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Assassination- A Prayer for Donald Trump

November 10, 2016

If Trump aims to keep his promises, he will need our prayers. Why? He has royally ticked off the establishment in both the political and the demonic realms, and that's no joke.
Wikileaks and internet journalists  have  uncovered the demonic, occult, and child trafficking networks connected to the Clinton campaign heads.  ( Watch the video on the left. Prepare to be horrified.) This may stretch as far as George Soros and Barack Obama. 

If Trump is what he says he is, he faces the risk of assassination. Pastor Jason Charles offers these words of advice: Protect yourself, Mr. President. 

(Disclaimer- I repost this because it resonates with me. I don't endorse every word. E.g. Mike Pence reminds me of LBJ. I'd also get rid of Paul Ryan and pussy-faced Mitch McConnell pronto. Send me your advice for President Trump. I will post the best. )

by Jason Charles 
(abridged by 

Yes, Clinton campaign heads have pedophile code words and signs of overt occultism in their email transactions. Wrap your brain around that. The demonic establishment just suffered a massive loss; the globalists have experienced a mega roadblock, and Clinton deserves to see the inside of a jail cell...and hopefully an exorcist. 

The Clinton camp literally campaigned with professed Satanists Jay-Z and Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Madonna and the child whore Miley Cyrus (left.) All of whom flaunt their occultism in our faces. They sacrificed, lied, and saluted their dark lord and still lost this critical election. 

Just WOW! They all should be very worried right now. Between the Bush administration and the Obama administration, there are a lot of skeletons in the Pentagon closet, and now they all are subject to Trump scrutiny. So the question is what does President Trump do now?


Mr. Trump, your enemies are murderers; they are destroyers of nations. The Clinton cartel is steeped in corruption. As bad as Hillary is on a spiritual level, the biggest battle is yet to come. The push for war with Russia doesn't stop with your election; it will be a on-going issue as long as the Shadow Government is still influencing the Pentagon top brass. They need to be removed, if for nothing else, your safety, but also for the safety of the entire world.

2016.11.02 - Donald Trump Protester_0.JPG
(Left, And it's not just the shadow government) 

The shadow government is the true enemy, the true power structure that can find means and opportunity to assassinate Trump. Here is a list of things I feel should be on Trump's mind knowing that the apparatus of government he inherits may have many, many moles and even threats to his well-being:

Choose your friends and advisors wisely.

Unite the people, dispel the fears of the minority populations ready to loot, or loot they will. Obama promised them free stuff, and that is how they get it.
Get your trusted cabinet together, meaning people who worked tirelessly for the campaign and put them in major positions of trust. Then charge these people to find out who has carried water for the war machine and shadow government and get rid of them. Do whatever it takes to remove them from power.
Trump has to strip every agency of Neo-con/CFR style advisors and contractors. Without question these people will manufacture the scenarios necessary to continue the war machine.
Cut out the MSM out of official press announcements. They are enemies of the state and need major purging themselves, and can't be trusted.
Make good on your contract for America and force MSM to cover these successes.
Realize Obama has trampled justice especially with the sale of baby parts by Planned Parenthood. Justice must be followed through with, and people need to be prosecuted for their involvement in this ugliness that has marred our society.
War crimes need to be investigated and a new investigation into 9/11 is needed to thoroughly get to the bottom of such crimes seeing it all originated there.
Work to uncover the Soros network of social agitators and funding apparatus that he has used to cause un-imaginable violence in the streets.
Soros should be investigated along side any Clinton investigation. Obama, Clinton, and Soros have all been working hand in glove towards mass civil chaos for a long time.
Get rid of the DHS, seeing they are culprits behind the militarized training of police that has stirred up the violent protests in the inner cities. This is something Obama could have easily done, but social agitation via military police abuse was a part of their agenda all along.

