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Nobel Prize Novelist Advocated Jewish Assimilation

October 7, 2014

(left, Jewish-born novelist Boris Pasternak, 1890-1960, winner of 1958 Nobel Prize for Dr. Zhivago)

Why do Jewish leaders
find assimilation
so threatening?
They need Jews to be cannon fodder
for their megalomanical plans.

by Henry Makow Ph.D

In 1959, Israel's Premier David Ben-Gurion
told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency that Dr. Zhivago was "one of the most despicable books about Jews ever written by a man of Jewish origin... "

What prompted this reaction from Israel's first Prime Minister?

Ben-Gurion was enraged by a character in the novel, a convert to Christianity who asked why Jews need suffer the scourge of anti Semitism:

"In whose interests is this voluntary martyrdom? Dismiss this [Jewish] army which is forever fighting and being massacred, nobody knows for what?... Say to them: 'That's enough. Stop now. Don't hold on to your identity. Don't all get together in a crowd. Disperse. Be with all the rest.

Their national idea has forced the Jews to be a nation and nothing but a nation - and they have been chained to this deadening task all through the centuries when all the rest of the world was being delivered from it by a new force [Christianity] which had come out of their own midst....And they actually saw and heard it and let it go!

How could they let a spirit of such overwhelming power and beauty to leave them, how could they think that after it triumphed and established its reign, they could remain as the empty husk of the miracle they had repudiated?

Come to your senses, stop. Don't hold onto your identity. Don't stick together, disperse. Be with all the rest. You were the first and the best Christians in the world. You are now the very thing against which you have been turned by the worst and weakest among you." -- (Doctor Zhivago, Chapter 12)


Pasternak was born in Moscow into a wealthy assimilated Russian Jewish family. His father was the Post-Impressionist painter, Leonid Pasternak, professor at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture. His mother was Rosa Kaufman, a concert pianist and the daughter of Odessa industrialist Isadore Kaufman.

In a 1959 letter to Jacqueline de Proyart, Pasternak recalled that his "distinctive way of seeing things" was due to his baptism by a nanny:

    I was baptized as a child by my nanny, but ... it was always felt to be half-secret and intimate, a source of rare and exceptional inspiration rather than being calmly taken for granted. I believe that this is at the root of my distinctiveness. Most intensely of all my mind was occupied by Christianity in the years 1910-12, when the main foundations of this distinctiveness - my way of seeing things, the world, life - were taking shape...


Christ's teaching that God is universal love (i.e. the Gospel of Love) is the antithesis of Judaism.

beng.jpg(Israel a powerful force in achieving the Illuminati Jewish mission)

What Pasternak and most Jews (and non-Jews) do not understand is that Judaism is not a religion. It's a satanic cult based on Cabala. Its raison d'etre is world domination. Put simply, the Chosen People's leadership believe their mission is to replace God, monopolize everything worth monopolizing, and redefine reality according to their perversions and self interest. Thanks to their control of credit and communication, and their network of Gentile traitors ("Freemasons,") this goal is within sight.

Judaism's secret tonic is the resistance ( i.e. "anti Semitism") aroused by this hidden but very real agenda. Jews cannot eliminate anti Semitism until they recognize and abjure Judaism's secret agenda.

Most Jews would scoff at the above explanation of Judaism but they don't have another one that is credible.  A friend described a Yom Kippur service last Saturday. The rabbi told the congregation that Judaism consisted of two elements: observance of Jewish ritual and "doing good."

My response:

1.) Most Jews will tell you that Jewish ritual is largely empty and boring. Holidays are usually a tribal celebration.  Passover commemorates the exodus from Egypt.  Rosh ha Shonah (New Years) is based on some candles burning longer they should have - a sign of "Divine favor." (Who hasn't seen candles do this?) The "high holiday" Yom Kippur is supposed to be a "day of repentance." But no repentance takes place. Instead the Kol Nidre prayer in Hebrew gives Jews permission to lie and cheat Gentiles for the upcoming year. (Most Jews don't understand it.) Purim celebrates the genocide of "anti Semites."

The reason so many Jews are "secular" and don't believe in God, is because secularism is Judaism in disguise. Secularism is a mask for satanism - the rejection of God and consequently religion. That's why religious people are denied their rights and God cannot be mentioned in "secular" societies.

Apart from the Ten Commandments, there is not much in Judaism by way of moral teachings. There is some worldly advice and exhortations to fear God, but nothing of the self-mortification (denial of earthly enticements) that you find in the Sermon on the Mount. Indeed, the Talmud confirms Arthur Koestler's comment that Judaism "teaches Jews how to cheat God."

