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David Mayer de Rothschild - Groomed as Antichrist?

October 3, 2016

Could this handsome and charismatic Jesus wanna-be be the awaited Jewish false Messiah AKA the Antichrist? 

  'Plastic Jesus' Rothschild Being Touted  
As "Young Global Leader"

by YM

David Mayer de Rothschild, 38, the youngest heir to to the Rothschild fortune refuses to work for his family. His activism for nature, climate science and the environment seemingly makes him anti-Rothschild. After all, no other family has done more to destroy both humanity and the planet than the Rothschilds who are believed to own more than 70% of the worlds wealth. But why isn't David de Rothschild being forced into the family's dirty banking business like the late Amschel Mayer James Rothschild?

An August 2015 Article in the New York Time quotes the young heir David de Rothschild saying,"Everyone's like, 'Well, surely, you should just be a banker, and I'm like, 'Well, it could be an obvious route, but if I have a choice, which I'm fortunate enough that I do, do I want to sit in an office all day with a tie on..". 

Personally, I have a hard time believing that a person born a Rothschild has 'a choice' or that his family is fine with him doing what he does unless it is part of a nefarious arrangement of some sort. 

(left, World Economic Forum logo features satanic symbolism in the form the ring of of Saturn and three 6's) 

 The World Economic Forum even nominated this Jesus impersonator for title of 'Young Global Leader'. Lofty expectations from a such distinguished group of pedophiliac satan worshippers. The false Messiah cannot make claim to divinity unless he is a wizard of deception with powerful backing. 

When he undertook his 'Palastiki' voyage on a 60-foot catamaran made out of 12,500 reclaimed plastic bottles in 2010, some even dubbed him 'Plastic Jesus'.


It seems David Mayer de Rothschild who endlessly talks about nature and preservation isn't a fan of man. He was quoted in that New York Times article saying "Can you imagine what the world was like before we came and messed it all up?" 

This is not surprising since de Rothschild does not see himself as human. At least not completely. We hear this in the last two minutes of this extremely important video.  He unabashedly admits to being neither 'human or reptilian'. Obviously, de Rothschild sees himself as a prototype of some sort; maybe a saviour to humanity. The Bruce Wayne of the planet. 

According to his perverted philosophy, being wrong is right and getting lost over and over and over again is OK. David wants you to step out of the box. But, he also invites you into his own. A box of lies called climate change science. This box perceives humans as parasites and reptiles, bacteria, fungi  etc.(nature) as a God of some sort. Paganism for the 21st century. 

An adventurer, environmentalist and a  entrepreneurial businessman, de Rothschild first ventured into the music industry and now has made the shift to fashion. His clothing line 'The Lost Explorer' was started in 2015. Beneath his company's occultic logo on its website were the words "Est. 1978," a reference to the year de Rothschild was born. The newest iteration reads "Est. 2025." Is this is the year de Rothschild make the transition from activism, culture and business to the political scene and a global leadership role as foresighted by WEF?


Quick glimpses into this man's writing and online activity reveal a multi-layered character who is not only calculated but psychological in nature, too. 

His Twitter Feed shows him boldly presiding over an empty UN-like assembly hall representing 'Nature'. The banner header on the page simply reads "Give Nature A Voice". His twitter page sub header and general description states:  "getting lost is not a fate to avoid, but a destiny to be embraced. Only when you're lost, can you stop following the same path and discover a new one." 

In one tweet, de Rothschild posts an image of a hand writing on a wall which reads 'stay in drugs, eat your school, don't do vegetables." 

Below it he writes "Apparently this is the magic formula! Guess I'm getting old as I love my vegetables!" This is the guy who was awarded the 2008 Kids' Choice Awards UK "Greenie Award"! He had also made several references to the 11:11 phenomenon linked to the second coming and a transition in consciousness level.

John Todd, an illuminati defector said: "The capstone will be placed on the pyramid when a Rothschild becomes the Messiah or anti-Christ. The evil eye in the capstone is Lucifer." 

If this is true, than we must be keep an eye on this Christ imposter . Todd goes on to describe a 1972 letter which states: "We have found [emphasis on 'found' and title of 'LOST Explorer'] a man whom we believe to be the son of Lucifer. We believe that through his works and our backing he can become ruler of this world, stop all wars, and bring peace, finally, to this war-stricken World." 

The Rothschilds established their family archives in 1978, the supposed birth year of David Mayer de Rothschild. 

The letter received by John Todd is six years earlier.  One doesn't get more powerful and prominent than the Rothschilds. If the Antichrist is to fulfill his role and duties, he unequivocally has to have the Rothschilds behind him. 

Standing at 6' 4" and identifying himself as a bisexual, David Mayer de Rothschild is not hard to miss. Keep a close eye on him. In this fast-paced changing world of ours, if this piece of work is claiming nonhuman status today, who knows what claim he'll make tomorrow. 


