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Chemtrails are "Messing with My Psyche"

September 19, 2013

(l. Chemtrails over Maine?)

Is Rick Miracle crazy or they really spraying us like bugs?

"I felt like I was all alone in the world; I thought of the twilight zone TV series. Not only did he not care but he didn't want to talk about it. "

Is ignoring this phenomenon the only way to stay sane?

By Rick Miracle

In Florida, if you are aware of the sky spraying (called Chemtrails), it messes with your psyche. The sky looks like a perpetual Halloween party with all the nasty spray lines. (See image below.)

Early in Jan. 2013, I went for coffee at a nearby plaza near downtown Orlando, Florida. The sky was crisscrossed with jet trails, but not just jet trails, BUT thick jet trails that were painting the whole sky pasty white. It looked like hell.

IMG_1028.jpg(Daytona FL Jan 2011, thanks George)

I saw a TV truck with the camera on top in the parking lot; I knocked on the window to get the driver's attention. He rolled down the window, I asked him if he knew about the sky spraying and pointed it out.

It was an insane sky spraying day. He looked up and said, "Oh yeah, I heard about that" and promptly looked away & rolled up his window. I felt like I was all alone in the world, I thought of the twilight zone TV series. He not only did not care but did not want to talk about it.

People snub their noses about this subject and refuse to talk about it it even when it's present & they can see it.

BUT, consider this. Can messing with Mother Nature be good for us? Does it affect the weather? Does it affect the water, the plants, and the animals? Does it affect you and your family?


So, there I was, in Orlando in late June 2013, packing up and heading to Maine. Imagine my disappointment at the discovery that there was no escape. Even in the rural forested area of Northern Maine, they were Sky Spraying with intensity! There were days with no spraying, mild spray days, and even insidious sky spraying days.

skymay232011 051.JPG(RICK'S VIEW IN FLORIDA)

Photographed and Videoed the sky spraying just about every day that the coastal fog allowed it. I have been photographing & videoing the sky spraying since 2005, when I was first informed about it. I have been posting my videos on youtube under the name rick miracle sky spraying. Take a look at a couple of my videos, they are only a few minutes long.

A friend told me about the sky spraying during a vacation to Costa Rica. I thought he was nuts! BUT, upon my arrival to Miami USA in Jan. 2005, I saw endless lines from the Atlantic Ocean to Central Florida. I had to drive from Miami, up the coast to the Cocoa Beach area. The lines were endless. It was enough to make me think WW3 must be happening. I was waiting for the explosions in the cities.

Since 2005, I have viewed and studied many on-line videos like WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE THEY SPRAYING? & it's follow up video, WHY IN THE WORLD ARE THEY SPRAYING? These are available on There are literally thousands of videos from many concerned citizens, scientist, even air force whistle blowers, and many others worldwide! This is real!

Studies done on the water, the soil and on humans indicate that the presence of heavy metals is above average everywhere. The sky spraying is changing the PH balance. Remember, if you keep the PH just right, your pool stays clear & clean. BUT, if you don't, the pool becomes contaminated and nasty.

Chemtrails-2011.jpg(From a reader in Holland)

Somebody(s) is changing the PH of our world. They are geo engineering our earth and genetically modifying us humans, all around the world.  MONSANTO is manufacturing genetically modified seeds that are heavy metal resistant. That's their advertized claim. They grow in the newly altered soil? Can they produce foods that are good for us?

Many say the new foods are harmful. Many countries have banned their use! I ask why are they being forced on us? WHY? It's published. Your body sees these new foods as an intruder! The white cells multiply and attack the unrecognized food cells. (See links below article.)

The USA government has just signed an agreement in 2013 that will hold Monsanto harmless in any lawsuits resulting from their activities in these areas. What the hell is going on?

We are not bugs and should not be sprayed like we are! See the videos I mentioned above and you decide. If this concerns you, tell your friends & family. We need to get organized and stop this madness.

Call me paranoid, but it does concern me that in Georgia, USA, there are the Georgia Guide stones that detail a population of fewer than 500 million! Is this how they plan to do it? What do you think? Please don't roll up the window.


