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"The Manosphere" - Healthy Reaction to Feminism?

February 16, 2014

Is the "Manosphere"
misogynist or does
it empower men again?

The manosphere is a network of bloggers who refuse to put women on a pedestal as the Illuminati order them to do.
They ask difficult questions  like, "If feminism is so concerned with inequality, why doesn't it get more women to die of workplace injuries?"
They "game" young women, which is like "The Rules" except this time it's men who play hard to get.

by  "Zelcorpion"

Zelcorpion is a 37 year old former corporate minion living in the EUSSR and enjoying its decline.

Why do women fall for jerks
while claiming to love nice guys? Why do women initiate over 70% of divorces? Why do 15% of the men at colleges have almost 60% of the total number of sexual encounters and why do 42% of men have no sex at all despite women often outnumbering men 2-1 at college?

Why do women cheat even on their successful, good-looking and caring husbands ? Why is the divorce rate so high and why is marriage being postponed by both sexes ever more? What makes a man truly attractive to women?

womanno.jpgThose are the questions that the manosphere is all about. It is basically a worldwide discussion on issues affecting men. The impetus for this is of course feminism and the break-up of the age-old stabilizing marriage bond.

While there exist three different groups within the sphere, all agree that feminism has been so completely successful in changing the culture and taking over all of our social institutions that opposing feminism has become one of the great taboos of our society.  Making this worse, very few are even aware of this because the lion's share of feminist thinking is no longer thought of as feminist thinking;  it is simply thought of as normal thinking, or more accurately right thinking.  Opposing feminism has become the heresy of our age, a thought crime few dare to even contemplate.

 All groups also agree (even within the Pick-Up-Artists or PUA) that traditional marriage is the most stable and positive way to go and they disagree with the answers of mainstream media and academia like "Man up and marry those aging sluts!", "Nothing to see here, move along folks - only a few crazy pick-up-artists with fluffy hats..." or "Be a man! It's likely 95% your fault, that your wife wants a divorce!" and the ever so endearing sacred marriage-contract ad:" Cuckold-children are your children too!"

The 3 different groups are:

1.       MRAs, MGOTW - Men's Rights Activists and Men Going Their Own Way are trying to lobby for change of laws (divorce, discrimination etc.) and to raise the issues (MRAs) or are completely opting out of the relationship market (MGOTWs). 

2.       Traditionalists - want society to return to the old ways either via traditional values or a religious re-enactment of marriage customs

3.       Pick Up Artist (PUAs) and those who are aware of Game (Proven Art of Seduction) and try to explain the reason for its' effectiveness via evolutionary psychology. Within that group there are those who say that men should just enjoy the sluts and divorced mothers that society sends their way (Roissy, Roosh V, KaiserPUA, Return of Kings etc.) and those who say that Game should be applied within relationships and that despite the risks of marriage it is still worth it (Matt Forney, Rollo Tomassi - Rational Male).


I will cover here the main points of the Third Group, because they are the most misunderstood as well as most "revolutionary" concerning male-female psychology.  This is just a brief introduction to the basic concepts - check links for much more info.

best?.jpgo   Hypergamy: THE MOST important imperative of the female sexual psyche. Women are not monogamous but are serial monogamists who are subconsciously always looking for the higher status man or better yet an Alpha.

o   Alpha-Beta concept:  Alphas are males who exhibit an irresistible attraction to females.  They embody masculinity. Contrary to what society thinks, wealth does not make you automatically an Alpha in the eyes of a woman. Currently many young females chase Alphas through their 20s. Unable to pin one down in a relationship they remain Alpha-Widows for the rest of their lives pining for an Alpha even after having settled with a Beta. Feminism and effeminization of men further decrease number of Alphas.

o  Betas -  majority of men. Greater Betas can be extremely wealthy or even powerful (Paper-Alphas). Rely on Beta-Game (being effeminate, White Knight, sensitive, use false-flag nice-game to seduce a woman.)

o  Omegas - lowest rung of males - usually shunned by females

o  Alphas are seldom born that way - men become Alphas, Betas and Omegas through conditioning and experience. A man can change from Beta to Alpha.

