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9-11: We Must Demand Justice

July 14, 2014

As long as the real perpetrators of 9-11 go free, humanity will continue to live in a demoralized political fantasy created by criminals.  Danish Journalist Tommy Hansen has made a video about 9-11 (above), and compiled a bibliography of 9-11 research (below.) Although I think his analysis is a bit naive (i.e. his focus on the Bushes and Saudis instead of Mossad; his assumption that airplanes were involved); I appreciate his desire to revive our indignation and thirst for justice.

By Tommy Hansen

(abridged by

I am a Danish independent journalist who has been investigating 9/11 since shortly after it happened. From my research, I have concluded that 9/11 was an inside job, and that the official story is as impossible as it is incredible.

Why hasn't anyone even questioned the fundamental premise - that 19 hijackers in four different airplanes were able to operate in US air space for one-and-a-half hours, with no interference whatsoever from US air defense, the most advanced in the world?

journalist_tommy_hansen_by_iben_katrine_hansen (1).jpg(left, Tommy Hansen)

I challenge any journalist: Use a day or two looking at the basics, and ask yourself: "Did this really happen as we were told?" Within a week, you will know that the real story has been kept from you in a carefully planned and executed operation of high-level media control which has been running ever since 9/11.

But this is it - now is the time to get up and do the people's work. Get up and claim the right to do your job; go to your editors and demand to focus on this unsolved and catalytic event that split the world in two: "Either you´re with us or you are with the terrorists," as George Bush said.
How come the mainstream media, in an almost all-encompassing operation, has chosen to leave the real story alone from day one? No critical questions have been asked whatsoever.

In the meantime, the job of investigation into the actual events has effectively been carried out by institutions and individuals throughout the world. So for a journalist in 2014, cracking 9/11 is merely a question of gathering and processing the relevant facts and evidence which, today, are highly visible on the internet, and in many languages.




Massimo Mazzucco: September 11 -- The New Pearl Harbor (FULL)

9/11Truth : The Elephant In The Room - Full Movie

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Comments for "9-11: We Must Demand Justice"

John said (July 17, 2014):

Hansen missed this must see video on 9-11

Debra said (July 16, 2014):

The name of the sleeping pill, the one used to put people asleep, goes by the name LIAR.

Agreed that when it comes to 911-truth, Dr. Judy Wood should be mentioned with honor.

Lance said (July 15, 2014):

Yes. It is an impressive list. But, my article should have been mentioned.

It can be found here;

There was no hi-jacking and there were no planes. Let's stop wasting time talking about hi-jackers and planes that didn't exist.

I'm worried that Hansen is yet another high level, high paid disinformant.

There is no mention of the truly excellent work of Dr. Judy Wood.

Where did the towers go????

Anyone looking at the rubble after 911 would have to admit that most of those buildings disappeared. Who knows where?

In the rubble that was left, rescue workers found nothing bigger than a cell phone.

There is also the "toasted cars" problem, as well as other "supernatural" events that occurred on that day.

I ask readers of this to do their own research.

I've been doing that since day one.

Satan is the father of lies.

Doug P said (July 15, 2014):

I agree with Mike B "The real problem and enigma is of course the mindset of the collective public, which can effectively be manipulated to side against logic, and rationalize immoral or exceptionalist positions. The real question is about the ability of discernment and the intellectual integrity of the public, particularly in the USA."

The population had already been well indoctrinated, accepting the OKC bombing as well as being immersed in the mental assault of feminism and multiculturalism. You cannot expect a car that is bent out of shape to be steered straight and there was lots of preparation before 9 11.

NPD used to be a personality disorder, now it is a religion.

We must demand justice, too many people are destroyed from managing perceptions (and having their neural pathways rewired in the process) long before 9 11. How can reason and courage be restored ?

Barry H said (July 15, 2014):

In June 2009, Jeffrey Grupp writing for Infowars explained why the new world order wants the new world order to fail. Basically he said that instead of allowing ourselves to be drawn in by the various divide and conquer strategies of the elite we should go straight for the core and expose the architects of the NWO. Exposing 911 is one way to do that.

Many strategies are being used against us and too many are falling for them. False flag terror, divide and conquer, the engineering of consent, revelation of the method, media propaganda, social engineering through the culture creation industry. On and on it goes. Chaos ensues, which is the desired outcome, but the architects stay hidden behind the curtain. Several writers have explained the Order out Chaos theory. When chaos increases and becomes endemic across the planet, the masses will beg for a solution. The solution will be the NWO. This is what we have to avoid. I appreciate how difficult it is to stand back in the face of extreme provocation but the alternative, which is engaging in the fight, increases chaos and plays right into the hands of the elite.

