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Jesus has a Political Platform

July 19, 2016


Christianity is not otherworldly. Gary Kinghorn responds to Glen's criticism (see first comment) that Christians have forfeited this world to Satan in favor of living in the next. Here, Gary describes Jesus' vision of the Church as form of government here on earth. 

by Gary Kinghorn

Most Christians actually have no clue about Christianity. The truth is that  Jesus' teachings have everything to do with life here on earth, and how we are supposed to align against Satanists' plans HERE ON EARTH. 

Fozdyke wrote, "It's easier for us to destroy the foundations of society than it is for you to protect them. I'm not boasting, that's just how it is." Christianity was designed exactly to protect these foundations of society, but we have largely been ignoring the fundamental principles.

The Satanists have largely gained control of the church, the message, the Bible translations, etc., so much of the message has been lost unless you really have eyes to see and ears to hear. 

What was early Christianity trying to accomplish?  Take for example Jesus in front of Pilate, when Jesus said "My Kingdom is not of this world"... Seems to support Glen's view of Christianity. But what the point that was that Jesus had created a Kingdom, really a nation or government, ON EARTH, that was appointed to his disciples and followers, and that was outside of the jurisdiction of Rome (the world order of the day). He was telling Pilate that he had no jurisdiction over the form of government that He had created. It was not Rome's issue. And Pilate agreed.

Jesus' Church was a form of government that had no real power over the people. There was to be no coercion to compel taxation primarily, and that all contributions to the greater society was to be free will offerings (charity), for the love of all neighbors. It's much more complicated than that, but that's the essence. 

A powerful welfare state is a complete contradiction to a free society. The power of the state leads to corruption and is the vehicle through which the Satanists gain power.

He said, "Thou shalt call no man, 'Father'". People actually prayed for blessings, donations, help, etc. using the term 'Father' referring to the Roman benefactors. He was saying, Stop referring to the Roman welfare state as 'father', Your Father art in Heaven." That is where the Church should be looking for its blessings, the free will contributions of the larger society.

Because man is greedy, they would rather enable some powerful state to go raid their neighbors to build schools, help the poor, extract tribute from weaker states, etc. The power that man has freely endowed in the governments of men has been our downfall. That power has now been turned back on us, as the Satanists have taken control (through legal means and the sloth and greed of the masses) and leads us to where we are today. 

If we had followed Jesus' plan, through the righteous who could operate through faith, hope and charity, the Satanists plans likely would have failed HERE ON EARTH. Or not affected at least that part of the world that remained true to the first century Church and the True message of Christianity. 

I sometimes refer to Jesus' form of government as 'anarchy', because in some sense it is the lack of any government with powerful authority. 


Don't think the early patriots of the US didn't understand this, as there was a real movement to establish the US under the Articles of Confederation without any central power endowed in a federal government. 

The Constitution actually reconstituted a powerful federal government and started us down a path in the wrong direction. It's funny how today's patriots keep holding up the Constitution as the paragon of our freedoms. We'd be better under the Articles of Confederation. The 14th Amendment and later changes kept incrementally removing natural rights. Satan's plans are an ultimate world tyranny. So, once again, it's always about being careful what you wish for.

 Jesus' plan was for a Kingdom for his followers, His Church, outside the jurisdiction of the Satanists and the "governments of men", HERE ON EARTH (as it is in Heaven). It's all there for those that have ears to hear. Here is a description.

Is there such a Christian Church as I describe, doing work on these principles today? While not perfect, I am an adherent of His Holy Church (a global organization with no buildings, and usual trappings), and the teachings of Brother Gregory at

This is the stuff that would have held off Fozdyke and crew for another few centuries or more. Take note that Satan doesn't have free reign here either. There are spiritual rules in place that limits damage WITHOUT OUR CONSENT. 

The problem is through sloth and greed, we keep providing the consent that is our own downfall. But the spiritual restraints are still there if we can help support them. Tell Fozdyke that's where old "Gormless" is doing His work. It's all part of the plan, and we can either choose to support it, or be easy marks for Fozdyke's bunch.


Makow Comment- Gary's response is just another example of Christians forfeiting practical power in favor of an admirable but unrealistic spiritual perspective. Just as the Christian kingdoms turned back the Muslim onslaught by force of arms in the Ottoman Wars, practical political measures are demanded today. The problem isn't central government but its subversion. Masonic Jews, crypto Jews (Trump, Hillary, Obama), Freemasons and their lackeys hold all the reins of power. The people must express their dissatisfaction as individuals.

First Comment from Glen-

Over the years I have watched the great and always in your face action of the Satanist and the apathy and in-action of the Christians. They jam their evil and vile agendas down our throats with nary a whimper from the Christians. It's their world and we only live in it simply because we don't have the spine or even the give a shit to do something about it. If you cower in fear and refuse to fight these non-humans, they will have their way with you and your Children.

God gave us a brain and a free will, and it is to be used on this earth to fight the evil that is thrown in our faces on a daily basis. If you expect to have change through prayer and no action of your own, you are a fool and will be waiting a long, long time for that change. If you want something done, you best get busy and do it yourself.

P.S. Great points on the Constitution and Articles of Confederation by Gary. It is hard to be the worlds greatest Christian nation when you were born in deception yourself.

