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Flat Earth Psy Op is the Real Conspiracy

February 3, 2016

(It's "what if the earth were flat" you tin hatters!)

The Flat Earth fad is a "conspiracy theory" designed to
distract, divide and discredit those who understand 
modern society has been enslaved by the Judeo Masonic (Satanic) conspiracy. It  creates cognitive dissonance, and make us question all our assumptions, especially those which are True.


"This flat earth stuff is to mess with your mind." 

by Sean Caiside 

According to some,  the earth is in fact a flat disc and not a globe. This meme took off after Obama equated climate change deniers to members of the "Flat Earth Society." Within 12 months, YouTube was flooded with a mass of videos.

The assumptions of this Meme are: 
1. The Earth is a Flat Disc. 
2. Our globe-shaped world orbiting the sun is a myth. 
3. The sun and moon are spherical, but much smaller than mainstream science states, and they rotate around a plane of the Earth, because they appear to do so. 
4. Arctic Circle in the centre and Antarctica is a continent forming an ice rim of 150-foot-tall wall of ice, NASA and the military guard this wall to stop you climbing over it and falling off the end of the Earth. 
5. Gravity is an illusion. When driving, it is not gravity that pins you to the road, but the rapid upward motion of a disc-shaped planet. 
6. Space exploration and the moon landings are all faked. 
7. The Sun is not 93 million miles away but is much smaller and only 4,000 miles above the Earth. 
8. Horizon is always at eye level.  (See also- Ten Absurd Claims  of Flat Earth Conspiracy Theorists)

They fail to address:

1. What lies underneath the Earth and how the disc sits or what holds it up. [The earth sits on the back of giant tortoise- Makow]
2. Cannot explain orbiting satellites or GPS. They rationalize that Satellites are a hoax and GPS only exists due to a network of radio transmitters. 
(Left, Tiny sun circle above flat earth. How it also heats the world isn't explained.)

3. How does the Sun circle the Earth for night and day. They say Sun travels via zero space and instantaneously appears on the other side of the disc. When facts and science contradict, they make up nonsensical explanations. First, gravity does not exist and then it does exist to bend the sun's rays. This is when they are explaining why you can't view the other end of the Earth. To debunk a globe model; they have yet to produce is a photo of edge of the flat earth.


Conspiracy theorist Eric Dubay launched the International Flat Earth Research Society (IFERS) claiming all others were "controlled opposition". Dubay stands out for a documentary claiming Adolf was a peaceful, honourable individual unfairly tarnished by the Zionist media.

Flat Earthism is like a new religion with its dogmas  and many schisms. Three websites vying for flat earth supremacy differ from the trivial (who had the idea first) to the argumentative (Are the Jews to blame for suppressing flat-Earth truths?). Everybody is trying the define it; there is no unified theory. 

Flat earther, Daniel Shenton states, "There is no unified flat Earth model but the most commonly accepted one is that it's more or less a disc, with a ring of something to hold in the water. The height and substance of that, no one is absolutely sure, but most people think it's mountains with snow and ice."


This is a "PsyOp" which requires large funding from intelligence agencies and governments and corporations. It has become a tool of reverse psychology e.g. if you are broad minded enough to know 911 was a false flag; and now just accept Flat Earth theories. When you engage with this Psyop, a paid shill replies from their "Flat Earth Manual" like some cyborg, there is a mass of paid bloggers on CIA pay roll to push this.

hqdefault (1).jpg
(left. They think the earth is the center of universe.)

The meme is the ideal project for mind-control that could be devised by Tavistock institute & CIA. It is amazing how many clever, well-meaning and spiritually oriented individuals have been suckered in by this transparent pseudo-scientific sham.  

The psy op is designed to create cognitive dissonance. You've been lied to your whole life to believe in the Globe model. 

What is the underlying agenda? Lumping Christians and Truthers in a divide and rule strategy; some will fall for this trick while others won't be easily deceived by this nonsense. This flat earth stuff is to mess with your mind. 

Flat Earthers exchange one set of lies for another. My advice is to eschew cognitive dissonance and reside in truth. 
First Comment from Ingmor:

About 1 year ago, conspiracy youtubers started getting flooded with flat earth video recommendations even though they had previously never watched a flat earth video in their life. Cass Sunstein, left, chief Obama administration propagandist describes this technique in his book "Nudge." The technique is to target groups whose opinion they want to shape and gently nudge in the certain directions with several techniques. These include infiltrators and internet forums or comments sections of articles as well as using connections with websites such as youtube to give people recommendations based on their data to push them where they need to go.

