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Rich Jews Bullied Me My Entire Life

February 18, 2016


Yet for fear of the Jews no one spoke openly of [Jesus.]   John 7:13  

Aki Liao grew up with elite Jews in the suburbs of NYC.

Chinese, he suffered discrimination which continues to this day.  Non-Jews must serve them and their agenda or be ruined.

This is another aspect of the tyranny facing mankind. 

"My family hired a local Irish-American attorney who told me straight up that Jews enjoy exalted and protected status in America, and they never go to jail or get arrested."

 By Aki Liao


Ever since I was a kid, Jews have bullied me. In grade school, they would deliberately exclude me from the kickball teams at recess. They would tease, insult, and humiliate me, encourage the non-Jewish kids to make fun of me, play pranks and ostracize me. Not all Jewish kids were bad, but the ones that were really bad, were all Jewish. They would call me racist names (I am Chinese), and make fun of my clothes.

When I got to high school, a small private school, I started to see a more elite type of Jew - the rich kids whose parents were investment bankers and lawyers in New York. These kids were always wearing brand new Polo Shirts, would get brand new Rolex watches on their 13th birthday and BMWs and Porsches on their 16th.

Because my father died prematurely, I grew up relatively poor and was aware of my mortality at a very young age. This pain, suffering, and loss made me compassionate for the sufferings of others. These Jewish high school children had no such compassion for others. As a rule, they were very arrogant, cruel, materialistic, callous, mean-spirited, clannish, and exclusive.

They would organize lavish parties when their parents were gone, not invite me, and then talk about it all day Monday. Once they even organized a party at my house, which I cleaned up my entire house for, bought food, and waited for these kids, who never came.

Even the teachers seemed to encourage and coddle them. These kids would smoke marijuana in the school gym, pop pills, have sex with girls in the classrooms, but they would never get in trouble or ever be brought in for a disciplinary hearing.

The teachers were afraid of them, or their parents.

However, if I were late for a class because of depression due to my father's death, I was hauled before the Dean and read the "riot act." This was my first experience of the disparity between how Jews were treated, and how I was treated, simply because I wasn't Jewish. The entire school infrastructure, teachers, and trustees protected and encouraged these kids' behavior patterns, while I was the whipping boy. 


In college, these same types of Jewish elite kids were nearly all were drafted into Jewish fraternities such as AEPi or ZBT, which were known throughout the campus as the elite fraternities, where they had the best parties, the hottest looking girls, the best booze (all were under 21), and wherein they had absolutely no respect for anyone outside of their fraternity. They would rape and pillage the campus, all again, seemingly protected by the Jewish Dean, the Jewish Professors, the Campus Police, and even the neighboring city police.

These elite Jewish college kids committed felonies on a daily basis, but they were never investigated, never disciplined.

In contrast, I was routinely threatened by the college deans or staff for going below my GPA needed to maintain my scholarship.


These Jewish kids never went to class, never studied, always drank and partied, always had sex, but they always got the best grades - because every single Professor was petrified of them. They feared their parents would call or sue the school, claim anti-semitism, and this would result in their termination.

I began to talk openly about this special treatment because quite frankly, I couldn't believe it. This attracted the attention of very Zionist Jewish kids, professors and administrators on campus. They lay in wait for me to make a mistake.

I was arrested for arguing with my girlfriend who was white and thrown into jail, even though I did nothing wrong. The charges were dismissed, but not before I spent three months in jail for something I did not even do.

The District Attorney in that case was a Jew, and the way he glared at me when I was brought in front of the judge was like something I had never seen before.

My family hired a local Irish-American attorney who told me straight up that Jews enjoy exalted and protected status in America, and they never go to jail or get arrested, even when they are caught in the most flagrant and blatant crimes. The infrastructure of society simply insulates and protects them, and anyone daring to investigate, arrest, prosecute, or incarcerate them, almost always gets destroyed professionally and personally. The lesson is to "never fuck with the Jews." So people simply decide that it isn't worth it.


The same Jewish college kids became the CEOs, Judges, Professors, Deans, Bankers, and Masters of the Universe.

When I got out of school, I barely could get a job but when I did, my Jewish bosses would repeat the same harassment and exclusion I had experienced in the academic world. 

But this time they had the power to fire me. They would coddle and hold close their Jewish employees, even if those employees were demonstrably retarded or inefficient, because they were grooming them for better things, obviously, to become our bosses, because, well, they were Jewish.

