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The Jewish Messiah is the Antichrist (i.e. Satan)

September 8, 2016

Increasingly, the behavior of Western leaders strikes us as criminally insane and 

In foreign policy, we witness the belligerence against Russia and threat of world war, the destruction of Iraq and Libya, and the support of ISIS in Syria.  Domestically, we have the attack on heterosexuality (gender), racial and cultural cohesion (migrants) and routine state-sponsored terror or psy ops. 

We don't want to admit our society has been subverted. Our leaders are traitors, members of a satanic cult, Kabbalah Judaism (Freemasonry.)  This cult is responsible for most of humanity's woes because, plain and simple, it's dedicated to our destruction. It hates God because it wants to be God. This explains the insane behavior we observe. 

This cult suppresses freedom and smears others for the thing it exemplifies: HATE. Islamic terror is a psy op and pretext for a police state designed to enchain society and protect the Satanists. 

For decades, the indefatigable Texe Marrs has sounded the alarm. His new book, "The Destroyer" explains why Judaism is a satanic cult, and shows how the demented Kabbalist agenda is prophesied in Revelation.  Comparing the Kabbalah with the Bible, Marrs presents 55 Proofs that the Jewish Messiah is indeed Satan. He describes how Christian pastors are enabling catastrophe by their ignorance of the true satanic nature of Judaism. 

This satanic cult controls the weapons of mass deception and holds society in its thrall. No one is more in danger than the majority of Jews and Freemasons who are unaware of this plot, but will be blamed for its baneful consequences. 

"Commission of sin as a means to world domination."

The Plan: Saturate the Earth With Evil p. 61-68
by Texe Marrs
(except by 

What the Jews intend to do, then, to fulfill the Plan in the Kabbalah for world domination and a ruling earthly Kingdom of the Jews, is to saturate the whole earth with evil. In doing so, they are invoking the symbolical "God of Forces" who is to come as prophesied by the prophet Daniel. Their lust for acquisition of money will be instrumental in this quest. "The love of money is the root of all evil," the Bible says (I Timothy 10).

To their satanic god, the God of Forces, Daniel prophesied, the Jews will heap great treasures. Money begets evil and fuels sin, and the whole world is to become a planet of evil. It is through maximum evil that the Jews' Holy Serpent shall be empowered to conquer.

unnamed (11).jpg

Edward Hendrie comments that in this terrible kabbalistic doctrine, that of committing maximum evil, the Devil will realize his final objectives:

"Surely Satan has an end in mind for construction of such a sinister religious doctrine. He does, and it is nothing short of the subjugation of all men under the dictatorial rule of his antichrist! He uses the escalating sin and crime in society to bring about more government regulation and control of the masses..."

John Torell, in his lengthy study of kabbalism and the Jews' religion, amplifies the findings of Hendrie:

"This evil doctrine can also be seen in the Talmud, where incest, fornication, adultery, etc. are promoted as virtues and something to be desired. It is difficult for the Gentile world to fully comprehend what is happening in the Jewish netherworld of conspiracy unless they understand the nature of Cabalistic Judaism. It is a religion based on the promotion, propagation, and commission of sin as a means to world domination." ("Showdown in Jerusalem," The Dove, winter 1995)

Now let us recap these strange, rather bizarre teachings of the kabbalist Jews. Their holy books tell us that the ineffable and distant "God" (Ein Sof) has withdrawn into himself and left a void, a bottomless pit (the "kelipah") in which the Jews' deity, the Holy Serpent, Leviathan, is imprisoned along with countless evil spirits and demonic entities. These many spirits and entities the Jews do not recognize as demonic, but as instruments that help attain perfection and godhood.

There, in this dark and terrible abyss, the Holy Serpent strives to free itself. It will eventually emerge into the material world, earth, through the power generated by both the good works and by the sins and evil committed by Jews here on earth. Ascending out of the bottomless pit and coming forth up on the surface of earth, thus emerging from the bottomless pit, the serpent and its divine followers, the Jews, shall conquer and shall reign supreme as the "Light of the World." ...--Revelation 9: 1-11...

The Jews call their deity "Leviathan" and honor this serpent deity as their overshadowing spiritual Messiah. The books of Job and Isaiah in the Old Testament identify Leviathan as the "piercing serpent" and say that the true God of the Bible and of Christianity will in the end of days destroy wicked Leviathan.

In Revelation 13, Leviathan is described symbolically as the beast that rises up from the sea. We compare this with the teachings of the Kabbalah, which depict the Jewish Messiah, their great Holy Serpent, as ascending, or rising up from the "bottomless pit."

Finally, we see in Revelation 9 that the devils that reside in the bottomless pit have a king over them, "whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon."

