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Ontario's Lesbian Premier Grooms Youngsters for Sex

February 20, 2015

photo-op.jpgLeft. Bizarre Photo Op. Kathleen Wynne, Canada's first lesbian Premier is
introducing a hateful new sex education curriculum in Ontario.
Meanwhile, Ben Levin, her former
Deputy Minister of Education is pleading guilty to child pornography and counseling sex assault.

"That's two 13 year-old-girls addressing the media with a 61-year-old avowed lesbian and talking about sexual consent in a country where the age of consent is 16. You don't need to be a political science professor to see that as a dumb move

Latest- Wynne to Introduce Sex Ed Curriculum Monday (Feb 23)

by Thomas Carter

Tuesday, I saw Premier Wynne's buddy Ben Levin's picture on the cover of the Toronto Sun. Apparently, someone leaked a message he had sent to colleagues asking them to write letters on his behalf.

The former Deputy Minister of Education in Ontario, in charge of drafting the hateful new sex education curriculum, the Sabbatean Jew Levin is pleading guilty to child pornography and counseling sex assault. He gave his colleagues specific instructions on what to write.

Levin.jpg(Benjamin Levin, left, lost his job as a Professor of Education.)

"For the benefit of the court, letters should indicate that you are aware of the guilty pleas to the three charges. In that regard, you may want to use language such as the following, suggested by my lawyer: I am aware that Mr. Levin is pleading guilty to one count of possession of child pornography, one count of making written child pornography, and one count of counseling a sexual assault."

"I am aware that these charges stem from Internet conversations in which he engages with strangers in explicit discussion of sexual acts with children. I am aware that during these chats he counseled an undercover police officer posing as the mother of a child to sexually assault her child for him. I am aware that 15 images and two videos considered to be child pornography were found in his knowing possession on his computer."

Canada's first lesbian Premier is vulnerable. Ben Levin was Wynne's deputy when she was Minister of Education; he was also on her transition team. She is attempting to subject millions of Ontario schoolchildren to a radical new sex-ed program that was probably written up by Ben Levin or someone like him.


To further my point,  there was Wynne's bizarre photo-op with two 13 year old girls recently. The two girls appeared at the podium with Wynne and spoke to the media about the topic of sexual consent. 

Eighth grade student Tessa Hill stated, "Everything in creating a consent culture starts with education, and so it starts with putting that information in the curriculum so kids can learn about asking for permission and about healthy relationships."

She dismissed the teaching of abstinence because "whether or not teens are going to be having sex when they're 13 or 14, learning about abstinence isn't realistic because sex is a part of society, part of our lives. Not learning about consent means not knowing what consent is when you do decide to have sex."

That's two 13 year old girls addressing the media with a 61-year-old avowed lesbian and talking about sexual consent in a country where the age of consent is 16. You don't need to be a political science professor to see that as a dumb move but just for the record U of T political science professor Nelson Wiseman commented on the affair, "Time will tell, he said, if it was effective but at first blush, I am not sure it gains her support" in a "treacherous area" where there are a lot of "pre existing positions."

 From a political point of view, discussing "sexting" may be realistic but to "introduce consent to children in Grade One is another matter."

Although Wynne's opponents have been slow to move but an offensive is starting to form led by Monte McNaughton (PC), MPP for Lambton-Kent-Middlesex. Monte questioned why the Premier won't reveal the content of the sex-ed curriculum. 

In response, Wynne emphasized that we need an "updated, modern sex-ed curriculum." This has been Wynne and Minister of Education, Liz Sandals main argument as if the human anatomy has undergone a major transformations in the last 17 years.

Monte McNaughton also appeared on 100 Huntley Street advising parents on how to oppose the new curriculum.

Another important group of opponents is PAFE, Parents as First Educators, led by Theresa Pierre. Register on the website for e-mailed updates and ways to get active. PAFE has launched a petition to stop Wynne from making revisions to the sex-ed curriculum.

There are a lot of people who will oppose this new curriculum. In fact, more than one person, the type who never talk about politics or serious matters brought it up to me. The problem is many of these people aren't organized and don't know what to do.

The comments on yahoo news have changed dramatically in the last few years. A big majority are tired of sexual perversion being promoted at every turn. Sooner or later, someone is going to harness that discontent.

