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ET/UFO's -- New Age Assault on Christian Faith

October 24, 2014


The UFO mythology is a another occult attack on God and Scripture, said Pastor Alan Morrison
in his important 1994 book, The Serpent and the Cross.

"The space research community, along with covert organizations such as the Central Intelligence Agency, are riddled with people who have a New Age/occult worldview and for whom the 'discovery' of extra-terrestrial life would be the fulfillment of a dream."

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by Alan Morrison
(Excerpt by

The very heart of the matter today is the radical conflict between atheistic or pantheistic scientists and Biblical Christianity.

One only has to examine the leading edges in genetics, obstetrics, astronomy and the 'new physics' to see that there is an all out war on the teachings of Scripture which will soon come to a head. There can be no doubt whatsoever that the true Church -- that is, genuine believers, clinging to the Cross, worshiping God, extolling Christ, preaching the Word, and eschewing the corruptions of the world -- will be utterly marginalized by all this UFO bunkum and the other discoveries which will shortly come to light; and our churches will be ridiculed as dangerous sects which refuse to cooperate with these 'beneficial' discoveries of our times.

It should also come as no surprise that the world's media was so obliging in this circus, with headlines such as 'Life on Mars -- Official' (Daily Mirror, 7/8/96), or 'In the Beginning, did God Create Aliens?" (Times, 8/8/96), or 'If the Aliens do Decide to Call, We're Listening' (Times, 12/8/96).

The bulk of the media across the world today is controlled by a few huge conglomerates which are essentially lackeys of the New World Order. So NASA's little finger twitches about micro-organisms and we have banner headlines four inches tall: LIFE ON MARS! -- and an article in the Times (12/8/96) states ,"Once dogged by the crackpot image, the search for alien life has become credible".

It is extraordinary how the world will reject the Christian Gospel as a childish myth, but yet it is so ready to accept a scientistic fable about fossils from Mars!


Surely, the primary reason so many people avidly lap up this garbage is because they know inwardly that, if true, it would utterly undermine the veracity of the Bible and the theological foundations of Judeo-Christianity.

The National Aeronautical and Space Administration is hoping to achieve what Darwinism has been unable to do during a whole century of frantic propaganda.

Back in 1974, NASA engineer Joseph Blumrich wove similar conjectural fantasies in his book, 'The Spaceships of Ezekiel' (Bantam). The space research community, along with covert organizations such as the Central Intelligence Agency, are riddled with people who have a New Age/occult worldview and for whom the 'discovery' of extra-terrestrial life would be the fulfillment of a dream.

Some readers may think all this is just the crazy ramblings of an overactive imagination. But these attempts of the demonic realm to cause havoc through deception and infiltration are confirmed in the Scriptures (Gen.6:2; Rev.12:17; Eph.6:12; 1 Pet.5:8).

Nearly twenty years ago, some discerning Christian authors had also realized the demonic nature of UFO's and ET's. In his commendatory preface to an excellent book on the subject, Dr. R.J. Rushdoony stated:

"Now more than ever before in history, we are in the midst of religious warfare. Although it comes in various disguises in order to conceal the fact of war, a wide variety of cults and all forms of humanism are at war with Biblical faith. We cannot begin to understand the world of our time apart from the fact of religious warfare... The authors conclude that the UFO phenomena are real; they are demonic and they are totally anti-Christian... The UFO mythology is a radical denial of God and of Scripture. We are given an alien view of man and the universe, and we find also that those who give themselves to this view and to the occult manifestations are marked by a disintegration of mind and even of body. Clearly UFO's are not a harmless concern nor merely an amusing case of superstition".


Frankly, there is no place for 'highly evolved ET's' in this universe. The concept of 'advanced aliens' arriving on this planet to lead us into the next phase of human civilization is incompatible with Bible teaching on the future course of history. Such beings could not be the unfallen angels, for they would never promote false doctrine. The idea of 'advanced aliens' rescuing the human race is also radically at odds with Bible teaching on creation and redemption. The Fall of our first parents not only brought corruption to the life of planet Earth but also to the entire universe (Rom.8:19-22).

The atonement and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ are the central events in the history of the cosmos, the transformation of which is not dependent on an invasion of 'god-like' aliens but on the eschatological glorification of believers (Rom.8:21). Our hope for a perfect civilization does not lie in this world but in the world to come (2 Pet.3:13). The new universe will not be ushered in by a weird breed of beings from outer space which are never mentioned in the Bible, but by the creative power of the Triune God of Scripture (Isa.65:17).