The Jews claim no knowledge of the book of Revelation, yet their holy books exalt Abaddon as an emanation of God, to be honored as a deity. But, hold on: even the Old Testament teaches that Abaddon is the Devil and that: "Hell is naked before him, and destruction hath no covering."

--Job 26:6



Christians know from studying the prophetic book of Revelation that "Abaddon" is a name for Satan. The Hebrew word, Abaddon means "The Destroyer." But remember, in Judaism, God is both creator and destroyer; he is a composite of both good and evil. Therefore, we would expect Judaism to teach that Abaddon is yet another name for their divine "God." And in fact, among the ten deities (Sefirots) of the kabbalistic Tree of Life, we find the name "Nezah," which the Kabbalah reveals is actually the same as "Abaddon."

Thus, Glenn Barken, a teacher of Kabbalah, in an online course, Angelology 112--Who Is Abaddon?, writes that Abaddon is the positive entity that "assists the human spirit across the Abyss on its path toward divinity." One reaches the supreme God by bridging this final obstacle. Abaddon (Nezah), says Barken, is actually the archangel of the abyss, or pit.

In my studies both of the "Christian" cult of the Jehovah's Witnesses and Freemasonry, I discovered how Satan is using these false, kabbalistic systems to exalt the divine archangel Abaddon. In the Masonic Lodge, a secret password is used called the Sacred Word. The Sacred Word is Abaddon.

Meanwhile one of the most revered figures in the Jehovah's Witnesses religion Judge Joseph Rutherford, beginning as far back as 1930, taught that Abaddon is actually a synonym for Jesus!

Abaddon, Leviathan, Nezah--these descriptions are all of the same creature, who comes disguised in numerous guises. That creature, whom the Jews call the Holy Serpent, the Scriptures call the "dragon...that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan" (Revelation 12: 9). In this same prophetic passage in Revelation, we are told that this is the one "which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him."


What power we find demonstrated in God's prophetic books! Imagine, Revelation 12 and 13 gives us a marvellously clear picture of Satan and his dark angels as they ascend from the bottomless pit and ravage the earth doing their diabolical work of destruction. And in the Jewish Kabbalah is a mirror copy of this same series of events. Who can deny that the Jews know exactly whom it is they serve: Satan! Their symbols, their holy books, seem to have been produced direct from plagiarizing the book of Revelation.

It is amusing, is it not, that the Jews are adamant in insisting that the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion are a forgery. Yet, in the Protocols we find that their holy books of Kabbalah are parroted from the New Testament's book of Revelation. Similar parallels are discovered in the books of Job, Isaiah, and in the four gospels. The difference is that the Scriptures identify these positive Jewish "gods" as devils.

Apparently, the devil just cannot escape his pitiful destiny, and neither can the rebellious, Christ-hating, Christ-killing Jews! It is God's decision that these usurpers of truth, these world bandits and troublemakers, must follow to a "T" the pattern of prophecy laid out and written down some 2,000 years ago in the books of the Holy Bible. The Jews cannot escape their fate. Their leaders long ago tragically made a "Covenant with death" and an "Agreement with hell."

Leviathan, the muse of Satan, will make sure they comply with the deal that they struck. And God shall oversee and guarantee the matter.

That the Jews did make a covenant and agreement with death and hell shall become even more clear in the succeeding chapters. We look next at the man whom the Jews will someday honor and revere as their great leader and New King David.

We Christians know him as antichrist, the evil one possessed and incarnated by the Devil himself.


The Destroyer: The Antichrist is at Hand is available from Amazon


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First Comment by Marcos:

The worship of death and destruction as a balancing and purifying principle necessary for spiritual development is Luciferian in origin and not exclusive to Kabbalah, but present in all occult traditions. It has started to be openly promoted these days, as the statue of Shiva in CERN, the projection of Kali on the Empire State Building and the Burning Man ritual show. Of course, death and destruction are reserved for the masses and never for the elite.


Antichrist must come in two stages. First, he will need to win the hearts of people as a kind, all-inclusive, accepting fellow. The king of tolerance, diversity and ecumenism. The world is ready for him. Just consider the way Justin Trudeau is idolized by many, as Obama used to be too (not so much today). 

The military leader and dictator will come later, after wars and destruction. The mask will fall, but it will be too late for those who followed him. Better to trust Jesus now and avoid this mess. 

I would keep an eye on David Rothschild, left, especially if he engages in politics and religious issues. He has all the qualifications. The day you see him hanging out with Pope Francis, watch out!

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Comments for "The Jewish Messiah is the Antichrist (i.e. Satan) "

Y said (September 10, 2016):

I am surprised that this article did not highlight the most glaring truth.

