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Zionists Set their Sights on Patagonia

January 20, 2016

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Israel is a proxy for the central bankers who plan to enslave the world using fictitious "debt."

Argentine researcher Adrian Salbuchi explains that this enslavement will include amputation of territory. This is why Israelis are "taking the measure" of Patagonia and provoking attacks from the locals. 

By Adrian Salbuchi 

The Coming World Government: Tragedy and Hope, 2012, IX: Territory in Jeopardy- The Patagonia 


In 2002, when Argentina was in the midst of its worst banking, financial and currency collapse that caused [ended]with the default on the public debt, the influential New York Times, published an extensive article on 27th August 2002 with the title "Some in Argentina see Secession as the Solution to the Problem of its Foreign Debt". In it, they proposed that Argentina pay its foreign debt by ceding the Patagonia Territory to the bankers and other GPE [global power elite] interest groups as alleged "compensation".

A few weeks later on 2rd September 2002, "Newsweek" echoed the same idea (both publications are run and controlled by Zionist elements from the CFR, Trilateral Commission and other GPE entities). The idea thus started sounding explicitly, that secession and territorial break up of Argentina should be considered as viable options for our country to resolve its "foreign debt problem".

• Strange visits... We will mention only in passing that for many years there have been strong and insistent rumours that in March 1969, New York Rabbi Nahum Gordon allegedly visited Buenos Aires to brief local Zionist militants on the need to break Argentina up in the coming years, in line with Zionist interests. Whilst there is firm no supporting evidence or documentation supporting this - which in many circles has since become known as the "Andinia Plan", "Andinia" being a hypothetical future country to be sliced out of Argentina's Patagonia (and Chile's, as well...), it does uncannily reverberate with all of what we describe herein.

• 5th January 1986 - The traditional, prestigious and conservative Buenos Aires daily newspaper "La Nación" published an article, "Studies are Underway for the Settlement of a Jewish Colony in the Province of Santa Cruz", Santa Cruz being one of the key provinces in Patagonia, with major oil and gas reserves as well as water and food and which happens to be the Kirchner's home province. That "La Nación" article literally said: "Alberto Levy, a spokesman for the Israelis carrying out a survey in the area, stated that 'this is a project we have carefully nourished for a long time and counts with the support of the Argentine authorities'. As has occurred since a number of years, El Calafate - the main tourist town in the region - this season received hundreds of Jewish "mochileros" (i.e., young backpackers and hikers) which in their own words are carrying out a survey, studying the local climate, vegetation and animals, and the potential wealth of the area. 


According to local townspeople in the area and the "mochileros" themselves, this survey was concluded with favourable results for such a settlement." "When asked why they had chosen that area which in spite of its natural beauty does pose some problems in wintertime due to the lack of adequate infrastructure, they responded by saying 'conditions where the state of Israel stands today were also difficult...'". Thereupon, they added that "...we consider that El Calafate has conditions that are ten times better than those that had to be faced in Israel at the beginning. Here, we have gas, oil, fertile soil, abundant water and a climate that is right for our needs, except in winter, but that does not pose a major problem"

• 18th March 2002 - Buenos Aires financial newspaper "El Cronista Comercial" (page 12) published an article called "Debt for Territory" which described a proposal from a US consultant to then president Eduardo Duhalde of swapping public debt for government land, adding that "the idea would be to transform our public debt default into direct equity investment in which creditors can become land owners where they can development industrial, agricultural and real estate projects. In this way, the public debts would be reduced and the economy reactivated. 

The proposal was being considered in Israel." Only a few months later, the New York Times article mentioned above was published. A local consultancy in turn, Giacobbe y Asociados, reported that they were carrying out a survey in Patagonian Province of Chubut and other provinces, for some supposed "European Multinational Company" that included questions that were suspiciously unrelated to the economy and local markets and were more of a geopolitical nature, such as: "Would you agree that Argentina should give up its rights over territories in Antarctica in order to fully cancel our foreign debt? Would you agree to cede government lands in (the Patagonian province of) Chubut to pay for the provincial public

debt? Would you agree that the provinces of Río Negro, Chubut, Santa Cruz and Tierra del Fuego should merge into one sole Province or region? What is your position on the proposal that Argentina' s economy should be managed by an officer from the IMF or some other international entity? Considering the dire situation that reigns in Argentina, do you want to leave the country?"