David Richards - Frightening Lesser Known Facts About Chemtrails  and  (Thanks Rolph!)
chemtrail flu (Thanks Jackie)

First Comment from Dan:

I've been watching chemtrails since 2000, when I'd just moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico, a high desert town known for it's beautiful sky.   After unpacking I sat on the patio to enjoy a 'post card perfect' sunset, and was shocked to see the whole sky marked up by lines criss crossing in the now-classic "grid".  Having never seen this before, a chill went down my spin.   I went inside to check the TV to see if the news was reporting it.  That's how dramatic it was to see it for the first time.  I don't believe in alien invasion, but that night it crossed my mind.   I asked my girlfriend at the time - a Santa Fe resident - and she casually said, "oh, it's probably some experiment they're doing over at Los Alamos".   (Santa Fe is only thirty miles from Los Alamos, where the atomic bomb was developed, and remains a top secret weapons development facility).

For a few months I didn't know what the stripes in the sky were about.  I asked around, nobody knew. "oh, they're always doing weird shit at Los Alamos.  Don't worry about it".  Summer went by, and since nobody seemed to care and nothing was on the news about the trails, I began to forget about it.

Then one day my computer stopped finding the internet.  A hippie lady I knew gave the number of a friend who did computer house calls cheap.  I called him. He came to my door in an old, dusty pickup truck and seemed to be an old hippie. He meddled with my computer for a few hours, talking about New Mexico and old hippie 'conspiracy' type things, and when he got my computer back online, he show me his website.  [1]  Watch that video, and then check the following NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) link to see the bare faced lies being taught to children in schools right now about this.

NASA has abused the credibility of 'big science' often.  That's one of its public roles.  The science and tech NASA is really about is secret, folks!
They swear an oath NOT to disclose the truth.

I've been watching chemtrails since they began.  Unfortunately they have improved their methods exponentially since the early "grid" and "tick tack toe" patterns.   So keep looking up, and make note of the next time you see a long white trail and keep watching to see how it spreads out instead of evaporating.

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Comments for "Chemtrails are "Messing with My Psyche" "

Joyce said (November 6, 2013):

Does anyone know what happened to the world map showing countries in red, orange or green depending on whether chemtrails were reported to be consistent, infrequent or not reported? It used to be on aircrap,org along with a list of countries where chemtrails have been documented. It is no longer there.

Liz said (September 22, 2013):

I live on Vancouver Island in Canada and we have the spraying going on a daily basis. Most people think it is contrails and I point out the difference between contrail and chemtrails. It is not just on your heads, they are doing this all over the world and it has increased this summer. We have a past politician, Bill Vanderzam he is looking into it. He is writing letters to our government and demanding answers. If anybody can get to the bottom of this it is he. I am watching, I think he may end up dead soon. I can't believe the utter stupidity of the population it seems they don't care. They feed their kids GMO's, eat too much fast food all seem asleep. Do you think we will ever know what this is about?

Debra said (September 21, 2013):

When people start dropping dead in the streets, maybe more people will start to look up at the sky, see, and do something about those “lines”. More and more people are getting sick, i.e. flu and flu-like
symptoms are now common year round; not just during the “flu season”
in the winter.

Stephen Coleman said (September 20, 2013):

Chemtrails are "Messing with My Psyche", Should be called "My belief in chemtrials are messing with my psyche".

With the economy in continued breakdown, funding such a world wide effort to spray the world is just silly. Such efforts would be prohibitively expensive and take away our resources for fighting our worse than useless wars. Hire a crop duster sometime and you will know how expensive spraying just feet above a few acres can be.

If the chemtrail people are so organized and are spraying Costa Rica, Maine, The Netherlands and California. They certainly could coordinate much more deadly and cheaper methods of annihilating humanity, such as a coordinated effort of biological contamination of our water supplies, or the simultaneous destruction of our oil refineries.

Chemtrails was probably just made-up by a couple of drunks watching a sunset and they are quietly laughing at the silliness of people believing this joke.

Stephen Coleman

Barney said (September 20, 2013):

I live under the flightpath of a major international airport (London Gatwick) and I can say with absolute certainty that commercial airliners ARE involved in the chemtrail programme.

Some days every flight leaving Gatwick is spraying almost from the time it leaves the ground, culminating in the usual chemtrail whiteout and blood red sunsets.

Peter said (September 20, 2013):

If chemtrails were benign we would be informed.
If they are taboo then one must assume they are malign.

There is a pan-socialist mind set that deals with government in a submissive posture. When such people mention Ch Ts they enter the subject subsuming god like power of government and speak of this subject in terms of couching it in justifications. Call a spade a spade and kick up endless stink!

Doug said (September 20, 2013):

I see it frequently here over my home in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The difference between contrails and chemtrails is obvious. Contrails dissipate rather quickly as they are merely ice crystals that evaporate; chemtrails however, come out of the wings or wherever they come from and they spread out into a lingering haze that blocks out the Sun and by the end of the day, has the sky completely overcast.