o   Evolutionary Psychology - superiority of traditional marriage:

o  In Prehistoric times, 80% of females and only 40% of men produced offspring. The reason is females preferred to share an Alpha than to mate with a Beta and Alphas tend to hoard females. Those civilizations are inferior to stable marriage-encouraging civilizations because 100% of the male population is motivated to contribute to society and their families (each man having wife and offspring).

o   Dark Triad: Females are attracted to men who exhibit Psychopathy, Narcissism, Machiavellianism - likely reason is because pre-historic offspring had higher chances of survival. (Can't say women were instinctively wrong looking at who is running the world.) Explains why Asshole-Game theory works and why women fall for serial murderers and criminals.

o   Game - Art of Seduction - consists of inner and outer game: Inner Game (80%) Basically you become Alpha through empowering experiences, self-confidence, charisma, self-improvement and unleashing of innate male qualities.  Outer Game (20%) Ability to engage women via proven methods: Aloofness, self-confidence, feigned disinterest, Negs (offhanded compliments), NLP, positive imagery, ability to recognize and deal with shit-tests of women, DHV - demonstrated higher value.

graph.jpg(left. Graph of Sexual market value. Women peak at 23, men at 38. Most stable relationships are between couples where the man has 2 points of SMV above the woman, because her hypergamy will be sufficiently satiated.)

o   SMP (Sexual Market Place), SMV (Sexual Market Value of Males and Females being different) - feminists deny that such a natural market exists:

§  Females: Beauty, Age, Fitness, Femininity as main points - peak from age 16-24, then constant decrease of SMV hitting the Wall at around age 35-40


Most of my life I shifted between Beta and Alpha - now I happily embrace Alpha and it  is such a liberating experience! I walk differently, I interact differently with all people - not only attractive women! I no longer feel sort of guilty being as strong and as masculine as I want to be! I stopped caring about a lot! I practically feel a difference from the get-go, since I realize now that most of my BETA-conditioning was done by media, academia, society from the very early age. (Also the conditioning of my father and grandfather. Alphas would be too much of a hassle for all governments.)

Game is 80-90% inner game - becoming Alpha! Only 10-20% are the right words, not leaning in, not showing too much interest, etc. With a perfect spiritual sweetheart, you need no game - just be Alpha (which is 80% game anyway). The outer game are just words to pique the interests of the girl. The feminist hardened girls need Asshole-game, because they only fall for Assholes - but at least most PUAs only play assholes.

The question of heartlessness is part of a fem-centric world in which it is fine for girls to play their game - short skirts, boobs in the open, open show of affection towards the most idiotic jerk out there! I estimate that most of the "natural" Alphas are criminals, downright psychopaths and a few not so bad extremely good-looking guys who happen to be born in the sluttiest of times and get all the attention.

Now of course women complain that suddenly the natural raving lunatic Psychopath-Alpha gets outshined by a Mensa-member-microbiologist who has grown a beard, done some push-ups and learned Game (Roosh V)? Really??? Heartless?  What irks feminists is that this stuff really works - just like short skirts and innocent-good-girl-charm work on men! But hey - gender is just a social construct, isn't it, so it cannot work? We men will be convinced by social engineering that a 250-pound woman is as beautiful as the best Supermodel. Right....


Most men will not accept the reality of the Alpha-Beta-paradigm, because they are too invested in their Beta-state. Those men will be raped in the divorce-hell, stay in marriage-nagging-hell, remain involuntarily celibate or become buy-sexuals for life.

Personally I prefer to become aware of the machinations and use game accordingly to my goals.  I have no illusions that we can beat the system without the destruction of the money power first. However the more men become Alpha the harder it is to influence the population as a whole.
The Manosphere Manifesto "The Misandry Bubble"
21 Tips for Starting a Manosphere Blog  by Roosh
Why Women Want Alpha Males

Major Manosphere sites:

Makow Comment-
The Manosphere is helping men regain self-confidence. But sex belongs in the context of courtship, love and marriage. "Gaming" women -- f**king and dumping - is sick and exploitative. The manosphere attracts many men misshapen by bad experience. Their mindset prevents them from forming a healthy relationship with women still in touch with their feminine instincts.
Also, these bloggers seem ignorant of the Illuminati conspiracy. They don't understand that feminism and "gay rights" are elite social engineering designed to neuter heterosexuals and spread homosexuality.

w.jpgFirst Comment from W-

By and large I agree with the viewpoints of the article. I am a 24-year-old neuroscience PhD student at McGill University and the situation as with all universities is as described in the article, 42% of men have no sex/intimacy at all despite being outnumbered by females 2:1.

