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Canadian Man Acts to Stop Chemtrails

October 27, 2013

Davoud_Petition_Post_Office.jpg(left, Davoud Tohidy, mailing the petition to a Member of Parliament)

Conspiracy is like the weather. Everyone talks about it,
but no one does anything. Finally, an Ottawa man
is addressing both. Davoud Tohidy wants Canada
to come clean on chemtrails and will sue if necessary.
He is asking for our support.

by Davoud Tohidy

I am Davoud Tohidy, age 47. As a civil engineer, I immigrated to Canada from Iran in 1999 and became a citizen in 2013. I changed my profession to web developer in 2009.

Until the year 2011, I had no clue about what is really going on in terms of Stratospheric Aerosol Geo-engineering or Chemtrails.

In 2011, an article about Chemtrails changed my life forever. As I did more research, I became aware of serious threats to our environment and mankind in general. I have always seen myself a citizen of the world rather than citizen of a particular Country. I respected and accepted all the races for whom they were. I never allowed any political figures and or media tell me what is right or not.

As an individual with an extremely high intuition and sixth sense, I almost always can analyze the data and figure out the underlying facts.

I believe chemtrails exist because I see them being sprayed with my own eyes. I have felt different side effects such as arthritis at my age!! Neck ache for two weeks which are symptoms of chemtrails. Secondly, credible individuals such as Ted Gunderson former L.A FBI chief and a  NASA Scientist talk about Chemtrails. Plus, there are several patents proving that the technology exists.

There are some speculation on whether chemtrails are part of a depopulation agenda. In my opinion, the most important reason for chemtrails  is that  "they" are preparing for "Project Blue Beam" which was exposed by Serge Monast.

image028.png(Left, Can there be any doubt?)


As soon as I found out that we are being sprayed like bugs, I started to fight it. In August 2011, I created a pdf file with information and evidence about this crime and other conspiracies.

I contacted private investigators, politicians, newspapers, churches, activists, organizations, companies and people all around the world and sent them the pdf file via email. I also created a small business card with information about Chemtrails, chembusters and so on and have handed them out actively on Ottawa streets since October 2011.

I started a Chemtrails Petition with the help of two cohorts. We gathered more than 3400 signatures from all over Canada. I gathered 1640 signatures in Ottawa on my own under several direct physical provocations and indirect serious threats to my life.

"They" had hired different individuals including homeless and others to block my way, prevent me from getting signatures and also, on two different occasions, three different individuals were used to physically provoke me so to create a problem and then prevent me from gathering signatures.

In addition, due to social media, I was able to gather many more signatures.

Despite the criminals' efforts to stop this Petition,
our Petition was presented to Parliament by Mr. Alex Atamanenko, MP  on Oct 21, 2013.  and I have created a Youtube of the presentation. It has been recorded in Hansard and this is a great accomplishment. The government has 45 days to answer, which I expect will be lies and denials. That is why I am preparing a criminal lawsuit. [Listen to an interview with Atamenenko here. ]


Even though this Petition will raise awareness, the lies and denials are likely to continue. The criminals behind this crime do not understand the language of "human". They understand the language of force and power. People have been screaming and petitioning the Government of Canada about Chemtrails since 1997, if I am not mistaken. Their voice has not been heard.

The only way to stop this crime is to bring a criminal lawsuit, which is why I started my fundraising site  to hire professional investigators and lawyers.

I invite you to read the articles linked in the sidebar of my site.  We must take action now before it is too late. Our fight may postpone the criminals' plans. However there is no guaranty they will stop the crimes against humanity unless we take them to the criminal court.

 I would like to conclude with this important message from the singer Michael Jackson who states: "we have four years left to get it right or else it is irreversible then...we are done".

Please join me at my website  and help to send some criminals behind the crime of geoengineering / Chemtrails spraying behind bars for the rest for their lives. You can Donate or be a Plaintiff in the lawsuit. I guaranty that every dollar of your donations will be spent towards restoring our nature and our planet.



Geoengineering is destroying the ozone layer allowing radiation dangerous to the life on earth to reach the earth surface. Please read the article about this by Dane Wigington:

An ice age is being forced in our wonderful planet by some criminal cabal through geoengineering / chemtrailing. Read the article about this here:

Subliminal messages are being sent by these criminal cabals through media, music and movies. Please watch the movie "The Colony" which is about weather modifications, ICE AGE and ZOMBIES. It must be on DVD now:‎

It is time to act NOW or else we are done!

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Comments for "Canadian Man Acts to Stop Chemtrails"

Joyce said (November 6, 2013):

Does anyone know what happened to the world map showing countries in red, orange or green depending on whether chemtrails were reported to be consistent, infrequent or not reported? It used to be on aircrap,org along with a list of countries where chemtrails have been documented. It is no longer there.

Kristine said (October 29, 2013):

Accolades for Davoud, who is doing what he can to raise awareness about chemtrails while simultaneously attempting to sue the government for bodily harm.

However, good luck to him in finding a lawyer who is incorruptible as most belong to the "bar" (baal) and the free masons (baal worshippers).