 Up until now on youtube, this has been most notably used for pushing the reptillian story as well as other bizarre new age conspiracy angles to make people discredit themselves when talking about truth as well getting lost in labyrinths of insanity. It has also been used for other topics such as global warming, zionism, and alternative health (which Sunstein specifically mentions in his book). It is important that the nudging is gentle and incremental.

I have come across many people who just one year ago were speaking serious truths. Now all they want to talk about is the flat earth, something of no consequence compared to the murder of almost all of humanity. 

These people have been NEUTRALIZED

Makow comment: I think they have made their point. A lot of so-called "Truthers" are mentally unstable. Pilots would have flown over the edge and under the disc long ago.

David Livingstone:  "I think it's pretty obvious what it's designed to do: the absorb the "truth" community in complete nonsense. But such utter nonsense that it will completely discredit anyone nearly associated with it. Talk about 9/11 now, or the Illuminati, or Bilderberg and you can be denounced as a "flat earther".   
And this is a paragraph from my book  Black Terror White Soldiers.

"The notion that the people of Columbus' time believed the earth was flat was a myth invented during the 19th century by two Skull and Bones members to discredit Christianity, as part of what is known as the "Conflict Thesis":

More anti-Christian propaganda was created in the seventeenth century when historians invented what is known as the "Flat Earth Myth," which claimed that Medieval Christian Europe believed the earth was actually flat, a notion that was supposedly contested by Columbus. The myth was created as part of a campaign by Protestants against Catholic teaching. Historian Jeffrey Burton Russell claims "with extraordinary few exceptions no educated person in the history of Western Civilization from the third century B.C. onward believed that the earth was flat," and he regards that the myth gained currency in the nineteenth century due to inaccurate histories such as John William Draper's History of the Conflict Between Religion and Science (1874) and Andrew Dickson White's History of the Warfare of Science with Theology in Christendom (1896).[i] Dicksen was member of the notorious Skull and Bones at Yale and co-founder of Cornell University.[ii] Draper and White were the most influential exponents of the Conflict Thesis, the proposition that there is an intrinsic intellectual conflict between religion and science and that the relationship between religion and science inevitably leads to public hostility. Draper's book received worldwide recognition and was translated into several languages, but was banned by the Catholic Church.

[i] Russell, Jeffrey Burton (1997), "The Myth of the Flat Earth," Studies in the History of Science (American Scientific Affiliation).




From JB, a flat earther:

How flat earth is similar to 9/11 truth.
1. Those that believe in the flat earth like to talk and think about it. People who don't believe in the flat earth, like those who don't believe 9/11 truth, don't talk or think about it. They don't see it as important.
2. To say the flat earth is a psy op, because everyone knows the earth is round, is like saying 9/11 truth is a psy op, because everyone knows the terrorist did it. No evidence or proof that the theory is wrong - its just a given.
3. Flat earthers talk about evidence - no curve can be detected, aside from NASA photos.  Akin to asking about evidence of the planes, aside from video. Those opposed generally just name call and slander.
 Flat earthers talk about flight paths between southern continents. Round earthers ignore that, as opponents of 9/11 truth ignore building 7.
4. When pressed a common fall back position is "it doesn't matter the shape of the earth", as if the truth doesn't matter and is unknowable. Sounds just like "it doesn't matter what happened at 9/11". Its usually what people say when confronted with logic they don't like.
5. If it were a psy op, who's it on? Who's telling us not to believe the bible? Maybe NASA doesn't want the gravy train to end and so is trying to kill the flat earth movement. Money is on the round earth side, flat earthers just have the truth.
 Flat Earth Videos:
The Great Flood on the Flat Earth
ISS Hoax - The International Space Station Does Not Exist!

FLAT EARTH CONSPIRACY EXPOSED! Rob Skiba Proves NASA Fakes Photos and Videos

Amateur Footage of FLAT EARTH!!! 2016 No fake NASA CGI

Perspective NOT Curvature Flat Earth

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Comments for "Flat Earth Psy Op is the Real Conspiracy"

David Livingstone said (February 6, 2016):

No, the Flat Earth Myth was promoted by Skull and Bones as an attack on Christianity.

