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Jim Stone: Why Vaccine Industry Suppressed "Vaxxed"

April 10, 2016

(Craig Hatkoff, real estate developer and philanthropist,right, is a founder of Robert DeNiro's Tribeca Film Festival. 
He is also on the board of the NYU  Child Study Center.)  

Jim Stone claims anti-vaccine documentary Vaxxed was removed from
Robert deNiro's Tribeca Film Festival because it would be "bad for business."  
Vaccines are a $24 Billion a year industry.   The documentary is based on an 
about face by Dr. William Thompson who now says his CDC study that MMR didn't 
cause autism was a fraud. 

By 2032, 80% of boys and 50% of all children will have some form of autism. 

"Every child who receives the MMR [measles, mumps, rubella] vaccine gets at least a 10 point IQ reduction for life, and the worst develop full blown autism." - Jim Stone 

by Jim Stone

The real reason Vaxxed was not shown at the Tribeca film festival in New York is that Powerful people run a center for research on autistic children, and did not want a slow down in the flow of children through that center. NO SHT. And Vaxxed was also banned in Houston because it "went against mainstream medicine, which Houston provides funding for." Houston film festival officials received "threatening calls from high
government officials." 

We now live in a nation with a phoney government put in power by rigged elections, and evil cronies who actively seek the destruction of children, just to make sure their supply of destroyed children is not cut off. NO SHT.

(Larry Silverstein is a donor.)

Here is a statement from the NYU Child Center's website: "At the Child Study Center, the Center for Neurodevelopmental Disorders (CND) is committed to research in neurodevelopmental disorders, leveraging establish[ed] strengths in Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD and animal studies on early development, as well as collaborating closely with our clinical partners."

The Center has an Autism Spectrum Disorders Clinical and Research Program, where it carries out orthodox and "cutting edge" work on autism.

And the Center is expanding. This is a big-time operation: "The NYU Child Study Center has three main affiliates: the Nathan S. Kline Institute for Psychiatric Research (NKI), Rockland Children's Psychiatric Center (RCPC), and Bellevue Hospital Center." A film that claims to show a link between the MMR vaccine and autism would be a hideous affront to the NYU Child Study Center, where Craig Hatkoff, co-founder of the Tribeca Film Festival, sits on the Board.

YES, NYU CHILD CENTER REALLY ONLY WANTS TO HELP THE CHILDREN. So they need children to help, RIGHT? Why cut off the flow with a stupid film that might dent your business? 

And now I will say it like it is: Craig Hatkoff IS THE ENEMY. He has set his "Autism research center" out in the open, as an open target of action from parents with destroyed babies. He has seen this film, and blocked it, to ensure autism thrives. That is an act of war against humanity, from someone who false fronts a position of "trying to help". It is the same old filth we see everywhere, but this time we have a name, address, and organization that is actively seeking to create as many autistic children as possible.

You cannot tell me that anyone who runs an autism center does not know the cause of autism is vaccines, especially after seeing and denying this film. If he thought the film was bunk, he would not have stopped it. If it was bunk, showing it would not have impacted his business. A MAJOR "AUTISM RESEARCH CENTER" HAS CONFIRMED VAXXED IS REAL, AND SHUT IT DOWN. AND THEY HAVE AN ADDRESS:

unnamed (63).jpg
I cannot get over to Park Avenue to discuss this issue with them, perhaps someone else can. And I suggest you bring back-up, because I have learned from experience that when you get criminals of the type that run places like these, if you mumble ONE WORD of truth - if you even mention their blocking of this film, or that vaccines cause autism, they will IMMEDIATELY CALL THE POLICE even if you did absolutely nothing wrong. And you won't know they called, the police will just magically show up. Record everything if you do anything. This center is no doubt at the center of the autism scam, and NO DOUBT provides feedback to the elite establishment about how to tweak the vaccines to do damage in a more "preferable" way. I do not believe it is their goal to stop autism, I believe it is their goal to make autism perfect.

It makes little difference that this center said "vaxxed should be shown, but just not in New York". Their saying Vaxxed should be shown is their false front of openness. If Vaxxed should be shown, then there is no better place than their own back yard. The same excuse was given in Texas - "that it should be shown, just not here", and by saying this, they avoid complicity in the autism scam, while they silence the truth and ensure every child has a chance to be destroyed. YES, THAT SHOULD BE SHOWN, BUT GO SOMEWHERE ELSE.

Every scam, such as the MMR vaccine and other damaging vaccines - EVERY SCAM needs its feedback to help it improve, and that scam has to be out in the public to be useful. I believe the NYU child study center is one such feedback source, giving the vaccine makers the latest updates on what their vaccines did, and what can be changed to make them "better". And they hung their own behinds out to dry by blocking Vaxxed, and allowed the public to know beyond a doubt exactly WHERE a major hive of child destroyers hangs out.


Forget Thimerosal, this is how it is done: For every vaccine, you need a medium to grow your pathogens in (pathogens which are neutralized after being grown, but will still trigger an immune response.) In the past, when vaccines were beneficial, the pathogens were grown in animal tissue, such as dog, monkey, cat, etc. If there was an adverse reaction to vaccines grown in animal tissue, the worst that would happen is you would get an allergy for that animal. Vaccines were the reason for pet allergies in the past.