Be skeptical of the advice and friendship of known big government politicians and advisors that will now try to cozy up to you as the President elect. They betrayed you during the election and they will find opportunity to betray you again.
Know that Wall Street and the lords of finance are the dark hand behind every destructive thing in this country.
Promote Biblical morality, and Constitutional government as a means to right the evils of our society.
Distance yourself from the entangling alliances with Saudi Arabia and Israel and their allies in the US for sure, they are not allies but use American soldiers as pawns for their own agendas. 
Like Putin, call liberals what they are, Godless communists that seek the destruction of religious speech and freedoms.
Finally, get your heart right with the Lord and pick advisors that have their hearts right with the Lord also. Pence is a great start.

 First Comment from Dan:

Those Twitter death threats against Trump and "all his followers" are definitely in violation of Twitter's 

Note the one you've pictured by 'BIZZLE2x' (@boysluvtajeri), "Who's the black person that's going to take one for the team and kill Trump?"
In March, someone using 'cam fal' (@Camryn236) tweeted; "at this point things are getting scary and someone NEEDS TO TAKE ONE FOR THE TEAM AND ASSASSINATE TRUMP PLEASE" [1]

There is no way we can tell a genuine tweet from an individual, from software generated troll flak.  "Take one for the team" sounds more like Silicon Valley Google speak that random hood slang to me.   Either way, death threats are actually a "traditional" response to hot elections in American culture.  And it is protected by the 1st Amendment as long as it's 'in vain'.   There's a difference between some retard saying, "Somebody ought to shoot my wife" in a bar during a divorce, and soliciting a contract killing."    

If the assassination of President Kennedy taught us anything it's that 'lone gunmen' don't kill Presidents on their own.  The last person who will be fearful of Twitter death threats is Trump himself.   He knows it's just a national temper tantrum from a dumbed down demographic and it will pass.  I was working at a state newspaper the day that Ronald Reagan really did get shot, caught on camera. [2]   The newspaper was the Arkansas Gazette, which was as LIBTARD then as the New York Times.  We all "hated" Reagan.  But as we huddled around the only TV screen on the floor watching Reagan being shot - replayed over and over again - I realized everybody felt sorry for him.  It turned to be the best thing that could have happened for his Administration. 

From then on, they called him the 'Teflon President' because the press gave him a pass for everything from then on.   There was also the realization that if Reagan died -- G.H.W. BUSH would suddenly be President -- so we were all anxious for him to fully recover. 

I think the best way to shut down the death threats against Trump is to remind these people who wish him dead, that if they get their wish, 

And THAT, would be their worst nightmare. 

Lynda writes:

But the foundation of the social order in the US remains the Bank Monopoly Capitalism of JudeoMasonry and its corporate state.  And this is consolidating into the true communist, globalist state at the international level together with all the ZOGs. The Big Schmucks who own the cartel are still consolidating their wealth.  Nations are assets of this cartel and the is owned as an asset of the cartel. This is not going to change although there might be the illusion of change. 
Of all the benefits for Israel between the two options, I think the Trump policies offered the real Overlords behind the schmo screen  the best deal.  But the question is: do the Israelis think so?  With the Trump victory, I think we have our answer.  They threw that purim queen Hillary under the bus.  She was totally compromised. We saw her Al Queda operatives turn on the US diplomats in Benghazi, we watched her on live TV go over to Libya and bathe in their blood.  What to do? If the Big Schmucks issued the marching orders for WWIII, the US population would never fall in behind her.  They need consent or the illusion of consent (hey what else is democracy for??)   They need a populist leader who inspires loyalty and sacrifice, a leader who makes people think: ' he's our man'.  And given that position, Trump may be able to do some real good for America.
The Trump victory leads me to  conclude that the global Deep State is still positioning its nation assets for WWIII.  And Israel, the NWO echelon state,  will have a list of things for him  to do for Israel.  And I think Trump will be get through that list.  What he can do for America are just the concessions they have to make.  So  let us hope that he can also bring in the policies that his constituents voted for - policies that will help the American people.  If he departs from the script - he will exit stage Left and they will bring up that flaming Christian Zionist:  Pence. 
This gives Russia time to divest further of sovietisation and build the Christian ethno state.  This is the true hope of the world whatever role/s Russia may be yet forced to play at the hands of the global Deep State. 
Meanwhile back at the ranch, the job, the daily grind all Americans have to work on our programming; we have to care about the truth.  We have to radically disconnect from the overtly Satanist popular culture: sports, entertainment, Jew owned media and the academies and schools - which are vehicles for JudeoMasonic Cultural Marxist brainwashing. The Jewish Americans have their own human shield / Lots of Benefits in solidarity with the 'its good for the Jews' script.  The more of them who can tear up the script and shake themselves out of this total meshuggeneh the better.
This bad movie will soon be in the can and I am sure we all hope that the Jews as a people do not have to carry it (again).   All that will ultimately matter is our correspondence to objective truth/moral law in terms of our convictions, our actions and creative vision. Your correspondent may be recalling the Donald J card in the Illuminati Card game - 'we can drop you at any time'.  Let us hope Donald J enrols in your seminar and participates in these workshops.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Assassination- A Prayer for Donald Trump "