They invented the whole story about Columbus. It has been known since the time of the Egyptians that the earth was round.

The myth was created as part of a campaign by Protestants against Catholic teaching. The myth gained currency in the nineteenth century due to inaccurate histories such as John William Draper's "History of the Conflict Between Religion and Science" (1874) and Andrew Dickson White’s "History of the Warfare of Science with Theology in Christendom" (1896). Dicksen was member of Skull and Bones at Yale and co-founder of Cornell University. Draper and White were the most influential exponents of the Conflict Thesis, the proposition that there is an intrinsic intellectual conflict between religion and science and that the relationship between religion and science inevitably leads to public hostility. Draper's book received worldwide recognition and was translated into several languages, but was banned by the Catholic Church.

RN said (February 5, 2016):

This whole story is created by the NWO Illuminati to create confusion in people.
What surprising me is the security they have to believe that everyone are all stupids.

Albeit is curious to see as even scientists with a brilliant analytical mind, maintain illogical religious beliefs. (I don't say stupid beliefs for not to offend some who have high self-esteem, forgetting that "pride is the foundation of ignorance". - ( It for that we are encouraged to feel pride for whatever": Nationality,ethnic group, sports team,etc.)
I know nobody has all the "truth", but some good Christians, very knowledgeable about the Bible, they forget or don't see, or did not properly understand the teachings of Jesus.

Recall: "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added."
"And if any of you need wisdom, he should ask to the Father."
"It is the Spirit who does the work and not me."
"Seek and shall find, knock and it shall be opened, ask and you shall receive."
"... And the truth shall make you free" (I Do not slaves to stupid beliefs.)
I remember Paul wrote: "When I was a kid, I took food for children, I am now an adult and eat food for adults". Grow, brothers.

CG said (February 5, 2016):

The "flat earth" movement isn't a cute little movement, but has insidious evil intentions of recruiting "useful imbeciles" for covert Lee Harvey Oswald like terrorist operations, headed by Russian intelligence. Some naive hippies are going to be talking about Flat Earth one minute, the next minute they'll be fighting N.A.S.A. with AK47s, thinking "how did it get to this? duhhh!".

"Do the reverse of what your foe wishes" (Napoleon I) . The satanically possessed families want us to pick sides and squabble, so don't!


DON'T GET STUCK IN A HEGELIAN DIALECTIC(yang blue team vs. yin red team) AND SUPPORT EITHER SIDE OF THE "FLAT EARTH" vs. "ROUND" NON-SENSE! Avoid debating this topic like a contagious disease.

I'm not even going to waste my braincells debating it. It's just like Darwin telling people with high IQs that they are really monkeys without a shred of physical evidence, and they just accept it. The crazy and dangerous man is the one that decides, he is not a monkey.

I don't agree with everything the following guy says, just 99.9%:

PROTOCOL OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION 2.3. Do not suppose for a moment that these statements are empty words: think carefully of the successes we arranged for Darwinism (Evolution), Marxism (Communism), Nietzsche-ism (Socialism). To us Jews, at any rate, it should be plain to see what a disintegrating importance these directives have had upon the minds of the GOYIM. 8.10. WE HAVE FOOLED, BEMUSED AND CORRUPTED THE YOUTH OF THE "GOYIM" BY REARING THEM IN PRINCIPLES AND THEORIES WHICH ARE KNOWN TO US TO BE FALSE ALTHOUGH IT IS THAT THEY HAVE BEEN INCULCATED(repeated).

Maurice said (February 4, 2016):

Sorry henry,

If the earth is “spinning” how come the stars are always in the same place?

That’s how mariners got around for 1000’s of years before GPS stars remained constant in sky.. debunk that one…. I’ll wait


Suggest you google: Are the stars always in the same place?


Debra said (February 4, 2016):

My older son is a commercial airline pilot and he cannot even believe that this is a discussion. When flying at around the 35,000 feet range you can start seeing the curvature of the earth, but when he was flying a private jet at around 42/3,000 you can pretty much see the full curvature. The only thing that is flat is people’s brains.

The edge of space - James May on the Moon - BBC - YouTube

"James May finally reaches the edge of space, where he looks down at the curvature of the earth, and upwards into the black infinity of space."

