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Homosexuality -Proof Government Promotes Sickness

February 12, 2013

ggay.jpgThis is not "homophobic." What
homosexuals do is their business. 
This is about the Illuminati pushing a
destructive lifestyle on
heterosexuals. Their satanically-inspired,
social engineering is our business.

The following information is based on two sources. 1. Comparing the Lifestyles of Homosexual Couples to Married Couples by Timothy Dailey Ph.D.  and 2. the book, "Homosexuality & the Politics of Truth" by Jeffrey Satinover, MD pp.49-70.

Remember, this is the "lifestyle" they are foisting on your children.


1.  Promiscuity

Heterosexuals:  Average of four lifetime partners. A national survey found that 77 percent of married men and 88 percent of married women had remained faithful to their marriage vows.

Male Homosexuals: The average male homosexual has 50 lifetime partners and as many as hundreds of sex partners. Bell and Weinberg found that 43 percent of white male homosexuals had sex with 500 or more partners, with 28 percent had one thousand or more sex partners. Most homosexual men understood sexual relations outside the "relationship" to be the norm and viewed adopting monogamous standards as an act of oppression.

2. Duration of Relationship:

Heterosexuals: 66 percent of first marriages last ten years or longer, with fifty percent lasting twenty years or longer.

Male Homosexuals: In a survey of 7,862 homosexuals, only 15 percent describe their current relationship as having lasted twelve years or longer, with five percent lasting more than twenty years. "Typical gay city inhabitants spend most of their adult lives in 'transactional' relationships, or short-term commitments of less than six months."

3. Level of Commitment

Surprisingly few homosexuals and lesbians choose to enter into legally recognized unions where such arrangements are available.

In 2004, four years after passage, only about 21 percent of the estimated homosexual and lesbian population of Vermont had entered into civil unions. Put another way, 79 percent of homosexuals and lesbians in Vermont choose not to enter into civil unions. By contrast, in Vermont, heterosexual married couples outnumber cohabiting couples by a margin of 7 to 1, per capita.

4. Children

Only a small minority of gay and lesbian households have children. Beyond that, the evidence indicates that comparatively few homosexuals choose to establish households together--the type of setting that is normally prerequisite for the rearing of children.

5. Life Expectancy and Health Risks

Homosexuals experience a 25-35 year decrease in life expectancy. They suffer chronic potentially fatal liver disease and infectious hepatitis. Fatal immune disease includes associated rectal and other cancers.
Even those homosexual relationships that are loosely termed "monogamous" do not necessarily result in healthier behavior. The evidence indicates that homosexual and lesbian relationships are at far greater risk for contracting life-threatening disease compared with married couples. The journal AIDS reported that men involved in relationships engaged in anal intercourse and oral-anal intercourse with greater frequency than did those without a steady partner. Anal intercourse has been linked with a host of sexually transmitted diseases, including AIDS.

6. Mental Health and Suicide

Homosexual and lesbian relationships experience a far greater rate of mental health problems compared to married couples. Homosexuals were 6.5 times more likely than their twins to have attempted suicide.

7.  Domestic Violence

Research indicates very high levels of violence in homosexual and lesbian relationships. In one survey, 90 percent of lesbians had been recipients of one or more acts of verbal aggression from their intimate partners during the prior year, with 31 percent reporting one or more incidents of physical abuse. In their book Men Who Beat the Men Who Love Them: Battered Gay Men and Domestic Violence, Island and Letellier state that "the incidence of domestic violence among gay men is nearly double that in the heterosexual population." However, the Illuminati-controlled media has used  domestic violence to turn heterosexuality into a pathology.


"Gay rights" and "Gay marriage" are a ruse to hide a deliberate attack on heterosexual norms. 

Dr. Dailey quotes Paula Ettelbrick, the former legal director of the Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund: "Being queer is more than setting up house, sleeping with a person of the same gender, and seeking state approval for doing so....Being queer means pushing the parameters of sex, sexuality, and family, and in the process transforming the very fabric of society."

Gay activists market homosexuality as the same as heterosexuality but they know better. One warns: "The masses must not be repulsed by premature exposure to homosexual behavior itself." (Satinover, p.52) 

Whether it is false flag state terrorism, vaccines or chemtrails, the Illuminati agenda is to weaken, depopulate and enslave society. The promotion of homosexuality is designed to destroy the fundamental building block of a healthy society: the traditional family.
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Comments for "Homosexuality -Proof Government Promotes Sickness "

Richard said (February 14, 2013):

The definition of homosexual they gave in the old education films is absolutely true - and absolutely verboten today.

"for Jimmy didn't know that Ralph was sick. A sickness that was not visible like smallpox but no less dangerous and contagious, a sickness of the mind.
Ralph was a homosexual, a person who demands intimate relationships with members of the same sex".