Kathleen Wynne is vulnerable. She is no Barrack Obama, yes he's just as twisted but he's also slick and charming. Wynne is creepy, overreaching and has a lot of liabilities. If people start to take action she could find herself out on the street long before the next election.
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Ben Levin Casts a Shadow Over New Sex Ed Curriculum 

Winnipeg Jewish Post Reflects on Levin Without a Word of Censure

Ontario's new Sex Ed- Not Everyone's Saying Yes

First Comment from Real Women of Canada:

Mr. Levin assisted, in 2010, while Deputy Minister of Education, with the development of the age-inappropriate sex education curriculum which was subsequently withdrawn because of the concerns of parents.  It was seen as being a way of using school curriculum to promote a social agenda.  Both the children and the parents were victimized by Mr. Levin's unacceptable curriculum.
Please contact the Crown Prosecutor in the case R vs Levin to consider the character of a man who would use his position as Deputy Minister to desensitize and groom children about masturbation, the use of pornography to stimulate erotic feelings and to teach that anal sex and oral sex are healthy alternatives to vaginal intercourse.  It is reasonable to assume that his influence in the development of a sex education curriculum was motivated by his perverted attraction to children.
Please take action today by contacting the Crown Prosecutor at the following address by mail with your signature and contact information.  Three copies of the letter are required in order to provide one for the Judge, the defence lawyer and the Crown Prosecutor. 
North York Crown Attorney's Office
Criminal - Ontario Court of Justice
1000 Finch Ave W
Toronto ON  M3J 2V5
Please distribute this e-mail as widely as possible. Here is a sample letter to court.

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Comments for " Ontario's Lesbian Premier Grooms Youngsters for Sex"

Peter said (February 22, 2015):

Brainwashing resets the twisted mind.

Bad food with transfat feeds that messed up mind.
Weird behavior becomes a HABIT.

Those in the right are at war with those with the habit. Kick the bitch OUT NOW so that Common Sense can be preserved.

That photo with the 13-year old “girls” doesn’t look real. They have lost their original feminism and look more like males. The Premier look likes a pissed-off man wearing a dress.

Rolph said (February 21, 2015):

Canada has lost its footing and has been compromised to the forces of evil, "From Sea to shining Sea".

This only happens when a people are lulled into complacency and indifference by the forces of evil.

Sadly, Ontario is not the only Province, e.g. Manitoba's Judges, etc, etc., as you pointed out in many of your previous articles. Unless people from every walk of life wake up and demand change, this will only get worse.

Luis said (February 21, 2015):

Great article & timely ! We are going through this perversion here in Ontario-the arrogance of the Premier is astounding & has no limits & disregards the citizens concerns outright !!! Where is the democratic process & Freedom ??
Thanks Thomas & Henry

The Shotcaller said (February 21, 2015):

That disgusting freak "Wynne" obviously sees nothing wrong with children like those standing beside her having sex, she has more likely than not seen it plenty of times if not participated.

I had wondered how these sick freaks were going to "normalize" pedophilia beyond simply making society completely delusional hypocritical and anti human which has already been done.

It now seems crystal clear - using "gay rights" as a "human shield" to normalize sex to pre-pubescent children.

Criticism of these disgusting criminal pedophiles will be slandered as "homophobic".

This issue may be one of the last chances for humanity to slow this insanity down at all, poisoning children with vaccines doesn't do it because people refuse to abandon their brainwashing and look at the facts they know nothing about.

Are people so stupid that they can now be convinced that people who want to rape children are "normal"? Perhaps this is the chance to get people to recognize the pure evil staring them in the face.

Robert K said (February 20, 2015):

Once in positions of power, types like Wynne and Levin of course import like-minded people into the ranks beneath them. So I would say "God help the people of Ontario"--except that from personal experience of the provincial bureaucracy in Alberta I know that this infiltration of policy-making areas has been going on for decades. In the UK paedophilia seems to be deeply institutionalized, with investigation of its influence in the upper levels of bureaucracy being systematically thwarted by constabulary brass. (Google Sir Jimmy Savile, Sir Cyril Smith, Baron Leon Brittan, Rotheringham child sexual exploitation scandal, Kinkora boys home, Haut-de-la-Garenne, and so on ad infinitum.)

As some charges against Levin have been dropped and he has pled guilty to a reduced docket, we'll probably never know all he is suspected of being involved in. Plea-bargaining has become the veil of justice, and the escape route of the well-connected and well-to-do. One has to wonder if some clever lawyer will be able to deliver a deal for Levin similar to the scandalous one negotiated for American billionaire paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Al Thompson said (February 20, 2015):

This should be a lesson for the parents who expose their children to this perverted claptrap. Under no circumstances is it worth exposing your beautiful children to miscreants like the ones described here. No child should even have this trash enter into their minds. This is why homeschooling is so much better. The children are at home with mom or dad and there is no chance of this crap entering into their lives. The great part of homeschooling is that the public school will lose a certain amount of revenue from each child. When I home schooled, I took only two children out but that was about $4500.00 less revenue per child. The school lost $9000.00. That was back in the 1990s. Think of what could happen if 100 or 200 youngsters started home schooling. You could effectively shut down the whole system.

A libtard-socalist-pervert has nothing to teach anyone, let alone children. Homeschooling may mean some major financial adjustments but that would be much better than having to deal with queer teachers. And besides, children need to be at home with mom or dad during the week, and not getting mentally molested by the rotten school system.

It's my opinion that the whole school system should be shut down as it is a plague to society. The main agenda of most schools is the libtard-socialist mindset that is a proven failure. Best to let it go by the wayside.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at