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NOTE- YM adds

According to Islam, the Anti-Christ was described being chained on an island ( Britannia?) during the times of Mohammed (PBUH), awaiting preparations for his kingdom and eventual release in the end of days. 

This means that the Anti-Christ 
has been alive for at least fourteen centuries. 
Islamic hadith/Prophetic narrations also describes the Anti-Christ as a Jewish traveler who rises to power to rule the world from Jerusalem. Some narrations state that he will rise from a region between Iraq and Syria. Interesting to note that this is where ISIS sprung from . It's leader, an Iraqi Jew named Ibrahim AL-SAMARI, also known as Mossad agent, Shimon Elliot. What are the odds that anothet AL-SAMARI is mentioned in the Quran in an encounter with Moses (PBUH) 

Similarities To The Samarian/Antichrist !

The story of the Samarian/Al-Samari (Anti-Christ) in the Quran describes him as a young and ambitious man who took advantage of the absence of Moses (peace be upon him) and misled the Israelites into worshipping a calf he sculpted them made of gold.
The story speaks of Al-Samari/Anti-Christ giving being able to give the calf a voice which convinced the Israelites that this was their God. Strangely enough, David de Mayer Rothschild's started an organization called 'Sculpt The Future Foundation'. Is this a play-on the Samarian's calf sculpture mentioned in the Quran? If this isn't creepy enough, remember the header to his twitter page which read 'Give Nature a Voice'? 

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Comments for "David Mayer de Rothschild - Groomed as Antichrist? "

Mel said (October 5, 2016):

I was sceptical about anyone presenting evidence of who the anti-christ can be, but this article changed my mind completely.

The EU or UN have an empty seat alleged to be for the anti-christ.

I don't know how true this claim, but it certainly puts another piece of the puzzle together, especially seeing him seated in a UN type assembly in this article.

There will be two anti-christs. The true imposter will kill another staged imposter.

You have to hand it to the elite; they love screwing with our minds, but that appears to be how it will play out.

And David also claims to be bisexual. And as many people know, homosexual behaviour in animals occur in nature.
The goal of the elite is to unleash the beast in man; to bring out the animal nature.

There is a global desensitization emerging in our world. It is cool to be mean, it seems.

We are in for a wild ride of wickedness.

Pete said (October 5, 2016):

As Pope Leo said in Humanus Genus, 'to deny Christs teachings and put us in Pure Naturalism', Tear away the Mask of Free Masonry.

Pope Leo was against the Masons, now Popes are Masons.

Rothschild is just the Prince of what they want the youth to be. He is a shining example of the New World Order, lookout here they come.

LM said (October 4, 2016):

Good article on David de Rothschild, very possible he is the anti christ. He would be the right age too in 2025. will send this out to others. He is probably supporting the green party candidate too. On planet stupid people are so dumbed down (getting worse year after year) they would follow anyone with looks and gift to gab.

NB said (October 4, 2016):

Yes, this one is entirely possible. He looks so much 'Jesusish' with his long hair and concern for the environment.

So, is he going to save the world by culling the humans? How long will it take for him to figure out the fact that humans are the REAL problem and he is the solution?
First, he would need to be 'blind' in one eye to really be able to 'keep AN eye' just like the Terminator.
May be it will be after the collapse of the economy starting with Deutsche bank collapse and the coming Saudi economic retaliation against the US.

Ryan said (October 3, 2016):

The idea of being lost reminded me of the hymn "Amazing Grace" with the lyrics:

Amazing grace! (how sweet the sound)
That saved a wretch like me!
I once was lost, but now am found,
Was blind, but now I see.

While Rothschild declares:

"getting lost is not a fate to avoid, but a
destiny to be embraced. Only when you're lost, can you stop following
the same path and discover a new one."

Is he referring to the left path?

JJ said (October 3, 2016):

Thank you for the head's up on the Rothschild's prodigal son of Satan. Makes sense, in the upside down, inverted sort of way we've come to expect from Baphomet/Baal/Old Scratch/whatever you want to call the god of this world, that they would bring the anti-Christ into being, although John Todd is kind of hit or miss; didn't he say the NWO would be established by 1980?

Anyway, the real point of my comment is this: "nature" is a euphemism for Satan/witchcraft. It sounds ever so innocuous and righteous in its secular altruism, but look what falls under its umbrella.

Oh, and the antiChrist is supposed to emerge from Europe.

Marcos said (October 3, 2016):

He seems to love pyramids

David de Rothschild (@DRexplore) tweeted at 10:36 PM on Sun, Aug 21, 2016:

It's all a matter of perspective! #getlost #getoutside #louvre #perspective #lookupanddown…

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