The criminal elite knew all along however, that if there ever was a way to grow pathogens in human tissue, that it would be possible to cause many people to develop an immune reaction against their own bodies, and that as a result they could create any malady they wanted by causing people's immune systems to attack their own bodies. 

And in the mid 1980'´s this became possible. And the autism stats coincide with the introduction of vaccines grown in human tissue PERFECTLY. 

Now a majority of vaccines are grown in human tissue derived from abortion. And when, as an unavoidable consequence human tissue is attached to whatever pathogen they grow, the immune system identifies the pathogen, and everything that is with it, as the enemy. 

They claim they get ALL the human tissue out of the vaccines to avoid this problem but this is a lie, because it is proven that vaccines grown in human tissue have 2 micrograms per milliliter of human DNA in them, and that is just DNA, the human proteins and other human materials are present in amounts that are orders of magnitude more. When the immune system sees these materials in the presence of a pathogen, it gets programmed to destroy not only the pathogen, but all materials related to it and then proceeds to attack the body.

This is not opinion; it is the result of research I did years ago in cooperation with a PHD in pharmacology who warned me this is exactly what the new vaccines are designed to do - re program the immune system's macrophages to destroy whatever in the body the people who control the vaccine manufacturing process want destroyed. In the case of the MMR vaccine, this is obviously the brain. Every child who receives the MMR vaccine gets at least a 10 point IQ reduction for life, and the worst hit develop full blown autism.

And when I explain it this way to medical doctors, I have never had a single one say, "no, that cannot be so." They all see it as a self evident truth.

The NYU child study center in New York KNOWS THIS. They know this because it is such basic medical self-evident truth that it is flatly impossible for ANYONE involved in the study of autism in even more than a surface way to not know it. And their blocking of the showing of Vaxxed PROVES THEY KNOW IT BEYOND ALL DOUBT.
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First Comment from Anonymous:

Revenue concern didn't spike the movie. Money incentives operate at lower social levels. Study psychopaths whose infinite wealth drives them mad. Rakovsky knew. They don't seek money but something else, although, he who pays the piper calls the tune.

The Rockefeller clan wants to re-engineer creation. It wants autistic worker bees. These will have one expert skill but none for anything else. Imagine a better factory slave. Autism isn't a side-effect, but a goal.

The clan started AMA to strip cures from society. Any pharma pills that work are knock-offs of natural plants. Many pills don't work. AMA can and does sell crystal meth under medical alias.

The clan's CIA deploys fast-acting cancers and chemtrails on our human hives. Our bodies are too busy battling aerosol metals to defeat disease. Consequently we die off too quick for cultural memory to develop.

One expects fronting every covert op a philanthropy long con: American Cancer Society, EPA, Sierra Club. Such mind alchemy makes die-offs and land grabs seem legit.

Metallic chemtrails make us walking antennas. We're visible on radar and susceptible to RF mood swings. Obama's handler Z. Brzezinski wrote a book on that. FCC disallows public health concerns in cell tower placement. Jim Stone shows gigantic power levels feeding these towers. They do more than phone calls - weather wars and human hive management.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Jim Stone: Why Vaccine Industry Suppressed "Vaxxed""

Subscriber said (April 12, 2016):

I am really glad I subscribe to your site. This is important. I forwarded it to the

Will be doing the same with all the other Anti Vax sites I subscribe to. This is like watching an episode of the Walking Dead. I really wish we could inject these psychopaths with 10,000 shots of their own sh!t.

Keep fighting the good fight. Thanks for all you do.

Gus said (April 11, 2016):

Federal law prohibits any civil law suits against any vaccine manufacturer. Look up the vaccine compensation court. It is a federal court that hears vaccination claims and give out money for validated claims (their proof requirements are quite high, but despite that they have still awarded money in numerous cases). The rewards in these claims are funded by you and I, the taxpayers. The companies themselves are completely exempt from liability under federal law and can not be sued.

David S said (April 11, 2016):

1. Does Mr. Jim Stone plan a follow up article in which web links will be provided to supporting research, official written statements, and so on, with respect to the claims he has made in this particular story about the statements made by Dr. William Thompson, who according to my cursory research might be a psychologist employed at some time with CDC.

* This story suggests Dr. William Thompson was not in his right mind between 2003 and 2004 and perhaps it was during that time he made these claims.

2. My youngest son suffers from autism, and the negative effects on his life are very tough for me to deal with as his father.

3. There is no indication in the article if a class action law suit has been pursued for the so-called vaccine that is alleged to have caused autism.

Glen said (April 10, 2016):

I'm going to have to dis-agree with Jim where he hints that "some" vaccinations were actually good. Do your own research people, there has never been a vaccine that did what it claimed, and more times than not it actually damaged the person receiving it.

We have all heard of "Shaken Baby Syndrome". It has now come out that most all of these incidents occur within hours of the deceased baby having received a vaccination.

If people are going to save their children, they must stop having them treated like some kind of vaccine pin cushion. I would like to offer this article on the history of vaccination for all to consider. I think it will open a few eyes.

Time to quit buying the lies folks....

Mike said (April 10, 2016):

Bravo! Today's post on vaccines by Jim Stone is brilliant, and required reading for every American!

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