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Dating Apps: Final Nail in Coffin of Courtship

January 15, 2016

The Feminist Ruse on Steroids- Humans degraded to sexual level of fruit flies  

The lengthy, heartfelt e-mails in You've Got Mail (1998) seem positively Victorian in comparison to the messages sent on the average dating app today. "I'll get a text that says, 'Wanna fuck?' " says Jennifer, 22. "They'll tell you, 'Come over and sit on my face,' " says her friend, Ashley, 19. "It seems like the girls don't have any control over the situation, and it should not be like that at all," Fallon says. "It's a contest to see who cares less, and guys win a lot at caring less," Amanda says.

Feminism pretended to "empower" women but instead has deprived them of their power and turned them into unpaid whores, a public sexual utility. How could it be otherwise? Feminism is Jewish Cabalism (Communism, Satanism.) 

Its goal is to enslave society by destroying the institutions of marriage and family. Women want the lifelong love and devotion of a husband. Instead they are used by strangers who only feel contempt for them. They feel dirty and degraded. Feminist politicians, pundits and educators should be held accountable for the harm they have done. 

Heterosexuals now resemble homosexuals who, despite media propaganda, generally want sex not marriage nor family.  

(Are young women victims of cheerful participants in "hook up" sex? See First Comment below.) 

by  Nancy Jo Sales
"Tinder & the Dawn of the Dating Apocalypse"  (Vanity Fair, Aug. 31, 2015) 
(excerpt by 

On a steamy night at Satsko, everyone is Tindering. Or OkCupiding, or Happning, or Hinging. The tables are filled with young women and men drinking sake and beer and intermittently checking their phones and swiping. "Agh, look at this," says Kelly, 26, who's sitting at a table with friends, holding up a message she received from a guy on OkCupid. "I want to have you on all fours," it says, going on to propose a graphic sexual scene. "I've never met this person," says Kelly.

At a table in the front, six young women have met up for an after-work drink. They're seniors from Boston College, all in New York for summer internships, ranging from work in a medical-research lab to a luxury department store. They're attractive and fashionable, with bright eyes highlighted with dark eyeliner wings. None of them are in relationships, they say. I ask them how they're finding New York dating.

"New York guys, from our experience, they're not really looking for girlfriends," says the blonde named Reese. "They're just looking for hit-it-and-quit-it on Tinder."

"People send really creepy shit on it," says Jane, the serious one.

"They start out with 'Send me nudes,' " says Reese. "Or they say something like 'I'm looking for something quick within the next 10 or 20 minutes--are you available?' 'O.K., you're a mile away, tell me your location.' It's straight efficiency."

"I think that iPhones and dating apps have really changed the way that dating happens for our generation," says Stephanie, the one with an arm full of bracelets.

"There is no dating. There's no relationships," says Amanda, the tall elegant one. "They're rare. You can have a fling that could last like seven, eight months and you could never actually call someone your 'boyfriend.' [Hooking up] is a lot easier. No one gets hurt--well, not on the surface."

They give a wary laugh.

They tell me how, at their school, an adjunct instructor in philosophy, Kerry Cronin, teaches a freshman class in which an optional assignment is going out on an actual date. "And meet them sober and not when you're both, like, blackout drunk," says Jane. "Like, get to know someone before you start something with them. And I know that's scary."

They say they think their own anxiety about intimacy comes from having "grown up on social media," so "we don't know how to talk to each other face-to-face." "You form your first impression based off Facebook rather than forming a connection with someone, so you're, like, forming your connection with their profile," says Stephanie, smiling grimly at the absurdity of it.

When it comes to hooking up, they say, it's not as simple as just having sex. "It's such a game, and you have to always be doing everything right, and if not, you risk losing whoever you're hooking up with," says Fallon, the soft-spoken one. By "doing everything right" she means "not texting back too soon; never double texting; liking the right amount of his stuff," on social media.

"And it reaches a point," says Jane, "where, if you receive a text message" from a guy, "you forward the message to, like, seven different people: 'What do I say back? Oh my God, he just texted me!' It becomes a surprise. 'He texted me!' Which is really sad."

"It is sad," Amanda says. "That one A.M. text becomes 'Oh my God, he texted me!' No, he texted you at one A.M.--it's meaningless."

They laugh ruefully.

"If he texts you before midnight he actually likes you as a person. If it's after midnight, it's just for your body," says Amanda. It's not, she says, that women don't want to have sex. "Who doesn't want to have sex? But it feels bad when they're like, 'See ya.' "

"It seems like the girls don't have any control over the situation, and it should not be like that at all," Fallon says.

"It's a contest to see who cares less, and guys win a lot at caring less," Amanda says.

