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Housewife Exposed Framing of RFK "Assassin" Sirhan Sirhan

April 6, 2015

Adel Sirhan and me.jpg(Left, Rose Mangan in 1995 with Sirhan's brother Adel, who died in 2001)

For 47 years, an ordinary California housewife, Rose Lynn Mangan,
has challenged the Illuminati Invisible Government by demolishing
the ballistics evidence used to frame Sirhan Sirhan for the 1968
assassination of Sen. Robert Kennedy. 

Calling herself "Sirhan's Researcher," Mangan's findings were
the basis of appeals submitted on Sirhan's behalf.

Rose, 86, who is Jewish, describes how she began this work
and hints at what actually transpired June 5, 1968.

"Do not be afraid, and do not feel intimidated to ask why."  Rose Mangan

by Rose Lynn Mangan

I have always been an avid reader and researcher - something I seemed to have little control over. Also I collected rare books and antiques.

I had met Mr. Polito,a retired clock and watch repair man who performed miracles in saving some of my lovely antique clocks.
A few days after R. Kennedy died, I telephoned Mr. Polito to ask if he had met Sirhan. Both Polito and Sirhan lived on East Howard St. in Pasadena, Ca. Not only did Mr. Polito know Sirhan but, he told me they had many long talks and he did not believe Sirhan was capable of committing such a crime. Something was wrong.

Mr. Polito, knowing that I was a methodical researcher asked me to meet Sirhan's mother, Mary Sirhan. I believe he wanted me to be an witness to the happenings in the Sirhan home.

Mary took an immediate liking to me.  Mary Sirhan and I met  a number of times with psychic Ms. Marris DeLong who had predicted I would become involved. I know this all sounds strange - but those odd beginnings is, I believe, why Sirhan and his mother had such a deep trust in me. Sirhan even signed a Limited Power of Attorney in which he included me with his mother and brothers to hire/and or fire attorneys for him.

Sirhan, now 71, is currently housed in the Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility, San Diego, Ca.)

It is too long a story about what I came to discover about his conflicted trial attorney and the use of fraudulent evidence in his case. But I will say this. It was when I asked Sirhan's appellate attorney Luke McKissack to lend me the Trial Transcripts to examine - that I discovered in Volume 15, page 3967 that the Prosecution admitted in a secret meeting in  trial Judge Herbert V. Walker's chambers that they did not have adequate foundation for the bullets AND it was their UNDERSTANDING that the defense would STIPULATE to the evidence; and also on a separate page that a different gun was used for testing purposes).

And so that was the beginning of what came to be for me a long ride into hell. It was a terrible experience and I clearly see that the mainstream media will go to great lengths to bury my research (because it cannot be refuted) and since I am a private researcher - without any scientific training or credentials - I have no platform to scream out about what it was I discovered.

There are literally dozens of startling official documents/records which prove ballistics evidence substitutions that I must take time to respond. It is like the cup of fraud runneth over.

I will say this - if independent crime labs read/examine my reports and law schools took the time to examine the Sirhan Trial Transcripts then we could begin to see what was really going on in the Sirhan case.


What did Sirhan Sirhan know of that killing crew's plan? I don't know of his actual knowledge of the plot to kill RFK - after all, why would those top assassins trust him. He was truly expendable. I do believe he was hypnotized - and I am puzzled by his appearance at the Ambassador Hotel on that prior Sunday when RFK also was present. Why?

When RFK was ushered into the kitchen of the Roosevelt Hotel, he was entering a shooting gallery. Witness Don Schulman  reported seeing  the security guard shoot Kennedy three times. Yes Schulman did see a man in a security guard uniform shoot RFK. But I suspect when the hired Ace Security Guard man, Thane Eugene Cesar dropped to the floor - there was another rent-a-uniform killer, who did the actual professional killing.

