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The Culling of the Goyim, Part WW3

December 5, 2015


Cherubic-faced Paul Joseph Watson and his mentor 
Alex Jones do much good work to gain credibility.
However their real mission for the Illuminati
is to generate hatred against Muslims and 
prepare the goyim for the next culling. 

"When you see and understand what the globalists are doing - you will want to nurture love between Christians and Muslims. Thats the real antidote."

By Anon

The global elite have an agenda. They wish to start a cataclysmic war between the "West" and "Islam".  It will undoubtedly burn the world down, killing most. Out of the ashes of this hell on earth nightmare, they will usher in the New World Order, enslaving those who survive once and for all. 

Establishment neoconservative Samuel Huntington boldly reveals the desires of his masters in the title of his globalist manifesto, "Clash of Civilizations, and the remaking of world order".
In order to do this, they need to do two things. 1. Make the West hate the East (Muslim countries); and 2. Make the East hate the West.
(the Syrian city of Homs. Imagine this was your city.)

To create this deep hatred of the west, they have mercilessly bombed civilians from Muslim countries for the past 20 years. The greatest human tragedy has been Iraq. How many times has a child seen their relatives blown to pieces at a wedding party by a callous drone that rains death upon them? There have been hundreds of thousands of birth defects from depleted uranium which most Iraqis now breathe constantly. This is only the tip of the iceberg. Read about Fallujah, where soldiers went door-to-door shooting every man woman and child in their way.
Then, they radicalized the psychopaths in these societies creating a Mad Max stew of gangsters and thugs. Glenn Greenwald does a great job of exposing the role of the US and the CIA in the rise and arming of ISIS.   (see also this interview with Michael Flynn, head of US DIA)
Islamic terror is a creation of the global elite.  Anyone vilifying Islam or the West is playing right into their hands. Western civilization didn't' bomb Iraq and form Isis - the globalists did. They are not Western civilization. They are the antithesis of it. "Radical Islam," similarly, is not Islam. They constructed these groups, armed them, manipulated them, and now are using them to cover the other part of their machinations:
Creating hate in the West for Muslims. 
There is nothing inherently violent or anti-civilization in the Quran. The global elite are doing a very good job of finding sociopaths and blood thirsty criminals to force an interpretation that would otherwise not exist.   Every culture, race, and every religion has a small marginalized psychopath population. Usually they end up in jail, or hide amongst us. Islamic terrorism is simply the global elite manipulating the sociopaths of the Muslim world. They openly admitted they freed them from jails in Libya and Iraq.
(ISIS is Emmanuel Goldstein, "enemy of the state," in our contemporary dystopian world) 

In order to spread the message of "hate the Muslim," the global elite have perfected a glorious propaganda machine. Alex Jones and Paul Watson have become a neoconservative outlet for vilifying Muslims and Islam.  
Watch Paul Joseph Watson on you-tube. He is so full of hate, its shocking. He promotes the global banking cartel's clash message with concentrated perfection. He will often post anecdotal stories of the "incompatibility of Islam" and western civilization. Argument by anecdote is a tool for scoundrels. 

There are millions of Muslims building bridges, creating technology, practicing medicine, and adding to the creative common heritage of western civilization. There are billions, shedding tears and candles for innocent victims of all terror. Cherry picking a few things is only the tactic of a manipulator. Muslims are just ordinary people, who unfortunately have had globalist devils pouring millions of dollars into their psychopaths.
A terrorist has no moral footing whatsoever. But to point that out, and not understand that bombing a country (Iraq, Libya) to smithereens is a far more eroded moral footing, is a pathological type of hypocrisy and ignorance. 

