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Alex Jones' Mission - Discredit Gun Owners

January 8, 2013

Alex Jones on Piers Morgan

"Jones was there to look bad, and to make Piers look good. Jones is an agent of the system, not of truth. The idea is to uniformly present all patriots and gun owners as being like Alex Jones. Loud, boisterous mentally unhinged bullies."

Piers Morgan says, "Bingo" 

by Chris Haywood 

What on earth did we witness Monday night? So many questions. Alex Jones was on Piers Morgan's CNN show, ranting and raving like a lunatic, whilst Piers just sat there and took it.

Why was Alex on the show?

Alex was on the show for one reason. The station his show is on is an affiliate of time warner. He is not an independent broadcaster. Alex is as much a part of the same system as Piers Morgan. When you think in terms of association, Alex is to Warner as Glenn Beck is to Fox. He fulfills a purpose, and attracts a fringe audience, an audience that pays subscription fees to GCN (via So Alex was on the show because he is a 'TV', presenter. He's like a specialist reporter, a TV personality and an agent provocateur all rolled into one.

For an example of an independent broadcaster, think William Cooper, who did it all by himself.

Why did he shout, and rant so much?

When someone watches the news, they expect certain things, usually - cool, calm, objective reporting. This is why they watch the news. People who like shouting will watch WWE, and we all know thats fake right? Imagine watching a political debate and Romney starts screaming in Obama's face. Obama of course just sits there, without fear, and takes it. This is taking the higher ground. Jones was there to look bad, and to make Piers look good. Jones was there to look like an idiot, a bully, and a psycho. Jones was there to be the patsy. Now whether or not what he said was true, it was the delivery that mattered. I cannot state this enough, Jones is an agent of the system, not of truth.

Why was this allowed to happen?

For exactly the reason William Cooper said "Because they haven't got the guns out of the hands of the American people". I'm not saying that Jones will single handedly bring down gun ownership. But he is a cog in a big machine. The idea is to uniformly present all patriots and gun owners as being like Alex Jones. Loud, boisterous mentally unhinged bullies. If anyone thinks that the founding fathers were anything like Jones you are sadly mistaken. If Jones was a founding father, the revolution would likely have never happened.

Why did he threaten a revolution?

One thing people consider to be terrorism (thanks to "Law and Order" which I watched yesterday) is any threat of violence. There is a movement that would like ANY behavior which threatens violence to be considered as an act of terror - especially when politically motivated. Jones presents patriots as being potentially listed as terrorists on various government hit lists. Jones is an agent provocateur, he wants a revolution. He won't be fighting in it, he'll be watching from his government safe-house. But by threatening a revolution, he has now purposely given legitimacy to government labelling patriots as terrorists - enemies of the state if you like. Remember, people like Jones and Icke have ALWAYS said 'no violence, only peaceful means'. Why the sudden change? Because whatever is coming, is COMING soon.

Do not fall for their garbage. Remember what the average person wants (straight from the bible) PEACE AND SECURITY. You threaten that and in their eyes you are THE ENEMY.

Why did he challenge Piers to a boxing match?

To be a bully, nothing more. Piers is no threat to him. ergo all Patriots are loudmouth bullies.

Why does anyone think that Alex is on 'our side'?

Alex is a typical cult leader. He tells you that you cannot trust anyone but him, its addictive, I need to tune in to the Alex Jones show to get some truth. I need to hear what HE says about todays news. I've been there! But he also says that the news is full of lies, whilst printing out 3 dozen news articles every day. 

He won't touch religion, yet claims to be a Christian. Yet he puts David Icke on every couple of months to fill his listeners heads with New Age crap. He is self-promoting, arrogant, egotistical, a pathological liar (just search youtube to find a hundred or more videos of Jones lies exposed). 

You can go through all the 'in the movement' naive arguments against Jones, but to see the truth, you have to stop listening, stop caring about him and his show, move beyond it and realise that this man has been on the air for just shy of 20 years and pretty much (90%) every prediction (excluding 9/11 - which was not his prediction) has turned out to be false. He was using the same shlock in 1996 as he is today!

This interview, is nothing but MORE evidence that this guy is a fraud. Look at his face when Piers is introducing him, [The full interview here] at around the 30 second mark. Is that the face of a sincere individual? 

