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Suicide Bombings are Really Remote Detonations

March 28, 2016


Salman An-Noor Hossain, left, who was wanted by Interpol in 2010, writes that Muslims are being unfairly blamed as "suicide bombers." 

"Innocent Muslims were accused of being "suicide bombers" yet CCTV footage and honest eye-witness accounts exposed the explosions as detonations via a remote control or through timers. Virtually all the terrorist attacks outside of conflict zones are staged by elements of the security services (especially Zionist/Jewish/Israeli and their assets in organized crime and intelligence agents throughout the Western world targeting the West and to a certain extent in Turkey and the Gulf Arab States targeting Muslim countries).   Islam clearly forbids the killing of innocent civilians - especially in kamikaze operations. Most Muslims, including the most militant ones don't even believe in the validity or necessity of kamikaze operations as a military tactic."

By Salman An-Noor Hossain

For the past few decades, we've all been hearing about "Islamic suicide bombings" from the International Jewish/Zionist owned press. But how many of them were really Kamikazes? 

The International press keeps harping about "suicide bombings" in Paris, Brussels, and Turkey but CCTV footage shows remote controlled bombings or timed detonations. The same thing happened in the Madrid bombings as well. Here are some case scenarios where the international press (including the cesspool of confusion calling itself "Veteran's Today") claims "suicide attackers" struck but these end up being remote controlled or timed explosions.

First Case scenario: The March 13th 2016 Bus Bombing in Ankara. Kamikaze "car bombers" were blamed on the PKK but the CCTV footage shows the bus as being rigged with explosives. The car driving by was incidental to the blast and not the direct source of the detonation that was triggered - either via remote control or timers. The explosives ripped right through the bus and not from an external point of impact. My suspicion points towards Israeli military intelligence linked to elements of the Turkish underworld (tied to the deposed factions in the military) opposed to Erdogan's government has having carried out the operation. 37 casualties reported.

Second Case scenario: The March 19 bomb blast in Istanbul.  This is a really good one. A dual citizen Israeli-American named Yonathan Suher (left) who was supposedly touring Istanbul with other Israelis, carries explosives which he planned on casing and detonating in a public location somewhere in Turkey. Fortunately, the explosives inside him detonate prematurely. Thankfully, only him and two other Israelis, and an unlucky Iranian passerby died in the blast. 

The CCTV footage shows the 40 year-old Suher (with jet black hair) strolling the sidewalk waiting for a pal (presumably Avraham Goldman) to catch up with him. Then he starts crossing the street as he approaches and all of a sudden explosions rip through his body. I highly doubt he was a Jewish suicide-terrorist but rather an individual carrying explosives for far more sinister plans. Plans that are covert, subversive, and terrorist in nature. 

This is too good to miss since 9-11 perpetrator Bibi Netanyahu jumps the gun and immediately blames "Islamic State" elements without an official investigation being conducted. Four Casualties were reported. 

The Times of Israel claims that half a dozen bombings have struck Turkey since July 2015 - either the so-called "I.S." or Kurdish Militants in the PKK. Both Jewish and Shabbos Goyim Terrorists tied to Israeli military intelligence are behind these bomb blasts - the most devastating of which was the attack on Kurdish protestors on October 10th 2016 in Ankara (footage here).

It seems that the Mossad along with former elements of the Ultra-Nationalist Ergenekon/Military Intelligence organization want to seize power in Turkey again since the country has become a major economic powerhouse in Europe - competing with France, Germany, and the United Kingdom since 2002 when it was just only slightly better than a third world sewage nation like Bangladesh. 