Glen said (February 4, 2016):

My only problem I have with the author of this article is he seems to believe the Apollo flights to the moon were real. Their is so much evidence out there that the whole thing was faked it gives me great cause for concern in the authors ability to look at evidence and form an opinion on that evidence alone. Cognitive dissonance is a real force in America and it is the reason the FOX News watching general public has never questioned 9-11. I could spend hours laying out the case for the falsified moon landings but I could never do as good a job as author Dave McGowan and others. If you really want the facts about this psyop of so long ago I implore you to click on the link and read Dave's quit lengthy expose on this one of the greatest "snow jobs" of all time. When you check the evidence( the available body of facts or information indicating whether a belief or proposition is true or valid)I think you can only come to one conclusion. Check the evidence if you dare.

Stuart D said (February 4, 2016):

Hi, this site has either just identified itself as controlled opposition or guilty of sloppy misguided article publishing. Investigate Flat earth properly.

Don't publish rubbish like this.

Ian said (February 4, 2016):

Be wary of the flat earth and other similar psy-ops, as they mix truth with their fairy stories. The horizon IS always at eye level, more noticeable with the sea obviously as there are no hills to alter it. There is also every likelihood that the moon landings were faked. Simple things like the rocket motors not blasting the surface clear of dust and the "astronauts" being able to talk over a rocket motor. etc make it very suspect. However intimidation to conform is used on many sites to ensnare the unwary with all the flat earth claptrap.

CP said (February 4, 2016):

Wow Lisa T.'s comment sums up the fact that the psy-op is real AND working:

"9/11 was in an inside job... and NOTHING is as it seems. We have been lied to all of our lives and it is time to Come Out of Her My People!"

Equating 9/11 truth with flat earth. Where is the God given discernment? Of course NASA lies about a lot of things but this is no doubt to discredit anyone who dares question the official story on a number of things.

Deidre said (February 4, 2016):

Thank you for posting on this subject. I noticed several people on youtube getting into this subject. I then noticed that a popular doomsday prepper youtuber started videos for Flat Earth. He is also a Hebrew Roots guy. For the longest I wondered if all the 'prepping' stuff was a psy op of sorts: get people afraid of everything, get them buying stuffs... For me as a Christian its as simple as this: the kingdom of GOD is not about meat, drink, flesh, blood, arguments, opinions etc...but of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. John 6:63. ALL else is distraction!

Andrew said (February 4, 2016):

To me the whole flat earth thing comes down to the sun. The only way the flat earth thing works is if the sun is small, and orbits around the flat plain.

But if the sun is 4000 miles away, that means it should always be getting bigger or smaller in size as it moves from the horizon to high noon and away again. Just as a local car or boat or train does.

But the sun's disc is exactly as big to the eye at the horizon as it is when high in the sky (but when it is high, just look and measure it for a millisecond). That fact means that it is 90 million miles away, and we orbit it. Oh yeah, and that the Earth is round.

I have posted this on many YouTube flat earth videos, but never get a response... :)

Kyle said (February 4, 2016):

Flat Earth is a hypothesis based entirely on mathematics and visual phenomena (like the supposedly flat horizon). As such it can be easily disproven with mathematical data. Even ancient astronomers like Eratosthenes where able to accurately measure the Earth’s circumference by tracking the position of the Sun throughout the year.

Here’s an unedited, un-distorted photo of the perfectly linear International Space Station against the perfectly spherical Earth taken from the space shuttle Discovery:

One can get a similar, albeit less dramatic effect, from an airplane or from the top of a mountain.

If one believes the Earth is flat, one must accept evidence disproving the arguments advanced. From what I’ve seen Flat Earthers have no interest in data – only in the shadowy conspiracy to cover up the Flat Earth. The fact that “Flat Earthers” veer off into talking about Jews is a clear sign that this is a load of nonsense designed to make actual conspiracy theories look insane. Let’s hope this one falls flat - pun intended.

Luis said (February 4, 2016):

Hey there Henry! Im a fan but your latest article shocked me because i thought you were smarter. The flat earth society is controled oposition! Dont believe that the earth is flat? Do you believe stars are suns shining trillions miles away? Well, search for videos of go pros sent to "space" and see that from that height the earth is flat! So how can you see the curvature from a plane?! Search for stars seen throught a nikon p900 and prepare yourself to be amazed! Pilots gone trought the edge? They cant go near it! Search the work of flat water, odd tv, odiupicku, waykiwayki and eric dubay. Ive spent almost a year looking at this! Trust me, the joke is on you!