Remember this scripture: "Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves." Matthew 7:15

Bombastic Al's Post-Interview Whinge 

Jones-Stratfor connection

Makow comment: Alex Jones is correct about many things and teaches many people. I agree with him that the Illuminati bankers are instituting a police state using false flags like 9-11 and Newtown as an excuse. I agree that no one should be complicit in their own enslavement. But that said, he is certified kosher. Otherwise he wouldn't be on Kosher TV with Piers Morgan or linked by Matt Drudge. In other words, he is controlled opposition. 


First Comment by Jack

Henry you are discrediting your own site by repeatedly posting anti Alex Jones writers.  I have listened to Jones every single day for almost 5 years. Each one of your Jones detractors are never correct. Their material is out of context and represent either envy at the best or the inability to interpret what they are hearing. 

I have also owned radio stations for 30 years. Commenters making statements regarding Jones' funding and working for the same media controlling the mainstream is nonsense. Jones is raising his own money and is broadcast on systems and stations that freely contract to carry his programming. When the time is right the system will attempt to shut down his network, but for now his network is his own creation base on years of hard work.

I have always trusted my gut and Jones is real. 

His performance on Morgan is easy to understand when you watch Morgan chew up others supporting gun rights over the past few weeks. For example Morgan's interview with Larry Pratt of gun owners of America. 

Jones managed to keep Morgan from his control points, dodging Morgan's attempt to steer the conversation into scripted points that were just subject changes and misinformation packaged as questions. 

Jones' plan was to dominate the discussion while bombarding the audience with factual information .. He said things like this :

Mao said political power goes out of the barrel of a gun, he killed about 80 million people because he's the only guy who had the guns -- so we did it to point out that this is globalism, and the mega banks that control the planet and brag they have taken over -- in Bloomberg, AP, Reuters, you name it -- brag that they're going to get our guns as well. They've taken everybody's guns, but the Swiss and the American people and when they get our guns, they can have their world tyranny while the government buys 1.6 billion bullets, armored vehicles, tanks, helicopters, predator drones, armed now in U.S. skies, being used to arrest people in North Dakota. The Second Amendment isn't there for duck hunting. It's there to protect us from tyrannical government and street thugs...

Jones even used a smug English accent to highlight the fact that Morgan is being used to represent the "enlightened" view of the London based controllers of the world, the same people defeated after 1776, that "guns are a tired and evil little idea that the colonies must finally get rid of "

Morgan is psy-op indoctrinating Americans ( fewer and fewer as his ratings fall) with globalist propaganda supporting and normalizing a malevolent movement to force a hard tyranny on the American States. 

Comments on CNN following the show were strongly positive, with many people applauding Jones' strategy and his courage. 

People can say what the will, but Jones' is not a sellout .. and he would have been a sellout if he had gone on the show and thanked Red Coat Morgan for the Opportunity to be on his scripted reality show .. and he would have wasted an opportunity to expose sleeping Americans to the many many topics that need to be covered. 

CNN ended the interview early and spent the next segment and then another bashing Jones' as paranoid and making comments such as:  " This is a man that thinks the government under Bush caused 9-11, an idea that is simply Madness " ... imagine that line spoken in Morgan's pompous highbrow English accent ..  9-11 was the most extensive and expensive false flag event ever pulled on humans during this period of human existence .. Hell yeah Bush and his band of pirates were involved... Oh,  but the government says jet fuel can melt steel and those buildings can fall (under their own weight)  at nearly free fall without violating the laws of physics. And of course, the fact that no planes were found at the shanksville site or the Pentagon.. well in my best pompous British accent " that's all just not important .. "

Jones' has courage and courage is enough ! 

Second Comment by Rich

For that DON'T think that guns bans can happen in these modern times.. watch "A History of Gun Control worldwide" at the link below. 

These statements from the founders below CLEARLY show that the main reason for the 2nd amendment IS for PROTECTION against tyrannical government. 

"Laws that forbid the carrying of arms...disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes...Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man." - Cesare Beccaria's Essay on Crimes and Punishments quoted by Jefferson

"The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it." - Thomas Jefferson

"No Free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms," - Thomas Jefferson

"The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government" - Thomas Jefferson

 "Americans have the right and advantage of being armed -- unlike the citizens of other countries whose governments are afraid to trust the people with arms," argued - James Madison.

Jon Rappoport thought Alex Jones was Magnificent 

A History of Gun Control worldwide: Genocide

NO Guns for Negroes.

Watch what happens when Guns are banned in Australia!