Turkey has reached First World Status (with its GDP jumping from 200 Billion USD to almost 1 Trillion Dollars Currently) just like the rest of Europe and has paid off a good chunk of its public debt to the International Jewish Bankers - and these Financial terrorists don't like seeing prosperity and success amongst the goyim - and nonetheless a European Muslim country at that. (Descendants of the Ottomans as the AKP leaders call themselves)

Third Case Scenario: The Paris attacks on November 13th 2015 show French-Israeli Special Forces type gunmen executing individuals in cold blood. These men were described by eye-witnesses as being of European (And presumably Israeli/Zionist) in features. The skin tone was described as being pale white and body type was muscular. The official scapegoat(s), Saleh Abdel-Salam, and other Moroccans are brown/olive skinned and their body types are generally lanky and slim (not the Special Forces Variety). The CCTV Footage is too good to be true.

Fourth Case: The Brussels Airport and Subway bombings show remote controlled and/or timed explosions. International Consultants for Targeted Security (ICTS) had access to the Belgian airport as well as the subway where the bombs were rigged into the electric grid and cased within the buildings. Clearly there are no "suicide bombers" and whichever brown-face they accuse is clearly innocent regardless of what the trailer park white trash at the Daily Stormer, Infowars, or Stormfront claim or think otherwise. Clearly there are no "suicide bombers" in this case (VT - are you reading this?). Here is the CCTV footage from the Brussels 2016 airport bombings and another one from the metro bombings (at a separate location) the same day. 

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Salman Hossein replies to Comments:

Dan, bro, you are getting derailed off topic. No Muslim will immigrate to the West to carry out bombings.
They just want material benefits just like their nations are destroyed through Usury and Cheap Labour or infinity wars. The debate is whether Muslims did those bombings or not. And clearly the hypothesis shows otherwise. "Militant Islam" doesn't believe in killing innocent people.

My hypothesis was that no militant Islam of any kind was doing the bombings - suicide or not. Of course they are most probably triggered by cell phones or remote controlled - and perhaps timers as well.

As for Stacey Dooley's documentary - you really should watch the entire thing. The Muslims - especially the women in burkhas are protesting the arbitrary arrests of young Muslim men - their fathers and brothers and sons under anti-Terrorism laws. Stacey makes provocative comments by saying something about how the woman she is chatting up has the freedom to dress the way she wants and she can dress the way she wants which is not what the issue/protest is all about. The Second link is about Pakistani Shia's  shouting "Ali Ali" during a parade. You don't like multi-culturalism? Well tough luck. Sit it out. Take it up with your govt. Neither in the first two videos are the Muslims doing anything illegal. Learn to co-exist bud. Or it will come and bite you in the ass.

A young German girl crying about alleged Middle Eastern rapists is actually appealing to the police to help enforce the law. If the police help enforce the law then these types of things won't happen. Of course, if you let in millions of people without vetting them properly - this kind of stuff is bound to happen. Other men are just simply opportunists going along with the ride.

As for the last link that you posted - its simply nonsense. You really need to travel to the Muslim world to see how things run there.

Barbara, you are simply deluded

Islam forbids killing any innocent life. Even during warfare. Sure, people may not even live up to it - but the texts are clear on that matter. Taqqiya is a Shi'a concept and I didn't know jack about it till a few years ago. Take it up with the Shi'a. It's to avoid potential persecution for some of their beliefs in a Sunni dominated area. Pakistan is riddled with foreign agents/spies/terrorists that I could get into in another article. That is just pure evil what happened to those Christian children in Pakistan. No Pakistani Muslim I know approves of what happens to those children.

Rox -

Sharia has several interpretations. Only a few Muslims wanted it to settle family disputes among themselves if it was voluntarily decided they could implement it      or not from both parties. You really need to get your head outta your behind. As for gang rapes, sure - a few may happen but it ain't only "Muslims" doing it in Western Europe. I suspect some of the rapists may be a released prison population sent to Europe from the Middle East. Other races do it as well over there. In Canada and the US, it won't become an epidemic because the Police actually enforce the laws. Or at least they did when I was there. The rape epidemic happened because the police enabled the rapes to occur. Tacit support. But let me tell you something else, from my sources in the United Kingdom and other Western countries - incest-based rapes happen sometimes (fathers raping daughters, brothers raping sisters or cousins) - and although it is a minority of Jewish/White men doing it - it still does happen at way greater frequencies than other cultures. So before pointing fingers at foreign rapists - real or imagined (And a few cases have been reported to be fabricated) - please take a look at four fingers pointing back at you. Fix your own men up. Fundamentalist Muslim men don't even shake hands with women. 