My grades were not good enough to get into a good law school, having been tarnished by the racist college professors who had somehow been clued in by the campus Hillel House and Chabad administrators that I was somehow, "anti-semitic." My Jewish college roommate, who never studied but had a 3.7 GPA, while mine hovered in the high 2s, was a member of these organizations on campus, and he repeatedly was insulted when I wouldn't kiss his ass or kow-tow to him like the other non-Jewish kids did.


As I got older, I started hearing about the lavish parties in the Hamptons every summer, where my Jewish colleagues (usually high level hedge fund owners, investment bankers, plastic surgeons, etc) threw lavish expensive parties in their multi- million dollar homes, full of drugs, cocaine, sexy models, prostitutes, celebrities, and all sorts of debauchery, mostly illegal and felonious. 

But of course even the local Hamptons cops never dared to raid, investigate, or arrest these guys, for the same reasons these Jewish men when they were kids were never harassed in school or in the workplace. These parties were chock full of Jewish professionals, and if they were not Jewish, then they were professional Jewish ass-kissers, men and women who sucked the proverbial Jewish dick each and every day, in their jobs and in their personal lives.



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First Comment from Anon:

Another excellent article (Rich Jews Bullied Me My Entire Life) that I once again feel I must contribute to with my own college and work experience. Right from the beginning ,I would like to emphasize that this is not a blanket statement for ALL Jews but definitely does speak to a statistically significant majority of them that I had interaction with during my life.

I applied for and became a resident assistant at a college dorm at UCSB as I needed the free room and board that came with it and also wanted to get the experience that came with being a Resident Assistant. So I found myself in charge of a floor full of 18-year-old kids (both male and female) during my Graduate school days.

What I noticed right from the beginning was that the Jewish students were far more undisciplined, troublesome and disrespectful than the Non-Jewish students. The Christians kids were far superior in behavior, maturity and integrity. The Jewish kids thought nothing of lying and it was hard to believe anything that they said after a while. 

They would break the rules of the dormitory and straight up lie to me about it. I have non-white ancestry and I was treated with disrespect by the Jewish kids because of that while I did not get the same disrespect from the Christians and Asians (there weren't too many Asians on my floor by some chance). 

It was not always obvious who the Jewish kids were as they had Christian sounding names and had the art of "blending in" down to a science. As a slightly older kid myself, I was not wise to their ways and only realized all of this many years later. While I treated everyone equally as an RA and enforced the rules fairly, I can't speak to how the professors at the university treated them. But what I can 100% verify is that the Jewish kids behaved in a VERY different way than the others and it was mostly negatively different.

The penchant I observed for lying and disrespect by Jews continued during my corporate career with Jews having a clannish style and a "win at any cost" approach. Also, they had very self-entitled behavior, especially the women. But more than anything else, it was the constant stream of lies that I always ran into with Jewish people at work that stands out more than anything. 

It seems that speaking lies is a way of life for them and that truth and honor means nothing to them. I lost my job once because of lies that a Jewish woman (from Israel, no less) who was completely incompetent and basically a whore for the executives said about me. That story deserves its own write-up for the level of lies and deceit that she played out. I was passed over for promotion which she got and I was eventually shown the door while she is still there to this day. What I also observed at work was that the Jews did treat Christians with a certain amount of respect but Asians and Indians and so on were beasts of burden in their eyes - simply there to work hard and do the heavy lifting and only there to make the Jews rich.

So I would like to definitely concur with Mr. Liao. To succeed if you are not a Jew, you have to be a Jewish ass-kisser or you will end up unsuccessful. The really sad part about this is that the once great nation that was the USA is being systematically destroyed by this cancer to its corporate world.


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Comments for "Rich Jews Bullied Me My Entire Life "

CM said (February 20, 2016):

Great article as usual. But you should also mentioned how just as these Rich Jews when they are kids exclude everyone else out of their club, when they get older to become men and women they attack other race and ethnicity's successful businesses to take them out of business or to make it their own. They do this with online and verbal defamation libel and slander, stealing your best employees, sabotaging your current employees, filing anonymous false complaints against with you governmental agencies, suing you every chance they get using a proxy (Jews never reveal themselves), contacting their fellow Jews on different committees regulating your business to harass you, and just non-stop torturing you until your business is dead. They also use spies to steal your trade secrets, hack your computers, and other dishonest methods.