The symbolic sign of 9/11 has been popping up for decades now. Especially since the World Trade Towers were deliberately destroyed.

Well the reason that this is, has and will be an infamous date and numerical sign is because of
Revelation 9:11

And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon.

This is the reason so many events have surrounded this date!

(CIA Director) G.H.W. Bush's N.W.O. speech and the U.S./Israeli/Saudi attack on the W.TC. buildings and people. This is just to name a few.

JM said (September 10, 2016):

one of the most revered figures in the Jehovah's Witnesses religion Judge Joseph Rutherford, beginning as far back as 1930, taught that Abaddon is actually a synonym for Jesus!

This passage confirms my fears about the cult may parents unknowingly helped spread in Western North Carolina. My father was one of the founders of the church in Brevard, NC and was classified as an "elder" until my older sister was caught getting into trouble, then he was banished to a lower level. Important to note that my father's lineage is from the Field Jefferson family, his grandmother was Daisy Jefferson, who was considered to be one of the "chosen" 144,000.

John S said (September 9, 2016):

A comment at the end of your recent "Antichrist" article mentions David de Rothschild, son of Evelyn de Rothschild. David and his brother Anthony are founders and trustees of the "Sculpt the Future Foundation" which promotes the global warming / sustainable development agenda, and sponsors grassroots environmental projects worldwide.

Their step-mother, Lynn Forester de Rothschild, is a major supporter of Hillary Clinton. She is a member of the Rockefeller/CFR, along with Bill Clinton, George Soros, and Lloyd Blankfein . She is also a director at the Peterson Institute (founded by former CFR chairman Pete Peterson), and a trustee at the McCain Institute (founded by CFR member John McCain).

JF said (September 9, 2016):

Just read your article =The Jewish Messiah is the Antichrist=.
These jews are nothing but converted Khazarians. They are not related to the Biblical Jewish people. They are really evil beings, I can't call them decent people. They are demons in disguise.
In my eyes they have absolute no right invade Palestine and kill Palestinians at random.

Sid Green said (September 9, 2016):

Henry, both Talmud scholars and Christians know that there will be 2 messianic events, one of them based on the material world and the other spiritual.

It's just that the Christians consider the material Messiah to be evil and the Jews consider it to be good and vice versa. Truly the amazing story of the apostasy of Israel and the Jewish People.

The Christians represent the 10 northern tribes grafted back into Israel, the Pharisee Talmud scholars represent Edom and Judah who made a covenant with Death (Isaiah 28). They await the antichrist to bring them into their material kingdom. For true Israel this kingdom will mean death. You and I are real Jews, those of Jacob. We resist Edom who has taken over our people.

My ancestors included Rabbis who fought and wrote bitterly against the Sabbateans and Frankists. In the end the Edomic Satanists tried to exterminate us. The Jewish messiah will claim to be God in the temple and then some of the True Jacob Jews of Judah will rebel and say "The messiah doesn't kill the righteous".....and then the final war will begin.

Tony B said (September 8, 2016):

Texxe Marrs is correct enough for people to check out their lives.

However, the Old Testament Israelite prophecies were fulfilled the instant Christ died on the cross and the curtain of the Holy of Holies was rent from top to bottom (symbolic of God leaving the Israelites, by then a remnant usually referred to as a sub group of the Judeans, a geographic designation, not a religious one).

There is more than enough Christian age truth of the devil being loose on earth for over a century now and it is true that talmudic "Jews" (a new word in history only about 300 years old), and the controllers of their sub groups such as freemasonry, work, one way or another, for the devil. It is the talmud and Kabbala adherents which accurately describe the evil ones, not all those of the new term "Jew" unmodified, which is a nebulous word of convenience mostly for use of the evil forces. In fact, the hardest workers against these forces are usually themselves of the referred to "Jews" as they, being cultured closer to the plans of the evil ones, usually have a better understanding of the devastation planned for the world. Henry is himself such an example. The talmudists, for their own purposes, refer to people such as Henry as "self hating Jews."

It is easy to mis-interpret the final book of St. John but it is obvious to anyone who sees what is going on in front of his eyes that the devil is loose and capturing many souls today, bringing thoughts of the end of the world to believers, rather than expecting another round of the very same scenario which Christ came to reform.

Wade said (September 8, 2016):

I am so glad that you are using Texxe Marrs material. He is virtually the ONLY preacher in the USA with the guts to tell the truth... That truth should be so completely obvious to Christian Pastors who are to afraid of their congregations and the Jews to do the job God wants them to do.

If you are a Pastor in the USA you don't say a word against Israel or the Jews PERIOD. Keep on telling
the truth Henry. Truth tellers are very rare these days.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at