Perhaps Mr. Watson should post clips of Iraqi children losing their parents to MOAB bombs that are so powerful, they boil your organs from hundreds of meters away. Or maybe provide the history of the CIA meddling in these countries for the past 50 years, funding and arming their dictator of the month for their own purposes.
The point is that these actions are not organic events. They are insidiously created and crafted to create hate, and vilify Muslims  How one could be so mind numbingly stupid and fall into their trap is impossible. When you see and understand what the globalists are doing - you will want to nurture love between Christians and Muslims. Thats the real antidote.
Watson and Jones are shills of the New World Order. They are hate mongers and fear mongers. They are false prophets of doom. 
I conclude with one small bit of hope. Amidst all of this chaos and confusion, on the world stage, there is a man who I am coming to view as humanities last hope. His name is Vladimir Putin.
Putin wrote a law declaring it illegal to make a law declaring the Quran an extremist text.  Think about that. Why would he do that ? He exposed how Isis was created by the global elite, and more importantly, funded by them. He respectfully inaugurated a mosque and promotes the inherent goodness in PEOPLE - including Muslims, by respecting their faith and encouraging a more tolerant and inclusive society.
In my opinion, he is a good king. I often say this now:  God save Vladimir Putin.
First Culling of the Goyim:
Makow -- First Christian Holocaust
-------------       Freemasons Slaughtered Christians in World War One 

Second Culling of the Goyim : 
Makow  - Bormann Ran Hitler for the Illuminati 

New First Comment from Ken Adachi:

I don't follow Paul Joseph Watson's writings or videos, so I only catch a glimpse here and there. My general impression of him was okay until I saw his Youtube video debunking and scoffing at the  testimony of the two small children, Alicia and Gabriel ("Papa KIlls Babies." ), concerning the satanic/pedophilia activities of a HUGE satanic cult operating out of their school in London, Christ Church Primary, that surfaced on the internet in February 2015. The stunning revelations of these two children is probably THE biggest and most damning expose TO DATE of the DEEP and widespread  infiltration of baby-murdering satanists/pedophiles into the heart of middle and upper middle class British society. Having examined the details of that case carefully, I can guarantee you that ANY intelligent reader who studies the children's testimonies,  will conclude, without hesitation, that those kids are being completely honest and truthful. For a guy of Watson's supposed stature as an anti-NWO reporter, to scoff at the MOUNTAIN of first hand evidence presented by those two kids, simply floored me!  I could NOT believe that he, of ALL people, should scoff at those kids! That told me, THEN and THERE, that he's working for the other side. This well written expose nails down the coffin on his reputation- DOA.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "The Culling of the Goyim, Part WW3 "

Hans said (December 7, 2015):

Fully agree with your analysis. Though I do not wish to credit your perception and logic, it would seem to me glaringly obvious that reciprocal hatred between "West" and "East" has been fomented for decades now. Those who are directing this campaign of hatred must either be utterly utterly stupid or utterly utterly evil, which actually may boil down to the same thing, because one could argue evil is just a particular, irrational manifestation of stupidity.

At any rate, the criminals at the controls doe seem to be successful in their efforts. I can truly see no way a cataclysm can be averted at this advanced moment. Most of us are already living in a panopticum. Seems going back to 19th-century methods of struggle is the only option. Looking at the police forces are equipped (looking the same all over the world) would seem to indicate that is exactly what they are prepared for.

Christopher G said (December 7, 2015):

Well, if you think "Ras"-Putin the zionist Crypto-Jew satanist is a good king, I would like to sell you a piece of the Golden Gate Bridge and some swamp land in the Florida everglades.

Politicians are actors and Putin is in character saying one thing while doing another.

Putin defending the Quran, as he murders and bombs Muslim men, women and children back to the stone age is almost comical.

Really, what kind of a world do we live in where people only pay attention to the B.S. that comes out of politicians' mouths and ignore them murdering good people?!

Rabbi Abe Finkelstein said: "...when you own the herd, you have to thin out the herd..."

Fake Muslim Shiite extremists is no new phenomenon, and was deliberately created by Jewish satanist - Abdulla Ibn Sabbah in the 7th century.

Another Jew by the name of Hassan Ibn Sabbah brainwashed assassins with strong Marijuana, which is the origin of suicide bombers.

The truth is that Moses the Levite, Mohammad the Ishmaelite and Christ the Judahite(by his mom) belong to the SAME religion, the worship of The Most High.

One God did not create 3 different monastic religions. Satan is the the author of all religions and makes them juxtapose errors to make them fight each other.

Satan blasphemes, subverts and negates - Moses with the Talmud(which he didn't write), Mohammad with the Hadith(which he didn't write, he was illiterate and recited in Syro-Aramaic not Arabic), Christ with Mithra(satan).

