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Exorcist Claims ET's are Demonic in Character

October 18, 2014

Left. Erin Green Hicks aka Erin Rothschild claims to be a diabolic-human hybrid. She relates her experience growing up as a Rothschild being tortured and put through Illuminati mind control and satanic rituals.

An Exorcist and Catholic Priest suggests
Illuminati are Human-Devil Hybrids

(EDITOR'S NOTE: I reserve judgment and present this article for purposes of discussion.)

"So who are the Illuminati? They are simply part of the manifestation of the Devil ("Lucifer") and his minions in our dimension and in our historical moment, dedicated to the destruction of the human race out of hateful vengeance against the God who had cast the same devils out of heaven, the God after whose image and beauty, He had created us. Why this persecution of humans? Because Lucifer cannot hurt God except by hurting what God loves, that is, by hurting us." - Edgar

by Edgar

Ms Connie Fogal does not close the gap between the "Aliens", thought to be "extra terrestrials", and our concrete reality on planet Earth. To do that it is necessary to correctly identify the supposed ETs as devils. Yes, I wrote it: devils. The sort of devils that we find in Genesis 3 under the figure of the ("reptilian") serpent that tempted Eve and caused the original fall of the human race, if you want to accept that "lore". Perhaps you're ready to press the delete key with my apparently flippant suggestion? Before you do, I would ask you at least to remember this book by Chuck Missler and Mark Eastman: "Alien Encounters: The Secret Behind the UFO Phenomenon".

cmbook.jpgIn this book, the authors review and (I think) sufficiently confirm the existence of the UFO realities. Then they take their analysis two steps further and (1) scientifically and (2) theologically identify (1) their origin not to be extraterrestrial, but extra-dimensional, (2) hence diabolical. Their reasoning is quite articulate and compelling. Of course, it presupposes some faith in the existence of non-material beings such as "devils" that perhaps you do not share.

As a Catholic priest who, out of charity for the unfortunate possessed/oppressed by these things, actively picks fights with them, I certainly have no trouble believing in their existence. It's part of my daily life. Why, just last night I had to fight some off with prayer... No big deal, it happens almost daily, often more than daily. Ready to delete this email? I hope not.

So who are the Illuminati? They are simply part of the manifestation of the Devil ("Lucifer") and his minions in our dimension and in our historical moment, dedicated to the destruction of the human race out of hateful vengeance against the God who had cast the same devils out of heaven, the God after whose image and beauty, He had created us. Why this persecution of humans? Because Lucifer cannot hurt God except by hurting what God loves, that is, by hurting us.

The gap between our dimension and that of the putative extraterrestrial aliens is filled by the overarching reality of the diabolical hosts and their pretentious prince, Lucifer, who uses deluded and manipulated, malicious men to achieve his ends. Lucifer is at the top of this real, extra-dimensional world, but his influence reaches into our time and space especially through his minions.

Now who are these minions? They all form one army, but it has two principal branches: the human agents at his bidding, and the fallen angelic agents no less his slaves. However, between these two branches, there is a continuum from being that is more human, material and hence less spiritual-diabolical, to being that is more spiritual and diabolical and less human.


To understand how this spectrum comes about, we have to consider something quite astonishing: hybrids between human beings and devils. This is inherently difficult to accept, for our Western habits of thought have been formed since the time of Plato and his "second navigation" to think that spirit ("non material reality") exists, and that there exists a great fissure between the realm of the spiritual and that of the material.

Notionally, we are unprepared to deal with something like sexual reproduction between a pure spirit like an angel, and a material being like that of a woman: our minds are asked to ford the unfordable, so we think. Yet, this is exactly where we have to go to account for the origins of "demons" and "aliens". Paradoxically, the genetic manipulation going on in our most advanced laboratories may have prepared us somewhat to make this leap. We read news accounts of human-animal and human-plant hybrids... Why not angelic-human hybrids(!)?

