants' right of entry into markets (No Monopoly corporatism)

Rons take on the Power Structure:

Why not focus on the strength of his overall theories. Yin and Yang is in all, and you need to identify that Ron has walked the hard road for a long time.


Voting Record

“Truth is treason in the empire of lies... “

Henrique said (November 29, 2013):

Left-wing nationalism always sounded like contradiction in words to me.At best it would be a country just trying to be more of the good-lad, the most politically correct of all.

This dialectic thing is used all the time everywhere - the "alternative" media is completely fragmented by it; pro-alien/anti-alien, new age/anti-new age, gold bug-Libertarian/Socialist leaning and so on forever - for every statement there's affirmative and negative and both positions are eventually built up into "movements" or "factions", so people can hate each other and waste their lives running in circles.

That's the Matrix, the fragmentation of the mind that immobilizes you into compliance. It's hard to transcend it.

That linked video with the interview is great, imagine a host like that today, smoking, cussing and confronting guests that aggressively. Guess it demonstrates how soft and effete we've all become in less than thirty years. Bisphenol A is working.

Ray said (November 29, 2013):

Left wing. Right wing. One & same Vulture bird flying toward the New World Order!

Jim Petroff said (November 28, 2013):

On the subject of phony opposition, it might be a good idea to start taking a closer look at Ted Cruz, the young senator who is suddenly being touted in mainstream media as Obama’s nemesis among conservative Republicans. Ted’s wife Heidi started out as an investment banker with J. P. Morgan, is currently a vice president at Goldman Sachs, was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations until 2011, and wrote the chapter entitled “Expanding Opportunity through Free Trade” in the book Thank You, President Bush.

T said (November 28, 2013):

Excellent article and as usual has details on the "gatekeepers" tools and their tricks not seen elsewhere. I learned the hard way like yourself...very similar experiences with work in Kucinch and Ron Paul campaigns.

I met Ralph Nader and when I asked him about the ability to succeed given the power/money of families like the Rothschilds...he replied there were families like this for a long time and then he trailed off to nothing...and then i learned a Rothschild was one of his top aides before being editor at the Progressive magazine. Not saying they are guilty, but...

Truth will set us free and be as gentle as doves and wise as serpents is timeless advice....from the word that accurately describes all of this including the awesome news that God is in control and even these times work for His Glory although we don't always see it.

HS said (November 28, 2013):

Hello Henry

Shelley Ann Clark claims that the Council of Canadians/Maude Barlow abandoned her. The Council of Canadians is known for sending frantic donation requests to left leaning Canadians (NDP mailing list?). Their emails usually sound like “AMERICA IS COMING FOR OUR WATERS (No credit to Shelley Ann Clarke though for bringing this to light) SEND MONIEZ PLEEZE.

David said (November 28, 2013):

Henry, one place where real damage has been done is the glorification of blacks who communicate in Ebonics and rap music. Here's an ethnic group that has been crying out to be part of the mainstream for generations, yet everything they do polarizes and isolates them from the mainstream. It's almost as if we Westerners are witnessing a reversal of human evolution back to an earlier era of darkness and ignorance

Christian said (April 26, 2010):

"The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves." - Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

J said (April 25, 2010):

I have been racking my brains trying to think of some other names for you. What about the British National Party (BNP)?. They oppose the EU, WTO, UN, IMF, World Bank, immigration, hate crimes laws, gay rights, and abortion. They were formerly an openly racist, anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist political party. They now allow non-White and Jewish members, but still vow to end any and all further immigration. They have become very pro-Israel though. They also seem to be primarily focused on being anti-Islamic these days.

What about the Canadian Action Party started by Paul T. Hellyer?. It promotes Canadian nationalism, monetary reform, and electoral reform and opposes neoliberal globalization and free trade agreements.

Kyle said (April 24, 2010):

Hi Henry, My name is Kyle. I'm an ardent fan of yours writing to you from Alberta. I just finished reading your new article about the phony opposition in Canada. I have long realized the topics you discuss in this article but have not ever seen them articulated until now. Most surprising to me is the Mel Hurtig revelations. I've read 2 of his books and thought they were pretty good. One thing I have come to realize about many political/social commentators is that they do a good job on analysis of our problems but they always seem to recommend more government solutions and big government ideals to solve all of our problems. Why do stupid fake liberals always think they can outsmart human nature?