Marcos said (November 12, 2016):

Soros' Purple Revolution is exactly what would happen if Trump won, as I told you a couple of months ago. Remember?

But what people don't know is this:

Yesterday we had protesters in Brazil. Three teams of a couple of dozen guys and a pickup full of tires to be burned, blocked three main highways each. Millions of people had problems going to work.

Russia Today shoots an article saying that Brazilian people is rioting against the government all over the country!

Now, explain this to me: George Soros funds many of these Brazilian marxist groups, such as Midia Ninja and Black Blocs. Russia also promotes and support them and, of course, is behind Cuba and Venezuela too.

I have no doubt that Russia (and China) work as hyenas waiting the lion to kill the prey. I would not be surprised if they are themselves training and/or funding some groups to destabilize America, side by side with Soros. They don't like Soros acting inside Russia, but support his work everywhere else when it is beneficial for them.

Trump should never trust Russia. Putin wants to bring America down, no matter who is in control, Hillary or Trump. Beware of people like Paul Craig Roberts.

Don said (November 12, 2016):

I have concerns about Trump and his connections, but he has one thing in common with all of us. He did not choose his parents, birthplace, and birthdate. He isn’t a farmer, fisherman, miner etc. as a result of growing up in NYC. Instead he got his start in the family business which is no different than many other people who took over the family restaurant or tire shop etc.

He grew the family business despite some ups and downs with the economy. Clinton and Obama have no experience in business whatsoever and Sanders was for a short time a self - admitted “shitty carpenter”. What do they know about business?

The media has tried to portray Trump voters as uneducated especially the women without college degrees that supported him. Trump pointed out that the USA has lost 70,000 factories and these factories had living wage jobs that did not require college degrees. Ronald Reagan convinced a lot of people that the future economy was in the information age. That painted a pretty picture for a lot of people who wanted to wear a suit and sit at a computer than wear coveralls and steel toed boots in a factory.

We got that economy and a lot of people became unemployed as a result. Trump was the only candidate that said we need to bring jobs back and was willing to impose taxes on companies like Ford Motor Company for moving manufacturing out of the country. Trump wants to increase the economy to fix things like unemployment. He wants a bigger “pie” whereas Clinton wanted to redistribute the small slices.

Now Trump is portrayed as a pedophile. His wife Melania is 46 years old and they have been together over 17 years. His other relationships and marriages to Ivana and Marla were not short term either. I’m sure Trump has had many opportunities over the years for relationships with many women. I have absolutely no doubt that Trump could have many women half Melania’s age if he wanted to. Money and power are very attractive and even troll like Henry Kissinger had women chasing him.

Trump is far from perfect. If he isn’t an Illuminati I’m sure he has been approached by them. If he owned a hardware store or landscaping business no one would know about him. In order to get into high level politics you need to be part of the elite. Trumps mannerisms and facial expressions don’t help him with credibility. However on his acceptance speech his young son was standing by his side and I could see similar expressions so it is not a reflection of his character. What really impressed me was Trump appeared to have tears in his eyes walking up to the podium. We need to give him a chance to deliver on his promises instead of protesting against him.