Genetic manipulation is, if you want to believe Genesis 6, not new in history. We read that the "Sons of God" (a certain kind of heavenly angels, "watchers") decided to leave their estate and have sexual relations with the daughters of men. This event is recorded in Genesis 6 as noted, but the "Ancient Book of Enoch",
goes into much greater depth, and apparently, the author of Genesis drew his account from Enoch, according to which this intermixing of the angelic and the human was the beginning of witchcraft, as these fallen angels taught the women how to be their "brides", and bear hybrid children, the "nephilim" (cf wikipedia) or "the fallen" (less than angels) also translated into Greek as "giants", for indeed they where corporeally immense. This is decisive because hybrid, angel-men are the "Aliens" of the UFOs. They are not extraterrestrial at all but very terrestrial, even sub-terrestrial in the sense of hell-bound. If we can accept all this apparent nonsense, then we can fit the ETs into the proper scheme of things.


The Illuminati are the avant-garde of the more human part of the diabolical army. Lucifer has duped them with promises of power and unending suzerainty for their family lines, and it does not surprise me that the royal lines of Europe such as the Hapsburg and the Windsors claim their lineages go back through Charlemagne all the way to Nimrod, king of ancient Babylon and builder of what was then the "New World Order" around the Tower of Babel (Genesis 10, etc). It's just possible that their family lines do extend that far.

 It has always been Lucifer's interest to maintain an elite and use them to enslave the rest, ultimately to destroy both elite and slaves together (much to the coming surprise of our contemporary Illuminati -- they forget that Lucifer lies even to them, and hates them no less than his other slaves; and will share power with no one).

Although the universal deluge of Noah's time is supposed to have destroyed the giants, the interbreeding between fallen angelic beings has not ceased because witchcraft has not ceased, and many, perhaps most of the Illuminati, have "demonic genes" in them. The blood lines in which they take pride are in fact corrupted and putrid with demonic genes, and endure only because of special diabolical assistance and God's mysterious plan that has withheld judgement until now.

Here's a video (above) that presents an Illuminati testifying to being a diabolic-human hybrid. No, this video proves nothing, except that one who claims to be an Illuminati believes what I am relating. Yet for me, who two or three years ago would already have deleted this note you are reading, the video does have confirmatory value.

I said I was a Catholic priest in the ministry of freeing people from diabolical possession and other forms of spiritual bondage. I have a prayer group of spiritual people to whom God often reveals the names of devils and the paths of sin or witchcraft by which the diabolical entered the lives of their victims, and even the dates of entry.

They are so right so often in revealing the names and dates of entry, confirmed by the sometimes almost unbelievable effectiveness I have had in kicking the devils out of these afflicted people's lives, that I hesitate to disbelieve something else these people have also received from above: the reality of hybrids living among us today.


Hitler_Color_2.png You know some of these hybrids. One of them is named Vladimir Putin. They tell me that he is a diabolic-human hybrid from 2 generations back. One of his grandmothers conceived him in some sort of occult copulation with a devil or demon. Poor Vlad, but it does help to explain him and other Illuminati. Adolph Hitler was a hybrid from four generations back. Nero likewise was a hybrid from I don't recall how many generations back. You do not have to believe this, but I, who would have laughed at this before I started my ministry with the possessed, hesitate to reject this now.

So if the Illuminati (and other less elite occultists, devil worshipers and their sects) represent the mostly human branch of the Luciferian army, the "extraterrestrials", who are quite terrestrial, represent the more diabolical and purely spiritual portion of his army: essentially they are devils or demons who have taken a body manufactured for them in a laboratory or otherwise spawned using genetic manipulation: here science and diabolism merge. Genesis 6 is unfortunately not at all out of date.

The point is that it's all one army under Lucifer, at war against God, in the most bitter and only real war -- the other wars are mere theatrical performances to distract us. What matters to Lucifer is that all these members of his army are visible, dwell in our time and space and can influence in it. Therefore, they are apt puppets he can manipulate to "act out" before us in this theater of "the world" (as interpreted by the New York Times) to deceive us with "the Great Deception".