English Warning "Our Gun Ban caused 40% jump in Gun Crime" DONT GIVE UP YOUR GUNS!

John Lott: More Guns, Less Crime 1/2
John Stossel - Gun Control Reduces Crime MYTH?

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Alex Jones' Mission - Discredit Gun Owners "

Henrique said (January 14, 2013):

Nice article, Jones is a clown that obviously serves a purpose, even though maybe he speaks in a language appropriate to americans in general, maybe the ONLY one they understand and respect. Most people are simple-minded, even when well-intentioned, that's a fact.

"For an example of an independent broadcaster, think William Cooper, who did it all by himself."

Today, in my opinion, no one among "truthers" compares to Alan Watt, genuine and direct, not to say brilliant. He is also not kosher, by the way, much on the contrary. His website is You Makow, him and Olavo de Carvalho ( with a grain of salt for being EXTREMELY kosher ) have been my favorite sources for quite a while. Anthony Migchels fills the blank on the practical ( economic ) side.

Franz said (January 13, 2013):

Today happend something I need to inform you about.
I listened to John Todd Collins who claimed he was a former member oft he illuminati, in his speech he said the highest priority oft he illuminati is ban the guns in the US.
Yesterday I watched a video about the homeland security, how they changed the law in their advantage. I connected those two things, in that point Todd spoke the thruth, and that was in the 70s.

Here ist hat video

I posted a reply on because there was a article about him, and I was banned immediately.

So on that board if youre against the NWO or you are digging a bit deeper, ban.

I don’t know youre point of view against Todd, according wiki, he was crazy, and a criminal.

Amayzen said (January 10, 2013):

It's not too complicated to figure out: Alex Jones is busy informing millions and millions of people about the crimes of the global criminal elite (aka the banksters) who have hijacked the American government, military, police, media, and economy.

Meanwhile these cowardly treasonous anonymous Pentagon-directed operatives and trolls are spending their time trying to “expose” Alex Jones.

These cowardly treasonous anonymous Pentagon-directed operatives and trolls hate Alex Jones because they hate America and the truth.

Google: Operation Earnest Voice

Ron said (January 10, 2013):

We need to win the information war and not get sucked into these

Pier’s vs Alex Jones battles which are PSYOP’s. Alex Jones should have been wiser and not accepted the invitation. On Pier’s show the talking head said that Pier’s should shoot Alex Jones. Then on CNN they said that “they hope that the children of Alex Jones don’t get shot”. They win the PSYOP. Liberals can get away with calling for murder of children and out of the other side of their mouths scream about Sandy Hook. What a travesty.. What a crime.. Nazi’s did the same thing..

Victor Thorn said (January 9, 2013):

Thanks for posting the article about that raving lunatic Alex Jones. We exposed him years ago on WING TV. Only those with childish minds still follow this cretin.

Frank said (January 9, 2013):

RE:Jack- Henry you have been taking on Israel for years and you are Jewish. You've got balls! AJ has bucks. I quit listening to him in the early 2,000's cause he would cut off even the mildest criticism of Israel and then go on in a tirade for 15 minutes about how stupid the caller was. The spit would be flying. Sometimes I felt like I needed a towel. The guy made an ass out of himself and I think maybe that's what he is paid to do. So keep exposing the controlled op!


KPR said (January 9, 2013):

A Jones has a history of discrediting gun owners when it comes to the 2nd Amendment. As citizens assembled in Austin a couple of years ago for a peaceful gun rights rally, all was fine until Jones appeared on the scene... here's one of the videos of that day:

Ben said (January 9, 2013):

One has absolutely no doubt that Jones is controlled opposition. Obviousy the script he reads tells him to discredit those he claims to represent. He comes across as nothing more than an angry, abusive and dangerous redneck. What a great way to brand gun owners 'domestic terrorists'. The pro-torture 'liberal' establishment lawyer that Piers had on after Jones - Alan Dershowitz or whatever - let the cat out of the bag, saying that Jones is not a witness but an exhibit, a piece of evidence, and suggesting that his fake rant was great for the the gun grab.