Finally, let us remember that although God's people have nothing to fear from all this, it is important to be informed. Discerning Christians will keep a watchful eye on future events, as the build-up to the 'Big Announcement' develops. If the claims that we have made in this paper are for real, then the world has surely entered Satan's 'little season' and the closing phase of this evil age will soon be upon us.

Ultimately, these desperate tactics of the demonic realm are tremendously affirming to our faith because they provide confirmation of so much Bible prophecy!

 Rest assured that all authority in heaven and on earth belongs solely to the Lord Jesus Christ, whose return to the earth to bring judgement, gather His people, and transform this fallen world is the event towards which everything has been inexorably moving since the beginning of history.


Thanks to Peter for sending this.

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Is this the same Alan Morrison? (Has he changed careers?)

First Comment from NN:

The UFO charade is a psyop ... BUT its components are real. A middle story between spiritual and physical exists, but needs dots connected usually not.

1. GREYS. (a) Doc Marquis, M.D., ex-Illuminati, saw artificial 'wombs' in DUMBs where 'greys' were grown. He says they are just people with tweaked genes. (b) Super-soldier programs make more GMO people as others report. (c) Of evil spirits, recall Carolyn Hamlett helping them acquire bodies. An Area 51 anecdote has a nasty grey tell a human that he puts on his grey body every day like the man his coveralls.

2. AERIAL CRAFT. They are physical and man-made. (a) Cf. Wm. Lyne on Roswell. I prefer his take over Douglas Dietrich; Lyne lived in the region then, knew key people, and saw craft up close. (b) Bob Lazar leaked UFO memes under Mirage Men handling. They also used him to see if a tech could deduce operational principles under space-alien misdirection. He didn't. Stanton Friedman, the go-to Lazar critic, is the other end of the dialectic. Friedman worked classified physics programs (he claims) and peddles globalism. Both men promote aliens, a false choice. Either conceit would serve the cabal, for us to think cheap fast antigrav travel needs (i) 'unobtainium' and 'alien technology' on one side, or (ii) 'disclosure' under 'unified Earth exopolitics' on another.

2. TELEPATHY. "We can learn how to communicate telepathically to the Galactic Federation..." Sure. Connect this dot with voice-to-skull technology, V2K. This program has two codeword compartments and likely three. (a) Targeted Individuals are test victims for dissidents in a planned control grid. (b) UFO believers help the space alien psyop. (c) A third compartment works 'voice of God' for Antichrist preps. In all cases, V2K employs microwaves from cell towers, WiFi, maybe smart meters, and perhaps satellites for key targets.

3. CROP CIRCLES. Plant joints are gently cooked. The natural conclusion is clear. Satellites microwave them under computer control. Naturally, plasma balls and military choppers show up. One pattern pictured a grey, but that joke was on us. I doubt Zeta Reticulans use 1960s ASCII computer code.

4. MISSILE SILOS. Speaking of 1960s tech, UFOs in proximity to human nuclear launch code twiddling is proof of their military origin, not 'parental alien concern.' An inside man on base twiddled on cue. The man-made saucer did nothing but hover for him. And today we know that launch codes were all zeroes

Oscar writes:

Hi Henry, I have researched for years pictures of Mars and the moon, and everything related to space travel. My personal conclusion is that this is a great scientific fraud. My assessment is that man never went to space and no satellites orbiting the earth. The theory is based on satellite microwave frequency above 400 MHz pass through the ionosphere, if this is not reality what we have is a conspiracy to control telecommunications (follow the money), and atheistic agenda with aliens included. A while ago I found a website that has a very advanced discussion on this topic (

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Comments for "ET/UFO's -- New Age Assault on Christian Faith"

Stuart said (October 27, 2014):

G/Day Henry
Many thanks for printing this , I was music director of a number of Assembly of God churches in Australia around the time of the Toronto Blessing (Cursing) "1992" and it was pretty scary, seeing all those Christians rolling around the floor having fits ! I have never been back to church since, however ! that is the best thing that ever happened to me, as it made me start searching the scriptures for myself with the help of the Holy Spirit, after all, Jesus did say "The truth shall set you free " and after reading Mary Croft's book:- " How I clobbered every bureaucratic cash confiscatory Agency known to man " I learnt that people are not always ready for the Truth. As Mary say's "Never mistake your opinion for the Truth "

Did you know that the King James Bible was released to stamp out the very popular "Geneva Bible" which until now has been out of print for approx 450 years. Apparently, the King and the Priests didn't like the comments in the Geneva Bible as they were very critical of them, so they burnt 300 of them at the stake !
If you are interested in this subject let me know as I have been studying the scriptures for the past few years and have found that all the bibles have been corrupted by the Jewish priests over the past 2,500 years. This is why so few people read it, it is too confusing, regards Stuart.