Anyways I wanted to bring to your attention some dirt on Tommy Douglas that you may or may not know. The little darling of Canadian history, the hero who brought us universal healthcare......... was a hardcore eugenicist. Yes, he wrote his university thesis on eugenics and advocated rationed care, euthanasia and elimination of the unfortunate of society. His plain old wikipedia page actually has alot of info about it. Thought it may make good fodder for a future article. And also you may find it interesting to look up the Alberta Eugenics board, that sterilized so called "mental deficients". Haha in todays political climate, I would probably qualify as a mental deficient for talking about the Illuminati and the international bankers that are setting up a one world government.

Dick said (April 24, 2010):

One member of the "real left" is Ralph Nader. Absolutely. I've met him a few times, volunteered for his presidential campaign, and was asked to give him a lift to an event because he doesn't have enough money to travel while campaigning. I don't agree with him on every point (I think he's too reactionary on environmental issues), but
he's been absolutely correct since day 1 on issues like free trade, globalization, corporate power, election reform, health, safety, etc.

Lumping him in with "left gatekeepers" would be disingenuous based on a few sins of omission. He's not going to come out and talk about the Illuminati because it would destroy his credibility. But he's given extensive interviews about the Bohemian Grove and other taboo subjects.

Anyone should go read his NAFTA-era articles, his current articles and speeches, books like "The Big Boys", which is one of the best glimpses into corporatism that you'll find.

Alan said (April 24, 2010):

Rand Paul is more of a shill than his Masonic father.

DC Dave said (April 24, 2010):

It's great to see someone write on the subject of fake opposition. It's a very powerful tool for manipulation of the public, and it's been around since the beginning of recorded history. What's amazing is how effective it continues to be; how easily people continue to be fooled by it. The technique operates exactly like that of the double agent in the espionage game. Just as the double agent must give up what appears to be some vital secrets to buy credibility, so, too, must the fake opposition make some very persuasive arguments against the actions of his ultimate paymasters.

It's much easier to point out fake opposition leaders these days than to find any leader that one can say with any confidence is genuine. Heading my phony list are probably, on the right, Newsmax editor Christopher Ruddy. Since I worked with him very closely in the early days of my investigation of the Vincent Foster murder and got to witness his treachery at very close range, I can speak with absolute assurance in his case. If you put his name in the "find" box on my home page of, you can witness the evolution of my thinking with respect to Ruddy.

On the left, the most prominent example of fake opposition must be Noam Chomsky, along with the stable of leftists that houses him online at Again, a search of his name on my home page will be revealing.

In your article you mention only the good, seductive fake opposition. Readers should also be aware of the other kind, the bumbling, repugnant, fake opposition, like many of the smelly hippies who "opposed" the Vietnam War. At the largest rally against the Iraq War held in DC a burly, aggressive friend and I forcibly relieved one such type of his big, needlessly vulgar sign that he was parading before the cameras. No more obvious plant could be imagined, but we were still verbally assaulted by the well-meaning, but deceived liberals in the vicinity for our undemocratic methods in depriving the poor soul of his right to free expression.

This latter type of offensive and ineffectual fake opposition is mentioned in nos. 4 and 5 of my "Seventeen Techniques for Truth Suppression." The type you address is in no. 16. "Their job," I say, "is to preempt real opponents and to play 99-yard football."

Christine said (April 24, 2010):

Down here in the USA, things are pretty much the same as in Canada with regard to phony opposition. For years, supposed conservative groups have been swindling their supporters while doing NOTHING to stop the NWO. In that sense, they are helping them.

What infuriates me most about conservatives is that they just wring their hands and tacitly promote helplessness, despair, discouragement, and most of all, inaction.

Four centuries ago, an apparition of Our Lady of Good Success appeared in Quito, Ecuador. She predicted that at the end of the 20th century, the world would be almost completely dominated by Freemasonry. Indeed, Dr. Wardner created a video demonstrating that one must be a 33rd degree Freemason to get anywhere in American politics.