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Comments for "Jesus has a Political Platform"

Imran said (July 20, 2016):

Pagans do not go to Heaven or Hell. They die just like just like other living creatures. Thanks to philosophy and the Catholic Church this fact has been mostly been forgotten down the centuries:

Christians are supposed to live as sojourners upon the earth for a reason. We are dominion-less because Israel did not accept the Messiah. We certainly could never have power over all the pagans if Gary was right because too many of them would not have the new birth and would not be selected by God to be spirit beings.

Plenty of times the letters of the Apostles which form the Bible stated that they expected the Lord to return. But since Israel did not accept Him (among other factors no doubt) the return was delayed down the centuries.

After the Lord returns, the pagans will serve the saints as God intended. This is why in Israel only a foreigner could be a slave. Although an Israelite could choose to serve another Israelite and then after a period of time choose to be his slave permanently.

So Garry is wrong. We expect our Lord and Master to return and give us dominion. And then a pagan like Fozdyke will serve us or else be culled like any other livestock according to the Master's will.

MG said (July 20, 2016):

've been a Christian for about 8 years know and how I understand what it says in the Bible is this; God gave rule over the earth to man but through sin man had/has handed that rule over to the Devil/Satan/the angel formerly called Lucifer. Jesus came back to earth and on the cross and at the resurrection he to took back that rule. Every human that surrenders their heart and spirit to Jesus not only has a future in heaven but a role to play in God's/Jesus's rule/kingdom.

The role of the Christian is to be stewards of God's kingdom on the earth but it will only be built in all it's glory and fullness when Jesus comes back and destroys the Devil's minions and his key puppet the Anti-Christ. What we are seeing is the beginning of the final onslaught of the Devil's minions (which will climax with the Anti-Christ taking total power of the earth as the leader of a One World Government. Once that happens Jesus will come back to defeat the Devil, the Anti-Christ and all his minions and build his kingdom in all it's glory and fullness.

Until that time Christians have to keep faith and be the best stewards they can be of God's kingdom; that means showing love, glory and honor to God and other people wherever you live and whatever job you have etc...

GG said (July 20, 2016):

Sometimes I think you post things just to see if we're still awake. Mr Dinghorn is just one more 'intellectual' who claims to know what Jesus 'really' meant to say.

The beauty of Christianity (as taught in NT) is its simplicity. And I KNOW what Jesus meant because His words are recorded for us. (They're the red ones.)

You either believe Genesis 1:1 and John 1:1 or you don't. If you don't, you're not a Christian.
Thanks for letting me rant. I'm heading back to my Lazy Boy and wait for tomorrow's Makow. com email.

Stephen Coleman said (July 20, 2016):

Over the ages tribal groups have grown into vast nations and having a loose system such as the articles of the confederation would leave the individual states open to divide and conquer tactics and chaos. This is why the founding fathers pushed for a strong central government, this is why Lincoln fought the civil war, for America divided literally meant the end of democracy worldwide and the return of despotic royalty as our rulers.

But we the American people have degenerated to the point that we allow our government to have evolved into a taker rather than a protector, a liar and all integrity lost.

Will Christianity allow us to take back our power? That depends on the Christian and whoever may be running his particular denomination. But the anarchists and libertarians are sorely mistaken and fail to learn from history. Such fairy tales would be nice to live in, but so far I don't know of any that have lasted for long.

Sid Green said (July 20, 2016):

I liked Gary's article, I mostly agree, the Russian author Tolstoy advocated Christian Anarchy in his final personal works, like "Confessions" and "What I Believe". As for Makow's response, indeed the subversion of the central government's subversion is a problem, but what kind of government do you propose?

(rhetorical question?)

Robert K said (July 19, 2016):

Kinghorn has made the amazing discovery that Jesus was a Libertarian! What a comedown for the One whom Christians have traditionally believed to be the Son of God, the agency through which the universe was created, the only man exempt of sin, the perfect model and teacher of mankind, the reconciler of wayward humanity with their divine Father, etc. Apparently they got it all terribly wrong: in reality the one they looked to as their guide and saviour was just an early exponent of anarchism and the precepts of the Austrian School of Economics.

In all matters of policy and philosophy the moulders of opinion endeavour to control minds through the dialectical process--the offering of an option and its purported opposite, thesis and antithesis. The Austrian School of Economics is the contrived antithesis offered up against Marxism. It is, if anything, even more completely a product of Jewish minds than Communism, and was, like Fabian Socialism, largely developed for implantation into the intellectual elite at the London School of Economics, backed by the resources of bankers like Sir Ernest Cassel (for Fabianism) and the Rockefellers (for Ludwig von Mises et al.)

Libertarianism was subsequently popularized by the ironically, or contemptuously, named "Collective" consisting of Jewish worshippers congregated about author Ayn Rand (real name Alisa Rosenbaum).

Anyone who has dealt with doctrinaire Libertarians will know that they are typically rigidly dogmatic and impervious to other points of view--which is precisely the phenomenon one also encounters among Marxists. Both these "schools" pride themselves on their rational purity and toughness vis-à-vis the profane. Love for all one's fellows is not part of their program.

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