I have sent you the PDF of Mary Croft, if you go to about the 3rd page there is a page called "TRUTH" thought you might like to read it.


MG said (October 25, 2014):

Henry this article touched on a subject that is one that I have researched for a long time; as a matter of fact Aliens, UFO'S and such were the first alternative concept I got into even before I was interested in any other conspiracies.

Well after looking at all the possible options I came to 1 conclusion that I feel is the right one:

The Alien phenomena is true except there not from another physical world they are from another dimension i.e. the spiritual dimension. They are Fallen Angels who can shape-shift, walk through walls, appear in sight and then just as suddenly disappear! Why? Because that's they way God created Angels (for his own purposes) to not be blocked by time and space and when 1/3 of the Angels rebelled with the Devil their way of being did not change. These things have always had influence over world affairs but became more subtle since Christ came.

I believe the world is being prepared for these Fallen Angels to show themselves and tell us they are our "gods" and we should worship them. Their spokesperson will be the one that is called "The Anti-Christ" in the Bible.

Know while this preparation is going on the Fallen Angels are giving information to the Elites (I believe during seances, black masses, sacrifices rituals etc...). The info. is about technologies that slowly but surly can break the boundaries of time and space which the Elites of course want to use to control the whole world population. The thing is the Fallen Angels of course are the ones duping the Elites and they just using the Elites scientists to help them create a technology (maybe some kind of retrovirus or maybe using nanotechnology) that will change our DNA and make us half human and half angel. This tech. whatever it will be I believe will be the Mark of the Beast. It might be injected into the bloodstream by way of computer chip, vaccine or a tattoo of some sort.

Here are some sources for this conclusion:

The Book of Enoch:

A book by Christian Author Rob Skiba:[299693496824522]&action_type_map=[%22books.reads%22]&action_ref_map=[]&fb_collection_id=14&ref=profile

Here's a video where Rob says everything he wrote in the book:

And books by another Christian writer Tom Horn:

A couple interesting articles here:

SB said (October 25, 2014):

I have to take exception to Oscar and all the other tinfoil hat wearers who insist that we have not landed on the moon or gone into space. From 1956 until his retirement in 1981, my late father worked for Airborne Instruments Laboratory in Deer Park and Melville, NY. He was a wireman.

Specifically, he assembled electronic components for every spacecraft from the Mercury Redstone to the Skylab. Specifically, he constructed those components that allowed one part of the spacecraft to communicate with other parts of the craft, and with earth. My father was a no-nonsense man who would not have sat around collecting a paycheck for doing nothing.

He and about one and a half million other men and women worked in the defense industry on various projects, and more than a few of these fine people resent having their work discounted. For many of these patriotic Americans, to discount their work was to discount America itself! Furthermore, either Japan or India sent a rocket to orbit the moon and photographed one of the Apollo landing sites.

The moon landings: Not conspiracy "theory," but conspiracy FACT!

CF said (October 24, 2014):

The Bible repeatedly warns of deceptions, especially as we move into the Apocalypse (literally: The Unveiling). Likewise, Vedic scriptures cite the age we are in as the age of Kali, or the Kali Yuga - a time of deceit, deception, quarrel, and conflict.

In Asian mysticism, there are "other worlds", other planets, where different beings reside; representing levels, states of consciousness. They may be viewed metaphorically/symbolically, or taken literally.

In more recent times, a supposed 'truther' continues to release 'inside info' on the elite, genocidal globalists. This 'truther' (who is a Mason) states the so-called elite are "Reptilians" from alien worlds. This relates to the UFO craze that first went into overdrive in the 1950s, and has continued since. It begs the question, 'What do these "aliens" DO to people?'

Supposedly, those abducted by "aliens" were experimented on; their bodies violated, their minds probed/controlled, they were put under surveillance, and even breeding (DNA mixing) experimentation was done... Sound familiar? - All activities commonly done today, under the cover of "science" and "security". Thus, predictive programming is the more appropriate label for the well-promoted alien-lizard circus spectacle.

Know and/or remember: The first head of NASA, Nazi rocket scientist Wernher von Braun, informed several assistants of future plans to exploit an "alien threat" (from another world) - in order to (psychologically) unite people globally. And then there were all those "alien threat" speeches by Reagan.