The apparition stated that just when things got to the lowest point, Our Lady of Good Success would intervene and save the day. The question is: when? Nowadays, just when you think things can't get any worse morally, they do.

L said (April 24, 2010):

Here is a name: John Traficant. He has the balls to talk about radical Zionists owning the US Congress. They do; they are part of the Babylonian belief and worship system that is anathema to Almighty God.

Gordon said (April 24, 2010):

I have to respond to your article on "Phoney Opposition". I have noticed this for several years but am stymied in alerting others to the orchestration of "appearances". Too many are diverted by the smoke screens of organized sports, TV programming, "the evening news", concocted issues whose intent is simply to divert.

Another major deceptive group is the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. I have had email discussions with Maureen Bader (one director) regarding their omission of explaining our corrupt money creation system (the whole basis of sovereignty). Her reply was that this issure was on their radar....a weak excuse at best. I pointed out that the Canadian Taxpayers Fed. was obviously compromised in some fashion for its failure to deal with the money creation issue but got NO response. The cause of treason fits into one of only three reasons; coercion (fear), bribery (of money, position or power) ; and like mindedness (concurrence with enemy.)

In seeing the open and rapid demise of Canada, I can find NO leader since our Bank of Canada Act was used to help end the Great Depression. Once the banking establishment usurped the money creation again, we have been shriveling up steadily.

The Canadian Action Party seemed prepared to regain control but legislation quickly ended their taxpayer financial support and probable agent provacateur derailed the Party. It will wither/ or remain too small to be effective, due to our complicit media.
Even open armed rebellion seems like too little- too late.

Any potential leadership is undermined; any successful candidate is simply a pawn for appearance.

The challenge is in trying to guess their next step because the outcome is certain, prophecy says so, even if we disagree or don't like it.

David said (April 24, 2010):

Dear Henry:Thank you for your article on Phony Opposition.
Coming out of the US Republican Party,I find the so-called " Neo-Conservatives/Evangelical coalition known as the Right Wing, to be the most dangerous. These Trotskyite Zionists moved increasingly into the GOP after the anti-war, George McGovern captured the Democratic Party's nomination for President in 1972. At one time,it was the Zionist/Jews who made the modern Democrat Party of Wilson,FDR,Truman,and Johnson the 'War Party'. Their allies in this were the Wasp Eastern Liberal,Establishment Republicans with illustrious names like Teddy Roosevelt Rockefeller,Stimson,Luce,and there puppet Wendell Wilkie. It was this group who fought the Midwestern,Mountain/Plain and Borders States Republicans like Taft,Lafallote,Lindburgh,Col,McCormick,and others in opposing the Federal Reserve,and entry into WW1,and 2,and were openly wary of cruel policies like the Treaty Of Versailles,Provoking Japan,Lend-Lease,The Morganthau Plan,Dealing with, Stalin,Unconditional Surrender,NATO,and unrestrained Free Trade,or uncontrolled Wall Street.and high defense budgets.

After the Eisenhower years,when there was a quiet alliance between these factions(IIKE pulling out of Korea,helping post war Germany and warning of military industrial complex(IKE HAD BEEN THERE CREATURE DURING WW2, were Taft policies) the traditional Taft Republicans and there helpers,old progressives went into decline,and are now extinct by 60..The Birchers were/are a front group to co-opt the Taft forces,and oppose Ike after he took on Israel during Suez,and reached out to ease world tensions and cut the defense budget.Goldwater was not a neoconservative,but his jingoism at the time,made him there champion.and he took Vietnam off the table in 64.

Many of his backers were(William F.Buckley-CIA_CFR_ZIONIST AGENT)The liberal Eastern Republicans morphed into the neoconservatives,and the formerly Southern Democrat Evangelicals are now together!Which culminated in the there protégé,the disastrous Churchill Ian,Religiouse fanatic,George W.BushA brilliant maneuver that only trained Marxist-Leninist Trotskyites could do!They know how to mobilize the petty bourgeoisie with calls of greed and patriotism,along with the ignorant proletariat with religion and so-called traditional values.(OPIATE OF THE PEOPLE)all for Israel,Finance Capital,and constant war!

