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WW2 in the Pacific -- Totally Avoidable

May 26, 2016


The Dec 7, 1941 Pearl Harbor attack
was instigated by Communist Jews 
in FDR's administration to save Stalin
from potential attack by Japan. 
36 million goyim died.

As flies to wanton boys are we to th' gods,
They kill us for their sport.

King Lear Act 4, scene 1, 32-37

By Henry Makow Ph.D.

In our case, the "gods" are the satanist Jewish central bankers who start all wars, destroy millions of lives, and then pay historians like John Koster to spin it as national rivalry. The bankers consider war to be "revolutionary" since it overturns civilization and paves the way for their Communist Jewish tyranny, the New World Order. It kills the "best of the goyim" (a Talmudic injunction) and makes the bankers huge profits from both munitions and debt. 

After Hitler invaded Russia in June 1941, the central bankers were ready to destroy Germany once and for all.  Their agent, Hitler, had embroiled Germany in a fatal two-front war. The only danger was that the Nazi ally Japan would invade Russia from the Far East. Then Russia would also face attack on two fronts. 

To spare their protege Stalin this dilemma, the bankers had to provoke a Japanese attack on the United States. They instituted an oil embargo and froze Japanese assets. Japan had no stomach for war with the United States. They made a conciliatory offer. In return for ending the embargoes, Japan would withdraw from China and not expand its territory beyond French Indochina. (pp.123-124) Japan and the US would restore harmonious diplomatic and commercial relations. (132) 

John Koster writes: "Both sides stood to gain: Japan could not win a protracted war wth the United States, and most Japanese wanted to get out of China with minimum loss of face, while keeping Manchuria and Korea and fending off revolution. The US would avoid a war for which it was not prepared." (133)

Japanese Prime Minister Fuminaro Jonoe asked for a meeting with Roosevelt to seal the treaty.  

Enter "Soviet" agent, "Harry Dexter White" (originally Weit ), left, the son of Lithuanian Jews, who was the chief advisor to the Secretary of the Treasury, Henry Morgenthau, also a Jew.  Morganthau was close to Rosenfeld (FDR) , a crypto Jew. 

Weit drafted a list of ten demands that Japan could not possibly accept without provoking a revolution. They included getting out of Asia altogether, rebuilding China, selling 3/4 of its war production to the US, and expelling all Germans. (pp.135-136)

In Koster's words, the American proposal, based on Weit's recommendations,  was "a declaration of war."  The result, six months after Hitler attacked Russia, was the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour. Hitler obligingly declared war on the US ensuring that Germany would have to fight on two fronts. 


Known as the Venona decrypts, the wartime wires between Moscow and the Soviet Embassy in Washington revealed that Harry Dexter White was the Soviet "spy" known as Jurist. (169)  (Furthermore, defectors Elizabeth Bentley and Whitaker Chambers had confirmed that Weit was the Communist agent as early as 1939.) Although the FBI informed the White House in 1945, Harry Truman made Weit the first director of the International Monetary Fund in 1946. 

Koster spins his story as "How a Soviet Mole in FDR's White House Triggered Pearl Harbour" but it's clear that provoking Japan was the policy
of the FDR administration as a ploy to enter the war against Germany. (137)  Koster tries to portray FDR as an "Anglo Dutch" aristocrat but FDR's own words in actions reveal him as part of the illuminati Jewish banking cartel. 

In 1933, FDR restored diplomatic relations with Communist Russia broken in 1917.  He put the Illuminati symbol with the eye of Lucifer on the one dollar bill in 1935.   

"Some of my best friends are communists"  FDR said when a congressman attempted to alert him of the "imaginary" danger of communist theft, subversion and outright treason in his administration. 

On Sept. 2, 1939, Whitaker Chambers gave the State Dept.'s Security Director, Adolphe Berle (another Jew) a four-page list of Communist agents in the FDR Administration. Berle passed them on to FDR who turned a blind eye.  He was a traitor himself.  