I am one of those 42%. I agree with your principles Henry, however, I think you are overlooking how bad the situation is on the ground these days so to speak. Men can no longer control the frame without game these days. Men no longer set the terms, the government/illuminati does as they are the ones with the greater power over women through the media, at least in Western countries for now and as you mentioned before women are most attracted to power.

Also, men no longer have any sort of authority/power in marriage, in addition women are likely to initiate divorces and literally emotionally and financially rape the man in the end. This leaves men who desire intimacy with only two sane options: 1) Use game. 2) Develop discipline to suppress their desires for intimacy and use the sexual energy to improve other areas of their life.

I personally don't use game, I don't really have the time to learn and I feel disgusted by the fact that I have to completely change my personality into that of a psychopath/narcissist just to attract a female. Feminine women in this environment are extremely rare and statistically I am not likely to come across them.

Therefore, I have chosen the path of suppressing my sexuality and channeling it in other ways, into my music  and into my scientific research. However, my end goal is to isolate myself from this society eventually as sexual repression takes great discipline in this environment and staying in this societal environment for too long can make a man extremely angry and bitter.

You are right by saying men failed women by becoming pussies and predators. However, it was not my generation that failed women. It was the generation that allowed feminism to go forward giving the government and women unprecedented and unchecked power, and it is MY generation that has to deal with the fallout either by using game or by swearing off of women/intimacy completely!

 Is there really a third option, other than finding a feminine woman which lets be frank, exist in such small numbers that it really isn't an option to begin with?! If there is, I and others of my generation would really like to hear it!


Makow reply:

W-  Your strategy of going without is a good one. Your mistake is thinking you are missing anything of value. Men do not need women. It's all media brainwashing designed to weaken and control men. You don't prove your masculinity by satisfying women. You don't need their love or approval. They are ordinary boring human beings like you and I.

Many young women these days have mutated and have nothing to offer a man. Mutants, they are neither female or male and cannot love a man. Look after your own sexual and emotional needs. Continue to cultivate your own garden. You're already doing the right thing and don't realize it. The Kingdom of Heaven is within.

From this position of strength, you can patiently cast your net for the right feminine woman. They do exist because nature is constantly churning them out. Be very selective. The Internet allows you to sift through hundreds of young women and quickly eliminate the feminist mutants. Gently, take charge and if she doesn't like it, move on.

Eliminate women who don't show an active interest and desire to please you. They are a waste of time.

Young men have been demoralized. You are young and have a high status career path yet sound completely beaten as result of focusing on feminists. 
Look outside the toxic university environment. Consider Christian/Muslim dating web sites or immigrant communities, or "uneducated" women who still have heart. The key is making your masculine power non negotiable. Relax. Take your time. You're young. Do not settle.

There are still many fine young women out there.  But remember, no woman is a sine qua non. That's a romantic myth, a surrogate for Self realization and true religion. (See Eckhart Tolle.) (See Makow Entertained to Death)

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for ""The Manosphere" - Healthy Reaction to Feminism?"

Zelcorpion (author) said (February 23, 2014):

It seems to me that quite a few comments here decry the nature of Game. In my opinion being against game is about as useless as being against gravity. You may scream and petition - it just IS - it is just applied female psychology.

Good article by traditional bloggers on the madness of Christian churches:

Currently I see two main options for men:

1. Learn Game and form a stable relationship with a good girl (while being aware of the fickleness of that "bond")

2. Learn Game and go it alone either

a) with sex - as a Pick-Pu-Artist (never mind the Pump-and-Dump-shaming - most of the current generation of women do it all the time. Even when being in a relationship they pipeline other love interests just in case - you should wake up to that!)

b) without sex as a MGTOW or a de-facto monk - even if you decide on that path it is better to do it out of strength (being strong in game and attractive to women i.e. St. Francis of Assissi) than to do it out of desperation and rely on frustrating negative activities like porn and masturbation

Your choice. The Illuminati are pushing us towards 2a with most men getting pushed towards 2b involuntarily like in prehistoric times. Without Game your relationship (option 1) is most likely doomed anyway.