Now we live in a Rothschild(57% US Federal Reserve-City London,) world,founded in 45,its tentacles reach left-middle-right with distant voices in the background. Ralph Nader,Pat Buchanan the ever marginalized opposition with little gravitas. Once renown writers like Kevin Phillips,Thomas Fleming,John Toland,Gore Vidal,and of course David Irving vilified,or ignored.

Tom said (April 24, 2010):

It is very refreshing to see that others view the Left Gate Keepers, and Fabian Socialists as just another side to the same coin. I can really appreciate how your beliefs have grown and evolved as more TRUTH has been revealed to you. In my opinion, the TRUTH is the holiest of holies..Your trek down this path of truth is the most spiritual journey a man could ever take..

Any “religion” that doesn’t hold the quest for truth as the most noble of acts in my opinion is a worthless sham. I have always held that the higher a political position a person holds, the more spiritually bankrupt they must be(Truth and Politics just don’t mix)..The true rebels who seek to bring down this system and expose the FRAUD will never find a voice in this political brothel. We must find our voice down other avenues, and your website is one of them..This battle is not going to be won by “politics as usual”..You are doing exactly what you need to be doing..No savior is going to come from within the bowels of this rotten system. Like one of my great teachers has said “If you leave rotten meat out, expect maggots.

Don’t blame the “maggots” they are doing EXACTLY what they were intended to do. That’s how I look at this whole wretched system. It is collapsing under the weight of it own debauchery..LET IT FALL!!! Don’t try to prop up what is broken and can NEVER be fixed(from within)..”Know Thy Self”, and follow the truth where it leads you. Most people never even make it that far!!! I know it may sound “cliché” by now, but “WE Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For”

H said (April 24, 2010):

david duke is a con artist; i know this now because i responded to his latest video concerning the pretend opposition of the day the 'tea party movement' which he was representing as legitimate and sincere opposition to the evil we are facing.

i posted several responses explaining that this movement is controlled by the same people who backed bush which is why there was no such movement when bush was in office.

he mentioned that the u.s.a. was founded by and for white men.

so naturally i also explained that the "browning" of america is inevitable because remember it was reddish brown from the beginning; so the trend of population is towards the original people of every land; and that the blacks were brought here by whites themselves out of sheer laziness and desire to exploit others.

the issue of illegals is another matter---in my opinion, no matter which laws are passed, eventually the u.s.a. will be largely brownish red original people (known as "illegal aliens" now) along w/black descendants of slaves .

so who is to be blamed for the current population trends? i suggested that either whites will have to accept this or return to europe (reminding him again that this was not white peoples land so why is he surprised that blacks and browns are here and growing in population?).

my main point here is: he responded by blocking me from posting any further comments and REMOVING those i had posted!! in other words; he cries about being "censored" then he CENSORED ME!!! it actually hilarious in a way...

just thought i'd clue you in for whatever its worth to you---he's a hypocrite

J said (April 24, 2010):

Thank you for this most interesting article. Much like yourself, I too have been involved with the "Canadian Nationalist" scene for many years. I used to be a member of Maude Barlow's Council of Canadians and I also took out a membership in the former Progressive Conservative Party of Canada to support David Orchard during the 1998 and 2003 leadership elections. However, I have become very disillusioned with the direction (or lack thereof) of the Canadian Nationalist movement in recent years.

I believe that the former Progressive Conservative Party of Canada, which was quite arguably the last bastion of Canadian Nationalism, was our last hope to reclaim an independent Canada. The Liberals and NDP have always been globalists. While it is true that the Liberals under John Turner and the NDP under Ed Broadbent both opposed Brian Mulroney's free trade deal with the USA during the 1988 federal election; they both openly support other globalist institutions such as the UN, IMF, World Bank, WTO, NORAD, and NATO.

Pierre Trudeau was opposed to free trade and the loss of Canadian sovereignty to the USA, but he aided the globalists in other ways, such as supporting mass immigration and multiculturalism. The NDP continue to oppose NAFTA and also wish to see NATO enlargement halted, but they strongly support the UN and WTO.