Jack said (November 12, 2016):

I hope I'm wrong, but my take on Trump's "victory" is that it's all been a setup from the get-go. The people do not have a voice in this country. It's all choreographed by some darker, vastly more intelligent side. Trump is being set up for some sort of ritualistic human sacrifice, aka, the JFK "assassination". This time the sacrificial victim on their satanic altar won't be the Catholic Man, they’ve all but taken him out completely, it'll be the White Goyim, he’s obviously now in satan’s crosshairs. If it does happen, look for the usual masonic ritualistic symbols, their numerology.
Hillary could never have been elected; they knew it all the time. Her final numbers were rigged to give her people some sense of credulity.
They're playing us all.
But like I said, I hope I'm wrong...

Malcolm said (November 11, 2016):

Others have noted that Trump is keeping Giuliani very close so perhaps that means the new 9/11 commission will be a farce. Trump could demonstrate some real power by exposing the global chemtrails program, its manifold purposes and those funding it and we could all breathe easier.

Paul said (November 11, 2016):

Advice: Embed Marines (combat veterans, whether sea duty or embassy duty) among the Secret Service. They are the most trusted and faithful branch of the military

Coreen said (November 11, 2016):

"It's like waking up to Christmas morning, every morning!" I have to agree that Trump is an unknown and that trying to figure out what the oligarchs are up to is an ongoing process and one we all know we can never let up on. However, comments made by others was "we got our country back." pretty much says it all. America woke up.

As a Christian I can see clearly God's hand moved in this. He has given us a second chance and I pray that Christians get on their knees and stay there! It's the only way Trump will survive and that he stays true to his promises. We just about lost everything.

Personally, I think the general public got fed up with all the insane demands of the special interest groups. They lost their credibility when Obama demanded separate bathrooms, changing the pronouns to please the transgenders, SJW and snowflakes. By the way, for a really good laugh watch SJW compilations on utube.

Nathan said (November 11, 2016):

have found that whites are the biggest dupes.

I have watched as trusted watchers of the system, the white watchers of the system that is, have pushed all their chips out on the table at Trump's Casino.

Assassination. Laughable!

I'll end with this...
...this is when you had better watch closer than ever to be certain that the great deceiver (satan) hasn't pulled off his greatest deception.


Ken Adachi said (November 11, 2016):

I like the tone of this article because it's constructive in nature and itemizes a wish list of "to do" objectives that we can all agree needs to be addressed, but it's unrealistic to expect Trump to undo 30 years of subversive scheming to undermine and destroy this country is his first term of office - even if he had nightly visions of Archangel.Michael with a flaming sword in his hand telling him what to do step by step.

However, I do agree that everything on that list (and more) needs to be stated publicly to return America to the level of constitutional liberties we enjoyed before the treason of 9/11. That means that we have to cut off the head of the snake and repeal the Orwellian named Patriot Act and all of the Gestapo-like agencies created under it including DHS, TSA, Fusion Centers, etc., etc. If you think it was tough getting Trump elected, just wait til you try to repeal the Patriot Act and contend with all those 800,000 federal piggies feeding at the Taxpayer's trough, let alone deal with the Zionists planners who set the whole scheme in motion. To repeal the Patriot Act first requires a congress that's at least 75 % America Firsters, and that's going to take a while to achieve.

Nevertheless, we need to see a lot more articles that are constructive and cooperative in purpose, rather than cynical, negative, critical, and poisoned-pen - as seen in most of the comments appended to this article. We need to hear from people who have the intelligence and understanding to realize that being a naysayer in times like this doesn't help anybody or achieve anything of worth, while being a constructive builder of solid ideas and practical solutions is the only way anything of real value has ever been accomplished. We need people of good will and of a cooperative spirit who understand how difficult it's going to be for Trump and his administration to overcome the power structure arrayed against him. If he does what he said he was going to do - and I hope he will - then I'm quite certain that he will gain a groundswell of public support that's going to rival that of FDR or JFK.