James Perloff said (February 3, 2016):

I have recently received emails urging me to accept Flat Earth.

I have not had time to investigate the matter (with its scores of arguments) thoroughly, and do not consider doing so a priority among the many issues we now face. So while I disqualify myself as an expert witness, I’d like to note the following:

--A cursory look showed me that, while Flat Earthers make some interesting arguments, their critics have arguments that are equally or even more compelling.

--I was told that if the Earth was a globe, railroad tracks would extend into the sky because they are straight. This is not so. It might be true if tracks came in 10-mile pieces, but they are laid in small segments, and can and do conform to curves and hills. Just look at Disney’s Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Ride.

--I have spoken to flight attendants who say you can see the Earth’s curvature from high in the air. Flat Earthers attempt to refute this by saying flight professionals are deceived because “airplane windows are curved” and create an illusion of curvature. But if so, why don’t things look curved though airline windows when on the ground?

--It seems to me that if the Earth were flat, sooner or later, especially during the early history of airplane navigation, some lost pilots would have flown to the Earth’s edge and righted themselves. On that note, if Flat Earthers truly believe their theory, why don’t they charter a plane, fly to the Earth’s edge, and photograph it? Then they’d have observational proof.

Having said this, let me comment that I am not opposed to geocentrism. About 10 years ago I was stunned to discover that there were two societies of PROFESSIONAL ASTRONOMERS who continued to argue that the solar system is geocentric, not heliocentric (sun-centered). Diminishing the Earth as the centerpiece of God’s creation has long been part of the Luciferian agenda. And I certainly concur with the Flat Earthers that NASA includes a very dark agenda. But I don’t see that as meaning we have to accept Flat Earth.

I am a member of the Creation Research Society and have written two books debunking Darwin’s Theory of Evolution (TORNADO IN A JUNKYARD and THE CASE AGAINST DARWIN). I say without hesitation that complex organisms cannot be generated by chance, and that the entire reason for Darwin’s theory, with its Huxley-Freemasonic backers, was to discredit the idea of God as creator. Once you eliminate God, you eliminate the authority of the Ten Commandments, and you get the satanic culture we see today.

So why don’t Flat Earthers talk about Darwinism? Scholarly evidence against it, and in support of intelligent design, has been around for decades. The suddenness of the Flat-Earth craze is indeed suspect. Perhaps Sean Caiside hits it on the head when he notes that the movement took off AFTER Obama equated "climate change deniers" to members of the "Flat Earth Society."

JH said (February 3, 2016):

Not going to lie, I am disappointed about your latest blog posting about flat earth.

The true plane earth believers believe the earth is motionless Not! going upwards. Water is the true sign for this theory as it is Always! level...when liquid gets disturbed it finds it's way to become level. There are Wayyy more proofs and evidence we live on a motionless plane and of course I/we do not have all the answers since All! the funding goes to NASA and their "science".

Still like your blog and some of your writers, but the flat earth attack was horribly written and researched.

Ray said (February 3, 2016):

Remind me of someone accusing me, of being a Flat Earth believer because I mentioned
to him, that Global Warming was bovine excrement...
Don't believe in Saint Al of the Gore Man Made Global Warming, then you are a Flat Earth Believer..

Lisa T said (February 3, 2016):

I side with JB & the word of God. There are SO MANY references to the earth being flat!

Isaiah 14: 12"How you have fallen from heaven, O star of the morning, son of the dawn! You have been cut down to the earth, You who have weakened the nations! 13"But you said in your heart, 'I will ascend to heaven; I will raise my throne above the stars of God, And I will sit on the mount of assembly In the recesses of the north. 14'I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will make myself like the Most High.'

When I stumbled across some "flat earth" stuff, I started to realize how utterly EMPOWERING it is. Instead of being a small speck of dust in a giant universe, I am a child of God, living on an earth that was created FOR ME, to experience the great human experience. To learn and to try to find my way home to My Father one day and find out how I did and what is next. Why are we trying to EXALT ourselves ABOVE the Most High? NASA is obviously a religion down here in Florida! Keep the good jobs & money coming, and people will believe ANYTHING (including the fact that they have moon dirt, haha).

9/11 was in an inside job... and NOTHING is as it seems. We have been lied to all of our lives and it is time to Come Out of Her My People!

