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Clinton-CIA-Moscow Ties

April 20, 2016


Bill Clinton's student travel to Russia

suggest ties with both the CIA and KGB. 

Both agencies serve the illuminati. 

The Clintons serve all three.

"Clinton's [1990] election prospects flickered and dimmed. Then, as his staff pondered how to salvage the campaign, something amazing happened. The stories simply died."

By Dave Martin 

Boy Clinton and Wife

(excerpt by 


Bill Clinton is an asset of the CIA and has been for quite a long time. At the same time, the CIA has a great deal of power over the American press.

Both of those facts are on full display in R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.'s [ 1996 book] Boy Clinton: The Political Biography,  Chapter 3 entitled "Oxford and Prague: A Coat and Tie Radical Abroad in the 1960s."

In that chapter he talks of the revelations by The Washington Times and by the Sunday Times of London of Bill's radical antiwar activities while a student at Oxford that came out during the height of the 1990 campaign for president.

Of all the Times's revelations, the most portentous was that late in 1969 Clinton had embarked on a "40-day train trip through Sweden, Finland, the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia." Though a student on a modest budget (his Rhodes scholarship provided only $2,760 annually for tuition, room, and board) he had journeyed to Moscow and "stayed in one of Moscow's more expensive hotels--the National, much favored at the time by the Soviet elite;" then he visited Prague, the capital of one of the Soviet Bloc's most repressive regimes. The trip to Moscow alone in those days could have cost as much as $5,000.

There was more. On the day the Washington Times article came out, London's Sunday Times filed a similar report, detailing still more of Clinton's counterculture activity. He had attended meetings of Group 68, an organization of American peace activists supported by the pro-Soviet British Peace Council. 

While in Oslo he had met with a leading international antiwar activist. His stay in Moscow was booked through Intourist, the state travel agency.

Where did the money come from? How did an American student acquire such clout with the Soviets? Surely the KGB or some propaganda arm of the Soviet government was involved. Cold Warriors had always suspected that the international peace movement was somehow controlled by Moscow.

 For a day or so after the appearance of these two reports Washington was resonant with rumours. State Department files supposedly contained evidence that Clinton had given up his citizenship to avoid the draft, that he had committed treason, and that while in Moscow he had slipped away for a clandestine trip to Hanoi similar to the highly publicized trips to Hanoi made by ... Jane Fonda.

Clinton's election prospects flickered and dimmed. Then, as his staff pondered how to salvage the campaign, something amazing happened. The stories simply died. Reporters were not offended by the lies Clinton had been laying on them for years. Citizens' groups did not demand an honest account of his draft record, his antiwar activities, his visits to Communist countries at the height of the Cold War, visits that seemed to have the support of Communist governments. 

The stories had absolutely no effect on the election; few news organizations even picked them up...the stories of Clinton's travels behind the Iron Curtain and of his antiwar protests made no mark. Even a year after the two stories broke in the London and Washington newspapers, no American journalist had bothered to look into them, as I was to discover.

And Tyrrell, apparently unable to put two and two together seems to be genuinely surprised by that. I am not. How many American journalists, we might ask, have bothered to look into my revelations that the leading anti-Communist and anti-Zionist in the Truman administration, Secretary of Defense James Forrestal, was almost certainly murdered and did not commit suicide?

clinton-hillary (2).jpg

(left, pond scum in larvae state)

Chapter 9 is entitled, "Hillary and Her Marriage of Convenience." It is already known that Bill and Hillary got together at Yale Law School and Yale is a primary recruiting ground for the CIA. They have something else in common that would have made each of them primary candidates for CIA recruitment:

The Clintons share many similarities. From the first hurrah of their public lives (beginning in high school for both) Clinton and Rodham have been energetic and steadfast in their request for political visibility. I employ the word "visibility" advisedly; it would be inaccurate to fall in with the consensus and assert that the Clintons have been pursuing political "power," which in their experience has often left painful blisters. They almost always settle for the semblance of power. Their real masters are invisible.


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Comments for "Clinton-CIA-Moscow Ties "

Andre said (April 21, 2016):

You just described the ties of the Clinton Duo, please talk about MERKEL's ties and work with CIA since HER coming over the Wall, being a USA intelligence agent wholly devoted for the economic destruction of Germany and the entire Western European countries for her real boss, the USA or should I say the Virginia Company!

Robert K said (April 20, 2016):

This is reminiscent of the peregrinations of long-time Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau. His flirtations with communism in his youth were numerous. His dissertation at the London School of Economics (under communist Harold Laski) was on Communism and Christianity.

In 1948 he travelled through Poland, Czechoslovakia, Austria, Hungary, Yugoslavia, and Bulgaria. He was arrested under suspicion of being a Jewish spy in Palestine. He attended a communist conference in Moscow in 1954, where he told the wife of an American diplomat that he was both a Catholic and a Communist, etc. He seemed to have a laissez-passer that allowed him to go anywhere he pleased and elude every scrape with ease.

Like other Canadian Prime Ministers, Trudeau had a connection to the Rockefellers. In 1932 his father sold a chain of garages to them for $1.2 million.

JG said (April 20, 2016):

As far as Bill Clinton's draft dodging status during the Vietnam War goes it was a plus with his neocon sponsors and not a liability.

Bill Clinton played a huge role in implementing the Marxist World Order around the globe starting with the destruction of the once sovereign Yugoslavia.

I really often wondered if he himself was duped by all the Communist ideology that he was taught in college as a Rhodes Scholar. He very obviously was fooled by the false legend of Nelson Mandela and the whole campaign of apartheid.

Clinton and Mandela had one thing in common, they were both Marxist puppets for the NWO.

Hillary Clinton is now getting the same neocon backing that Bill did. It will insure he election to the office of the presidency.

It's not the "tough guys" that I worry about but it's the ones who come from a privileged background that want to show the world that they're really a rebel with a cause.

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