On the other hand, focusing on issues such as 911 goes straight to the core. After all, at the bottom of the rabbit hole the same unholy creatures are plotting together against humanity. We need to take the easiest route to the bottom, whatever that may be, and flush them out. In that respect the latest High Rise Safety Initiative in New York looks promising. Expect massive resistance as they try to defend the death star of the NWO.

Pentti said (July 15, 2014):


Brian D said (July 15, 2014):

Sure Tommy Hansen has it wrong, as he didn't list the "9/11 Missing links" video that puts the blame on the Mossad. He does list Bollyn who's book 'Solving 9-11' surely proves Mossad involvement/planning, and state-side Jewish guilt. "Justice for 9/11" is another video missed, and only 20 minutes long. Nice list though, to bookmark. Thanks Henry.

Jim W said (July 14, 2014):

Tommy, that is an impressive list of links, in length anyways. I'd studied many of them but I daresay that [September Clues] is of more value by itself than the entire lot of those. Actors, fake victims and fake photos are all completely debunked.

Many people believe TPTB are evil enough to have killed 3000 people that day. Some of us believe they were evil enough to not kill anyone...

Mike B said (July 14, 2014):

Wrong premise. The answers are covered at the impressive and excellent web sites that the author lists. There is no 'cracking 911' for journalists. Having the truth to show is very much beside the point.

The real problem and enigma is of course the mindset of the collective public, which can effectively be manipulated to side against logic, and rationalize immoral or exceptionalist positions. The real question is about the ability of discernment and the intellectual integrity of the public, particularly in the USA.

Demanding answers from the corrupted system is a dead end street, just like trying to present clear explanations to citizens who don't want clear explanations. I relate it to national elections, where your participation indicates your acceptance of a charade.

The collective obstinacy in the face of truth can be explained somewhat as genetic, as herd instinct, and the need for authorities,as the news media is assumed to be. Conditioning plays a part. Vague fears play a part, and having an identifiable enemy to bomb means that security is being defended.

- Another angle for understanding the public might be better explained by the resident voodoo specialist. All of the bad guys are connected to the occult in some manner. A spell involves focused thought, released as emotional energy at the conclusion of a ritual. The idea is to influence the perception of reality.

-The public is dis-empowered on a daily basis through the controlled culture, the lying mainstream media, and the diet of compromised foods. I'm saying that no one has to be convinced that 911 was an inside job. If they don't know by now you can be sure it is because they are not interested in knowing. The grassroots truth about 911 or the war would have spread like wildfire, even without the help of the controlled communications media, if the public was actually interested.

JG said (July 14, 2014):

This whole MSM "coverup" of 911 is much like their refusal to challenge the Warren Commission's "magic bullet theory" of the JFK assassination.

If it was Donald Trump who collected 4 billion dollars in insurance money from the collapse of the Twin Towers and if it were the Saudis who benefited from this crime and not Israel I can assure you that the MSM would have been all over it and this crime would have been solved a long time ago.

Surprisingly , the beneficiaries of 911 like Larry Silverstein and others are not suspects in this crime. And, we all know the reasons why.
This event will go down as one of the most shameful Israeli Mossad engineered false flag hits of our time.

The PNAC Neocons wanted Bush senior to invade Iraq after Operation Desert Storm, he refused.
Bill Clinton also rejected an American invasion of Iraq but aided and abetted in a civil war in Yugoslavia.

I really wonder if this bogus 'War on Terror' would have successfully been implemented under an Al Gore presidency. But, we'll never know because he never got that chance.

Unfortunately the focus of 911 now has been shifted away from the perpetrators to the type of explosives used as being the real culprits of the crime and not the people who pulled the trigger.

Dan said (July 14, 2014):

911 and the collective consciousness of 2001 are already gone down the 'memory hole' for too many people. The best chance to stop all the evil that's ensued was that same morning. I invite Americans to think back to what they did that morning. Imagine going to work and everybody openly saying "it's an inside job! We want answers!" that very day.

In that alternative universe, when Bush asked for the Patriot Act, Congress would have refused - and in fear for their own asses would have proceeded to impeach the Neocons.

Unfortunately most people believed the lies, acted in 'groupthink' to make the few who did see what really happened stay quiet for two years.
But by the time the 'Truth Movement' was allowed to come out AFTER Iraq was occupied, it was already too late.

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