Pearl Harbour aside, Weit's other contributions to Communist Jewish central banker tyranny are impressive:

1. Weit cut off financial support to Chiang Kai shek "contributing to the Communist victory in China that both the Japanese and the Americans had hoped to prevent." (166)

download (7).jpeg
(60 years after Pearl Harbor, the same gangsters called for anotherSome Jews were forewarned.) 

2. Weit handed over the printing plates for occupational currency to the Soviets so they could finance their occupation of East Germany. They used the credit of the US taxpayer to print enough money to give their entire army six years of back pay. 

3. Weit helped to draft the Morgenthau Plan which would have de-industrialized and reduced Germany to an agricultural colony. FDR pushed it on Churchill with a $6 billion bribe to rebuild Britain. Secretary of War Henry Stimson bemoaned the fact that Weit and Morgenthau had "taken over" the FDR Administration: "It is Semitism gone wild for vengeance and...will lay the seeds for another war in the next generation." (167)

Under investigation by HUAC, White committed suicide in 1948. 

Koster points out that, apart from revenge, eliminating Germany removed the obstacle for Communist expansion throughout Western Europe. However, the Illuminati replaced the Morgenthau Plan with the Marshall Plan after they decided to fabricate the "Cold War" and put
mankind through 50 more years of misery and waste.


Harry Dexter Weit was an effective servant of the Cabalist Jewish God. He helped ignite the needless Pacific War in which 36 million people died, about half the total of World War Two. The war was "progressive" and "revolutionary" because it advanced the cause of satanic Jewish hegemony which provides a rubric for the banker's demented megalomaniacal agenda.  

download (6).jpeg
The Cabalist bankers enslave us by attacking the four legs of our human identify - race (migration, miscegenation), religion (God), nation and family (gender.) Due to their control of government, media and education, they mask this  gratuitous diabolical assault as "progress" and "human rights" and make us partners in our own downfall. Truly they play "cat and mouse".

Our "freedom" and democracy are a charade. Most candidates are members of this satanic cult - Freemasons. For example, Donald Trump talks a good line but I'd be pleasantly surprised (and relieved) if he altered the course of human enslavement.  But, in an ersatz world, false opposition is better than none at all.  

A diabolical bloodsucking parasite has taken control of humanity and deceived us to think war is natural and resistance is "bigotry." 

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First Comment from Rick:

This is one of the best illustrations of the power of the banking psychopaths I have ever seen. I am going to use this a lot to show people how dangerous these people really are. It explains so much and serves as a perfect backdrop to not only how evil they are but how they run us, the corporations, and our politicians etc to the present day.

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Comments for " WW2 in the Pacific -- Totally Avoidable"

Loren said (May 27, 2016):

This is a very informative article, but I don't think it really live up to its title: that the war in the Pacific was totally avoidable.

True, the U.S. could have accepted the conciliatory Japanese offer and war could have been avoided between the two nations. But what I would have like to have read was how -- once the so-called "sneak attack" on Pear Harbor transpired -- the U.S. could have avoided what I consider the utterly stupid "island hopping campaign" in the Pacific, which costs thousands of lives, by the simple expedient of surrounding and embargoing these islands, as well as the main island of Japan, wth our naval and air resources. I think we could have simply starved the Japanese for materials and food (especially oil) until they capitulated.

I may be wrong, but I cannot imagine I am the only person who ponders whether the actual "War in the Pacific" could have been avoided after our naval victory at Midway.

Tony B said (May 26, 2016):

I agree that all in this article is true but would place the purpose expounded as the secondary one for getting the U.S. into the war. Or, perhaps, just another way of stating the true reason which, like the U.S. entry into the first "world war," was to save sorry Britain's ultra selfish, miserable butt.

After all, both these wars were decided upon because tiny Britain, even with its slave colonies, realized it could no longer compete economically with Germany and therefore wanted Germany destroyed. My guess is that the reasoning came primarily from the cabal in the City of London.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at