"Sex should stem from emotional intimacy, and it's the opposite with us right now, and I think it really is kind of destroying females' self-images," says Fallon.

"It's body first, personality second," says Stephanie.

"Honestly, I feel like the body doesn't even matter to them as long as you're willing," says Reese. "It's that bad."

"But if you say any of this out loud, it's like you're weak, you're not independent, you somehow missed the whole memo about third-wave feminism," says Amanda.

Continues here.


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Eli Klein    Coed Describes hook Up Scene - Seeks Assurance

First Comment from Eli Klein, co ed age 20 :

I read your newest article and I have to say it's complete garbage, no offense. Trust me, young women aren't the poor innocent angels who are being ruined by online dating apps like this article makes them out to be. They love promiscuous sex as much as the men and they love the attention the men give them. I've talked to many of them and they talk about how they don't want to be married and how much a lifelong marriage relationship would ruin their sexual fun. Don't fall for this garbage.

Eli adds: I'm doing fine, thank you. I'm still holding on to my beliefs about marriage despite the disapproval of friends and peers. I can tell you the recent article is wrong because I know how most of my female friends and acquaintances act and their attitudes toward sex. They are loose and they enjoy it. They often brag to me about their "conquests" with whatever man they're toying with at the moment, sometimes seeing multiple guys at once. They describe their casual sex as wild, kinky, dirty, animalistic, and that's just the way they like it. I've told you about how they usually ridicule me about my beliefs, understand that it's mainly the WOMEN who make fun of me. Granted they're my friends and it's mainly lighthearted teasing and jokes, but understand that beneath the humor lies their true attitudes toward marriage, commitment, everything. They say they don't want marriage at all because it will ruin their wild sex lives or they'll get married much later after they've had their "fun". I'm sure a hardworking young man would be delighted to marry a woman who's had many casual sex partners and an entitled princess attitude.

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Comments for "Dating Apps: Final Nail in Coffin of Courtship"

Ann said (January 16, 2016):

Thank you for this article. I did not grow up with social media (born 1981), and some of my friends did not, however, they act JUST like these vapid idiot women do in your article.

I really can't believe it. A friend of mine definitely "hooks up" using these apps. And the guys are so ruthless and aggressive and some are down right scary. Some say things like "Are we gonna fuck or not???" others "Let me tie you up" others after my friend denies them "fuck you you ugly bitch cunt" and some don't go away quietly.

It's really gross. I'm sure every older person says this but this young generation is fucked. Pardon my french. Thanks again for this important article.


Thanks Ann

Seems that "artist" in Florence was killed by a hook up.


GT said (January 16, 2016):

This article is -- as Eli Klein points out -- complete garbage, portraying modern women as hapless victims of evil men. There are LOADS of men who absolutely worship women and who'd make faithful husbands, but these men are passed over in favour of the tattooed bad-boy biker who's "exciting". The mainstream media is full of articles by women lamenting "where have all the good men gone?", yet those same women have almost certainly "friendzoned" countless good men in order to screw around with the jerks who excite them but who will dump them and move on to the next "good time". There are plenty of jackasses and bad men out there. And women today can't get enough of them.

As for the lewd propositioning reported in the article, I have encountered no end of women saying (and writing) far, FAR more sexually explicit things -- and many very wicked things, at that -- and doing so publicly and without a shred of shame. ...Things that none of my male friends would dream of saying publicly.

Henry, you should realize that articles such as these are just another front in the war on men (and one sees more and more and more of this kind of article in the controlled mainstream media) -- it's feminism, plain and simple. It's merely in different guise, since conventional feminism has been getting criticized more openly. And so feminism has to change tactics. Whenever one encounters "men bad, women good" drivel like this, make no mistake: it's just female chauvinism -- i.e. feminism.

Nick said (January 16, 2016):

Thing is, women aren't forced to be a part of this type of thing if they are really not interested in it and get nothing out of it. It is silly to pretend that society somehow compels women to be passive or selfless dupes in granting sexual favors to men, when the dominant feminist orthodoxy teaches that male sexuality is inherently evil and abusive.

Women today are more promiscuous because the circumstances allow them to be so, without the same amount of risk and downside that was attached to female promiscuity in the past. It turns out that female sexuality liberated from social controls or constraints is no more admirable than uncontrolled male sexuality. But many people do not want to face this.

Bonnie said (January 15, 2016):

My adult son Don Juan says:

My experience with the 30-plus crowd is that dating apps draw in folks who have failed at real life encounters. So who do you find there? Desperate Men... and Picky Women... the WORST combination.

Garald said (January 15, 2016):

Regarding your article: Dating Apps: Final Nail in Coffin of Courtship

If girls are seriously looking for a good man, they should go to Church. That is where all the ‘good’ men are.

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