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Boris Nemtsov Sacrificed to Kick Off Color Revolution?

March 2, 2015

nemtsov-clinton.jpg (left. Nemtsov with mentor Bill Clinton.)

Boris Nemtsov was a traitor
to the Russian people
at pretty much every stage
of his career.

Remember Alberto Nisman's murder in Argentina? Are the Zionists sacrificing their lackeys for the cause?

by Scott Creighton
(abridged by

Western media, desperate to demonize Vladamir Putin and Russia in general, is hailing Boris Nemtsov as a "charismatic opposition leader" and "reformer" of the old Soviet state.

tears.jpg(A hero is slain. Let's have a color revolution.)

"I admired Nemtsov's courageous dedication to the struggle against corruption in Russia. Nemtsov was a tireless advocate for his country, seeking for his fellow-Russian citizens the rights to which all people are entitled." Obama

In truth, Boris Nemtsov staked his career on helping the West neoliberalize various former Soviet Block countries like the Ukraine after the Orange Revolution and even helped lead the "liberalization" process in Russia during the rule of the hated Boris Yeltsin.

"Shortly after the Orange Revolution, as the elections and series of protests in Ukraine came to be called, Yushchenko appointed Nemtsov as an economic adviser" Wiki

"In November 1991, Nemtsov was appointed Governor of the Nizhny Novgorod region. He was re-elected in that position by popular vote in December 1995. His tenure was marked by the implementation of a wide-ranging, chaotic free market reform programme which earned the nickname "Laboratory of Reform" for Nizhny Novgorod and resulted in significant economic growth for the region. Nemtsov's reforms won praise from former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who visited Nizhny Novgorod in 1993 (Chinayeva 1996, 37)." Wiki

His life was dedicated to the service of institutions like the IMF, the World Bank, the EU and the National Endowment for Democracy (as they ran the attempted color revolution in Russia not that long ago). Without evidence, the man blamed the separatists in eastern Ukraine for the downing of Flight 17 saying they must all be killed for it.

Basically, Boris Nemtsov was a traitor to the Russian people at pretty much every turn of his career. Once considered Yeltsin's hand-picked replacement for all the work he did neo-liberalizing the country into ruin, Nemtsov was on track to be Russia's Philippe Pétain ( Chief of State of Vichy France ) or Arthur Neville Chamberlain ( the appeasement Prime Minister of the UK )

The Western media (neocons and fake dems alike (a.k.a. the Washington Consensus)) would have you believe all that all that ended the other night when someone hopped out of a car and shot poor heroic Nemtsov 4 times while the Ukrainian woman he was walking with stood by watching. She was unharmed. This is a picture of the woman.


hooker (1).jpg ( Assassins spared girlfriend, 23. BTW, Nemtsov, 55, was married and father of four.)

These "professionals" left the only eye-witness to the attack without so much as a scratch? For the record, this "opposition leader" commanded the support of about 1% of the voting public while Vladamir Putin is currently enjoying his highest approval rating of his career, somewhere around 86%.

That's like saying an ant is leading the "opposition" to a tiger.

Two days before his murder, Nemtsov announced a march to take place today. He billed it as a rally for all opposition party members in Russia to get together to oppose "Putin's War" in Ukraine and to protest the economic "crisis" in Russia.

He called it the Vesna March, or "Russian Spring" and it didn't promise to have much of a turnout especially when you consider the anti-Russian sentiment this guy oozes from every pore of his body.

But here we are and the "Russian Spring" has it's own ready-made martyr. Hmmm.

Here's another interesting note: the hooker-looking who was with Nemtsov just happens to be Ukrainian. Think about that for a second.

Someone had to let the assassins know where he was going to be or even arrange to get him on that bridge at midnight. Anyone else thinking about how they set up Dominique Strauss-Kahn?

"There is no doubt that this crime was carefully planned. The location and timing of the killing indicated that as well. The investigation found out that Boris Nemtsov was going with his female friend to his apartment, which is located close to the murder scene. The organizers and the executers apparently knew his route," Vladimir Markin, spokesman for the Investigative Committee, told journalists. RT

The IMF's boy in Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, said of Nemtsov, he was fascist Ukraine's "bridge" to Russia.

Poroshenko said today that Nemtsov had some form of secret evidence that proved the Russian military has invaded Ukraine. Apparently with invisible tanks and rocket launchers that our spy satellites can't photograph.

"He said he (Nemtsov) would reveal persuasive evidence of the involvement of Russian armed forces in Ukraine. Someone was very afraid of this ... They killed him," 'Porky" Poroshenko, today.

Of course, just like those six "Russian passports" he waved around as "proof" that his country had been invaded, Porky offered up no real proof of this claim. He just said it like he made it up out of thin air. Of course, that's enough for Western MSM outlets like Reuters and the Huffington Post to run with the story.

If Porky says it, it's got to be true.

For anyone paying attention, Poroshenko seems willing to do about anything to maintain his control of his fascist puppet regime in Kiev and anti-Poroshenko sentiments are running high right now, even in the Westernized parts of his country. He can't get people to sign up for the draft even though it's mandatory and more and more people are speaking out against the NATO-backed neoliberal government Barack Obama installed in the country not that long ago.

The people in eastern Ukraine and now more and more of them in the west as well, seem to be swinging in the direction of that 86% of the population in Russia.

And "poof"... someone goes along and frames Putin for the murder of a washed-up, aging "opposition leader" in Moscow. And they left the Ukrainian hooker-looking thing standing there, unharmed, as the only eye-witness. Hmmmm.

You had a lot of parties who stood to gain from this hit. The least of which would be Vladamir Putin. Of course, the westernized MSM can't put two and two together, once again. Nor do they expect you to be able to do so. But, there you have it.

Thanks to Dan for sending this story and making comparison with Nisman!

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Comments for "Boris Nemtsov Sacrificed to Kick Off Color Revolution? "

Tony B said (March 3, 2015):

Not one site I have visited on this story (mostly Russian) has had a single word about the reaction of this woman when the man she was with was murdered. Not a hint. As though she must have been a robot or some such. Most innocent women would have come apart when this happened. But, if this one did, no one has mentioned it to my knowledge. I suspect she knew what she was setting up yet being relatively calm would be a real give away. It even seems odd that no one seems to be interested in discovering her reaction or reporting on it.

George said (March 3, 2015):

Your site is kicking butt on the Nemtsov case. This is the best article I have seen so far. My congratulations to the author. Don't forget that Anna is Ukrainian. She is complaining about her cell phone being seized and examined.

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