Therefore, we may conclude "aliens" and/or "lizard people" indeed DO exist (and not just the illegal immigrant kind). Simply, they are *inhuman, self-hating persons* whose consciousness and hearts are trapped on a dark, cold planet of their own mental concoction, where only the reptilian part of their warped/programmed brains are *allowed* to function. Thus, the continued attempts at turning this world equally dark, cold, and heartless.

Because they hate themselves, by extension, they hate all of humanity. They do not operate on any transcendental planet (plane of existence). They are psychotic materialists in the extreme. Ironically, these Machiavellian "alien-lizards" rebel against the realities of this temporal, material world. They attempt to invert all common realities. They pervert all goodness into diseased trash. They destroy the planet, while claiming to save it. They murder in the name of life. For them, "to save" means "destroy".

The real question is: Who are 'they'? - for 'they' have names. Some people call them by their more universal, common name: Evil. Yet, soon, all shall be revealed. And, like everything that is born, 'they' too shall die.

Troy said (October 24, 2014):


I was actually sucked into the ancient alien/ufo, etc thing for quite awhile.

My problem was that the ties that have been attempted to be connected in regards to ancient civilizations to aliens to mystical blah blah stuff, didn't quite click.

Once I looked at it from a biblical perspective, everything lined up. It even accounted for this exact viewpoint in that there will be millions clamoring for their Messiah from space.
Wake up people...that's the guy you DO NOT WANT AS YOUR SAVIOUR. He only good news with that is that he won't be around very long and is destined to lose.

Tyron said (October 24, 2014):

Morrison is correct in certain aspects but incorrect in others. The fact of "aliens" is not at odds with scriptures. When the war in the heavens broke out, Lucifer, then called Satan, led 1/3rd of the Angels in a war against I AM (God). On the 3rd day he whom we know now as Jesus went forth and kicked out the fallen ones, casting them INTO the earth (hades).

Christians tend to take Genesis as the end be all of the truthful creationist narrative. Most all don't know there is a huge difference between the Masoretic text invented around 900 AD and the Septuagint which is the Greek rendering of the old Hebrew that was translated around 650 BC and again into Greek around 250 BC. Furthermore, there are the books of Adam and Eve that came out of Egypt with the authentic Israelites that tell a much more descriptive narrative than Genesis while not contradicting it in any way. At the Council of Nicene these books were one vote away from being including.

If one takes the totality of these creation accounts they will see that:

1. It appears that before the war in heaven Lucifer and the angels of I AM created mankind in their own image.

2. It was this creation that is the crux for Satan's rebellion realizing he and the other angels would be under the authority of this new creation.

3. There may well have been two creations.One of Adamic man in the inner world (paradise) and another by way of possibly theAnnunaki (fallen ones?) on the surface world.
4. Angels of I AM gave Adam and Eve the knowledge to create clothing and other such things to survive etc.
5. Later we know that fallen ones gave mankind the knowledge of warfare, cosmetics and other high tech to destroy one another.

Thus to conclude that angels (aliens) are not in the universe above or inside the earth; that they can't or won't either lead us to higher knowledge for good or bad is incompatible with the scriptures. So while Morrison is correct that we ought to keep our eye on the Kingdom to come, we must also be aware of the false kingdom and messiah that comes first because these "aliens"/angels, like it or not will be central to these final events that mark the end of the present earth age. And don't forget, the first who sits on the soon to be revealed Ark claiming "God" status is the main anti Christ but if we overcome this, we will be given our original Adamic ("angelic") bodies back that know no corruption forevermore.

Robert K said (October 24, 2014):

So just what are the meanings of "the true Church...genuine believers...the Cross...worshiping God...extolling Christ...the Word"? And what in the world is "Judeo-Christianity"?

Studying text ("Bible study") advisedly is acceptable, but must be recognized as constituting a lower-level activity. "The letter killeth, but the spirit maketh alive."

To serve the Father--to fulfil our purpose in existing--is simple and doable by all: "Go (act in the world?), and sin no more."

As for all this self-centred straining to attain "personal salvation" bunkum, the key to sinning no more is faith that in due course everything will be as it should--i.e., God's will shall be fulfilled--and as long as you are doing good you don't have to be concerned with the detail of how this will come about.

Not to sin of course means to love, which inherently means facilitating, personally and institutionally (this is the meaning of the Incarnation), everyone's ability to be himself or herself, which comes about naturally through growth in a loving milieu. As you cannot be constrained to love, freedom is love's precondition: the greater the freedom, the greater the potential for love.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at