(author, Adrian Salbuchi)

• 29th September 2003 - A media scandal broke out, driven by the local militant Zionist organization and pro-Israel lobby DAIA (Delegación de Asociaciones Israelitas Argentinas) over alleged declarations made by then Argentine Army Chief of the General Staff General Roberto Bendini during a presentation at the Argentine Army War School, pointing out the danger in Patagonia posed by the exceptional interest shown by Israeli groups in the region. The hysterical reaction by the local mainstream media and their well-paid journalists and analysts aligned to the GPE and, of course, by DAIA itself was deafening. Nevertheless, the local newspaper "La Nacion" (30-Sept-03) explained that "there can be no doubt that there are Israelis all over the Patagonia. They move around in groups, they are young, speak in Hebrew amongst themselves..."


All of this resulted in "special treatment" being meted out by the GPE, by destroying us culturally, falsifying our history, inverting our traditional values, unilaterally disarming our military, and taking over our economy and financial systems. And they did this through their local managers on their payroll: i.e., the pro-US Military regime of 1976-83, and the so called "democratic" governments of presidents Alfonsín, Menem, Cavallo, De la Rúa, Duhalde, and the Criminal Kirchner Couple, all of whom are allied with anti-Argentine multimedia outlets (with their disinformation and deculturization agents and a whole army of fraudulent, banal, cowardly, queer, decrepit, decadent and stupid pawns, who are at the GPE's fullest service and payroll.)

Ads result, Argentina's people are for the most part confused, disoriented, and systematically punished. We are kept under control by growing insecurity in the streets, in our jobs and in our homes. We are systematically attacked by our own government, who should be defending and protecting us... What better way to fully dominated and control a country than to do it using their own worst human elements as well-paid pawns and local managers to form subservient Caretaker Governments? What better way to humiliate us and make us bite the dust?

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First Comment from Tony B:

Gee, do you see the U.S. in miniature here?  Of course, it's not just our "national parks" which have been ceded to talmudic organizations, but the whole nation and all of us people in it.  We Americans have long been Rothschild slaves.

Bogus debt is bogus, just ignore it.  But build enough military to stop any attempted invasion by the thieves.  

The constant blather about nations just having to trade with one another is nonsense, especially in places as self-sufficient as Argentina or the U.S.  It's criminal, bogus banker lies to keep them in control of every nation's economy.  A strictly national economy is pretty much self-regulating, with almost perfect equity among its people an easy thing to establish and keep.  With honest money there is no need to over produce for sale to other nations which are attempting to do the very same thing due to Rothschild cabal debt pretending to be money.  Let the criminal IMF (and the other such criminal organizations) die from lack of participation, a great favor to the whole world.

Yes, create their own real money, which has no price for its use, for their own people and let the rest of the world worry about itself.  

And definitely forbid human vultures, such as these Israhellites have bragged about themselves, from entering the country.

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Comments for "Zionists Set their Sights on Patagonia "

Byron said (January 22, 2016):

Patagonia is like Israel - a launching pad into a rich area of resources.

They don't want Patagonia, they want South America - its drug trade, it's oil and gas and resources of every kind.

I think you will find alot of the advanced guard you see all through South America are from Yeshiva Military Academies and the Kibbutzim system.

Israel has had a strong presence in Central and South American for a long time. Israeli Special Forces are all through the area - including Colombia. They are neck deep in the drug trade and have been active in the area since after Queen Izabella of Spain booted out many Jews and forced others to convert to Catholicism. The "Pirates of the Caribbean" were many Jews forced out of Spain.

