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How the NFL Went Communist

September 23, 2014

Goodall.jpg(Left, NFL Commissar Roger Goodell makes $10 million a year to globalize the all-American game. His net worth $65 million)

Like the NBA, the NFL is controlled and run by the mafia and the New World Order Luciferian/ ILLUMINATI Cabals. The NFL has been very political lately:  pink uniforms for breast cancer {but nothing for prostate cancer};  shrill advocates for gun control;  TSA style security at the stadiums;  secret agreements with Dept of Homeland Security to allow 'their' stadiums to be used as mass detention centers, prisons, or places for displaced persons in the event of a national crisis;  separation of children from their parents while attending NFL games;  firing of patriotic country singer from singing theme song opening Sunday nite football each week for his criticism of Obama; etc. 

Hawaii Libertarian Keoni Galt describes how football has been feminized, and how he evades the commercialism and the crap.

by Keoni Galt

And Social Justice for All
(Excerpt by

The NFL's regularly scheduled programming has long been concerned with promoting the military-industrial-complex and statist obeisance for the feedlot inhabitants citizenry. But ever since our induction into the globalized Brave New World Order, the NFL has also played an integral role in the gradual implementation of the authoritarian police state. As Dave Hodges wrote in December:

"The NFL now represents the antithesis of everything that comprises the backbone of traditional American values. I love the game of football. Football was one of the sports that I grew up playing and I later coached the sport as a former head coach in the high school ranks prior to moving to coach college basketball. I thoroughly enjoyed the competition at every level both as a player and a coach. However, the NFL has taken all the fun out of the game, because the league spouts the mantra of the globalist forces which seeks to enslave us."

Support for the military and patriotic statism is certainly the NFL's longest running, overt programming that we the long-time viewers and consumers have been subjected to. But it seems like the politically-correct agenda of the $ocial Justice Whores has really taken increased precedence in the last five years or so. Every single topic being promulgated in our modern age by the $JW's useful idiots and change agents has taken front and center, as the daily topics du jour in the National Sports media.

(How long until Americans turn off the NFL?)  NFL-Fans.jpg

Most obvious has been the complete surrender of the teams uniform integrity during the month of October towards the cause of radiating women's breasts to support one of the most profitable niche markets of the medical-healthcare-insurance industrial complex. Perhaps it's success in promoting the mammography industry has emboldened the social engineers in charge of NFL programming to kick it up a few notches.

 As the mass media programming agenda continues to escalate it's descent down the gradualist slippery slope of hope and change, we are now inundated with every politically correct topic, meme and shibboleth that furthers the Brave New World Order's agenda for population control.

 In light of the dramatic Ray Rice vs. Janay TKO video footage, Adrian Peterson's Southern-style discipline for his unruly son being equated to child abuse, and the arrests of several other high profile players for "domestic violence" issues, the mandate for more change is here, and $JW's premiere stooge and puppet, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is not letting the opportunity of  the current crisis go to waste.

ai.jpg (left, Domestic Violence Commissar Issacson)

No sirree...Goodell in a letter sent to all 32 franchises, our $JW Commissioner announces that he is now appointing four $JW feminazi's to some newly created positions in the NFL Administration to " the league is taking domestic violence and sexual assault matters seriously..."

 Anna Isaacson, the NFL's vice president of community affairs and philanthropy, will now be in an expanded role as "vice president of social responsibility."

 The league also has retained as senior advisors Lisa Friel, the former head of the Sex Crimes Prosecution Unit in the New York County District Attorney's Office; NO MORE co-founder Jane Randel; and Rita Smith, the former executive director of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. They will be in charge of overseeing the development and implementation of the NFL's domestic violence/sexual assault (DV/SA) workplace policy; building on existing training curricula and education programs for all personnel, including players and non-players; disseminating and executing completed training programs for all 32 teams, including executives, coaches, players and staff; identifying and managing DV/SA resources to enhance current services such as NFL Life Line and the NFL's Employee Assistance Programs for league and club employees and their families; identifying and disseminating information to employees and families regarding resources outside of the NFL and clubs, including local advocacy and support organizations in each NFL community."...

 Ahh, it looks like we now see the real agenda here: lucrative NFL make-work careers created for all the Liberal Arts and Women's Studies $JW Degree graduates from the nation's institutions of higher learning $JW indoctrination mills!

 It's now just a matter of time before all NFL players and everyone else employed by the league, are going to be forced to attend workshops and conferences where they will be subjected to power point presentations, skits, videos and tearful testimonials of Women's Studies graduates and interns, all as a part of this new program for "sensitivity training" and "social responsibility."

