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Dilma's Re-Election in Brazil Looks Rigged

October 31, 2014


Marcos describes how Brazil's Marxist Party
 may have stolen the recent Presidential Elections,
with the help of the Cuban Secret Service.
The scary part is that the same outfit
counts votes in the United States.

by Marcos

You'd think that a presidential candidate who bankrupted a country, brought growth to a standstill and inflation to 6.5% would be summarily defeated in the coming elections. That was the situation of the Marxist President of Brazil, the former terrorist Dilma Rousseff of the Workers' Party, the woman booed by 60,000 fans in the last World Cup games.

Add to that, a scandal broke out just a week ahead of the voting. Alberto Youseff, a party paymaster, told police that Dilma's Party was extorting a 3% kickback on every purchase by Petrobras, the largest Brazilian company (half owned and totally controlled by the government.) Part of the money went to funding campaigns, part to Party members and the rest to bribe Congressmen from other parties to vote for whatever Dilma wanted, a retainer of US$ 60K a month each. The whole scheme amounted to US$ 10 Billion, and almost broke the company.

A pathetic performance on television debates and a good looking and popular opponent didn't help either. Some voting polls showed her losing the mandate by 9,2% of votes. [1]

Lula-e-Dilma.jpg(Dilma & Lula)

However, she won. How can that be? The leader of the Party, former president Lula, said they would do "the devil's work" in order to win. The truth may be the greatest example of a perfect crime.


This carefully orchestrated coup to the Brazilian democracy was probably done in steps:

1) Dias Toffoli, a mediocre and obscure lawyer and Workers' Party hack, is appointed to the Supreme Court; and in May 2014[2] assumes the presidency of the Supreme Voting Court,  which coordinates and judges all matters regarding the elections. Yes, a former party lawyer is the chief of the elections.

2) The Smartmatic company is chosen in order to take care of all electronic systems and voting machines in the country[3]. Smartmatic started as a small software company in Venezuela, and received funds from the dictator Chavez. It is, as we shall see, accused of fraud.

3) On the evening of the elections, October 26, the whole country waits in expectation. Most of the country finishes voting at 5:00 PM, but voting continues in the state of Acre until 8:00 PM. Therefore, a decision is made for the first time in recent history not to release partial results, but only the final numbers. The easy solution of advancing the election in one hour in Acre was not considered. It was like the US had to wait for Hawaii to vote to know what was happening.

4) The main election poll company, Ibope, which receives millions in contracts with the government and is known to favor the Party in every poll they make, decides not to conduct exit polls.

Rumors on the internet point to a intranet structure that was developed to intercept voting subtotals before they reached the terminals of the analysts. An anonymous insider claims that Dilma was losing by much, until right at the end, when the numbers were adjusted. We'll never know what really happened because the addition of the subtotals will be shown to be legit.

Smartmatic_AllThingsConnected_PlaneCrash.gifSMARTMATIC COMES TO AMERICA

The Smartmatic company did not even work with voting systems when it was chosen by Dictator Chavez of Venezuela in 2004 to take care of the referendum that kept him in power forever (or until his death by cancer). Chavez then paid the company US$ 120 MM,  and subsequently, they were able to acquire in 2005 the American firm Sequoia Voting Systems, which had contracts in 17 US states.[4]

Venezuelan General Julio Peñaloza[5] has accused Cuba and Smartmatic of participating in fraud in all subsequent elections in his country. According to him, Cuba's G2 secret service has a campaign named PROCER (Revolutionary Voting Control Plan), to control the elections in the countries dominated by the Marxist organization Forum of Sao Paulo, which aims to impose a South American Marxist Union in the region.

The idea is to intercept voting subtotals transmissions from districts before they reach the central, so they can change results. An engineer who worked in the elections called Christopher Bello Ruiz fled to America and confirmed the story, he says. That's why Henrique Capriles, a wildly popular candidate, was beaten by a mediocre agent of Fidel Castro trained in Cuba,  Nicolas Maduro, by a narrow margin of 1.4% votes in April 2013 in Venezuela.


In 2006, American politicians started to investigate Sequoia but the threat to American democracy, albeit extremely important, has fallen into obscurity[6]. In 2007, Smartmatic sold its interest in Sequoia, but the whole ensuing story, full of offshore companies and complicated transactions, is so convoluted (perhaps on purpose) that only full time specialized researchers can dig into the mess[7]. It is understandable that, if there is any intention of voting manipulation, the scheme would now use a different and complex system of companies in order to make ownership and control.

The lesson that Brazil and Venezuela leave to America, on the verge of its Congressional elections, is that no electronic voting is secure. As Julius Cesar used to say, Cesar's wife must not only be above suspicion, she must appear to be above suspicion. What to say of a voting system? Unfortunately, in this perspective, the elections in Brazil, rigged or not, look and smell like a rotten whore.
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Marcos adds:

This video is in Spanish, but the whole demeanor is frightening...Venezuela's Maduro says that Dilma's victory opens the new stage for the South-American Federation and the revolution in the continent. Then he sends his minister to Brazil to sign training agreements with terrorist groups, with a briefcase full of plans for communist takeover.

