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Banker Babe Confirms They're Hedonists

January 18, 2015

baers.jpg( Banker wife Baar toasted Occupy Wall Street protesters with champagne in 2011.
Her Marie Antoinette-like gesture was recorded in this YouTube)

Anthony Migchels caught a glimpse
of the lives of Wall Street wolves
when the daughter of a Goldman Sachs
executive contacted him.

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by Anthony Migchels

A Baars family daughter has contacted me. Living and very much enjoying 'the lifestyle' herself, she is worried about the blowback against the banker decadence.

The lady in purple above is Mrs. Baars, wife of Goldman Sachs managing director Willem Baars, who hails from Holland. He has been making a career for himself with the infamous vampire squid that is at the core of Wall Street pirate's nest.

Byacht.jpg(left, the $21 million 40 meter yacht in St. Tropez)

Managing Directors are the second management layer at Goldman Sachs. Only a few dozen partners are higher up the ladder. Partners are allowed to use their own private funds in the Bank's insider trading rackets, guaranteeing enormous private wealth for the few who make it.

Still, a modest 'managing director' can look forward to a $500k base salary. Bonuses for Mr. Baars typically amount to about $8 million per year. Additionally, there is an options package worth about $30 million.

God only knows what Mr. Baars must do to make that kind of money. He maintains all his actions are legal. Which is not completely unbelievable, since Goldman Sachs employees in Congress write the laws.

He seems to be involved in mergers and the like. Typically, the insider knowledge that consulting about these matters brings is exploited by the traders of the bank in the markets.

To Mrs. Baars, the protestors are just 'peasants'. Losers, jealous of the riches of the bankers. The bankers really feel like 'Masters of the Universe'. They see themselves as 'the new Aristocracy'. To them, what they do is all 'legal' and thus justified. They deny any wrongdoing, or that their riches come at the expense of others. The protestors are basically just whining scumbags, in their view.

BBentley.jpgIn the aftermath of the meeting in Wall Street on that day in November 2011, hundreds of protestors went to the Baars residence in New York and spent hours at the gates there. One of the Baars cars, a Bentley, was thrashed.

This was certainly a tense moment, but to the Baars family this just shows what losers the protestors are.

It's all about 'the Lifestyle'. The Baars family owns 15 luxury cars. Several mansions in America and Europe. A $20 million, 46 meter yacht in St. Tropez.

 "Wall Street and the City are driven by money, status, luxury, trophy wives and more money," our sources says. "Just walk into any Mayfair club and you'll see models and bottles."

While Mr. Baars makes enormous profits for Goldman, Mrs. Baars' job, as a banker wife, is to look good and let the money flow. Shopping is the lady's main pass time. Trips to Milan with her girlfriends to buy shoes a routine matter.

bchampagne.jpgFor the kids, there are endless parties. Spraying expensive champagne is a routine device. The fun is in knowing that the peasants would have to work for months for what they blow away in just seconds.

Luxury, looking good, asset positions, new stuff. Glimmer and glamor make life nice. Are what gives status in the social scene.

Within the Baars family, there is a strong sense that the money must keep coming in to keep up. Addiction to money comes with fear of loss.

They're children with their hands in the cookie jar. Mrs. Baars is just an uppity blonde who likes to shop for shoes. Avarice and narcissist ambition unchecked.

And it's end of life. Soon, the American economy will face the crunch of an era. The banking families that employ naive upstarts like the Baars family, are ready to ditch the vehicles, including Goldman Sachs, that have allowed them to usurp all the wealth of the nation and indeed the entire West. Their executives, no longer useful, will be thrown to the wolves. The angry masses will gladly devour them when the time comes.

The 'solution' to the problems they have been creating has long been prepared.

And our source? She loves both the people with whom she grew up and 'the lifestyle', but she is haunted by the venom of the disenfranchised. She faces a choice.

But: it's a choice that, in different guises, we all face at some point in life; and it's the same choice that humanity as a whole will finally have to face up to too.

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First Comment from David:

"The protestors are just 'peasants'. Losers, jealous of the riches of the bankers."

A lot of protesters and newly poor that the likes of Mrs. Baars sneer at, had decent jobs, their own homes and had contributed all their working lives to retirement funds that were wiped out in the 2008 crash. Then they were ripped off a second time by the taxpayer bailouts to the ones who caused the crash. I admire people who become rich by inventing a better product or service that society wants to buy. The Baars simply stole their wealth, and I hope the eventual payback is not as painless as the guillotine that ended the reign of Louis XVI and Marie Antionette. A little historical sidenote: during the French revolution, the first to go were not the royals but the bankers!

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Comments for " Banker Babe Confirms They're Hedonists "

Robert P said (January 18, 2015):

Luke 6:24.

But woe unto you that are rich! (Financially rich) for ye have received your consolation.

Consolation = Comfort, solace, or that which affords comfort or refreshment.

They have had it easier than most in their day, but now it will be bad for them, as they will answer for their sins, they have had their “Good times” such are the Rothschild family and the Rockefeller family.

Now they will receive the level of “Damnation” which they deserve.....
Matthew 23:14.

Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye devour widows' houses, and for a pretence make long prayer: therefore ye shall receive the greater damnation.

As a friend of mine called Andy says, “With God the punishment always matches the crime” it is hard to comprehend how bad their punishment will be, and for how long it will last.

These people will be “Tortured” and for a very long time.

When it comes to “Damnation,” it is not a case of “One size fits all.”

Here Jesus speaks of how there are those who have passed on, and are in “Torment,” even now, waiting for the Judgement Day....
Luke 16:23.

And in Hell (Hades) he lift up his eyes, being in torments, (Torture) and seeth Abraham afar off, and Lazarus in his bosom.

Al Thompson said (January 18, 2015):

I don't know if the bankers realize that there may be a special place in hell for them. I found the following verse in an early Christian writing that was later removed by the "church." " And in another great lake, full of pitch and blood and mire bubbling up, there stood men and women up to their knees: and these were the usurers and those who take interest on interest" Apocalypse of Peter. Never envy people who are set to destroy themselves. Usury is the worst economic problem mankind has and that needs to be solved. Remove usury, and a lot of bad things will go away.

Robert K said (January 18, 2015):

It would be interesting to know what impelled this lady to enter into contact with Migchels. Without further elucidation, the scenario seems implausible. It's reminiscent of Fritz Springmeier's alleging he had unexpectedly been contacted by (searching my memory...)--a Rothschild, was it not?

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