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Trump Victory Saves US from Disintegration

November 8, 2016


Patriots, and all those who believe in decency, 
common sense and the rule of law, 
can breathe a sigh of relief. This is a victory
for freedom!

See First Comment below- "What America is Built On"

by Henry Makow Ph.D. 

Frankly I expected a Trump landslide, so until the momentum started to shift half-way through the evening, I was quite depressed.

The vote wasn't rigged! What a pleasant surprise! How wonderful to see the media whores eating humble pie. David Frum had the chutzpah to warn that Trump would use his position to enrich himself!  Do the words Clinton Foundation mean anything to him? 

Whatever our doubts about Trump, he does seem like America's, and the world's last chance. The Clinton Democrats are clearly shills for  Rothschild world tyranny. They are traitors, apart from their innumerable other sins. I just couldn't believe anyone would vote for them. 

Americans have been under relentless attack by these traitors for decades. Open borders/migration. False flag terror. The duplicitous war on Syria and support for ISIS. The coup in Ukraine. The demonizing of Putin leading to World War Three. The mainstreaming of homosexuality and encouragement of transgenderism and self identification (re. bathrooms). Suffocating political correctness. TPP trade deals. Brazen Clinton influence-peddling, Satanism and pedophilia. I couldn't believe a country would commit suicide by electing her. Well apparently, like England, the national spirit was not yet dead. America has risen to fight another day!.

As Trump emphasized, his is a movement to make America great again. The work is just beginning. The coming weeks and months will determine if he is the real deal. I have raised some troubling questions.    Hopefully he will restore some reality to the political scene.

The future at least seems exciting. Under Clinton, it would have been a slow torture and death. 

Send me your reaction to Trump's victory!  ( 

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First Comment from Garrett in CO:

Up until 2 PM Election Day I was not going to vote.  I felt that the elections were rigged at the voting machine level, the prospect of which was discouraging to put it mildly. Then I saw an update on a site I visit regularly perhaps Brietbart or Drudge (I have no TV, I am TV-free for 15 years).  The update was how people that work for the government in the trenches running the voting places and monitoring the voting machines were able to catch the electronic hacking or changing of Republican votes to  Democrat votes and restore the vote back to the original intention of the voter.  I was so overwhelmingly inspired by this that I walked 3.5 miles to vote. These people that work for the Govt, presuming some of them Dems and other Repubs did not let George Soros types steal the election.  They did their jobs.  They are the unsung heroes.  

So I walked 3.5 miles to vote.  Just as I got there it was announced that the voting machines were down throughout the entire state (Colorado). They did not know when they would be back in operation. This was 3PM.  The voting precincts were to close at 7 PM. I did not want to take the chance that I would not be able to vote.  So I walked 3.5 miles back home, got my write-in forms that were sent to me by mail, walked another 3.5 miles back to the voting area.  I voted for Trump by hand-scratching a checkmark for him. 

I then walked back home another 3.5 miles.  So I went from someone who was planning on not voting to walking 14 miles to vote and I am 65 years old...all of this was inspired by the everyday people working their jobs on the voting floors all over the country doing what they're supposed to do regardless of party affiliation. This is what America is built on: everyday people doing the right thing for the good of all, even if it's something so seemingly small such as righting a single vote in a country of hundreds of millions of people.

Ken Adachi writes-

I was happy to see your optimistic commentary and that of Brother Nathanael. Today is a day to celebrate and enjoy the relief that comes with the Trump win. I'm not happy to see Giuliani on stage either, but relatively speaking, he's not important to dwell on today  considering the victory that just took place.

Fraudulent voters and electronic machine fraud was indeed taking place throughout the day, especially in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Florida, as many phone calls came in to the Alex Jones live streaming show reporting of blatant machine vote changing from Trump to Hillary on ALL the machines in some polling locations in Ohio. So election theft was DEFINITELY in play, but the unusually high number of people who came out to vote for Trump was sufficient to surmount that attempt to steal the election. If there were no fraudulent voters and no machine rigging, Trump would have won by a much larger margin, probably closer to 65 or even 70%.

I can only hope that a national demand will now ensue to remove dead people and unauthorized people from the voter rolls across the nation; along with a push to end electronic voting machines and go back to mechanical machines and paper ballots as the only SURE way to avoid election theft. Yesterday was too close a call to allow electronic voting machines to continue to be used. It's too easy to hack them - and every computer expert knows it.