The movie shows exactly why homosexuals are dangerous. Ralph is a predator around forty that picks up teenage targets hitchhiking, gains their trust, and the typical manipulative seduction/coercion routine to 'convert'. This reality about the gay world is now against the law to reveal to school students.
This type of Jerry Sandusky, bull fruit predator is but one animal in the gay zoo responsible for spreading the problem. Another is child molesters, that lurk in positions of trust.

Vivian said (February 13, 2013):

Not sure if you were keeping track of the Notre Dame football player taken in by a fake "online" girlfriend. In a nutshell, he fell for a girl on line, never met her, she "died" and that tragedy helped propel this player to fame.

I believe him to be a shy, nice man, probably a virgin. He struck up a "comfortable" relationship with what appeared to be the girl of his dreams on line, his only crime is being gullible. Probably didn't realize this would snow ball into a well known sports/romance story and felt like he had to play along or be found out and be ridiculed by the same media that made him a poster boy.

Anyway, here is a link to the story of the "recovering" homosexual who was responsible for luring him in. Not as a joke, but because he had feelings for him. Yes it is on MSNBC and exposed on Dr Phil. But the back story is not being pushed nearly as hard now that they know who is at fault for tainting this young man. When they were trying to out the victim of this hoax it was a media circus and witch hunt at best. But will this guy get any flack for starting it all?

Joe said (February 13, 2013):

The promotion of homosexual/lesbian rights is part of the communist manifesto. It's a tool the communists use to undermine
family life and the culture of a people . It's a tool for the purpose of subversion.

To all homosexual/gay/lesbian readers. Please do not allow yourselves be tools/pawns for the communists.

If the Communist Party ever manages to take over the US 100% -- the commies are trying real hard, hence the attempt at the Gun Grab -- the first group of people who will rounded up and killed will be homosexuals! That's what happened in Russia when the Communist Party took over and turned it into a giant slave gulag.

While I think homosexual/lesbian marriage is absurd, I also don't want to see homosexuals and lesbians rounded up and killed. Please study the history of communism, and what actually happens when communists take over a country.

Homosexuals are the first ones to be rounded up and brutally murdered. As it is, the gays and lesbians supporting the radical agenda are being used as pawns -- they're being "useful idiots" [ a communist term for their low-ranking supporters who are unaware of the true agenda]. The radical leaders at the very top know fully well the True Communist Agenda.

To all homosexuals and lesbians : You will be rounded up and killed if the US falls into communist hands. This is not a joke. It's alarmist, yes, but the alarm - the warning - is based on historical fact.

If anyone thinks the Christian world is unfair to gays/lesbians, just wait until the communists take power.

K (Germany) said (February 13, 2013):

Recently two gay "monogamous" men moved into the apartment across from me.

I don´t really want to rant about gays, but they do all seem to have the same "problems".

These neighbors, like most of the other gay men I know and have know, have lots of "company" if you know what I mean. These people, mostly men, spend the night.

You do hear a lot about gays who beat up their partners. With this particular "couple", the one is very dominant over the other, who seems to be submissive in the EXTREME. Kind of sad, when you think about it.

If you read Augusten Burroughs you get the real scoop on the not so-gay gay lifestyle. In fact, I felt that he inferred his homosexual "preference" began with a kind of rape when he was a litte kid. I read the book about 5 years ago but that oral-sex rape scene of him as a young boy still has not escaped me.

Dan said (February 13, 2013):

From the 1987 gay playbook of strategy and tactics for what's happened, “The Overhauling of Straight America” (was later turned into a book called “After the Ball: How America Will Conquer Its Fear and Hatred of Gays in the ’90s.")

“In the early stages of the campaign, the public should not be shocked and repelled by the premature exposure to homosexual behaviour itself. Instead, the imagery of sex per se should be down-played, and the issue of gay rights reduced... to an abstract social question....Thus our campaign should not demand explicit support for homosexual practices, but should instead take anti-discrimination as its theme”

At this point this is actually obsolete. Staged photos of homosexuals and lesbians groping are sprinkled throughout media. It will get worse.

DL said (February 13, 2013):

I urge you to look at any government institution that handles kids, such as foster homes, group homes, and prisons for children etc.... especially Canada.

It has been my experience that many children coming out of these institutions are homosexual. It is my belief they have been psychologically "imprinted" with the fetish.

Yes, if you look at homosexuality as a fetish people can be imprinted with it just as with a phobia. And the government knows the younger the better. I'm sure you know about the work of Lorenz. Well when gay marriage becomes cultural, even if not wanted by homosexuals, the media will imprint the youth and reality will imitate art.

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