 All shots were intended to hit vital organs. But, when Kennedy saw Sirhan in front of him with the pointed gun, Kennedy raised up his right arm in a self defense move, hence the intended heart shots ended up with one exiting right front chest and the other being stopped at the sixth cervical vertebra. This is my opinion of course . Look at the great lengths SUS (Special Unit Senator) went to get Schulman to change his story.

As to just a few of my discoveries about fraudulent ballistics: the gun stated to be the Sirhan gun was received in evidence on 6-7-68 by Los Angeles County Grand Jury - but NO GUN NUMBER WAS READ INTO THE RECORD. The LACGJ Transcript DOES NOT record the serial number of the gun they received in evidence !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  A phantom gun is what the official record tells us.

Sirhanpansy.png(Left, Sirhan, 24-year-old Palestinian stable boy supposedly motivated by RFK's support of Israel )

The LAPD owned gun Iver Johnson, .22 ca, 8 shot rev., serial number H18602 was actually the Jake Williams gun (taken during Williams' arrest and never reclaimed by him in March 1967) was actually the gun used for comparison test bullets and written on Peo. 55 evidence envelope at the Sirhan trial. In short, it was  LAPD gun # H18602 which was used for comparison test bullets in the Sirhan case.  Good night! There is more to this unbelievable quagmire - but I spare the reader.

Then there is the matter of the switched Kennedy neck bullet (Peo. 47) and the switched Goldstein comparison  bullet (Peo. 52) depicted in both Wolfer's  Special Exhibit 10 photomicrograph and the 1975 panel recreation Special Hearing Exhibit 10 photomicrograph (reported in Court Order #2 by the Judge Wenke seven panel examiners)

Then there is the proven fraudulent mini mag bullet receipt - This is the Sportarm fabrication - another long story I report on my web site. Then there is the bullet casing business. Another major fraud of the highest rank - on my web site.

Then there is the GJ5B and the Peo. 55 business. Another major fraud. And on and on....


In an effort to block my appearance on Bob Dornan's TV show when I was scheduled to bring STT , Vol. 15, p. 3967 to show on TV . While en route to the studio I was  deliberately broadsided (luckily, a witness came forward to verify that I indeed had the green light). The timing allotted on Dornan's show for my presenting  Sirhan Trial Transcript p. 3969 to the public was gone.

tsnarev.jpg(left, Dzhokhar Tsnaraev, latest in long line of Patsies.)

Then there was the sting which was a setup to prevent me from testifying at Scott Enyart's trial about my discovery of the substitution of item identification for the fatal bullet and a fragment (from Item # 24 and #25 to the fraudulent Item # 26 and # 27 ). Shane O'Sullivan wrote about this affair in his book  "Who Killed Bobby?" on p. 422. What actually would have happened is that I would have been arrested for trying to bribe a former (active?)  LAPD OCID Officer - none other than Jean Schearrer ! So, while attempting to block me from testifying for Enyart  the real prize was to arrest me and SHUT DOWN my investigations once and for all. No question, I was a troublemaker.

There were many other threats on my life - too numerous to get into. If only I would give up my research!

Makow Note- Rose posted this at the top of her webpage: "I dedicate my research to the memory of Count Folke Bernadotte,  a great humanitarian and United Nations peace negotiator, who was murdered in cold blood by the Israeli Stern Gang and I want to honor one of Israel's finest citizens - Yeshayahu Leibowitz, 1903-1994."

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Comments for "Housewife Exposed Framing of RFK "Assassin" Sirhan Sirhan "

Dan said (April 7, 2015):

I was 13 and an RFK fan that summer. Such traumatic psychodramas stick in your memory at an early age. I remember hearing Martin Luther King's assassination being announced while I was doing my homework at the dining room table, April 4th, 1968.

I remember RFK speech that very night. Kennedy addressed an all-black rally in the heart of Indianapolis's ghetto*

Kennedy himself was shot two months later, on the occasion of his victory speech having won the Democratic primary of the State of California, which assured he'd win the nomination in at the Democratic in Chicago. If he hadn't been killed he would have won the '68 Presidential election by landslide over Richard Nixon. It was a surreal summer in America with two assassinations in a row explained by 'lone gunmen' again.

