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Are There Any "Good Jews"?

May 12, 2016

With anti Semitism growing, it is important to discern which Jews are part of the Illuminati (Sabbatean) conspiracy. 

In a 15-minute lecture, Allan Brownfeld describes Zionism as "a subversive force" which has corrupted Jewish life in America.

He says the silent majority of US Jews are Americans first and regard Judaism in religious rather than national terms. 

There is a tendency in the "Truth Movement" to think all Jews are part of the
satanist Jewish banker conspiracy. Life is simpler if you can say a whole race is  congenitally damned and regard exceptions as "gatekeepers." People with grievances often are quick to victimize others. 

While satanist Jews and Freemasons are indeed responsible for subverting humanity, many other Jews are not part of organized Jewry. In a poll, 69% defined being Jewish in terms of "leading a moral life" while only 43% referred to "caring about Israel."  

Most Jews are not Satanists, Communists or Freemasons. While the Jewish leadership does want to supplant God and enslave the goyim, most Jews are not aware of this. It is easier to manipulate people if they don't know the final goal. Would you like to be blamed for American (Zionist) war crimes  you had no say in? 

Their real fault lies in allowing Organized Jewry speak for them, which Allan Brownfeld addresses in the excerpt below. 

In the past, Jews like Elmer BergerAlfred Lilienthal, Myron Fagan, Benjamin Freedman and Henry Klein have been outspoken opponents of Zionism and defenders of Palestinian rights. In the dark days ahead, it would be a mistake to overlook a potential ally: the anti Zionist Jew. 

Just as Christians or Muslims are not monolithic, Jews are individuals. Many are assimilated and identify with their fellow countrymen. Hopefully, we can refine our analysis to focus our disdain on the perps rather than on the dupes.  These perps include practically the whole Gentile leadership who are not Jews but Freemasons (Satanists) empowered by the Cabalist Jewish central banking cartel. 

By  Alan Brownfeld 
(Excerpts by

The rise of Nazism and the Holocaust led many Jews to embrace Zionism and support the establishment of a Jewish state. One result, sadly, is that we have seen Judaism increasingly corrupted and politicized. Jewish religious bodies, ranging from Orthodox to Conservative to Reform, have embraced the notion that the State of Israel -- not God -- is, somehow, "central" to Judaism. The center of attention within the organized American Jewish community has not been the traditional Jewish commitment to God and to traditional Jewish moral and ethical values, but something far different. More and more thoughtful Jewish voices, in the U.S. and throughout the world, are increasingly using the term "idolatry" to describe the elevation of the State of Israel to the "central" position in Judaism.  
Benjamin Netanyahu.jpg
In recent days, Zionism's true nature has been laid bare to the world. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, early in February, said that he was not just the prime minister of Israel, but also a "representative of the entire Jewish people." 

It is unprecedented for the leader of one country to claim to speak in the name of millions of men and women who are citizens of other countries simply because of a shared religious faith. Even David Ben Gurion, Israel's founding prime minister, agreed that Israel can speak only on behalf of its own citizens "and in no way presume to represent or speak in the name of Jews who are citizens of other countries." 

That was 1950. Now in 2015, Benjamin Netanyahu has not only taken it upon himself to speak in the name of all Jews, but has urged Jews to abandon their countries and emigrate to Israel, which, in his view, is their real "homeland."  
Thus, in the wake of terrorist attacks in Paris, Netanyahu traveled to France and urged French Jews to flee their country. After a terrorist attack in Copenhagen, Denmark in February, Netanyahu called upon Danish Jews and Jews throughout Europe to abandon their homes and move to Israel.  
If Netanyahu thought he was speaking for all Jews in urging mass emigration, he quickly learned that Jews in France, Denmark and elsewhere were quite at home and rejected the notion that their real "homeland" was Israel. Rabbi Menachem Margolin, director of the European Jewish Association, said that far better than emigration to Israel would be the preservation and protection of Jewish life in the many countries Jews call home. 

He regretted that "after every anti-Semitic act in Europe, the Israeli government issues the same statement about the importance of aliyah rather than employ every diplomatic and international means at its disposal to strengthen the safety of Jewish life in Europe. The Israeli government must stop this Pavlovian response every time there is an attack against any Jews in Europe."  
images (37).jpeg
Denmark's Chief Rabbi, Jair Melchior, said he was "disappointed" by Netanyahu's call for immigration. He declared: "If the way we deal with terror is to run somewhere else, we should all run to a desert island. Terror is not a reason to move to Israel." Claude Lanzmann, the widely respected French Jewish film-maker, best known for his Holocaust documentary film "Shoah," said that following Netanyahu's advice would have only one result, giving Hitler, who did his best to rid France and all of Europe of Jews, "a posthumous victory."  
In fact, all Benjamin Netanyahu was doing was expressing the basic belief of Zionism, that Jewish life can exist only in Israel and Jews living in France, Denmark or the United States are in "exile."

 Uri Avnery, the leader of Israel's peace movement, Gush Shalom, points out that, "The blood of four Jews murdered in the kosher supermarket was not yet dry when Israeli leaders called upon the Jews of France to pack up and come to Israel. Israel, as everybody knows, is the safest place on earth. This was an almost automatic Zionist gut reaction. The basic belief of Zionism is that Jews cannot live anywhere except in the Jewish state, because the victory of anti-Semitism is inevitable everywhere. Let the Jews of America rejoice in their freedom and prosperity -- sooner or later they will come to an end. They are doomed like Jews everywhere outside of Israel. The ... outrage in Paris confirms this basic belief. There was very little commiseration in Israel. Rather a secret sense of triumph. The gut reaction of ordinary Israelis is, 'We told you so!' and 'Come quickly before it's too late.'"  


