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Man's Love Mirrors God's Love of Creation

April 3, 2017

marriage.jpeg"And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep.
 And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters."
Genesis 1-2

Despite gender confusion, women are still looking for leaders, protectors and providers, so they can raise children. Only a satanically (Communist) subverted society would force women to concentrate on career
 during their most fertile years and import foreigners to augment the population. 

 "A man's most valuable asset is his wife."

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Why "Hell has no Wrath like a Woman Scorned'"
(Revised and Updated from May 22, 2013)

In a deceptive article, "Infantriarchy" on the anti-feminist website A Voice for Men,  Gordon Wadsworth argues that "equality and self actualization" will result from overcoming two basic "defects." He seems ignorant that these "defects" (reflecting a power imbalance) in fact define gender and are at the heart of heterosexuality.  

"The female defect is her desire to infantilize herself; to project a facade of weakness and victimhood. The female does this because part of her identity is contingent on compelling males to act on her behalf. This is a mechanism which allows the female to feel desirable, important, and powerful. ...Thus, the female defect keeps her from assuming personal responsibility, which presents a barrier to her self-actualization.

The male defect is his desire to compensate for the infantilized female. He does this because part of his identity is contingent on earning female validation. He thus demonstrates his ability to protect, provision and inform. This is a mechanism for feeling useful, powerful, knowledgeable, and important. The male defect leads him to compete with other males to demonstrate his primacy to females... This becomes his own barrier to self-actualization.

These defects mean that the female path of self-actualization is one of taking responsibility, and the male path of self-actualization is one of relinquishing responsibility."

Wadsworth thinks he is anti-feminist; but this is pure feminism - neutering the sexes by empowering women and enfeebling men and making them selfish. Wadsworth is providing a recipe for more gender neutering and confusion not "self actualization." 

Gender is based on an imbalance of worldly (physical, material) power between male and female. Just look at how much stronger males usually are. As I have said, heterosexuality requires the surrender of female material power to a select male (her husband) in exchange for his power, expressed as his love. This contract is consecrated by exclusive sex, marriage and family.  

Men want power; women want love. Marriage is the exchange of the two; i.e. Male love in exchange for Female power.

With "strong and independent" women, there is more temptation for men to evade their role, i.e. providing leadership. This is just what the Illuminati want. Instead, men need to return to the traditional model, where the male is the Captain of the ship, and the woman is the First Mate. This is what women still want: a man strong and worthy enough to earn her allegiance. No amount of feminist social engineering can overcome natural instincts. The captain mustn't abandon ship and become a metrosexual or hipster. 


Marriage and family is a God-given path that allows us to find love and grow inwardly. Today, millions of people are in a state of arrested development because they cannot form a permanent relationship. 

Man represents the God Principle. Woman represents the Creation Principle. There is no war. 

Women seek male love like flowers crave sunshine. 

"Making love" is a physical expression of this mystical alchemy. The woman loves a man's spirit. The male prepares the woman and plants the seed. The seed is the spirit, code and spark of creation. The female accepts the spirit. But, by being possessed, she also possesses. 

Another metaphor is the relationship between a farmer and his land. The farmer cultivates the soil and plants the seed. The verb "husband" means to cultivate and manage prudently. The land gives birth to new life and nurtures it.


Society has conditioned men to see women mostly in terms of sex appeal. 

Women are by nature passive and instrumental. They are helpers.  They want to be loved for the contribution they make, not for the size of their breasts. They earn a man's love by helping him achieve his goals.

A man needs to define his goals and give his wife a valued role. A wife is a man's most valuable asset.

A woman is a bridge to the future. When she gives birth, she transforms herself and her mate into their child. Through the child, they are recreating themselves and producing the future. Creation is in a constant process of transformation.

spurned.jpgIf a woman isn't chosen and used for a higher purpose, she never realizes herself and remains unfulfilled. If she is discarded after having sex, the sting is all the sharper. In her soul, the sex act is a living metaphor for the love of God. This may explain the elemental wrath of the scorned woman.

A woman's love is synonymous with trust, openness and acceptance. This is what a man most craves from a woman. He needs someone to nurture and believe in him. Her belief makes anything possible for him. Her faith provides the space that the male expands into. She is Creation.