I am pleased that the NDP is the only major federal political party which opposes the coming North American Union and its forerunner, the SPP, but it remains committed to eventual world government in other ways. The NDP are opposed to globalization in the sense that they oppose free trade, unfettered capitalism, privatization, outsourcing, off shoring, the Afghanistan war, and laissez-faire economics; but they are by no means nationalists. They are "alter-globalists", that is, they support eventual world government, but by putting the needs of people before the greed of multinational corporations. The NDP support economic nationalism, trade protectionism, and Keynesian market interventionism to protect the wages and living standards of Canadians; but they could care less about the actual independence and sovereignty of
Canada as a nation-state. In fact, most NDPers I have ever met all regard the nation-state as an archaic and redundant "false construct" dating back to the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648. Many social-democrats and socialists view the nation-state and nationalism as detrimental to the emancipation of women and workers.

Some NDPers I know even regard the nation-state as a "false social construct" put in place by "White European Christian Males". The ideology of feminism, political correctness, post-modernism and post-structuralism runs rampant in the NDP.

Its ironic that the former Progressive Conservative Party of Canada opposed free trade, privatization, and laissez-faire economics between 1867 to 1984; and then totally shifted gears and came out in full support
of those things with Brian Mulroney's leadership win in 1983. I believe that Brian Mulroney, Preston Manning, Stockwell Day, and Stephen Harper are all globalists and American Republican-style Conservatives.

Sir John A. Macdonald, Sir Robert Borden, John Diefenbaker, Robert Stanfield and to a lesser extent Joe Clark were all nationalists and Canadian Red Tory-style Conservatives.

Conservative nationalists like Diefenbaker and Stanfield (Red Tories) have all been replaced by
neo-Conservatives globalists like Mulroney and Harper. Liberal nationalists like Pearson and Trudeau (Social-Liberals) have been replaced by neo-Liberal globalists like Chretien and Martin. Even left-wing nationalists in the NDP such as David Lewis and Tommy Douglas have been replaced by alter-globalist tree huggers like Layton.

Bruno said (April 24, 2010):

About your post: Phony Opposition. Yeah that's how it works. It's a perfect setup most honest people would not figure out that easily because they are just honest people and the others are accomplished liars and frauds and cheats. And if you want to add another category of opposition to the lying dogs, look at the pope and the catholic church right now.

It is not by accident that they single them out. Not to excuse anything. The popes especially have been a thorn in their eyes for at least 150 years. I wonder when they will shut them down completely.

As for real opposition: I think it is too late. But as always in history there will come a day when divine destiny intervenes and a great battle will come and the lairs will trip over their own feet and fall and crash and never be seen again.

This is the only scenario that realistically is the last and final alternative. But don't get me wrong: I do not advocate the phony religious babble either the likes of the 60 million so called Christian Zionist who are so stupid as to help us all commit national suicide, sacrificing yet another generation in their damn wars. Oh no!

But there will come the day when men and women will fight an heroic fight such as the world has never seen and they will prevail against all odds be it 10:1 or 1000:1. That day is coming. Pray to the God of justice and righteousness.

John said (April 23, 2010):

I read your interesting new piece on the phony opposition. With all due respect, how do readers on your site know that you yourself aren't a member of the controlled opposition? You seem to overlook the fact that 95% or more of American Jews either excuse or ignore the crimes of their elite brethren.



I am part of the remaining 5%


Christian (from Germany) said (April 23, 2010):

leaders to me are Yavuz Özuguz, who runs the great website
Bischoff Richard Williamson, who has a lot of impressing speeches in different languages on youtube
and the German, half Tunisian rapper Bushido. That might seem a strange combination, but to me these are people honestly speaking from their heart, with no regard for the consequences. Last but not least your website has also become important to me, although I think, there are too many different topics and people writing on the site, sometimes losing the main thread.
But it´s difficult, there are also some very interesting articles from your guests, but I mostly prefer your articles.

KATHERINE said (April 23, 2010):

Thank you for your work. I wish I could find a way to wake up my adolescent husband of 43 years. Living the last sixty some odd years has been a lonely adventure but at least there are others out there who see the world through the same glasses. I am sure you have helped many like myself to keep on keeping on while “all around us are losing their heads”.