First Comment from Dan:

By her own admission, the 're-elected' Dilma acknowledges that Brazilians have become 'deeply divided' since she took office in 2010.
Despite her being a prime mover of this "thesis - antithesis", who's going to provide the solution?  Dilma of course!

Dilma Rousseff must now pull together a deeply divided Brazil

We're all being played by experts of Dialectical Materialism. Look at the results, not the party rhetoric.

"Worker's Party" - that's a laugh; Dilma Rousseff never worked a day in her life.  Her father was a member of the Bulgarian Communist Party who fled to South America in 1929, when the Stalinists began purging Trotskyists. A lawyer by profession, he married the daughter of a rich Brazillian rancher (Patron) family and soon became very wealthy himself.  Dilma had a typical Brazilian childhood:  boarding school, French lessons; summer camp with the Cuban-backed Comando de Libertação Nacional (COLINA) the guerrilla  wing of the Worker's Party.

"Contrary to the rumors, Rousseff claims she never shot at any officials or military personnel during her time with COLINA".  Well that's a relief! 

Marcos' article 4 years ago (Nov 1, 2010) predicted 'What we can expect' of Dilma.   She tried to implement the Programa Nacional de Direitos Humanos (PNDH3), plan to ramrod gay marriage, free abortion, ban of religious symbols, censorship in the media and pulpits, and ban of private property.    She also supports 'Climate Change' deals, along the United States Presidential Administration?

By the end of her third term she'd plowed the Brazilian economy into the ground.  Henrique, don't blame overspending on the World Cup on "middle-class types" and "reactionaries".  They haven't been running the country. 

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Comments for "Dilma's Re-Election in Brazil Looks Rigged "

Renato said (November 13, 2014):

We do not want military dictatorship back. We just want our country free from the communist PT. (There is a white dictatorship in the country, with censorship of views and artists and comedians who speak out against the government.) We want our country to be returned to its people. And unfortunately, through politics, it’s not possible due to the tremendous commitment of the current Congress, with President Dilma and her party.

Among numerous allegations of corruption and embezzlement of public money, even before and during the election campaign, one in particular has caused tremendous outrage in Brazil, corruption at the highest and most beloved, respected public company of the country, Petrobras. The population is moving slowly and differently than one thinks, the mainstream media (TV, newspapers, etc ..) get from the government, its largest source of funding, the government is the single largest advertiser in Brazil, second only to a large network of housewares stores, Casas Bahia. This was due analysts said the ban on serving commercial drinks and cigarettes, in midia.

This is one of the reasons, only distorted on the number of people present in the manifestation were released until now and disinformation were reported, as a way to manipulate the reaction of the population, recently, the second largest tV network of the country, SBT had to suspend two commentators, anchors, under penalty of not having renewed his public concession. They are "victims" of the dictatorship of opinion. God bless the Brazilian nation.

MG said (November 4, 2014):

It seems like this whole voting machine issue is happening around the whole world and it is just a logical next step connected with Joseph Stalin's famous quote:

"The people who cast the votes don't decide an election, the people who count the votes do"

For example this kind of stuff has been happening in the US ever since a lot of states have changed to machine votes:

Basically in different states the machines are owned by companies that have different political leanings and it seems like depending on what political leaning the company is that's which way the machine "accidently" changes the vote to.

Being that the Illuminatti control both main parties in the US they let both parties play these games during elections.

Interestingly in Poland there has been a rumor over the last couple of years (which the facts seem to be pointing to) that the Polish counting system, which has also recently changed to electronic, is counted by a server headquartered in Moscow.

This connects with my theory that since the end of the Second World War Poland has never really left the Russian sphere of influence and that this for the most part is okay with the Western Illuminati.

Juan said (November 2, 2014):

Another highly biased post of Mr.Marcos ,telling us that elections has been rigged without showing a single proof of it (in fact,you were telling this even before the elections "The real threat is that the WP will steal the election by fraud with the electronic voting machines, as in Venezuela. They already said they would "do the devil's work" in order not to see their South America Marxist federation plan be spoiled" (1)) .

As you admitted in an earlier post,polls showed a technical draw ( +/- 2%) before the election (1). Then it is quite normal one of the parties winning inside the error band.

Apparently Marcos favored the Fabian Socialist Aecio as he himself called him.A Fabian Socialist with the backing of the all powerful Masonic lodges,as shown by another poster.People running this blog is very well known by their anti-masonic stand as can be easily verified in the articles archive.