To matured, seasoned observers, the whole thing was staged like a fricken circus . The guy lacks sincerity and is on the payroll of the big boys. There have been plenty of allegations in the past. He makes up lies, like the one about the 'mafia' following him in New York, to cover his tracks. Alex shouted and bullied the whole time and Piers took it and came across as the 'winner' of the 'debate'. Alex Jones is one big psychological operation ... Isn't it about time the other big names started calling a spade a spade? Where are David Icke, Rense and Co? Why is such a massive story not all over their websites? Are they happy to enjoy the publicity, regardless of the fact that it is from an agent, an imposter; a traitor? One often does wonder!

Tim said (January 9, 2013):

I'd tend to disagree with Chris Haywood's assessment of Alex Jones' appearance on Piers Morgan last night. I don't think Alex is controlled opposition, but I think he did go a bit over the top in this appearance and should have stayed focused without resorting to a silly accent. I believe his plan was to go in and completely steamroll Morgan, preventing him from getting a word in on his own show.

I reckon this was justified given the shows of flagrant disrespect and arrogance Morgan showed towards pro-Second Amendment advocates recently. Moreover, CNN long ago lost credibility as a balanced and objective news source; instead it has morphed into a smarmy propaganda outlet for globalists. So while Alex could have done better at staying at playing the ball and not the man, Morgan got what he deserved. Alex is not always right but at least he has enough humility to recognize that most of the time. Morgan does not.

Dick said (January 9, 2013):

Lots of really interesting articles lately!

I agree completely with Michael's comment that this whole issue is a red herring. Here's a great lecture by Anton Chaitkin about the
trend in the early 1990s to simultaneously blame atrocities on militias from without and provoke them from within. The whole thing
was organized by British intelligence:

What's the point? Half of the population wants more oppression, the other half wants anarchy. And meanwhile the bankers keep flash-trading your future away. This is all kabuki theatre to keep you in fear, to create fake villains, and to keep you out of the political realm.

FDR put it best:

Sandeep said (January 9, 2013):

The latest interview with Morgan has been viewed as a success for Morgan due to Jones´ craziness. I have to agree. Morgan outsmarted him and I think that is exactly what they wanted. Get him on and show on primetime what a kook he is. He isn´t one in my opinion in regards of the information, but he made one of himself and ultimately the truth movement.

People who have been locked too much on Alex Jones for the truth should start to break loose and inform themselves via other great sites. I am not saying drop him completely but there are so many truths out there that Infowars isn´t covering or I feel not covering on purpose. This was a great reminder to me yesterday when I saw Willie Nelson having been on Piers Morgan too and advocating gun control and being ´glad´ Obama got reelected, but hey, he was praised by Alex Jones as a legend and of course we never saw these comments on ( Charlie Sheen was another complete joke and did nothing but discredit the movement.

Alan said (January 9, 2013):

I don't see how this vague attack on Alex Jones is justified. He's not there to have a civil conversation with the mercenary host. He's there to get his message across. I'm not embarrassed at all by his interview. He dominates the interview. He talks about 9/11, he talks about psychiatric meds and the connection with suicide, violence and the shootings. Alex Jones detractors seem to have very little substance in their accusations. If you want to provide some points, feel free and then I can consider. If it's just constant vague assertions, it's just your likes and dislikes and I can ignore it as just noise.

Derek said (January 8, 2013):

I almost turned it off it was so bad. Jones says in a video interview after at his hotel that he treated Piers the way he did because that's what he deserves. The making fun of his accent at the end was over the top! I certainly see Jones in a different light after this experience

Michael said (January 8, 2013):

This whole "they're trying to take away our guns!" thing is ludicrous. This isn't the 18th century. Do these "patriots" really think they could successfully defend themselves against a tyrannical government in the 21st. century? Are Ar-15's and a few bullets really going to defeat nerve gas, drones, and the rest of the ridiculous arsenal the U.S government has at their disposal? Not a chance. This whole argument is a red herring, and Alex Jones played his part well, on CNN as well as on his own show, spreading disinformation, discrediting honest independent truth-seekers (such as yourself), and leading his audience by the nose to come to all the wrong conclusions and miss the forest for the trees. The NWO will not be defeated by bullets.

Robert said (January 8, 2013):

During this 'interview' Alex Jones says "It's true that America is a violent society," while arguing right along that relatively speaking it is
not a violent society! It is hard to comprehend how a professed Christian could be apparently proud of this, or how he could constantly
be boasting of his proficiency at beating people up, or wishing he could "slap them upside the head". It seems as if in the USA proclaiming
one's Christian faith, sincerely or otherwise, is recognized as being a precondition of acquiring a wide base of popular support.

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