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Orlando -- Latest in Government Mass Shooter Program

June 12, 2016

(left, Omar Mateen, alleged assassin) 

The government and media act as one. The whole media spectacle drove home the narrative that Islam and ISIS are anti-gay, and therefore anyone who questions homosexuality becoming the societal norm is a terrorist. Call it the "Homocaust." All innocent victims are necessarily "good." 

By M. Samuel Anderson

The story was over practically before it began.  In the early-morning hours of June 12, Omar Mateen opened fire and "killed 50 people" in the largely gay "Pulse" nightclub, wounded another "53," was "shot dead" by police, and was immediately declared guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt post-mortem. 

Of course, the number of those killed and wounded, and other details of the crime, have vacillated. One timeline says Mateen entered the nightclub around 2:02 a.m and opened fire. But police reportedly didn't initiate force until 5 a.m.--after dealing with a claimed "hostage" situation.

(left, US flag on Economist Cover, World in 2016) 

The whole media spectacle was beyond a rush to judgment. It was an ultra-intense embrace of the narrative that Islam is a mortal, eternal enemy and that all aspects of homosexuality are beyond reproach by anyone.

President Obama for the 15th time delivered an emotional speech after a domestic "random" shooting, --"the worse mass shooting murder in American history." 

"Hate is a motive; internationally inspired terrorism is a motive," Jim Cavanaugh Illuminati sheepdog speculated on NBC News, acting as if he possessed all the facts--like an all-knowing prosecutor making opening trial remarks to the "American jury" watching in TV land.


Not once did the NBC News crew on Sunday practice proper journalism and describe shooting suspect Omar Mateen as the "alleged shooter." 

Nor indeed did the word "suspect" see the light of day. The press had already bought the story from Orlando police and the federal government. The national broadcast media and "the state" performed as one because, for all intents and purposes, they are. The three media-declared enemies of the state became clear: Anti-gay people of any stripe, along with Muslims, and, of course, guns. Hate is permeating the air, the media repeated. And their close ally, the state, was there to help wipe tears and soothe fears.

The string of 15 domestic shootings Obama mentioned are a large terrorism operation broken into small pieces to make them appear like random, separate events. But if they're connected--and many of the events share several characteristics--then they comprise a larger hidden plan.

Delving into the possibility that the Orlando shooting was a false-flag operation, "State of the Nation" online asked, "WHO really did it and WHY did they do it?" 

Obama was put into the White House by his masters to accomplish five primary goals: (1) Enact Obamacare (2) Restart the Cold War with Russia (3) Crash the Economy (4) Promote Gay Marriage and (5) Nullify the 2nd Amendment." He's 4 for 5 and State of Nation expects more shootings to justify more gun control in the Obama regime's final few months.


For the record, gay skeptics such as myself don't make a huge issue of homosexuality per se, although that "lifestyle choice" is fraught with known health risks and profound social implications. The problem is when radical, organized gay groups push their views on heterosexuals and impressionable children while commanding inordinate media favoritism--far beyond "balanced" treatment.

 The "hate" element, of course, was invoked because Mateen reportedly was a reader of ISIS's online postings. And ISIS was described by Cavanagh and others on the June 12 NBC News broadcast as "violently anti-gay."

And, allegedly, according to NBC News, ISIS officially believes that homosexuality deserves the death penalty under Islamic Sharia law. Therefore, Mateen, who is said to have professed fealty to ISIS on more than one occasion, "must" be of the same stripe. Someone had heard that he and his son saw gay men kissing and Mateen was outraged--so outraged he would supposedly carry out a killing.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the country, a heavily armed man happened to be stopped by police and arrested when he was headed to a planned "gay pride" parade the same day in Los Angeles, according to NBC, also on June 12.

"Around the country there are lots of gay pride events planned for this time of year," NBC's Pete Williams said.

"We've reached no definitive judgment on the precise motives of the killer," Obama said in his brief press conference, while adding: "What is clear is that he was a person filled with hatred. . . .This could have been any one of our communities."