Ms Connie Fogal errs in thinking that the so called aliens are really extraterrestrial, and she errs as many of us do when we accept the apparently sharp divisions between "warring" factions: Republicans versus Democrats, Conservatives versus Liberals, Communists versus Capitalists, Traditionalists versus Progressives, etc. These fake wars, patterned after Hegel's dialectic, will eventually give way to the war of the worlds, the one between Terrestrials and Extraterrestrials.

 Lucifer will want to scare us so much that all us human sheep-for-the-slaughter will run into the arms of a "savior" that he will be so kind as to provide. Probably this savior will take the form of some "ET" descending from the clouds as Christ ascended into the clouds, but in an updated version: I'll venture to guess that he'll come riding cowboy on a flying saucer. Christian tradition has branded this ET as "Anti-Christ". But it will all be a sham, for the humanoid elites and the supposed ETs are really on the same team. It is essential to close this gap between the apparently opposing armies, to see it for what it is, nothing more than the machinations of Lucifer and his slaves.

Ms Fogal, probably unwittingly, fosters this ultimate and most fatal delusion. It bears mentioning that Hollywood is an enthusiastic promoter of this Great Deception. Does the theme of superheroes, such as portrayed in the Spiderman, Superman, Batman, the Transformers, Prometheus, and other films, seek to mentally prepare us for such a world-wide calamity, so that we will be primed to seek out in like circumstances one who will appear just in time to save us?

Lucifer can reasonably expect that a humanity, cowed by fear, will gratefully throw itself into the saving arms of such "superheroes" and of such an "Anti-Christ". For my part, I do believe that Hollywood is avidly committed to a psy ops program to prepare us for just such a greatest-of-all-historical-events; and to be shepherded into Satan's mill through the mediation of genetically engineered humanoids and elites. Yes, it sounds far fetched, but in the final analysis, the plan is not to provide such a reality; it will suffice to deceive us into believing such is reality, and that may not be so difficult to do.

First Comment by David K:

I would have to agree almost entirely with your latest article by Edgar. The ET's are in fact inter-dimensional so you can call them demons but with our scientific understanding today it is not so simple because these beings do use technology and science and they have flying saucers, large space ships, labs for genetic engineering etc. They can extract someone from our dimension, take them to their dimension and make adjustments then put them back. Most people when they think of demons do not see it this way, possession is accepted but actual technology which functions inter-dimensionally is not usually included in demonic ideas. The truth is in between, they are demonic in their relationship to humans but their technology functions far more closely with science fiction ideas of aliens. In the past when people lacked any kind of scientific explanations the same beings looked like demons, now they look more like Aliens but they are the same.

Edgar says that Lucifer hates god and so hates all of us which may well be true but from what I have experienced it is his devouring of souls which is most important. He needs to feed on the energy of souls or he will die. It is his desire for immortality and total control that has lead to this necessity for him and his minions. So yes he hates us but he needs us, he needs our souls and he must control them or he will die. I must again say that the true goal is to create a hybrid body which can contain both the human soul and the ET/ Demonic spirit at the same time and which can live for a very long time.

Our lives are short because they can only control the soul if it is in a state of amnesia, the current human body is therefore given a very short life and esp is purposely shut down. When the body dies the soul is taken through a tunnel into a bright light where it meets its so called spirit guides and it reviews its life. Then it meets a type of council and is basically tricked into taking another life of suffering in another human body. The lie is that life on Earth is a school and the soul just seems to keep failing the lessons so must come back to further "evolve". The soul is tricked into choosing to come back and gives itself a new mission each time. But the mission always fails because the soul forgets the mission upon entering the body and then life on Earth is fully controlled by the ET's/ Demons. This is how they lock down the soul, its all through lies, virtual reality and a genetically tampered, short lived human body which then undergoes poisoning and brainwashing from birth.