A woman wants to be nurtured, used and shaped by a man's love, which is a surrogate for the Divine Spirit. I'm not saying all or most men are surrogates for God, but this is the ideal. When a woman loves a man, she accepts his leadership. She is content to be consulted and considered.

Men forget that the position of wife is a status to which all women aspire. Dating is an interview. Courtship is probation. Marriage is a Sacred Covenant. Women find their bliss in being intensely needed by her husband.


A single man should approach marriage with a clear sense of how he wants to live, where a woman fits, and what her job description is. Women do not respond to men who are starved for sex and love, and don't have a plan for her. Nor are they satisfied with men who want them to remain independent, two parallel rails that never meet.

In conclusion, Marxists, having failed to create a class war between capital and labor, created one between men and women. The aim is the same: power. They are creating conflict where none exists. They are trying to portray as a disease something that is in fact mystical and divine. They are presenting sick behavior as healthy. They are standing between millions of people and God.

Men represent the God-principle. Women the Creation-principle. Man and woman, God and Creation are in love with each other. They need each other for completion and self-transformation. The way to stop the spread of Marxist feminism is for men to start acting like men, so that once again women may trust and yield to them.


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First Comment from Tony B- 


It is impossible for men to act like men in the present court system without being jailed or worse.

The cabal has gamed the courts so that men cannot be men when it comes to their women.  Women can stop any such action with a simple phone call to "authorities" and the man's life is over even before any court gets involved.  As a matter of fact, many women have foolishly done just that and then, regretting the result, have tried to have their complaint reversed or dropped only to discover they cannot because now the cabal has what it wants, the destruction of one more man.

If men were free to be men, brainwashed women would shape up in no time in order not to be thrown to the wolves over some stupid trivia of an overblown ego.  They would find themselves bereft of the home, kids and security they had been receiving without real appreciation or cooperation instead of court encouraged selfishly robbing a man of all he has provided.

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Comments for " Man's Love Mirrors God's Love of Creation "

JM said (April 4, 2017):

On German soap operas, I notice a trend of men being nude while women are dressed to the nines, often in coats even. I know you enjoy modesty in women but this inversion seems to make them even less modest. It is about as homosexual as I can imagine too. I mean the woman is cast as the one who lusts after the man, not his love, but his body. I can't think of anything gayer, it'd be less gay if they just had men behaving this way. Sounds crazy but your re-posted article made me think of that (I also saw Ben Stiller doing that in a movie this morning- nude on a beach while Jennifer Aniston is dressed.)

I felt emasculated watching them. Men were cast as everything but men and women seemed, well, frigid. Not open or warm, literally bundled up while a man is just totally nude, vaginal. These were on at 6-7 PM. After 8 PM it gets near pornographic (with women included.)

Very weird.

Lisa (NYC) said (May 23, 2013):

Thank you for your article Men and Women in Marriage Mirror God and Creation. I agree wholeheartedly with the idea of needing traditional gender roles for true happiness in marriage. I have been unhappy lately due to the fact that my husband is putting pressure on me me to work a job that I would like to quit. I have been married for thirty years and for many years I was an at-home mom raising my children and caring for my home and my husband. This was the happiest time of my life and I felt a sense of appreciation that my husband would provide for us and felt like I wanted to do things for him like pack his lunch and always have a nice meal ready for him when he arrived home.

The job I have now leaves me exhausted and irritable most of the time and my days off are spent catching up on the house work and grocery shopping. I don`t feel the compassion for my husband`s hard work that I should, but mostly resentment at having to do all the housework and cooking in addition to working a full-time job.

I believe this two-income lifestyle is what the feminists have foisted on society and is the opposite of god's plan for marriage and the cause of misery in women and the soaring divorce rate in the U.S. Now that so many women are in the workforce, the economy has become so upset with higher taxes and higher costs of living that the wife feels locked-in to working or else risk putting her family at a great financial disadvantage. There has been a survey which states that women are less happy now than thirty years ago and I believe it is due to the fact that feminism has pervaded our culture and is keeping women from their true god-given role in life and thus their ultimate fulfillment.