This fixes the idea that hatred is anti-gay, while exposing pre-puberty school children to life threatening ideas and behavior is not hate. Relentless elite attacks on heterosexual marriage and family are not hate. 

Obama noted that the "Pulse" nightclub has become a place of "solidarity" and "civil rights" for the gay community and that this is an especially dark time for them. Obama went on to say that an attack on the LGBT community "is an attack on all of us."

Making sure that America's collective psyche is sufficiently thrown into a sense of widespread fear and uncertainty, Obama also noted un-based horror can erupt at any moment, at any place, at any time and that this specter of fear is now a permanent fixture of life in the U.S.


For the first time ever, the president called this shooting both "an act of terror and an act of hate," NBC News also strongly stressed.
"Fifty lives we're talking about; the largest massacre in America," said a gay newspaper editor interviewed on the same NBC broadcast, just before a brand-new cell-phone video was broadcast that allegedly showed, from a considerable distance, the very same Orlando shooting.

While viewing the video, this writer took careful notes. The apparent sound of shots could be heard and the viewer could see police-car lights flashing, showing police were already on the scene. NBC even speculated that the popping sounds were at least partly from the SWAT team that reportedly hurried to the scene, yet not fast enough to interrupt the Mateen's mission much, if at all.

download (14).jpeg
(Left HumanRightsCampaign ‏@HRC  1h1 hour ago.@NYGovCuomo lit One World Trade Center in the colors of the pride flag to honor #orlando victims. #AnalLoveConquersHate)

What we do know is that ISIS has carried out gay attacks throughout the world," NBC's host reporter-anchor claimed--something that this attentive writer had never heard before this Orlando incident. Nor does this writer recall ISIS being convincingly linked to a hatred of homosexuality in terms of the terrorist group's official system of beliefs.

"ISIS absolutely wants to claim credit for this," regardless of whether Mateen was simply "ISIS-inspired" or "ISIS-directed," said another commentator on NBC News.

Furthermore, Mateen supposedly commented on the brothers who were framed in the Boston Marathon bombing--a story riddled with umpteen contradictions and inconsistencies in terms of the accepted news narrative. "That's all in the 9-11 call, we've been told by authorities," Pete Williams added, meaning that Mateen allegedly made such a comment in a 9-11 call to law enforcement several years ago around the time of the Boston incident, so as to knowingly be recorded in spouting his "hate."

Then at 2:45 p.m. Sunday, June 12, U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.) showed up in Orlando, claiming that the Islamic State actually has a "news" agency and that that agency claimed ISIS is "responsible" for the Orlando shooting. But seconds later Nelson turned around and said that the ISIS-news item is unconfirmed and that Mateen could very well have been a "lone wolf."

"He saw two men kissing and was offended by it," former SWAT man Shawn Henry presumptively proclaimed on the NBC newscast, in order to drive home the "lone-nut" conviction of Mateen.

Taking a different angle based on the supposition that Mateen was involved in the shooting, Zero Hedge online noted that Mateen, according to preliminary reports, "had been on a terrorist watchlist" but "still managed to obtain weapons thanks to his various licenses and permits" acquired from being "employed by one of the world's largest security companies, where he may have had extensive clearances well above his pay grade, not to mention access to sophisticated military weapons and equipment."


Here are other points this writer took into account:

·         While watching the NBC News coverage, my lovely wife added (right when media-anointed Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton issued an anti-gun statement in the wake of the Orlando event) that ISIS--if it's really the existential threat to America the government and media paint it to be--would love nothing more than seeing more Americans disarmed.

·         The media could not omit defaming Donald Trump by saying he tweeted that he "appreciated the 'congrats'" on the Orlando shooting (answering his followers whose remarks vindicated his professed tough stance against Islamic terrorism). But the media downplayed Trump saying in the very same Twitter message that he didn't want praise. What the GOP presidential nominee clearly meant was that while he's grateful that people support his tough stance, he was not seeking compliments.