I cannot prove it but if one looks at all the evidence at hand this scenario does actually have a lot of weight. Of course if one has been consciously abducted by aliens and lied to directly by them and also remembered abductions that they were not supposed to (showing their truly diabolical nature) it is easier to connect the dots. Remembering the between lives period and past lives brings the picture squarely into view.

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Comments for "Exorcist Claims ET's are Demonic in Character "

David Livingstone said (October 20, 2014):

The author’s case coincides with that of Jacques Vallee and John Keel, and pretty much anyone else who has taken the time to perform an objective investigation of the so-called UFO phenomenon.

I’ve written about it in Black Terror White soldiers. The modern UFO phenomenon is largely the work of Theosophists and an updated version of the Occult Revival of the 19th century.

Remember, mysticism has always been about making contact with spirits or “gods” associated with the planets.

And the CIA has been maintaining contact in particular with a group known as The Nine. In fact, acceding to Robert Anton Wilson, he was told the ultimate secret of Freemasonry is that they are in contact with beings from Sirius. Put those two together and you get the whole Ancient Aliens scenario which has been pushed from Esalen to, to McKenna and Graham Hancock and finally the History Channel.

Marti said (October 20, 2014):

Hi Henry. This 'Edgar' person is no more a Catholic priest than I am and I don't believe he`s even a Christian at all. He writes in just enough truth, concerning God and Satan, to make himself look the part but notice how he avoids the name of Jesus Christ. He says he 'frees people 'from diabolical possession' but fails to explain just how he does this 'freeing', which is again avoiding the name of Jesus Christ.

One of the best verses for true believers concerning possession is Mk. 16: 17-18. Another thing I noticed was how 'Edgar' puts Putin and Hitler together as being' diabolic human hybrids' and how many times have we read about 'officials' saying they are just alike?

Also, how could Putin`s grandmother conceive him??? This whole article is ridiculous and deceptive, at best, because it is misleading concerning the absolute reality of demonic possession.

Jorge said (October 19, 2014):

I'm Catholic and have been studying carefully the modern Catholic Prophecy, it's relation to older or private messages from other centuries and I can tell you that the Alien phenomena as been reported in some modern 'private messages' as Demonic and UFO's exactly as devils vehicles.

Other tantalizing aspect is that the abduction phenomena with related sex stories is unbelievable similar in content and parallel to the medieval 'incubbus' & 'succubus' stories (= sex with demons). Abductions seem to be the modern, technological-like embellished version of the exactly same phenomenon from the Middle Ages.

I still don't believe it is possible to have sex (a delusion?) with spiritual beings directly (but these can carve a 'body', a material form and use it for it - avatar like - so to speak) but genetic manipulation would be possible.

Two evangelical Christians, researchers, etc have a book on the issue called Exovaticana.

Bob A said (October 19, 2014):

It is a shame we don't have more knowledge of Arabic and the Qur'an. Edgar's description seems lifted right out of the creation story as depicted in the Qur'an. However there is much more detail in the Qur'an and the accompanying commentaries. In particular there is the episode ( Q2:101) about 'a faction' of the People of the Book at the time of Solomon, who chose to be guided by a pair of fallen angels who taught them the magic arts of the Babylonians and how to disorder society by creating discord between men and women (most relevant in our age!). This faction bartered the happiness of the next world by selling their souls for dominion on earth. Solomon was able to contain their mischief however, and deposited their secrets beneath his temple. This is the underlying purpose for their Occupation of the Holy Land.

You may have some among your readers who can elaborate further on this.

This theme is also contained in the temptation story of Jesus (the Devil could not offer something he did not possess) , and in St Pauls letter to the Ephesians 6:12.

Thomas said (October 19, 2014):

I sense a theme this week. More aliens and now human/devil hybrids based on the ancient myths the Hebrews borrowed for their book of lies.