Have you heard about the "death squads" and "assassins" of Colombia and other South American countries? Some as young as 14? They are called Sicario's. Taken from the Latin sicarii, a name given to extremist Jewish zealots who killed Roman soldiers with daggers in the time of Christ. Where do you think that came from?

A man named Isaac Guttnan Esternberger was the architect of the first sicario army designed to protect the drug lords drug smuggling routes. Look up 'The Horsemen Of Cocaine' by journalist Fabio Castillo. I bet he was former IDF.

Marcio said (January 21, 2016):

The writer happens to be accurate. Those zionists have been doing it in South America. Some friends of mine met some young Israeli tourists who were still serving the Israeli Defence Forces and they were wandering around South America on vacation, in Southern Brazil to be accurate (one of Argentinians' most sought after vacation resorts).

No wonder if they have backpacked to other deserted but rich places. There are huge Indian reservations and national parks everywhere in South America exactly where there are lots of commodities (oil, gas, iron ore, gold, wood, etc). Those "preserved" areas are senseless and full of foreign "researchers" (American, British, Dutch, Japanese, German, etc) who register patents of herbs and their products (food and pharmaceutical industry).

Locals are not allowed to set their feet there, but native Indians (who are supposed to grant permission to anyone'a entry, even the military) and foreigners are. The military have warned everyone about that, but mainstream media and the ordinary people do not care about it. The Amazon (Brazil) and Patagonia are their target. That is why international hawks are so interested in keeping it well preserved - it will be theirs one day.

Antonia said (January 21, 2016):

I couldn't agree more that, "The constant blather about nations just having to trade with one another is nonsense, especially in places as self-sufficient as Argentina or the U.S."

And Australia.

When Australian governments ran a national economy we all enjoyed a high standard of living. Why? Because due to self sufficiency there was a wide range of occupations to suit everybody. Consequently unemployment - with all the social pathologies that accompany it - was very low. And our Reserve Bank was charged with keeping unemployment low. How quaint!

Back then we made everything we needed: bottles, cans, brooms, quality whitegoods and tools, bedding, manchester, clothing and footwear, fabrics, cars, lawnmowers, pencils, matches, lightbulbs, cosmetics, soaps, shampoos, dog collars - all gone.

Now our politicians blather on about how Australia needs to transform herself from a resources based economy to a services economy. Yeah, that'll work - not. Are they really so stupid as to not understand that an economy doesn't work with people taking in one another's washing?

Maybe they are cargo cultists who really believe the re-emerging Middle Kingdom will need the services of Australian accountants, software designers, engineers ... I don't think so. China will be churning out millions of well-educated professionals. It's delusional to think that they need Australia as other than as nice green and clean farmland and as a quarry.

Old Salt said (January 21, 2016):

A large town in central Patagonia, Neuqen was the substitute “capitol” for Hitler after es-
caping the hell in Berlin in 1945. This has been a rather large piece of Nazi territory for
some time.

The territory of Patagonia includes Tierra del Fuego. This is where the Zionists want to
take back all of it from Chile to complete their consolidation as they then will demand
separation from Argentina and create the new country mentioned in your blog.

At the rate things are happening with the Illuminati bastards. we are rapidly losing the
option to leave and go anywhere else to seek peace and harmony. Whatever happens in
Argentina will overflow into Uruguay and Paraguay with the back door on Brazil.

John said (January 20, 2016):

This is quite an intricate history of Argentinean politics in this present New World Age by Adrian here.

Yes, debt enslavement whether genuine or bogus rules today.

Money is a powerful weapon that covers a multitude of evils and very few heads of state around the globe would dare to challenge these International Bankers who now control much of the bread around the globe.
What choice really does the nation of Argentina have? They can print their own money but who will accept it outside of Argentina?

BRICS has been a disaster especially for Brazil and all the other nations involved with maybe India as the exception.
The military option would be self defeating unless you don't mind getting pelted with drone missiles in the name of freedom.

Scripture has it right again. We are to pray for our enemies. Why? Because only a change in their heart can change their thinking.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at