Henry, I think society is brainwashed real well by the Masters of Psychological Warfare. The Mainstream Media needs to be removed of course for this problem to be settled.

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Comments for "Suicide Bombings are Really Remote Detonations "

Anon said (March 30, 2016):

I appreciate Salman's peace gestures. Yes Islam suffers NWO false-flag Clash of Civ scripts. But methinks he doth protest too much. "No Pakistani Muslim I know approves of what happens to those children"? Get to know more of them. This native Pakistani details Muslim pogroms conducted with full police escort and prepatory gun confiscation.

Ken Adachi said (March 29, 2016):

"Barbara" comments [below] are more than delusional. Anyone who tries to pile on that much made-up hokum is on a counter intelligence mission for the Hasbara Occidental Re-education Society to Headoff Terrorism, or HORSHT..

Jean-Luc said (March 29, 2016):

Please remove. "Here is the CCTV footage from the Brussels 2016 airport bombings and another one from the metro bombings (at a separate location) the same day. "
These are NOT from Belgium, neither Zaventem National airport, nor Brussels (Maelbeek) underground station.

John said (March 29, 2016):

CTS former members of Shin Bet, Chairman of Supervisory Board at ICTS is Menachem J. Atzmon. Atzmon a former Likud party member indicted and convicted in 1996 for fraud and embezzlement and misappropriation of funds raised by charities. Atzmon is a CEO of the port authority of Rostock in Germany. Bet all of the alphabet Intelligence organization are involved.

Brussels was warned to change its attitude towards Israel and to stop labeling products produced in illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank. After the attacks in Brussels a few Israeli officials blamed the EU’s labeling of Israeli settlement goods as the reason it was terrorized, leading some to speculate that Israel may have been behind the carnage in Belgium as revenge for not complying with Tel Aviv’s demands.

James Perloff said (March 29, 2016):

Very interesting if it’s true that many “suicide bombers” might actually be remote-controlled patsies. Remember the Mossad motto, “By Way of Deception,” and that the Israelis have repeatedly attacked the West while blaming (or trying to blame it) on Arabs/Muslims: King David Hotel, USS Liberty, La Belle Disco, and the mother of all false flags, 9/11. Wouldn’t blowing up an unwitting Muslim fit this pattern? In fact, this is what they called the so-called 9/11 hijackers: “suicide bombers.” I think Salman is onto something.

Derrick said (March 29, 2016):

The thesis of that article is certainly correct. Jim Stone posted something similar:

It's a shame about the Jewish dissimulators' comments after the article you posted; Barbara's comment more properly applies to Judaism – it is very silly and transparent. I have been observing such mean-spirited liars in action for years, unfortunately…

Dan said (March 28, 2016):

From 2001 until last year, I believed Muslims were demonized because the Neocons wanted to destabilize the Middle East. I would have accepted this article at face value. But things have changed.

Now we have bigger problems that debating whether militant Islam uses suicide bombers or remote detonators. Now we can see as plain as the nose on your face how Muslim immigrants behave as soon as they dominate an neighborhood, or a city. London. Rotherham (look it up). Calais. Paris. Brussels. Cologne. Berlin. Munich. Stockholm. Rome. Forget the bombings and mass shootings - I'm talking about every day events like these:

There are only 2.7% Muslims in Britain and they're already bragging openly about their high birth rate and breeding us out by 2030. We've seen this insanity explode all over Europe. Eastern Europe will become the REAL Europe if this cultural suicide continues in German, Sweden, France, Brussels.

Frankly I believe it will be the French who rebel first. But once it starts, the dynamics are going to switch over night.