I'm quite certain that divine providence also played a role in turning the tide yesterday. As you noted, relief only came near the very end. Many, many people were praying for a Trump win, including yours truly. We should all give thanks.

Glen writes:

  The results are in, and thank God America has been pulled back from the brink. The throttle on the America destruction train has been moved from full to idle. While craziest of all the Satanist in America have been shown the exit door, the Neo-Cons will still have a seat at the Trump table. The sickening display of Trumps continuing bromance(Trumps victory speech)with the Chief of Operations for the City of New York on 9/11 assured us all America's new Pearl Harbor will never be investigated. Our sickening worship for the state of Israel will continue unabated. The best we can hope for is the destruction of Obama care and a sane immigration policy. For now I will be happy with that.

 For America to be healed, their are many issues which must be addressed but I am quite sure they will never be touched. This article lays it all out and all true freedom lovers will say amen to it. I guess we best take what we can get.

Andrew in Australia-

Regarding Clinton, life everywhere, including here in Australia, would be unbearable if she won.  Regarding Trump, he is most definitely, beyond any doubt whatsoever, controlled opposition, just like Hitler was.  Watch him make a dog's breakfast of identifying the real problems facing the USA and bury the details of those problems under a chaotic discourse regarding the Jewish question. You can probably explain all that better than me.  He's definitely a Freemason.  He seems to be doing the 666 hand sign very frequently.  Still, we can use him as a vehicle to transmit the truth of what's going on through the greater receptiveness to this truth that his presidency will foster among citizens in western countries.


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Comments for "Trump Victory Saves US from Disintegration "

Adrian said (November 10, 2016):

I like many others thought that Clinton would be a shoe in. How could she not be, what with the media, hollowood, businesses etc firmly behind her. But of course now with hind sight I have had a nasty feeling that this was the game plan all along.
My reasoning on this is firstly Clinton (with all her baggage) was pit against Trump with the media backing her. We were warned of possible vote fraud/tampering etc, plus all other distractions. We assume that there was no vote tampering, but in reality there may have been by the fact that Trump is in. THEY are of course the masters of illusion and manipulation.

I cannot believe for one second that the CONTROLLERS of our lives did not look at this from every angle. After all, they have every resource available to them.
So to get to the point, now that Trump is in and if things go south, they can all point and say we told you so.

HA said (November 10, 2016):

We'll see if Mr. Trump can survive a chaotic
and ever changing world in the next two months.
-ISIS false flag
-Russia ties 'scandal'
-economic collapse
-civil unrest
-fake assassination

One/some may be used to delay the transition of seat of the US presidency;
Perhaps indefinitely.

I still see obama as the last president of the US...his job isn't done.

David S said (November 10, 2016):

Lets not forget what I call Trump's secret weapon : Melania, first lady in waiting. She was the one who urged Donald to run in the first place. From what is now Slovenia, she speaks five languages and is a model and business woman in her own right, before she met Donald. Part of my coffee shop arguments for Trump this year has been, "When was the last time we had an elegant first lady? Jackie?" Before she met Trump she did a photo shoot. So what?

She's smart and speaks well. She will be an asset to Trump's diplomacy challenges, and a great relief from what we have now or what what we could have had in first gentleman, Bill Clinton.

Melania is dignified and reserved. The world will love her. Wait and see.

Mick said (November 9, 2016):

The battle for the US Presidency is over, the battle for the USA soul recovery begins today.
It won’t take long to see if DT really means business or he is just another hoax in the long history of the USA presidential hoaxes.
This victory belongs to the lower and middle class white people who prevented the USA of falling into a death grip of the Judeo-Masonic Clinton Foundation monsters. HC & her hubby Bill are one of the most corrupt & evil human beings ever to walk on this planet. Just a mere notion of allowing these thieves to pass themselves off as American patriots and (God forbid) a future POTUS is an appalling & sad fact of the state of soul & spirit in America.
With a Fascist-communist style with which the mainstream media were covering the election, along with a total obstruction and undermining of everything Donald Trump did or said, this victory is a sigh of relief, but not for long. The war has begun, and we’ll see if DT is a general he claims to be.

Bringing back of the “Made in USA” stamp is a must, as well as shutting the borders down to the illegal third world immigration, dismantling of the LGTB/Feminist hoax and preservation of the family as a nucleus of a healthy society, sitting down with Vladimir Putin and straightening things out with Russia.

The last thing that the white Christian race needs is another Jewish/Masonic banking clan fomented world war. Its time to go Back to the Future, back to the core values that promote family, hard work & merits.