If we're going to rebuild America, and make it Great again, then we need builders more than anything else.

Peter R said (November 11, 2016):

Trump is not getting assassinated. The plunderers need him as culprit, like others in the past, for example Hitler. When the long anticipated economic crisis/depression materializes, who will take the blame for it? The money printers, because there is no one else to blame. But the sneaks don't like blame to fall on themselves. So they mobilize Trump for the purpose. If and when he veers sufficiently off the globalism path, they can cause the plug of the economy to be pulled. They will be off the hook, as they can blame Trump and his "isolationist" voters for rejecting this wonderful thing of globalism that would have kept the economy alive and created so many jobs. That is the main reason why Trump "won" those all-important swing states, imho... and also thanks to two-way modems in the election machines that make it so easy to manipulate the vote count a few percent up or down.

Stalin got it very right with his infamous: "The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything."

V said (November 11, 2016):

We'll find out soon enough Trump's cabinet. On the internet it was rumored that Trump may appoint a "former Goldman Sachs partner and George Soros Fund manager as Secretary of the Treasury, Steve Mnuchin." Trump is an insider. You have to be to become a real estate billionaire in Jew York City. Also learned today that Trump had invited the Israeli prime minister to the US.

Having said that if Trump doesn't do his master's bidding he just might get assassinated based on the 1995 Illuminati card deck, specifically the 'Enough is Enough' card which features a person that eerily looks like Donald Trump when he is angry with the caption ""At any time, at any place, our snipers can drop you. Have a nice day."

We know that most American presidents have been pawns for our plantation masters. We know that J.F.K. got his head blown away in Dallas for having the US Treasury print Treasury Reserve Notes with no usury attached to them competing with the Rothschild Federal Reserve Notes with usury attached.

I hope that Trump is sincere in his campaign promises and only time will tell. I believe that he will walk a fine line between doing what his masters want him to do and what the American public expects of him. If he stray's to far then the "Enough is Enough" Trump card will settle the problem.

Anonymous said (November 10, 2016):

Henry, I have been following your website for years. You have taught me much. With that said, and of course your amazing work on the "illuminati", do you feel that trump isnt somehow part of the same system? You know that trump is involved in the satanic elite, there are plenty of pics of this. So are we choosing the lesser of two evils? Or keeping evil in power no matter the cost?


The lesser of two evils but we may get a pleasant surprise if he keeps most of his promises.


Sid Green said (November 10, 2016):

I did pray to God that Clinton would not be president because of her demonic activities and membership in Satanist organizations. I am not so sure if Trump is the real thing. I did not vote. I do believe that God heard our prayers and prevented that devil from being president (Clinton). Trump reminds me of Stalin. He was kind of in the NWO but was more of a nationalist doing what was best for Russia. He stayed communist and didn't go back to Christianity though. I bet Trump will be similar. I hope Trump will not quickly go back on all he said like every other president. And I pray that God will reach him if he is in need of repentance.

Brian H said (November 10, 2016):

The modern-day equivalent to the German attack on Russia in 1941 COULD feature Trump and Putin being played in a similar fashion to that of Hitler and Stalin to foment a 3rd world war.

The ultimate goal of the first two world wars was for the creation of the bogus state of Israel, and ISRAEL is the 800 lb. gorilla that never left the room, and MAY be the centerpiece in launching a 3rd one. But this time the spark that ignites it could be located in Iran

Like Reagan before him, Trump is an ardent supporter of Israel, and favors a hard-line stance against Iran. Where Reagan's position was largely prompted by the American hostage crisis, Trump's could be in the fact that he is vehemently oppossed to the Iranian nuclear deal. It could be that Iran is to be set up as a patsy; the fall-guy blamed for what would become the manufactured occurrence of a confrontation with Israel that lures both the US and Russia into what would become a chain reaction of total war.