Tony B said (February 3, 2016):

Interestingly, the commenter following the article writes exactly as the main article described in the way of CIA's, or whomever's, agenda in spreading this idiocy. The fact that people pick up on it simply shows that the government schools have done an excellent job of accomplishing their planned ignorance agenda on the population. Too many people have no concept of how to think for themselves. I noticed that over half a century ago when I still discussed supposedly partisan politics. Those who wanted to argue ALWAYS sounded identical to, almost word for word, the spouting of the "TV news" talking heads the evening before. NEVER an original thought.

There is but one necessary comment direction for this sort of junk, same as for the global warming crap which is supposed to cause havoc in a millennium or two: There isn't a damned thing you could do about it if you wanted to so why waste your time even thinking about it. After all, we all live until we die. Obviously however the earth works, it works. If it quits working, it's over for all of us. If you really want to do something about that faint possibility for yourself then remember God and His demands.

Dan A said (February 3, 2016):

Those associated with me on Face Book occasionally attempt to present evidence that our earth is flat. But I don't buy it because as far as I know, the sun and moon are round, as well as other planets and moons. So it's safe to say that our earth is round as well. No one has found or located any other planets that may be flat, as far as I know.

John said (February 3, 2016):

The real question Flat Earthers are asking is "What is the Shape of your Prison Bars? Flat or Round? Why we prepares a dialectic of Flat/Round then we can pit you in a divide and rule fight while you are distracted by arguing stuff that makes no difference.

It serves the powers that be to divide and rule so that you do not get you to notice the bars of your enslavement, if you did then you could direct your energy at the prison warders and the slave masters overthrowing their power structure". This meme suits the power structure to keep their grip of control all assisted by useful minions to propagate this psyop.

Al Thompson said (February 3, 2016):

Scientists can be as bad as politicians. They have their own agenda and teach science based upon consensus rather than the facts. There is an astronomer
Ph.D. who believes that the earth is the center of the universe. In addition, the sun and the moon orbit the earth. I've read his 160-page primer and he makes some great points. He has stated that there has been no scientific evidence that the earth rotates. It is an interesting read and

I personally think he's correct. The "flat earth" stuff may be a ploy to distract from the geocentric theory.

Jennifer said (February 3, 2016):

From a Spiritual perspective as an adept astral traveler and RV, some form of Geocentrism is my experience Not a dizzy spinning hurtling ball. Emotionally, Geocentrism creates a closer feeling to God and a sensibility of peace and calm. From a Logical perspective, Geocentrism is convincing after evidence presented in the movie “The Principle” and various other research/studies. The Flat Earth arguments are provocative and give an even more profound feeling of peace and connectedness to God.

However, Flat Earth could very well be a distraction/manipulation/backlash against Geocentrism -yet I am open to more exploration/evidence for & against. When spiritually traveling into the heavens, the firmament or jupiter I have been unable to look back and see to determine if the earth is a globe or flat. It's important because a lie creates cognitive dissonance. Someone is lying. We know science has had a bad track record -full of lies and the truth will set us Free! Don't be afraid to question Everything.

Matt S said (February 3, 2016):

I was not sure how to post a comment on your site, but wanted to send this on to you.

I was interested in Flat Earth investigation back earlier in 2015. I found their theories very interesting and so wanted to explore it more. I joined the IFERs forum but found, over time, that anyone who did real investigation was not welcome. My findings based on observation and mathematics did not correspond with their idea of reality. I tried always to start from the assumptions that they made, but the theory did not hold water. No one was interested in taking the matter further, but simply banned me for questioning.

Anyway, the reason I looked into Flat Earth is because I was originally interested in Geocentrism - the notion that the Universe itself revolves and at the center point of the revolution is where the Earth is located. A fascinating new movie came out in 2014-2015 called “The Principle” which deals with Geocentrism and the scientific support that is behind the theory. It is very plausible. Many cosmologists are threatened by new data that has come out from outer space probes concerning the Cosmic Microwave Background which seems to throw the Copernican principle out the window. The documentary deals with this new information and the fears of the scientists in the field of cosmology.

Here is a link that shows how Flat Earth came around to distract honest people from learning about Geocentrism. Please also follow the links included in the site as they fill in more information, especially the one entitled: "Flat Earth is a PsyOp to Attack Documentary “The Principle” "

Here, also, is a video I made on the Geocentric model if you are interested:

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at