I do agree with his point, however, about project bluebeam. It has been said the "powers" that be are going to present us a show in the heavens to scare us all into submission via fear and trembling. I say "powers" because if their bent on destruction belies weakness.

If you listen closely, you can hear the sounds that haarp makes. Due to the large amount of noise all around people do not differentiate between airplanes, traffic and haarp, which makes a hollow sounding "wowowo" type of noise with no cadence whatsoever, unlike an airplane.

Last Saturday morning, early, I heard some very strange creaking noises, which must have been haarp-generated. I had heard this kind of noise before on a you-tube presentation on this topic.

The show they are going to put on will have to be very convincing, therefore the heavy aluminum spraying, which will act as a shield for projection. Wasn´t it the "elders" who were talking about scaring the Goyim half or completely out of their wits?

Write to your senator, your mayor, your governor, your president, your military. I do. The typical and only response (if any) has ever been that "scientists" do not acknowledge chemtrails and even if they did these same "scientists" do not acknowledge the poisonous quality of the fake clouds, there is no "proof". Do not trust "experts" they usually have no idea.

My routine reply to their denial is that I do not need a corrupt government-sponsored "scientist" to deny what I can see with my own eyes. Nor do I need more "proof" than reports on air quality containing vast amounts of aluminum, barium, strotium and arsenic.

If you think about it, this life we´re forced to live by satanists is indeed a complete psy-op. The best thing we can do for ourselves is turn off and avoid all media and movies and spend time in nature with real people and animals who are genuine and wait for the second coming.

Luis said (October 29, 2013):

Hi Henry, great that more people are aware of this spraying , which by my observation started in Ontario around 2000 . I have been writing to MP & other officials for some time. Finely last year my MP ( Barry Devolin-PC ) forwarded my letter to minister of environment Peter Kent .

His answer was , that those lines are just ordinary contrails. After sending him a large dossier on chemtrails newer heard from him again !! Hope this guy can get something going-it is our health / our children health & the land /environment. Thanks Henry for bringing it up on your website .

anon said (October 28, 2013):

Transcript of Serge Monast, 1994

The blue beam sky show is step 2. First they'll plant evidence:

'The first step concerns the breakdown of all archeological knowledge. It deals with the set-up of earthquakes at certain precise locations of the planet where supposedly new discoveries
will suddenly explain - for them - the wrong meaning of all major religions' basic doctrines....they need some false proof,
supposedly from the past, and from the far past that will "prove" to men and women that their religions are false.'

We already see the madness going on. Archaeologist Jonathan Gray
pressed Zecharia Sitchin for verifiable sources but got a royal runaround. Michael Heiser crosschecked some to find Sitchin didn't know the languages.

Sitchin was likely a paid hack for Them. However, he offered "open-minded" people what they want to hear, that old wisdom should vanish. When "open-minded" people lose patience, here's where they'll send it.

Doc Marquis toured such places before his conversion to Christ.

MB said (October 28, 2013):

I live in the City of York, in the UK.

About four years ago I was working on a small building site, therefore, I was outside all day, It meant that I could look up from time to time, I saw an aeroplane go back and forth above the City spraying chemicals.

When you see it with your own eyes, it hits you like a “Freight train !”

B said (October 27, 2013):

I have done quite a bit of research on it. My conclusion is that they are about pseudo-toxic substances which hinder the production of chemicals in the Pineal gland (which is also why they fluoridate water).

One of my friends "recently" was awakened to the entire 'mess' shall we say of society. It is interesting who people zero in on all the major issues almost innately. Global warming, feminism, chemtrails, 7+2 eleven, the hiv-aids hoax (see, Peter Duesberg, or Edward miller on for a great intro to this subject).

Dan A said (October 27, 2013):

I see these in Milwaukee Wisconsin all the time. They hang around longer then contrails. I understand they contain such things as barium and aluminum. I'm unclear on the purpose of chemtrails. I've heard they are formed to sedate the population. I've also heard they are designed for weather control. I've also read they are not present in China, suspected as being the headquarters of the new world order.

Debra said (October 27, 2013):

I agree with the author of the article that chemtrails are related to Project Bluebeam as reported by Serge Monast. Chemtrails are making people sick, but also may be an aid for the sky to be used as a projection screen for images to deceive as many as possible.

We know people are waiting for Jesus to return in the sky.

No-one is saved yet. Are you sure you are ready?
Revelation 30:14 Blessed are they that keep [and do] His COMMANDments, that they may have the right to the Tree of Life. And will share Divine Love and know paradise and bliss and may enter in through the (strait - Matt. 7:13-14) gates into the City (New Jerusalem). 30:15 For I tell you, none who do evil will come into this paradise, neither will they know the power of Divine Love.

For only the sacred will live in the Temple and make to each other the sign. And they will not leave paradise. For without are dogs, and sorcerers and whore-mongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie.
Matthew 7:13 Enter ye in at the "Strait" gate: for wide [is] the gate, and broad [is] the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: 7:14 Because Strait [is] the gate, and narrow [is] The Way, which leadeth unto Life, and few there be that find it.

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