Mohammad had his followers face Jerusalem but today fake Muslims worship Diana's black stone in Mecca as Christians worship Diana on Easter and Mithra on X-mas.


But that will never happen until religious people stop falling for lies and stop worshiping satan!

Amber said (December 6, 2015):

You should also observe Jeff Rense as having strong Islamophobia content on his website as well – and thus you should point out that he is also a bought and paid for shill for the NWO’s “Clash of Civilizations” manufactured reality.

What a jerk and sell out to America and the future of Humanity.


Horst said (December 6, 2015):

This article and the subsequent three comments compel me to write to you personally before adding my
pertinent comment / critique of AJ.

My doubts and suspicion that something is not so straight forward touches on two subjects - 911 and the "jews
who are not jews" (adl - splc - most of the leading institutions headed and controlled by them - "fed" controlled by Burns, Volcker, Greenspan (he may be the good guy ??!!) Bernanke, Yellen) - PNAC - NED etc), AJ is NOT delving deeply enough into.

The achilles heel of all these destroyers, ever since I listened to the great and rather soft-spoken Cooper and
my own research I S 911 , no doubt about it.
Lately a caller on AJ's program mentioned Christopher Bollyn and his in-depth research. AJ became a bit irate and cut short the conversation, to my disappointment. And, indeed, I concurred with this caller, the evidence IS
overwhelming, I am at a loss to understand why "they" can not be nailed. As Dr Sabrosky pointed out, if and when the truth comes out AMERICA WILL WIPE OUT the mini-state, unfortunately for all the innocents !!!!

Have you read the book BARBARIANS INSIDE THE GATES by Donn de Grand Pré ?? It is so clear and obvious who is behind so much evil on this planet.

Hiba said (December 6, 2015):

Such refreshing article and comments, aside from the culling part which we cannot deny seems inevitable.

The lesson; no matter the doom and gloom that may lurk around the corner or awaits us on the horizon, is to love one another and rid our hearts and minds of hate and prejudice.

This isn't easy with the satanic forces in the form mind control monopolize and use tools, methods and means such as media, pharma/drug, gaming/gambling, commercialism/materialism ect and attacking us with various forms of magic and psychotic possessions inducing a level of trance often referred to as ignorance. This requires slow dosage of knowledge (truth seeking, open-mindedness ) , spirituality( monotheistic studies, reflecting, meditation, fasting, prayer, charity ect) and experience ( travel, experimenting ect)

The answer was here all along.
61. Blessed be He Who has placed in the heaven stars, and has placed therein a great lamp (sun), and a moon giving light.62. And He it is Who has put the night and the day in succession, for such who desires to remember (reflect) or desires to show his gratitude.63. And the slaves of the Most Beneficent (Allah) are those who walk on the earth (travel) in humility and sedateness, and when the foolish address them (with bad words) they reply back with mild words of gentleness.64. And those who spend the night before their Lord, prostrate and standing.(Noble Quran, Surah Al-Furqan (The Criterion) )

Glen said (December 6, 2015):

I started my search for the truth sometime around 2005. As I learned what I had been told about 9/11 was not only a lie but also physically impossible, I was attracted to sights like infowars. I garnered a lot of good info concerning the lies of 9/11 but eventually came to realize they too had an agenda and were just as guilty of deceit as the mainstream media. Although they would admit many truths about the event, they would also do their very best to hide or dis-credit a lot of other information concerning what went on that day.

As I became aware of people such as Dr. Judy Wood and Rebekah Roth, I once again found I had more questions than answers. I am not saying I believe everything they say, I'm saying I found it a virtual impossibility to discuss such theories on almost any 9/11 truth site without being called a crazy loon or a "plant". Where there is a lack of the free exchange of ideas, you can bet there is an agenda.

Eventually I came to the conclusion almost everyone out there is "controlled opposition". Once I came to this realization I was able to lose my hate for the Muslims of the world and place that hate where it belongs, on the backs of the cabbalist, Neo-Con Jewish run Satanist who I am thoroughly convinced orchestrate every event that takes place in this crazy world of ours.

All I can say is, this article is dead on. It is the truth, nothing but the truth, so help us God. Again I must thank Henry for being the real deal and helping to expose the globalist plants such as Alex Jewns.