Mike H said (February 18, 2014):

Well I'm 32 now and unmarried. I came close a couple times in my twenties. The truth is I am afraid of marriage, or afraid of divorce I should say. Since I am childless I have lots of time to devote to informing myself, hence my knowledge of the global conspiracy and now my interest in the manosphere. I am drawn to it because it unlocks a wealth of fatherly and scientific knowledge that can be useful in real life. My dad works too damn hard, was primary bread winner and was married to my mom at age 20, so he is out of touch with todays model. My goal is to have a decent relationship with a woman, have a family, and avoid stepping a foot into Satans family courtroom. I will not react well to being made a slave.

The manosphere has been illuminating for me (pardon the pun). When normal, average men get together in groups, the discussion is open and frank. Men call each other out and challenge each other. There is no political correctness. When reading the comments on some of these blogs (Heartsite, Spearhead, Dalrock, Roosh etc.) I was delighted to see that more men are aware of the elites activities. It is almost common knowledge in there that feminism has curious communist ideological origins and was agitated by jewish agents, that political parties are a sham, that family, race, nation and religion are in decline and/or being openly attacked. Globalism is mostly frowned upon due to the loss of men's jobs. I don't know how many times I have seen a comment link Aaron Russo's famous interview where he talks about how feminism was sponsored by the Rockefellers. Everyone who reads the manosphere knows who GBFM is and his famous jibberish comments about Ben Bernanke and the role of the Federal Reserve in destroying America, haha. Some of them come out and name Zionism and elite jewry as a source of our woes as well......and curiously rarely face any real backlash that you might see anywhere else on the web. Only one site, The Spearhead, is now moderating comments and banning ones about Zionist/jewish domination.

I think the manosphere has been a good conduit for awakening because here you have many young men without dads and old men chewed up in the divorce industrial complex talking out their experiences and perceptions. They are more open to these ideas after having been chewed up by the family law system. They see that there's a bigger game being played.

Max said (February 18, 2014):

Personally I think that masturbation is not necessarily unhealthy, (that depends on the person's health status, etc.). Once I had read in "Men's Health" magazine a curious article: "Party of one" in which the writer said that many businessmen, university professors, engineers, etc. do this practice without feeling like idiots at the end. But I don´t recommend it for everybody, the same way as a doctor can't prescribe aspirin for the whole world. Not everybody is capable of wanking.

Now, in a more serious talk, I subscribe the idea that "women are not necessary for defining men's value" But I think that every man has basic instincts, and one of them is the sexual desire.

It's a great problem in the teenage years, especially for some youngsters. Teen males don't know yet how to manage their sex drive, and here the parent's role (especially of the father) is a must. The key is stability, order in giving parental guidance through adolescence.

Unfortunately, we live in a chaotic society, where moral values change, like a kaleidoscope pattern. Without stable rules and customs, our society has nothing to offer to young people. How we can sail a stormy sea, if the ship doesn't steer well?

Dan said (February 18, 2014):

My advice to myself at twelve years old is:
don't jerk off. it makes you weak and stupid. Be aware that it is a choice, not an involuntary body function.

Know the difference between "vocation", "job", "hobby", and "recreation". A job is something you do for money. A vocation is your calling in life, your mission; your 'state in life'. It's what you do and who you are, unlike a 'job'. The two should go together. You should love what you do.

I wish someone had had the formation to put to me this way:

God provides a purpose for everyone, but we have free will, so the trick the trick for an adolescent boy is to pay attention for signs of your vocation, instead of through fantasies and movies. The quality of your soul will degrade if you choose the wrong state in life.

Now here's the wisdom. God has put into right vocation all the Graces you will need to fulfill your life on Earth.

Jack Kerouac and Somerset Maugham led generations of young men astray. You don't need to qo on a quest in the Himalayas or experiment with sex and drugs to find your purposeful life God arranges every life in such a way that if you pay attention, and really want to do His Will, you'll figure it out.