The feminists must have known that the they could use women's unhappiness as a weapon in their goal to destroy marriage and family. Do you have any advice for a woman like me who wants to be a wife and homemaker and is experiencing pressure from a husband who does not value this as much as a woman who brings home a paycheck?

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to reading your articles on a daily basis and I was wondering if possibly you would write an article pertaining to this situation of women being locked into the role of wage-earner and what is the right perspective to have once they find themselves completely dissatisfied with it.

JV said (May 23, 2013):

This is a great succinct article on the matter, and yes, many 'men's' sites still buy into the feminist frame/ mold.

One thing I would add here is my belief that the effects of modern warfare have , had, twisted men's souls to such a degree that with inevitable PTS (only the moral ones get PTS), these traumatized former men, now confused and emotionally laden and unpredictable 'men' , trying to go from the unspeakable insanity of war to the humdrum responsible sanity of peace, these damaged men, with young daughters witnessing such men as 'examples of the gender', feminist ideology made a lot of sense to them witnessing a generation of damaged 'male role models', damaged by industrial war.

One cannot separate the 'war crimes' against the psychologies of one's own troops from the 'rise of feminism'.
Damaged men do not good fathers or husbands make, for 'the school of murder' has been their most compelling education. note how these 'honour our troops' leaders throw them into the trash can of homelessness as soon as they are no longer of use. Then only their 'families', their women, are left to 'deal with the mess'. Feminism came out of this cooking pot created by 'the Masters of War' Dylan described.

Naomie's 'Shock Doctrine' relates to inter-personal relations in families, as well as intra-country dynamics. This quote speaks to how the 'international elite' succeed by war as a pre-condition for the rest of the ill they intend:

"As a result of the war, corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed. I feel at this moment more anxiety for the safety of my country than ever before, even in the midst of war. God grant that my suspicions may prove groundless." :
U.S. President Abraham Lincoln, Nov. 21, 1864 - (letter to Col. William F. Elkins) - Ref: The Lincoln Encyclopedia, Archer H. Shaw (Macmillan, 1950, NY)

Annette said (May 23, 2013):

Bravo on your article, Man Woman Mirror.
I don’t know if there was a forum for rebuttal to that retarded article but if so, your article needs to be posted. You are on the money.

I never wanted to be subservient to my husband, I wanted to walk hand in hand with him as an equal. But that walking hand in hand requires respect for each other’s roles.

YOU ARE ABSOLUTLEY RIGHT, without the support of a strong male there is no way for a woman to take care of and nurture her children as they need to be nurtured. Studies have already shown children dumped at day care have lower IQ’s and are emotionally and psychologically underdeveloped as compared to those children being cared for by their own mothers.

I’m so tired of it all the propaganda, but what is more disheartening is seeing how the younger ones have bought all the lies, and are living and defending them. A voice in the wilderness you are. Thank you for that voice.

Dan said (May 22, 2013):

The "Infantriarchy" article opens with an appeal to a false analogy, "If our species were observed by an alien race...". Wordsworth never gave a reason why "our species" has these 'defects'. Instead, he gives a motive: "her identity is contingent on compelling males to act on her behalf." C'mon Gordon, how do you know that?
He doesn't say. He just whips out one logical fallacy after another in what appears to be a vitriolic cliché filled internet rant.

Volumes were written over centuries regarding the 'fairer sex' when it was well understood that women were physically dependent upon men before machines replaced the need for constant physical labor to survive. That's easy for us to forget in today's world, in which everything is done with the flip of switch.

JG said (May 22, 2013):

Beautiful article here Henry, good work! The Anti-God Marxists who are the authors of this "feminist movement" have successfully perverted the identity of the woman from innocence and submission to defiance and dominance. This was successfully achieved when they made females competitive with males in the workplace. When a man can no longer protect and provide for his wife his marriage is dissolved.

Once the roles of male and female are reversed in the marriage is when all hell breaks loose in the family unit. So many homosexuals grew up with mothers who dominated their fathers, thereby creating an atmosphere of love and sympathy for the male and not the female. This nightmare did not happen by "chance", but by Satanic "design".

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at