Many Blessings,

Andrew said (April 23, 2010):

I wonder how meaningful democracy in Canada can be judging from the way the laws and unwritten constitution have functioned in Canada over the last two years.

Under Canada's constitution, Queen Elizabeth II remains Canada’s head of state, represented by a governor general who is currently a black woman named Michaelle Jean. How can that be even remotely democratic? What sort of democracy has a monarch that can veto democratic action?

For example, Canadians voted in a new House of Commons in October 2008. The Conservative party—led by Stephen Harper—received 37.6 per cent of the vote, and secured 143 seats in the 308-member lower house. Harper assembled a minority administration. The Conservatives also earned a minority mandate after the 2006 election, ending more than 12 years of government by the Liberal party.

By December, the Canadian House of Commons was ready to no-confidence vote Prime Minister Stephen Harper out of his newly won Prime Minister's position, but Queen Elizabeth stepped in working through governor general, Michaelle Jean, who simply DISMISSED PARLIAMENT stopping Canada's democracy in its tracks.

Now Canadian's House of Commons is struggling with the question of how badly Canadian troops have treated Afghan POWs. Apparently there are documents that Parliament wants but Prime Minister Stephen Harper has marked TOP SECRET and refuses to turn over on national security grounds, again stopping Canada's democracy in its tracks.

Next Canada's House of Commons Speaker Peter Milliken issues his historic ruling that Parliament and not the Prime Minister's government has the right to control the documents in the Afghan detainee controversy. Last I heard the issue is before the Canadian Supreme Court. In Canada democracy is more theoretical than functional. Reminds me of democracy in the republic on Canada's southern border.

Alan said (April 23, 2010):

Here's a couple of names I might add to your list but you are right David Duke is at the top of the list and I would invite all to spend some time at his site to learn more about him and not what the media says about him. He's been putting out Great videos lately. Former U.S. Congressman James Traficant who just got out of prison for 7 years for a trumped up charge of corruption, when Tom Delay did much more egregious things, should be on the list. Now retired Congressman Paul Findley is another along with former Congress woman Cynthia McKinney. Former candidate for Texas Governor Debra Medina is another. She crashed and burned at the hands of Glenn Beck and Mark Davis about six weeks ago down in Texas. Her crime? She didn't disavow the "911 truth movement" forcefully enough for Beck's taste.

In the field of literature we have yourself of course along with Michael Collins Piper, Eustace Mullins, Mark Glenn, actually David Duke again and Jeff Gates.

All of the above are considered, by the MSM, to be unAmerican, hateful, anti-semites. Notice how the list is pretty small and people you've never heard of.


Glenn Beck is a classic Illuminati false opposition. The job he did on Medina is proof.


Tony B said (April 23, 2010):

Great article telling it like it is. It's time the duped people get over Ron Paul. He did the same thing to them that Ross Perot did - when it looked as though he would actually win he dumped his supporters and opted out - but he kept the money.

I was in this thing when Robert Welch was just selling fudge. When his Birch Society hit I watched but never joined. It had a bad smell to me from the begining, even with the obscure name used. To start, most Birchers seemed to quickly develop a smug, superior attitude even while the "right" was losing every political skirmish.

These Birchers were forever passing out paper laden with facts and statistics. Words without end. It didn't take long to see that they were forever learning (details) and never coming to the truth (of who was doing what). Another cover up of the real enemies of mankind.

It was the Birch Society, along with several of the top insurance corporations (who were quick to hand out little hand books of the declaration of independence and the U.S. Constitution with their corporate advertisement imprinted) who together generated a giant change in the thinking of patriotic Americans. These organizations continuously spoke of capitalism and free enterprise as though they were different titles for the same economic system when, in truth, free enterprise creates a free people controlling their own local economies in the manner of which the U.S. started out, while capitalism is the real enslaver of mankind, controlling all from corporate headquarters, the situation in the U.S today. The two are diametrically opposed. You will note that free enterprise is almost never mentioned anymore; the "western" nations are all referred to as "capitalist" or "capitalistic societies."

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