As a Canadian, I hope we shall soon see something similar to DT’s election here in our beautiful country, which is currently in the firm grasp of the NWO pawns like Trudeau, Notley, Indian-native top chiefs, along with the notorious communist/feminist news agency called CBC.

All we can do now is watch and wait to see what happens next.

Tony B said (November 9, 2016):

You surprise me. The vote in the U.S. is ALWAYS rigged. What happened here is Wikileaks forced too much Hillary baggage onto the public. To put her in would have exposed their game because even the brain dead would have seen the fix. Trump is also their prostitute so what's the difference?


I am surprised that you can't see some of the positive changes Trump is likely to make re. Supreme Court, Russia and Gender, even if he is also a whore. We'll be watching him.


Matthew C said (November 9, 2016):

There were millions of communists and automatons who voted for the satanic high priestess - Clinton.‎ We still have to convert them. Many of them want to immigrate to Canada LOL. They crashed the Canadian immigration website last night.

But this wasn't what the dark side forces of hell banked on.

The news media thought they could lull the independent conservatives to sleep like they did the last 6 presidential elections. Trump managed to excite this base. ‎Rubio and Cruz would have taken a fall for Hillary like McCain and Romney did. One a mancurian candidate and the other a dufus who hired leftest controlled staff and a communist campaign manager.

The evil left needed ‎a Rudio or Cruz automaton along with a bamophet controlled news media to cover up the stuff that the blackened hands of the Clinton's had touched such as Orgy Island paedophilia, gun running from Lybia to Syria, ISIS, child abductions in Haiti, spirit cooking, foreign campaign cash, and pay to play etc.

Not to mention Hillary involvement in gun running through Operation Fast and Furious and the death of a Border Patrol Agent‎. I'm amazed at how the ‎news media hid this too. Have you ever heard of Sec of States involvement in Fast and Furious? Of course not.

Trump tapped into the conservative independent base through borders language and culture. He stood up to the assaults of communist feminism and prevailed.

Jeremy said (November 9, 2016):

With Trump there is hope. The crazy and toxic Satanic Jew/globalist funded cultural subversion campaign comes to and end and the pendulum is swinging the other way.
I think we always need to remember that goodness is out there and inside most of us. Satan only has so much he can do.
I wouldn't be shocked if Hillary and Obama go get in a car and drive over a cliff together ala Thelma and Louise. Joke!
Seriously though, the questions that have been raised about Satanism and pedophilia at the top (remember Anonymous Operation #deatheaters?) can be really investigated and exposed. Globalists have been roundly defeated by a decent enough man. God bless America.

Dan B said (November 9, 2016):

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Henry. I agree with your sentiments completely. I feel that God has given America one last chance to turn back to him and the great principles that made this such an amazing nation. Our history has many dark chapters, and I expect that there will be more, but this is an opportunity for real positive change. I am confident that Trump has a good heart and good intentions. What concerns me the most is the overwhelming number of people that do not, and the ignorance and degraded state of our society.

Bruce said (November 9, 2016):

Now that the powerful people have tricked the stupid masses into believing that a change has taken place.
It will be business are usual..Their business and not the average person's business.
There are people who are above the law...The Clinton's and Obama's are in this selective group.

Carl said (November 9, 2016):

Henry why is everyone so happy? Sure I wanted to see Trump win with the faint hope he would keep a couple promises. The idea he would make all the "useful idiots" who apparently can't read and that waste of oxygen/vermin Fozdyke look like the imbeciles they are (great insider pfft). However, Trump was the sneaky choice, the leaks seem contrived and lets not forget what Assange thinks of 9-11? So despite that, if you consider that Hillary was made to win
( ) the DNC because she is the only one who could lose to Trump (Sanders brand of Marxism would have possibly beaten Trump) it puts things in perspective. If Trump keeps some of his promises I will pleasantly surprised but lets not rule out that he lets all the Washington war criminals walk and turns to Obama 2.0. "Bullshit you can believe in making America not great again."

KT said (November 9, 2016):

I will have to agree with P and AZ. When I read this morning what Trump said about Hillary and her years of service, I knew what was up. The thing is, children wait for their parents to fix things, while adults take responsibility for their own actions. Are we children or adults? Even if Trump was the real deal, one man cannot change the world alone.

This hype around Trump is the same kind we saw with Obama, where even Europeans celebrated his victory in the streets. The same script plays over and over. Yet again, the slaves in the market have chosen a master, not realizing that they are in fact free men.