I've never forgotten a key bit of information reported at the time. Kennedy gave the California victory speech in the Embassy Ballroom of Ambassador Hotel around midnight. After the speech, someone among his security staff changed the previously planned exit route. Originally he was supposed to walk through the Ballroom to the Colonial Room for a press conference. Instead, he was diverted to walk through the narrow Kitchen storage area (pantry) where he was shot.

My grandparents and a lot of people were very suspicious: if Sirhan was another 'Lone Gunman', then how did he know to be lying in wait in the Pantry corridor?

I remember the film of the shooting didn't show anything but the backs of the crowd, and a few seconds of Kennedy lying on the floor. CBS reported that a Palestinian in the crowd shot Kennedy, and was captured and held by a black celebrity NFL football player, Rosie Greer. Grier stated, "So I see George Plimpton has the gun pointed at his face, and I'm concerned that it is going to go off, so I put my hand under the trigger housing and I pulled back the hammer so it couldn't strike. I wrench the gun from Sirhan. I find the pin and I ripped it out and held it. Now I have the gun in my hand, so I shove it in my pocket." Grier later said, "I grabbed the man's legs and dragged him onto a table. There was a guy angrily twisting the killer's legs and other angry faces coming towards him, as though they were going to tear him to pieces. I fought them off. I would not allow more violence."

* Robert Kennedy Announcing the Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in Indiana 1968

A well done history re-cap of the 'Summer of Blood, 1968" with period news footage.

Al Thompson said (April 6, 2015):

I'm also one of those people who will research something until I find out the truth; at least, within my ability to do so. The truth is the prize, but that doesn't mean that the problem will be solved. It does help other people in avoiding political and religious systems that are destructive.

Trying to find justice in the courtroom is like being in hell asking Satan for a glass of water. I'm convinced that lawyers wear their ties very tight is because it keep their foreskin from covering their heads. Judges and lawyers are the trailer-trash of mankind. These are the worst people on the planet and there's nothing that will convince me otherwise. I have personally seen them alter transcripts and hide exculpatory evidence in order to get the outcome that they want in a trial. These are the most evil people in the world. Working in the legal system is the most dishonorable thing a man can do.

The media didn't tell the truth in the JFK assassination, so it follows that they lied about the shooting of RFK. One thing people should know is that when anyone watches mainstream media, they are being bullshitted to the highest degree. And since we are almost hypnotized by the TV as it clouds our ability to reason an issue for ourselves. I like to avoid all TV and movies and just reason things out for myself. I used to think I was well informed by watching CNN; I was so wrong.

KJ said (April 6, 2015):

"I have always been an avid reader and researcher - something I seemed to have little control over. Also I collected rare books and antiques." (Rose)

I did not know that there were other people like me. I read that quote to my husband and he laughed. Rose and I are kindred spirits.

Every afternoon, I crawl up to bed and read the most horrible books on the workings of psychiatrists in history and in the world. At one point, I wondered, "What kind of creature am I that I can sustain such an interest in this awful information yet I can hardly read a novel?" Since I could not do anything about the drugging of children or the overpowering of the elderly and of every living, breathing person here, I COULD at least educate myself about it.

I have collected rare books, too...books psychiatrists no doubt figured would be buried with time. Unfortunately for them, the Internet and abebooks came to the rescue. I now have an archive of psychiatrists' books that could put them in jail (if they were still alive). I trot out the information for the parents in Ontario who are fighting the sex ed social engineers.

The control over it? Rose is right. I don't seem to have control over it either. I stand up and vow to quit until one hour later when I have an idea on a connection or concept. Away I go.

But what about the antiques? I am always sniffing out old china and depression glass for my collections. Rose, you are not alone.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at