·         Moreover, we must confront the hard reality that ISIS grew out of the rich soil of U.S. intelligence-backed insurgents in al Qaeda, the Free Syrian Army and other mysterious outfits that coalesced into ISIS. Evidence of Mossad backing ISIS is there, too, along with MI6 connivance.

·         Only Russia was able to push ISIS on its heels militarily early this spring, but the U.S. went berserk, got Russia to retreat, and sent more American forces into Iraq to "take on" ISIS quite recently, which, if ISIS is ever proven to have been involved in Orlando, could very well have triggered that Florida event--provided the media is the telling the nation the truth in the first place about the Orlando incident. At this point, the mainstream media's veracity is sketchy, at best.

·         Jerry Demmings of Orlando PD didn't waste nano-second to speak in the vacuum created by Mateen's death at the age of 29. "This indeed was an attack on our nation," he said on NBC, which is pure speculation.

·         And if I heard him correctly, Ron Hopper of the FBI claimed that on the very morning of the apparent shooting at the Pulse nightclub, Mateen supposedly made a 9-11 call to pledge allegiance to ISIS. How convenient.

·         "We don't have a second suspect that we are actively looking for," Hopper also told reporters. Of course, you don't, Ron.

·         CORRECTION PLEASE: The actual worst killings on U.S. soil included the North's War of Aggression against the South and the U.S. Army's massacre of the Sioux at Wounded Knee, S.D. Deluded Americans must stop differentiating between the abuse of deadly force by "official" shooters in military or police uniforms for deceptive or hidden political goals, and so-called "domestic, civilian" shooters. Killing is killing. Not to mention the obvious circumstance that the endless "war on terror" carried out by U.S. and other Western forces has invited blowback against America for the almost total destruction of Iraq, Libya and parts of Afghanistan, Yemen and elsewhere.
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First Comment from Ocean Lover; 

Good morning Henry - have a gander at these supposedly 'graphic' photos published in the Mail Online that are allegedly from the Orlando 'crime scene'.

Do you see any bodies?  Indeed, instead of bodies stacked '4 at a time' all I see is a guy with a slight smirk carting out a tacky looking old sofa.  And the only gurney/stretcher visible is clearly empty.  WHERE IS THE BLOOD?!!!  

And what are those holes in the wall of the building?  I'm no weapons expert, but I don't believe even a single automatic weapon can make holes like that.  Did the SWAT team blow their way in with grenades?  Did the 'gunman' try to blow his way OUT?  Highly unlikely scenarios. 

The whole thing looks STAGED.  Just another Psy Op to heighten the anti-Muslim furore to distract from Israeli wars and atrocities and the imposition of the final phases of de fact Communism and gun-grabbing before the Obommunist leaves office. 

Oh and check out INFOWARS' coverage on this.  It could not be ANY CLEARER that 'Alex Jones' and his little Zionist b*tch boy PJW are complete DISINFO SHILLS for the Establishment that are behind these false flags.  They don't even quesiton the official narrative.  PJW just launches into his usual Islamaphobic hate rhretoric without doing a single shred of analysis.  COMPLETE HACK AND DISINFO SHILL.  

May God bless and protect us and our families.  Looks like they're really trying to ramp things up with this one. 

Dan writes:

The largest American domestic mass murder in the last 50 years was the Waco Massacre in April 1993. 76 civilian men, women and children, were shot or burned alive during an attack by two Bradley flame thrower tanks and two military helicopter gunships requisitioned by order of Clinton appointee Janet Reno from the Texas National Guard. 

"In 2001, Linda Tripp told CNN Host Larry King that Hillary Clinton pressured Attorney General Janet Reno through Deputy Attorney General Webb Hubbell to initiate the attack on the Waco compound."