Thanks KT,

It's customary to praise your opponent. Doesn't mean she wlil not be prosecuted.


R in Iraq said (November 9, 2016):

With this stunning victory coming on the heels of Brexit, anti-globalist forces face a rare opportunity to gather further momentum and try to set back the globalist/NWO agenda. Include Putin's Russia in the equation and there may even be better prospects.

Revival of nationalist sentiment wherever possible would also go a long way toward defeating globalists in the ballot box. Those defeats are a prerequisite for their removal from executive power, which is allegedly their primary "democratic" tool for advancing the kinds of policies (read: pro-immigration and gun laws, ObamaCare, EU integration process, etc.) that would ultimately lead nowhere but to the establishment of one big world government, i.e. the universal police state.

One must be realistic, though. It would be interesting to monitor how aggressively and determinedly Wall Street, Corporate America and banking cartels are going to react and fight back on behalf of the Rothschild's and Co.

The globalist elite are most definitely not going to wither away or concede peacefully, if at all. There may not be enough wherewithal and leverage to stall their agenda - just yet, at least. Slowing down the globalist-orchestrated descent into the abyss, however, is by all accounts worth clinging to a glimmer of hope.

Jennifer said (November 9, 2016):

Trump helped real men grow a pair.

All those college men who joined frats and freemason type clubs who sold their soul for materialism, unaccountability and "James Bond" sex addiction and all those women who were co-opted brainwashed, beaten down and lost were incapable of saving us.

But thank God the men with heart stepped up and defeated our demonic oppressors in this culture war! They are heroes today.

I'm so joyful. I feel marriage & family is going to be fashionable again.

Don said (November 9, 2016):

I has concerns when Podesta told the Clinton supporters to go home. I was very surprised when Trump said he got a call from Clinton. That makes me wonder if she conceded and made a deal to stay out of jail.

Last night I watched the last campaign speeches and I kept thinking about Hitler when Trump was talking. He said so many things I liked to hear. I voted for him and I have prayed Clinton would lose. I pray now that Trump will deliver on his promises and our country will stay out of war.

AZ said (November 9, 2016):

To me it’s so unbelievable that Americans and many outside America are putting all their hopes on one guy, who should bring the change everyone is longing for. Do they all have forgotten that eight years ago it was the same old story in an different outfit. After the catastrophic presidency of George W. Bush Obama knew to ride the waves of hope for change in a very clever way. It looked he had the backing of a black grassroots movement as the first black president. Than I also was very sceptical and found myself belonging to a minority, even in alternative circles in The Netherlands. He broke all his promises, like all politicians do after elections. Does nobody learn from history? I foresee that Donald Trump will do the same and again I belong to a minority of people thinking likewise.

No one enters the White House without the consent of the powerbrokers. Ultimately they will fit Trump into their agenda. If he doesn’t want to adapt, they will get rid of him by assassinating him, like they did with JFK.

Paulo fro Portugal said (November 9, 2016):

The best conclusion that Americans should take on this election is: If you haven't played enough with Legos or dolls when you were a kid, don't try ever again to play with social engineering as an adult. It's good to make the world a better place but don't use the state/political system to achieve that. Respect the older generations and values, allow society to adapt. Otherwise, there will be always opportunists ready to use you as a patsy. This message is the same for conservatives: Don't give up too quickly. If same tradition/societal value exists today, there must be a reason to that. I someone tries to challenge, remember him/her that it was a past collective creation.

Gordon said (November 9, 2016):

Rumor has it that the sun did rise, this morning, over the Eastern seaboard, with the anti-Establishment standard-bearer, now undeniably President -elect. After drinking their own bathwater for the last 2 years … proving how far-removed they are from the soul of America … let’s see if the overeducated idiots have it in them to present one one-thousandth the magnanimity shown by Donald Trump last night.

P said (November 9, 2016):

I promise you that Trump will make an U-turn on most of his pledges, just pay close attention.
For example, during the campaign he said that Hilary should go to jail but now he tells us that people owe her a major debt of gratitude for her service to USA (see the video below).

I guarantee you that his next U-turn will be that he’ll find an excuse to never build the wall on the Mexican border or delay it long enough for people to forget about it.

Cecil said (November 9, 2016):

A Trump victory is a very happy day!!!

But please remember: Its NOT about Trump!!!

So sure, celebrate a battle won!!.. BUT tomorrow, the war continues.