2) "Doing good" usually means doing what is good for the Jews. No one would say what Israel did to Gaza last summer was "doing good" but few Jews have condemned it. 

Author Grace Halsell gave an example of what "doing good" really means. When Halsell had written books about the plight of Native Americans, African Americans, and undocumented Mexican workers, she was a great favorite of New York Times matriarch Iphigene Ochs Sulzberger. All these causes promoted multiculturalism, which Organized Jewry perceives as beneficial. 

When Halsell next wrote a powerful book describing the Palestinian plight, she incurred Mrs. Suzberger's displeasure and was quickly dropped by the Times. Halsell writes: "I had little concept that from being buoyed so high I could be dropped so suddenly when I discovered--from her point of view--the 'wrong' underdog."


Jews eventually must realize they are not engaged in some noble enterprise for which they are unjustly resented. Rather, many Jews (and Masons) are being used to dehumanize and enslave the human race. This is why David Ben Gurion hated Boris Pasternak. He wanted Jews to serve as cannon fodder in this satanic war against God and man. Those who converted or assimilated were beyond his reach. I'm with Pasternak. The sooner Jews  assimilate, the better. 


First Comment from CF:

This article hits straight on, and makes a great case for following Pasternak's path. Yet, asking for ALL Jews to assimilate seems extreme. Then, again, what Zionist Jews are doing, across the world is ultra-extreme.

Torah-based Jews, who see the Zionist crimes for what they are, DO exist. Could dismantling Babylonian Talmud-based «Judaism»/Zionism be a more direct approach? Education reform, in the area of Jewish history and practices, may be where to start - for everyone.

Unfortunately, the highly developed machinations of the Zionists overshadow and completely dominate true, God-surrendered Jews. As long as Torah-based Jews are kept down, ANY kind of assimilation into mainstream society is unlikely. This is due, of course, to the manipulative tactics of Zionists. Are there just too few Torah-based Jews, to make any such changes possible?

Regardless, readers should always bear in mind that there IS a significant difference between Zionism (which is, ironically, Fascism), and real, traditional Judaism (complete with all its faults). Like the blank faced doctor who pads your bill to your insurance company, thinking you won't notice, and the kind, simple man who returns your lost wallet, with all the contents intact... They are not the same.

The Old Testament teaches, in the negative or prohibitive mode; «Do NOT do to others, as thou would NOT want done to you.» The New Testament teaches in the opposite, affirmative, positive mode; «DO unto others as you would have them DO unto you.»

The wrathful nature of God, portrayed in the Old Testament, is in perfect alignment with the repetition of covenants - made and broken - with the Lord, by the ancestral Jewish people. Yes, «The Chosen People» - chosen to be punished, for disobeying God!

Thus, God's repeated exhortations to the Jewish people to cease and correct their errors. Some Jews, as Jews, got it, and still «get it.» The Kabbalah Practitioners/Zionists, however, did not, only to continue and develop more of the «same old, same old.» A «correction» is forthcoming. Will the  punishments to come be more of the so-called same old? I doubt it.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Nobel Prize Novelist Advocated Jewish Assimilation"

Tim said (October 7, 2014):

The article and the comments brought to mind your recent post on Douglas Reed, The Controversy of Zion. It had not occurred to me since reading Reed's article, but consider this:

If one examines the different versions and translations of the modern bible, it becomes very apparent it is being changed, particularly the New Testament. I believe towards a more ecumenical, satanic version. Reed believes the Old Testament has been dramatically changed from the Mosaic Torah version to a Babylonian Talmudic one. He could well be right and it would explain many things.

Wade said (October 7, 2014):

Assimilation is the key here. And it is not only the Jews, but also the Mexicans,
the Islamist, and any nationality that comes to the USA in search of a better life.

My own grandparents came from Germany through Ellis Island and stopped being Germans and started being Americans. The same scenario is true of the Irish, the Japanese the Italians, and on and on. But this was in times past when assimilation was taken for granted.

These days Assimilation is a dirty word to immigrants (especially illegal immigrants from Mexico). As an American whose father fought in WWII and I fought in Vietnam, I strongly
resent the attitude of non assimilation we see today from not only Jews, but so many other
nationalities. Of course we still do have the minority from all other nationalities who are
willing to assimilate, but I fear that the USA has become a house divided against itself.

We have lost borders, language, and culture. How can such a house, or a nation, long survive?
Borders, language, and culture are the mantra of Dr. Michael Savage.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at