Muslim Behavior/Terrorism Correlated With Population

Mohammed said (March 28, 2016):

who are these people committing the rapes & other acts of violence? they're not genuine refugees. these are paid agent provocateurs who want all the good natured Europeans who have welcomed the refugees to now have a change of heart and begin hating them & wanting them gone. this will inevitably led to confrontation between muslim refugees & whiye Christian Europeans

and there too, u will find these thugs/agent provocateurs taking a very active role and doing more damage etc

if u say these thugs are ISIS members who are pretending to be refugees- you could be right but then who is behind ISIS? its the same Zionist banking cartel thugs who control the US/UK & Europe that are behind all the other chaos. why are so many whites such big racists? your govts interfere in muslim lands & steal the resources & install cruel puppet regimes who are loyal to the West instead of their own people-then u act as if theres no justification for muslims to attack you and thats the irony-those who are behind all these attacks are not muslim but again the very same homos & pedos that u voted for.

when it comes to honour killings & FGM, these practices have bugger all to do with Islam- these are based on culture & tradition & islam is against this- the people who do this are acting against the teachings of islam maybe you know this but u will deny that its true because this is the type of ammo u use.

as far as banning women from driving-nothing wrong with that- the women in the countries that have these laws have drivers to take them wherever they want to go.

beehive suits that look like shadows-so u want muslim women to expose themselves like women in the west? i wonder what type of clothing Maryam/Mary, the mother of Isa/Jesus (peace be upon them) wore?

if u want to get brainwashed by Zionist shills like PJ Watson & Alex Jones- thats your wish.

Barbara said (March 28, 2016):

As many have rightly told you, your website is brilliant and you are very courageous to awaken us all to so many things. Unfortunately, your latest article by an apologist for Islam is misleading, and readers need to be aware of at least three things:

1) When the Koran forbids killing "innocent" people, it means Muslims, true believers in the pagan moon god, etc. These are the only "innocents"---all other human beings are "infidels", recommended to be killed with impunity.

2) No Muslim man, woman or child is guaranteed entry to Muslim Paradise unless they have KILLED A NON-MUSLIM, or died trying to kill one. This is a RELIGIOUS REQUIREMENT OF ISLAM. For those who wish to avoid the risks of armed conflict, there are myriad stealth methods of gaining a ticket to Paradise, among which are: Vehicular Jihad (running down your child with a car), Medical Jihad (injecting your grandma in hospital), Biocontamination Jihad (deliberate contamination of infidel food), Rape Jihad (as with Scottish teenager Kriss Donald), etc.

3) "Taqiyya", meaning "Deception", is the standard method recommended by Mohammed "Deception is War", a religious validation of any type of deception or outrageous lie as long as it is in the service of establishing the Global Caliphate of the pagan moon god.

The only truthful assertion in the apologist's article is that "suicide bombers" are really remote controlled detonations. It is very easy to use infidels for this purpose without risk to the jihadists, by dressing them in Muslim clothes, taping their mouths, packing them with bombs and sending them into the crowd, like the crowd of Christian mothers & children celebrating Easter in Pakistan yesterday. Or a Muslim child can be used, also without risking jihadist "fighters", by packing him with bombs and sending him running toward infidel troops, as they did in Afghanistan, thereby earning a ticket to Paradise for the child and his mother. If the father wants in, they'll have to send two children.

I will be very surprised if you print my comment, since freedom of speech is limited everywhere these days, even on "alternative" websites.



Christians will get what they deserve as long as they fail to identify their real enemy.


Rox said (March 28, 2016):

My complaints are: Those very "nice". Muslim men are committing gang rapes in Europe and they'll do it here in Canada and the USA too. There's also FMG and honor killings, they're not allowed to drive in some places, they're wearing beehive suits and look like shadows and in testimony, their word means almost nothing and they want to impose Sharia law.

Look, like anybody, anybody can be kind, cruel etc but let's not pretend that Muslims can do no wrong.

I also resent being called "Trailer Trash" because I go also on Storm Front or Alex Jones. I also go on Jeff Rense, World Net Daily, etc

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