We must keep on fighting. IT is but a beginning. Canada is a mess. The invasion continues.

There is One problem: Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, White countries for Everyone IS White Genocide.

1.White people exist.
2. White people have the RIGHT to exist.
3. White people have the RIGHT to exist AS White people in White Communities and Nations.

My country was my home. Now its a hotel. And they want me to be a waiter. NO. #WhiteGenocide

Larry C said (November 9, 2016):

Henry, the political analysts underestimated Trump's appeal to schlub voters.

You know who I mean. I'm sure you have schlubs in Canada. They are ubiquitous and are easily recognized by their ratty T-shirts, baggy shorts, flip-flips, piercings, tattoos, cellphones in their left hands and, above all, ball caps worn backwards.

Andrew has it right when he says "Watch him make a dog's breakfast of identifying the real problems facing the USA and bury the details of those problems under a chaotic discourse regarding the Jewish question."

JJ said (November 9, 2016):

For the first time in my life, at age 46, I voted, just so I could vote for Trump. It's all well and good to hedge your bets and to think he may be controlled opposition, but as a US citizen it does not appear to be so. The only other candidate I ever felt this strongly about was Ron Paul, and of course he was silenced. Trump's celebrity won't let that happen to him; even though the media denigrates him, they can't simply ignore him.

Anyway, it is a cause for celebration after years and years of being serially demoralized.

Alex said (November 9, 2016):

.Hello Henry. In your previous article before the trump victory you made it a point to trash trump as controlled opposition, and nothing would change because he's controlled by elites just Like Hillary. In your latest article you've said a trump victory is good for America and things will change for the better. Can you be consistent, you're probably confusing your readers. For this fact your articles don't make sense. This is a clear example of gutter journalism.



Clinton is pure evil and the first choice of the Satanists.
At least Trump represents hope for change, especially regarding Russia, the supreme court, common core curriculum, migration, trade, and possibly the North American Terrorist Organization (NATO)


Andrew said (November 9, 2016):

Trump is going to win the electoral college vote and likely lose the popular vote nationwide:

The reason he is going to likely lose the popular vote is that only a third of California's votes have been counted and Trump is already a million votes behind in that state. So, when all the votes in that state are counted, he'll be a further two million votes behind.

Currently, the tally on the web page directly above shows Trump ahead by 1.3 million in the popular vote. This incorporates the votes that have already been counted in California. Once all of California is counted, he'll likely be behind in the popular vote nationally by 2 million minus 1.3 million which equals 700 thousand.

If he does indeed lose the popular vote in this manner, it will be because of MASSIVE voter fraud - changing of the details on paper ballots, preventing people from voting for Trump electronically by switching the vote to Clinton and meddling with the tally of votes behind the scenes. I'm not really directing this comment against you as a criticism but do you really believe that Clinton could legitimately win the popular vote when her campaigns have been so poorly attended compared to Trump's? There are other metrics like activity on their respective Facebook posts. Trump's activity dwarfs Clinton's.

The mainstream media needs to be given its death blow in light of its appalling coverage of this election. We can starve it of advertising revenue on its websites. The reason I wanted to write to you is to recommend software called Adblock Plus at It is very easy to install. It blocks all ads on the internet at any website one visits except for those that one lists as exceptions. I've installed this software and listed yours as an exception.

Adrian said (November 9, 2016):

Trump displays intelligence and policies that are in line with
many core issues at - on marriage, family and nation.

We may never know but perhaps significantly fewer Americans voted for evil Killary but were thwarted by fraud.

I predict that Trump will support Israel militarily, but other
than that, he will defend his nation, perhaps even launching a 9-11 investigation that implicates the Israeli deep state, whilst still supporting Israel.

M said (November 9, 2016):

Your summary of today's election is spot on. We Americans have suffered through nearly 30 years of Bush-Clinton-Obama corruption and the threat of another Clinton. That nightmare is over, as is the monopoly of network news. The New York Times, Washington Post, CBS, NBC and CNN all bet the farm against Trump and lost. He and his followers won't forget. Twitter is the new major media, probably to be replaced by something else and then something else again. However, the age of print newspapers and network talking heads dominating the news is over. I would love to be a fly on the wall for the first meeting between little Justin Trudeau and the new God Emperor of America.

Ken H said (November 9, 2016):

Very relieved tonight. You are correct though. The proof will be in the first 100 days. Will he actually pursue charges against her and her horrid husband or not. If he lets them slide then the reality of one party satanic rule is set in stone.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at