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Comments for "Orlando -- Latest in Government Mass Shooter Program "

Allen said (June 13, 2016):

hsnk you Henry for the OBVIOUS TRUTH-
and that of course - the date- "6-plus1plus 2" = "9" aka "666"
all driven by the satanic " stupid-is-as- stupid-does"
lying masonic players-

The MOST HIGH desires none of this-but this was the goal of LONDON aka THREADNEEDLE ST to weave
a tapestry od death with its useless worthless paper script to achieve their teeth-gnashing agenda
that most. " men" seem to pony up and become one of 'em. Along the way they lose their priceless VIRTUE-
uprightness- and INTEGRITY

Anon said (June 13, 2016):

The thing is clearly fake, just like the other hoaxes: look at the interviews with the survivors, the relatives and the police. They are acting out a script.

Glen said (June 13, 2016):

As I was having my coffee Sunday morning and first learning of this "tragedy" I could not help but think, man this event has got it ALL. It had every single base covered when it came to "Agendas".

It had the crazed Muslim who hated everything American. He had known ties to ISIS and is a perfect example of the danger to us all that lurks in the shadows, around every corner, just out of reach of our dedicated and ever watching intelligence agencies. Therefore our never ending wars must not only be carried on but intensified.

It had the evil black assault rifle and semi-auto pistol, items which are pure evil and capable of great massacres even if they are in the hands of no one. They surely have a life of their own, and the minute we ban them from law abiding citizens all this madness would stop. People like Mateen and all other criminals would be the first to surrender their weapons if such laws are enacted.

It managed to keep the LGBT agenda up front and in our faces. It pushes that group to the top of "Americas Most Victimized" and gives them a front row seat on the discrimination buss. Blacks and all other racial minorities return to the back of the buss please. We have a new class of victims who must now receive all the pity and federal funds.

Last but not least the Federal Government will require MORE power. We will need MORE laws to ensure will be safe from these "crazies"

Yes, I must say the Agenda Gods were smiling on Obama once again, and the poor dumb slugs that buy into this bull shit will be more than ready to go along with anything he says.

M said (June 13, 2016):

1) Numerology: 50 dead and 53 wounded = 13, just like CIA, NSA, FBI... 13 in one of the most important number for Freemansory, 13 and 33 are their signature
2) Date: 12/06/2016 was Queen Elisabeth's 90th birthday parade (celebrated, as the tradition goes) and incidentally the Bilderberg Group meeting closing day. As usual, a human sacrifice is needed, we have to remember that famous pop star Prince died on 21/04/2016
3) ISIS claims responsability = Isareli secret services / Mossad are involved
4) Boston Bombings connections: CIA and Mi6 are fully involved too
5) Gay agenda and gun control agenda brainwashing in one single event. Very lucky day for Obama, isn't it?
6) The first news, usually the more accurate, reported that the assaulters were 2/3: the MK mind controlled patsy, at least two more shooters doing their job and their handler.
7) No video of the shooter, no video of the crime scene, no video of the outside diffused from the media. Pretty suspicious
8) The patsy comes from Afghanistan, they want to bring back the 9/11 hysteria in the heads of the people for some reason. A new war on terror?

John said (June 13, 2016):

There are plenty of homophobic people in the US but they do not carry out mass shooting and the usual MO is the individual or individuals are on some type of designer medication that is not included in the tragedy. Democrats will fight for more restrictive gun laws, but real terrorist, criminals and others will bypass the law and acquire weapons through the black market.

D. Trump will say told you so or at least his followers. The patsy or crazy person falls under medical issues not more gun laws but do not tell the idiot politicians that.
How did someone with at least two weapons enter the building without security screening them? Frankly, the club owner did not have adequate security to screen people from entering and exiting establishment. There is Obama care in action less people working for fewer benefits (no security.) Major blow-back from the Middle East war on terror the FBI cannot foil every mass shooting that occurs they handle domestic only not at the international level of ISIS. The FBI sets them up or gets them to sign a confession that is how they operate.
Lately, Obama has approved more LGBT rights same sex marriages, so they can do whatever they want.

The toilet issue comes to mind, the State of Oregon coincidentally passed a historic law allowing transgender to become non-binary not male or female. Http://

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