Believe it or not, whenever I was about 16 years old, my Grandfather whom was a Coast Guard veteran told me about it -- that whenever he served in the early 1950's, the Coast Guard was involved with earley forms of weather modification which involved seeding the clouds with iodide particulate to create rain. He also explained to me the difference between contrails and chemtrails.

I find it quite humorous that there are so many skeptics out there that say "oh you're crazy" whenever I got it straight from the horses mouth -- but worse it's happening right in front of their eyes. For god sakes, go to any International Airport and watch the planes land and take off and then ask yourself why aren't there any trails behind them? That's because the planes doing the spraying aren't commercial airliners hauling passengers. But I can tell you this much: you see a lot less if it rural areas; it's usually over densely-populated city-centers and surrounding suburban areas.

There are two movies that you really need to watch. One is called "what in the world are they spraying?" and the other is called "why in the world are they spraying?". Its all real and it runs hand in hand with the water fluoridation programs and vaccination programs and genetically modified foods.

Luis said (September 20, 2013):

Good article for people to understand CH. T. More people are exposed to those information –hopefully we can put some pressure on gov. officials !! I for one believe in Agenda 21 / depopulation drive by the controllers-went to see Georgia Guide stones few years ago . it is there now for 33 years with the 10 commandments for the future mankind !! Erected anonymously of course !!

Kristine said (September 20, 2013):

Take control! Write to those bastards in the US military, they are the ones doing the spraying. Quit being a complaining victim!

I write lots of letters daily to these screwballs who are masquerading as the "power elite" but are truly nothing but a pack of cowardly parasites, sponging off of the people who work for them.

Collectively they keep us in check with their mind control but individually we all have a choice. If every individual would open their eyes and channel their energy into doing what they instinctively know is right, we would change this world. Not in the Obamanational sense of paradigm "change" to depravation but in the sense of resurrecting what they have been bent on destroying since the day of creation.

I write to the German Military regularly and report to them just what I see in the skies and heavens above. I always include in cc a politician (Gregor Gysi) whom I always thought meant what he said but that was a stupid supposition: NO politician EVER mentions chemtrails. Why? Because they are ALL complicit.

What they are doing is a crime and in no way "covert" - everyone with eyes in their head can see what is going on. Report to them their sins and you will be empowered. You will not stop them but you will be taking responsibility in speaking truth to power.

Don´t put your head in the sand – speak out and get with it.

David said (September 20, 2013):

I am both a Christian and a neuroscientist as well as being a growing fan of your work. That chem trail video was silly in many technical aspects. The cultural toxicity that you outline so well is doing us in just "fine.". There are some solutions for getting through this. Your were exactly correct in that brilliantly done video with the burning forest: exposure and light beats the secretive force of the devil. There is more that Christians can do. Let's explore those things further. Despite my tiny critical question this morning, please let me reiterate: keep up the good work Dr. Makow!

Yuan said (September 20, 2013):

We are seeing them quite often here in Singapore as well. Just want to add my quick opinion on chemtrails. There is obviously nothing we can do to stop the evil-doers from dumping heavy metals onto our air. We can however perform detox on a regular basis with proven natural health methods.

Some of the best known detox agents are Chlorella with spirulina, zeolite, bentonite clay and himalayan salt baths. I personally take zeolite at least once every day to purge out the heavy metals and other toxins from the food I eat, and the other air pollutants.

Cornelius Bulik said (September 20, 2013):

From Cornelius to Joseph,below, I would be happy if you were right. Nevertheless, alas, it is indisputable scientific knowledge, aluminum, the main ingredient in chemtrails, is a neurotoxine.
Check this:
and this:

and for what purpose? For this:

What can we do? Detox regularly. One of the most efficient detox method is with fructoborate, exactly the kind of staff Neobiotica is publicizing on this site:

I take now regularly some fructibore, mainly for this reason. If you know another efficient method, please let us know.

Joseph said (September 20, 2013):

Here's my own best guess about chemtrails:

1. The materials used are toxic, but my guess is that the toxicity is somewhat marginal. I have many relatives who are longtime farmers; they have not noticed any obvious increases in illness or sterility of their animals, many of which are outdoor grazing animals which would breathe or ingest much more of these toxins than indoor city people do. The chemtrail substances that are most thoroughly documented, do not seem to be tailored to target humans. Some diseases, such as Alzheimer's or Morgellon's, might be up for reasons unrelated to chemtrails. I would guess that the elite are not able to protect themselves very much from chemtrail toxins, that they only partly protect themselves by taking a few low-tech precautions, and are allowing themselves to be sprayed along with us, for some compelling reason known only to them.