There is no empirical evidence for either God or the devil. (Or should I say good and evil?) Only opinion. Someone wanting to further cloud the issue, buoyed by video evidence of an admittedly brainwashed, abused woman reeks of sagging book sales. There are plenty of “real live alien” videos on the Interweb. Some with and some without human/demon hybrid tie-ins. Let’s explore those next!

James Perloff said (October 19, 2014):

A keen insight from Dan H there on the Antichrist being a hybrid, with Satan mimicking God's fathering of Christ through Mary. I had not heard that suggested before. I do not know if man-spiritual hybrids have really existed in recent years, but if they have, the author of the Protocols would seem a candidate.

CR said (October 19, 2014):

From what the book of Enoch says, the watchers are no longer on Earth. They are imprisoned, awaiting their final judgement. Demons are supposed to be the spirits of the giants who died in the flood. And I think Dan is right, this guy doesn't sound like he is for real. If he is, he sure didn't read the book of Enoch.

Now, David (below): where do you get your information from? It almost sounds like you are friends with those things. What you say about the soul meeting some council and being tricked into going back to Earth sound like the church of scientology. As far as I know, there are already human bodies/souls inhabited by demons - isn't that what demonic possesion is? I think that maybe the goal is to have a human body with no soul except for the demon - that's what I understand the scientology "clear" level to be. And how do you mean that satan devours souls? How can anything destroy your eternal soul other than the cretor himself? Whether or not satan is on the Earth in person is debatable, but my understanding is that demons want blood offerings (probably other things too), but not souls. The only thing they can do to your soul is convince you to follow them or drive you mad.

On a side note, I think this is the origin of all animal sacrifices, including what is mentioned in the Old Testament. Notice that the Israelites were wandering the desert for 40 years and during that time Moses supposedly was given or came up with the rules for burnt offerings. Guess what, THEY HAD NO ANIMALS IN THE DESERT. Remember that flock of quail that made everyone sick? Just before that they were complaining that they had no meat. Next: circumcision. In the book of Joshua, Joshua decides to circumcise the Israelites, as none who were born in the desert had been circumcised. Those born in Egypt were circumcised but all died in the desert. What does that mean? Moses never circumcised anybody! Maybe Joshua didn't either. Where did it really start and who wrote those books?

Don't think that everything you have been led to believe (about anything) is true, and don't doubt anything that you are not certain about. How do you know aliens aren't real? There might be another planet like this one out there too. Maybe looking like those things is the next step after their "gender neutral" agenda.

U said (October 18, 2014):

I question the motive of throwing Dr. Judy Wood in with the "Moonbeam" crowd. As anyone knows who has studied her work, she is a pure scientist. She lays no blame on anyone. All she does is exam the evidence, and as far as I can tell no one even comes close to her thoroughness. Please see for yourself ...

Dan H said (October 18, 2014):

Since Christ was the literal 'Son' of God through Mary (the hybrid god/man), the Anti-Christ will be the literal 'son' of Satan through a Jewish woman (a hybrid demon/man). Lucifer can only corrupt and distort what God does.

While there are numerous 'types' of anti-christs in history (the Nephilim) and may be again (as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be when the Son of Man returns), "the" Anti-Christ will certainly be the offspring of Lucifer himself and a Jewish woman. Since Jews reckon jewishness through the mother, this hybrid will be the final and greatest one and will be accepted as Messiah by the Jews. No one will be able to stand against him, just as Revelation describes.

Dan said (October 18, 2014):

Readers well versed in Catholic priestly faculties and Catholic demonology can tell you this has never been a Catholic exorcist - and probably not a priest at all. Here's how we know.

He wrote; "I have a prayer group of spiritual people to whom God often reveals the names of devils".