David M said (February 19, 2016):

I can relate to the man in the article you posted. I am a Jew who grew up in NYC. I grew up in a mostly Jewish neighborhood of Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY. Most of my friends I had were Jews. I knew many non Jews as well. However, my neighborhood was a working middle class one which not only only consisted of Jews, but non-Jews too.

Those of us who grew up here never had parents that were rich and drove the best cars.We walked to school and our guardians took the subway to work. I had Jewish friends who lived out on Long Island. However they were not like the ones portrayed in the article. Their parents were working class stiffs like my family was. We knew the value of hard work. We never expected anyone except maybe my sister to bow down and worship the ground we walked on.

We were taught the value of a dollar and how to treat others. Even my Hebrew school teacher reminded us how we were a light onto the rest of the world. We were to show how God existed and he loved everyone. i never felt like I was chosen. I was just a kid from Brooklyn trying to find my way in this world without a handout. I am glad the temple we did services at was located in a middle class neighborhood instead of a rich area of the city.

I have dealt with the type of Jews this man describes. Having lived in Las Vegas for over 22 years I have experienced it myself. My father and I did decided to go to one of the local temples here. We felt like we did not belong. I tried to fit in, but i felt like an outcast among my own people. Most of the temples here in Vegas are situated in rich areas instead of middle class ones. Not all Jews are rich. Some of us are working stiffs who want to live a successful life in peace without thinking we are above anybody else. i am know I am not above anyone. I am just a regular Joe one could relate to.

Anon said (February 19, 2016):

A blanket statement about all "elites" would have been sufficient rather than say that "Jews" live by their own rules.

I recently had to do some jail time in Michigan for DUI and was in a holding tank with a Jewish lawyer who had violated his probation for testing positive for drugs. I figured he would only be there over night due to his profession and "chosen one" status but it turned out he was doing 3 months among the "goyim."

At the end of the day it's money, power, and influence, not religion or ethnicity that moves mountains in this country and it can be easily attained by anyone if they have drive, ambition, and smarts.

I happened to know the Sheriff and immediately got placed in the most comfortable housing unit that the jail has to offer. That 55 year old Jewish lawyer with the bad back was stuck on the concrete holding-tank floor for probably a few days like every other non-Jew.

In my private high school there were tons of Jews, Indians, and Asians, and the rest were white people.

The Jews were the over achievers, the white kids by far were the most under achieving (mostly children of auto executives)

Dan said (February 19, 2016):

The Jews I tended to know were the lazy, underachiever types one found scattered in Southern suburbs, far from the East Coast Jewish Mafia - though I met some of those later. But the ones I knew in school, I didn't even realize they were Jewish until years later. You know, they'd say 'my parents are atheists', and I wasn't aware that so many Jews made up new names when they immigrated into the US.

I think during times when Jews feel insecure, a lot of them drift quietly into assimilation into the host culture, and their descendants aren't Jews anymore. At the same time, elite Jews are always quietly marrying upper class goy women and converting them. Currently they're open about it because the Jewish Mafia is living large and Israel is feeling Mighty. Both Trump and Clinton have a daughter each married to bank mafia Jews.

In terms of anthropology, this is a great cultural survival tactic: the tribe merges with the elite bloodlines of the ruling class of the host - while the underachiever Jews merge into goyim - and out of the Jewish genome entirely.

JG said (February 18, 2016):

Interesting article and first comment by Anon here.

It's sounds like Aki was raised in an affluent and prosperous Jewish community. That might be his first mistake. Even having money doesn't entirely erase the prejudice or the desire of the nationalities wanting to be with their own. Ethnic diversity in America in many cases is a political sham.

I was fortunate to have been raised in a lower middle class neighborhood that had Jews who were not like the ones in this article. They played sports, they were some of our teachers, and they blended in well. Some were also patriotic Americans. Back then, being Jewish was not an issue like it is today. It was the lack of material abundance and prosperity that help make this all possible.

Also, Jew Gentile marriages were not uncommon or considered an issue either and, there were many of them.
It's a sad reality but being raised with an abundance of wealth and material prosperity can take a lot of life away that was meant to be lived and learned with trials and struggles.

If you're looking love, support, and acceptance you won't find it in places where there is a lot of money.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at