Matt S said (December 5, 2015):

I used to visit alex jones's website, but i read some of the comments to articles, what a load of hateful little men, put me off, rarely go back there now, if ever.

I have a friend that visits alex jones's website often, fuel up on his hate, he is racist, hates muslims, thing is, he's never met one, plus he's never been to a muslim country.

i am going to email him this article, but i think he's too far gone.

I have visited several muslim countries over the years, one practiced Sharia law, but everyone was fine, lovely, in fact, no hate, 100% welcoming, smiles, want to chat and distance themselves from the likes of isis and jihadis, if that comes up in conversation. Go out of their way to accommodate you.

In one place, Pacitan, in East Java, the response westerners get from the locals is breath taking, you can feel the love, they just want to talk to you, massive smiles, walk over from the other side of the road to talk to you, just be with you. If you lose your smile, for whatever reason, i recommend going there, you'll find it! I have traveled a fair bit over the years, but never experienced anything like that, glorious, such beautiful people.

Maybe it's different i the Middle East, hardly surprising if so.

A said (December 5, 2015):

Did any thinking person imagine that the alternative media was somehow immune from control by dark forces. The internet is the future of world communication and information sharing, the technology came out of the american military technology arm DARPA. Alex Jones and his bandwagon of Islam haters, have been nurtured from the start by dark forces. Bill Cooper was interviewed on the Alex Jones show many years back, when someone once asked Alex what he thought of Bill Cooper, the liar in chief of InfoWars (i now understand the name to mean a war on real information) said he only had him on once and he was swearing and cussing so he never had him back on. I went back and listened to the interview on YouTube, Bill never swore once ! So blindly faithful are many Prison Planet listeners they don't even bother checking the facts. In the beginning Alex invited lots of interesting guests and discussed real issues, but one fact that was always a dead give away that he was controlled opposition, was that fact he would criticise some Christians and extremist muslims BUT NEVER ZIONIST ! He has never strayed from that formula. Once he had built an audience he slowly started ditching his regular guests Alan Watt, Mike Rivero etc anyone who was critical of Israel. He tried to ditch Mark Dice, but rather than go quietly, Mark began making YouTube videos mocking Alex Jones, when bully boy Alex realised that Mark wasn't going quietly like the others he quickly made peace with him ! I really wish Alan Watt and Mike Rivero would also expose this zionist intelligence operative.

Alex Jones and his band of merry haters have now morphed into a tight propaganda unit, with a mission statement to promote hatred of all Muslims. These days Alex rarely invites interesting guests with different viewpoints. You just have the mad man ranting on for 3 hours about the same topic with non stop adds about how you will die or suffer if you don't buy his health products. I used to listen to him in the good old days, but for many years now I cannot justify wasting 3 hours to acquire 10 minutes of useful information. When the Malaysia Airlines plane vanished near Diego Garcia, Alex Jones and another of his sidekicks, Mike Adams of Natural News both completely ignored the Elephant in the room. As kings of conspiracy they religiously refused to explore the possibility that the plane landed at Diego. And so it continues, the Alex Jones empire has pivoted, its sole mission now is to increase hatred of Islam. The dancing Israelis are no longer mentioned, but ficticous reports of Muslims celebrating are mentioned. Twin towers being brought down by American Government not mentioned, now the hate monger sits silent as The Donald says Ousama brought down the towers. This man has no principles and no honour, I hope the Infowars audience which is being held in Alex's Prison Planet of false information will see how he is leading them by the nose to hate all Muslims and promote World war 3.

For the record it was the British that created the Muslim Brotherhood and Wahabist state of Saudi Arabia. A majority of muslims hate the wahabi religion, but it is the huge oil wealth of Saudi and the support of its western backers that have allowed them to spread their evil wahabi salafi
ideology around the world. Don't blame Muslims for what the illuminati created. Let us all decent Jews, Muslims, Christians and good people come together in unity as we all believe in the same God and stop the madness which is this rush to world war 3.


Thanks A

Jones pulled the same "swearing" stunt on me.
All I said was "illuminati don't give a shit." Clearly
Jones' opposition to the NWO takes a back seat to his hatred of common idioms.


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