Has Iran's recent history been shaped for this end? It could be that the Iran-Contra scandal was essentially a cover engineered by Bush Sr. and his fellow traitors in the CIA for the primary purpose of sending Iran blueprints for the manufacturing of advanced armaments. Is the plan all along to build up Iran as a military power, the status of which would put it just below that of the US, Russia, and China, and then somehow light the fuse that runs between it and Israel?

Tony B said (November 10, 2016):

Henry, you've missed it somehow.

Trumps "team" are all the kinds of people you are "warning" him about. His choice of VP for starters.




I will continue to monitor and post evidence Trump is Illuminati Jew.


Damien said (November 10, 2016):

The only problem with Trump is that Jews directed his campaign & manage his businesses, as the following links prove. They will ultimately control him & his administration as well. Its all another rigged election & scam basically; where another puppet of 'change' & Israel worshipper has been installed while the real rulers remain unchanged.

Leeanne said (November 10, 2016):

Yes, a prayer for Donald Trump
and another prayer of deliverance from and for
the unholy trinity of globalization of
Obama.Clinton.Soros and their religious doctrine of political
correctness and replace it with Torah and Jesus Christ where
truth obliterates deception.

Jason Charles (author) said (November 10, 2016):

... as far as Pence goes, I see him as being very genuine in his profession of Christianity. He was added to the platform to galvanize the evangelical vote for Trump which he did. Though he has voted for all of the wrong things in the past for sure, I don't feel he is a warmonger at heart, like a lot of the christian Zionists in power. That is just my gut on him. He and Trump are polar opposites in a lot of ways in that regards, I am just hoping he sees the light on the foreign policy issues and can identify the rabid control Israel and Saudi has over our Pentagon and realizes like Trump it needs to end.

Hope I am not wrong about him.

Karen said (November 10, 2016):

I am appalled and sickened by the info coming out about Podesta, Hillary and their pizza parties. I understand why I became sick of pizza a while back.

Forty plus years ago I left my just over one year old son with my friends to babysit while I went to work. They were good friends. However, he worked in a local flower shop ran by some movers and shakers in this small community. And if it makes a difference he was Italian Catholic. They watched my child for several weeks, usually one day a week when I had no one else. One morning I got a call at work to come pick up my son. He fell into their coffee table.

I quickly went to get my son and found him with three hand prints across his face, bleeding from the ear and various other bruises. For lack of a better word, I was stunned. Still am, never got over it. The rest of the day is a blur. I immediately went to his "grammy's" house. Not his real grandmother but closer than my mother was at that time to get too. Then I went to the hospital where he saw his pediatrician. The doc was horrified and this was a small town. The doc knew I wasn't the person who did this but was disturbed by what he saw. After that we went to the Prosecutor's office and had pictures taken of the evidence. I think that all happened on the same day. It is not clear in my mind as I was stunned then and never overcame that. But the blood in his ear did not get washed off so it had to be the same day.

He actually loved the attention of having his picture taken so I guess that was a good sign but nothing ever erased the memories of the nightmares my child had for long nights after that.

From that moment on I warned my pregnant friends to be very careful who cared for their children and related my experience. The world is not a good place.

Now this brings me to my point. About ten years ago I volunteered for the local Republican party. An older African American woman ran that office. She refused to eat pizza. Would not touch it. I always thought she just didn't like it or couldn't chew it well. She was older. I suspect now there was more involved. Before she died she phoned me as we had became good friends. She told me to tell certain people that she was taking their shenanigans to her grave. I didn't know what she was speaking of as I wasn't here to witness the events she was referring too. But I did pass on the info to those she told me to tell. That call also upset me as I knew it had darker meanings that were not the rantings of an older woman but someone who wanted people to know she was literally taking their secrets to her grave.

The world is not a pleasant place. Be forever vigilant.

Byron said (November 10, 2016):

The worst thing I have heard so far is Stone recommending Steve Bannon of Breitbart as Trumps Chief Of Staff! Now THAT is a direct conduit to Netanyahu.

Banon is a common crook surrounded by common crooks.

Not to mention Larry Nichols best friends ever with Netanyahu.

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