In your own words ,Marcos,you said:"he (Aecio) seems to be Lord Rothschild's chosen candidate and has already chosen Armínio Fraga, a former über-globalist George Soros' associate, to be the country's next Minister of Finance"(1).
Marcos,please tell us,where do you stand?
Was Aecio a better option than Dilma.Why?
Is there something worse than being a Rothschild lackey?

Is there something worse than being a masonic backed candidate?

You even had the indecency of calling the full blown war against democratic Syria a border "skirmish" between "west and east illuminaty blocks".(1)

Joining all this, I'm left with the impression you are crying Western block defeat in Brazil and in tacit agreement with western judeo-imperialism.

To me the following quotation from (1) shows you are "over the wall" as we say here: "For the common Brazilian citizen, there is no doubt that Neves is the better alternative. It is the choice to slowly die of poison versus dying in the fire that was set in the house by the WP ".

Henrique(2) said (November 1, 2014):

What I blame on the reactionaries is their righteous, exaggerated response, and religious fervor when mentioning how "evil" the workers` party is. By the way, superstar Lula also worked very little as metallurgic, then had his finger cut off and that was that - today, after two terms, he and his family are millionaires.

The top strata of the WP, as well as the glorious opposition ( Social-Democrats ) are all members of Globalist groups ( as Abril group's commanding family BTW ) such as Rockefeller's Interamerican Dialogue. There's corruption everywhere, construction companies have ALWAYS had a free ride ( it's said the head of one has an underground atomic shelter in his manor here in my city ) and this "they're bankrupting us" talking point was used against Neves and his state the whole campaign - numbers are easily cooked and interpreted anyway one wishes.

Although, like everywhere, it's the Left that pushes ( and takes the heat for ) all those destructive proposals Dan mentioned, the "Right" goes along with it, and only objects on financial ground, not "conviction", "morality" or anything. If one analyzes every politician's life, there wouldn't be any election whatsoever.

But, if people insist on following the "righteous indignation" rhetoric of the resented and angry, and be ultimately puppets of whatever the masters have in store for the future, go right ahead - naivetè never ends, and it's not just a Brazilian trait, it seems.


No thank you.

Marcos replies:

The orchestrated corruption and criminal organization of the Workers Party has never been seen in Brazil and probably only has its match in Communist Russia. Other parties have stolen, but much, much less and in a totally disorganized way. And they never delivered the country to an outside power. The theft used to be for private gain, but the WP now is both for their own pockets and for financing a revolution. Henrique fails to see that, jus as many Brazilian who just shrug and think all politicians are equal. They are not.

Today there was a revelation from police that the cover of the revolution manuals that the Venezuelan minister brought to Brazil this week (the case of the nanny with the gun) displayed the note:
"I expect that these papers will be of help, President.".

The man brought plans for communist takeover from Maduro directly to Dilma.

Henrique said (October 31, 2014):

Too much alarmism, even if possibly true. Being booed by thousands of middle-class types in the cup meant nothing ( the tickets were so expensive that the poor and lower-middle class didn`t go ). The inflation rate has historically been unstable in Brazil, and these accusations about Petrobras were suspiciously brought up one week before the vote by an hysterical zionist/neocon press group ( Abril ) that has always practiced ferocious opposition to the worker's party. Without any definitive proof, the usual reactionary elements in the middle-class started parroting the "scandal" in hysterical fashion, as if a truth set in stone. Dilma was actually quite solid in the debates ( even with a poor rhetoric ) while Neves appeared shifty, too aggressive and somewhat cynical.

About the polls, yes they were quite bizarre, but I noticed this has been a trend in the last elections, with the big favorites eventually collapsing midway and losing to quasi-insignificant types ( happened even in my state ). To conclude, there may have been, and I personally think so, manipulation. But no amount of hysteria will change the results, and the people behind this hysteria are as repulsive as workers' party fanatics, if not more. There is a march of separatists scheduled for tomorrow ( 01/11 ) in S. Paulo - let's see what happens.
Here is an interesting video of the enlightened playboy ( non-marxist! non-marxist! ) and the light that unfornately is not illuminating Brazil right now - directly from the Great Lodge of São Paulo:

CF said (October 31, 2014):

Voter fraud in the U. S. is nothing new. CongressCritter, Maxine Waters, publicly heard a full 'confession' by a Diebold {note name) programmer, who described - in detail - how the voting machines flip over votes. Again: A programmer, UNDER OATH, admitted computers rig elections.

There was a little dust up, but in the end, regarding voting machines; nothing was done. Computer voting machines were never stopped, they just got slicker (like using digital counting machines, that can manipulate votes submitted on paper). Then there are all the illegals (and deceased) who are 'voting'. This blog follows the election fraud issue closely:

And Brazil? That country has been a crypto-Communist state for decades. Now it is less hidden.

Rampant voter fraud is a sure sign of tyranny.

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