No, not if you're a Catholic exorcist you don't, mister. You'd well know that demons LIKE to reveal their names to people that haven't been granted special faculties (do you know what I mean?), The reason is simple. Without the proper order of faculties it's dangerous to say a demon's name because only the exorcist can bind the demon by knowing it's name. So that's not God revealing those demonic names to you and your group. This kind of thinking smacks of Charismatic 'prayer teams' that try to exorcisms.

The statement alone blows his cover. If he wants to challenge what I've said above, let him tell us by whose authority did he become a Roman Catholic exorcist?
Extra credit question: does his job involve traveling a lot from state to state or different countries to perform exorcisms?


The "Watchers" in the Book of Enoch were angels.

I'm sorry Henry, but the author of this article isn't and never has been a Catholic priest, much less an exorcist.

If he's an exorcist, let him say who gave him the faculties required to perform Title XI exorcisms?

By the way, the Watchers in Enoch were not beings with physical bodies.

Malcolm said (October 18, 2014):

You are about the only person who would publish this kind of information. So many rational and reasonable witnesses (like Caroline Hamlett) are saying much the same thing that I must conclude once again that your website is some of the best information on (and off) this planet.

JG said (October 18, 2014):

We're all forgetting about the 'Miracle of Fatima' here. Maybe Edgar being a former Catholic Priest could expound on this better than most. I doubt if he believes that it was the Virgin Mary riding on a spacecraft. And, I wonder if he also believes that the 'Secrets of Fatima' that were published are not an altered Catholic "remake" of that message made by the Vatican.

The 'Miracle of the Sun' was witnessed by 80,000 people that day in Fatima, Portugal and I have read some eyewitness accounts of that event. The US government believed it to be extra terrestrial from the start and sent some of it's Catholic Clergy to investigate. We have yet to get the full story on Fatima even after Sister Lucia's death. She could have told us so much more but she was bound by the Catholic Church and lived in semi seclusion for her remaining years.

Joe Ortiz said (October 18, 2014):

Henry, since you believe like I do that the Illuminati is diabolically inspired, it should not be too difficult a stretch to understand that those so-called "Extra-Terrestrials are demons in disguise, nor to find the Illuminati folks working closely together. They are not from other planets (such as Martians) but demons who have been trying to manipulate the human mind that we are their offspring, as do the History Channel and others proffer with their "Ancient Alien" theories. A closer look at all of history's anomalies prove that demonic forces have been on earth from the very beginning. Their nature is to lie, and everything we see in these anomalies is their penchant to lie and confuse the early human species that they were the gods of Mayan, Aztec, Pyramids, Stonehenge, ghosts, vampires, et al).

Satan has been trying to regain has mastery over human beings since the Garden of Eden and especially after Christ freed mankind from his grip during His sacrifice and resurrection. Satan has given his power secrets to the Illuminati in return for their souls. Those dummies (unfortunately) fail to realize that Jesus Christ returns to make things right, especially for those who believe He is their true Messiah!

Thomas said (October 18, 2014):

Why look off-world for answers to these atrocities when entirely plausible answers are known to exist? There’s been more than enough written by creditable sources on what was used to commit 9/11. With that, so few people leave their mind controlled bubbles and consider the reality played out before them. I can’t imagine a reason for anyone without a book or movie deal in mind wanting to further cloud the issue. “Aliens”? If that refers to the Israelis behind 9/11, have at it people.


Thanks Thomas

Satanic possession is this-world.


Wade said (October 18, 2014):

Your article today expresses just "HOW" Satan will accomplish the one world government and one world religion. The Illuminati bankers, business men, and politicians,who all think they are in with the in crowd. I have a news flash for all of them...Satan hates each one of you people just as much as he hates a born again Christian, and when push comes to shove Satan will throw all of the so called elites under the bus.

Satan is creating the problem and he will offer the remedy with so called aliens and the antichrist.

All the elites (bad guys) will get what is coming to them along with all "liberals" who have been
duped into helping Satan destroy societies.

The Word of God will be fulfilled...Hide and watch!!

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