Women have absolutely nothing to do with this. Women are wired to respect any man who knows who he is. If you look from their point of view it's obvious that a man that acts like he 'needs' them is incomplete in himself.

Don't worry about what women think!

Ed said (February 17, 2014):

This was an excellent article. The topic is close to my heart. I went to a funeral last summer and everyone I haven't seen in years kept asking me if I was married and/or had any children. I am 38. Finally, I had to tell my dad I didn't want to be alienated from my children by a vindictive mother; and I wasn't going to be bossed around in my own home.

He understood...but he still wants me to have children. Currently, I am MGTOW. For companionship, I got a dog...a blue-eyed boxer mix. I am concentrating on working out, going back to school, and work. I would like to get into a field where I don't have to worry about women. If men act like Alpha's in the workplace, a woman will surely get him fired. So, I shun women in general so I don't have to be so PC all the time. Because I am going for a Computer Science (Networking) degree, I don't have too many women in any of my classes. I can bond easily with my classmates.

Men didn't invent feminism, nor did they fall for it. This is a problem created by women; it's their job to fix it. If not, they can grow old with as many cats as they want. I get tired of being used by women until they find a better deal with a co-worker.

BTW, most ( not all ) men I know that are married are miserable and work as much overtime as allowed. A friend from work was over last week and asked to use the bathroom. I jokingly told him only if it wasn't number two. He replied that it wasn't. When he finished, I asked him why I heard the toilet seat being put down? His answer: "My wife makes me pea sitting down."



Women will do whatever they think will bring them love. They ddn't create feminism - the Illuminati Jews did.


Barry said (February 17, 2014):

In my view, hypergamy is a tactic employed by both men and women. As young adults we play the field looking for a compatible mate. Sometimes we aim too high or too low but eventually, like water, we find our own level.

Relationship advice handed out in the 1970’s was that a woman should seek a man who is slightly more intelligent than herself. I no longer hear this advice, but I believe it is still sound.

The husband should be in charge, but not overtly bossy or oppressive. The wife should be an intelligent helper and be supportive. The couple should be mutually dependent and both should have something to offer the relationship. If the power balance can be maintained the relationship is more likely to endure.

However, the Illuminati have deliberately chosen to upset the natural balance by empowering women, while at the same time depriving men of the means to provide. To put things right all we have to do is hit system restore.

Unfortunately, as things stand, women no longer need men because government is waiting in the wings, ready to step in whenever a relationship falters. In this respect government has become the alpha male and many women have chosen to marry him. This policy is deliberately destructive to male / female relationships and inhibits the formation of happy families. The only logical conclusion is that the elite social engineers are culling the herd in preparation for what is coming. Even the MSM are talking about the robot revolution and how this will impact on employment.

Anyone who has taken a look at Honda Asimo or Petman at Boston Dynamics, and failed to see the future, must be very dim indeed. It doesn’t have to end this way, but it certainly will if the Illuminati get their own way. Incidentally, are you sure you know what is in the water, food and vaccines?

Sperm counts are falling off a cliff and the World Health Organization has predicted that cancer rates will continue rising into the foreseeable future. Coincidence? Maybe, but cops don’t normally believe in coincidence otherwise they would never catch anyone. If we are going to survive we better start thinking like cops.

Mark said (February 17, 2014):

Is their anything to be gained from paying so dearly just for the opportunity to stoop to the inherent brutality and competition of Nature, already exaggerated and rubbed raw by the Illuminati for profit?

Frankly, I can't see the fun in it, however good a guy may be at the game of gaming female game; a game which only serves to make women feel all the more used, bitter,angry and vindictive, only giving more ammunition to the Feminist camp. Better we should strive to rise above the beast in us, made more wild by our bestial masters.

Then there's the thought of what's just below the skin of our heart's delight, absent any sublime spiritual appreciation for the content of her character. The perpetual youth and flawless beauty of the immortal, yet lifeless, pure marble gods of the ancients is starting to look better and better by comparison.

Corine said (February 17, 2014):

So women outnumber men 2:1 on campuses?. Fellows, you should understand that perhaps a tenth of these women would be fit for marriage and motherhood; the rest would be considered cannon fodder. Don't get me wrong the vast majority of those ''divas'' out there are still human despite their psychological ailment. Sexual misconduct always results in tragedy so if you want to live a great life, start up by having principles and stick to them.