2. I agree with others, that "global warming" is merely a cover story for chemtrails. If it were for global warming, it would be healthier and more efficient to spray them only over the oceans, which are darker and scantly inhabited.

3. I suspect that the main purpose of the chemtrails is to serve as "active micro-chaff". This is similar in purpose to the old-fashioned chaff resembling shredded aluminum foil which sometimes is seen like tumbleweeds along highways near Air Force ranges in the western U.S. The micro-chaff is designed to provide a continuous radar screen over the entire U.S. and allied countries, and even over hostile countries which spray their own chemtrails. The chaff can be "lit up" by beams from facilities such as HAARP, augmenting its effectiveness. The purpose is to confuse the navigation systems of incoming MIRVs and other weapons. The elite do not want us to know that the elite are involved in fratricidal squabbles which threaten us all with nuclear holocaust.

J said (September 19, 2013):

Here in Holland we too are being poisoned with chemtrails. Planes are creating a lattice of filth. Specially the last 2 years. It does affect people. I always had a very sharp memory. The past year I have noticed I am becoming a bit forgetful. My son sometimes asks me "Hey mom are you getting a bit demented"? Well I sure hope not.

Anyway, Rick Miracle is not imagining things. It really messes with people's brains. I've heard it from many people.

Tony B said (September 19, 2013):

So far, the most logical proposed reason for chemtrails is weather modification. As a matter of fact, it has been recorded that, in the earlier days of these trails, some tv weathermen had been fired and blackballed for mentioning them. "National security," you know.

Now, none dare mention it, similar to not daring to mention treason once it reigns. The pilots of the airplanes, to me traitorous and probably highly paid, are sworn not to reveal anything about this criminality. Some have tried but, they say, at the risk of their lives.

It has never been explained why someone should be fired or murdered for mentioning something that every person who is not blind sees, first hand, most every day.

People have had stuff falling out of the sky analyzed and discovered various poisons, including arsenic. Much of the stuff seems to be ground aluminum, another poison, usually mixed with barium salts, one more poison.

There is definitely a connection to HAARP and its long range electronic interference with the earth's natural electrical setup.

However, this is going on worldwide. It is supposed that various nations are doing whatever it is they are doing. It should be remembered here that decades ago the largest magnet in the world was built in the U.S. and immediately shipped to the Soviet Union where it was mounted in the Ural Mountains. Shortly thereafter came the phenomena of regular loud explosive noises, "sonic booms," over the Atlantic coast of the U.S. Lasted several years with variations.

Al Thompson said (September 19, 2013):

This is a perfect example of how government people don't love us; they hate us all. Anyone can see that this is a major problem and I remember them around 1997. I called the Congressman's office (I think the number was 1 800 COMMUNISTPIG) and I asked him about the spraying. They claimed they had no idea, yet this spraying is in positive control airspace. And that means that they are on flight plans in federally controlled areas. So, whatever is going on in this department, it would be a federal issue and they are part of controlled airspace.

What I find remarkable about it, is almost complete lack of concern as to how this is going to affect the health of the general population. The trickery here is that the whole idea of spraying anything like that is the same has using chemical weapons. Chemtrails are a handy way to kill a bunch of people--baby boomers--and get them off of socialist-insecurity. Ah, but I'm just being sarcastic: They wouldn't do that would they?

People have been brain-wash to such an extent that they cannot see any problem coming even if it is right in front of their collective noses. The ignorance of most people is unbelievable.

Ian said (September 19, 2013):

Chemtrails are spreading, skeletal, flat-hued, low-elevation, enduring, and unnatural-looking discharges that do not readily move or alter form with mid-atmosphere winds.

Contrails are bright, white, strictly linear, short duration, pleasant-hued jet engine discharges that do not move with the mid-atmosphere winds readily.

When the sky fills up with these contrails the daylight becomes dimmer and the hue of it flatter. It is chalky in tone not effervescent like the light reflected by real clouds made up of water vapor. I don’t recall this occurring in my childhood and youth, not because I have a faulty of selective memory but because it wasn’t actually happening.

Imagine that?

I know I am perhaps among a minority who notice this. But then I am among a minority who notice a lot of obvious things. I am certainly among a minority that will openly admit to believing what the majority of others will ridicule out of fear or desire to gain a (false) sense of security.

All of Europe once believed the world was flat. All of it.

A big step toward liberation was noticing things. A bigger step, still, was admitting them.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at