 I'm sure this will undoubtedly improve the quality of the game.
erin-andrews.jpg While it garners most of the national sports media attention, the NFL competition itself is still compelling enough for me to endure the $JW programming and still tune in to the games. While I used to watch all the pre and post game shows for analysis and replays on ESPN and the NFL Network, I no longer watch any of it. I DVR games, then begin watching them later so I can fast forward all the commercials, interviews, "special interest features" and heart-rending interviews by faux-sympathetic female journalists asking players how they F E E E E L about something.

 I just can't take that crap anymore.

 But I still watch the Games, and the highlights of the other games I missed, because I still find the sport itself to be compelling entertainment worth enduring the whatever $JW commercialism I can't avoid.
Thanks Charles!
NFL Role in Coming Martial Law
 First Comment by Alan:

 I am making it a point not to watch the NFL this year. Several players are vilified for demonstrating their faith in Jesus (Griffin and Tebow,guys who have started at QB for their teams) while the the league and media rejoice when a marginally talented player announces his homosexuality. Personally, when I watch football,  I don't care what these guys do off the field. But if the league is going frown on guys like Tebow, I definitely do not want them forcing "alternative lifestyles" on us. If the league's intent is to be fair, they need to be fair to everyone.

The league's handling of injuries to ex-players is inexcusable. They say they cleaned the game up, but I think they changed the rules to help teams score more points, which the fans like. At the same time they are ignoring all of the former players.

I am done with the NFL.

Al Thompson:

This was a great article but there's some other issues missing that would further the author's point.

The NFL is being sued for the misuse of painkillers on many players.  It has been reported that there are 4500 former players who have suffered severe physical and in some cases mental injuries due to concussions.  One extreme example is that of Jim McMahon who received painkillers for a broken neck as he continued to play.  My conscience has kicked in and I don't think it is good for me to watch players destroy themselves over a game.  That's all football is--a game.  Add to that the abuse of painkillers by NFL doctors is just too much for me to ignore.  And so far, I have not watched one down of football since the season started.  I really liked football but I think the NFL as an organization is thoroughly disgusting.

Another reason is that I think Tim Tebow was black-balled from the league for demonstrating belief in God and having good morals.  The common mantra from the communist broadcasters is that Tebow can't throw the football.  The facts show that Tebow knows how to win and in 2011 he took the Bronco's to the playoffs by defeating the Pittsburgh Steelers.  But somehow, "he can't throw the football."  Most fans loved Tebow and the new world order freaks who control the NFL can't have that. 

The constant fawning over Michael Sam did it for me.  With all of the video of Michael Sam kissing his he-bitch was enough for me to be completely turned off by the NFL.  I can't even stand to consider how a masculine sport like football fits in with homos.  So the NFL has successfully ruined their brand as far as I'm concerned, and I have a hunch that I'm not the only one.  The best was to defeat the NFL is to stop watching the games.  This is like the suicidal marketing as JC Penney's with Ellen the Degenerate whose stock went down from $35-37.00 to around $6.00 at it's lowest point.


Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "How the NFL Went Communist "

John said (September 24, 2014):

Luckily, local law enforcement had the video otherwise this would never have had seen the light of day. 56 players been arrested on domestic violence charges while NFL Commissioner Goodell has been there. If it had been up to Roger swept under the rug.

NFL Football coverage start at 43mins into the video and lasts approximately 10 minutes plus. Sports coverage begins after the first 5mins.

Caroline said (September 24, 2014):

Don't forget the news stories about NFL cheerleaders demanding equal pay! I'm sure that issue will be resolved in Communist-style.

Sandra said (September 24, 2014):

Good article. Was waiting for something like this. It is all oh-so-true. I hope to see the day when there's no more big-time pro sports, just adults and children playing happy pickup games in public spaces. Mind you, the only thing that will make that happen is total economic collapse. Maybe that's not such a bad idea. It'll separate real people out from the feedlot occupiers, who have way too much money (it seems).

Robert K said (September 23, 2014):

I haven't had any interest in professional football for years, but I am reliably informed that half-times during CFL (Canadian) games have been used recently to stage military exercises, no doubt in order both to legitimize the current bellicosity of the Canadian government to a lot of people at once and to recruit macho-inclined participants..

Christopher said (September 23, 2014):

ports is a distraction created by the Elite to hypnotize, indoctrinate and mind control with false values that will make the people obedient and compliant slaves of the same psychopathic Elite, and distract people from what the Elite are doing and what their agenda is. Tell Keoni Galt to stop watching sports and stop watching and listening to all of the mind control hypnotic bullshit garbage and lies put out by the media, news, music, movies, violent video games, and TV, and then read the following articles:

George said (September 23, 2014):

Roger Goodell made around $44 million this year year, and north of $40 million the year before. Not sure where the $10 mil figure came from, but just wanted to clarify that Revenue Roger is making ungodly amounts of money for generally acting like a clueless buffoon.

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