Where Zionism would lead was very well understood by its earliest Jewish critics. Perhaps the most articulate spokesman for the early Reform movement, the distinguished rabbi and scholar Abraham Geiger (1810-1874) argued that Judaism developed through an evolutionary process that had begun with God's revelation to the Hebrew prophets. That revelation was progressive; new truth became available to every generation. The underlying and unchangeable essence of Judaism was its morality. The core of Judaism was ethical monotheism. The Jewish people were a religious community, destined to carry on the mission to "serve as a light to the nations," to bear witness to God and his moral law. The dispersion of the Jews was not a punishment for their sins, but a part of God's plan whereby they were to disseminate the universal message of ethical monotheism. Rabbi Geiger deleted all prayers about a return to Zion in a Reform prayer book he edited in 1854.  


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Comments for "Are There Any "Good Jews"?"

Mr. G said (May 15, 2016):

The Jewish people were a religious community, destined to carry on the mission to "serve as a light to the nations," to bear witness to God and his moral law. The dispersion of the Jews was not a punishment for their sins, but a part of God's plan whereby they were to disseminate the universal message of ethical monotheism.

Claiming the duties of the Hebrews as their own works. And the Je-wish leaders can't even get that right. As for your title...

Are There Any "Good Jews"?

only the ones who stand up to Zionism.

DB said (May 14, 2016):

Superlative! Thank you we must distinguish those who are innocent or mislead from the guilty who are part of the power structure and who use dialectical mechanics to conquer us all.

Excellent list of names in the article of courageous Jews who oppose evil and deceit with great courage. There is one more name that should be in that list: Henry Makow. I know its not your identity per se, but IMO any person raised Jewish who speaks and serves truth with such integrity, is a person the Jewish people should be proud of. Also it is the truth tellers that are the real heroes. You are one of these Henry. I am grateful for Fagan, Freedman, Berger, Klein, Lilienthal, and Makow, who fearlessly speak truth. Our world is better because of all of you.

Please Henry, your name should be included. Your work is essential.

Doug P said (May 13, 2016):

Virtually everything any of us knows about Jews originally comes from Jews. It makes them sick. We are all Christians inside, we are all ultimately ruled by conscience.

B said (May 13, 2016):

It is a matter of survival for "jews" to speak out boldly as you do.

In that, you operate in the tradition of the O.T Prophets.

JJ said (May 12, 2016):

Speaking to Helkai, a member of the Sanhedrin, Christ says, “But only those who love the Lamb and love His Sign, will receive salvation from that Blood. With regard to the others, it will be the mark of Cain. And chased by remorse, by punishment, by Satan, his cruel king, he become a fugitive and wanderer over the earth as long as he lived. He is really a great figure of the People who will strike the new Able.” Speaking subsequently to the elder Ezekiel, Christ continues: “I do not swear anything. But I say that if there are sinners among those who are marked, because adulterers of the spirit, abjurers, the killers of God, who become so after being His followers, will be the greatest in hell... If you had not known Me, if you had not been able to verify My deeds,if you had not had the opportunity to examine My words, you would not be guilty. If you were not doctors in Israel you would not be the wrong. But you know the Scriptures and you see My works. You can make a comparison. And if you do so honestly, you will see Me in the words of the Scripture and you will see the words of the Scripture in Me, translated into My actions. Thus you will not be justified for failing to recognize Me and for hating Me. There are too many idols, too much abomination, too much fornication, where God only should be. And the same applies to every place where you are. Salvation consists in disowning all that and in accepting the Truth that speaks to you. Consequently, where you kill or you try to kill, you will be killed. And that is why you will be judged at the border of Israel, where all human power lapses, and the Eternal Father only is the Judge of His creatures.”

“Cleanse your eyes and your spirits, so that the Light may descend into you. Why perish in Darkness when the Most Good God sends you Light and Medicine to cure you? It is not too late yet. In the time still left to you, come to the Light, the Truth, the Life. Come to your Savior Who stretches His arms to you, and opens His heart to you, imploring you to receive Him for your own eternal good.”

LM said (May 12, 2016):

n Deuteronomy 33:7 is Moses' blessing of Judah
Hear Lord the voice of Judah and bring him unto his people...and be Thou a help to him from his enemies.

Judah's enemies are hidden in plain sight--they are the people in Rev 2:9 whom Jesus describes as "those who say they are Jews and are not but are of the synagogue of Satan" Jesus says He was sent for the lost sheep-- of the house of Israel--
these are the people that Moses is alluding to in Deut 33:7--the lost tribes' descendants who have reappeared as followers of Jesus Christ and were described by Him as knowing His voice and follow Him These are Judah's brethren, but we are cast as the goyim and all that that word represents to Jews It is the House of Israel and the House of Judah who shall be one in the hand of the Lord God. His words in Ezekiel 37 and His word does not return to Him void. His covenant is with these houses.
Judaism and Christianity need to bow the head and bend the knee to the God and Father of Jesus Christ and to the Son. They are one and we are to become one. The covenant was made with the houses not the religions The covenant is inclusive not exclusive. It is an open end contract with whomever chooses to embrace the God of Israel and His Son Yeshua/Jesus Christ.
Who is good or who isn't and race are distractions at this point of time that keep us blinded and easy prey.

O said (May 12, 2016):

For posting this article - so necessary. I've always felt that this criminal-cabal that pulls the strings cloaks itself in a particular religion - but has nothing to do with it. It uses the ordinary members as feeble canon fodder.

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