Roman said (February 17, 2014):

Real women want to be loved by a strong man with a conscience who knows how to love them not use them or let them rule. They want someone who is like their father or his opposite if they hate him. Alpha means psychopath who has no conscience or love. The inner bitch in women is turned on by the weakness (for women) and baseness of "alphas" and PUAs. It's the women who pick them up not the other way around. I guess they are better "alphas" and PUAs. Modern women have been trained to behave like horny men. The whole world worships sex like it's a virtue.

Chad said (February 17, 2014):

A good kick for men is the original Mike Hammer series. Good entertainment for men who are men.

I hope you have a good Stetson hat in your collection.

Mike Hammer (50’s) series”

Anthony Migchels said (February 17, 2014):

Great article on the Manosphere!

I agree that gaming is primitive and basically predatory, but I feel it's a more than natural reaction, considering the utterly predatory way women have abused the space that feminism has given them.

I see it more as a phase that men will grow over.

More important is that the Manosphere is shocking them out of putting women on a pedestal, where they most assuredly do not belong. I don't tow the equality line at all: men have an 11% bigger brain and are simply much more powerful. They are also more spiritually and intellectually inclined, where women are more earthly and emotional. Both sides cannot do without each other, but there is a hierarchy and the Manosphere is reestablishing this.

It's very important that there is a real grassroots understanding of how the male/female dynamic works. As the article states, the Manosphere agrees marriage is the best way, but currently marriage is purely suicidal for men.

Sexually, the Manosphere will have to grow into understanding how the male sex drive can be controlled: by learning how to prevent sexual energy from building up in the groin where it will become too strong and will have to be released, either by masturbation or by sex.

Sexual energy is Lifeforce, it's pure, unadulterated power. It needs to spread (purely through attention/consciousness) throughout the energetic body. In this way men can harness this energy and experience elevated well being and creativity.

Lisa said (February 16, 2014):

I was very surprised to see this topic, because the Alpha Male is rare this days ,in almost every country.

However ,the writer is assuming that Alpha Male equals Pick Up Artiest (PUA). This is simply not true.A true Alpha Male is strong, takes care of his family ,is not arrogant and has a strong set of morals and values.He treats men and women with respect ,yet guards his boundaries and is not a push over .Alpha Male is an traditional male ,regardless his religion, be he Christian,Muslim or a Jew , he holds on to that ,and yes that means 10 commandments .No lying,cheating among others.

Pick up Artiest is nothing more than an hyena , prying upon weak ,brainwashed (by media, sex and the city show, education etc etc) ,damaged women and girls .He uses them and tosses them away.Making those women even more damaged and bitter, and a horrible role model later on for their offspring.

The writer uses a weak excuse: that women set the terms. Also,false. Does a mentally challenged person set the rules ?No, of course not, they don't know any better .Women these days seem also brain-damaged when it comes to relationships and self respect.A true Alpha Male is here to guide her, set an example and at the end "make a honest women out of her' .Not to bring her any more misery and hurt with his lies, sweet talk which is the ultimate deception. No woman wants to be used,be lied to,heartbroken,and left with even more distorted reality of how things ought to be .That woman will one day be someone's wife, mother,that woman is perhaps your sister or daughter.Do we really want to see some sleazy pick up artist treat her like a prostitute?

I must agree with Henry on this one ,men should not be predators. They should be leaders instead.

Don said (February 16, 2014):

Your comment for the "manosphere" article is one-sided in its condemnation. If modern man's behavior is "sick and exploitative", it is only because women have rigged the game (pun intended) so that behaving in such a classless manner gives a guy his best chance of getting laid.

Remember Briffault's Law! Women set the terms; men respond accordingly. Any change in the current sexual scene will happen only when enough women consent to a return to modesty. All the demands to "man up" understandably fall on the deaf ears of men, as well as give women a chance to let themselves off the hook for their lousy behavior.


Thanks Don,

This is where you have it wrong. Men set the terms and women respond. If women are sluts, it's only because the Illuminati have told them to be so. Women are designed to please men and be loved in return. Men have failed them by becoming pussies and predators.


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